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Bethany News

March 2016

Tidbits and Tidings

because God needs it, but because we do. Otto

Otto was his name; spelled backwards it was

of Easter, now only a few steps/ days ahead

just the same. Arthritis and Parkinson's

acknowledged his need. With our celebration

of us, no matter our lifes length of days, our

disease had slowed his gait to a "shuffle-walk"

and lowered his mark on the wall, but though

lives are just long enough to cast our "ballot" of

short in height, Otto was tall in stature. He lived

praise and thanksgiving for all we've blessed

in town when I met him. Like many others, he

with this side of eternity.As for Otto, he lived

even in the twilight of his life, with conviction

had been a farmer in his younger days, but

unlike many farmers and city folks then and

and commitment. Then one day, the full light of

now, and regardless of who the pastor was

the Lord shone on him and Otto stepped, not

over the years, Otto wasn't one who found

shuffled, into eternity.

My prayer for each of you this Easter is that

excuses to skip worship on Sunday. In his

80's, he became a "shut-in", but he still

the Light of the Lord will brighten your walkway

hungered and thirsted for Holy Communion, so

and give you such a faith as Otto. Ill see you

I would take it to him once a month.

Otto had strong opinions on what was right
and wrong, good vs. evil, but what I remember

at Jesus name.

Pastor Scott

the most about this man who would shuffle his

ach ing feet 3 blocks one way to the
parsonage and back home again, sometimes
even on the icy streets in Winter, just to drop
off a "care package" for the pastor, was his
sense of blessing and the goodness of God in
spite of His constant pain.
Once, long ago, the Good Book tells us, God
beheld everything that He had made and saw
that it was good. Sin, Otto's, yours and mine,
too, has messily scribbled all over creation. We
were created for praise and worship, not

Holy Week at Bethany

Holy week begins early this year, on Palm
Sunday, March 20th, with our Palm Sunday
worship at 10:25 a.m. It will continue with
the concert by the gospel quartet Blackwood
Legacy on Wednesday, March 23rd at 7 p.m.
Our Good Friday worship at the foot of the
Cross of the Lord will begin at 6:30 p.m. on
March 25th. Without the Crucifixion story of
Good Friday, Easter doesnt happen, so do
set aside Good Friday evening to kneel
beneath the Cross of Jesus.

Thanks to Teachers Nancy and Lisa for

continuous instruction during the month of
February when the flu bug and a new grandson
tried to challenge our Sunday School
Older students have "hit" learning the Books of
the Bible with full force!!! Our next concentration
will be learning the Apostles Creed. (Have a
new song to help us learn the 10
Children of all ages are welcome to the Sunday

March Birthdays

Danni Tracy
Nancy Conner
Floyd Conner
Sierra Redpath
Vi Brown
22 Jordan Coleman

Adult "children" are meeting in the choir loft with

Chaplain Richard addressing the Scriptures by
walking through the Bible from Genesis to
Revelation. This will take two years, but judging
from the responses of those attending this
activity has been well worth everyone's time and
concentrated efforts.
Thrivent members still have a chance to direct
their Choice Dollars to Bethany Lutheran Church
in Warren, Oregon.
Just call 1-800-847-4836 and say "Thrivent
Choice" when prompted!!! I waited for a real
person and told them I needed help in directing
my choice to Bethany.
You need to call before March 17, 2016 to have
your dollars count! Use or lose!!!
Barb Topham- Thrivent Congregational
Advocate for Bethany

March Anniversaries

Scott & Chris Mollenhour

Howard & Della Larson
Larry & Shirley Parsons
Scott & Kelley Parsons

Church Calendar Summary for 2016

Sunday School reopens/Confirmation January 10 thru May 22
Lenten Services
March 2, 9, 16
Palm Sunday
March 20
Blackwood Legacy Gospel Concert
March 23
Maundy Thursday
March 24
Good Friday
March 25
March 27
Spring Break (same as Holy Week 2016) March 19 thru March 27.

SS is OPEN on March 20 & 27
January 17
St. Valentines Day
February 14
Holy Week
March 20 thru 27
Pet Blessing
April time TBA
Mothers Day
May 8
Last Day of Sunday School
May 15
2016s confirmation class
May 22

2016 WELCA Circles

These Circles have been formed in an effort to organize the efforts of willing and faithful servants at
Bethany. The main focus of the Circles would be to organize and serve at special events at Bethany,
specifically weddings and funerals.
However, based on the size and scope of an event, it may be necessary to call on other Circle
members to assist, or to recruit help within the congregation from ladies not yet assigned to a specific
In addition, Circles may host special celebrations such as baptisms or confirmations.

To join a Circle or ask Questions:

Diane Cate, Nancy Conner, or Val Lauter

Magdalene Circle
June July - December

Mary Circle

August September


Barb Topham, Leader Valerie Lauter, Leader

(503) 366-1973
(503) 397-4131

Eve Circle

October November
April May
Vi Brown, Leader
(503) 312-1133

Chris Mollenhour
(503) 543-6003

Jean DeLonais
(503) 397-3876

Virginia Erickson
(503) 397-6289

Deanna Grogg
(503) 543-6256

Diane Cate
(503) 396-6742

Betty Blankenship

Shelly Redpath
(503) 543-7016

Nancy Conner
(503) 397-6316

Sandy Nastrom
(503) 397-5997

Mary Trapp
(503) 369-1625

Mary Newell
(503) 397-6831

Pam Heimuller
(503) 369-1634

Tracey Barker
(503) 397-3488

Kathryn Frank
(503) 543-3009

Pat Lange
(503) 397-3237

Present: Jerrie Cate, Tracey Barker, Shayna Redpath, Ron

Peterson, Pam Heimuller, Chris Mollenhour, Angela Sera, & Pastor

Evangelism & Stewardship: Chris M. reported there are still

welcome bags. Scrip balance was not available. Scrip will be this
Sunday. Angela S. temporarily agreed to take Scrip orders.

Devotions: Be at peace with Gods plan for you. Do what you can
to continue down the path of righteousness and not become lost.
Leave it in Gods hands and bless the rest.

Old Business: Pastors Contract cannot be finalized until the

Benefits figures are reviewed by Council. With no financial report
available this was tabled to next council meeting in March.

Pastors Report: Pastor began by welcoming Shayna for joining

the council and thanking Chaplain Riggs for teaching Bible Study.
Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, February 10th with Ashes
dispensed at 6:30pm. Soup Suppers will be each Wednesday in
February, the 17, 24, and March 2, 9, 16, & 23rd at 5:30pm
followed by devotions. There will be no Maundy Thursday Service
but there will be Good Friday service on March 25th. Easter is
Sunday March 27th.

New Business: Election of Officers for Church Council. The

following members were selected by unanimous consent: Angela
Sera President, Ron P. Vice President & Building/Property Chair,
Pam Heimuller, as Secretary. Jean Erickson and Mary NewellDickerson will remain as volunteer co-treasures. Chris M. moved
& Shayna R. 2nd.

Pastor was asked to come and play at the group home for the
disabled in St. Helens on February 16th. He will perform Christian
music for them. On March 23, 2016, Blackwoods Legacy a
Christian band will perform at Bethany as a free concert. Pam H.
asked Pastor how he heard about this group. He said they called
the church and asked to come and play. They do all the
advertising in local papers.
Minutes: Reviewed. Chris M. moved they be accepted 2nd by
Shayna R. Approved as presented.
Financial Reports: Were not available for review. Jerrie C. said he
would ask Jean E. about them and email them out for review.
Committee Reports:
Christian Education - Barb T. reported Sunday school has been
low in attendance, but the kids coming are working with flash
cards to learn books of the Bible.
Building & Property: There was much discussion about a motor
home that had parked in the back lot. Ron P. suggested posting
signs that say Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed. He can get
signs from a friend who has a tow company. Ron P. said a roof
replacement bid came in at $15,000. A question was asked if this
included the church steeple. That is unknown. No action was
A discussion about the Cemetery ensued. It was clarified for the
Council that the cemetery is a separate entity from the church
both in operation and finances. Angela S. suggested the Council
write a letter to the Cemetery Board asking to consider erecting a
map on a protected board of the cemetery for the public and
families. Jerrie C. volunteered to look into mapping programs for
cemeteries that could be used for this purpose and pass this
information onto council for the letter. Pastor Scott said the light
was out in the breezeway and needs to be replaced.

Spring Cleaning: Council suggested that March 12th be set as a

Spring Cleaning Day of the church and grounds. Angela S.
volunteered she and Randy to host a Fish Fry. Barb T. said she
would have a sign-up sheet for side dishes and desserts. Clean-up
will be from 10-Noon with lunch at noon. Barb T. suggested the
moss needs to be scrapped off. Pam H. suggested a list be posted
for people to take on a task. Nancy C. likely has a comprehensive
list from years past.
Repainting Parking Lot Lines: Tabled until dry weather. Roof
replacement: Pam H. said she would talk with Henry H. about the
bid and see if he has someone in mind to do the work.
Angela S. reminded everyone about the Visioning Board and
suggested we make a property wish list. Barb T. asked that we
remember that the Fellowship Hall is still NOT handicap
accessible. Ron P. volunteered to research chair lifts to bring back
to council.
Pam H. asked Jerrie C. if he was still doing the monthly
newsletter. He consented to do so. Barb T. reminded everyone
about Thrivent Choice Dollars designation due by March 17,
2016. Now Thrivent members can simply call a toll free number
800-847-4836 to designate their Choice Dollars to Bethany. She
asked Jerrie C. to note this in the upcoming newsletter for March.
Barb T. also reminded everyone that the Quilt Show is February
12th & 13th with display quilts accepted February 11th. Chris M.
and crew will be working in the kitchen.
Motion was made to adjourn Council by Tracy B. 2nd by Ron P.
Adjourned at 8pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Pam Heimuller, Council Secretary

Blackwood Legacy
HERE at Bethany

Check them out on the web.the
quartet called the Blackwood
Legacy. They are the heir to the
original Blackwood Brothers gospel
quartet. Bethany is the only place
they will be appearing at in the
Portland area this year, so mark your
calendar for a faith inspiring evening,
Wednesday, March 23rd.
The concert begins at 7 p.m., but you
will want to arrive early.

Easter/Resurrection Sunday
Easter Sunday is March 27th this
year. Our Morning begins with
our annual Sonrise Service in the
Bethany Cemetery at 7 a.m.--always a mooving
experience, followed by Easter
breakfast at 7:45 a.m. and then
our Easter worship with special
music in the Bethany sanctuary.
Please plan on making a
morning of it as we celebrate
the highest celebration of the
Through the Bible in Two Years
You, too, can study the entire Bible
in two years.

Chaplain Richard

Riggs is graciously teaching Sunday

Morning Bible Study for everyone
high school age through age 101
who has a hunger to better know
Gods Word. It currently starts at
9:15 a.m. in the choir loft, but come
early, it is so interesting to those
who are coming that they just
might decide to begin a bit earlier!!


The 2016 Quilt Show has come and gone! The amazing ladies of Bethany WELCA pulled it off! Thank you to
each and every one of you that helped in any way!
It has been said that this wasnt our best year, but it wasnt our worst, either. The final cash totals are not yet
in, but we should have enough to get us through another year of providing the church with paper products and
coffee supplies plus other minor purchases that are needed.
Tentative plans have been discussed for 2017. And some changes will be made based on results of the 2016
show. We will most likely cut back on show hours which will require less time being spent by the workers
and less food preparation. For now we are still planning to have the show open both Friday and Saturday. We
also hope to do more of the cleaning and preparation throughout the year, so that the church is ready when
the quilt show comes around and theres not quite so much cleaning and organization to be done in the final
days prior to the quilt show.
Quilt displays were down, so please talk to all your friends and family members that may be hiding their
quilts and encourage them to bring them next year regardless of whether they are new or old, gently used, or
well-loved. We want to see them and hear they story behind them!
Also, if you have any suggestions for our 2017 featured quilter, please let us know!
Winners of the Raffle Quilts:

Claire Marsh and Virginia Erickson

Winner of the Silent Auction Afghan: Jodie Withers

Winners of the Raffle Baskets:
Garden Bucket
Large Azalea
Baking Basket
Legos Basket
Movie Night Basket
Avon Gift Bag
Pet Basket

Judy Ann Johnson

Valerie Lauter
Joan Vardanega
Sarah Tracy
Ann Mercier
Virginia Erickson
Susan Warner

Other WELCA Business:

March 10th @ 7:00 PM, First Lutheran Visitation at Bethany:

First will bring the program.
Bethany will provide refreshments.

March 31st Community Meals

Next WELCA meeting date will be announced.

Nancy Conner

9:15 AM Bible study w/

Richard Riggs
9:30 AM Sun. School
10:30 AM Sun. Service

Easter Sunday

9:15 AM Bible study w/

Richard Riggs
9:30 AM Sun. School
10:30 AM Sun. Service

Palm Sunday

9:15 AM Bible study w/

Richard Riggs
9:30 AM Sun. School
10:30 AM Sun. Service

Daylight Saving Time starts

9:15 AM Bible study w/

Richard Riggs
9:30 AM Sun. School
10:30 AM Sun. Service

9:15 AM Bible study w/

Richard Riggs
9:30 AM Sun. School
10:30 AM Sun. Service







6:30 PM Lions

March 2016








7:00 PM Blackwood Legacy

5:30 PM Soup Supper

5:30 PM Soup Supper

5:30 PM Soup Supper




Mary Circle



8:00 AM Veterans Breakfast

6:30 PM Good Friday





8:00 AM Veterans Breakfast


AM Bethany Quilters
PM Maundy Thursday
PM American Legion

9:00 AM Bethany Quilters

9:00 AM MELCA Coffee
10:00 AM Community


9:00 AM Bethany Quilters

9:00 AM MELCA Coffee

9:00 AM Bethany Quilters

9:00 AM MELCA Coffee
7:00 PM First Lutheran
WELCA visits

9:00 AM Bethany Quilters

9:00 AM MELCA Coffee





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10:00 AM Church Spring