Sydney Sun Kappa 5/2/08 Eureka Thoughts I’ve always thought that Physics was one of the most interesting

subjects because it challenges what society dubs “Reality”. A lot in Physics is unable to be seen and most of it we as people don’t even know we’re feeling or are even conscious of, but it’s there and it exists. String theory I think is a perfect example of what I believe physics is. I chose String Theory because I thought that I knew about it because I had seen a documentary on it. But, when I actually started studying I realized that I really didn’t know anything about it at all. Over the process of researching and figuring out this topic I of course figured out a lot of String Theory (even though it’s still just the surface). I had to struggle so much with this theory, because it is so abstract and none of it is proven. When I tried to look up definitions, the answers would have other theories and topics that I didn’t understand so I had to research those as well, which, was frustrating because I didn’t know where I could or should stop. Then I felt like the thesis that I had chosen didn’t fit into the requirements and that made me nervous. But, what I did was that I just “powered” through the topic and all of the definitions. I just checked around with different teachers to help me figure out where I should stop, in terms of going into the definitions. When I got my head together and I knew how I wanted to create my script, presentation, and write-ups I just had to do it. I had the most trouble writing my contents.

I didn’t know how to relate everything with the social and cultural aspects and everything. But, surprisingly I feel a lot better about it now. Now, that exhibition is over I understand what it is I need to do. I thought that string theory might have been a topic that wouldn’t make that big of a difference on the general public because it isn’t talked about really, and even with research it’s hard to understand the topic because it requires such a high level of math and understanding of science and physics that I feel like it’s hard to have a conversation about it and formulate really original and plausible ideas around it unless I was of that caliber (which I’m not). During the exhibition I realized that the beauty of string theory is that I didn't have to come up with a scientific break through to enjoy the theory, and nobody expects me to. But, what my responsibility is passing on the knowledge I have about it and creating a dialogue with other people about String Theory. It challenges topics that are closer to home with people like their religion. It’s figuring out what it would mean for those who believe strongly in their personal philosophies and how the proving or disproving of String Theory will affect that. If

string theory is proven there will be anywhere between 4 to 11 dimensions which means there will be parallel universes. If parallel universes are present, then, there will be a copy of every person in each one of these dimensions. For example, every decision that I make won't really be a decision because the other option would be happening in one of the other dimensions. Slowly I think concepts like regret will die out because on the large scale, all the decisions are going on and they all involve the person. If this concept reaches politics, politicians might say that the reason why they are doing what they are is because they are looking out for the people in the other dimensions. Though the

acceptance of these different dimensions might create a rivalry between the dimensions and our will seem like it is in a perpetual football game because everyone will be constantly on edge, competitive, and filled with adrenaline. The culture of the world will change, and it will prove that the world started from one thing, which goes in hand with the big bang theory and would cancel out religion for a lot of people. These radical changes might come about if string theory is proven. Last night during the exhibition we had a discussion about the difference between devotion/determination and fanaticism. And by hearing what everyone else had to say they helped me more clearly define what those words meant to me; spanning from KC and his experiences in the Science field to Sierra and his music. KC drew the line between determination and fanaticism when a person is willing to pick and choose bits of evidence to fit into their hypothesis. They keep doing this until they get a solution that is unnatural and was forced together, which, was the case with the scientists he worked with. He (the scientist) was willing to neglect parts of certain findings, if it didn't fit into what he was doing. He would keep trying until he had enough pieces of information he then would put together like a forced puzzle. Sierra defined devotion and determination as continuing to work, give, and perform even when you have nothing left but keeps going because you want to make the people happy. But fanaticism on the other hand is when even when your not doing anything good, and you are imposing the music on to people. This action translated into String Theory means that the physicists no longer care about the betterment of society or have genuine care about the unification of theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. The main objective to these fanatic scientists is that

they are proven to be correct, no matter the cost. If this was to happen, then whatever answer they produce will be forced like the answers from the scientist that worked with KC. The exhibition helped me thoroughly understand the importance of the Large Hadron Collider, and where the criticism of fanaticism comes from. I also learned that so many things in life are connected in their fundamental mentalities and actions. With all of the topics that were in my room, Big Bang, Trig, Unifying Theory, Computers, Time Travel, and String theory I know that none of these topics would be where they are now if they didn’t have faith and devotion to their topics and that puts anyone in that position in danger of becoming a fanatic because they are constantly straddling that that line. Over the years that action of straddling the line becomes their life. Now that String theory has come to where it has, I think the road that the physicists had to travel was worth it. The potential findings of String Theory, and what it could do for their community and society and how that can move the entire world forward is worth it. All of this can and will be decided by the Large Hadron Collider and finding the Higgs Boson. I didn’t expect it but it wasn’t just the science I learned, I developed a connection with my topic and everything that it can and will affect and also to my own personal beliefs about science, faith, responsibility, and choice.

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