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InaWordFab, LLC Is Opens Art Gallery in Newark, NJ!
InaWordFab, LLC Adapts Popular Lifestyle Brand to Newark, NJ with Style, Culture and Art Gallery Opening on April 23

Newark, NJ, 4/21/2010 - InaWordFab, LLC is a lifestyle brand devoted to the cultivation and appreciation of the fabulous life! was launched in 2007 as a fashion and lifestyle blog by Lauren M. Craig, and it quickly became a go to internet destination for irreverent commentary on celebrity fashion, breaking trend news, industry interviews and pictures from the most exclusive parties and events in New York City. Presented with an opportunity to expand the brand by managing a new art gallery in the city of Newark, the Russell Aldo Murray Gallery, Newark ("RAM Gallery"), she continues to infuse her innate sense of style, fun and fabulosity into this rich art space and commemorate the Newark Artist and founding member of Art in The Atrium, Russell Aldo Murray that passed away in 2009. In one short year and before the gallery’s official opening on April 23,, the space has been home to the city’s most popular charity, spoken word, and networking events - Now that’s InAWordFab!

About Lauren Craig, Owner, InaWordFab, LLC/ Director, RAM Gallery Newark An attorney by day, you can find Lauren aka In a Word Fab at the RAM Gallery chatting about the importance of investing in art, hosting a networking event at your favorite local lounge, and on the ballot as a candidate for Democratic District Mayor in East Orange. Daughter. Sister. Lawyer. Stylista. Sophisticate. Activist. Accomplice. Optimist. In a word...FAB! About the RAM Gallery The Russell Aldo Murray Gallery (RAM Gallery) was named for Newark's own artist, teacher, curator and friend, Russell Aldo Murray, a founding member of Art in the Atrium that passed away in 2009. The intimate and chic space calls upon the spirit of the "Coast," a thriving mecca of jazz clubs and nightlife that lined the block between 1925 and 1950. As a subsidiary of the Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District, the RAM Gallery is a proud Smithsonian Institution affiliate. For additional information about the RAM Gallery, or for space rental, please visit, or


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