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Why Trump Is Good For America

Russell M. Hartley
It has nothing to do with the issues. It has nothing to do with the direction of
our country per se, but hear me out. I do believe that in the long run, a Donald
Trump candidacy could be great for America. It could actually be exactly what
America needs. Now let me be clear that I am talking specifically about a Donald
Trump candidacy and not at all about a Trump presidency. No, that would be
Now Ive heard a lot of conspiracy theories during this campaign about what
Trump is really up to. Ive heard people say that they believe hes only running to
promote his own brand for future promotional reasons, and isnt necessarily
intending to win the election. Ive heard people say that they think hes only rallying
votes so that he can take a deal from another Republican elect or even from Clinton
if the situation gets too dire, but heres what I might actually believe the most
whether or not Trump is running a mock campaign or not, he will in fact induce a
stigma so harsh on the GOP that they will never win another presidential election
Thats a yuge claim. I know. But lets look at some trends first. The country
has increasingly been moving to the left even since the first Bush was elected
president. Starting with Clinton, the majority of the country has voted for
Democratic candidates ever since. I know that George W. Bush won the Presidency
via the Electoral College, but as we know, he did lose the popular vote to Gore and
incumbency is inevitable unless you are involved in a scandal. Right now slightly
more Americans identify more as Democrats (gallup), and the trend seems to be
pushing more to the left as the years go by. So its not crazy to believe that the shift
will continue to lean to the left.
Donald Trump has historically been a pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro single
payer healthcare system advocate and has financially backed liberal elected
officials such as Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. I dont believe that he is the things
he says he is. I do believe that he knows what to say in order to rally conservative
voters and spark controversy that in turn, gets the medias attention. All of that has
been pretty obvious. The striking difference between Conservatives and Democrats
is that Conservatives tend to vote with their emotions more. Now you can disagree
with that if youd like; its just based off my personal experience and observations
through argumentation with right wing supporters. But we see Trump capitalizing on
it. He appeals to fear, he appeals to hate, he appeals to anger. And that is why he is
the most appealing to Conservative voters. He does it better than Cruz or Rubio
ever have and thats why they cannot and will not ever catch him in the polls. The
very basis of the way many American voters (particularly conservatives) cast their

ballots stems from their deeply rooted emotions, not their rational or anything that
is seen to be the most logical.
But we have to understand that while Donald Trump is creating a lot of noise
and tends to keep gaining votes and momentum, he is doing so with an
overwhelming amount of Conservatives. He doesnt have the crossover appeal that
a Republican candidate must have to win the general election. Thats why most
polls have Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton beating him nationally. For Trump to
win the presidency, he must not only win over the Conservatives, but also the
independent voters (who roughly make up 37% of the pop) and possibly some
liberals as well. I dont see that happening.
But back to my original claim. You see, the reason why so many people
disavow everything that Hitler stood for was because of the Holocaust. Because
Hitler was the authority behind a massive genocide is the reason why there is
stigma attached to every quote he has ever said. Every belief that Hitler has ever
expressed is tarnished due to the extremity of his actions and now everything that
is associated with him is synonymous with hate and oppression. That is what I
believe will happen with Trump and the Republican party. Although I dont think it
will go to the extreme of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, I do believe that people will
start to associate everything that Donald Trump stands for with the GOP as a whole.
I honestly believe that Trump is the epitome of the Republican party. I dont
prescribe to the claim that Trump is just saying what everyone else is thinking, but
I do believe that he is expressing what most Republicans are thinking. Republicans
have historically been on the wrong side of history when it comes to supporting
diversity and equality among minorities, and Trumps statements about Muslims,
Hispanics, and women convey that very same sentiment.
Once Trump loses the general election, and the people (especially those who
voted for him) start to become emotionally detached from his persona, the general
population of America will see right through the GOP and see them for what they
really are: oppressive, stubborn, and fear mongering politicians who promote the
very worst characteristics of modern day humanity. And that is what will happen. It
wont happen instantly, but overtime reason will prevail and I believe the Trump
candidacy will allow people to see just how potentially detrimental it can be to vote
primarily from your inner fears and aggression. The agenda of the GOP that has
been hidden under layers and layers of political correctness will be exposed and the
fundamental beliefs of the party will be revealed for what they truly are: regressive.
If the Conservative Party ever wants to win another Presidential election, they
will have to completely reshape/rebrand their party and align it with a more liberal
agenda. Only moderate Republicans can become President now, and therefore the
survival of conservative principles relies strictly upon a more liberal appeal. The Tea
Party was the worst thing to ever happen to the GOP until Trump, and those factors
combined may be enough to keep the Republicans out of the White House for good.

My prediction is that a new party must be formed for any conservative values to
make it into Washington D.C. The stain put on the GOP will simply be too significant
to overcome. As long as there are conservatives with authority and influence that
keep pushing the GOP so tremendously far to the right, there will not exist a
candidate that can defeat a Democrat in the Presidential race.
Maybe Im just optimistic and maybe Im just trying to see the light in what
seems to be a very dark time in politics, but I truly believe that reason does win out
over emotion as time goes on, and that this political experiment may give America
the awakening it needs to start thinking with its heart as opposed to its fists. All we
need is time, and with time comes clarity.