SS Chapter 7 ­ Ancient Greece 

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QUESTION 1: Ruler who rules with total authority Answer Correct Oligarch Noble Tyrant QUESTION 2: Greek city-state focused on government and education Answer Correct Sparta Athens Troy QUESTION 3: “defenders of the kingdom” Answer Correct satraps helots tyrants QUESTION 4: A narrow body of water with land on both sides Answer strait plateau peninsula QUESTION 5: A war between Sparta and Athens that lasted 27 years Correct

Answer World War I Trojan War Peloponnesian War


QUESTION 6: How did Athens and Sparta differ? Answer Athens had no slaves and Sparta had many. Athens had a large number of foreign residents and Sparta had few. Athenian soldiers were more skilled than Spartan soldiers. Correct

QUESTION 7: King of Persia at its height who then tried to fight the Greek city-states fo of the Greek colonies in Asia Minor Answer Alexander the Great Ivan the Terrible Cyrus the Great QUESTION 8: Age of great creativity and learning in Athens Answer Age of Pericles Dark Ages Pelopenisian War QUESTION 9: The Greeks won the Battle of Salamis because their ships Answer came from the Spartan navy sank Could move around and manuever quickly QUESTION 10: The Delian League began as an alliance to Correct Correct Correct

Answer protect the Greeks from the Persians make Athens rich build faster ships


QUESTION 11: Why did many Greek city-states send people to settle the shores of the B Answer to get rid of criminals to have a market for slaves to import foods from the colonies QUESTION 12: They could not leave home without a male relative Answer Athenian slaves upper-class Athenian women Spartan men Correct Correct

QUESTION 13: The ephors in Sparta had a function similar to the __________ in Persia. Answer philosophers polis satraps QUESTION 14: Which of the following areas had no Greek colonies? Answer Asia Minor northwest Africa Egypt Italy Correct Correct

QUESTION 15: The Minoans made their living as Answer Correct soldiers weavers traders QUESTION 16: The History of the Persian Wars was written by Answer Agamemnon Herodotus Pericles QUESTION 17: The Mycenaeans came to Greece from Answer China central Asia India QUESTION 18: The Spartans differed from other city-states in that they Answer did not set up colonies encouraged the arts focused on education and government QUESTION 19: The Greek concept of citizenship usually applied to Answer landowning, native-born men all the people Or free men and women Correct Correct Correct Correct

QUESTION 20: A body of land with ocean on three sides . Is it a Answer peninsula plateau Or strait Correct