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Title of the Project

“ Management of PVC Pipe and
Hardware shop”
B.Com final year, Sem- VIth

Project report submitted to

Royal Institute of Management and
Advanced Studies

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Name of the Guide : Prof Amit Sharma

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Student: Rishabh Agrawal
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Declaration of the Student

I Rishabh Agrawal certify that the project report entitled
“Management of PVC pipe and Hardware shop” prepared by me
is my personal and authentic work under the guidance of Prof.
Amit Sharma.

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Name : Rishabh Agrawal
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Class : B.Com VI th Sem
Roll No.:13134034
Mob.No.: 9926866918

Guide Declaration

I certify that the project report entitled “Management of PVC
pipe and Hardware Shop” has been prepared by Rishabh Agrawal
Class B.Com. VI Sem under my supervision and bears the result of
his original work.

Date :

Signature :
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Amit Sharma Designation : Asst. Page 4 of 33 . The Support of entire staff of the institute where I have worked has helped me a lot in growing in reason & understanding.Ubed Afzal. Professor College: Royal College. Heartfelt & sincere thanks to Head of our department & guide Prof Amit Sharma. I my deepest regard & gratitude to our college Administrator Dr.Place : Name : Prof. Ratlam Acknowledgement I Rishabh Agrawal Student of B.Com final year great fully acknowledge the valuable contribution of various people related to my project report.

So. Rishabh Agrawal B.Com VIth Sem Page 5 of 33 . I shall like to pay my special thanks to the staff member of Swayed Institution.

.No Contents Page No. A-1 Project Title : Management of PVC pipe shop 6 2 Project related to Self employment 6 3 Inspiration behind the project 6 4 Qualification required 6 5 Higher Education for PVC pipe shop 7 6 Training need for project-work 7 7 Procedure of Establish & Registration of PVC 8 pipe and Hardware shop 8 Management of PVC pipe and Hardware shop 11 9 Existing problems in Hardware shop 17 10 Solution for above problem 17 11 Future challenges and their solution 25 12 Future aspects of logistics 28 B-1 Experience of the Student 31 2 Guidance of the Guide 31 3 Result ( I sem to V sem ) 32  Title of the projectManagement of PVC pipe and Hardware shop Page 6 of 33 .Index S.

Page 7 of 33 . Amit Sharma.  Project related to self employment. So I select the project-work management of poultry. If you are graduate then easily manage the poultry farm.  Minimum Qualification - Courses and educational/ Higher Education requirements Educational .No specific education required for establish poultry farm house. I am also very much interested to do this work. Object behind the selecting this project-work My family already manage the PVC pipe shop.  Who is inspire to select this projectMy family and my guide Prof.

Technical. The candidate who has strong technical background along with poultry farming will have an added advantage. Experience. Page 8 of 33 . The one who take up Postgraduate like MBA. coupled with skills to interpret the demand in this industry. Information about trainingNo particular training required for poultry farming.No particular technical education required.Fresher also establish the poultry farm. Some basic knowledge is sufficient. Extra / Higher Education required- The above key factors have given rise to many courses that range from Diploma to Postgraduate that specializes in online travel business too.

Why? The demand for retail stores of this nature have grown tremendously because of the upsurge of the do-it-yourself phenomenon. you must know what you are getting into. maintain. Examples of home improvement merchandise are as follows: automotive supplies. plumbing/heating/cooling products. and improve their homes and properties. lumber. hardware. If you are thinking of starting your own hardware store then now is the best time to do so. To generate revenue quickly. paint/paint sundries. building materials. lawn and garden items. electrical supplies. enumerated below is list of things a hardware store owner must know: Page 9 of 33 .Procedure of Establish & Registration of PVC pipe and Hardware shop The hardware store business is an ideal start-up business because it is extremely profitable. house wares. home decorating products. This article offers tips on how to open a hardware store business. sporting goods and more. To help you in this endeavor. hand and power tools and accessories. Hardware stores provide consumers with tools and construction materials needed to build.

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of the other players in the locale. make sure you know how to swim. Advertise your retail hardware store aggressively. Maximize the full use of your space by installing a lot of shelving and display cases.  The average size of a typical independent hardware store is between 20K to 30K square feet or larger. and the accessibility of the area. the age and income of your customer base. Try to find out how the sales volume for the store is. Don’t forget to negotiate to get a better deal. Also. consider the following factors: the neighborhood’s prospect for growth. Ask yourself if you have sufficient experience to start and operate a hardware store. the amount of competition in the area. make sure you know the reason why the business is being sold.  Study the competition in the area.  If you are considering buying a previously owned hardware store. check out the market price to see if the owner gave you a fair figure. try to establish a low-price image and put emphasis on convenience shopping. is it high or low? And the reason behind it. Page 10 of 33 . and if you can.  Before jumping in the water. Find out how you can compete with them.  In choosing a location to open a hardware shop.

Although retail chains are important in this industry.The more items your browsing patrons come into contact with. The usual avenue chosen by most independent hardware store owners is via wholesalers. studies reveal that independent hardware stores can compete successfully with the large chains.  Your target market would be the local community. a perception. In some cases.  You can get your stock from three sources. When affiliating with wholesalers. full line hardware wholesalers. and three. secondary or specialty distributors. In fact. Ensure satisfactory customer care by providing personal service and hiring/training your staff to make them leaned in the field of home improvement and construction. One. They may have the bigger market share but small to midsize hardware stores do enjoy their own portion of the consumer pie. two direct from the manufacturers. you get to receive marketing and advertising support as bonus. This will translate to additional sales for you. in no way do they control the total retail distribution channel. consumers find them better than corporate chains because of their personalized approach.  The perception that this industry is dominated by big players is just that. Page 11 of 33 . the better. As such. your inventory of products must be geared to cater to their preference and needs.

automotive.5 million tons of PVC was used in 2002 to make pipes. Similarly in case of USA pipe demand is projected to grow 2. The major driver for the growth is the increased penetration of PVC in insulation cables and pipes. Worldwide demand for these pipes is forecasted to increase more than four percent per year through 2007. unique set of properties and performance makes it the material of choice for dozens of industries such as health care. versatility. In the global market PVC pipes and fittings constitute the largest volume application at 36% of the marketplace. Over the past few years the market for PVC is on a steady rise. communications. However.MARKET OF PVC Vinyl’s low cost. the building and construction industries are the basic marketplaces for pipe and the pipe industry usually finds itself firmly ensconced among those boom and bust industries which ride the coattails of our nation's economic fortunes. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) takes the lion's share at around 62% of the global market.5%. aerospace.5% annually to 15.5 billion feet in 2007. In the product form it can be as rigid as a pipe or as pliable as a plastic wrap. Polyethylene (PE) has 33. Another factor of growth in PVC pipes is innovations in pipe resins. plastic pipes rank first among other materials and globally plastic pipes are used at about 54% of the total pipes used. In the European pipe market. 1. pipe structures and pipe processing technology. In Europe. retailing. Page 12 of 33 .5%. textiles and construction. while polypropylene (PP) takes about 4.

the general uniformity of composition and lightness of plastics ensures their use in almost all industrial applications today. Plastics vary immensely in heat tolerance. Their name is derived from the fact that in their semi-liquid state they are malleable. Page 13 of 33 . or have the property of plasticity. Combined with this adaptability. or fibers. films. The term "plastics" covers a range of synthetic or semisynthetic organic condensation orpolymerization products that can be molded or extruded into objects. and resiliency.Plastics Plastic pipes penetrating a concrete floor in a Canadian highrise apartment building. hardness.

like windows. 2 rail and 4 coastal terminals and Page 14 of 33 . that are fitted in architectural hardware and decorative hardware parts of a building. 15 grinding units. etc. Africa. such as caulking. UltraTech and its subsidiaries have a presence in 5 countries through 11 integrated plants. doors. Building products. Ultra Tech Cement UltraTech is India's largest exporter of cement and clinker spanning export markets in countries across the Indian Ocean. rather. paint. 1 clinkerisation plant. glues. The list of building products excludes the building materials used to construct the building architecture and supporting fixtures.Building products In the market place the term "building products" often refers to readymade particles/sections. and anything else bought for the purpose of constructing a building. Europe and the Middle East. "Building products" may also refer to items used to put such hardware together. cabinets. made from various materials. support and make building materials work in a modular fashion. 1 white cement plant.

the business has grown multifold. Over the years. through organic and inorganic expansions. which is about 30 per cent of the country's total exports. The certification process is currently underway for the remaining plants. Portland Pozzolana cement and Portland blast-furnace slag cement. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. Currently.5 million tonnes per annum. in July 2004. Most of the plants have ISO 9001. two plants have received ISO 27001 certification and four have received SA 8000 certification. In addition.101 RMC plants. Earlier. Page 15 of 33 . Grasim’s subsidiary UltraTech Cement Limited ("UltraTech") has a capacity of 52 million TPA. Grasim acquired a majority stake and management control in UltraTech.5 million TPA. Grasim Grasim entered into cement business in 1985 with a capacity of 0. UltraTech's products include Ordinary Portland cement. The company exports over 2.

All units use state-of-theart equipment and technology and are certified with ISO 9001 for quality systems and ISO 14001 for environment management systems. 4 bulk terminals and 101 RMC plants in India. with a capacity of 3 Mn. this acquisition catapulted Grasim to the top of the league in India. Grasim demerged its cement business into UltraTech in July 2010. Bahrain and Bangladesh. UltraTech’s subsidiary. 11 grinding units. Subsequently. The merger has created the largest cement company in India. Grasim's subsidiary UltraTech Cement has 11 integrated plants. the Page 16 of 33 . All the plants are located close to sizeable limestone mines and are fully automated to ensure consistent quality. TPA has operations in UAE. providing a platform that will help in pursuing aggressive growth going forward. Leveraging the strong equity and goodwill of the house mark.One of the largest-of-its-kind in the cement sector. Star Cement.

GRC etc. Branded as "Birla White". It has applications in floorings and exterior wall finishes. UltraTech Cement is the largest producer of white cement and a leading player in ready mix concrete (RMC) in India. apart from other innovative has a strong national brandUltraTech Cement under the Aditya Birla Group logo. which are used in wall finishing and various architectural applications.. Page 17 of 33 . which is the apex for the cement industry globally to establish common measures. share best practices and exchange data relating to environmental impact. the white cement division manufactures world-class white cement in a variety of textures and finishes. UltraTech is a voluntary member of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI). The division also manufactures value added products like putty.

assuring each that conversations will be held in confidence. It has been called self-respect. Page 18 of 33 .This list will let you know what qualities should manage of the shop – SELF RELIANCEIt means confidence trust in oneself. self-confidence. It is the ability to trust yourself. POSITIVE – Thinks positively and enthusiastically about people. It is really a trusting mentality. Encourage others also to be positive. self-esteem. Communication personal thought & feeling on a wide spectrum of issues and can listen to student & staff in an empathetic manner. COMMUNICATION – Share with other in a manner that encourage two way communication. to possess a trusting mentally.

ORGANIZED – Make efficient use of time & move in a planned & systematic direction. Takes action in constructive ways. Open with personal thought & feeling encouraging other to do like wise know & understand the feeling of staff & customer. Can think in term of how organization can be beneficial to those served. COMPASSIONATE – Caring impathetic and able to respond to people at a feeling level. MOTIVATIONALEnthusiastic with standard & expectation for students & self-understand the intrinsic motivations of individuals & known what it is that motivates self. Page 19 of 33 .

CREATIVE : Versatile. Quickly diagnoses staff member difficulties & assists in management of individual situation. INDIVIDUALLY PERCEPTIVE – See each staff member as a unique & valuable individual looks for the differences among staff member. Page 20 of 33 . which assists people in moving towards their goals . Seeks to reason out situations with customer & staff in a manner that allows all people to move forward in a positive direction. innovative & open to new ideas strives to incorporate technique & activities that enable self to have unique & new growth experience.FLEXIBLE – Willing to alter plans and direction in a manner.

Uses humor spontaneously in a tasteful manner. Builds togetherness in staff room with humor. It is very important for manage the staff to understand the mortal makeup of customer so that the manager could easily analysis the stamina & the necessicities of the staff. which is much more like sorry that some one does not experience the things as you do. Empathy is a mixture of listening observation & respect for the other. Do not confused it with sympathy. DURING MY PROCECT WORK I NOTICED THE FOLLOWING POINTS – 1) EMPATHYThis is the ability to stand in some one else’s shoes & see it. Page 21 of 33 .SENSE OF HUMOR – Know how to take the tension our of tight situations.

It means being aware to how you feels what you want & developing the ability & willingness to let other know their wishes & feeling. It mean developing respect for others. Respect means accepting the other person even though you may have different opinion for the some things. have positive regards for yourself.2) RESPECT – This means letting a person be it means bring willing to let them get on with their live without their having to change to please you. 3) CONGRUENCE – It is another way to saying be real that is have respect for what you are . 4) Learning to listen 5) Do not ask too many question but ask open questions 6) Share what you noticed Page 22 of 33 .

The battle of life must necessarily be fought up hill. which means to work in systematic order. They cannot Page 23 of 33 .7) Provide invitation to talk. Difficulties are to be dealt with not evaded. so as to come out of them victoriously” ACCEPT DIFFICULTIES AS A CHALLENGE – Difficulties / Problem are meant to rouse not dishearten to make us better not bitter. PROBLEM DURING WORK & SUGGESTION TO SOLVE“Problem means difficulty” “Struggle in this content may be defined as the act of wrestling with difficulties trails and tribe ( actions. If there were no difficulties there would no stress.” Management is word formed by joining two word manage + ment. to find & not to yield. “To strive to seek . Take them as a challenges. it is science as well as an art.

and makes them happier. If you adopt it as a way of life. “To strive to seek to find & not be yield”. Positive Attitude – Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. No one meets every difficulty successfully in first attempt. brighter Page 24 of 33 . it will bring constructive changes into your life. It brings optimism into your life. we showed try to solve them by making various strategies. to have no confidence as to how you will react to given situation to be unpredictable untrustworthy to yourself. Stay calm. and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. panic means to run about aimlessly. Persist in face of difficulties & setbacks. Difficulties problem are meant to rouse not to dishearten to make us better not solve by running away from them. Take them as a challenge . there would be a definite success. don’t panic.

Page 25 of 33 . With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening.and more successful. become optimistic and expect the best to happen. Choosing happiness. Being inspired. Believing in yourself and in your abilities. Not giving up. Creative thinking. Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise. Constructive thinking.  Positive attitude manifests in the following ways: Positive thinking. Motivation to accomplish your goals. Expecting success. Optimism.

Only action can transform knowledge into wisdom and education is only good and acceptable if it leads inevitably into action! Page 26 of 33 . you learn by experience. must lead to action.  In practical learning on the other hand.  There lies the big difference: While after theoretical learning your mind has to guide your body to perform and the body still has to learn. Difference between theoretical and practical Knowledge ( Experience of the Student )  Your mind is capable of storing information and understanding new concepts. In chronological order you would have to teach the mind first and then the mind has to teach the body when it comes to theoretical learning. tell it what to do. That is why some people without any formal education can outperform educated scholars because they have tons of experience on their hands. That is why practical learning is the only way of learning!  Event theoretical learning must lead to experience. Practical learning on the other hand combines both. Then it can proceed to apply these new concepts and to teach them to the body. You learn by doing things over and over again. That means that theoretical learning lacks the step of teaching the body.

 Even when it comes to abstract things. practise! Turn your theoretical knowledge. that take place in your mind. practise. I Sem B. IV Sem B. II Sem B. into practical knowledge. You can read or hear about the processes that work there. but in order to fully understand them. which can be really good.Nothing  Results ( From I sem to V sem ) : Sr.Com.No. in order to be able to use them in an efficient way. You have learned nothing until you are capable of applying it in the real world. in a class or in a book.Com.Com. So go out there and practise. V Sem Obtained 236 276 250 278 136 Page 27 of 33 Out of 450 450 450 450 450 Result Pass Pass Pass Pass ATKT .Com.  So in conclusion don’t think you have learned something just because you heard/read about it in college. math for example.Very Good  Getting Award/ Reward during course.Com. “I know how to do that” is not a valid way of expressing that you can handle something. III Sem B. 1 2 3 4 5 Class B. which is equal to pure gold!  Co-operation of Guide .

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