Reflections Dustin Cassell 4/21/10 We're kind of paradoxical in nature, there are no things, only processes unfolding in spacetime.

Yet we try to hold on to these processes as if they were things, and as if they were ours to begin with. If we lose something tangible, we are often saddened, and in some cases feel dejected and desolate. Anyone that has experienced lost love or spilled a can of grape soda knows exactly what I'm talking about. However, you can't own a processes that resides at the fundamental core of existence. Everything changes, even ourselves! People are not things, they are processes, brilliantly conscious processes with lots of potential! Every “thing” in this universe is a process, including the universe itself. In physics and mathematics, we have chaos, randomness, probability, and statistics. But even with chaos and randomness, there is always some type of underlying order, you always find it, guaranteed. On the quantum level we see randomness, and on large scales we see order. We look out with our telescopes and see a large, cold, dead, and wonderful universe. Then out of nowhere, like complete randomness, there is us, life. Eventually entropy will over take us too, and then all that will be left is an even larger, colder, deader universe. But, it should also be noted, that these processes of spacetime generated the stars, which in turn generated us. When civilization ends, are we really gone, or is it just us trying to hold on to those mystical things we think are static in nature? Are we gone, or do we become the stars, which in turn generate the spacetime of new universes? “Pick a flower on Earth and you move the farthest star.” -Paul Dirac

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