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Anna Rahmadianty. Dilemma stories as an interactive learning media like comic for
science subject in primary school
Education is not only to depress the student for understanding but also to educate
them for becoming as a characteristic and cultural human being. Besides emerging their
potential that have been planted deep within, by education, The student have being taught for
having a behavior and action that could prevent and repair the deviation and damage (human,
nature, and order) around themselves. One of the subjects that giving a chance to the student
for integrating their knowledge that related to the environment is Science.
In primary school education, Science is a subject that gives a chance to the student to
think critically. For instance, they are being taught for finding the method by themselves that
facing on some cases. The learning of science could improve the sense of careness and
sensitiveness of student toward the nature and also giving the chance to them for looking a
solution in an endless natural issue.
In fact, the heavy load of studying in school and the couple hours of learning in class
make the students, their parents, and even their teachers disregard the value of character,
moral, and careness of environment. On the other hand, the tendency of science education in
Indonesia nowadays is only oriented by the result or score, the teacher is only delivering
science as a product and the student is just memorizing some factual information. They are
simply learning science on the lowest domain which is cognitive domain and it is not even
reach the affective and psychomotor domain. They are not getting used to develop the
potential of mind. As a result, it could create a human resources that have a high cognitive
intelligence but useless because they do not know how to applicate their knowledge for
solving the issues. So that, the school is becoming the activity of memorizing which
meaningless for the student.
Character and cultural education nowadays is being the main attention in education
world. Besides the demeanor of parents as a main education of their child, the most important
factor in character building is by teaching them to think how solving the problem of social
society. One of the learning ways for the student to analyse the character, culture, and value
that already had is by Dilemma stories which is a method that has been developed by Prof.
Peter C. Taylor and Dr. Elizabeth Taylor in Curtin University also Dr. Yuli Rahmawati from
chemistry department in Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The method that being used in this study
is research and development method and also literature method.
In gaining of students interest, the author is developing dilemma stories method
becoming dilemma comic. By unique presentation and interaction, dilemma comic will be an
interested handbook for the student whether they are interested in science or not.

Dilemma komik merupakan alternatif media pelajaran berupa bahan bacaan yang
dinilai tepat memecahkan permasalahan yang dijabarkan diatas.
Dilemma comic has the same concept with dilemma stories however the stories are
presented by some cartoons, questions which could train the student to solve the problem and
also taking decisions are being presented. The frame of the study is learning of science at
primary school students have not been able to cause sensitivity toward the environment and
have not been able to teach students to solve the problems themselves and the society and
make decisions. The purpose in the research is to develop the learning media that can be
improved the sensitivity of the environment, to teach the student for solving the problem, to
take the decisions and also to explain the method for science in primary school. Dilemma
comic is the alternative method in learning which include a reading passage to support
students in solving the problem