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Araby (pg. 1174-1185) teacher master test.


1. Mangans sister comes out to the front steps to
a. find out how dark it is outside
b. see what game the boys are playing
c. have a conversation with the narrator
d. call her brother to come home for tea
2. The narrator says his eyes are often full of tears and his heart floods when he thinks
of Mangans sister. What do you learn about the narrator from these first-person
point of view comments?
a. Mangans sister has hurt the narrators feelings.
b. The young narrator is in love for the first time.
c. The narrator fears he will miss going to Araby.
d. Mangans sister refuses to speak to the narrator.


3. What do the descriptive details in this excerpt reveal about the narrator?
The light from the lamp opposite our door caught the white curve of her neck, lit
up her hair that rested there and, falling, lit up the hand upon the railing.
a. He finds Mangans sister very beautiful.
b. He notices Mangans sister for the first time.
c. He hopes Mangans sister is flirting with him.
d. He thinks Mangans sister looks strange at night.


4. When waiting to go to Araby, the narrator is stuck at home with

a. his aunt and Mrs. Mercer
b. a few of his friends
c. his aunt and uncle
d. a visiting priest
5. What is happening at Araby when the narrator arrives?
a. Singers are asking people for pennies.
b. Customers are drinking tea in the caf.
c. People are shopping for porcelain vases.
d. Most of the bazaar is already closed and dark.
6. What is the best example of the decent lives in the houses on the narrators
a. the boys meeting in the dark streets to play

b. a coachman combing the horses in a stable

c. the priest who gave his money to charity
d. Mangans sister calling Mangan to tea
7. Analyze the excerpt below. What do the descriptive details reveal about the
But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running
upon the wires.
a. Knowing Mangans sister makes the narrator a better person.
b. The narrator longs to sing a love song to Mangans sister.
c. Mangans sister is as beautiful as the loveliest music.
d. His feelings for Mangans sister control the narrator.


8. While waiting for the night of the bazaar, the narrator worries that
a. his daydreams about Mangans sister are affecting his work
b. school is causing him to miss spending time with Mangans sister
c. he will have too much schoolwork to do and will miss Araby
d. his schoolmaster will guess that he has a secret crush on a girl
9. Araby reminds the narrator of a church after the service because
a. people who work there are finely dressed
b. the hall Araby occupies is large and silent
c. the bazaar is very important to the narrator
d. customers are looking around with great respect
10. What does the first-person point of view help convey when the narrator describes
walking through the dark, empty bazaar?
a. what a large, grown-up place the bazaar is
b. his desire to have more coins in his pocket
c. how vain and hopeless Araby makes him feel
d. his wish that Mangans sister were with him


11. Imperturbable means

a. understood
b. unexcited
c. forgotten
d. carried

12. What does incessant mean?

a. continuing without stopping
b. growing larger all the time
c. moving in circles
d. whispering softly
13. What does innumerable mean?
a. too hard to understand
b. too many to count
c. easy to remember
d. very soft to touch
14. Garrulous means
a. talking too much, especially about unimportant things
b. doing too many things at once without thinking through the steps
c. arriving late for important appointments without meaning to
d. costing a lot of money although it is made cheaply
15. To

pervade means to
possess something entirely
enter a closed building
be in charge of a project
be prevalent throughout

16. What does the narrator do in the mornings to show how he feels about Mangans
sister? Include one detail from the story.
Responses will vary. Students may say that the narrator spies on the girl and tries to
be near her. Students may use one of the following details of what the narrator does
to show how he feels about Mangans sister:
a. The narrator peeks under a window blind and watches for Mangans sister until
she appears (lines 3537).
b. When Mangans sister appears, the narrator runs outside to follow her as they
walk to school (lines 3738).
c. When they need to go different ways, the narrator speeds up to pass Mangans
sister before they separate (lines 3840).

17. How does the narrators plan to go to Araby affect him while he waits for the day?
Include one detail from the story.
Responses will vary. Students may say that the narrator is impatient and cannot
concentrate. Students may use one of the following details to support their
a. The narrator has trouble concentrating on schoolwork (lines 7981).
b. The narrator is distracted in class (lines 8485).
c. The narrators mind wanders (lines 8687).
d. The narrator is impatient with daily life (line 87).
18. How does the narrators uncle seem to feel about the narrator on the morning of the
bazaar? Use one detail from the story to support your response.
The uncle seems to feel that the narrator is being a pest or bothersome when the
uncle curtly answers the narrators reminder about the bazaar (lines 9093).
19. How does the narrator show his impatience while waiting to go to the bazaar on that
evening? Include two details from the story in your response.
Responses will vary. Students may use any of the following details of what the
narrator does that evening while waiting to go to the bazaar:
a. The narrator watches the clock (line 98).
b. The narrator goes upstairs and watches the street and Mangans sisters house
(lines 100103).
c. The narrator imagines Mangans sister (lines 103106).
d. The narrator endures a long tea with Mrs. Mercer, the talkative neighbor (lines
e. The narrator paces with his fists clenched (lines 112113)
20. How does the story suggest that first love is destructive? Support your response
with details from the story.
Responses will vary. Students may say that the narrators feelings in the story cause
h0im physical pain and anguish and, ultimately, cause him to feel disappointed and
useless. Students may use the following details to support their responses:
a. The narrators eyes are often full of tears, although he does not know the reason
(lines 5152), suggesting that love brings sadness or painful emotions.
b. The narrator compares himself to a harp with Mangans sisters fingers on the
wires (lines 5455), suggesting the tension and anguish of first love.
c. In response to his feelings, the narrator hides in a dark room, pressing his hands
together and trembling (lines 6063), an overly dramatic and exaggerated reaction
of anguish.

d. Thinking of Mangans sister leaves the narrator with trembling palms (lines 61
63), suggesting the physical effect of first love.
e. Thinking of going to Araby and bringing Mangans sister a gift, the narrator says
that all his other thoughts are laid waste (lines 7879), suggesting that love can
be destructive to other thoughts and feelings.
f. After arriving at Araby too late, the narrator looks at the dark with burning eyes
and feels anger and anguish over not fulfilling his mission (lines 171172),
suggesting that great disappointment comes with first love.