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IIM Ranchi


MARCH 2015


IIM Ranchi Organizes Funathon and Walkathon

IIM Ranchi organized

Funathon and Walkathon
on 22nd February, Sunday
at Morhabadi Stadium.
The event was jointly
organised by Sankriya,
the Operations and General Management Club
and Samarpan, the CSR
Club of IIM Ranchi to
promote awareness about
various social issues like
human trafficking, Child
Rights, Human Rights as
well as health and fitness.
It consisted of a 5.5 km
running event called Funathon and a 2.5 km
walking event by the
name Walkathon.
The day started off early
in the morning with a
stretching exercises conducted by HealthFreaks
for a mixed crowd of
young fitness enthusiasts. After that the registrations began for the 2
events. Funathon and
participation from over
300 residents of Ranchi
as well as IIM students.
Even a 5 year old girl
named Anupriya participated and completed the
entire run. The starting
whistle of the race was

blown by the Chief Guest

Shri. Sanjay Srivastava
(Member of Association
for Women & Child
rights, Jharkhand. Despite being a run for a
social cause both events
competitive performances by the participants.
Funathon was won by
Mr. Abhishek Niranjan,
closely followed by Mr.
Rahul Kumar and Mr.
Manish Urav who came
in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The winner of
Ranjan while 2nd
and 3rd positions
were taken by
Mr. Deshraj and
Mr. Sumeshwar
Singh respectively. Prizes, gift
certificates were
given to the winners. The 1st, 2nd
and 3rd place
winner in each
event won prizes
worth Rs. 1500,
Rs. 1100 and Rs.
800 respectively.
Each and every
both events was

also awarded participation certificates. Food and

refreshments were
made available to
the runners free of
cost. RJ Gaurav
from BigFM engaged the crowd
and gave away
bonus prizes at the
end of the run.
IIM Ranchi student
were placed all
over the stadium
to guide and assist
the participants in the
race and to make sure all
rules and regulations
were followed. An ambulance from Orchid Hospitals, fully equipped with
emergency medical services was kept on standby
at Morhabadi Stadium
throughout the entire
event. The event was a
huge success thanks to
the dedicated efforts of
Samarpan and Sankriya
as well as the volunteers
from IIM Ranchi, who
were lauded for their
incredible initiative.

Special points of
Funathon & Walkathon
Beg, Borrow & Steal
Blow the Mic 4.0
Targeted Online Ads

Inside this issue:

Marathon at IIMR


Musical Night at IIMR

Featured Article

Editors Message


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IIM Ranchi Students went all out to BEG, BORROW AND STEAL!

"Risk more than

others think is
safe. Dream more
than others think
Wont it be an amusing sight
to see good-looking, welldressed guys and girls off on
the streets selling flowers,
fruits and snacks or even offering rides on a cycle rickshaw on a Sunday afternoon?
Well, this is what exactly happened when SOUL Society
for Objective and Unified
Learning, a special interest
group at IIM Ranchi, organized yet another successful
season of Beg Borrow Steal for
the students here.
The competition was kicked
off at 10:00 hours on

11th January from IIMRs

Khelgaon hostel campus. In
all, five teams took part to
demonstrate their prowess in
bargaining, marketing and
strategizing. All the participating teams could spend a maximum of INR 400 and put
their plans into action to increase this sum.
Several impressive ideas came
to the fore and some brilliant
B-plan ideas could be seen
emerging from the same.
There was the winning team
Team Chacha 420 who
came with the idea of deliver-

ing roses with personalized

messages at the doorstep inside hostel campus. They also
set up panipuri and sugarcane juice stalls inside hostel
campus to attract crowd. The
students literally sweated it
out to offer rides on cyclerickshaw to residents to earn
the extra money. Then we saw
the 1st runners-up, Team Auzaar, playing it with risk and
reward strategy through competitive Double or Nothing
chess match! The 2nd runnerup team, Team
Uchakke, knew how to pull
crowds when it went off selling fruits out on Main Road in
full formal business attire!
The rest of the teams did a
fantastic job as well.
The event saw enthusiastic
participation, and was filled
with moments of fun and
learning alike for the participants. Overall, it was a good
respite from the busy, hectic
MBA schedule and a good
opportunity to win some hardearned money and some
handsome prize money too.
SOULs efforts to organize an
event like this were applauded
and more such events are in
store for future!

is practical.
- Howard Schultz
(CEO of Starbucks)


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Blow The Mic 4.0 at IIM Ranchi

Music is a
revelation than
all wisdom and
Ludwig Van

Empty is the heart and

mind that does not enjoy
High Note, the official music
club of IIM Ranchi hosted
another musical night, Blow
the Mic that saw a great participation from performers,
the not so regular performers as well as the rookies .
The junior members of High
Note took the lead to start the
event with a flurry of Bollywood songs and some extremely popular English numbers such as Ram Chahe
Leela, Zombie and Scientis
t (by Coldplay), to name a
few. The performance of the
juniors was followed by the
charismatic lead members of
Warjri and Sumit Anand,
who mesmerized one and all
with the magic of their six
strings as they played a medley of 11 metal songs in 11
minutes, a performance which

was certainly the highlight of

the event. Then, it was the
turn of Prateek Jaiswal,
who in his unmatched and
inimitable style, enthralled the
audience with Inteha ho
gayi, Intezaar Ki. Yet another impromptu performance
saw one of the senior students, Ravinder Chauhan,
cutting loose as he tried his
hand at rap and attempted
Honey Singhs, Desi Kalakar, much to the delight of

the audience. Yet

another 2nd year
student, Onam
sang to the tunes
of Teri
Galiyan and managed to pull off a
performance, indeed.
The music room
was full to capacity
and it is the audience which actually
drove such an event
at the hostel premises of IIM Ranchi.
Among other noteworthy
day, The Reason sung by
yet another lead singer of
High Note, Ganesh Venkat,
stood out. While some singers
tried to lay bare their heart
with performances on songs
such as Come into my
world and White Flag,
it was musicians and the guitarists who stole the show,
which went on till the dead of
the night and was indeed a
resounding success. All hail
High Note!


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Featured Article: Targeted Online Advertisements-A Boon or a Bane?

Article By:

Adarsh Vikrant Pande

1st Year Student
IIM Ranchi
Over the past few centuries,
there have been many efforts
to come up with methods to
help predict human behavior
what Leon Wieseltier of The
New Republic calls mathematizing the subjective.
In the digital era today, with
rapid and disruptive technology at the forefront of innovation, the internet has become
an important tool for almost
every individual and every
business. In this digital age,
with connectivity of multiple
devices, we have taken on
multiple sets of identities, one,
the physical self and second,
the digital or cyber self. This
has given immense scope to
marketers to extend their direct marketing campaigns and
reach out to customers more
likely to purchase their products. This has thus spawned a
number of content hosting
companies and third party
content providers to fight for
this highly lucrative share of
the $23.4 billion online advertising industry (as of 2008), in
a study conducted by the Network Advertising Initiative
(NAI) [1].
Targeted online advertisements work on the mechanics

The aim of
marketing is to
know and
understand the
customer so
where cookies of each website
track the movements of the
user across cyberspace, storing data on parameters such
as clicks, time on webpage,
and path of movement across
cyberspace etc. This data is
captured and stored by many
data providers who build data
bases on users identities and
then try and make an estimate
of what the person browsing is
like in real life by comparing
the data with the existing set
of data. This data is then given
to advertisers who bid to be
able to showcase their ads to
the viewers. This, in a nutshell
is the business model of the
targeted online advertisements.
These advertisements fall into
four broad categories, those
based on Demographics, Psychographics, Behavioural Variables and 2nd order activities,
such as online activity, website
history or contextual advertising. The avenue of Behavioural variable based advertising

was observed to be the most

common method to advertise
As far as the efficacy of these
advertisements go, there is no
question that they are successful. The sheer ubiquity of
these advertisements is testament to the lucrative business
model that it is. Further analysis of the NAI study shows
that advertisers pay upto three
times more for cookie based
ads and that these ads secured
2.7 times the revenue as compared to non-targeted ads.
Further, the study also highlights that these ads were
twice as efficient in securing
converts of clicks to buys. This
therefore is conclusive evidence that targeted advertisement is an effective way to
reach out to customers [1].
Most users though, still consider these ads as an intrusion
of their privacy and are increasingly worried.
(Continued to next page.)

well the
product or
service fits him
and sells itself.

Peter Drucker


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Featured Article:
Targeted Online Advertisements-A Boon or a Bane? (Contd.)

Always deliver
more than
expected .
- Larry Page

Article By:

Adarsh Vikrant Pande

1st Year Student
IIM Ranchi

(Contd. from prev. page:)

The challenge however, for
marketers is not from a financial sense. The economics of
the targeted advertising is
quite sound. The marginal
costs of targeted campaigns
are far lower than brand related searches ($1.69 per search
versus $15.65 per search). The

marginal cost of a click is only

13 cents versus that of 72
cents in a non-targeted campaign [1]. Third party data
providers, through their sophisticated algorithms, have
the ability to gauge the users
age, marital status, whether
the person has children, income level, education level
and a motley of other data.
The scary prospect of this is
that the users anonymity is
increasingly in name only and
can have many negative connotations. As an illustrative
example, banks can use this
type of data to get a priori
knowledge about a persons
income, habits, gender, and
race and ascertain credit worthiness in unsavory manners
and not issue loans/credit
cards solely on the basis of
credit worthiness in the traditional sense. The prospect of
artificial intelligence getting
more and more intelligent
has the plot of a fabulous science fiction movie written all
over it!
This ineluctable flood of targeted advertising requires

stringent monitoring from the

federal agencies if there is to
be a semblance of order and
transparency to prevail. The
increasing data available
online of many people who
unwittingly give data away has
the potential for large scale
exploitation and misuse of
data. It thus falls to both Federal agencies and companies
to play their parts right. If
only more companies like
Google practiced the motto,
Dont be Evil, cyberspace
would be a much better place.
That said, targeted advertising
is a great way for marketers to
send specific relevant ads and
also reduce their advertising
budgets. If regulated properly,
it can be a win-win situation
for both consumers and companies. However, as with any
other tool or technology, data
analytics has its own set of
limitations and thus should
not be overused or depended
upon, illustrated by the image

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Letter from the Editor

Though no one can go
back and make a brand
new start, anyone can
start from now and
make a brand new ending. ~ Carl Bard
For many, the coming
months would be the first
steps of their professional
careers. For the others,
these months would be a
departure from the fledgling careers they had elsewhere. After all, the summer internship is a period
of New Beginnings for
every future management
Your first job might appear daunting and even
impossible at times. Do
not get discouraged when
problems arise. Stay focused and positive always.
Look for new ways to
learn because as long as

you are learning something new, you are winning. Above all, remember
to enjoy your work and
have fun while doing it.
Make an effort to do
something outside of
work as well. This might
very well be the time to
rekindle your passion of
reading. Even in a world
of accelerating technology
and increasing time poverty, the importance and
the joy of reading can never be understated.

There is a tradition in Tibet. After every long and

arduous journey, the people seek a high vantage
point amidst the picturesque mountains and look
back to see how far they
have come. Just ensure
that when you look back,
you have a view that you
are proud of.
- Adarsh K A M
On Behalf of
Literary Club

As you set foot inside

your first job, picture
yourself standing in that
seemingly endless highway. All that you can become in the future lies out
there. Remember to pick
the right path.

IIM Ranchi