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Iaşi, B-dul. Nicolae Iorga nr. 7, Bl. C4, et.1 ap.

6, phone: 0332-402209
Mobile phone: 0726-240065 E-mail:

Radu - Alin Ignătescu - Manea

(M, 26.01.1979, Married)


01.03.2009 – until now S.C. CONEX DISTRIBUTION S.A. Iaşi,

Project Manager – proffesional system for car spare parts sale

• Implementation of the electronic spare parts catalogue into the company sales
• Coordinating the IT department in creating the necessary bridges between company
ERP and sales software, in order to give customer in the real time stock and prices for
the searched product;
• Training of the sales managers on the use of the implemented software;
• Continuously keeping track of software implementation on the company’s customers
(they make the orders using this software);
• Continuously information gathering about the problems/success stories that sales
managers encounters when they implement the spare parts catalogue on the on the
customers side;
• Continuously contact with the software provider ( in order to solve
program errors, develop new functions for the given tasks;
• Creating the functions and procedures for the second version of the spare parts
catalogue, in order to maintain it on the same level with the competition software
• Products/brands database maintenance.

8.06.2006 - 01.03.2009 S.C. CONEX DISTRIBUTION S.A. Iaşi,

Product Manager

• Administration of the following products/brands: car seat covers (Alca, TYPE R,
FAST R, UMBRELLA), car mats (AUTOKIT, TYPE R, UMBRELLA), brake systems
• Administration of supply chain for the given portfolio of products/brands (car
accessories and spare parts – brake systems), from the foreign or local supplier to the
retail customers, as the company strategies demanded;
• Stock optimization of the given portfolio of products/brands;
• Creating new products/brands in close cooperation with the suppliers (I was in China 4
times to the supplier factories in order to coordinate the development of new products);
• Market prospect and research for the possibility of introducing new products/brands on
the Romanian automotive commerce area (cooperation with the sales and marketing
• Coordinating market research and analyze of launching campaigns for new
products/brands into the market;
• Making sales and supplying forecasts for assuring that certain locomotive items will be
Iaşi, B-dul. Nicolae Iorga nr. 7, Bl. C4, et.1 ap.6, phone: 0332-402209
Mobile phone: 0726-240065 E-mail:
always on stock, also to optimize the supplying costs;
• Supervision of logistical activities (warehouse duties, transport of products to the spare
parts shops/garages) according to the company rules;
• Continuous implementation of best practices for the given portfolio of products/brands;
• Creating proposals of targets and performance indicators for the given portfolio of
products/brands, which were used on the sales department for their activity
• Establishing and tracking the evolution of annual budgets (funds for promotional
actions, gifts, discounts) for the given portfolio of products/brands;
• Organization and effectively acting as trainer for the sales departments periodically
and also for on-spot actions, for the given portfolio of products/brands (when a new
product/brand or a new advertising campaign was launched).

01.2004 – 8.06.2006 S.C. KAPITAL S.R.L Iasi,

Manager of (grants, credits, financial information portal)

• Content, marketing, public relations activities for the given website;
• Continuous communication with the visitors of the website through email, phone
and instant messenger services;
• Trainings and presentations about the financing sources available to Romanian
• Communication and negotiation with banks, EU bureau in Romania, different
foundations and charity organizations, in order to present on the website accurate
and up-to-date information about their grants, loans etc;
• Advising of the website visitors on choosing the right financing program for them
(taking into account their financial background, their business potential, their
capability to adapt their company/organization to the Romanian business

02.2004 – 05.2004 State University of Political and Administrative Studies

David Ogilvy College of Communication and Public Relations
Phare project Virtual Business University,

Assistant teacher for the specialty “Romanian business environment”

Teaching activities:
• Keeping online seminars on the required agenda;
• Evaluation of semestrial final papers on the class matter.

11.2003 - 12.2005 Owner of small company

Specialized in market studies and survey activities, economical counseling, CAEN Code
Market research on the given subjects:
• Notoriety degree on the local market of the company called SOLOGICS, and the
impact of brand modification for the above company;
• What would be the receptivity of the local companies regarding having their own
web pages;
• The degree of success stories for the Italian foreign companies on the local market;
• Share of the trade companies in the local business environment.

01.2003-11.2003 S.C. ITALROM INDUSTRY S.R.L. Iaşi

Commercial Agent

Commercial activities which contain:

• Product and market researches for the given products;
• Market prospects on the Italian partners special requests;
• Establishing contacts and pre-negotiations with possible local partners for some
Italian companies;
• Maintaining good relations with potential business partners in the local market
together with organizing business visits in Iasi for Italian companies.
Iaşi, B-dul. Nicolae Iorga nr. 7, Bl. C4, et.1 ap.6, phone: 0332-402209
Mobile phone: 0726-240065 E-mail:

07.2001-03.2002 S.C. IMPERA S.R.L. Iaşi

Administrator Internet Cafe

Activities in the following area:

• Public relations activities (client guidance in using internet and computer
• Negotiations with the local service;
• Keeping in good function status of the local computer network;
• Maintaining and continuously increasing the customer number;
• Keeping interviews for the open position in the company, training the new

Education 1998-2002 “Al. I. Cuza” UNIVERSITY Iaşi

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
General Economy Specialization
1993-1997 Industry High School RădăuŃi, SV
Computing Science Specialization

Success stories • Creation and implementation in the national market of a new brand for car mats
and seat covers: UMBRELLA;
• Implementation on the national market of a new brand for brake systems:

Foreign languages English: Spoken: very good; writing: good; reading: very good.
French: Spoken: good; writing: good; reading: good.
Italian: Spoken: good; writing: good; reading: good.

Abilities • Very good capacities for the economical analyses and synthesis;
• B Driving license from 1997;
• Solid knowledge of MS Office, MS Windows, Internet.

Hobbies • Pipe smoker;

• Senior member on the local SCOUT center from 2001 (now acting on request).