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BioMend® &

BioMend® Extend™

30mm x 40mm

ea 20mm x 30mm

eno ble mem

15mm x 20mm

ugh brane r
to cr igid
eate a
nd maint ain space.

1 Absorbable 1
2 Cell-occlusive
• Eliminates second-stage surgery for membrane • S
 erves as barrier to prevent epithelial cell
removal, designed to reduce wound trauma and migration and allow passage of essential
surgical chair time nutrients1

3 Space-Maintaining
• P
 rovides rigid scaffold for tissue regeneration in
GTR and GBR procedures1

BioMend Membrane
being prepared for
placement in the
sinus cavity.
thereafter in certain countries, BioMend and BioMend Extend Membranes were/are manufactured by Integra LifeSciences Corporation. Please note that not all products and regenerative materials are registered or available in every country/
©2013 Zimmer Dental Inc. All rights reserved. ZD1132, Rev 5/13. In certain countries, BioMend and BioMend Extend Membranes are manufactured by Collagen Matrix, Inc. and distributed by Zimmer Dental Inc. Prior to June 2013, and
Convenient Handling versatile barrier function
• Tear resistant, suturable, pliable1 • Indicated for use in guided tissue and guided bone
regeneration procedures
• Easy to handle even when hydrated1
• BioMend Membrane is designed to be absorbed in
• Conforms to defect morphology1
approximately 8 weeks1
• Rigid enough to create and maintain space1
• BioMend Extend Membrane is designed to be30mm
absorbed in approximately 18 weeks1

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Exposed buccal wall defect Membrane being prepared for Membrane cut for placement. Membrane placed in socket.
on #3. placement.

5 6 30mm 31mm 21mm


Templates not drawn

region. Please check with a Zimmer Dental representative for availability and additional information.
to scale.
Each BioMend Membrane includes three templates (shown above)
for your shaping convenience.

Clinical photos ©2013 Gary T. Jones, DMD, Sandhills Oral and Maxillofacial,
31mm NC, USA. All rights reserved. Individual results may vary.

Primary closure. Final esthetic result.



Ordering Information Data on file with Collagen Matrix, Inc.


Catalog Number Description This document is intended exclusively for physicians and is not intended for
0103Z BioMend Membrane, 15x20mm laypersons. Information on the products and procedures contained in this docu-
ment is of a general nature and does not represent and does not constitute
0105Z BioMend Membrane, 20x30mm medical21mm
advice or recommendations. Because this information does not purport
to constitute any diagnostic or therapeutic statement with regard to any individ-
0107Z BioMend Membrane, 30x40mm ual medical case, each patient must be examined and advised individually, and
0140Z BioMend Extend Membrane, 15x20mm this document does
16mm not replace the need for such examination and/or advice in

whole or in part. Please refer to the package inserts for important product infor-
0141Z BioMend Extend Membrane, 20x30mm mation, including, but not limited to, contraindications, warnings, precautions,
and adverse effects.
0142Z BioMend Extend Membrane, 30x40mm

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