2 Ralph, as I sat here at my desk contemplating how I was going to respond to your last installment of our on-going debate, I received an email from the “National Black Education Agenda” entitled “An Open Letter To President Barack Obama And Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan” In this letter, they were seeking my support in helping to call attention to our leaders for the need to have a national education agenda, which would emphasize the advancement of academic and cultural excellence for the people of African ancestry. Of course, I’m willing to assist with any cause that is trying to help our people overcome the centuries of mis-education we as black people have received in this nation, and around the world. But, as I continued to read this letter, I began to wonder if these very distinguished individuals really grasped the depths to which, not only we, but also all people have been falsely educated. This, of course, made me think about our discussion, and how what we are really doing is attempting to bring into question, in one form or another, all the things we have been educated to take for granted. Looking at our debate from this perspective; I began to see that by the fact that you are a product of the college education this nation has to offer and me, never attending college, but being self-taught: This debate should be viewed by these highly educated individuals, so they can be made certain of what it is they are asking for from this nation’s leaders and its education system. In this way, I feel, that I will be making my contribution to this cause, although, I’m not certain whether my contribution will be welcomed or not. As you are aware, initially it was my intention to deal with each of the points of your last installment in the order you presented them, but now since I’ve decided to offer this response to your arguments to now help assist with this more pressing issue: I’ve decided – to put it in the modern vernacular – to go straight for the jugular! This way I can make a point about the education we have received while at the same time I’m responding to you. I’m now going to bye pass the first few points of your argument, so I can give an example that would best illustrate exactly what type of education that we as black people should be seeking for our people. Although, I’m not sure my suggestion will be welcomed, I’m going to send this debate to the email address they have provided anyway. Now Ralph, lets get into it: “The fact is that human's survival gift on this planet is our mind. We developed bigger brains than our primate counterparts (which by the way, 98 to 99% of your DNA structure is exactly the same as a gorilla) and with that bigger brain, mankind has always tried to answer the big question, "How did we get here?" So, let me see if I understand you correctly? You just said that because mankind has a larger brain then the primates; he is more intelligent? And with this bigger brain mankind was able to conceive thought, ask questions, and then formulate a concept of a higher existence: That is what you said, right? I’m not putting words in your mouth – am I?

Yes the human brain is larger then that of the ape, but the bottlenose dolphin’s brain is twenty five percent larger then that of a human. The elephant’s brain is larger still, and the brain of a sperm whale is the largest known of any modern or extinct animal. So, if I were to follow your line of reasoning: The bottlenose dolphin’s brain is more intelligent than that of humans. The elephant’s brain is even larger, so it should be even more intelligent, and the sperm whale, by comparison, should be the smartest creature living on the planet. Yet, the dolphin is not smart enough not to become trapped in the nets of fishermen, and after repeatedly being trapped in these nets, they still have not been able to use their larger brain to figure out how to avoid their own death. Today elephants are being hunted to near extinction for their ivory tusk. But, with their larger brains they have not been able to conceive an idea first; then draw up plans that would design a weapon they could construct to use to defend themselves against the humans that are killing them. The animal with the largest brain on the planet can’t prevent its extinction either. The sperm whale has been hunted so near the point of extinction that in recent years this giant creature’s size has diminished. The reason being that the largest of these whales, with the biggest brains on the planet, has already succumbed to the harpoon of the whalers. Not only haven’t these animals with their larger brains been unable to defend themselves from mankind with his much smaller brain; but nor can they construct a city, design and build a car, a personal computer, or send one of their species to the moon and back. So, it should be obvious that what you just stated about the size of the human brain, as being responsible for mankind’s “human survival gift” is just another one of the ridiculous statements put forth by people who either knowingly or unknowingly, chooses to deny the facts just so the so-called theory of evolution can appear to have merit. It doesn’t matter how preposterous the claims of the evolutionist becomes; there is always someone somewhere on this earth who are gullible enough to embrace them. To make this claim that the brain of humans once developed from the brain of primates is ludicrous. The fact is; there is a vast difference between the human brain and the brain of the animal kingdom. And this is best illustrated using your examples you just put forth in your argument. Maybe you don’t find it offensive to be compared to a gorilla and told that you have the brain of a primate, but I personally find that very offensive, and I’m going to demonstrate to you why if you would use just the slightest amount of common sense; you would find it offensive also! Within minutes of its birth and certainly within hours of its birth, the baby chimpanzee (primate, animal kingdom) is able to understand and perform all the necessary basic functions for its survival. The baby chimpanzee on its own ability, within minutes of its birth, is able to lift its head, use it arms and legs to grasp hold onto it mother, instinctively knows how and where to find its food source, and within hours of its birth; is swinging through the trees by holding tightly onto its mother. This, however, is not unique to primates. Out on the plains of the Serengeti where herds of antelope and zebras roam, and columns of wildebeest stretching as far as the eyes can see; and are, all the while, under the watchful eyes of the local prides of lions: Each season, these different types of animals bare their live young, who within minutes of their birth, wobble to their feet and instinctively know how and where to locate their first meal from their mother, and, once again, within hours (or days) of their birth they are able to run with the heard or walk among the pride. On farmlands all around the world: baby calves, colts, and lambs are born each year where the very same scenario is played out. Their young, within minutes of their birth, are on their feet and tasting their first meal of their mother’s milk. In the oceans of the world where

mammals such as the dolphins and whales give birth to live young and these, too, instinctively understand that they must immediately reach the surface of the water so they can open their blow hole and receive their first intake of life saving air. Within hours, they have instinctively understood how and where to find the source of their mother’s milk and are now able to swim with the pod and mimic every maneuver of their mother. There is one, and only one, species of mammals, however, living on this planet that gives birth to a young that is completely defenseless. The human baby at birth cannot even so much as raise its own head. Other than the ability to perform an involuntary sucking motion with its mouth: The human baby is unable to consciously make any useful life functioning motion (it can’t grasp on to its mother, it can’t use it arms and legs to perform any task to sustain its life), nor does it know how or where to find it first life saving meal, and without assistance from its mother; the human baby would lay crying until it starved to death. It will take between 12 to 18 months (some a little sooner) before the average human baby learns to walk. At birth, the human baby is completely defenseless, and totally dependent on its mother. So, lets see; a chimpanzee’s (primate, animal kingdom) baby is walking within five to six months of its birth, and a human baby will take about 12 months to learn to do the same thing – hmm! Now, son, the question that begs to be asked of you and the evolutionist is – at what stage of the progression of evolution that mankind made from the apes that he reverted backwards? Instead of retaining this extremely advantageous benefit of the animals giving birth to young who already have all the necessary functions for survival at birth: Mankind progressed on the evolutionary scale to giving birth to young who are completely defenseless at birth! Somehow, adaptation reverted and became – to coin a new phrase, “Subtractdaptation!” Why is that Ralph? You have a big brain – use it! Does that really make sense? When you think about it, and if you’re being honest with yourself, isn’t this very notion of man coming from animals, itself, utterly ridiculous? If there were still today, as there were until fairly recently, a tribe of people living deep down in the Amazon forest that had never been exposed to civilization, and somehow a bicycle was placed among them. They wouldn’t have any idea how the bicycle got there; it would just one day be there among them. After a few years, all of a sudden, the bicycle would mysteriously be removed, and in its place would be a motorcycle. These people would immediately see that something is different about what they still perceive to be the bicycle. They would notice that the motorcycle has two wheels just like the bicycle. It has handlebars, a seat, and a chain just like the bicycle. They would see that, basically the motorcycle has the same parts and looks very similar to the bicycle: So, what if these people, because of their ignorance, mistakenly assumed that the bicycle had somehow became the motorcycle they now see before them. Hmm – I wonder, would we, in the civilized world, rush to label these people the most intelligent people on the planet, or would we do everything within our power to restrain ourselves from laughing at their ignorance? Would we want these people teaching our children? No we wouldn’t! Because, we would understand that the bicycle was designed by an intelligent mind to serve one purpose, and the motorcycle was also designed by an intelligent mind to serve another purpose. Although, they may appear to be similar, they were designed to perform two entirely different purposes. Why then don’t we, equally, consider those who say that because mankind and apes share some similarities, man was once an ape – as being ignorant as well!

Whether it comes from an uncivilized people living in tribes in the Amazon forest, or whether it comes from individuals with titles and degrees behind their names: ignorance must always be recognized for what it is. It is only when the people have been taught memorization as a form of intelligence – instead of training their mind’s to use its reasoning power, and with the aid of having all the facts; learn to draw conclusions – that allows people to become susceptible to deception, and the time for judgment has finally come for those who have deliberately lead mankind down the wrong path to achieving true intelligence. My son, stop being carried around like a trained parrot; speaking and believing whatever those in authority tell you to speak and believe, and start to use the brain you were born with, which is really the point of this debate – isn’t it? There is indeed a difference between the brain of a human baby and the brain of a baby of the animal kingdom, and this difference is most remarkable and surprising. The brain of the animal kingdom, at birth, is nearly fully formed. In other words, animals were designed to have brains at birth that are already programmed with almost everything they will need to learn in life, and their brain does not demonstrate a remarkable difference from birth to maturity. In other words, other than its size, the brain of an adult animal remains as relatively non-complex as it was at birth. Hmm – could this be because the animal brain was designed by intelligent beings to have an entirely different purpose then the brain for that of the human kingdom? The brain of a human baby, however, is non-complex at birth even more so then that of the animal kingdom. It is, for all practical purposes, a blank sheet of paper. Seventy-five percent of the human brain develops after birth, and for the first three years, the primary function of the human brain is to connect the brain cells with one another. This process continues, however, until the brain of a human adult will have approximately 100 billion (That’s 100 billion with a “B”) neurons. As, I’m sure, you already know; neurons are the specialized cells that as a unit of the nervous system carry information by receiving and transmitting to the brain. So, my son, if the human brain was once a part of the animal kingdom’s brain, as you and the evolutionist insist, which of the larger brains of the animal kingdom crosses the threshold for intelligence by having at least one (That is one as in 1) billion neurons. How man billion neurons does the brain of an adult chimpanzee have – Zero! The bottle nose dolphin – Zero! The elephant – Zero! The mighty sperm whale – Zero! The human brain is the most complex living organism on the planet. When all the facts are put forth: The human brain’s complexity defies all attempts to characterize it as a product that came about as the result of an accident or the progression of evolution. Certainly, there is no animal with a brain that can even remotely function at the level of the human brain, and anyone who accepts this notion that they and their brain once belonged to the animal kingdom is badly (and sadly) misinformed, and are in need of having the facts presented to them as I’m now doing for you Ralph. There is not one evolutionist, who wishes to appear to be in his right mind – at least, who would argue that the world’s most recent super computers came into existence by accident. All sensible people would agree that the computer is the product of intelligent design, and its intricate circuitry did not accidentally come together haphazardly. No, all sensible people would agree that the computer is one of mankind’s crowning achievements. Which, then, is superior – the human brain, or the world’s fastest super computer? The most powerful experimental computer can only do a few million MIPS (million computer instruction per second). By estimation, the human brain has about 100 million MIPS worth of

processing power while recent super-computers only has a few million MIPS worth in processor speed. That said, the brain is still the winner in the race. Because of the cost, enthusiasm and efforts still required, computer technology has still some length to go before it will match the human brain's processing power. So, now my son I ask you, are you sure you want to be among those who insist that a living organism that is, by far, more powerful then the world’s most powerful super computers; that this organism (the human brain) is the result of an accident? The people of any society that has allowed ignorance to become accepted as intelligence are in serious trouble and that civilization, in the long run, will never survive. And, you want to know what is really sad? All the scientific data I used for this debate came straight from the Internet, so the facts are in the public domain. When the people were being taught unscientific and unproven theories in the universities, colleges, schools, and churches of any culture as if they were proven scientific facts: history leaves a clear record of what became of those civilizations. It was only when someone among them was willing to stand up and state the facts, and dispel the lies that made it possible for some of the people to escape the punishment that breaking these natural laws brought down upon their heads. As the year 2012 is ever approaching closer and closer, the life saving truth that will give protection to those who are willing to listen, receive, and understand is now going out on the website, As I have done with our previous debates Ralph, I will also post this debate on my blog page, Yes Ralph, my beloved son, mankind has always used his brain to ask the big question, “How did we get here?” Hmm – I wonder if that is because the human brain was never a part of the animal kingdom, and it was really designed to be the threshold to a higher kingdom? A kingdom that is not offered to the animal kingdom! And, that’s the real reason why we ask the question: “HOW DID WE GET HERE!” IT’S BACK TO THE WOODSHED FOR MY SON, PT. 2 My son made some interesting points in his rebuttal to my argument, and as a father; I felt that he should be told that his points were commendable. I wanted him to have his moment to shine in our debate, so I allowed him his time to enjoy winning his argument. But, now is the time to state the facts – the scientific facts – in rebuttal to his argument. I just posted to my blog, my response. If you have been reading these on going debates between me and my son, then you don’t want to miss my come back!

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