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Last Name First Name Team Pos Starter Year Comments

Burke Trey All Ohio Red 1 A10? 2011 Committed to PSU, talented scorer, good speed and athletic ability, attitude?
Taylor Stevie All Ohio Red 1 A10 2011 Smart and skilled PG, steps up in big games, great attitude, needs to mature physically.
Norrills Cheatum All Ohio Red 1 MAC 2011 Explosive strength and speed, decent passer, good FT shooter, plays football.
Jackson Treavon All Ohio Red 2 MAC 2011 Lefty, strong, stocky, good passer, good bball IQ.
Purvis Rodney CP3 All Stars 2/3 ACC 2013 Talented athlete, skilled, aggressive, can shoot from 3.
Hairston PJ CP3 All Stars 3 ACC? 2011 Committed to UNC, talented, strong, good shooter, volume guy, plays sufficiently hard.
Wells Dezmine CP3 All Stars 2 ACC 2011 Committed to XU, poor man’s David Hawkins, strong, decent skill.
Wilson Chris CP3 All Stars 1 CAA 2011 Takes care of the ball, ok defensively, can make a shot, good size and strength.
Lawson Jacob CP3 All Stars 4 A10 2011 World class athlete, unskilled Shawn Marion, needs to learn what his game is.
Daniels Bishop CP3 All Stars 2/1 ACC 2011 More athletic Drew Nicholas, needs to improve shot, explosive jumper and scorer.
Hairston Jerome EC Fusion-Le 1 CAA 2012 Fast, good passer, nice shot, team struggled when he was not in the game.
Anderson Cameron EC Fusion-Le 4 BigSth 2011 Undersized (6’6”?), plays hard, good around the basket
Washington Andre EC Fusion-Le 5/4 CAA 2011 Long, thin, athletic, looks very young, decent shot, nice tip dunk and block.
Nunez Angel Gauchos 3 BEast 2011 Athletic, skilled, long, high-arching shot, very good.
Stokes Shaquille Gauchos 1 CAA 2011 Streaky shooter, when hot can make anything, small, decent handle, attitude?
Avila Edson New Heights 5/4 A10 2011 Long, athletic, very active, good energy player with a chance to improve.
Thompson Daniel New Heights 2/1 NEC 2011 Good passer, bball IQ, decent skill, not athletic, looked like had a hurt knee.
Barnett Marquis New Heights 4 N/A 2011 Undersized (6’4”), active inside.
Mack Miles Playaz NJ 1 A10 2011 Skilled, smart, scoring pg, decent athlete, very good.
Anderson Kyle Playaz NJ 3 BEast 2012 Smooth, athletic, can shoot.
Gray Vaughn Playaz NJ 2 A10 2011 Good size, skilled, good FT shooter.
Hubert Desmond Playaz NJ 4/5 BEast 2011 Very good, long, athletic, played great, blocked shots and finished everything.
Randall Derrick Playaz NJ 4 BEast 2011 Lefty, very good, great athlete, strong.
Davis Myles Playaz NJ 2 A10 2011 Just knows how to play, skilled, strong.
Trice Travis SYF Players 1 A10 2011 Smart, skilled, makes big shots, average athlete, needs to get stronger.
Bielfeld Max SYF Players 4 MAC 2011 Thick white kid, good 3 point shooter, banger.
Davisson Ben SYF Players 5 Horiz 2011 Thick, white, banger.
Freeman Akeem SYF Players 2 MAC 2011 Good athlete, decent skill, caught great alley oops and nothing else.
McGary Mitch SYF Players 4 A10 2011 Lefty, decent white athlete, decent skill, Dayton type player.
Jones Jeremiah SYF Players 2 Big10 2011 Very good player, good shooter, skilled, good athlete.
Dawson Brandon SYF Players 2/3 Big10 2011 Great athlete, good FT shooter, good finisher, Ohio State?
Smoot Jared SYF Players 5 Big10 2011 Big, thick, long arms, decent athlete, no feel, can he learn, is he a hard worker?
Shelby Shavlik Team Loaded 2/3 BigSth 2011 Athletic, thin, explosive, need to see again.
Green Kevin Team Loaded 1 N/A 2011 Decent handle, speed, good passer.
Abif Kazembe Team NJABC 4 CAA 2011 Face up 4, not bad, doesn’t finish around basket.
Lewis El Khalid Team NJABC 2 N/A 2011 Good player, can’t shoot.