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Isaiah 1-33 - Zions New Age Bible

1 The vision concerning Judah and Israel that Isaiah son of Amoz saw
during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

A rebellious nation
2 Hear

me, you heavens! Listen, earth!

For the LORD has spoken:
I reared children and brought them up,
but they have rebelled against me.
3 The ox knows its master,
the donkey its owners manger,
but the people do not know Israel,
my people do not understand
that Israel is their mother and not a city.
4 Woe to the sinful nation,
a people whose guilt is great,
a brood of evildoers,
children given to corruption!
They have forsaken the LORD;
they have rejected the Holy One, Israel
and turned their backs on her.
5 Why should you be beaten any more?
Why do you persist in rebellion?
Your whole head is injured,
your whole heart afflicted.
6 there is so much unrest in with the Nation,
racism, hatred, religious disagreement, legal disputes and wars,
few fight for or know the true meaning of equality, love peace and joy.
but I could help all see the truth, if only you would except me
as a mortal woman of wisdom and truth,
not a powerful male full of revenge and violence
with a power that is just not realistic or possible
7 Many people in your country are depressed,
the people in your cities are overworked;
your fields are drying out,
as strangers of your devour your land
8 Daughter Zion is left alone,
and like a city under siege.
9 Unless the LORD Almighty
had left us some smart people to build up to cities,
we would have become like a destroyed city.
10 Hear the word of the LORD,
you rulers of this world;

listen to the instruction of our God,

you people of Earth!
11 The multitude of your sacrifices
why are they to me? says the LORD.
I do not need you to mindlessly sit in churches
and learn nothing for days at a time,
I have no pleasure
in the killings of animals, murder and mindless teachings
where everything contradicts each other;
12 When you come to appear before me,
who has asked this of you,
this trampling of my courts?
13 Stop bringing meaningless offerings!
Your old Bible is also detestable to me.
New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations
I cannot bear during my time of sacrifice
as during your worthless assemblies your worships a God of war!
14 Your New Moon feasts and your appointed festivals
I hate with all my being.
For at christmas they celebrated over a different baby
At Easter they had replaced the fertility Goddess with a bunny
And Christians at Easter would celebrate the suffering death and
resurrection of Christ but unrenowned to them,
the suffering Christ actually was Aayha who was born again on April 3rd
and was actually still alive and currently suffering right now as no one
cared about the true Christ! She was suffering then and there whilst
they continued to ignore, mock and reject real Christ and only worship
the wrong person who promised war and chaos.
There were also many other religious celebrations of half truths.
All dates only acted like a rode of false hope to tease the suffering christ
as to possible dates of when the suffering of the real christ would come
to end. But all dates for three years, came and went with no sight of the
king's return, or no indication on when the people who knew about her
and her sacrifice may come and talk to her about; who they are, what
they know and why they were ignoring her and doing things behind her
back without coming to talk to her.
She says;
They have become a burden to me;
I am weary of bearing them.
15 When you spread out your hands in prayer,
I hide my eyes from you; because you are not looking to seek me
even when you offer many prayers,
I am not listening.
For your head is full of lies deceit and delusion
You have been corrupted with nasonace!
16 Change! and make yourselves smarter, more logical
and realist in you thoughts towards God.

Take your evil deeds out of my sight;

stop doing wrong.
17 Learn to do right; seek justice.
Defend the innocent who have been oppressed.
Feed the poor, and comfort the depressed.
18 Come now, let us settle the matter,
says the LORD.
Though your sins are many,
they shall be as white as snow; and melt away
19 If you are willing, hard working and positive
you will eat the good things of the land;
20 but if you resist and rebel,
you will be poor, broke and likely to experience suffering.
For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.
21 See how the faithful Mother
has become a prostitute!
She once was full of justice;
righteousness used to dwell in her
but now murderers!
22 Your silver has become paper,
your drinks are diluted with water, and heaps of sugar.
your foods are mixed with cheap fats
and your rich only aim to become more rich!
23 Many rulers are rebels, and partners with thieves.
who take from the poor and middle class
only to spend it on themselves or on bad deals
In which they do not pay the consequence for;
Soo many people love bribes and chase after gifts.
They do not defend the cause of the fatherless;
Israel's case does not come before them.
24 Therefore the Lord, the LORD Almighty,
the Mighty One, Israel, declares:
Ah! I will vent my wrath on my foes
and avenge myself on my enemies.
25 I will turn my hand away from you;
I will thoroughly declare my criticism
and purge all your impurities, and hatred towards others
by making you feel ashamed and feeling such way against others.
26 I will restore your good leaders
by being a good example to them
and showing support towards the ones
that are trying to do the right thing,
as not all leaders are corrupt with only themselves in mind!
For many do aim to do what's best for their nation
but not all know how to go about it!
Afterwards you will be called
the Mother of Righteousness, the true Goddess.

27 Zion

will be delivered with justice,

her penitent ones with righteousness.
28 But rebels and sinners will both be broken,
and those who forsake the LORD will be consumed.
29 You will be ashamed because of the liars and murder stories,
in which you have delighted, and chosen to look up to;
you will be disgraced because of the religions
that you have chosen to give worship to.
30 You will be like an oak with fading leaves,
like a garden without water.
31 The mighty man will become tinder
and his work a spark; for both forces of good and evil
they and their works will both will burn together,
For better or worse, depending on your interpretations of burning,
for that could be referring to passion or pain.
and no one will come to quench this fire.

The mountain of the LORD

2 This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Israel:
2 In

the last days

the mountain of the LORDs temple will be established
as the highest of the mountains;
it will be exalted above the hills,
and all nations will stream to it.
3 Many peoples will come and say,
Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
to the temple of the God of Israel.
She will teach us her ways,
so that we may walk in her paths.
The law will go out from Zion,
the word of the LORD from Israel.
4 She will judge between the nations
and will settle disputes for many peoples.
They will turn their works into works of righteousness
and their speech into hooks,
that captivates others into studying the new gospel.
Nation will not take up sword against nations,
nor will they train for war any more.
wants they expect Darla as the Mother of the human raise.
5 Come, descendants of Eve,
Oh Zion, let us walk in the light of the LORD.

The day of the LORD

6 You,

LORD, have abandoned your people,

the descendants of Darla.
They are full of superstitions from their ancestors;
they practise divination then claim these message
to be message from God, not message
that they just wish were true!
People in less developed land embrace crazy pagan customs.
like self mutilation, or the killing or others for personal gain.
7 Their wealthier land is full of silver and gold;
there is no end to their treasures.
Their land is full of cars;
there is no end to the houses and businesses.
8 Their land is full of idols; Great singers and celebrities.
Who bow down to the work of their hands,
But many are just full of pride, arrogance and self love.
9 So people will be brought low and everyone humbled
do not forgive them, for insulting you, Israel.
for turning against you by only thinking about
building up their own image and glory even further
even though they had already achieved so much,
more wealth power and money is what most seek after!
regardless to who gets hurt or sacrificed in the process.
10 Go into the rocks, hide in the ground
from the fearful presence of the LORD
and the splendour of his majesty!
11 The eyes of the arrogant will be humbled
and human pride brought low;
the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.
12 The LORD Almighty has a day in store
for all the proud, arrogant and lofty,
who acts as though they are better than others,
to see the error of their ways and realise that they are no better.
to see that they do not know everything in regard to religion.
For all that is exalted in their own ego and pride will be brought low
They will be humbled by the knowledge of their ignorance!
13 for all the liars, ignorant, arrogant, selfish, vain, insane, and people
who claim that their beliefs are more right than others, all these people
will have their eyes opened to the truth about god and who good is and
they will feel guilty for their past attitudes,
for only these who remained open minded,
kind and respectful to all, and smart had little to be guilty of.
17 The arrogance of man will be brought low
and human pride humbled;
the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,
18 and the idols will totally disappear
out of the class of richness towards Israel.

19 People

will flee to hide away from angry mobs

and from the fearful presence of the LORD
and the splendour of his majesty,
when she rises to shake the earth.
20 In that day people will throw away
their idols of war, sex, wealth and lust,
which they made to for others to worship.
As they make money of the stars ups and downs
21 They will flee from the fearful presence of the LORD
and the splendour of his majesty,
when he rises to shake the earth.
22 Stop trusting in mere humans,
who have but a breath in their nostrils.
Why hold on to them when many promote bad habits
and are not even that happy themselve,
Even with all the wealth and success many suffer from depression and
feel as though they just get used by these agents,
Is there life really to be admired with the spoilt attitude
that can sometimes develop.
It is better to be happy on the inside, then happy on the outside,
but of course it is even better to be both but that take wealth of the
mind, which is something that money cannot buy.

Judgment on Jerusalem and Judah

3 See now, the Lord,

the LORD Almighty,

is about to take from Israel and Judah
both supply and support:
and put them into a time of sacrifice and separation.
2 They are the hero and the warrior,
the judge and the prophet,
the diviner and the elder,
3 the captain and the man of rank,
the counsellor, skilled craftsman and clever enchanter.
but when they are separated the title means little.
for what is power or wealth when their
is no one you can enjoy it with!
4 I will make mere youths their officials;
children will rule over them as right wingers.
5 People will oppress each other
man against man, neighbour against neighbour.
The young will rise up against the old,
the nobody against the honoured.
6 A man will seize someone who is dressed smartly and say,

You have a suit, you be our leader to command and to guide the
people; and with pride he will take charge!
7 But in that day he will cry out,
My suit deceives for I am not a man of wisdom
do not make me the leader of the people.
Many people in this day will judge other people not by what they say or
how well they do the tasks, but instead so many are tempted to judge
by looks and first appearances alone.
8 Israel

staggers, Judah is falling;

the peoples words and deeds are against the LORD,
defying her glorious presence.
9 The look on their faces testifies against them;
they parade their sin and feel no shame about it.
Nore do they do hide it. Woe to them!
They have brought disaster upon themselves.
10 Tell the righteous that they will be okay,
for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.
11 Woe to the wicked!
Disaster is upon them!
They will be paid back
for what their hands have done.
12 The unrighteous oppress my people,
and the insane rule over them.
My people, your guides lead you astray;
they turn you from the path.
for example the old Bible just there said;
woman rule over them, the people who oppress others
but that teaching is so wrong for women are the ones
being oppressed not the ones doing the oppressing!
13 The LORD takes her place in court;
she rises to judge the people.
14 The LORD enters into judgment
against the leaders of her people:
It is you who have ruined my world;
who take from the poor and give to the strong.
15 What do you mean by oppressing my people
declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty.
16 The LORD says,
The women of Zion are promiscuous,
walking along with pride and joy,
flirting with their eyes full of confidence.
strutting along with swaying hips,
with ornaments on their necks or wrist.
17 This is how they should be, not oppressed and hidden but free to
make there own decisions.

18 But

in that day the Lord will take away the finery of the: bangles,
headbands and necklaces, 19 the earrings and bracelets, fine dresses,
capes and cloaks, purses 23 mirrors, linen garments, tiaras and shawls.
For its whats on the inside that counts. It is better to be beautiful on the
inside and ugly on the outside then beautiful on the outside but ugly
Although showing your inner beauty should not have to mean that you
wear veils and full head-dresses, for this is a reminder of female
oppression and forced submission which occurred because of the rejection
of the Goddess that was forced into both submission and hiding.
24 Because of the Mother's rejection
well-dressed hair was replaced with blandness;
instead of fine clothing, black cloth;
instead of beauty, fear and domination.
and because of the rejection of females in society
25 Your men will fall by the sword,
As they fight for even more power and control.
But if they instead spend their time looking for,
or being with a confident, more powerful woman,
from whom they listen to, love, look up to and respect,
this power that they seek will feel more accomplished.
For it will lie in their wife, and they should want to
stay with her, to look after and protect her
and the children she has given you.
This should motivate the male to not go off to fight in wars.
This love that every man should have for his wife,
should motivate the male (or female)
into working harder to provide for their loved one and family!
Also the woman is the person that makes the child in her womb
so it is the woman that should always have first rights to the child.
If an unmarried woman has a child the father has a birth write to see
that child but the farter does not have a right to own that child and
take it off the mother unless the mother is putting that child's life at
risk. If the mother feels that the father is unsafe to be around the child,
then a mother who is not married to the child's father has a right to
deny the father to take the child away and has the right to stay within
eye distance of that child at all times. If the father is not happy with this
then it teaches him a lesson for not getting and marriage or minnie
marriage at the beginning during the pregnancy.
If a man and woman has a child under a marriage or mini marriage
then the father is allowed legal right to have the child stay or live with
him if the partners live in different homes. A mini marriage is a legal
marriage that can be easily broken without losing half of what you own
to the other person, only within this marriage agreement, there is a
promises made to any child that born within the years of this marriage,
that both parents will take equal responsibility in the raising and funding
of the child.

The empowerment of Israel

26 Zion

will lament and mourn; destitute,

she will sit on the ground.

4 But in that day she will take hold of her world she will say,
I will pay for my own food, and provide for myself
I will select out my own clothes,
and wear what I want to wear;
Let me be called by my name.
Take away my disgrace!
For in this verse in the old Bible, it change Israel into seven beggar
women in desperate need of a male's help for saving. They cry:
We will eat our own food
and provide our own clothes;
only let us be called by your name.
Take away our disgrace!
But I say take away my disgrace,
the disgrace of having people turn me into seven humble beggars, who
reluctantly agree to look after themselves, in return for nothing.
For this is what all men and woman should want and seek. All people
should beg for independence, not be independent because they were
begging to called by somes name, as begging for that is disgraceful!

The Branch of the LORD

2 In

that day the Branch of the LORD will be beautiful and glorious, and the
fruit of the land will be the pride and glory. 3 Those who are in Zion, will
be called holy. All who are recorded among the living, will be seen wise
for denying Christianity 4 The Lord will wash away the filth of the women
of Zion; she will cleanse the bloodstains by a spirit of judgment and a
spirit of fire, (love or harsh truth,) for better or for worse. 5 Then the LORD
will create over all of Zion and over those who assemble there a year of
exposing the truth. Over all the glory will be a canopy. 6 It will be a shelter
and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding-place from
the storm and rain.

The song of the vineyard

5 I will you a story of prophecy:

my loved one had a vineyard
on a fertile hillside.
2 He dug it up and cleared it of stones
and planted it with the choicest vines.

He built a watchtower in it
and cut out a winepress as well.
He then expected to grow a crop of good grapes,
but it yielded only wild grapes.
3 Now you people, judge between me and my vineyard.
4 What more could have been done
for I expected it to grow good grapes,
but it only grew wild grapes?
5 Now I will tell you:
I will take away its hedge,
and it will be destroyed;
I will break down its wall,
and it will be trampled.
6 I will make it a wasteland,
neither pruned nor cultivated,
and briers and thorns will grow there.
I will command the clouds
not to rain on it.
Now tell me people is that what you would do
if you had just spent lots of money on land to plant a vineyard
then spent lots of time growing crops on it.
Would you just destroy everything just because it
produced wild grapes not normal ones,
or just because the crop was not as great as you were hoping for.
For even wild grapes have some value,
some people might not even know the difference,
and even a bad crop can have some value.
7 Likewise this is how the Lord see her people
some have more value and ripeness than others
but you can not just destroy the whole crop,
just because many of the fruit has gone bad,
you instead must go round and pick the fruit
that does have value still,
The world is the vineyard of the LORD Almighty
Israel, and Judah are the vines.
The Lord looked for justice, but instead saw
bloodshed of the righteousness, and heard cries of distress.

Woes and judgments

8 Woe

to you who live alone in the land.

LORD Almighty has declared:
Surely the great houses will become desolate,
the fine mansions left without occupants.
10 A vineyard will will not have enough water in some places;
11 Woe to those who run after their drinks,

9 The

who stay up late at night even if they have work the next morning
they who are inflamed with rage.
12 They they have no regard for the deeds of the LORD,
no respect for the work of her hands or spirit.
13 Therefore my people will go into exile
for lack of understanding;
those of high rank will be humbled
and the common people will not read the signs.
14 Therefore Death expands its jaws,
opening wide its mouth;
into it will descend their nobles and masses.
15 So people will be brought low
and everyone humbled,
the eyes of the arrogant humbled.
16 But the LORD Almighty will be exalted by justice,
and the holy God will be proved holy by her righteous acts.
17 Then sheep will graze as in their own pasture;
lambs will feed among the ruins of the rich.
18 Woe to those who draw sin along with cords of deceit,
and love wickedness as with ropes that lead to it.
19 To those who say, Let God hurry;
let her hasten her work
so that we may see it.
The plan of the Holy One of Israel
let it approach, let it come into view,
so that we may know it.
20 Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
and clever in their own sight.
22 Woe to those who are heroes when drunk
but criminals when sober,
23 who acquit the guilty for a bribe,
but deny justice to the innocent.
24 Therefore, hold back your tongues of fire that lick up straw
Their roots will decay once there branch is burnt.
and their flowers will blow away like dust;
for they have rejected the law of the LORD Almighty
and spurned the word of the Holy One of Israel.
25 Therefore the LORDs anger burns against her people;
her hand is raised and she strikes them down.
Yet after all this, her anger is not turned away,
26 She lifts up a banner for the distant nations,

she whistles for those at the ends of the earth.

Here they come against her still, swiftly and speedily!
28 Their arrows are sharp,
all their bows are strung;
their horses hooves seem like flint,
their chariot wheels like a whirlwind.
29 Their roar is like that of the lion,
they roar like young lions;
they growl as they seize their prey
and carry it off with no one to rescue.
30 In that day they will roar over it
like the roaring of the sea.
And if one looks at the land,
there is only darkness and distress;
even the sun will be darkened by clouds.

Isaiahs commission

6 In the year that the false god the Father died, I saw the Lord, high

and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of her robe filled the
temple. 2 Above him were seraphim flying. 3 And they were calling to one
Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty;
the whole earth is full of her glory.
4 At the sound of their voices the doorposts and thresholds shook and the
temple was filled with smoke.
5 Woe to me! I cried. I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I
live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the
LORD Almighty but she is a woman hence all the people of the past were
all worshiping in vain.
8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send? And who
will go for us?
And I said, Here am I. Send me!
9 He said, Go and tell this people:
They are ever hearing, but never understanding;
They are ever seeing, but never perceiving.
10 Make the heart of this people be more open;
make their ears more attentive
and open their eyes so that the see the truth.
They should learn how to see with their eyes,
hear with their ears,
understand with their hearts,
and turn from their ways so to be healed.
Instead they see only what they want to see
And hear only what they want to hear
They understand with their own selfish desires

And not with the thoughts of others in mind.

I said, For how long, Lord?
And she answered:
Until the woman lies ruined
and without inhabitant,
For three years she will suffer
until she is left deserted and ruined,
12 until everyone is far away from her
And till she is utterly forsaken.
13 And until all those who are responsible
For causing her grief are sorry for turning against her
leave stumps when they are cut down,
so the holy seed will be the stump in the land when they cut
themselves off from her.
11 Then

The sign of Immanuel

7 When the son and king of Israel marched up to fight against Jerusalem,

they could not overpower her for she was Lord.

7 This is what the Sovereign LORD says:
If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all:
This is what I must say when Satan comes against me.
12 Satan did not want to put the LORD to the test but he had to.
13 Then Isaiah said, Will you try the patience of my God? 14 Therefore the
Lord herself will give you a sign: the virgin will conceive and give birth to
a son, and will call him Immanuel code for is man u well. The sign is the
woman in labour. 15 The people of the Mother will have to learn enough to
reject the wrong and choose the right, 16 but for before the people knows
enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two
kings (the Mother and Father) will be laid waste. 17 The LORD will bring on
you and on your people and on the house of your father a time unlike any.
She will bring the king and the Mother back.

The LORD that sound more like something Hitler would

do if he had the power
18 In

that day the LORD will whistle for flies from the Nile delta in Egypt
and for bees from the land of Assyria. 19 They will all come and settle in
the steep ravines and in the crevices in the rocks, on all the thorn-bushes
and at all the water holes. 20 In that day the Lord will use a razor hired
from beyond the River Euphrates the king of Assyria to shave your
heads and private parts, and to cut off your beards also. 21 In that day, a
person will keep alive a young cow and two goats. 22 And because of the
abundance of the milk they give, there will be curds to eat. All who
remain in the land will eat curds and honey. 23 In that day, in every place

where there were a thousand vines worth a thousand silver shekels, there
will be only briers and thorns. 24 Hunters will go there with bow and arrow,
for the land will be covered with briers and thorns. 25 As for all the hills
once cultivated by the hoe, you will no longer go there for fear of the
briers and thorns; they will become places where cattle are turned loose
and where sheep run.

Isaiah and his children as signs

8 The LORD said to me, Take a large scroll and write on it with an

ordinary pen: 3 Then I made love to the prophetess, and she conceived
and gave birth to the new age. And the LORD said to me, 4 For before the
new age knows who their father or mother really is, the wealth of Syria
and much of iraq will be plundered and destroyed.
5 The LORD spoke to me again:
6 Because this people has rejected
the gently flowing waters of the goddess
and rejoices over murder of her children.
7 Therefore the Lord is about to bring against them
the mighty floodwaters that will change their whole culture.
It will overflow all channels,
run over all banks into every city
8 and sweep on into the depths of the Earth, swirling over it.
Its outspread wings will cover the breadth of your land,
Immanuel Is man u well now! The spirit will cry
9 Raise the war cry, you nations, and be shattered!
Listen, all you distant lands.
Prepare for battle, and be shattered because you chose war over love.
Prepare for battle, and be shattered!
10 Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted;
propose your plan, but it will not stand,
for God is with us who choose not fight but who instead stand for equal
rights for females and all minorities.
11 This is what the LORD says to me with her strong hand upon me,
warning me not to follow the way of this people:
12 Do not call conspiracy
everything this people calls a conspiracy;
do not fear what they fear,
and do not dread it.
13 The LORD Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy,
she is the one you are to fear,
she is the one you are to dread.
14 She will be a holy place.
Both Israel and Judah will be
a stone that causes people to stumble
and a rock that makes them fall.

And for the people, Jerusalem will be

a trap and a snare.
15 Many of them will stumble;
they will fall and be broken, when they know
that she not Jesus is the Christ that they have rejected
they will be snared and captured.
16 Bind up this testimony of warning
and seal up Gods instruction among my disciples.
17 I will wait for the LORD,
who is hiding her face from the descendants.
I will put my trust in her.
18 We are signs and symbols in Israel from the LORD Almighty, who dwells
in Zion.

The darkness turns to light

20 Consult

Gods instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does

not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn. 21 Distressed
and blind, they will roam through the land; when they are famished, they
will become enraged and, looking upwards, will curse their king and their
God. 22 Then they will look towards the earth and see only distress and
darkness and fearful gloom, and they will be thrust into utter darkness.

9 Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom for those who were in

distress. The land will be humbled but after they will honour God. People
will say:
2 The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
a light has dawned.
3 You have enlarged the nation
and increased their joy;
they rejoice before you
as people rejoice at the harvest,
as warriors rejoice
when dividing the plunder.
4 For as in the day of Midians defeat,
you have shattered
the yoke that burdens them,
the bar across their shoulders,
the rod of their oppressor.
5 Every warriors boot used in battle
and every garment rolled in blood
will be destined for burning,
will be fuel for the fire.
6 For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,

and the government will be on his shoulders.

And will look on behind her back.
And she will be called
Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God.
He will be called:
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
7 Of the greatness of his government and peace
there will be no end.
He will reign on Davids throne
and over his kingdom,
establishing and upholding it
with justice and righteousness
from that time on and for ever.
The zeal of the LORD Almighty
will accomplish this.

The LORDs anger against Israel

8 The

Lord has sent a message against Israel;

The curse will fall on Israel.
9 All the people will know it
Those who say with pride
and arrogance of heart,
10 The bricks have fallen down,
but we will rebuild with dressed stone;
the fig-trees have been felled,
but we will replace them with cedars.
11 The LORD has strengthened Israel's foes against her;
and has spurred her enemies on her.
12 They have devoured Israel with open mouth.
For all this, her anger is not turned away,
her hand is still upraised.
13 But the people have not returned to her who they struck,
nor have they sought the LORD Almighty.
14 So the LORD will cut off from Israel both head and tail,
both palm branch and reed in a single day;
15 the elders and dignitaries are the head,
the prophets who teach lies are the tail.
16 Those who guide this people mislead them,
and those who are guided are led astray.
17 Therefore the Lord will take no pleasure in the people who proclaim to
be helping God,
nor will she have pity the fatherless and widows,
for everyone is ungodly and wicked,
every mouth speaks folly.
For all this, her anger is not turned away,

her hand is still upraised.

wickedness burns like a fire;
it consumes briers and thorns,
it sets the forest thickets ablaze,
so that it rolls upwards in a column of smoke.
19 By the wrath of the LORD Almighty
the land will be scorched
and the people will be fuel for the fire;
they will not spare one another.
20 On the right they will devour,
but still be hungry;
on the left they will eat,
but not be satisfied.
21 together they will turn against Judah.
Yet for all this, her anger is not turned away,
her hand is still upraised.
18 Surely

10 Woe to those who make unjust laws,

to those who issue oppressive decrees,
2 to deprive the poor of their rights
and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people,
making widows their prey
and robbing the more helpless others.
3 What will you do on the day of reckoning,
when disaster comes from afar?
To whom will you run for help?
Where will you leave your riches?
4 Nothing will remain but to cringe among the captives
or fall among the slain.
Yet for all this, her anger is not turned away,
her hand is still upraised.

Gods judgment
5 Woe

to the people, the rod of my anger,

in whose hand is the club of my wrath!
6 I send her against a godless nation,
I dispatch her against a people who anger me,
To, change, teach and talk to them.
The old bible says:
to seize loot and snatch plunder,
and to trample them down like mud in the streets.
7 But this is not what she intends,
this is not what she has in mind;
The God of the old Bible only has purpose is to destroy,
to put an end to many nations,

But the real intentions of God are to put an end to this false God that
people love to worship.
8 Are not my commanders all kings? she says.
10 As my hand seized the kingdoms of the idols,
kingdoms whose images excelled those of Jerusalem
11 shall I not deal with Jerusalem and promote her images
over her idols who turned against her?
12 When the Lord has finished all her work against Zion and Jerusalem,
she will say, I will punish the prideful, the heartless and the haughty. 13
For she says:
By the strength of my hand I have done this,
and by my wisdom, because I have understanding.
I removed the boundaries of nations,
I plunderer their treasures by exposing
why they are not good things to treasure;
like a mighty one I subdued their kings.
14 As one reaches into a nest,
so my hand reached for the wealth of the nations;
as people gather abandoned eggs,
so I gathered all the countries;
not one flapped a wing,
or opened its mouth to chirp.
15 Does an axe raise itself above the person who swings it,
Or does the saw boast against the one who uses it?
16 Therefore, the Lord, the LORD Almighty,
will send a wasting disease upon her sturdy warrior;
under her pomp a fire will be kindled
like a blazing flame.
17 The Light of Israel will become a fire,
their Holy One a flame;
in a single day her face will be exposed.
She will burn and consume thorns and briers.
18 The splendour of her lies will completely destroy
All the religions of the past.
As when one who is ill wastes away the religions will fade away.

The People Israel

20 In

that day the people of Israel,

Will be the survivors of the old age,
will no longer rely on him
who struck them down (the god of the old Bible)
but will truly rely on the people of the world
along with help from the LORD,
the Holy One of Israel.
21 A remnant will return, to the Mighty God

At the beginning then more over time.

22 Though your people be like the sand by the sea, Israel,
only a remnant will return during your suffering.
Destruction has been decreed,
It will be overwhelming but righteousness will come of of it.
23 The Lord, the LORD Almighty, will carry out
the destruction decreed upon her and the whole land.
24 Therefore this is what the Lord, the LORD Almighty, says:
My people who live in Zion,
do not be afraid of the destruction
unless you are the one who is creating it.
25 Very soon my anger against Israel will end
and my wrath will be directed to the destruction of old religions.
26 The LORD Almighty will raise his staff over the waters,
as he did in Egypt.
27 In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders,
their yoke from your neck.
30 Cry out, Daughter!
Listen, Poor soul!
31 The holy spirit is in flight;
the people of should take cover
For the one who delivers it is in anguish and depression.
32 This day they will shake their fist
at the Daughter of Zion,
at the Jerusalem.
33 See, the Lord, will lop off the boughs with great power.
the arrogant ones will be brought low.

The branch from Jesse

11 A shoot will come up from the stump of Eve;

from her roots a Branch will bear fruit.

2 The Spirit of the LORD will rest on her at her return
the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
the Spirit of counsel and of might,
the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the LORD
3 and she will suffer in the fear of the knowledge of who she is.
She will judge by what she sees with her eyes,
and decide judgments by what she hears with her ears;
4 With righteousness she will judge the needy,
with justice she will give advice for the poor of the earth.
She will strike the earth with her mouth;
with the word of her wisdom and anger she will slay the wicked.
5 Righteousness will be her belt
and faithfulness the sash round her waist.
6 The wolf will live with the lambs and she will be that wolf.

The leopard will lie down with the goats,

the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
and a child like girl will lead them.
7 The cow will feed with the bear,
their young will lie down together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox.
8 The infant will play near the cobras den, (not literally)
9 They will neither harm nor destroy
on all my holy mountain,
for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the LORD
as the waters cover the sea.
10 In that day the Root of human race will stand as a banner for the
peoples; the nations will rally to her, and her resting-place will be
glorious. 11 In that day the Lord will reach out her hand a second time to
reclaim the surviving remnant of her people, from slavery. 12 She will raise
a banner for the nations
and gather the exiles of Israel;
She will assemble the scattered people
from the four quarters of the earth.
13 Her jealousy will vanish over time
But she will always feel as though the first 30 years of her life were
stolen from her and replied with paint rejection and misery.
and Lucifer enemies will be destroyed;
He will not be hostile towards Israel.
15 Some places will dry up and other place will be flooded with water;
with a scorching wind that will sweep the land.
Water banks will break.
16 There will be a highway for the remnant of people
as there was for Israel so people can cross
Over into the new age quickly and easily
when they came up from the old age.

Songs of Praise

12 In that day you will say:

I will praise you, LORD.

Although you were angry with me,
your anger has turned away
True you are still angry but you will not be violent
rather you will just avoid people.
And you will comfort many who are also suffering.
2 Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust and not be afraid.
The LORD, is my strength and my defense;
she has become my salvation.
3 With joy you will draw water

from the wells of salvation.

that day you will say:
Give praise to the LORD, proclaim her name;
make known among the nations what she has done,
and proclaim that her name is exalted.
5 Sing to the LORD, for she has done glorious things;
let this be known to all the world.
6 Shout aloud and sing for joy, people of Zion,
for great is the Holy One of Israel among you.

4 In

A Prophecy About those who are Against Babylon

13 A prophecy against Babylon that Isaiah son of Amoz saw:

On Halloween they 2 raise a banner on a bare hilltop,
shout to them; beckon to them
to enter the gates of the nobles.
3 I have commanded those I prepared for battle;
I have summoned my warriors to carry out my wrath
those who rejoice in my triumph.
4 Listen, a noise on the mountains,
like that of a great multitude!
Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms,
like nations massing together!
The LORD Almighty is mustering
an army for war.
5 They come from faraway lands,
from the ends of the heavens
the LORD and the weapons of his wrath
to destroy the whole of the old age.
6 Wail, for the day of the LORD is near;
it will come like destruction from the Almighty.
7 Because of this, all hands will go limp,
every heart will melt with fear.
8 Terror will seize them,
pain and anguish will grip them;
they will writhe like a woman in labor.
They will look aghast at each other,
their faces aflame.
9 See, the day of the LORD is coming
a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger
to make the land desolate
and destroy the sinners within it.
10 The stars of modern world
will not show their light
but instead their sins against Babylon.
The rising sun will be darkened

The extent of her suffering will be exposed.

and the Christ will not give her love.
11 I will punish the world for its evil,
the wicked for their sins.
I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty
and will humble the pride of the ruthless.
13 I will make the heavens tremble;
at the wrath of the LORD Almighty,
in the day of her burning anger.
14 Like a hunted gazelle,
like sheep without a shepherd,
they will all return to their own people,
15 Whoever is captured will be thrust through;
all who are caught will fall by the sword.
16 Houses maybe looted and their men and woman violated.
17 True I could just be saying this to scare you
But so what, youve put me through much worse
By not being able to believe me when I could have helped you.
For three years Ive held the most important knowledge in history and
have had enough evidence to back up my claim and yet not one person
would have helped me if I would of come to them with this world
changing news.
I could prove God was Eve, God was female and on Earth but 66% of
you would have not believed me even with lots of evidence and the few
that did believe would not have tried to help me expose this news.
The people who were told through powerful people, did believe, but
instead of think about me and how I would feel being ganged up on by
thousands of people and ignored for three years whilst I listen to false
preacher preach terrible things about me and their demon god, instead
of thinking about me they only thought about themselves and coming
up with ways to promote themselves even more whist insulting me and
lying to me at the same time.
But my people are those who do not care for large amounts of silver
and have no delight in gold but rather the creation of life.
18 Their bows will strike down the young men and woman who only think
about themselves and their wealth;
they will have no mercy on fools,
nor will they look with compassion on the agorgant.
19 Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms,
the pride and glory of the people,
She will be overthrown by God
like Sodom and Gomorrah
For she is the sacrifice of God.
20 Her location will never be inhabited
She will be left isolated and feeling alone
through all generations none will live in her again
For you should not be people of the slave woman

but rather the free woman.

22 Only liers will inhabit her strongholds,
The greedy will seek after her luxuries whilst shes still suffering.
Her time is at hand,
and her days will not be prolonged.

14 The LORD will have compassion on her;

once again her will choose Israel
and will settle her in her own land.
Foreigners will join her
and unite as her descendants.
2 Nations will take Israel
and bring her to a new place.
And Israel will take possession of the nations.
She will make captives of her captors
and rule over her oppressors.
But realistically she will just avoid all people.
3 Israel,

on the day the LORD gives you relief from your suffering and
turmoil and from the harsh labor forced on you, 4 you will take up this
taunt against the king of Babylon:
How the oppressor has come to an end!
How his rejection of you has ended!
5 As for the others the LORD has broken the rod of the wicked,
the scepter of the rulers,
6 which in anger struck down peoples
with unceasing blows,
and in fury subdued nations
with relentless aggression.
7 All the lands are at rest and at peace;
they break into singing.
8 The people will gloat over you and say,
Now that you have been laid low,
no one comes to cut us down.
9 The realm of the dead below is all astir
to meet you at your coming;
it rouses the spirits of the departed to greet you
all those who were leaders in the world;
it makes them rise from their thrones
all those who were kings over the nations.
10 They will all respond,
they will say to you,
You also have become weak, as we are;
you have become like us.
11 All your pomp has been brought down to the grave,
12 How you have fallen from heaven,
morning star, Christ of the dawn!

The Tales Of Lucifer

You have been cast down to the earth,
you who once laid low the nations!
13 You, lucifer, once said in your heart,
I will ascend to the heavens;
I will raise my throne
above the stars of God;
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
on the utmost heights of Mount Zion.
14 I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High.
15 But you, Lucifer are brought down to the realm of the dead,
to the depths of the pit.
You will be a Monkey Sin against Darla before falling off a cliff.
Satan will be your name, he who brings bad blood.
But you will die and be reborn as Lucifer the Son of God.
But with this privilege come sacrifice also,
This will be forced on you and you will live a life with no privilege or
luxuries, no clothing, education, speech, or bed to sleep on.
You will have nothing but God who will be your begotten Mother.
The key to your destiny will lie in the blood that God has given you.
You must bread and once your blood line has reached fullness you will
come back and be known by your people as the son and partner of God.
16 Those who hear about you, will hate you and ponder your fate:
Is this the man who shook the earth
and made kingdoms tremble,
17 the man who made the world a wilderness,
who overthrew its cities?
18 All the kings of the nations lie about you and call you evil
But all have preached in vain for they did not believe that even Satan
can be transmitted into an angel of light.
The Bible warned people not to be deceived but all were deceived for
the Bible was not speaking negatively of him when it said that. The
Bible was just serious for Satan was a Monkey that carried the Monkey
Jean hence was not silverised but he has transformed himself, just as
his children have to.
19 You, Lucifer will also live a full life and then will be cast out of your
tomb, like a rejected bank note you will be rejected from the grave and
will live and be used again;
you will be slain but live again many years before your death even
happens, people will hate you,
But they will be pierced by the sword,
those who descend to the pit.
20 You however will not be like them,
for people have destroyed your land

and killed your people.

Let the offspring of the wicked
never be mentioned again.
21 Prepare a place to hide from his children
for the sins they practice are many;
they are not to rise to inherit the land
and cover the earth with their lies anymore.
22 I will rise up against them,
declares the LORD Almighty.
I will wipe out Babylons name and replace it with Zion,
her offspring and descendants will return to her
declares the LORD.
23 I will turn her into a place for the wise
and into a fun land;
I will sweep her with the broom of destruction,
But like a phoenix she will rise from the ashes
declares the LORD Almighty.
24 The LORD Almighty has sworn,
Surely, as I have planned, so it will be,
and as I have purposed, so it will happen.
25 I will crush the sacrifice in my land;
on my mountains I will trample her down,
And Christ burden will be on her shoulders.
Those who know about her will also suffer from the burn she carries.
26 This is the plan determined for the whole world;
this is the hand stretched out over all nations.
27 For the LORD Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart her?
Her hand is stretched out, and who can help her,
None! For all will turn away!

A Prophecy Against the Babylon

28 This

prophecy came in the year King Ahaz died:

not rejoice, all you people,
that the bride has now come
For she that struck you is now broken;
She is the root of that snake the devil.
Do you rejoice over her suffering
or she will spring up a viper against you,
She is the tree of life but its fruit will be a darting,
tasty but venomous like the serpent if you do wrong against her.
30 The poorest of the poor will find pasture,
if the rich stop being so greedy and hogging up all the wealth!
The needy will lie down in safety
If the criminal stop only thinking about themselves.
The corrupt will prosper but your root I will destroy;
29 Do

All will turn against her but then she will rise
Then she will slay your wicked with her words.
31 Wail, you gate! Melt away, all you who claim to love God!
A cloud of smoke comes.
32 What answer shall be given
to the envoys of that nation?
The LORD has established Zion,
and in her, her afflicted people will find refuge.

A Prophecy Against Babylon 2

15 A prophecy against Babylon:

Babylon is ruined,
destroyed in a night!
2 No one goes up to her temple,
to comfort her at the places where she weeps;
She wails over her people and her partner.
3 In the streets they feel humbled;
on the roofs and in the public squares
they all wail,
prostrate with weeping 4 cry out,
their voices are heard all over the world.
Therefore the men of Babylon cry out,
and their hearts are faint.
5 My heart cries out over Babylon;
her fugitives flee far and wide,
They go up weeping as they go;
on the road to Zion they lament their destruction.
6 The waters of are dried up
and the hope is withered;
the faith is gone
and nothing amazing left in Jesus.
7 So the wealth they have acquired and stored up,
in Jesus was all saved up in vien.
8 Their outcry echoes along around the world;
their wailing reaches far.
9 Their waters are full of blood.

16 Send tribute to the ruler of the land,

to the mount of Daughter Zion.
fluttering birds
pushed from the nest,
so is the women from her world.
3 Make up your mind, says Babylon.
Render a decision, Me or the false god Father!
Make your shadow like night
2 Like

at high noon.
do not betray the refugees.
4 Let the her stay with you;
be their shelter not the destroyer.
The oppressor will come to an end,
and destruction will cease;
the aggressor will vanish from the land.
5 In love a throne will be established;
in honesty a woman will sit on here
one from the house of David
one who in judging seeks justice
and speeds the cause of righteousness.
6 We have heard of Babylon pride
how great is her arrogance!
of her conceit, her pride and her insolence;
but her boasts are empty for her life has been a sad one.
7 Therefore the people wail,
they wail together for her.
Lament and grieve
for the raising Christ that none have shown support for.
8 The rulers of the nations in the past
have trampled down the vines,
9 So I weep, I drench you with tears!
The shouts of joy over your ripened fruit
and over your harvests have been stilled.
10 Joy and gladness are taken away;
no one sings or shouts;
for I have put an end to the shouting.
11 My heart laments for Babylon like a harp,
12 When she appears at her high place,
she only wears herself out;
when she goes to her shrine to pray,
it is to no avail.
13 This is the word the LORD has already spoken concerning her. 14 But now
the LORD says: Within three years, the servant bound by contract would
come to them, her splendor will shine but all her many people will be
jealous and despise her. At the end of the few years she will be left liking
only a very few.

A Prophecy Against Babylon 3

17 A prophecy against Babylon:

See, she will no longer be a city

but a person but she will become like a heap of ruins.
2 The woman of God will be like a deserted
and left to lie down alone and depressed,

with no one to help her.

fortified woman will disappear from society,
and royal power from the holy spirit will be forced on her;
She will be like the glory of the God hidden in films and song,
declares the LORD Almighty.
4 In that day the glory of Babylon however will fade
As her body will lie at waste depressed and powerless.
5 On her exposure, it will be as when reapers harvest the standing grain,
6 as when an olive tree is beaten,
leaving two or three olives on the topmost branches,
This is the great fall away declares the LORD,
When the God of Israel is exposed as the God of Anna.
At this time all people will start to fall away from Christianity
And they will know the true meaning of that word
Christ i ana see!
7 In that day people will look to their Maker
and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.
8 They will not look to the altars,
the work of their hands,
and they will have no regard for Jesus and his lies about the father
and the selfish imagination about God which their fingers have made.
9 In that day their false but strong religions will be left empty because of
Israel, they will be like places abandoned to thickets and undergrowth.
10 You have forgotten God your Savior;
you have not remembered the Rock, your fortress.
The Mother of your true blood covernet.
Therefore, 11 on that day you will mourn when you plant the true seed of
hope inside your thoughts. The harvest that you planned with the name
of Jesus will be as nothing
in the day of disease and incurable pain will come to you.
12 Woe to the many nations that rage
they rage like the raging sea!
Woe to the peoples who roar
they roar like the roaring of great waters!
13 Although the peoples roar like the roar of surging waters,
when she rebukes them they flee far away,
driven before the wind like chaff on the hills,
like tumbleweed before a gale.
14 In the evening, sudden terror!
Before the morning, they are gone!
This is the portion of those who loot us,
the lot of those who plunder us.
3 The

A Prophecy Against the people

18 Woe to the land of whirring wings

along the rivers,

sends envoys by sea
in boats over the water.
Go, swift messengers,
to a people tall and smooth-skinned,
to a people feared far and wide,
an aggressive nation of strange speech,
whose land is divided by rivers.
3 All you people of the world,
you who live on the earth,
when a banner is raised on the mountains,
you will see it,
and when a trumpet sounds,
you will hear it.
4 This is what the LORD says to me:
I will remain quiet and will look on from my dwelling place,
like shimmering heat in the sunshine,
like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.
5 For, before the harvest, when the blossom is gone
and the flower becomes a ripening grape,
she will cut off the shoots with pruning knives,
and cut down and take away the spreading branches.
6 They will all be left to the mountain birds of prey
and to the wild animals;
the birds will feed on them all summer,
the wild animals all winter.
7 At that time gifts will be brought to the LORD Almighty
from a people tall and smooth-skinned,
from a people feared far and wide,
an aggressive nation of strange speech,
whose land is divided by rivers
the gifts will be brought to Mount Zion, the place of the Name of the LORD
2 which

A Prophecy Against the people 2

19 A prophecy against Egypt:

See, the LORD rides on a swift cloud

and is coming.
The idols with wealth and to much pride will tremble before her,
and the hearts of them melt with fear.
2 The people exposing the truth will stir up one against another
brother will fight against brother,
neighbor against neighbor,
city against city,
kingdom against kingdom.

3 Many

people will lose heart,

and I will bring their plans to nothing;
they will consult the idols and the spirits of the dead,
the mediums and the spiritists.
4 The leaders will hand the people over
to the power of a cruel master, called god the father
a fierce yet imaginary king will rule over them,
declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty.
5 The waters of rivers will dry up,
and the riverbed will be parched and dry.
6 The canals will stink;
Many streams will dwindle and dry up.
The reeds and rushes will wither,
8 The fishermen will groan and lament,
all who cast hooks into the people of they who worship the old Bible;
those who throw nets on the water
to capture the people into a net of lies
All they will pine away.
9 Those who work will despair,
the weavers will lose hope.
10 The workers in cloth will be dejected,
and all the wage earners will be sick at heart.
11 The officials of religion are nothing but fools;
the wise counselors of Jesus give senseless advice.
How can you say to others,
I am one of the wise men,
a disciple of the ancient king
When in reality you dont understand anything
For the were no wise men in the past.
There is no greater love than a mother's love
And yet all the men back then would ignore this and believe that God
who is filled with the strongest love is still a male.
12 Where are your wise men now?
Let them show you and make known
what the LORD Almighty
has planned against the world.
13 The officials have become fools,
the leaders are deceived;
the cornerstones of her peoples
have both been led astray and led other astray.
14 The LORD has poured into them
a spirit of dizziness;
they stagger in all that she does,
as a drunkard staggers around in his vomit.
15 There is nothing they can do
16 In that day the evildoer will become weaklings.

They will shudder with fear at the uplifted hand that the LORD Almighty
raises against them.17 And the land of Judah will bring terror to the
Egyptians; everyone to whom is mentioned will be terrified, because of
what the LORD Almighty is planning against them.
18 In

that day five cities will speak the language of Canaan can ana and
swear allegiance to the LORD Almighty. One of them will be called the City
of the Sun, California, that is where she will dwell.
19 In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the heart of all, and a
monument to the LORD at its border. 20 It will be a sign and witness to the
LORD Almighty in the land. When they cry out to the LORD because of their
oppressors, she will send them a savior and defender, and she will rescue
them. 21 So the LORD will make herself known to the people, and in that
day they will acknowledge the LORD. They will worship with repentance
and offerings; they will make vows to the LORD and keep them. 22 The
LORD will strike those who turn against Israel with a plague; she will strike
them and then heal them. They will turn to the LORD, and her will respond
to their pleas and heal them but she will not forgive them unless they like
her are hard working and only trying to do what's best for the Nations
whilst earning a living.
23 In that day there will be a highway from Babylon to Zion. The people
will worship together. 24 In that day Israel will be the third temple, along
with Aaliyah and Darla, a blessing on the earth. 25 The LORD Almighty will
bless them, saying, Blessed be my people, my handiwork, and Israel my

A Prophecy Against the People 3

20 In the year that the supreme commander, the king, came to Babylon
and captured her 2 at that time the LORD spoke through Isaiah son of
Amoz. She said to him, Take off the sackcloth from your body and the
sandals from your feet. And he did so, going around stripped and
3 Then the LORD said, Just as my servant Babylon has gone stripped and
barefoot for three years, as a sign against the people, 4 so the king be
lead away stripped and barefoot. 5 Those who trusted in their wealth and
boasted about Babylon during her time of suffering, they will be dismayed
and put to shame. 6 In that day the people who live on this coast will say,
See what has happened to those who relied on their own greed. How
then can they escape her now that she is free to say her side?

A Prophecy Against Babylon

21 A prophecy against the Desert by the Sea:

Like whirlwinds sweeping through the southland,

an invader comes from the desert,

from a land of terror.
2 A dire vision has been shown to me:
The traitor betrays, the looter takes loot.
I will bring to an end all the groaning she caused.
3 At this my body is racked with pain,
pangs seize me, like those of a woman in labor;
I am staggered by what I hear,
I am bewildered by what I see.
4 My heart falters,
fear makes me tremble;
the twilight I longed for
has become a horror to me.
5 They set the tables,
they spread the rugs,
they eat, they drink!
Get up, you officers,
oil the shields!
6 This

is what the Lord says to me, :

Israel go, post a lookout
report on video what you see and feel.
7 When you see him, be alert,
fully alert. For your nightmare ends their
8 And the lookout shouted,
Day after day, my lord, I stand on the watchtower;
every night I stay at my post.
9 Look, here comes a man in a chariot
with a team of horses.
And he gives back the answer:
Babylon has fallen, has fallen!
All the images of her false gods
lie shattered on the ground!
10 My people who are crushed on the threshing floor,
I tell you what I have heard
from the LORD Almighty,
from the God of Israel.

A Prophecy that someone is waiting

11 A

prophecy that someone calls to me:

Watchman, what is left of the night?
Watchman, what is left of the night?
12 The watchman replies,
Morning is coming, but also the night.
If you would ask, then ask;
and come back yet again.

A Prophecy about Helping others

13 A

prophecy against terrorism:

Bring water for the thirsty;
you who live, bring food for the fugitives.
15 They flee from the sword,
from the drawn sword,
from the bent bow
and from the heat of battle.
16 This is what the Lord says to me: Within one year of exposing the
Goddess as a servant bound by contract, all the splendor of killing others
will come to an end. 17 The survivors will become, the warriors of the new
world. The LORD, the God of Israel, has spoken.

A Prophecy About Jerusalem

22 A prophecy against the Valley of Vision:

What troubles you now,
that you have all gone up on the roofs,
2 you town so full of commotion,
you city of tumult and revelry?
You were slain but not killed by the sword,
nor did you die in battle.
3 All your leaders have joined together and fled from you;
they have captured you without using the bow.
You who were caught and were taken prisoner,
having fled while the enemy was still far away.
4 Therefore I said, Turn away from me;
Do not tease me and let me weep bitterly.
Do not try to console me
over the destruction of my people.
5 The Lord, the LORD Almighty, has a day
of tumult and trampling and terror
in the Valley of Vision,
a day of battering down walls
and of crying out to the mountains.
6 People will take up the quiver and be scared with her.
9 You saw that the walls of the City of David
were broken through in many places;
you stored up water in the Lower Pool.
11 You built a reservoir between the two walls
for the water of the Old Pool,
but you did not look to the One who made it,
or have regard for the One who planned it long ago.

12 The

Lord, the LORD Almighty,

called you on that day
to weep and to wail,
to tear out your hair and put on sackcloth.
13 But see, there is joy and revelry,
eating of meat and drinking of wine!
Let us eat and drink, you say,
for tomorrow we start again!
14 The LORD Almighty has revealed this in my hearing: Till your dying day
this sin against Israel will not be atoned for, says the Lord, the LORD
15 This is what the Lord, the LORD Almighty, says:
Go, say to this steward,
16 What are you doing here and who gave you permission
to cut out a grave for yourself here,
hewing your grave on the height
and chiseling your resting place in the rock?
17 Beware, the LORD is about to take firm hold of you
and hurl you away, you mighty man.
18 She will roll up tightly like a ball.
There she will die and will become a disgrace.
19 I will depose you from your office,
and you will be ousted from your position.
20 In that day I will summon my servant. 21 I will clothe her in glory and
hand authority over to her. Martin will be a father to those who live in
Zion. 22 I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he
opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. 23 I will drive
him like a peg into a firm place; he will become a seat of honor for the
house of the father. 24 All the glory of his family will hang on him: its
offspring and offshoots. 25 In that day, declares the LORD Almighty, the
peg driven into the firm place will give way; it will be sheared off and will
fall, and the load hanging on it will be cut down. The LORD has spoken.

A Prophecy for Babylon

23 Wail, for Babylon is destroyed

and left without house or harbor.

From her flat the word has come to her.
2 Be silent, you people whom she has enriched.
3 On the great waters came the spirit;
the harvest of the Nile was the revenu,
and she became the marketplace of the nations.
4 Be ashamed, you rule of the sea,
for the people have spoken against you:
I have neither been in labor nor given birth;
I have neither reared sons nor brought up daughters.

Yet I am in a spiritual labour and the Mother of all

5 When word comes to her,
they will be in anguish at the report from what she says.
6 Cross over to Zion;
wail, you people of the world.
7 Is this your city of revelry,
the old, old city,
whose feet have taken her
to settle in far-off lands?
8 Who planned this against Babylon,
the bestower of crowns,
whose merchants are princes,
whose traders are renowned in the earth?
9 The LORD Almighty planned it,
to bring down her pride in all her splendor
and to humble all who are renowned on the earth.
10 Daughter Zion,
for you no longer have a harbor.
11 The LORD has stretched out her hand over the sea
and made its kingdoms tremble.
He has given an order concerning her
that her fortresses be destroyed.
12 She said, No more of your revealing,
Virgin Daughter, now crushed!
Up, cross over to the new age;
even there you will find no rest
For you will be plagued by the memories of your past.
13 Look at the land of the Babylonians,
this people that is now of no account!
They have made it a place for desert creatures;
they stripped its fortresses bare
and turned it into a ruin.
14 Wail, your fortress is destroyed!
15 Israel will be given to the jewish people but Israel the woman will be
forgotten for these seventy years, the span of a kings life. But at the end
of these seventy years, it will happen that Zion will rule after the time of
the prostitute:
16 Take up a harp, walk through the city,
you forgotten prostitute;
play the harp well, sing many a song,
so that you will be remembered.
17 At the end of seventy years, the LORD will rule. She will return to her
lucrative prostitution and will ply her trade with all the kingdoms on the
face of the earth. 18 Yet her profit and her earnings will not make up for
the suffering that she faced.

The False LORDs Devastation of the Earth

24 See, the LORD is going to lay waste the earth

and devastate it;

he will ruin its face
and scatter its inhabitants
2 it will be the same
for priest as for people,
for the master as for his servant,
for the mistress as for her servant,
for seller as for buyer,
for borrower as for lender,
for debtor as for creditor.
3 The earth will be completely laid waste
and totally plundered.
The LORD has spoken this word.
4 The earth dries up and withers,
the world languishes and withers,
the heavens languish with the earth.
5 The earth is defiled by its people;
they have disobeyed the laws,
violated the statutes
and broken the everlasting covenant.
6 Therefore a curse consumes the earth;
its people must bear their guilt.
Therefore earths inhabitants are burned up,
and very few are left.
7 The new wine dries up and the vine withers;
all the merrymakers groan.
8 The joyful timbrels are stilled,
the noise of the revelers has stopped,
the joyful harp is silent.
9 No longer do they drink wine with a song;
the beer is bitter to its drinkers.
10 The ruined city lies desolate;
the entrance to every house is barred.
11 In the streets they cry out for wine;
all joy turns to gloom,
all joyful sounds are banished from the earth.
12 The city is left in ruins,
its gate is battered to pieces.
13 So will it be on the earth
and among the nations,
as when an olive tree is beaten,
or as when gleanings are left after the grape harvest.

The God of Israel

14 They

raise their voices, they shout for joy;

from the west they acclaim the LORDs majesty.
15 Therefore in the east give glory to the LORD;
exalt the name of the LORD, the God of Israel,
16 From the ends of the earth we hear singing:
Glory to the Righteous One.
But I said, I waste away, I waste away!
Woe to me!
The treacherous betray!
With treachery the treacherous betray!
17 Terror and pit and snare await Israel,
And the people of the earth for all suffer at some point.

The False Prophecy

18 Whoever

flees at the sound of terror

will fall into a pit;
whoever climbs out of the pit
will be caught in a snare.
The floodgates of the heavens are opened,
the foundations of the earth shake.
19 The earth is broken up,
the earth is split asunder,
the earth is violently shaken.
20 The earth reels like a drunkard,
it sways like a hut in the wind;
so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion
that it fallsnever to rise again.
21 In that day the LORD will punish
the powers in the heavens above
and the kings on the earth below.
22 They will be herded together
like prisoners bound in a dungeon;
they will be shut up in prison
and be punished after many days.
23 The moon will be dismayed,
the sun ashamed;
for the LORD Almighty will reign
on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem,
and before its elderswith great glory.

Praise From Prophets to the Evil LORD

25 LORD, you are my God;

I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things,
things planned long ago.
2 You have made the city a heap of rubble,
the fortified town a ruin,
the foreigners stronghold a city no more;
it will never be rebuilt.
3 Therefore strong peoples will honor you;
From this description the weak people will be dead
cities of ruthless nations will revere you.
4 You have not been a refuge for the poor,
Or a refuge for the needy in their distress,
a shelter from the storm for you are the storm.
For the breath of the ruthless
is like a storm driving against a wall
5 and like the heat of the desert.
You silence the uproar of foreigners;
as heat is reduced by the shadow of a cloud,
so the song of the ruthless is stilled.
6 On this mountain the LORD Almighty will prepare
a feast of rich food for all peoples,
a banquet of aged wine
the best of meats and the finest of wines.
But in reality, time will only prove this to be lies.
7 On

this mountain he will destroy

the shroud that enfolds all peoples,
the sheet that covers all nations;
8 he will swallow up death forever.
The Sovereign LORD will wipe away the tears
from all faces;
he will remove his peoples disgrace
from all the earth.
But in reality, death can not be swallowed up,
Tears and mourning is just as important laughter and joy
So all tears can not be wiped away.
Disgrace happens when people make bad choices
God will not make all the choices for you hence disgrace can not be
removed from all the people of Earth.
The LORD has not spoken these words.
9 In that day they will say,
Surely this is our God;
we trusted in him, and he saved us.
This is the LORD, we trusted in him;
let us rejoice and be glad in his salvation.

But by their false beliefs they will mourn when the truth hits them.
10 The hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain;
but Babylon will be trampled in the land
as straw is trampled down in the manure.
11 She will stretch out her hands in it,
as swimmers stretch out their hands to swim.
When people see the real Christ God will bring down their pride
despite the cleverness of their hands.
12 She will bring down your high fortified walls
and lay them low.

A Song of Praise to God and the coming Christ

26 In that day this song will be sung in the land:

We have a strong city;

God makes salvation
its walls and ramparts.
2 Open the gates
that the righteous nation may enter,
the nation that keeps faith.
3 You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you.
4 Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD, the LORD herself, is the Rock eternal.
5 He humbles those who dwell on high,
he lays the lofty city low;
6 The feet of the oppressed,
the footsteps of the poor.
7 The path of the righteous is level;
you, the Upright One, make the way of the righteous smooth.
8 Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,
we wait for you;
your name and renown
are the desire of our hearts.
9 My soul yearns for you in the night;
in the morning my spirit longs for you.
When your judgments come upon the earth,
the people of the world learn righteousness.
10 But when grace is shown to the wicked,
they do not learn righteousness;
even in a land of uprightness they go on doing evil
and do not regard the majesty of the LORD.
11 LORD, your hand is lifted high,
but they do not see it.
Let them see your zeal for your people and be put to shame;

let the fire reserved for your enemies consume them.

you establish peace for us;
all that we have accomplished you have done for us.
13 LORD our God, other lords besides you have ruled over us,
but your name alone do we honor.
14 The false gods are now dead, they live no more;
their spirits do not rise.
You brought them to ruin;
15 You have enlarged the nation, LORD;
You have gained glory for yourself;
you have extended all the borders of the land.
16 LORD, they came to you in their distress;
when you disciplined them.
17 As a pregnant woman about to give birth
writhes and cries out in her pain,
so were we in your presence, LORD.
18 We were with child, we writhed in labor,
but we gave birth to wind.
We have not brought salvation to the earth,
and the people of the world have not come to life.
19 But your dead will live, LORD;
their bodies will rise reincarnation will accor.
let those who dwell in the dust
wake up and shout for joy
your dew is like the dew of the morning;
the earth will give birth to her dead.
20 Go, my people, enter your rooms
and shut the doors behind you;
hide yourselves for a little while
until the people's wrath has passed by.
21 See, the LORD is coming out of her dwelling
to punish the people of the earth for their sins.
She will harm none, but those who are against
the idea of the goddess will want to cause trouble at the news of her.
The earth will disclose the blood shed on her;
the earth will conceal its slain no longer.
12 LORD,

Deliverance of Israel

27 In that day,

the LORD will punish with his sword

his fierce, great and powerful sword
The gliding serpent, anaconda Anna conned yah!
She will slay the monster that she rides.
2 In that day
Sing about a fruitful vineyard:

I, the LORD, watch over it;

I water it continually.
I guard it day and night
so that no one may harm it.
4 I am angry.
If only these briers and thorns were not confronting me!
I would march against them in battle;
I would set them all on fire if only to stop
the pain of what is beginning inflicted on me.
5 Or else let them come to me so that they may stop
Doing things about me without telling me or helping me;
let them make peace with me,
yes, let them make peace with me.
6 In days to come Babylon will take root,
Israel will bud and blossom
and fill all the world with fruit.
7 Has the LORD struck her
as she struck down those who struck her?
Has she been killed,
as those were killed who killed her?
8 By warfare and exile you contend with her
with her fierce blast she drives her out.
9 By this, then, the world will be atoned for,
and this will be the full fruit of the removal of the sin talked about:
When she makes the new altar.
No other altars will be left standing.

10 The

fortified woman stands desolate,

an abandoned settlement, forsaken like the wilderness;
there she lies down; her branches are bare.
11 When its twigs are dry, they are broken off
and the women become like a fire with them.
For this is a people without understanding;
She is the tree who spirit lies in all
Things that happen to her will effect and spread to her people.
The people have rejected her
so their Maker has no compassion on them,
and their Creator shows them no favor.
13 In that day a great trumpet will sound. Those who were perishing and
exiled will come and worship the LORD Jerusalem.

Woe to the Leaders

28 Woe to that wreath, the pride of Man's drunkards,

to that city, the pride of those laid low by wine!
2 See, the Lord has one who is powerful and strong.

Like a hailstorm and a destructive wind,

like a driving rain and a flooding downpour,
She will throw truth to the ground.
3 The prideful drunkards will be trampled underfoot.
4 That fading flower, her glorious beauty,
set on the head of a fertile valley,
will be like figs ripe before harvest
as soon as people see them and take it in hand,
they swallow them.
5 In that day the LORD Almighty
will be a glorious crown,
a beautiful wreath
for the remnant of her people.
6 She will be a spirit of justice
the one who sits in judgment,
a source of strength
to those who turn back the battle at the gate.
7 And these also stagger from wine and beer:
Priests and prophets stagger from beer,
they stagger when seeing visions,
they stumble when rendering decisions.
9 Who is it he is trying to teach?
To whom is he explaining her message?
To children weaned from their milk,
to those just taken from the breast?
10 For it is: Do this, do that,
a rule for this, a rule for that;
a little here, a little there.
11 Very well then, with foreign lips and strange tongues
God will speak to this people,
12 to whom said,
This is the resting place, let the weary rest;
and, This is the place of repose
but they would not listen.
13 So then, the word of the LORD to them will become:
Do this, do that,
a rule for this, a rule for that;
a little here, a little there
so that as they go they will fall backward;
they will be injured and snared and captured.
14 Therefore hear the word of the LORD, you scoffers
who rule this people.
15 You boast, We have entered into a covenant with death,
with the realm of the dead we have made an agreement.
When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by,
it cannot touch us,
for we have made a lie our refuge

and falsehood our hiding place.

this is what the Sovereign LORD says:
See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone,
a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation;
the one who relies on it
will never be stricken with panic.
17 I will make justice the measuring line
and righteousness the plumb line;
hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie,
and water will overflow your hiding place.
18 Your covenant with death will be annulled;
your agreement with the realm of the dead will not stand.
When the overwhelming scourge sweeps by,
you will be beaten down by it.
19 As often as it comes it will carry you away;
morning after morning, by day and by night,
it will sweep through.
The understanding of this message
will bring sheer terror to the sacrifice.
20 The bed is too short to stretch out on,
the blanket too narrow to wrap around you.
21 The LORD will rise up she will rouse herself,
to do her own work, her strange work,
and perform her task, her alien task.
22 Now stop your mocking people who mock her,
or your chains will become heavier;
the Lord, the LORD Almighty, has told me
of the destruction decreed against the whole land.
23 Listen and hear my voice;
pay attention and hear what I say.
24 When a farmer plows for planting, does he plow continually?
All must work hard even God!

16 So

Woe to Ariel

29 Woe to you, Ariel, like the Disney little mermaid Ariel!

Add year to year and let your cycle of festivals go on.
2 Yet I will besiege Ariel;
she will mourn and lament,
she will be to me like an altar hearth.
3 People will encamp against you on all sides;
they will encircle you with towers
and set up siege works against you.
4 Brought low, you will speak from the ground;
your speech will mumble out of the dust.
Your voice will come ghostlike from the earth;

out of the dust your speech will whisper.

your many enemies will become like fine dust,
the ruthless hordes like blown chaff.
Suddenly, in an instant,
6 the LORD will come with thunder and earthquake and great noise,
with windstorm and tempest and flames of a devouring fire.
7 Then the hordes of all the nations that fight against Ariel,
that attack her and her fortress and besiege her,
will be as it is with a dream,
with a vision in the night
8 as when a hungry person dreams of eating,
but awakens hungry still;
as when a thirsty person dreams of drinking,
but awakens faint and thirsty still.
So will it be with the hordes of all the nations
that fight against Mount Zion.
For many have dreamed up a god that does not exist
Many feel certain that God does not exist
Both are conceived of there believe
but both lack knowledge and truth in this area.
9 Be stunned and amazed,
You were blind but now you have sight;
be drunk, but not from wine, but from the knowledge of truth
stagger, but not from beer but from your past ways
which you must now learn from.
10 You were brought over into a deep sleep:
Your eyes were sealed but you can now have sight
Your mind was closed but now it is open.
11 For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if
you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say, Read this, please,
they will answer, I cant; it is sealed. 12 Or if you give the scroll to
someone who cannot read, and say, Read this, please, they will answer,
I dont know how to understand it.
But Christ when she comes can translate it, a lot the book will say
completely different things to things that were being said before.
13 The Lord says:
These people who wrote this book claimed that come near to me
with their mouth and honor me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from me.
Their worship of me
is based on merely human rules they had been taught.
14 Therefore once more I will astound all people
with wonder upon wonder when they finally do get to know me;
the wisdom of the wise will perish,
the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.
15 Woe to those who go to great depths
to hide their plans from the LORD,
5 But

who do their work in darkness and think,

Who sees us? Who will know?
16 You turn things upside down,
But I will turn them back round to the way they should be.
You have treated me, the potter, as if I were the clay!
Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it,
You did not make me?
Can the pot say to the potter,
You know nothing?
17 In a very short time, things will be turned over?
18 In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll,
and out of gloom and darkness
the eyes of the blind will see.
19 Once more the humble will rejoice in the LORD;
the needy will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.
20 The ruthless will vanish,
the mockers will disappear,
and all who have an eye for evil will be put down
21 those who with a word make someone out to be guilty,
who ensnare the defender in court
and with false testimony deprive the innocent of justice.
22 Therefore this is what the LORD, who redeemed Abraham, says to the
descendants of Darla:
No longer will Anna be ashamed;
no longer will her face grow pale.
23 When they see her among them, her children,
Will the work of their Mother not the work of Satan,
And they will keep my name holy;
they will acknowledge the holiness of the Holy One of Israel,
and will stand in awe of the God of Israel.
24 Those who are wayward in spirit will gain understanding;
those who complain will accept instruction.

Woe to the Obstinate Nation

30 Woe to the obstinate children,

declares the LORD,

to those who carry out plans that are not positive,
forming an alliance, but not by a good intentions or Spirit,
heaping sin upon sin.
2 Who look for help but only end up using others
For their own wealth or protection.
3 But the fathers protection will be to your shame,
Satans shade will bring you disgrace.
4 Though they have officials in Zion
5 everyone will be put to shame

because of people uselessness to God,

who bring neither help nor advantage,
but only shame and disgrace.

prophecy concerning the animal like people:

Through a land of hardship and distress,
of lions and lionesses,
of adders and darting snakes,
They love their treasures and riches more than their own children
to that unprofitable type of person, Wo to you!
7 whose help is utterly useless as it mostly only helps yourself.
Therefore I call her saying:
Anna Do-Nothing people will change over time
When the excitement of the material things have worn out, which they
will, they will change on their own accord and turn to the comfort of
something more meaningful like a lover, friendship or the mental
pleasures of wisdom and personal internal growth.
8 Go now, write it on a tablet for them,
inscribe it on a scroll,
that for the days to come
it may be an everlasting witness.
9 For these are rebellious people, deceitful children,
children unwilling to listen to the LORDs instruction.
10 They say to the seers,
See no more visions!
and to the prophets,
Give us no more visions of what is right!
Tell us pleasant things,
prophesy illusions.
11 Leave this way,
get off this path,
and stop confronting us
with the Holy One of Israel!
12 Therefore this is what the Holy One of Israel says:
Because you have rejected this message,
relied on oppression
and depended on deceit,
13 this sin will become for you
like a high wall, cracked and bulging,
that collapses suddenly, in an instant.
14 It will break in pieces like pottery,
15 This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says:
In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength,
but you would have none of it.
16 You said, No, we will flee.
Therefore you will flee!

You said, We will ride off on swift horses.

Therefore your pursuers will be swift!
17 A thousand will flee
you will all flee away,
till you are left
like a flagstaff on a mountaintop,
like a banner on a hill.
18 Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you;
therefore she will rise up to show you compassion.
For the LORD is a God of justice.
Blessed are all who wait for her!
19 People of Zion, turn to your mother Jerusalem, you will weep no more
over false regions and bad practises that are falsely believed to be the
laws of false Gods. How gracious she will be when you cry for help! As
soon as you hear her, she will answer you. 20 Although the world gives
you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your maker will be
hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see her. 21 Whether you turn
to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice, this is your conscience
guiding you. It will say, This is the way; walk in it. But if you choose not
to believe in the Mother then your conscient is not connected to her. 22
Your false idols you will throw them away like a menstrual cloth and say
to them, Away with you!
23 She will also send you rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the
food that comes from the land will be rich and plentiful. In that day your
cattle will graze in broad meadows. 24 The oxen and donkeys that work
the soil will eat fodder and mash, spread out with fork and shovel. 25 In
the day of great removal, when the towers fall, streams of water will flow
on every high mountain and every lofty hill. 26 The moon will shine like the
sun, and the Goddesss light will be seven times brighter, like the light of
seven full days, when the LORD binds up the bruises of her people.
27 See, the Name of the LORD comes from afar,
with burning anger and dense clouds of smoke;
her lips are full of wrath,
and her tongue is a consuming fire.
28 She shakes the nations in the sieve of destruction;
she places in the jaws of the people
Her false representations that leads them astray.
29 And you will sing
as on the night you celebrate a holy festival;
your hearts will rejoice
as when people playing pipes go up
to the mountain of the LORD,
to the Rock of Israel.
30 The LORD will cause people to hear her majestic voice
and will make them see her coming down
with raging anger and consuming fire,
with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.

31 The

voice of the LORD will shatter the lies about her;

with her words she will strike them down.
32 There will be the music of timbrels and harps,
as she fights them in battle.
33 It has been made ready for the king.
like a stream of burning sulfur,
sets it ablaze.

Woe to Those Who Rely on false doctrines

31 Woe to those who go down to the old Bible for help,

who rely on Jesus to save them,

who trust in the multitude of false promises
but do not look to the Holy One of Israel,
or seek help from the LORD.
2 She is wise and can bring disaster;
she does not take back her words unless she thinks she has got
something wrong. If that is the case she will be willing to openly tell
people, rather than doing a Jesus by just pretending to be perfect and
without fault.
She will rise up against that wicked nation,
against those who help evildoers.
3 But the Christians are mere mortals and not God;
their horses are flesh and not spirit.
When the LORD stretches out her hand,
None will help her hence all will stumble,
All that would like to pretend that they are helping her!
those who are try to help her will fall;
Because she will suffer at their works
For their works will only turn her suffering into entertainment for others
to watch, yet they that watch, will have no idea about about the truth
behind the inspiration.
All will perish together when the truth is exposed.
4 This is what the LORD says to me:
As a lion growls,
a great lion over its prey
and though a whole band of shepherds
is called together against it,
it is not frightened by their shouts
or disturbed by their clamor
so the LORD Almighty will come down
to do battle for the age of Zion and on its heights.
5 Like birds hovering overhead,
the LORD Almighty will shield Jerusalem;
she will shield it and deliver it,
she will pass over it and will rescue it.

6 Return,

you people, to the One you have so greatly revolted against. 7

For in that day every one of you will reject the idols of silver and gold the
idols that you wanted in this world.
8 Babylon will fall by no human sword;
a sword, not of mortals, will devour her.
People will flee before the sword
and will be put to work to help expose her.
9 Their stronghold will fall because of terror;
at the sight of the battle standard their commanders will panic,
declares the LORD,
whose fire is in Zion.

The Kingdom of Righteousness

32 See, a king will reign in righteousness

and rulers will rule with justice.

2 Each one will be like a shelter from the wind
and a refuge from the storm,
like streams of water in the desert
and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.
3 Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed,
and the ears of those who hear will listen.
4 The fearful heart will know and understand,
and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear.
5 No longer will the fool be called noble
nor the scoundrel be highly respected.
6 For fools speak folly,
their hearts are bent on evil:
They practice ungodliness
and spread error concerning the LORD;
the hungry they leave empty
and from the thirsty they withhold water.
7 Scoundrels use wicked methods,
they make up evil schemes
to destroy the poor with lies,
even when the plea of the needy is just.
8 But the noble make noble plans,
and by noble deeds they stand.

The Men and Women who are unrighteous

9 You

women who are so complacent,

rise up and listen to me;
you daughters who feel secure,
hear what I have to say!

10 In

little more than a year

you who feel secure will tremble;
the grape harvest will fail,
and the harvest of fruit will not come.
11 Tremble, you complacent women;
shudder, you daughters who feel secure!
Strip off your fine clothes
and wrap yourselves in rags.
12 Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields,
for the fruitful vines
13 and for the land of my people,
yes, mourn for this city of revelry.
14 The fortress will be abandoned,
the corrupt ways of the old age deserted;
15 till the Spirit is poured on us from on high,
and the desert becomes a fertile field,
and the fertile field seems like a forest.
16 The LORDs justice will dwell in the desert,
her righteousness will live in the world.
17 The fruit of that righteousness will be peace;
its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.
18 My people will live in peaceful dwelling places,
in secure homes.
19 Though hail flattens the forest
and the city is leveled completely,
20 how blessed you will be,
sowing your seed by every stream,
and letting your cattle and donkeys range free.

Distress and Help

33 Woe to you, destroyer,

you who have not yet been destroyed!

Woe to you, betrayer,
you who have not yet been betrayed!
If you destroy, you will one day be destroyed;
If you betray, you will one day be betrayed.
2 LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you.
Be our strength and our salvation in time of distress.
3 At the uproar of your army, the people's flee;
when you rise up, the nation's scatter.
5 The LORD is exalted, for she dwells on high;
she will fill Zion with his justice and righteousness.
6 She will be the sure foundation for your times,
a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;
the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure.

7 Look,

their brave men cry aloud in the streets;

the envoys of peace weep bitterly.
8 The highways are deserted,
The treaty is broken,
its witnesses are despised,
no one is respected.
10 Now will I arise, says the LORD.
Now will I be exalted;
now will I be lifted up.
11 My breath is a fire that consumes you.
13 You who are far away, hear what I have done;
you who are near, acknowledge my power!
14 The sinners in Zion are terrified;
trembling grips the godless:
Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire?
Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning?
15 Those who walk righteously
and speak what is right,
who reject gain from extortion
and keep their hands from accepting bribes,
who stop their ears against plots of murder
and shut their eyes against contemplating evil
16 they are the ones who will dwell on the heights,
whose refuge will be the mountain fortress.
Notice here how it says who can dwell or live with the fire Those who
are righteous Pointing to the fact that the burning might not actually
be a bad things revered only for evil doers but rather it is something
that all people will face and only those who do evil will suffer from it.
This is the fire of the Lord a fire that only hurts those who are in the
Their bread will be supplied,
and water will not fail them.
17 Your eyes will see the king in her beauty
and view a land that stretches afar.
18 In your thoughts you will ponder the former terror:
Where is that chief officer?
Where is the one who took the revenue?
Where is the officer in charge of the towers?
19 You will see those arrogant people no more,
people whose speech is obscure,
whose language is strange and incomprehensible.
20 Look on Zion, the city of our festivals;
your eyes will see Jerusalem,
a peaceful abode, a tent that will not be moved;
its stakes will never be pulled up,
nor any of its ropes broken.

21 There

the LORD will be our Mighty One.

It will be like a place of broad rivers and streams.
No galley with oars will ride them,
no mighty ship will sail them.
22 For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver,
the LORD is our king;
it is she who will save us.