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Write about the following topic

As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an
important element of individual wellbeing.
What factors contribute to job satisfaction?
How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge
or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Man is a social animal. He has been doing various types of work to quest his satisfaction (1),
since the dawn of time. Nowadays people are more oriented in doing a job, (2) they feel
satisfied in. This essay will discuss the factors that can contribute to job satisfaction, in the
forthcoming paragraphs. Furthermore, it will throw some light on the importance of this issue
as well.
To begin with, intrinsic motivation for doing a (3) certain kind of job gives the feeling of
well being and satisfaction. Secondly, employee-employer relationship can further add up (4)
to this phenomenon. A healthy working environment will be formed at the work place when
the employer cares for his work force. The morale of the workers will be high when they will
(5) be given flexibility and source of amusements at their workplace. Thirdly,
good communication between managerial and staff level would promote the atmosphere of
trust and would result in increasing the efficiency and productivity at work. For instance, a
person who always wants (6) to pursue his career in medicine would find other fields
mundane and opting for (7) any other field would sap his innate abilities.
Undoubtedly, it is the necessity of every individual to feel contended with the job, (2) he is
doing. It is the responsibility of every employer to take measures that promote a (8) sense of
satisfaction amongst the personnel. Any company can generate an ever increased revenue
when the workforce is satisfied. In addition to this, it will open new horizons to excel at the
individual level.
To conclude, one should do a job that not only provides a person (9) with monetary
benefits, but also gives him meaningful employment. This would in turn result in job
satisfaction which is directly proportional to lower turnover rate.
285 words
Thanks for your writing task, Rubab. I enjoyed the quotation from Aristotle
although I do not think it is relevant to the task question! Here are my
1. ‘To quest’ is a very literary word, Rubab. If you use it, then it cannot have
an object . You have to ‘quest for something’. It is much safer to use :
‘...various types of work to find/to search for satisfaction’.
2. It is important to delete the comma, because this completely changes the
meaning of the sentence. Remember what you have studies about
relative clauses.

in fact. so we will follow what Simon recommends on his blog: February 01.when they are given flexibility. 2013... and the second question directly asks for your opinion. Here are my comments: My comments and scores are based on the same system used by the examiners – see www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries. Explain each point that you make. I will discuss just three important ones. but you need to make your example more relevant to support your third point. we should write one sentence on each question. Good communication and trust – this is your third factor.htm How could we give an example? We could say that in many Japanese 6. Vocabulary: the verb is ‘opt for’: http://www.. and so this argument was not developed. Verb tense: you refer to a wish that started in the past and continues until the present. which the examiner will understand immediately. I would mention only 2 or 3 factors. 2014. 5.’ See: http://www. We ‘provide somebody with something’ or we ‘provide something’: http://www. we hope. If you refer to ‘this phenomenon’. 9... because this enables you to explain each one and... so it must have a determiner in front of it – see correction 3. Rubab. just a simple clear introduction to the topic. Verb tense: this ‘when’ sentence is still a conditional sentence. use an example: see Simon’s blog for July 17. so it must have a determiner in front of it.’ 7. See: http://library. This task asks two questions. Like you. It Writing Task band descriptors. so we use the present perfect tense: ‘. There is no complicated vocabulary or grammar here. the reader has to think for a moment before realising that your are referring to ‘job satisfaction’. Vocabulary: delete ‘up’. You mean that a good employer-employee relationship can increase satisfaction in the 8. Task response: The model answer does not give a very good introduction. ‘Kind’ is a singular countable noun. however. In my opinion. it is not realistic for everyone to find satisfaction at %20Guides/3. Correctly. for example: While many factors contribute to job satisfaction.11%20Articles. ‘Sense’ is a singular countable noun.a person who has always wanted to pursue. you used paragraph 2 to discuss the factors which contribute to job satisfaction.. You explain the next two points. Rubab. there are regular meetings between the managers and staff of departments to discuss progress and problems and to find common agreed . You did not explain the first point – intrinsic motivation.3.engvid. a first conditional sentence to refer to a future condition: ‘.

I score 6 for this part. each main paragraph must have a central idea and the topic sentences must indicate what that idea It is also free. 2012. and so it is a usful technique to use and it will also help you in the planning stage. the consistent use of conditional sentences and the present perfect tense and how to write relative clauses correctly. You may already have bookmarked an online dictionary that will give you example sentences with the definitions. Rubab. You must plan before you write. This enabled me to identify your three factors immediately. we need good topic sentences – see Simon’s blog for March 21. A simple technique is to write One reason/Another reason. He/she will feel OK about ‘the dawn of time’ and quotations from classical philosophy. For advice on how to plan see Simon’s blog for January Coherence and cohesion: To convince the examiner that your paragraph structure is logical and that you have clearly planned and organised your ideas before you started writing.. You did not answer the second question at all. I can only give 5 for this section. there are two important things to remember: Idea-Explain-Example and answer the question fully. So. if you make just two arguments. The other factor is to see how wide a range of language you used to discuss the topic. I found some useful topic vocabulary in your essay: a feeling of wellbeing/a healthy working environment/excel at the individual level/lower turnover rate. They indicate the central idea in each paragraph. Check on my vocabulary corrections. Remember. you used one good exam technique in paragraph 2: To begin with/Secondly/Thirdly. then you will lose marks in this section. Now.oxfordlearnersdictionaries. 2014. The links between sentences are satisfactory in paragraph 3. So. using vocabulary accurately and in the right context is important. Look at paragraph 3 of the model answer to see what your paragraph 3 should discuss. (I have no idea if this is true. I use: http://www. . but they won’t gain extra marks for you. If you don’t plan well. So. It supports your argument). because you did not fully answer the task. I score 6 for this section.. Lexical resource: The examiner is looking at your choice and use of words in the correct context. Now. but it doesn’t matter. Grammatical range and accuracy: The areas of grammar weakness that I have identified from the corrections are: the use of articles/determiners. Rubab. look at the simple but clear first topic sentences for each main paragraph in the model answer.

and because of this. Secondly. The examiner will not yet say that you have ‘frequent error-free sentences’. but work steadily on grammar and vocabulary – it takes time to improve both of these. your overall score is You can quickly improve your exam techniques. So. It can be downloaded from some sites. 6. but it is not free. job satisfaction is indeed very important for the wellbeing of that person. A sense of fulfilment is also encouraged if a worker feels the job is worth doing because it contributes to the society or the economy as a whole. a person needs to feel that they are doing valued and valuable work. for example. Firstly. and you will also find that constant practice with Grammar for IELTS by Hopkins and Cullen (Cambridge University Press) will help to improve your grammar. Make these grammar areas your priority. Employees get job satisfaction in a number of ways. So feelings about one’s job must reflect how an individual feels about his or her life as a whole. so positive feedback from superiors is very important in this respect. when someone feels they are improving or developing their skills through training opportunities. The sense . I score 6 for this part again. then there is a sense of progression and purpose that rewards a worker. which you need to write to achieve your target score.I have given some grammar references to check all of these. Rubab. You may be able to access a copy locally. MODEL ANSWER Nowadays many adults have full-time jobs and the proportion of their lives spent doing such jobs is very high.

Band score 9.of belonging to a team or a working community also contributes to job satisfaction because colleagues help each other to enjoy their working lives. 304 words. IELTS Cambridge Exam Papers 7. If the factors identified above are implemented. Satisfaction is also increased by a sense of responsibility for and loyalty to a team. Hard economic realities mean that many people have little choice in the kind of job they can get. I think it is not unrealistic to promote more job satisfaction in any job. Some jobs are repetitive and boring. . then any job can be improved and more workers can feel greater degrees of job satisfaction. In some cases an employee is working in a job that suits neither their skills nor their personality. even though it is unlikely that all workers do feel happy in their work. Of course not everyone enjoys their work. However. and labour relations may be poor and lead to resentment and insecurity rather than to job satisfaction.