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Old Age Home, Khulna

Why is an Old Age Home needed in Khulna?

Bangladesh has a long tradition of looking after the elderly by offspring or family. But rapid socioeconomic transformations, changing social values have broken down the traditional extended family
system. Many elderly people now stay in old age homes, mainly based in Dhaka, run by non-government
organizations or as a charity. But there are no such institutions in Khulna.

Target Group:
People who lives in these old homes are from better off families, 47% male and 53% female. 68% of men
and 36% of women were retired mid and high level officials. Reasons for coming to elderly home were
problems with kin (63%) or with children (9%), children living in abroad (5%), no one to take care of them
at home (67%), burden on the family (24%), properties occupied by others (27%). Children or relatives
visit them (87%).

- To provide mutual and co-housing model
- To create old homes in lifetime neighborhoods; sustainable places with easy access to shops and parks.

-In suburban locations, housing for elderly will be built in their lifetime
neighborhoods, by invigorating failing shopping centers/ other function (such as
industry/ colonies etc)
-Outdated and underutilized existing building in central locations will be turned into spacious housing for


The site is situated at Khalishpur in Khulna city. It refers to the area which is about
six kilometers away from CBD and beside the BIDC road. The area is located in the
south-east part of the Khulna city. This area was established in 1950s and located in
ward no 11 of Khulna city corporation. Existing facilities around the study site In the
radius of 500-700 meter a big bazar named Chitraly Bazar, four schools on which
three of them named as Peoples primary school, Power house primary school,
Crescent primary school on the north and Platinum primary school on the east and
on the southern part Noabati Hazi soriotulla Primary school is found. Two (2) Bus
stand and one (1) baby taxi stand is also found here. Beside the ancient mill
colonies, a planned residential area is developed there.
Most of the people in this area work at different industrial sector. Industry was the
key employment sector in this area, but in recent years industrial sector faces
various challenges due to improper management. Thats why many industries are
closed here. Peoples of this area search other option for their employment.
Bangladesh government takes some initiatives to revitalize of this sector. A proper
revitalization program can change the economy of the whole country significantly.

Fig: Neighboring Area

Key Features of the Proposed Site:

The area is 17.06 acres and total population is about 2700.There are eight five
stored building where people are living, two four stored building, two three stored

building and ten semi pucca building There are two mosques, two eidgah and a
madrasah. One playground is situated in mid position of the site. This site is totally
residential area and has ten grocery shops. There is a club where they organize
small program.
Visual Identification:

Figure: Picture taken from above (Google earth)

Figure: Buildings in dilapidated condition

Figure: Abandoned Buildings

Figure: Illegal slums and narrow corridors

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