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“I’m back. See you soon here around.

” I mouthed as I read the
message. Who could this be?
“I see. Who is this again?” I texted back. I waited for a couple of
minutes when it didn’t replied back. Shucks, who could this be?
“So you got yourself a boyfriend huh?” John Philipp interrupted me in
my thoughts.
“Huh? Pardon me?” I was surprised by his question.
“So you’re in a relationship right now, right?” he cleared the thought to
“What?” surprisingly I said. “What made you say that?”
“It is none of your business, just answer me now” he toned up in
“Nope!” I answered.
“To whom are you texting then?” he questioned forming a grin in his
“It was just an unknown number” I explained.
“Really? Then let me see” he said as he motioned to get the phone from
my hand. I quickly dodged it away from his reach.
“Oh, so we are playing secrets here, right?” He narrowed his eyes as if
threatening me with that look. “It makes me think more that you are
hiding your boyfriend from us.”
“What?! Xenia’s got a boyfriend?” Alelee chimed in.
“Yeah. I think so” then John Philipp smirked. An annoying smirk. A
signature of his.
“NO!” I said in a stern tone enough to make me sound serious and a
little bit irritated “I’m not in a relationship!”
“Then why would not let me read your message?” he questioned.
“It’s because it is private” I reasoned.
“What are best friend for huh?” John Philipp reasoned back.
“And I think everyone is ready to start the class, aren’t we?” I didn’t
noticed it but Dr. Samaniego, our biology laboratory professor, came in
bringing up the LCD projector at her right hand while holding the box of
specimens on the other. She is standing in front giving everyone the
room her villainous smirked. A smirked which you can see on
Maleficent’s face
“I presume we are madam” Jason replied to what Dr. Samaniego said.

There are two messages.“Very well. . Alelee stood up and walked to the front. putting that phone on your pack or chose to make me confiscate it?” Dr. it doesn’t help me stop from being intrigued from who that DVM might be. “Today we are just going to have a pre-laboratory activity and I want all of you to pay consideration to each points I throw and please be in proper order” Dr. Gotta be on my place” John Philipp said as he stood up to leave. “We are not finished yet” shaking my hair which makes me look like Medusa. “And by the way will you please go back to your specific laboratory desks by group” “Too bad. Do you mind Ms. As the discussion about the subject continuous to flow. “DVM” I read. Gomintong help me set up this projector so we can start up?” She said while looking to Alelee’s direction. Samaniego uttered while looking at the mainframe of her laptop. she sucks. DVM? What does it mean? “DVM?” I texted back. “Why?” I typed and sent it. She tattled about the kinds of floras and faunas found in the locale of Bukidnon. “Ugh. Samaniego does that. It is laboratory time. Arellano. What the! I really hate it when Dr. College of Home Economics. It’s really urgent!” I read from Lorezza Arellano. DVM? Funny because it could mean Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. will you please stop that” but he just laughed and left for his desk. Now all eyes are on me. I opened the other message and was surprised that the unknown number replied. “You have to see me on lunch time at the college Tearoom. Geez. “Just come! “And she replied no more. DVM? I never knew someone with an acronym of DVM. “Thank you” and she returned to the discussion of which I didn’t noticed that it has already started. as if my classmates would like to consume me for starting up the flames that burned the house. I took note of the things she showed up on the white screen and the things she said. Samaniego said with her wicked smirk that everyone hates. I took a last peep in my phones display before focusing in front. Who might this be? “Do you mind. my first cousin from the BS Food Business Management of the same college. I quickly set my phone aside in my pack. Ms.

who bumped at me. My College is distributed into 5 different program courses namely the BS in Nutrition and Dietetics. I do not get the reason why such as. the buildings here in my university is very far apart from each other that you even sometimes need to ride any type of transportation just to get to the other college. He. unless you have the good will to walk the other building. It is here where the Tearoom is situated. I told her I’m not sure but I’ll text her. *(A/N: BS: Bachelor of Science. I just want to inhale and feel the cool wind behind my feet just to relieve myself from my class. then there are motorcycles to send you to your destination. And because I don’t feel riding I trekked the CHE uphill. looked at me and I could say that he felt a horror feeling at that moment. the BSHE in Home Economics Education Elementary Education Option and my course the BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. . This is what I do at my home when I feel strained and tense. The university town is a huge campus of Central Mindanao University. the 3 hour laboratory ended. I looked him and I could see that he was really sorry with what he did.So his name is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine? Duh. I was still standing on and looking at my sauce drenched denim pants! What the!! UGH!!! I let out a grimaced look. BSHE: Bachelor of Science in Home Economics) Enough of the introduction of my College. Like what I have said. HRM students must take this kind of subject and why is it that it is included in our curriculum outline. We went together downstairs and separated at the CAS main exit. BSHE in Food Business Management with 2 options Food Service and Food Processing. who might this stranger be? The discussion about the subject continued for like eternity. I… I… I didn’t mean to” and he tried to get some table tissues to wipe the dirt on me. I packed up my things and told Alelee not to wait for me for l shall be seeing my cousin in the Tearoom. I’m sorry. “Oh my. After the boring discussion on earth. BS in Food Technology. PHOOOSH!!! Someone bumped on me and threw some of the yellow and warm thick sauce on my pants and on my arm. I arrived at the tearoom searching to where my cousin might be. Luckily my shirt didn’t got stained with the sauce. She asked me if I will be coming after my Tearoom appointment. I belong to the College of Home Economics. If you don’t have a car or a bike.

She is with someone. “Xenia” someone called my name out not too loud but enough for me to hear it. She offered me a seat of which I gratefully took. Ugh. I explored my eyes around the tearoom of who might be that person calling me. even if I didn’t mean it. I could say that he is in a hurry. Shucks I don’t know how to pretend that I’m not mad. how can I smile when I got no any pants on my pack? GOSH! What am I gonna do. Uhm. “It’s okay” I tried to say as I distanced myself from him but I didn’t gave a smile. My last class will end on 5pm and I got no house nearby for I am a commuter. It looks like she is going to laugh any time. . my cousin” “Gorgeous and pleasing to the eye just as what I have seen her in the mainframe of my desktop” she said it while grinning. a woman about 27 years of age or younger… maybe. Now.” She turned her hand to the woman sitting across my chair who is wearing a smile showing her perfect white teeth.He was wearing a white laboratory gown. “What?” I asked. Pesisano. I saw Lorezza waiving her hand at the top of her head. She tried to hide her laughter but still I know that she is laughing deep inside. I like her teeth and I wanna have it. “Nothing. she is Xenia Arellano. Of course. Geez! My pants are drenched! He quickly left after me saying those words. Luckily no one seemed to notice what have just happened so I quickly went to the restroom and tried to compose myself up. I went out but still I could feel that wet and sticky feeling on my pants. She’s smiling like cracked. “Ma’am. I tried to compose myself and tried not to look fuming. motioning me to come to their table. I’m just kinda…. I gave her a beam of which I don’t even mean too. Maybe he is from the cooking laboratory. I smell like a viand for lunch. I mind if she has eaten her breakfast since its already 1 and half hour near lunch. we’ll let me introduce you to Mrs. After my restroom session. “Drop that expression off” I warned. did you just peed on your pants?” Lorezza asked unbelievably. As I came near them… “Geez. She smiled at me. Gross! That yellow sauce that looks like a vomit makes my skin sticky. I smiled.

Primary Colors please. “Huh?” I didn’t get it. “The way you compose yourself is a good thing I noticed first. What is going on and what does this woman across me saying. “I got news for you” she held my hand and pronounced the words that almost made me leap for unbelief. She is smiling like idiot. Chapter two is coming up.“Oh yes she is” she said while her smile like reaching her ears on both side. @CoatOfManyColors “What!!!?” These might be the words you are expecting from the last scene but well this is what really turned out to be. just leave your comments below. That is for the whole duration of the story. . I wanna finish a degree… Anyways. And after all good composure and the way you bring yourself is one of the qualities that we are looking for the runway” Says the woman on Lorezza’s. I have already revised it. Enough of my blah blahs!! Thank you Pretending Readers (That’s what I wanna call you if you are reading this story). You can use it to create criticisms on every chapter via facebook. “You are chosen to be a Runway model!!” --What the… Miss you guys. Every chapter has its own “HASHTAG” and you can always see it on the very 1st part. You can have your comments and suggestions for the story on facebook by using the hashtag #CoatPS so I can find and read it directly. I was just too busy with my academic life that I do not have time to update things. You know. I’m so sorry to leave you hanging to the FALSE CHAPTER 1 of this story. If you are to idle to do it.

Then she wore a wicked grin. Our eyes met and I gave her a death glare. “Whoah. I want to be a model. Well thanks to this little devil on my side who knows everything about my passion of fashion spilled it to this maniac woman. Is she trying to put me in shame? “What do you think you are doing?” I asked her giving her an irritated look while crossing my hand the moment we got inside. She seems to be a sl*t even when she is at that age. easy woman” with both hands she raised as if protecting herself from any flying daggers. “This is it!!!” “What this is it? Are you trying to do with?” now my tone of voice turned louder than the usual. . “Oh really? So what do you think about it miss Xenia Arellano?” she said raising her eyebrow at me.“I saw your pictures on online and… Wow. “she would love to and she is accepting it anyway hehe” “Well I wanted to hear Xenia’s side about this so…” turning her head and for the 2nd time raising time raising he brow. “Let me talk to her first” and then she grabbed my wrist to the restroom. I agree with you with what you have said about composure and those things you have just mentioned earlier and furthermore this cousin of mine is… is…” “What the…” Lorezza cut my words out. What is her name again? Well truth be told. oh my you would really say she deserve to be the one” she continues not pausing to breathe. almost shouting. I wanna be in front of camera with flashing lights blinding the backdrop and vindicating my skin from shadows. You are the perfect thing to complete the set of our models” she continued but with a poker face. I don’t have the poise to do so. “Huh? Uhm…” “Of course madam!” continued the little devil on my side. What is her name again? “Sure Madam. Easy” she said raising her both of her hands in front of me. “what do you say?” “Of course it is obvious that I don’t…” “Yes! Of course madam” Lorezza interjected faking a laugh. “Or rather dreams to be a model someday in the future and if you have just seen her facebook status about her dream of being the next top model. “Easy girl. Gosh! Her face gives me a rise of hairballs. If only looks could kill she is so dead by this time. Victoria Secret’s Fashion shows and other shows that gives central attention on fashion but though I like watching those shows. I am fond of watching those shows like the America’s next top model. a fashion model just like what other people see on TV promoting those branded stuffs.

let me tell you everything and let me finish first before you react” She inhaled some air before she began speaking. It has been 4 days since she locked herself inside her room. isn’t it?” she started “What dream? I don’t…” she stuck her pointing on my lips silencing me” “I said let me finish first” pausing for a second or two she continued. This scene repeats ever now and then and we could not do anything to do. didn’t haven’t you hear her say that she saw your photos online?” and now it’s her turn to roll her eyes. She even refuses visitors. this is your dream. It has already been hours that I am knocking at her door and of course. “You did what? I told you not to upload those photos on facebook” “I know right. . No one has entered her room since the day she locked herself in it. when did I gave you the permission to decide for myself. *[FLASHBACK] “Could you please open the door?” I asked pleadingly. She likes the pictures that we shoot at Uncle Charlie’s Resort!” with glee she exclaimed. tricks of which I don’t really enjoy. “And besides. Spare key? She has all the spare keys of her room because whenever she forgets to bring her key she always borrows the other one from their maid. the only difference is that she has a greater self-confidence than I have. “So when did you become a Xenia Arellano? I mean. “Okay now. not to mention she looks like a foolish dog. making me sit on the floor at the front for her door. huh?” I said rolling my eyes. I raised my right hand capping it to my temple as if in frustration. Jeez. She refuses to eat or drink. I told her that. “Duh” I couldn’t believe in this woman. “So the moment Ma’am Pesisano approached me I quickly agreed. It was when she was crying on her room when she brooked up with her boyfriend who is good for nothing. “The day you told me that you will make me happy?” oh yeah. Lorezza and I has been known to be the closest of all cousins.I rolled my eyes. We almost agree with the girly stuffs. “On rush much? Okay. “Shoot it” I ordered. things are creeping to my nerves. “Lorezza!” Every now and then we would hear her wail and then silence would cover again. but you never told me to not to upload it on tagged” she said with a smirk. I envy her for that. I really hate it when she does another trip on me. human as I am I also get tired so I slid my back on the door. This lady in front of me is still grinning like idiot. “Isn’t it amazing?” My jaw dropped in disbelief but quickly regained myself.

Jeez. Silence filled the air and I am still sitting here for more than 20 seconds or more. Ouch. Scratching the back of my head. “Has anyone ever told you to knock first before you open the door?” I said touching the painful part of my head. the impact hurts.She is fond of joining organizations that makes you be exposed on public. right? I could see through her physical appearance that she is not getting any better sleep. don’t you?” “My senses are numb as for this time” she then lost her eye contact on me. “Are you okay?” she asked looking straight to my eyes. ice burg like eye bags. Intelligent. think so. Yeah. dry lips and messy hair. I quickly rushed here in her house. My palm turned to a hardened fist at the thought. My body hit the ground head first. I wanna beat that crap to death. Still leaning my back on the door. her nose is red. What could you ask for? That is why I wondered how that stupid jerk. beautiful. As for my observations upon her. wasted watery eyes. An all in one packaged girl that most guys love to be their girlfriend. The moment I knew about what had just happened to her. “Ooh. rich and has a pleasing personality as sweet as a freshly picked red apple. . that hurts. I excel more on academics. huh?” in sarcastic tone she replied. leaving my baggage to my brothers. I looked at her. she might be feeling numb as for this time. “Well I bet you know that I am leaning on your door. I’m sorry for that” Lorezza said with surprise plastered on her face. I bet those words of her made me silent. Gosh she is pale. “Who told you that the person inside must knock first before going out. cutting the silence within. She quickly kneeled and help me get up. I gave her an assuring smile that I’m okay even though it hurts. attending the burial of my grandmother. Numb? Yeah. she has it all. I was about to knock when the door suddenly opened and it made me lie on the floor with the sudden change of balance. I was on travel from Davao. Ralph Cortez. How could I leave her like this? Now I’m blaming myself for going to Davao or… well why should I blame myself about this when I didn’t know that this would be happening to her. Her face then turned worried. I just couldn’t find the reason as to why he broke up with her. She looks like a wasted girl after drinking a hundred yards of liquor. could break her heart.

She quickly stuck me into a tight hug. He’s gone” she repeats and still weeping. I breathe in and out. I caressed her back and it only made her cry more. and I won’t leave you. “Ssssh” I hushed her “it’s okay. I don’t have such superpowers to do so. I’m here. as if like a girl who is afraid of losing her mom. not knowing what to do and continued to caressing her back. Gosh. “Don’t you worry. I would have done it but who am I kidding. devastated in love. I hear her sob. you haven’t done any wrong” “I always thought it was already him” I faced her then kissed her forehead. Now right shoulder is wet with her tears. I’ll always be here for you. “You do promise?” said she still with tears streaming down her cheeks. “But I want him. I could not give any good advice to her since. and I won’t leave you so…” I didn’t finished my words for she started to cry again. I could feel the longing in her embrace and emotions of pain. My dear poor cousin. I never felt how to be in a relationship. “I promise” and I raised my pinkie finger which she locked. I have always been her comforter whenever she faces dismays and depressions and I have always been her best friend at times whenever she is happy. we are living in reality and not in fantasy. If only I could lessen her pain by imparting some to me. . as if she wants the assurance of my words. I need him and… and… I just don’t get it as to… why?” and she continues to sob. I feel like a psychologist as for this moment. I could feel her tears streaming down her delicate cheeks. “Thank you Xenia for being with me always” then she hugged me again “please do me a favour” “What favour?” I replied “Don’t fall in love yet or be in a relationship until I have not found that someone for me” “I will” I assured. “He’s gone. “I guess you’re right. I will make you happy until you’re fine” She looked at me straight to the eyes. I hug her tight. happy endings aren’t true” she says between her sobs “and it only exists in fairy tales and I was so stupid not to… not to believe and listen to you” “Ssssh” I responded “Do not blame yourself.

I’m just so lucky to have a cousin like you” *[End of Flashback] “Gosh. This is a kind of a joke you want me laugh at” she looked at me straight to the eye where I can see no hint of doubt from hers. I really hate that weakness of mine. Do I look ugly? “No. you’ll surely no regret on your decision about this.” Remind yourself Xenia the next time she does that you better scoop her eyeballs out. She just looked at me and laughed at my face. . For Pete’s sake this would a HUMILIATION of me being a person! “Please!” showing me puppy eyes. She hugged me tighter. “And. pitying eyes. with an annoyed look “So you’re saying that I… I myself look queer?” “I did not say you’re queer” “But it’s what the idea of your words meant” “Huh?” “Huh??” “Whatever. Does this girl want to choke me to death? “Whatever” I sighed in defeat.“Thank you. Now her face is serious “Don’t you think it’s time for you to change your looks?” “Looks? So you mean that I’m horrible?” I pointed myself. eyes that makes me… “Ugh” is sighed “Well. Now I regretted saying those words. Of course being a model is your dream. hahaha. you are not yet ready!!!! Yes. puppy. what I meant is that you look like a 30 year old gal in… unfashioned clothing” raising her eyebrow in disgust reaction ”Ouch” I hit her elbow. I am just thinking for your own good girl and don’t be silly” she faced the mirror on my back and turned the faucet on. This is enough or out of the drama Lorezza. For heaven’s sake. “Just do this for me. never mind” she held my hand then looked straight to my eyes. “Let’s go back now?” “Why? Should I consider going back later?” responded I in sarcastic tone. who wants weakness anyway? “Yes” then she hugged me “Thank you. Of course. “Seriously?” I asked. Make me happy just what you have promised” then she smiled. not realizing that it would cost me something. you are not yet ready!!! “Okay you win” unsatisfied with my answer I breathe out in the blue. I think I’ll just stop arguing with you because…” say no Xenia say no if you still want to have dignity on yourself.

I’ll be glad to have it… LOL!! Give your comments and suggestions at #CoatPS or below.--“So it’s settled then. Secondary Colors. this modelling thingy is what she chose to pick out of the box. I just smiled in return. Orientation of models would be next week that includes what they are going to wear and all those skinny bitches thing” she said twitching her lips upward. Still I don’t trust the face of this woman or I am just imagining too much due to watching of too much suspense dramas. “It is just a University affair my dear and… may be this could be your chance to be in the limelight of the fashion industry… don’t you think?” she replied with a smirk. I just can’t comprehend of all things that Lorezza wants me to do. @CoatOfManyColors . --I do not have a facebook page for those who asked. “So I think I have said a lot and…” she handed something to Lorezza “call me for updates” “What if… I am not qualified to be one of the models?” I asked. Maybe if somebody would create one for me. “Well I got to go” She then kissed us both goodbye and walked out of the room in poise and order.

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