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Frequently asked questions

ODL in HP SDN Ecosystem

and App Store
Q: What is being announced?
A: To continue with our leadership we are releasing an experimental version of the OpenDaylight controller (based on
Lithium) on the HP SDN App store. The HP SDN App store will now host applications that run on both HP VAN SDN Controller
as well as OpenDaylight
Q: How long has HP been involved with open source and open standards in SDN?
A: HP has been a leader in driving Software-defined Networking (SDN) innovation. Dating back to 2007, HP Networking
started working with Stanford to deliver Ethanethe precursor to OpenFlow followed by delivering the industrys first
OpenFlow demo software for our switches in 2008. In 2013 we announced the first SDN Open Ecosystem including
HP VAN SDN Controller, enabling developers with all the tools to innovate, as well as, the industrys first enterprise-grade
SDN App store as a market place for customers and developers of SDN.
Q: What is the OpenDaylight project?
A: The OpenDaylight project is a collaborative open source project that aims to accelerate adoption of SDN and create a
solid foundation for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for a more transparent approach that fosters community
innovation and reduces risk.
Q: What has been the participation of HP in OpenDaylight been to date?
A: HP is a founding member of OpenDaylight. It has been a silver member since the projects inception, and was
instrumental in its founding, legal, and organizational setup, and the creation of its technical governance model. HP raised
its level of support to become a platinum member in May 2014 and is investing substantial development and test resources
in the core platform.
Recently, HP also acquired ConteXtream who have been developing solutions based on OpenDaylight and also
contributing back to the community since the first ODL release. The ConteXtream solution is not currently available on
the HP SDN App Store, and is separate and distinct from the experimental version that is posted.
Q: What does this announcement mean for customers?
A: Customers now have the opportunity to discover and explore more SDN innovations at HP SDN App Store with the
expanded ecosystem including ODL developers. They can see a new category at the HP SDN App Store hosting the
community version of OpenDaylight controller and the SDN Apps based on OpenDaylight.
Q: What is the HP position on open source, with respect to Networking?
A: The networking market is rapidly evolving, and HP has been at the forefront of the change towards increasing openness,
standardization, and interoperability. HP has a proven ability to drive, adopt, productize, and plug-in to open source, as
evidenced by our leadership in Linux, OpenStack, and various other open source projects. We believe open source speeds up
innovation and provides customers with flexibility in solutions and vendors.
Q: What is the HP SDN strategy?
A: The HP Software-defined Networking provides an end-to-end solution to solve compelling customer problems from
data center to campus and branch. The HP overall SDN solution strategy is to enable the network to deliver business
objectives for data center, campus, and branch, as well as communications service provider customers who require
increased network agility and automation, while delivering enhanced security, optimization, visibility and orchestration on
their existing network infrastructure, without single vendor lock-in. The HP solution architecture allows for inclusion of
various SDN controllers depending on our customers needs.
Expanding the innovations with SDN, HP SDN Open Ecosystem was created delivering the resources to develop and creating
a market place for SDN applications. This ecosystem is now expanding to add OpenDaylight.

Frequently asked questions | ODL in HP SDN Ecosystem and App Store

Q: Will both the HP VAN SDN and OpenDaylight controllers be available in the HP SDN App Store?
A: Our customers/ecosystem partners can now access both OpenDaylight controller as well as the VAN SDN Controller on
the HP SDN App store. Adding the OpenDaylight controller allows developers to experiment with this platform and deliver
concept applications to customers.
The OpenDaylight controller is the open source community version, hence the ODL controller and the ODL controller-based
applications are not validated and supported by HP. While the HP VAN SDN Controller was commercialized 18 months ago
and is in production use at a number of enterprise customers worldwide. HP will continue to enrich the HP VAN SDN
Controller with new capabilities to make it the industrys leading platform for SDN application development and production
deployment. As part of our OpenDaylight contribution, we will bring the best of VAN SDN Controller innovations, interfaces,
practices and support from HP to the larger SDN community.
Q: What will be the HP contribution to a controller based on OpenDaylight?
A: HP is contributing to a number of projects, including to AAA, device drivers, OpenFlow, and Hybrid Mode, clustering for
High Availability, multiapplication support including the Network Intent Composition (NIC) API, Persistence, Service Function
Chaining, OpenStack integration and federation of controllers. In addition, HP is involved in establishing a Continuous
Integration (CI) test framework and performance profiling of the OpenDaylight controller.
Q: What is the relationship between OpenDaylight and OpenStack?
A: OpenDaylight interfaces with OpenStack using the Neutron networking framework. There is a strong and growing overlap
of companies and individual contributors working on both OpenStack Neutron and OpenDaylight. In addition, OpenDaylight,
by virtue of being a liberally licensed open source project, is poised to become the de-facto SDN controller for OpenStack
test and deployment environments, and several companies are productizing full stack solutions for OpenStack that include
an SDN controller powered by OpenDaylight.
Q: I am a customer that has SDN applications running in production on the HP VAN SDN Controller? What does this
announcement mean to me?
A: You are in good shape. HP continues to lead in controller technologies and SDN ecosystem and is committed to
supporting new and existing VAN SDN controller customers that deploy SDN applications in production networks. The VAN
SDN Controller is the premier enterprise-grade controller in the market right now.
Q: I am a developer and have written or ported an app to the HP VAN SDN Controller. What does this announcement
mean to me?
A: You are in great shape. With this announcement you are able to access an even larger market within the same ecosystem
while working with a partner like HPa leader in SDN innovation. Please contact the HPN SDN team for more information
about your app via ODL.
David Hawley
Product Line Manager
Hamid Lalani
Product Line Manager

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