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What have you learnt from

audience feedback?
Rosie Betteridge

Who contributed to the feedback?

In order to gain representative feedback we decided to address our questions
to a wide range of people. It was an extremely important aspect of this
feedback to focus on different groups; we focused on three distinct groups:
Category one: Older white demographic

Category two: Lower social economic teenage demographic

Category three: Diverse ethnicity youth demographic
By doing this we was able to gain mass and niche readings of the various
Out of all the responses the most important response was from my primary
demographic which were the youth because of the ages within the music
video as well as the themes related to it.
Demographic Groups




Category one

Category two

Category three

VoxPop solo subject responses

We asked Subject A from category two (black male of a socio economic group
E/D) What do you think the message behind the music video is? They said I
think the message behind the video is to be who you are and not to let other
people control your decisions. Obviously we see the homosexual character be
supressed by his family. I think the video is encouraging the audience to follow
what they want to do in life and not worry about anyones opinions.
In relation to Stuart Halls theory this is a preferred reading because he was
able to make a clear understanding of what we was attempting to present
throughout the music video. The protagonists mental and emotional fight for
what he believes is right is exactly how subject A explained: the fight to be
who you truly are. This subject also puts emphasis on the idea that this music
video is encouraging audiences to follow their personal goals and
aspirations. I found that this was an emotional response in terms of the overall
effect that it has upon the spectators; if we are able to convey this to
audiences we are able to spread the message of self belief and love.

VoxPop solo subject responses

We also asked Subject B from category two (white male of a socio economic group
E/D) this question. They responded with Obviously youve got the idea of them trying
to be accepted into society. One characters fighting for acceptance his family
doesnt accept him. Hes hiding it with this girl whom hes pretending to see and what
not. On top of this his familys influencing him, he has the church influencing him and
the religion that he clearly doesnt want to be in but hes pressured to be in. So
obviously youve got the idea of religion being forced onto society.
This is a preferred reading because this subject clearly understands the narrative of
the overall music video. He is able to identify with the concept of the protagonist
wanting to be accepted but having to cope with the pressure from his parents. I
believe that the narrative must have been clear enough for someone from our
target audience to be able to interpret the narrative how we expected.
We proceeded to ask what are your thoughts on the representations of the female in
the video? to which he responded Shes represented as every other girl really, in a
situation that she doesnt understand. In an attempt to gain more information we
asked the leading question Do you think shes being objectified? We got the
answer of Not necessarily in certain parts shes objectified when shes laying on the
bed but overall shes not really sexualized.
This appears to be an oppositional reading although the respondent wasnt able
to understand the question completely. By objectified we meant to indicate her
being used as a mask rather than sexualised.

VoxPop solo subject responses

Links between ancillary
texts and music video?



We asked Subject A from category one (Eastern European woman of a socio

economic group C2/D) Do you see links between the ancillary texts and the
music video? They expressed that I could straight away identify a link between
the characters because the costume. This was especially apparent in the father
because throughout the music video he is made to wear a suit and in the
magazine advertisement this persona is represented throughout. Also when I first
looked at the digipak I saw that the disk had the protagonist in front of a sunset. I
saw this link between the two because in the music video there is a scene of
both the boys arguing where the background appears to be identical.
This is a preferred reading because this subject was able to analyse and
interpret the ancillary texts
In contrast to this when we asked Subject A from category three (black
Caribbean male of a socio economic group E) this question they said I liked the
magazine advertisement although I didnt understand the concept of the angel
and devil until you explained it
This is a negotiated reading because although they understood the
characters and relevance to the music video, initially they didnt interpret the
message how I wanted. This may be due to them having a lack of religious
belief therefore not being the first thing they think or maybe I could have
made it appear more obvious through the use of props or colouring.

VoxPop solo subject responses

We asked Subject B from category one (white female of a socio economic
group C2) Do you believe that the representation of the traditional family and
the sexual ideas to be a stereotype or countertype? Were these negative
representations? To this she responded I think the video made it very positive. I
dont know how young people are today, I cant imagine when I was watching
things in the 80s that you would have such an obvious male on male
relationship. I was almost shocked about the filming in the church, I was quite
surprised that you was allowed to do that in a very traditional church. I like the
bit where they came out and clearly the religious bit got them all upset and
crying, I thought that was very powerful at the end.
This is a preferred reading because it signifies that my partner and I were able
to represent homosexuality in a positive light whilst also being able to show
the possible challenges and burdens of this in many situations. She makes it
clear that she is not used to seeing such open homosexual feelings which
may come as a shock to many other spectators too; although this is all part
of breaking the traditional stigma attached to these relationships.

VoxPop solo subject responses

Conforming conventions? We



asked Subject B from category three (white male of a socio economic

group E/D) Simplistic costume, low budget sets and performance shots are just
some of the many conventions of the indie-pop music video genre. Do you
believe our product conveys and conforms to these conventions? He
responded with Throughout the music video the sets that were booked out
appeared to cost a lot, whether this is accurate or not Im not sure. The retro
living room of the traditional family coupled with the church both appear to well
organised locations in contrast to the scenes within the house. This therefore
makes the audience believe that money has been used to hire out these
locations. Although in contrast to this the performance shots are used a lot
throughout the music videos mostly in the scenes with the projections, therefore
conforming to that convention.
This respondent gave us a negotiated reading. This is because on one hand
he expresses that we have followed the conventions of promotional shots but
in contrast to this he expresses that the locations may be seen as a higher
budget than usual for an indie-pop music video. This is understandable
because they usually use abandoned or rural areas although we didnt pay
for any of the locations, costumes or props so we did in fact conform to the
convention of low budget.

Quality of response: qualitative data

When I assessed the research methods I found that qualitative data has a
number of pros and cons.
The positive impacts of using qualitative data is that we was able to gain a
large amount of meaningful information. Within the VoxPop, through the use
of communication we was able to encourage people to expand on their
answers or make the questions clearer to respondents that may not have
understood it.
This was a common circumstance in our verbal responses because category
three struggled to understand both the question as well as the nature of the
music video. The maturity expressed throughout the music video contrasted
with the young immaturity towards sexuality. This therefore meant we had to
encourage developments of answers and so on. Furthermore, a implication of
using verbal qualitative data is the impact of the Hawthorne effect. This could
make results less reliable because of respondents altering answers due to us
and the rest of the group being present. Finally, in both qualitative and
quantitative questions there is a risk of leading questions influencing the
respondents answers although we tried our hardest in order to avoid this.

Quality of response: quantitative data

Similarly, the quantitative data approach also has various positive and
negative aspects to it.
The pros of using this form of data is that it is a quick and easy way of
distributing questions. Due to this is also allows us to collect a large sample size
therefore making the overall answers more representative. Another positive is
that these responses are easier to analyse and manipulate; due to there not
being any long answers to examine we are able to make these answers into
spreadsheets and various other visuals.
The major implication of handing out questionnaires is that we cannot
differentiate between the different demographics because of the
respondents having the choice of whether to stay anonymous or not. To
develop on the idea of respondents having more choice, they are able to
ignore the email sending out the questionnaire and therefore restricting us of

Overall Findings
From the feedback given to us I noticed that the major issue of our music
video was that we needed to make the narrative clearer. Although it was
clear that the father was a dominant parent restricting Edwards of his free will,
the audience got confused when Aruns mother appeared within the music
video because she appears to be young and could be mistaken for another
Overall, the audience suggested that we had constructed the stereotypes in
a positive light because we was able to express the reality behind being
homosexual. Although this may not be easy for some audience members to
watch due to personal experiences it shows the reality of the families impact
within this circumstance.
I found that due to the story line, of a young male battling his sexuality, some
of the audience could identify with this. We a subject suggest that he found it
difficult to watch because he knew people in that situation. I believe that this
is one of the most successful responses as it was one of the main ideologies
that we was hoping to present throughout the music video.