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School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs

Global Engineering Design

Session 3
Ivan E. Esparragoza, PhD

Outline  Engineering a Transformation Agent  21st Century Challenge  US Grand Challenges for Engineering .

What is Engineering? REALITIES According to its function: IDEAS .

What is Engineering? Engineering is constantly transforming the world .

000 songs in 156 grs .What is Engineering? Engineering is constantly transforming the world 576 songs in 195 Kg 15.

700 words per hour Thousand of documents per hour .What is Engineering? Engineering is constantly transforming the world 1.

What is Engineering? Engineering is constantly transforming the world Ford First “The Quadricycle” FordCar Mustang 2010 1896 .

What is Engineering? Engineering is constantly transforming the world .

500 I-Phone 2012 $199 .What is Engineering? Engineering is constantly transforming the world Motorola Cell Phone 1983 $3.

Automobile 12.Great Engineering Achievements 1. High-performance Materials . Health Technologies 7. Spacecraft 3. Water Supply and Distribution Electronics 15. Imaging 5. Airplane 13. Petroleum and Petrochemical Technologies 8. Agricultural Mechanization 17. Radio and Television 16. Household Appliances 6. 14. Highways 2. Electrification 11. Internet 4. Computers 18. Nuclear technologies 10. Telephone 19. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 20. Laser and Fiber Optics 9.

Period of intense change. None of the following existed as recently as 1980            The internet Cell phone Personal computers Fiber optics E-mail GPS Portable computer CD’s Digital camera Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) DNA fingerprinting            Air bags ATM Advanced batteries Hybrid cars Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) Display panel HDTV Space shuttle Nanotechnology Flash memory Voice mail .

Chief Scientific Adviser to UK Government. 11 July 2007 .21st Century Challenges            Population Water Food Energy Health Environment Terrorism/Conflict Climate change Biodiversity Wellbeing Sustainability Source: Sir David King. World Bank.

National Grand Challenges The National Academy of Engineering identified 14 engineering grand challenges:  Make solar energy economical  Engineer better medicines  Secure cyberspace  Engineering the tools of scientific discovery  Manage the nitrogen cycle  Advance health informatics  Prevent nuclear terror   Advance personalized learning Develop carbon sequestration methods  Restore and improve urban infrastructure  Reverse-engineer the brain  Enhance virtual reality   Provide energy from fusion Provide access to clean water .

much more. Prevent nuclear terror: The need for technologies to prevent and respond to a nuclear attack is growing. Advance personalized learning: Instruction can be individualized based on learning styles. but they are essential to counter pandemic and biological or chemical attacks. but it has the potential to provide much.National Grand Challenges Make solar energy economical: Solar energy provides less than 1% of the world’s total energy. Advance health informatics: Stronger health information systems not only improve everyday medical visits. . speed and interests to make learning more reliable. Manage the nitrogen cycle: Engineers can help restore balance to the nitrogen cycle with better fertilization technologies and by capturing and recycling waste.

Secure cyberspace: It is more than preventing identity theft.National Grand Challenges Provide energy from fusion: Human engineered fusion has been demonstrated on a small scale. economical. and deliver vaccines. sense small changes in the body. Critical systems in banking. Engineering the tools of scientific discovery: In the century ahead. Provide access to clean water: The world’s water supplies are facing new threats. assess new drugs. advance technologies could make a difference for millions of people around the world. The challenge is to scale up the process to commercial proportions. Engineer better medicines: Engineers are developing new systems to use genetic information. and environmentally benign way. and physical infrastructure might be at risk. in an efficient. engineers will continue to be partners with scientist in the great quest for understanding many unanswered questions of nature. affordable. . national security.

and communication. Reverse-engineer the brain: The intersection of engineering and neuroscience promise great advances in health . It can be used for training. Enhance virtual reality: The virtual reality creates the illusion of actually being in a different space.National Grand Challenges Develop carbon sequestration methods: Engineers are working on ways to capture and store excess carbon dioxide to prevent the global warming. treatment. Restore and improve urban infrastructure: Good design and advance materials can improve transportation. water.engineeringchallenges. and waste systems. and also create more sustainable urban environments. manufacturing. and communication. Source: http://www.