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Oasis arks: p Aguide Northern to Manhattan's ,,' peaceful most retreats r t..J\.
by Dorleys Ramos

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II number of places where you can unload the stresses of city living. But don't despair; Northern
of parks located in Washington Heights and Inwood (a fitting name, don't you think?) there are several green treasures still waiting for your visit. Here are some where you won't have to worry about a child's ball hitting you in the face just as you're slipping into a Zen-like state of mind. Covering 1.5 acres, Roger Morris Park on W. 160th Street and Jumel Terrace might be small

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Unmue/lede aceroen lasmaniguas ercadelRio c Harlem liene bancasy plantasparael de/enada V1s~antes. keep walking parallel to the river you'll eventually wind up in the more populated area of the park. If choosing betWeen the Hudson and Harlem Rivers is giving you an anxiety attack. then get the best of both worlds at Fort Tryon Park, located belween W. 192nd and Dyckman Streets. Not only can you enjoy the Hudson, New Jersey, and the George Washington Bridge, but the park also provides views of Upper Manhattan rooftops and the Bronx skyline. The Heather Garden, by the park's main entrance north of Margaret Corbin Circle, has nooks amongst the shrubbery and raised benches where the only th,ing that might disturb you is the occasional jogger, dog walker, or those multitaskers who can't help but do both. With over 66 acres of paths, woods, and lawns, you'd be hard pressed not to find a place to get lost in. Entrance to all these parks isfree. And while you might have to pay a cab fare or two to get there, finding an escape from the city, without going through airport security, is simply priceless. To find more information on these parks or others in the city, visit www. nycgovparks.org. A steel pier elevatedabove wetlandsnear the HallemRiverhas benches and potted piantsfor the enjoyment f parkgoers. o At 20 acres. Isham Park on Isham Street between Broadway and Seaman Avenues seems to be overshadowed by its 196-acred neighbor across the street. But while the masses head to Inwood Hill Park, others seeking a more peaceful outing can head here and bask in its shade instead. After climbing a seemingly endless number of steps to reach the park from Broadway. you'll feel on lOp of the world or at least the hill it's situated on. Trees provide plenty of shade while acting as a noise buffer and obstructing the view of the traffic below. The higher you walk into Isham Park, the more it becomes a quiet retreat. That's not to say that a park as big as Inwood Hill Park, stretching from Dyckman to W. 218th Streets, doesn't have its quieter portions. Instead of entering near Isham Street and Seaman Avenue, try the entrance on Payson Avenue and Beak Street. The uphill stroll and woodsy surroundings will make you forget you're anywhere near the city. You'll be surrounded by nothing but trees and views of the Hudson River and the Palisades across the river. And the serene walk will only be interrupted by birds, squirrels and dog walkers. If you



comparedto Inwood'sgiant open spaces,but il can still serve as a

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quick getaway. Its brick paths around the Morris-JumelMansion, Manhattan's oldest surviving '-=' house, are lined with benches, and the lawn is perfect for laying out a blanket and relaxing. The park also contains areas with overgrown shrubs for protection from this summer '.. blazing sun. Although the Edgecombe Street side of the park adds steady traffic noise to the background. the Jumel Terrace side is considerably quieter. Plus, that area is part of the Jumel Terrace Historic District. Who knew cobblestone roads still existed in Washington Heights? Farther up north where Dyckman Street meets the Harlem River Drive is Swindler Cove Park. The Riley-Levin Children's Garden contains a variety of flowers and plants, which bring in plenty of butterflies. Wooden benches and a pond (waterfall included) complete this mini oasis. Outside. the garden, dirt paths lead you to the steel pier along the wetlands and out into the Harlem River, where more benches and potted plants await. And because the area is secluded and surrounded by trees, you forget the Harlem River Drive i.. nearby.



Parques Oasis: nagUlaa loslugaresmas U tranquilos delNorte deManhattan
por DorleysRamos Mienttasatemporadaeverano l d alcanza su etapa finalustedpudiese sentirquehaagotado el numero delugares donde ustedpuede descargar Iosestreses evivirenlaciudad. d Peronosedesespere; eINorte deManhattan noesIAcompletamente decemento. Heno Con 500acres deparque localizadonWashington e Heights Inwood. e hayvarios tesoros verdes todavla esperandoarsuvisita. quihay p A algunos onde d ustednosetienequepreocupar acerca deunaboladeunninodandole enla carajustocuando estatralando derelajarse. Cubriendo.5acres, l Parque 1 e Roger Morrisenel oestedela Calle160y Jumel Terrace espequeilo comparado conIos gigantes eInwood, d perotodavia puede servir comounaraplda fuga.Suscamlnos eladrillos d alrededor dela Mansion orri~umel,la casa M masviejadeManhattan, sonalineadoson c bancos eIrespedesperfecto y paraarostarse enunasabana relajarse. parque y 8 tamblen contiene areas concrOOdos arbustos ara p proteccionelsoldeesteverano. d Aunque eI ladodelparque hadalaCalleEdgecombe anade mucho ruidodeltrafico fondo, llado al e deJumel errace scallado. T e Ademas, esaarea espartedelDistrito HistOrico deJumel errace. T ~Quien sabiaquetodavia existian calles de piedra enWashington Heights? Masaliaal norte donde CalleDyckman la se uneal Harlem River Drive estalocalizado el Parque SwindlerCovedentro delParque Sherman reek. IJardindeNinos C E Riley-Levin contiene unavariedad efloresy plantas.as d l cuales traenmuchas matlposas. Banros de madera unestanqueconcascada y ( incluida) completa stepequenoasis.Fuera e o deljardin, caminos etierra10 d lIevan aIpuente dehieno a 10 largodelastierras humedas fueraaIRio y Harlem, donde masbanrosy plantas entiestos 10 esperan. debido queel areaesliiaislada Y a y rodeada porarboles. usted olvida queel Harlem River Drive estacerca. Con20acres. l Parque e Ishamenla Calle Isham entrelasAvenldas roadway Seaman B y parece estarecllpsado porsuveclno de196 acresalottoladodelacalle.Peromienttas lasmasas sedirigen aIParque Inwood HIli. otrosbuscandonlugarmastranquilo ueden u p dirigirse aquiy ensulugartostarse ensu sombra. Luego desubirunsinnumeroepasos d paraalcanzar eIparque, stedseslente u eneI topedelmundo pOI 0 0 1 menos colina la eslii situada enel.Losarboles proveen mucha sombra mlentras cbian a comounsilenciador desonidos obstruyen vistadeltrafico. y la Mlentras asaltocamlne m eneIParque Isham, maspasaa serunlugar ranquilo. t Eseno qUiere doorqueunparque tangrande como eIParque InwoodHill,queseextiende desde la Calle Dyckmanastala Calle h 218.no!enga suslugares tranquilos. Enlugardeentrar a traves dela CalleIsham faAvenida y Seaman, tratela entrada pOIlaAvenida ayson Beak P y StreetEIempinadoamino losalrededores c y demadera haran 10 olvidar ueusted q esta cerca dela ciudad. sted U estara rodeado por

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nada masquearboles vistasdelHudson y y eIPalisades 10 a largodelrio.Y Iaserena camlnataoloseraInterrumpida s porpajaros, aroillas personas aseandoerros. 1usted y p p 5 continuaaminandoaralelamente c p haciael rio,eventualmente termlnara nel areamas e poblada elparque. d Siel escoger ntrelosRiosHudson el e y Harlem Ieestadando unataque deansiedad, entonces tome10 mejor eambos d mundos l e Parque FortTryon.Iocalizado entreel oestede la Calles 192y Dyckman. Nosolousted puede distrular IHudson, Jersey el Puente e New y George Washington, sinoel parque tamblen provee vistasdelostechos delAltoManhattan y elBronx. IJardinHeather. nlaentrada E e principal nortedelparque enMargaret Corbin Circle,ienerincones onarbustosonaltos t c c banrosdonde unicoquepodria 10 molestatlo escorredor casional. o algulen paseandon u perm0 aquellos uenopUedenvitarhaceras q e l doscosas. onmasde66acresdecarnlnos, C bosques cespedes. y seIeharadificilno encontrar unlugardonde perderse. Lasentradas atodosestosparques son gratis. aunque 10 Y a mejor stedtieneque u pagar unatarita0 dosparalIegar ortren, p elescaparseelaciudad, inpasar orla d s p seguridadeunaeropuerto, d sencillamente no tienepreclo. Paraencontrar informacionobre s estos parques Uotrosanla ciudad, isne v www. nycgovpatf<s.org.

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