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BIS CODE : INDIAN STANDARD for Structural Engineering

IS: 800-1984

Code for practice for general

construction in steel.

SP6 (1)

Handbook for structural steel



Hand book for Cold formed, Light

Gauge steel structures.


Handbook for application of

plastic theory in design of steel


Project & Construction

Management for Large Industrial

IS: 206 -1992 (4th Rev)

Tee & strap hinges - Specification.

IS: 459 -1992 (3rd Rev)

Corrugated & non-corrugated

asbestos cement sheets Specification.

IS: 730 -1978 (2nd Rev)

Hook bolts for corrugated sheet

roofing - Specification.

IS: 801 -1975 (1st Rev)

Code of Practice for use of cold formed light gauge steel structural
members in general building

IS: 802 -1977 (2nd Rev)

Code of Practice for use of structural

steel in (Part-1) overhead
transmission line towers - Loads
and permissible stresses.

IS: 804 -1967 (1st Rev)

Rectangular pressed steel tanks Specification.

IS: 806 -1968 (1st Rev)

Code of Practice for use of steel

tubes in general building

IS: 808 -1989 (3rd Rev)

Dimension for hot rolled steel beam,

channel and angle sections.

IS: 811 -1987 (2nd Rev)

Cold formed light gauge structural

steel section - Specification.

IS:813 -1986 (1st Rev)

Scheme of symbols for welding.

IS: 814 -1991 (5th Rev)

Specification for covered electrodes

for manual metal arc welding of
carbon & carbon manganese steel.

IS: 822 -1970

Code of procedure for inspection of


IS: 875 -1987(2nd Rev)

Code of Practice for design loads for

buildings & structures.

(Part 1)
Dead loads
(Part 2)
Imposed loads.
(Part 3)
Wind loads.
(Part 4)
Snow loads.
(Part 5)
Special loads & load combinations.
IS:1024 -1979 (1st Rev)

Code of Practice for use of welding

in bridges and structures subjected
to dynamic loading.

IS:1038 -1983 (3rd Rev)

Specification for steel doors,

windows & ventilators.

IS:1081 -1960

Code of Practice for fixing & glazing

of metal doors, windows and

IS:1148 -1982 (3rd Rev)

Specification for hot rolled steel

rivet bars (Up to 40 mm diameter).

IS:1161 -1979 (3rd Rev)

Specification for steel tubes for

structural purposes.

IS:1182 -1983 (2nd Rev)

Recommended practice for

radiographic examination of fusion
welded butt joints in steel plates.

IS:1254 -1991 (3rd Rev)

Specification - Corrugated
aluminium sheet.

IS:1323 -1982 (2nd Rev)

Code of Practice for oxyacetylene

welding for structural work in in
mild steel.

IS:1361 -1978 (1st Rev)

Specification for steel windows for

industrial buildings.

IS:1363 -1992 (3rd Rev)

(Parts 2 & 3)

Hexagon head bolts, screw and nuts

of product grade C-Screw (M5 to

IS:1364 -1992 (3rd Rev)

(Part 4)

Hexagon head bolts, screws and nuts

of product grade A and B - Thin nuts
(M1.6 to M64)

IS:1395 -1982(3rd Rev)

Specification for low & medium

alloy steel covered electrode for
metal arc welding.

IS:1477 -1971(1st Rev)

Code of Practice for painting

offerrous metal in buildings.

(Part 1)


(Part 2)


. IS:2062 -1992 (4th Rev)

Specification for steel for general

structural purposes.

IS:3443 -1980(1st Rev)

Specification for crane rail section

IS:3548 -1988(1st Rev)

Code of Practice for glazing in


Part 1 -1985
Part 3 -1984
Part 4 -1984
Part 5 -1983
Part 6 -1983
Part 7 -1985
Part 8 -1985

Method of testing fusion welded

joints and weld metal in steel.

IS:3757 -1985(2nd Rev)

Specification for high strength

structural bolts.

IS:3964 -1980(1st Rev)

Specification for light rails.

IS:4000 -1992 (1st Rev)

High strength bolts in steel


IS:4049 -1988 (2nd Rev) (Part 1)

Specification for formed ends for

tanks and pressure vessels.

IS:4260 -1986(2nd Rev)

Recommended practice for

ultrasonic testing of butt welds in
ferritic steel.

IS:4351 -1976(1st Rev)

Specification for steel door frames.

IS:5504 -1969

Specification for spiral welded


IS:5872 -1990(2nd Rev)

Specification for cold rolled steel


IS:6533 -1989(1st Rev)

Code of Practice for design and

construction of steel chimney.

(Part 1)
Mechanical aspect
(Part 2)
Structural aspect
IS:6623 -1985(1st Rev)

Specification for high strength

structural nuts.

IS:6649 -1985(1st Rev)

Specification for hardened and

tempered washers for high strength
structural bolts and nuts.

IS:7205 -1974

Safety code for erection of

structural steelwork.

. IS:7215 -1974

Tolerances for fabrication of steel


IS:8500 -1991(1st Rev)

Specification for micro-alloyed

structural steel.

IS:8629 -1977 Part (1 & 3)

Code of Practice for protection of

iron and steel structures from
atmospheric corrosion.

IS:9172 -1979

Recommended design practice for

corrosion prevention of steel

IS:9178 -1979

Criteria for design of steel bins

for storage of bulk materials.

(Part 1)
(Part 2)

General requirements & assessment

of loads.
Design criteria.

IS:9417 -1989 (1st rev)

Welding of cold rolled steel

bars for reinforcement concrete


Guidelines for development of

vendor rating systems.


Tolerances for erection of steel

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