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B COL EXPRESS The Internal Publication of PPA, Region V

September to December, 2009 Featuring PPA VAnnual Accomplishment Report

Administrator Ismael Herradura’s Arrival at the Pili Airport. With him in this
photo are RD Allan Alcala, SA/CPPO Mario Midel and CPPO Amy Sarmiento.
Sir Herradura , delivering his Christmas Message to PPA V Personnel.


Administrator Ismael J. Herradura was the Most Punctual Office in the Submission of Reports;
Guest of Honor during the General Assembly and Legazpi City PPO, Best VPA Program; Iriga City
Christmas Party of the Parole and Probation PPO, Best Restorative Justice Practices; Camarines
Administration Employees Association in Bicol Norte PPO, Best TC Program; Legazpi City PPO,
(PPAEAB) which was held on December 17, 2009 at Best Non-Livelihood Project; Albay PPO, Best
the La Piazza Hall, Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City. Livelihood Project; and Legazpi City PPO, Most
The affair which started in the afternoon was Resourceful Office. Special Awards were given to AA
composed of three parts. First was Ating Alamin IV Jesusa Mendoza as Best Regional Office
with a series of Updates on Administrative Employee; AA IV Marsal Rodriguez being the
Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment Cases Regional IT Officer; Accountant 1 Nenita Mendoza
discussed by CPPOs Amy Sarmiento and Mario being the Regional Account; and CPPO Mario Midel
Midel, Gender and Development discussed by RD and PPO 2 Estrella Anacin as the Most Promising
Allan Alcala and Acct. 1 Nenita Mendoza, and Male and Female Employees of the Night. The
Juvenile Justice Welfare discussed by Sr PPO committee likewise recognized the efforts of RD Allan
Enrique Vela. The highlight of the afternoon’s Alcala for having led and managed PPA Region V in
activities was the Hour with Administrator Ismael the best way that he could by giving him the We
Herradura. Queries related to various personnel Couldn’t Have Done It Without You Award. The last
concerns were answered comprehensively and award given was for the Honorable Administrator
clearly by the good Administrator. Herradura for his gracious presence in the said
The second part was the 2009 Galing activity and for sharing his inspiring messages to
Awards which was the crème of the night. The PPA Region V personnel, the Thank You for Your
awards given were based on the criteria formulated Presence Award.
by the Regional PRAISE and Awards Committee. The last part of the affair was the Magbunyi
The lucky awardees are: PPO 2 Ma. Eva Sta. Ana, at Magsaya, which was the time to celebrate, to
Officer with the Highest Investigation Caseload; have fun, to party and to enjoy. As what
CPPO Norma Miraballes, Officer with Highest Civil Administrator Herradura said, PPA Region V is
Liability Collected; AA IV Janet Pavia, Best Office indeed worthy of a celebration because PPA Region
Clerk; Naga City and Camarines Sur 1 PPOs, Offices V management and personnel maintain its strong,
with Highest Investigation Caseload; Albay PPO, healthy and effective working relationship.
Clerk; Naga City and Camarines Sur 1 PPOs, Offices V management and personnel maintain its strong,
with Highest Investigation Caseload; Albay PPO, healthy and effective working relationship.
2009 was a year of achievements and
recognition of efforts exerted. Deserving offices
and officers were named in the Galing Awards
held last December to give due acknowledgment
for the well-done performances they showed
making PPA Region V among the top ranking
regions of the agency.
This was a year that provided the
personnel with good health, endurance and
resilience in producing an outstanding public
service. Sports and recreation, gender and
development, and lakbay-aral activities were
part of the region’s programs in enhancing the
morale of its personnel which gave them a
positive and cheerful attitude towards
themselves, towards their co-workers, towards
others, and towards their clients. Every
personnel was given the chance to attend
seminars and trainings to strengthen human
resource development.
Like this dialogue from the movie Forrest This was a year of making a difference in
Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know the lives of clients. More useful and worthwhile
what you’re gonna get”, the year 2009 was a year rehabilitation programs and livelihood projects
replete with great opportunities for PPA Region V were introduced to the clients to be able to cater
personnel; opportunities which brought good results to their needs. Hand in hand, the personnel of
in their continuous pursuit for a more excellent public PPA Region V, together with the Volunteer
service. Probation Aides and other partner-individuals
This was a year of responding to the and organizations, are fully committed to making
agency’s call for a productive public service. The the clients feel as whole persons again.
implementation of the flagship programs of the Since the time that this region has been
agency has been intensified. The TC program led by Regional Director Allan B. Alcala, he was
continues to be imbibed by all the clients, the RJ able to establish an honest, open-minded, and
processes are best practiced by all the field offices, meticulous leadership which paved way to
and the Program on Volunteerism has extensively positive changes in the working attitudes of its
been accepted by the communities as manifested by personnel taking serious steps in performing
the positive responses of the volunteers. PPA their responsibilities. Thus, this was a year of
Region V has finally launched its Field Training unending friendships and appreciating the gift of
Laboratory having its base in Legazpi City Parole persons in each and everyone.
and Probation Office. 2010 is another year but PPA Region V
This was also a year of recognizing the will continue walking towards the road less
importance of retirement and saying thank you to the traveled because in them lie hearts of gold,
sheer efforts and services given by colleagues who modest amount of ambition, and willingness to
have left the portals of government service. Their bear heavy burdens for the good of its clients,
contributions for the good of the agency were given not to mention a strong sense of loyalty and
appreciation and a tribute was especially given for compassion towards public service.

3 The Director’s Voice 8-9 2009 Galing Awards, GA, Christmas Party, GAD etc.
Miscellany 10-12 Your Generosity Astounds, Thank You
4-5 Special Reports 13-15 2009 Caseload Report
6-10 NCCW Celebration Snapshots 16 Moments of Reflection
7 Stories of Hope
2 7 Stories of Hope
The hallmark of public service is the continuous provision
of our mandated services despite the odds and constraints
facing us.
We close 2009 with accomplishments worthy of
commendation as evidenced by the GALING AWARDS 2009 to
honor the men and women who performed outstandingly and
As we witnessed the bowing from government service of
some of our colleagues - which left us with more caseload per
person, and despite this dearth of personnel having no
replacements in sight owing to the pendency of the approval of the
proposed Rationalization Plan, you nonetheless pursued and
delivered vigorously our Vision and Mission.
I thus take this opportunity to thank all PPA Region V
employees, including the detailed personnel and the LGUs, as
well as our Volunteer Probation Aides who provided much
support and assistance to fulfill our goals.
As we face 2010, let us not relent in our commitment to
sustain the gains and explore more possibilities for the
sake of our clients.
Thank you all.
Regional Director

Congratulations to VPA Beatriz Toledo who is

now the newly designated Barangay Captain of
Penaranda, Legazpi City. She was appointed to office on Hurray! CPPO Mario Midel is back to
October 5, 2009 by the Honorable Noel E. Rosal, Masbate City and Province PPO as its new Chief
Mayor of Legazpi City. Probation and Parole Officer. The staff of the said
VPA Toledo who garnered the highest vote as offices are happy and thankful that after so many
Barangay Councilor succeeded Barangay Captain years they now have a CPPO.
Maria Susan Almogera who died last September 29, The editorial staff wish to thank everyone in PPA Region V for
2009. contributing in the publication of the Bicol Express.
Please continue supporting our Newsletter.
Please continue supporting our Newsletter.
Mabalos saindo gabos! 33
1 The FTL Team of PPA Region V in coordination with
the Regional Training Committee conducted the 2nd VPA
Basic Training for VPAs and a Seminar on Enhancing Life
Skills in Drug Abuse and Prevention on November 23, 2009
at the People’s Hall, Albay Provincial Capitol, Legazpi City.
Eleven field offices positively responded to the
2 invitation sent by the FTL Team and 69 participants came to
represent the following offices: Naga City PPO, Iriga City
PPO, Camarines Sur PPOs No. 1 and 2, Camarines Norte
PPO, Legazpi City PPO, Albay PPO, Ligao City PPO,
Tabaco City PPO and Sorsogon City and Province PPOs.
The facilitators were composed of Regional Director
Allan Alcala; members of the FTL Team namely, CPPO
3 Norma Miraballes, CPPO Edna Osiana, CPPO Luvisminda
Codia, SPPO Faustino Boaquina, SPPO Bernardino
Matamorosa, and PPO II Marilou Velarde. Likewise, there
were selected VPAs assigned to discuss topics. They are:
VPAs Allan Santillan, Tess Casaul, Jam Baluyo, Merle
Estrada and Apin Porciuncula.
The topics discussed in the VPA Basic Training are
Criminal Justice System, Mission and Vision of PPA,
History of the Probation and Salient Features of PD 968, as
amended and Indeterminate Sentence Law, Parole and
Executive Clemency, Volunteerism, Restorative Justice,
Communication Skills, Community Resource Development
and Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public
5 Officials.
In the Enhancing Life Skills in Drug Abuse and
Prevention the following are the topics: Elements of an
Effective Group Member Roles, Managing Problem
Behavior, Decision Making, Models of Assertion, Time
Management and Self-Esteem.
This one-day training seminar was generously
6 funded by the Provincial Government of Albay thru the able
leadership of Governor Joey Salceda. The transportation
expenses of the participants were shouldered by the
Regional Office.
In the same affair, VPA Amado Oliva Jr. of Iriga City
PPO was likewise awarded a Plaque of Recognition for
1. The Secretariat Committee, Bing being conferred as the Most Outstanding Volunteer
and VPA Allan; 2. The able facilitators, Probation Aide of PPA Region V. The plaque was given by
Bernard, Jing, Edna, Malou and Nor. 3.
RD Allan Alcala delivering his message to
Regional Director Allan B. Alcala.
the participants. 4. Awarding of Plaque of The training aimed to impart knowledge on the basic
Recognition to VPA Oliva, RD Alcala is functions of the volunteers and on the basic life skills that
assisted by VPA Regional Coordinator
Jing Codia and CPPO Sarmiento; 5 and 6. will enable them to deal effectively with the demands,
The participants are doing unfreezing challenges, experiences and situations of everyday life.
activities to energize them.
activities to energize them.
The Dangerous Drugs Board conducted an
Orientation Seminar for its Authorized Representatives 1. The newly designated DDB Authorized
from the Parole and Probation Administration on Representatives of PPA Region V: Emma
November 25 - 27, 2009 at Crown Royale Hotel, Valenciano, Arvie Rayos, Mercedes de los Santos,
Balanga, Bataan. Mario Midel, Edna Osiana and Amy Helconida
The participants to the said seminar are Sarmiento. 2. Emz Valenciano, participating in the
composed of PPA employees coming from the regions Hep..Hep..Hurray Game during the Socials. 3 and
in the Luzon Area. In Region V, the participants are 4. Region V participants doing their regional
CPPOs Mercedes de los Santos, Emma Valenciano, presentation.
Edna Osiana, Mario Midel, and Amy Helconida
Sarmiento and SPPO Arvie Rayos.
The topics discussed by the competent .
speakers from the DDB, DOH and PPA include the
Legal Framework on First - Time Minor Offenders,
Probation and Community Service, and Voluntary
Confinement of Drug Dependents under the
Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (RA
9165), Recognizing Drug Abuse and Dependence and
Determining the Need for Rehabilitation and the DOH
Aftercare Program. The resource speakers were Atty.
Cesar G. Posada and Mrs. Salve Basagre - Goleta
from the DDB, Dr. Ivanhoe Escartin from the DOH and
Administrator Ismael Herradura from the PPA. 2
Emphasis was given in the discussion of DDB
Resolution Nos. 3 and 5 on the Rules Governing
Voluntary Confinement for Treatment and
Rehabilitation of Drug Dependents and the
Memorandum of Agreement Entered into by the DDB
and the PPA whereby the latter shall assist the former
in the implementation of the provisions of RA 9165 on
the suspension of sentence of a first- time minor drug
offender and on the Voluntary Submission Program for
Drug Dependents.
A workshop on the accomplishment of the 3
various forms such as Petition for Voluntary
Confinement for Treatment and Rehabilitation of a Drug
Dependent, Application for Voluntary Confinement and
Temporary Confinement Order was part of the
seminar. The procedures governing voluntary
confinement for treatment and rehabilitation of drug
dependents were likewise fully taught to the
The newly designated DDB representatives
received their Certificates of Designation and as such
they are mandated to perform specific duties and 4
responsibilities under the Voluntary Submission
Among those agencies who were invited to
assist DDB in this task, it was only PPA who
responded to DDB’s call because PPA understands the
lack of DDB manpower resources to carry out the said
duties especially on the Suspension of Sentence of
Minor Drug Offenders and the Voluntary Submission
Minor Drug Offenders and the Voluntary Submission
“Be a Light to Others...Instrument of Healing and Reconciliation” is this year’s theme for the
celebration of the National Correctional Consciousness Week which is held in the month of October.
All the field offices of PPA Region V conducted various activities in celebrating the NCCW week
such as Ugnayan-Talakayan, Information Drive, Gift-Giving in Jails, Medical Mission, Lectures,
Clean Up Drive, Counseling and Therapeutic Community Sessions with inmates, etc.

Ugnayan-Talakayan was
conducted at the Iriga City District
Jail on October 24, 2009. The panel
of discussants was composed of
Attorneys Ronnie Cabaltera, Lenny
Rose Fenis and Filipina Cabauatan
from the PAO, CPPO Amy
Helconi da Sarm ient o, and
Prosecutors Rima Ortega, Cicero
Malate and Roberto Jocom Jr.
Questions regarding the
The Tabaco City Parole and various problems faced by the T he NCCW activ i ti es
Probation Office conducted a gift- detention prisoners were answered conducted by Legazpi City and
giving activity to the inmates of and discussed comprehensively and Albay PPOs are as follows: Mass
Tabaco City District Jail on October clearly to the inmates. They were attended by the clients of Legazpi
12, 2009. Goods given to inmates counseled and motivated to be City and Albay PPO on October 27,
were bath soaps, alcohol, laundry more patient on the progress of their 2009 and Ugnayan-Talakayan,
d e t e r g e n t s , u s e d c l o t h i n g s , case trials and to give more Celebration of Holy Eucharist and
toothbrushes, toothpastes and food. understanding of the Justice System Information Drive at the Provincial
The staff, together with the clients, of the country especially on the Jail, Legazpi City on November 27,
VPAs and OJT students from the limitations of the Courts. 2009.
Bicol University, Legazpi City
participated in the activity. Senior Jail
Inspector Gerardo B. Yuson, OIC of
Another Ugnayan-Talakayan
the Tabaco City Jail was very grateful
was attended by the Staff of
for the timely and appropriate
Camarines Sur PPO No. 1 at the
assistance extended to the inmates.
Libmanan District Jail, Libmanan,
The clients and staff of the office
Camarines Sur. The panel was
promised that more similar activities
headed by Judge Lore Bagalacsa,
will be done to address the needs of
Atty. Agualada from the PAO, CPPO
the inmates and to boost their morale
Marina Sayson and PPO II Estrella
as human beings.

The Therapeutic Community was

introduced at the San Isidro District Jail by
the Staff of the Camarines Norte PPO on
October 19, 2009. An agreement was
made between Atty. Rey Paguirigan Jr.,
Jail Warden of San Isidro Disrict Jail and
CPPO Clarissa Cu of Camarines Norte
PPO to conduct the TC sessions among
the inmates.
the inmates.
Stories of Hope
By Amy Helconida H. Sarmiento

In this issue, CPPO Emma M. Valenciano writes about the success of a parolee of Ligao City
Parole and Probation Office who was given an opportunity to improve the economic status of his family
by way of availing the livelihood programs available in the said office. Likewise, Regional Accountant
Nenita Mendoza shares the story of the first parolee-recipient of the Financial Assistance Project of the
Regional Committee on Strengthening Fund Support. May this story serve as an inspiration to others.

Jerry was the recipient of an on-going pig dispersal project of

Ligao City Parole and Probation Office funded under the Bigay-
Pagkakataon Project granted by the Asian Social Institute - PACAP.
Since he started the project, he was able to let the dispersed hog in
his care farrow six times, which is the maximum production cycle of a
hog. In those production cycles, he was able to earn P108,000.00
from the piglets he sold aside from the three piglets he returned to the
office and were dispersed to his co-clients.
Since it is no longer advisable for the hog to allow it to gestate
again as advised by the Department of Agriculture as it may no longer
produce a good kind of sow, he decided to sell the hog. Jerry sold it
for P20,000.00 and he was able to get a good replacement for he
The sari-sari store that Jerry wanted to continue and maintain the same project.
has put up… what a With his new hog raising project, his family was able to expand
productive gift for his wife their pigpens. He was able to improve the family’s abode and he was
and children! able to put up a sari-sari store for his wife.
Ligao City PPO considered Jerry’s project a big success for it
was able to improve the over-all well being of his family. Likewise, he has served as an
inspiration to other clients in starting a small undertaking and making it grow later. Parolee’s
patience, hardwork and strong determination to improve the economic status of his family are
his investments in achieving his success in life.

The Regional Committee on Strengthening Fund

Support has launched a Financial Assistance Program for the
clients of PPA Region V. The fund that this committee has
raised was the proceeds of various fund sourcing projects
initiated by the committee to help in the rehabilitation projects
of the clients.
Parolee Rowena from Sorsogon City Parole and
Probation Office was the first recipient of a P3,000.00 seed
capital for her livelihood project- that of making coin purses, These are the beautiful purses and cell-
wallets, cellphone cases, and bags out of bead materials in phone case created by parolee Rowena.
different colors. The seed capital was awarded to her thru PPOII Ma. Cindy Huenda in
November, 2009 by Regional Director Allan Alcala and the Committee on Strengthening Fund
Support headed by CPPO Marina Sayson.
It was agreed that Rowena will pay the amount of P3,000.00 within the period of six
months with 2% interest per month. She has been complying with the conditions agreed upon
and she has already paid two monthly installments in the amount of P1,120.00. She is very
much thankful for the opportunity given her for she was able to pursue the Bead-craft project
she wished for. She was able to use her talent in augmenting the income of her family.
she wished for. She was able to use her talent in augmenting the income of her family.
December 17, 2009, Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City

PPO 2 Ma. Eva Sta. Ana - Officer with CPPO Norma Miraballes - Officer with Award for the Office with the
Highest Investigation Caseload and Highest Collected Civil Liability, Best VPA Highest Investigation Caseload
Award for the Office with the Highest Program, Best Non-Livelihood Project and
Investigation Caseload Most Resourceful Office


Most Punctual Office in the
SORSOGON CITY PPO IRIGA CITY PPO Submission of Reports and Best
AA IV Janet Pavia - Best Office Clerk Best Restorative Justice Practices Livelihood Project


Best TC Program Best Regional Office Employee Award for Regional Accountant


Award for Regional Most Promising Male and Female It Without You Award Thank You For Your
IT Officer Employees Presence Award
Award for Regional Most Promising Male and Female It Without You Award Thank You For Your
IT Officer Employees Presence Award
December 17, 2009, Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City

ATING ALAMIN….Updates on Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment Cases (CPPOs Amy Sarmiento and
Mario Midel, Resource Speakers); Gender and Development (RD Allan Alcala and Acct 1 Nenita Mendoza, Resource
Persons); Juvenile Justice Welfare (Sr PPO Enrique Vela, Resource Person) and Administrator’s Hour with
Hon. Ismael J. Herradura.

MAGBUNYI AT MAGSAYA…..IT’S PARTY TIME!!! We sang….we danced ….we enjoyed….we had fun…..
we celebrated….we were all happy…...

ARRIVAL OF ADMINISTRATOR HERRADURA at the Pili Airport, Breakfast at Bigg’s Diner and Meeting with Mr. Allan Cu,
owner of Avenue Plaza Hotel.
ARRIVAL OF ADMINISTRATOR HERRADURA at the Pili Airport, Breakfast at Bigg’s Diner and Meeting with Mr. Allan Cu,
owner of Avenue Plaza Hotel.
Editor’s Note: In this issue, PPA
Region V would like to thank all the
benefactors, partner-GOs and NGOs, and
VPAs who are always supporting and
assisting in the implementation of the
agency’s rehabilitation programs. Their
contributions and participation have marked
a great impact in the lives of the clients.


By Clarissa K. Cu
The big winner for the “Pasong Buhay Project”
initated by the Volunteer Probation Aides of Camarines
Norte Parole and Probation Office was announced
during the Clients’ Christmas Party on December 14,
Going back to basics is the primary motive of the
VPAs headed by its President, Carmencita Coreses.
This is their first endeavor to help augment the economic
conditions of the clients by distributing to them various
seeds like eggplant, upland kangkong, pechay,
CPPO Edna Osiana, receiving a new computer set from Mayor Krisel Lag- sigarilyas, sitaw and okra in August, 2009. The clients
man - Luistro.
have planted the seeds given them and their gardens
MOTHERING THE CITY OF LOVE were evaluated by a team composed by VPAs Coreses
and Bucatcat together with PPO II Estrella Villan, the
By Jared G. Bernadas unit’s VPA Coordinator and CPPO Clarissa Cu.
With strategic attitude, skills, knowledge, The declared winners are 3rd Place, Probationer
openness for change and motherly instincts, the very Reynaldo Autor who received a cash prize of P200.00;
energetic Mayor of Tabaco City, Honorable Cielo Krisel 2nd Place, Parolee Julian Magdahong with a cash prize
Lagman - Luistro, preserves Tabaco City as one of the of P300.00 and 1st place, Probationer Candido Antonio
most liveable place in Bicol. She always says: “A lot who received P500.00 and 5 kilos of rice.
has to be done.” The project has provided an opportunity for the
She is very supportive of all the rehabilitation clients to uphold a healthy lifestyle that will give them
activities of Tabaco City Parole and Probation Office. healthy body and sound mind and to be able to give
She has provided the office with office supplies, them a source of livelihood that will help them improve
transportation allowance for VPAs and clients, the financial capacity of their families.
livelihood and non-livelihood projects, new set of
computer and many other worthwhile assistance to
promote the well-being of the clients of Tabaco City
Parole and Probation Office and the constituents of the
1st District of Albay. Likewise, she designated a Clerk
from the Local Government Unit of the City to assist in
the clerical tasks and other programs of Tabaco City
Mayor Luistro who is a former Congresswoman
of the 1st District of Albay is the author of several Bills
such as RA 9262 on Anti-Violence on Women and
-The winning “Pasong Buhay
Children’s Act and RA 9231 on the Special Protection Project” of Probationer
for Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Dis- Candido Antonio and his family
crimination Act. She has made Tabaco City as one of
-Taken during the Awarding
the premiere tourist destination in the Bicol Region and
ceremony, probationer
is responsible for the growth and progress of the city. Antonio and his wife with
With Mayor Krisel. Tabaco City Parole and CPPO Cu and the VPAs of
Probation Office is in good hands. CNPPO.

The Camarines Sur PPO No. 2 and Naga City PPO have Nacional in discussing and answering important issues raised by
participated in the Ugnayan-Talakayan Activity at the Naga the inmates. Another Ugnayan-Talakayan activity was attended
City District Jail on October 22, 2009. CPPO Mercedes de by the staff of Camarines Sur PPO No. 2 at the Tigaon District
los Santos, OIC/SPPO Nelia Rivero and SPPO Cora Jail on October 23, 2009. The inmates posed a lot of questions
10 Pontanal were joined by PAO Lawyer Freddie relative to their respective cases.
los Santos, OIC/SPPO Nelia Rivero and SPPO Cora Jail on October 23, 2009. The inmates posed a lot of questions
10 Pontanal were joined by PAO Lawyer Freddie relative to their respective cases.
These are some of the activities which were benefitted by the generosity of
the benefactors of Naga City PPO.

Tree Planting Activity conducted

at Sitio Sta. Cruz, Barangay
San Antonio, Bombon,
Camarines Sur.

By Kathryn Vanessa B. Abanes Lantern Contest Winners proudly
In the fulfillment of various goals and receiving their prizes from the
Members of the Board of Judges:
rehabilitation programs, the staff of the Naga City Parole Judge Garfin, Atty, Nacional and RD
and Probation Office, take pride in conveying their Alcala.
sincerest gratitude to those who continue to play a major .
part in ensuring that the PPA Thrusts are completely
The VPAs of Naga City PPO,
upheld for the benefit of the clients and the
performing a special number for the
communities as well. A million thanks to: 1) LGU - guests during the Christmas Party
Bombon, Camarines Sur under the leadership of Mayor of the clients.
Ma. Luisa DC. Angeles for having granted the amount of
P5,000.00 annual budget to NCPPO for its rehabilitation
programs. The entire amount was used for the 33rd PPA
Anniversary activities such as Lakbay-Aral and Sports
and Wellness Program; 2) LGU-Gainza, Camarines Sur Tree Planting Activity
of the clients at Bombon,
thru Mayor Romeo A. Gontang for the annual budget
Camarines Sur.
allocation of P10,000.00. P3,000.00 of which was used
during the clients’ Summer Activity by way of a Picnic at
Pasacao, Camarines Sur and the remaining P7,000.00
was used during the Christmas Fellowship and 1st
Lantern Making Contest on December 16, 2009; and 3)
LGU-Naga City thru Mayor Jesse Robredo for the Information Drive Activity
annual budget allocation of P25,000.00 which was used At Barangay San Antonion,
for the acquisition of a year’s office supplies. Bombon, Camarines Sur.
They have been so generously supportive
especially on requests which were always readily
granted by the incumbent mentioned heads. Alforte, Tabuco, Naga City headed by Barangay
In addition, equally appreciated are the Captain Jessie Albeus, DMD and San Antonio, Bombon,
Provincial Government Unit of Camarines Sur - Camarines Sur headed by Barangay Captain Harry
Provincial Capitol, headed by Governor L-Ray Villafuerte Benitez.
and again LGU-Naga City. Both have provide NCPPO The combination of these magnanimous and
with one detailed clerk each in the persons of Ms. unflagging sponsors collaborated with the fervent labor
Shirley S. Joven and Ms. Zayda Fe S. Rifareal, of all the unit’s Volunteer Probation Aides accompanied
respectively. with the incomparable energy and zealous service of all
Furthermore, NCPPO would not have made the staff make up an ever momentous existence of the
possible a successful line up of Tree Planting, TC Naga City Parole and Probation Office.
Sessions and other rehabilitation programs for the entire For these, the staff of the unit salute them as
year without the ardent assistance of several Barangay they continue to focus on their indispensable role of
Government Units namely: Concepcion Grande, Naga rendering an unceasing dedication not only to serve their
City headed by Barangay Captain Elmer Baldemoro, clients but more so, to effect a change in the society for
Lerma, Naga City headed by Barangay Captain Lalaine the better….even in their simplest ways..


By Jared Bernadas
Tabaco City PPO recognizes the hardwork and
initiative of its Volunteer Probation Aides in soliciting
commodity items from private individuals and politicians
from the 1st District of the Province of Albay for
distribution on the Christmas Party of its clients on
December 14, 2009.
Thank you to VPAs Amy Bronia, Ma. Cristina
The commodity items solicited by the VPAs of Tabaco City PPO for
Arines, Ellen Llanza, Carmen Flores, and Mila Burac. distribution to the clients. The donors are private individuals and
You have made the Christmas celebration of the clients politicians from the 1st District of the Province of Albay.
a memorable and enjoyable one.
a memorable and enjoyable one.
THE JOY OF GIVING Some of the rehabilitation activities of Iriga City Parole and Probation Office sponsored
by its benefactors who find joy in giving and sharing their blessings.
By Ruth and Mel
CENRO for always granting the requests of the office for a free
Barbara Bush wrote: “Giving frees us provision of tree saplings to be used during Tree Planting activities and
from the familiar territory of our own needs by for sending competent Resource persons in activities which need
opening our mind to the unexplained worlds lectures; the Department of Education, Iriga City Division and Iriga
occupied by the needs of others.” Guided by Central School for its welcoming gesture in always accommodating the
these words, the staff of Iriga City Parole and clients in almost all activities they conduct by allowing them to use
their conference hall as the venue; the Seventh Day-Adventist Church
Probation Office continue to tap resources for in Iriga City thru Mr. Ruben Orbon for providing free lectures on
the realization of the rehabilitation programs livelihood skills; the Iriga City District Jail and Bureau of Jail
intended for its clients. Fortunately, there are Management and Penology for always accommodating the extended
organizations and individuals who believe the activities of the office and the Department of Social Welfare and
same saying thus, positively responding to the Development .
call to serve the clients of ICPPO. Worthy of a thank you note are other individual benefactors
The Servants of Jesus Congregation whose contribution helped a lot in the success of the programs
who run the Sta. Maria Josefa Hospital implemented in the office and the Volunteer Probation Aides of the
Foundation, Francia Iriga City adhere to the office who assist in the supervision of clients and other related
words lived by Mother Teresa. They say they The staff of Iriga City Parole and Probation Office are
cannot do great things on earth, only little things insufficient of words to express their deep appreciation for all the
with great love. They have been sponsoring the support and services wholeheartedly extended by their
Medical Mission activities for the clients of benefactor-partners. But one thing is sure, the clients will always re-
ICPPO and even extends their services to the member these acts of kindness that they imprinted in their lives. Jean
inmates of the Iriga City District Jail by providing Baptiste Massieu once said: “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
free medicines and other medical needs.
Another benefactor, the Alternative SHARING THE LIGHT TO OTHERS
Learning System, Department of Education, Iriga By Ma. Cindy Huenda
City Division likewise continues its commitment
to help the clients in uplifting their morale as
human beings and in helping to improve their
economic conditions by introducing Values
Awareness Sessions and assisting in the TC
activities, teaching various livelihood skills, and
conducting accreditation and equivalency classes
for those clients who continue to aim for a higher
The Rinconada BAR Association is
another partner which regularly finances and OIC Jail Warden Florencio Escote while delivering his message to the clients of
gives benefits to the ICPPO clients. This group is Sorsogon City and Province PPOs and the inmates of the Sorsogon Provincial Jail
a constant partner in Tree Planting Activities, during the former’s jail visit, together with the staff and VPAs of the said offices.
giving Lectures on Important Social and Moral
Issues, providing free legal services and “Sharing the Light to others, a jail visit activity”, was
assistance, Medical Mission, etc. conducted by the Sorsogon City and Province PPOs staff, VPAs and
The office equally appreciates the the Kapuso and Kapamilya TC Families at the Sorsogon Provincial
Jail on October 28, 2009, in celebration of the National Correctional
generous support of the following benefactors: Consciousness Week in coordination with OIC Warden Florencio
Daughters of St. Augustine, Fatima Center for Escote. The clients who were former inmates, initiated the activity.
Human Development for extending their facilities Warden Escote, in his welcome message was teary eyed seeing his
for the group activities of and for providing tree formerly supervised inmates being very active while leading the
planting sites for the clients; Congressman Felix activity. Like the father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, he wel-
Alfelor for giving a monthly provision of a sack of comed them with a happy heart learning of their continuing progress in
rice distributed among the clients and for their rehabilitation programs. In the said activity, the inmates enjoyed
donating financial assistance for the training the parlor games and the gifts of different commodity items solicited by
needs of the VPAs of the office; the Local the VPAs and staff from private individuals and from the TC members
themselves. The activity proved to be therapeutic, not only for the
Government Unit of Iriga City and Mayor inmates but to the Sorsogon Provincial Jail personnel and the families
Madelaine Alfelor - Gazmen for the continuous of the inmates, that while the community is not necessarily condoning
financial support for the seminar fees of the staff the sin, they are at least not being isolated and abandoned. The SPJ
and for giving the office an opportunity to inmate council was grateful of the visit that the TC group decided to
participate and be visible in all endeavors of the make it a yearly activity.
city; the Department of Agriculture and DENR - 12
participate and be visible in all endeavors of the make it a yearly activity.
city; the Department of Agriculture and DENR - 12
2009 c aseload REPORT
By Arvie A. Rayos
















This is the data for the Investigation Caseload of PPA Region V for the year 2009
involving 14 field offices namely: Albay PPO, Camarines Norte PPO, Camarines Sur PPO No. 1,
Camarines Sur PPO No. 2, Catanduanes PPO, Iriga City PPO, Legazpi City PPO, Ligao City
PPO, Masbate City PPO, Masbate Province PPO, Naga City PPO, Sorsogon City PPO,
Sorsogon Province PPO and Tabaco City PPO. Pink bars represent Probation Investigation
Received while yellow bars represent Probation Investigation Disposed. Naga City PPO has the
highest investigation caseload received (127) and disposed (121). On the other hand, Masbate
City PPO has the lowest investigation caseload received (6) and disposed (6). The total number
of Probation Investigation referrals received is 698 and 632 for referrals disposed.

Behind every great accomplishment, there is an even greater opportunity."

- Michelle C. Ustaszeski 13
- Michelle C. Ustaszeski 13
2009 cAseload REPORT
By Arvie A. Rayos






Courtesy Probation Investigation Caseload - Green bars represent CI received and violet bars
represent CI disposed. Camarines Sur PPO No. 1 has the highest CI Caseload received (30) and
disposed (29). Masbate City PPO has no CI caseload received and disposed. Total number of Courtesy
Investigation referrals received is 171 while 160 for Courtesy CI disposed.






Pre-Parole Investigation Caseload - Blue bars represent PPI received and Fuschia bars represent
PPI disposed Iriga City PPO has the highest PPI Caseload received (21) and disposed (21). Legazpi
City, Ligao City, Masbate Province and Sorsogon City PPOs have no PPI referrals received and
disposed. Total number of PPI referrals received is 68 and PPI disposed is 62.
Courtesy Pre-Parole Investigation Caseload - Yellow bars represent Courtesy Pre-Parole
Investigation received while orange bars are for CPPI disposed. Camarines Sur PPO No. 1 has the
highest CPPI received (19) and disposed (18) together with Naga City PPO. Total number of CPPI
received is 141 and 138 for CPPI disposed.






Green bars represent Courtesy Supervision Caseload where Legazpi City and Masbate City PPOs
received the highest number of caseload (30). Total Number of Courtesy Supervision Caseload is 193. Red
Bars represent Parole/Pardon Supervision where Albay PPO has the highest number of caseload received
(27). Total number of Parole/Pardon Supervision Caseload Received is 130. Only one office received a
referral for Suspended Sentence Supervision, represented by a yellow bar, that is Ligao City PPO.
referral for Suspended Sentence Supervision, represented by a yellow bar, that is Ligao City PPO.
By Arvie A. Rayos
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180
Probation Supervision Caseload: Red bars represent probation supervision referrals received, blue bars represent terminated probation cases. Office with highest probation
supervision caseload (178) is Camarines Sur PPO No. 1 while the lowest (35) are Masbate City and Province PPOs. The office with highest number of terminated cases (57) is Naga Cit
PPO while the lowest (8) are again Masbate City and Province PPOs. Total number of received probation supervision is 1086; total number of terminated cases is 433.
Parole/Pardon Supervision Caseload: Yellow bars represent parole/pardon supervision caseload received, green bars represent discharged parole/pardon supervision. Camarine
Sur PPO No. 1 received the highest (78) parole/pardon supervision referrals, while Albay PPO has the lowest (24). Legazpi City PPO has the highest (14) number of discharged parole
pardon supervision while Camarines Sur No. 1 and Masbate City PPOs have the lowest (1) number of discharged cases. The total number of received parole/pardon supervision is 664
total number of discharged cases is 78. 15
a City
s 664;
Moments of Thoughts and Reflections...
This parable was shared to the clients of one of the field offices and the inmates of a city jail here in
PPA Region V in celebration of the National Correctional Consciousness Week in relation to the theme “Be a
Light to Others...Instrument of Healing and Reconciliation”, to encourage them to know that they are
special persons and only they can fulfill the purpose to which they were born to accomplish. Their situations as
probationers, parolees, pardonees and inmates should not discourage them to think that their life is insignificant
and cannot make a change. In their own little ways, they can become light and be instruments of healing and
reconciliation to others. But this parable applies to everyone, the reason why we share it with you.
The Pencil Maker took the pencil aside, just before putting him into the box.

“There are 5 things you need to know,” he told the pencil, “Before I send you out into the world. Always
remember them and never forget, and you will become the best pencil you can be.”

“One: You will be able to do many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in Someone’s

“Two: You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but you’ll need it to become a better

“Three: You will be able to correct any mistakes you might make.”

“Four: The most important part of you will always be what’s inside.”

“And Five: On every surface you are used on, you must leave your mark. No matter what the condition,
you must continue to write.”

The pencil understood and promised to remember, and went into the box with a purpose in its heart.

Now replacing the place of the pencil with you. Always remember them and never forget, and you will
become the best person you can be.

One: You will be able to do many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in God’s hand. And
allow other human beings to access you for the many gifts you possess.

Two: You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, by going through various problems in life,
but you’ll need it to become a stronger person.

Three: You will be able to correct any mistakes you might make.

Four: The most important part of you will always be what’s on the inside.

And five: On every surface you walk through, you must leave your mark. No matter what the situation, you
must continue to do your duties.

Amy Helconida H. Sarmiento

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