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Interior Design Immersion Vol.1 No.

1 April 2010
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Blending Contemporary With

Classic: Gallery Vetri d’Arte

The light fixtures manufactured by Italian company Gallery Vetri d’Arte

combine traditional refined style with the design concepts of the
contemporary world. Primavera ceiling lamp by Gallery Vetri d'Arte
The company’s designers use old and new materials and processes to
create unique and timeless products. Handmade glass, metal, silk, leather,
precious metals, linen, lacquer, and even feathers are put together with
artistic ingenuity. Traditional patterns and modern lines blend seamlessly to
provide our spaces with just the right amount of interest and personal style.

Cheope table lamp, design Ufficio Stile

Alexandria swinging lamp, design Marina Toscano

Elisee ceiling lamp, design Marina Toscano

Charme hanging lamp, design Marina Toscano

Spring-Inspired Design
Even felt (popular this year) has been formed and cut as stylized leaves
blooming on pillows.
Last week I did some leg work to see what’s happening in the design world
on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles. Spring is definitely visible, and not only on
the outside (my friend Shelly and I had a wonderful time walking the streets
of L.A. on a beautiful, sunny day). The modern furniture store displays were
shouting “Don’t you know that summer is right around the corner?!”
Bright green and orange are present almost everywhere, mainly in upholstery
and accessories. Their juiciness and fresh looks make them look great on
stark white or a light neutral background, as well as paired with darker grays
and browns.

Flower felt pillow at Jules Seltzer & Assoc.

The crisp green and white bathroom in Ann Sacks’ showroom will make
your every morning fresh and cheerful (if you’re bold enough to pick this
color for your next bathroom remodel).

Alster chair at Ligne Roset

Outdoor furniture, made out of weather- and UV-resistant materials, is pretty

enough to stand on display indoors (not that I would want to use it there).
B&B Italia’s Ravel outdoor sofas bloom with big and small flowers in
neutral darks and lights, as not to compete with your garden’s colors or a
tropical ocean view. Notice the ethno-pattern on the modern-line tables.

Ravel by B&B Italia

Green bathroom at Ann Sacks

The House That Cleans Itself Living Walls in Wally Pockets

Today (as on every April 7th) we celebrate No Housework Day. Although

many of us delegate our chores, hire housecleaning services, or even have a
full-time housekeeper, we still spend time making our beds, organizing our
stuff, or picking up after our kids. But time is a very precious commodity –
probably the one we value most. Shouldn’t we be spending it with our family
and friends, doing what we love to do, instead of using it up for cleaning and
caring for our material belongings? What if your house were to be designed
as low-maintenance, making it possible to minimize the daily upkeep (giving
you back your time to enjoy)?
Many years ago I read a book by Don Aslett titled Make Your House Do
the Housework, which changed the way I look at the space I’m in. From
that time on I see the interior design not only as a combination of form (the
aesthetic aspect) and function (the utility factor). I am able to see the amount
of time and money that is or will be spent by the owners on the process of A living wall is a wonderful solution for improving the quality of the air
maintaining it. This idea is one of the basic principles of healthy interior inside our home or office. The plants will filter the air, enrich it with oxygen,
design my company, Bozena Studio, promotes and pioneers in (find out more and stabilize the humidity level. I love designing green walls since they
on Healthy Interior Design blog). free other surfaces of plants, minimizing the risk of damage to furniture and
I bet you’re eager to find out how to make your house to clean itself (I One way of installing living walls inside your home or outside, is a Wally
remember I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book!). Some of the Pocket – a flexible container made out of breathable felt derived from
author’s ideas include: recycled plastic bottles (PET). Thanks to the moisture barrier, it is safe to use
indoors. Its modular nature allows for grouping in countless configurations,
• Before you buy anything for your home, find out if it will: rot, fade, depending on the size of the wall or the type of application.
stain, dent, peel, scratch, rust, soil, shrink (in other words: what it’s
made of).
• To minimize dust, use radiant heating (hot water or electric). Forced
air systems move dust around, dirtying drapes, walls, etc. (it can
eventually irritate your respiratory system – I know I’m susceptible
to this).
• Get rid of excess furniture and stuff – it eliminates dust-gathering
surfaces and floor obstacles to fast and efficient cleaning. If possible,
suspend or build-in some furniture items.
• Buy self-maintaining furniture: sofas with attached pillows, no-nap
upholstery fabric or self-straightening swivel chairs (like the Alster
chair I just saw at the Ligne Roset showroom – a wonderful idea for
all the Miss Perfects like me).
• Pick the right light fixtures. Avoid flat-bowl ceiling mounted ones
(they collect grease and bugs and are hard to clean), minimize the
use of floor lamps (many surfaces to dust, cords obstruct the path of
I like the fact that Wally Pockets are made in USA. I also appreciate that
vacuum cleaner). Choose hanging or built-in lamps, smooth surface
they are just one of many containers by Woolly Pocket.
lampshades, and use long-life light sources like LED or fluorescent.
Their other products can be used as free-standing plant containers (Islands)
or modular gardens (Meadows).

For almost 10 years I’ve been trying out many of those techniques. You can even choose the color - they are available in chocolate, camel and
Some require the home to undergo a remodel or general redesign (like blue, in addition to black. The outdoor version is unlined, and some of the
the installation of radiant heating and low-maintenance tile flooring with freestanding containers have cool zippers (so trendy!) to adjust the size.
minimal grout line), but most can be applied to any existing home, just by
changing our way of thinking (like using door mats and taking off your shoes
after entering the house). This spring, I’m installing (planting?) my own living wall. How about you?
Bozena Studio clients are made aware of the future maintenance of a space
we design for them, and based on this knowledge they are able to make
educated choices regarding the selection of materials and items for their
project. I sincerely believe that their time and money is not being spent on
maintaining their new space, but on the things they love to do: career, family,

Get Healthier With Less Radiation Organically Irregular Design

During my travels to Vienna, Austria, I was always intrigued by the buildings

designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. You can imagine my amazement
when I found out I can spend a few nights in a hotel, of which the exterior
as well as interior was one of the last works of this famous Austrian painter
and architect.
Hot Springs Village in Blumau (Styria) looks like a surreal city in the middle
of a beautiful rural land. Round shapes, contrasting colors, oddly placed
doors and windows, and green roofs are all Hundertwasser trademarks,
recognizable worldwide (some of his projects are even in Japan and New

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by our computers, televisions, cell

phones, wireless networks, microwave ovens and other electronics have a
questionable influence on human health. It is said they might generate free
radicals that can be toxic to your brain and promote loss of memory and
dementia. Research shows higher rates of Alzheimer’s in people exposed to

To minimize your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR):

• move your alarm clock at least 3 feet from your head while sleeping,
or use a battery-powered one (6 feet is the recommended distance
from all electronic devices during sleep)
• avoid water beds, electric blankets, and metal bed frames, which
attract electromagnetic frequencies
• while choosing a mattress, opt for foam over metal-coiled with box-
• keep a low-EMR bedroom: minimize TV and computer use in this In Hundertwasser’s words:
room, sit and sleep as far back from them as possible; replace cordless “If man walks in nature’s midst, then he is nature’s guest and must learn to
and WiFi items with wired, corded lines behave as a well-brought-up guest.”
• when using an electric cooktop, work on back burners instead of the
front if possible

Interested in more? The text above is a chapter from “10 Steps to a Healthier,
Happier Home” special report by Bozena Studio. You can download it by
clicking on the link below: 10 Steps to a Healthier, Happier Home. How
Hundertwasser’s recognizable spirals, strong color contrasts, lack of straight
to Find a Perfect Balance of Comfort, Luxury and Wellness for the Space
corners, and mosaics are present everywhere – even in the hotel bathrooms.
You Live In.
The art becomes an integral decoration, accessible on an everyday basis. The
eco-friendly approach to nature and its beauty (green roofs, trees growing in
the middle of buildings) stays up-to-date today, showing Hundertwasser’s
visionary approach to the applied arts and architecture.

Conquer Your Clutter – 11 Ways to
Keep Your Stuff In Check

Clutter is anything you don’t use, disorganized and unfinished things that
crowd your house and take up your storage space. It can make you feel tired
and lethargic, keep you in the past, congest your body and cause disharmony.
It can be confusing, depressing, make you procrastinate and distract you
from more important things.

According to Feng Shui, clutter obstructs the flow of life-bringing energy

through your home.

The following clutter-conquering techniques are taken from the book “Clear
Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston:

1. have a junk drawer - even one on every floor of your house – to handle
your belongings, but keep it small, use it sparingly, and clean out
2. give a regular clear-out to all of your kitchen cabinets and pantry;
don’t forget your fridge and freezer
3. to keep your bathroom clutter-free, install additional storage units and
keep them organized and clean
4. keep your bedrooms tidy and clutter-free; never keep a laundry basket
in the bedroom (stale energy hangs around dirty laundry)
5. resist the temptation to stash stuff under your bed; any obstacle in your
energy field affects the quality of your sleep; the same rule applies
to the tops of wardrobes and dressers – if the clutter there is the first
thing you see when you wake up in the morning, you will tend to get
up slowly and reluctantly
6. don’t hang on to clothes that are too small, out of style, or were
once-worn and will never be worn again; get rid of them – they have
accumulated your bad vibrations
7. work out a system to tame your paperwork: sort and toss (recycle)
as much as you can, use a bulletin board for current things, have just
one agenda (no loose-leaf notes) and keep your financial paperwork
up to date
8. lead by example: your own clutter-clearing activities might inspire
other members of your family to do the same
9. clean out your clutter fast (all at once) or slow (in stages); do at least
one major review of your household clutter every year
10. to stay clutter-free, stop clutter before it starts: think twice before you
buy and adhere to the rule: “Something new in, Something old out”
11. hire a professional organizer to help you

Interested in more? The text above is a chapter from “10 Steps to a Healthier,
Happier Home” special report by Bozena Studio. You can download it by
clicking on the link below: 10 Steps to a Healthier, Happier Home. How
to Find a Perfect Balance of Comfort, Luxury and Wellness for the Space
You Live In.