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KUNA Journal

Volume 2: Issue 3

March 8, 2016

World Hunger

Q&A with Staff,

Officers, &

By: Emmalyn Tucker

Think about all of the times you have
wasted food, whether its by throwing away a half eaten sandwich, or an
apple you took two bites of. Here in
America the average person wastes
approximately 20 pounds of food per
month. Think of how many starving familys we could feed with one
months worth of wasted food from
everyone in this KUNA conference,
which is around 12,000 pounds of
food. Thats equivalent to 6 tons!
Now, this article is not meant to guilt
trip you, it is just trying to bring
focus to a serious problem we continuely face on our planet, and that
problem is hunger.
Around 795 million people in
the world suffer from malnutrition.
Thats about one in nine people on
earth. Children are most likely to be
effected by malnutrition and hunger,
an estimated 146 million children
in developing countries are underweight and about 17 million children
are born underweight. Poor nutrition
causes early half of deaths children
under 5. A majority of the earths
hungry people live in areas where
12.9 percent of the population is
undernourished. Even in America
alone, 1 in 6 people face hunger in
their every day lives, and America is
the largest producer and consumer of
crops. The fact we have people who
arent getting a proper amount of
food is sad.
But there is still hope, progress
has been made over the years. The

By: Cameron Kinsey

1) What is your favorite color?
2) What one word describes you
3) Who in your family has inspired you the most?
4) If you could be a mythical
creature what would you be?
5) If you could meet any celebrity
who would it be?

World Food Programmes (WFP) has

saved many lives, one example from
the WFP webpage includes Olympic
Medalist Paul Tergat. Paul grew up
in northern Kenya in a family which
lacked the money for one simple
meal a day. Because of this he rarely
attended school, the three-mile
trek was to much for his malnourished body. But, in 1977 the WFP
began distributing school meals in
his district, and that changed everything. The promise of a meal
brought Paul to school, it also gave
him the strength to start running
the three mile route he took to get
There. Every day he ran to school
he grew faster and stronger. These
runs would later pay off in life, for in
ten years, Paul would win two silver
medals in the 10,000 meter competition. His story shows that the
power of the United Nations can turn

Derek Summerville:
1) Blue
2) Ambitious
3) Mom
4) A Griffin
5) Elon Musk
Otis Milliken:
President of General Assembly
1) Purple
2) Funny
3) Dad
4) A Dragon
5) Matt Damon
Cameron Kinsey:
Media Corps
1) Orange
2) Athletic
3) Brother
4) A Griffin
5) Steph Curry

a maulnurished and starving kid, into

an Olympic champion.
If the United Nations works together, we can stop world hunger in
its entirety. And when I say the United Nations, Im not just talking about
the grown ups. Im talking about you,
a student representing a nation in a
KUNA conference. Together we can
raise money for food and spread

awareness of world hunger. You dont

have to have a drivers lisence or a
college degree to change the world.
If everyone could see world hunger
as something they can help cure, not
just something the government has
to handle, world hunger would be

The Marvelous Mixer

By: MJ Farrell
The dance, everyones favorite. Its
one of the many things people look
forward to at KUNA. Possibly, one
of the main things everyone looks
forward to, but why is that? Oh
wait, its because of the awesome
people you meet, the games, karaoke, and, most of all, the dancing
itself! Its the very special part of
KUNA that people will remember for
the rest of their lives.
Now, some people might not be
sports gurus, but with KUNAs fun
games, anyone can be a Gaga or
Cornhole champ. Both are games
that are relaxing after a long day
of debating, but still fun to go from
dueling on the debate floor to dueling in the Gaga ring. Plus, theyre
both games that everyone wants to
play. If you go into the game room
youll probably find a hundred people, but dont worry, everyone gets
a turn and youll be sure to get your
chance at being a Gaga champ!
Maybe, sports isnt your thing
at all, though. Well, you can always
have your time to shine on the talent stage or the dance floor. Maybe you sing a kick butt version of
Adeles Hello, or you taught everyone how to duggie in a dance circle.
Either way, karaoke and dancing
are two care free ways to have fun

and release some tension. Now, you

dont have to be the next Taylor
Swift or Beyonc to go up on stage
and belt a song or show your moves
on the dance floor. The main point
of the dance is to have fun, and
if you want to go have fun on the
talent stage or dance floor, then go!
Theres nothing stopping you from
being you.
Not like singing, dancing, or
playing sports isnt fun, but the
main point of KUNA is to make
friends, and the best place to do
that, is the dance. Jump out of your
comfort zone, make some friends!
Use all of the elements mentioned
to make some friends. Belt a song
with kids from one school, play a
game of Cornhole with kids from
another! Making friends at KUNA
could be making long lasting relationships, and that is something you
will remember, and keep with you,
So, in conclusion, at this dance,
or the next, try some new sports,
strut your stuff on the talent stage
or the dance floor, and last, but not
least, make some friends, cause who
knows, you could make a friend for
a lifetime.

Drew Caldwell:
1) Blue
2) Unpredictable
3) Grandfathers
4) A Pegasus
5) Will Ferrell
Missy Hill:
President of Security Council
1) Teal
2) Flexible
3) Brother
4) A Wookie
5) Mozart
James Moore:
1) Purple
2) Irritable
3) Sister
4) Dragon
5) Jesus
Grace Flaherty:
1) Navy
2) Hilarious
3) Mom
4) A Mermaid
5) Geroge Clooney
MJ Farrell:
Media Corps
1) Red
2) Crazy
3) Grandpa
4) Unicorn
5) Will Ferrell
Savannah Byrd:
1) Yellow
2) Happy
3) Brother
4) Mermaid
5) Gigi Hadid

A Look at the Candidates

By: Ashton Brien
Vote for John Gunasar! Hell take you far. John is fourteen and
goes to school at Sayre. John is running for Secretary General
because he believes that if he wins, he can truly take a stand
and make a difference. His sole reason for running is to increase womens rights, which allows them to bring money into
households and therefore decrease poverty. He believes that
in Turkey, there is a large gender inequality and he wants to
change it. John believes that every child from every home should
have equal education. Lastly, he believes that education is key in
lowering poverty levels and wants to raise the graduation rate.
Give John your vote!

Christian Derryberry:
Resolution Author
1) Purple
2) Optimistic
3) Grandfather
4) Minotaur
5) Leonardo DiCaprio
Shelby Carroll:
1) Mint Green
2) G.O.A.T
3) Little Sister
4) Unicorn
5) Jennifer Lawrence
Euan Dunn:
1) Blue
2) Weird 2016
3) Uncle
4) Dragon-Unicorn
5) Donald Trump

Thank you to all that


Special Thanks to
Our Media Corps Team!
The girl with the smile will go the extra mile! Rachel Sawyers
is our second candidate running for security general. She Is
also fourteen and is from Clinton County Middle School. Rachel
is running for the position because she realizes that coming to
KUNA is about working together to solve the worlds problems.
Rachel believes that if we come together and work hard to solve
the worlds problems. We can get nowhere without someone
behind us. We need each other to make our ideas a reality.
Lastly, Rachel believes that no matter how young we are, we can
make a difference. Vote for Rachel!

Emmalyn Tucker
Barrett Gibbs
Cameron Kinsey
Ashton Brien
MJ Farrell
Abi Burchett
Dan McDonald
Jack McCalpin

The Personal Side of Resolutions

By: Barrett Gibs
about these children. She stated
they were being overcrowded
and eating the same meals daily.
In this resolution they want to
open bring back adoption internationally and make the adoption
process more strict.

Resolution #17 is a Convention to implement international

adoption in Guatemala. In an
interview resolution sponsor
Camille Overley said that her kind
family had adopted a 2 year old
child from Guatemala named Ra-

chel in 2007. One year later they

closed adoption in Guatemala.
Last November Camille got the
chance to go to the orphanage
that Rachel came from. While at
the orphanage Camille saw signs
of neglect as if nobody cared

Resolution #4 is the convention

on the regulation of oil spill preparedness. In an interview with
resolution sponsor Peyton Bray
said they want to give the marine
life a better life. They came up
with this resolution through research on the subject. As shown
in the resolution book oil is a
nonrenewable resource and is
being spilled and will one day be
nonexistent. Peyton said that in
this bill they want to use modern
technology to improve the reaction time to these spills.

June 16-18, 2016
Camp Horsin