John Carreon Block Lambda Financial Independence Moving away and starting my own independent life is one thing

but can I do it financially. Money is the big question when graduating high school and starting your new life. And many other questions come up as well questions like Do I have money for college? Do have money for grad school? Do I have money to go on a trip or to visit my family? These are the type of questions I ask myself when thinking about the next 10 years of my life. Becoming a biologist is my dream job but any job has to come at a price, a price which my parents don't think I can do alone I want to prove to my parents that I can survive the financial realities of life such as; paying for college, paying for my own place, and supporting myself, to become a biologist. Although, college is a difficult time for most people financially, this time will be a time where I can start to be more independent then I was in high school. Moving away from my parents and my family is what I have decided for myself and I feel it would be the best decision to start off my own life. My family doesn’t think I can support my self when I grow older. I need them to help me start off, so I plan on going to UC Riverside after high school, majoring in biology. They don’t think I can make it or pay my own. Living with my family is very busy and there is always someone there. The house is always filled with people going in and out. So I want to live on campus so that I can meet new people and go through a freshman college experience so that would be getting a room and a meal plan included. I don’t want to go thought my freshmen year without meeting a lot of people. Even if I decide to go to UC Riverside I still have to think of the cost. The total cost of going to UC Riverside and living on campus is $24,095 (, 4-24-08). Even if I don’t really think I should but I do

need it because I don’t have the money to pay for college myself. For me this is really expensive, I don’t like working but I would to go though the work-study program at UCR, my cousin said that work study isn’t that bad as a real job so I guess I can handle it. I would receive about $1500 for doing work-study (, 4-24-08). There is a way for me to get free money so I also applied for a Cal grant and I was granted $1,551. My grandmother thought that the Cal grant was the best for me and she made me think I can get a lot of money just from this grant. However, even with knowing about other grants I also got many other grants such as an ACG grant which I got for $750, a Federal Pell Grant I got for $4381, and a UCR grant which I got the most for at $12130 (, 4-24-08). I think the best advantage of having a lot of siblings is that I get free money because it’s a lot for my parent to support. The last thing I get from financial aid is loans. I don’t like the feeling for having to pay someone back so I wanted to avoid loans as much as possible but I don’t think anyone can. I get $3500 for my loan at UC Riverside it’s called a Federal Stanford loan (, 4-24-08). Planning for all this financial aid can help me a lot in becoming independent from my parents and not really depend on them as much. Although, I still may need to ask my parent for money to help me pay for college I want to show them that though the four years of college I can learn to survive the financial realities of my own life. My parent doesn’t like the idea of me taking out a loan in my name or me getting a job while in college. All this I do not still really understand how all this loan stuff works. The only thing I understand is the loans and documenting where the money I get

goes to. My parents said they will only give me around $300 to $400 a month just to finish paying off the rest of tuition. I don’t really want them to do that just because they have a lot of stuff to deal with already but they most likely they would with out me saying anything. So I’m fine with that, even though I should get a job I don’t think I will get a job in college besides work-study (, 4-24-08). Mostly because when ever I have a job I don’t really manage my time very well and I would probably put my job ahead of school. Although, I don’t want a job my parents want me to get one while in college and think that this is the best way I can support myself. I my sound stubborn but I don’t want to do it their way if I do it their way its still like I don’t have my independence. I need to show them I can survive with our their help so that they can trust me to be independent in my own way. When I move on to my next stage in my life after college I want to start off on my own and to not have any help from my parents what so ever so that I can become a biologist and buy a house. As a biologist I am able to make $6,494 a month (, 4-24-08). Money doesn’t really matter here I just want to be able to do what I want which is to work in a research lab. But I still need to prove to my parents that I can do well on my own and I don’t need help from them so hopefully I can pay for anything I want. However, even if that’s what I want to buy what ever that going to be hard because many working class people has to stick to a budget and can only afford what they make. I do however, want to own a house, mostly because I can do what I want with it and make it my own, which I never really get to do as my own space. Mainly because of my siblings and I can never lock or close my door

because I have to baby sit and make sure I they are ok. I cant really do that in college because of having a roommate and I cant do it at home because my parents don’t really want to pay for a room that I want. Even if I have to save up money from college I will because this is something I really want and it makes me feel like I can live on my own and not rely on my parents. The house that I want is going to cost around $800,000 (, 4-26-08). For me to have this house I will need to be able to save up about $160,000 for me to buy a $800,000 house. Which can take me till I’m in my late 20’s or early 30’s. Getting a house is important piece in my independence because it shows I can finally be independent. It also shows my parents that I don’t need their support and I can do it on my own. Buying a house is really expensive and it is one of the hardest things to keep right now, with all the foreclosures and the state of our economy. But being in a big house alone is boring so I hope to rent out rooms or get roommates so that I wouldn’t be paying the mortgage by myself. Before I can talk about buying a house I need to figure out how can I save up for a house? If I want a house I have to start saving up for one at least in my second year of college. One thing for sure is I won’t be spending so much money on shopping or leisurely things. I will have to save what money I have to save up for a house. I think living with a big family has caused me to not want me to live alone, just because there has always been someone there. Its also different if everyone is gone and you get the place to your self but just living by your self is somewhat lonely for me. My own place means to me that I can show my self and my parent that I can be independent and I can survive the financial realities of life.

Even if I have a job as a biologist and a house I won’t, consider myself as a successful individual or a biologist until I can get my masters degree. I am not sure if I want to get a PHD but for sure, I want my Master’s to show my parents I can be a successful individual that they don’t need to worry about. The school I would most likely go to for my graduate years is UCRiverside. (, 5-6-08). Becoming independent is just the beginning for me to really prove my parents I need to be a successful individual. I don’t have to pay for many of the fees like I would in undergraduate school. I am thinking about moving in a apartment so that I wouldn’t have to pay for room and board in my graduate year (, 5-19-08). I will also have to see if I am still able to get any financial help, not from my parents but from the school. I don’t want to ask for help from my parents because I need to learn to support myself by this time in my life so asking them for help is not one of my options. After school I hope by this time I can finally be independent from my parents and I don’t have to ask my parents for any money at all. Once I graduate from Grad school and I have my degree I hope to get a raise in my current job or get a new one that pays better (, 4-27-08). Even if I still have the same job I can consider myself a successful individual that has his Master’s. After 4 years my car will be paid off and I would have to pay for it anymore just the insurance. Once the car is out of the way I can pay for other things like a bigger TV or save up to pay off the house (, 4-27-08). If I can even buy a big screen TV and the car is paid off I really do think I am at the stage where I am an individual.

I think 10 years would be the easiest just because I have more experience and I believe that I would know what to do with my money by then. Also I think instead of my parents supporting my I would have to support them which is where I think they will notice that I have been supporting myself and I can survive the financial realities of life. Helping them payoff my brothers and sister college loans or just give then money for like everyday things. Also I will be out of school and I wouldn’t have to pay for school anymore so that gives me money to pay off bills and loans from college (, 4-27-08). Even if I don’t ask them for money I still want to be able to help my parents. It I can help my parents and not ask for any money then I can really consider me as an independent. I believe I can reach my goal and become a individual. Also my goal of being a biologist can be fulfilled if I stuck with what I'm planning I can get what I want. I think the reason I want things my own way and my independence not because I hate my family or anything just because I had to share everything with my brothers and sister. So I never got anything my way, always a vote or I had to think of what besides my needs the money can go to. It always frustrated me because they’re all kids and so they just pick the most “fun” choice. Even if I had a job I still wouldn’t get to have much of a say of where my money goes. When I become and individual and have my intendance my family wont have to worry about me and I can actually ask them if they need help instead of them always helping me.

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