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Pure. Natural. Unspoiled.


Unique Adventure.
Breathtakingly Beautiful.
A visit to Iceland offers unforgettable adventure for everyone whether it’s for a weekend
getaway or an in-depth island exploration. In a single day you can hunt for the northern lights,
hike across a glacier, take a dip in a natural hot spring, jam in a jazz concert and indulge
in delicious Arctic lobster caught earlier in the day. We invite you to meet our friendly and
welcoming people, breath in our clean fresh air, and discover all the magical places that make
Iceland a destination like no other. Where else in one place will you find 800 hot springs,
10,000 waterfalls, 15 active volcanoes, and 4,500 square miles of glaciers?

This is Iceland. A Natural Choice.

The Icelandic Tourist Board is the official Tourist Office

promoting Iceland as a choice destination for travelers
from the United States and Canada.
“You will pass so many ‘stop the car’ vistas,
you may not make it all the way here. Try.”
ISLANDS Magazine
Hard to Say – Easy to Love

With a population of only 200,000, Reykjavik is a city small in size style musicals bring out the best-of-the-best talent with very others are easily accessed by city bus tours or on walking tours which often take 1 Rockin’ New Year’s Eve
but big on energy with a unique selection of chic contemporary reasonable ticket prices. Many of Reykjavik’s live music venues on themes such as shopping, gastronomy and Viking heritage. 2 The President’s residence – Bessastadir
hotels, reinvigorating spas, award winning restaurants and a are located in intimate settings where Iceland’s hot music scene 3 Face of a Nation
fabulous range of activities. It’s clean and safe streets shine with can be experienced firsthand. Kidding Around 4 Café day
eye popping color whether it’s the grassy piazzas, historic Kids love Reykjavik and are welcome everywhere. Start by feeding the swans on 5 Imagine Peace Tower
buildings, or azure blue ocean peeking through the vibrantly See the Sights Tjornin Pond downtown and then head to the tranquil Laugar Valley where they can 6 Girlfriend getaways
hued houses. The most prominently visible structures in Reykjavik is the newly visit the Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park to spot seals and arctic foxes. Finish the day 7 Solfara Viking ship sculpture
renovated Hallgrimskirkja church where a trip to the top rewards at one of the city’s many outdoor swimming pools.
Refreshingly Cool visitors with spectacular views including a glacier on a clear day. Layout: Prentsnid, Iceland 2009
Reykjavik’s current cultural life is experiencing a period of Perlan (The Pearl) is where beauty meets function as a glass dome Next-Door Neighbors Printed by: Isafoldarprentsmidja, Iceland
significant growth and visitors can enjoy the results in a variety of sits atop the city’s hot water reservoirs. Inside is a revolving Just outside the city limits of Reykjavik lies the friendly town of Kopavogur with its Cover photo: Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson

4 ways including visual art, music, and a huge variety of private and restaurant for elegant dinners and a café open for lunch if you new concert hall, art museum, shopping mall and sports arena. A little farther down
Photographs by: Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson, Arctic Images;, exept: courtesy of: Port of Akureyri, 5
public galleries. The northernmost opera house in the world, a just want to grab an ice cream and enjoy the 360° views. Iceland’s the road, the colorful town of Hafnarfjordur is nestled in a lava field and offers both p. 27/no. 1, 2 and 4
new concert hall opening on the harbor in 2011 and the Reykjavik Parliament is located off the grassy Austurvollur Square, which is traditional and offbeat experiences with Viking feasts, elf-spotting tours, whale Total print run: 60,000 copies
© Icelandic Tourist Board
Arts Festival are just a few cultural morsels on offer. Broadway- just a stone’s throw from Reykjavik harbor. These sites and many watching and horseback riding.

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The Art of Traveling Well
Dining & Entertainment in the Capital and Beyond

Top Chef when ordering and you’ll get a one boldly topped with crispy
Iceland is emerging as a European gourmet hot spot, full of onions, ketchup, mustard, raw onions & curry remoulade.
exciting restaurants to enjoy artistically prepared delicacies.
Icelandic chefs are competitive for local business and are con- What’s Brewing?
stantly outdoing each other in inventive presentations and The crystal fresh water flowing throughout Iceland in abundance
extraordinary flavors. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they have the has many advantages. Great tasting water makes for great
benefit of working with incredibly fresh Icelandic ingredients. tasting beverages such as coffee, soda, and of course beer.
Sheep roam the open countryside all summer long, feeding on Icelandic breweries have been turning water into gold much to
wild berries and moss. This free-range flavor comes through in the delight of Icelanders whose consumption of beer is
succulent Icelandic lamb. Organic vegetables and herbs which dominated by domestic brands such as Viking, Egils, Polar and
season each dish are grown in the countryside in geothermally Kaldi. The quality of Icelandic beer lies in the extremely clean
heated greenhouses. All of Iceland’s dairy products are organic, and soft water the breweries use. Unlike the water used by many
hormone-free and unbelievably delicious. The high point of the foreign breweries, the water used by Icelandic beer does not
culinary year is the Food & Fun Festival which draws chefs from have to be treated chemically, only filtered. New Icelandic
around the world to collaborate on special restaurant menus microbreweries developing specialty beers have been popping
throughout Reykjavik and to participate in a competition where up in Iceland over the past years allowing further experiments
the only rule is – Icelandic ingredients only! with exciting versions of brew.

Passion from the Sea And All That Jazz

Exquisite Icelandic seafood is on the forefront of restaurant Reykjavik is growing rapidly into a weekend getaway destination
menus throughout the country. Whether fish is pulled from the known for its legendary nightlife and energetic atmosphere.
glistening, pollution-free ocean or from the icy streams fed by With the continual selection of sleek wine bars, jazz clubs, old-
glacial runoff, freshness is the key. Icelandic chefs are inspired by world cafes, live music venues and trendy nightclubs there’s a
the ingredient and dishes from restaurants such as Fish Market, place you’ll feel welcome – whatever your mood. The sun never
Orange, Seafood Cellar and Fish Company have received sets on fun in Iceland and lines begin forming at the hottest
accolades from Food & Wine Magazine and Conde Nast places after midnight. In the evening, the downtown area
Traveler for their delicate flavors and creative presentations. becomes a veritable catwalk of sharply dressed Icelanders.
Late night, particularly in the summer, the downtown area
Eat Like a Local takes on a carnival-like atmosphere that is not to be missed.
There’s no denying that Icelanders have a sweet tooth. And
every Icelander has a favorite bakery that they frequent for sweet
treats such as the traditional Danish known as vinabraud, freshly 1 Celebrations at the Pearl “Iceland’s otherworldly landscape is its
baked fruit tarts, lightly sweetened cream tortes and chocolate
meringue delights. Bakers pride themselves on the wide variety
Dishes worth traveling for
Culture is on our Nature
No. 1 draw, though its freewheeling
of freshly baked breads and rolls which are used to make 4 Independence Day nightlife may be a close second.”
6 sandwiches that are delicious & inexpensive for locals and 5 You’ll fall for Iceland! 7
travelers alike. Don’t leave Iceland without trying the country’s 6 Austurvollur Square
USA Today
favorite snack, the pylsu – or hot dog. Say, “Eina med ollu”, 7 Check out those buns!

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“The global financial crises has turned this island nation
into a ‘Halfpriceland’ winter playground.”
Los Angeles Times
Exhilarating Relaxation

The Land of Fire & Ice offers extreme choices in both nature travelers make the ascent by bus and belt driven vehicle and sauna, steam rooms, massage therapy and specialty spa treatments. 1 Explore the road less traveled
and activities. Whether it is challenging the body with a then have time to zip around at leisure on snowmobiles which A visit to the spa promotes harmony between body, mind and spirit and 2 Satisfy your wanderlust
physically demanding sport like ice climbing or refreshing are surprisingly easy to maneuver. alleviates the stress of modern life. 3 Going green
the spirit while soaking in a natural hot spring, you can Go-it-alone types can also test themselves against nature. Outdoor hot springs are hidden throughout the countryside and are 4 Wild Iris
interact with Iceland’s world of natural wonders in endless Cycling around Iceland is a genuine challenge, attracting a the ultimate interaction with Iceland’s raw nature and a highlight of any 5 Global hot spot
ways. growing number of contenders. And really vigorous mountain trip. The most famous outdoor spa is the Blue Lagoon located near 6 Hurry up and slow down
hiking trails fan out in all directions from the outskirts of almost Keflavik Airport. The therapeutic, milky blue, mineral-rich waters are ideal 7 Shower yourself with nature
Exploring the Extreme every community. for relieving jet lag when arriving or for a last dip before the transatlantic
Thrill seekers in search of a real challenge will not be flight home. Lake Myvatn Nature Baths in the north offer bathers a
disappointed in Iceland. Glacial river rafting, ice cave Hot Springs Fever completely natural experience in an area of fragile beauty.
spelunking, wild shore kayaking and deep sea fishing are Need a break from the dining & nightlife? Take a dip in one of
10 just the tip of the iceberg Glaciers cover 1/9th of Iceland’s Iceland’s hundreds of outdoor swimming pools, geothermally Want to know more? 11
land surface. Snowmobiling is an exhilarating way for almost heated of course! Soak away the day’s stresses by relaxing in a
anyone to experience them. Tours are available where hot pot while chatting with the locals. Many facilities offer Call us: 212 885 9700

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Sightseeing Spectaculars “Iceland is where the landscape seems
alive, where volcanoes, geysers &
Postcards from the edge waterfalls abound.”
The Boston Globe
Mother Nature is still hard at work in Iceland, one of the newest are the waters of Viti, an explosion crater nearby. Another
places on Earth. The fruits of her labor are easy to spot through­ unforgettable sight near Myvatn is Eldhraun (“fire lava”), a
out the country, from the desolate highland interior to the rugged lava field where the Apollo 11 crew came in the late
Hvera­gerdi hot springs area only a half-hour drive from Reykja­ 1960s to train for their impending moonwalks.
vik. Glaciers grow, shrink and change every year, while incredible
bird life paints the landscape. The wide open spaces, the green Wild Places
valleys and moss-covered lava fields, deep fjords and high cliffs Two gems on the southern rim of Iceland’s highlands are
all make Iceland’s nature picture perfect. among the nation’s most popular summer spots. Thorsmork
is a hikers’ paradise with delicate trees and grass nestling
Circle of Sights among mountains and glaciers. Landmannalaugar is a hotbed
Of all the spectacular nature that resides in Iceland there are of geothermal activity, famed for its hot springs where travelers
three must-see highlights that are easily experienced in one day can bathe, and for the wild colors of its landscape. Another
on the Golden Circle, a 190 mile circular route which is a popu- treasure bordering the southern interior is the Lakagigar crater
lar introduction to Iceland’s natural beauty. Thingvellir National series, which produced the largest lava flow ever witnessed in
Park (UNESCO) is Iceland’s greatest historical site and a place the world, during the volcanic eruptions of 1783.
of tremendous geological interests. It is the site of Iceland’s
first parliament and a place where the North American and Discover Natural Wonders
European tectonic plates are splitting apart in a very breathtak- West Iceland is a showcase of lava formations, geothermal
ing way. A short ride across fertile farmlands in the south reveal activity and history. On Snaefellsnes peninsula, resides the
the breathtaking Gullfoss “Golden” Waterfalls where traversing glittering glacial cap of Snaefellsjokull, which provided Jules
a narrow path provides close-up views of the thundering water- Verne with the setting for Journey to the Center of the Earth
fall below. Only a few minutes away is the Geysir geothermal and was depicted in the 2008 major motion picture of the
area where hot springs are in abundance, geysers explode and same name.
pools of mud bubble. This area is also the residence of the The Westfjords are typified by steep mountains rising from
relable “Strokkur” which spews hot water 100 feet into the air the sea and deep fjords dotted with quaint fishing villages.
every ten minutes, and of course the great Geysir which is The Hornstrandir nature reserve is not only breathtaking in its
not as active, but gave all other geysers their name. rawness but also astonishingly rich in vegetation on the edge
of the inhabitable world.
Where There’s Smoke East Iceland accounts for a large chunk of Iceland’s total
There are 15 active volcanoes in Iceland. The heavy volcanic area with Egilsstadir as the regional center, on the banks of
activity during the last few thousand years accounts for Iceland’s Lagarfljot river where cruises are offered. Nearby Hallormsstada­
extraordinary land formations and geology. In the north of the skogur has an impressive forest, beyond where lies the natural
country, bubbling mud flats, volcanic craters, newborn lava habitat of Iceland’s reindeer population.
fields, and grassy areas teeming with waterfowl are among the The port of Hofn on the southeast corner of Iceland offers
sights of the striking Lake Myvatn region, one of the most exciting trips to the Vatnajoull glacier as well as whale watching
geologically active and stunningly beautiful areas in Iceland. cruises. Other must-see sites in the area include the Jokulsarlon
Dimmuborgir, on the East side of the lake, is a badlands of lava glacial lagoon, renowned for its iceberg cruises, and Skaftafell
12 pillars, many reaching 65 feet in height. Some of the most National Park, where green woodlands and black mountains 13
visually bizarre attractions in the region are the mud pits of touch the sheer white glacier in the shadow of the country’s
Haverarond, which are so hot that they actually boil. Far cooler highest peak, Hvannadalshnukur (6,950 ft).

1 The Ice Age

2 Soley Summer
3 Paradise found
4 Where heaven meets Earth
5 Bathing beauties
6 Local color

Want to know more?
Call us: 212 885 9700
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Non-Stop Fun
Under the
Midnight Sun
The Great Outdoors

“There’s something fascinatingly on the

edge, and edgy, about Iceland.“
The Toronto Star

Outdoor adventure is just a way of life in Iceland. Whether Golf: Iceland has over 50 golf courses, with dramatic Caving: The unique geology of Iceland has formed an underworld of 1 Tjornes peninsula
it’s due to the imposing geography or the Viking heritage, landscaping you won’t see anywhere else. Enjoy midnight surprising lava tubes and caves for you to discover. 2 Looking for a new place to drive?
Icelanders enjoy being active and outdoors especially golf in summer! 3 Your great Icelandic adventure
Sport Fishing: Buy your permits in advance to fish for salmon or trout in
attractions with an edge. Iceland is a country where you 4 Nature’s WOW factor
Horseback Riding: The purebred Viking horse controls five gaits Iceland’s clear lakes and waters.
can see and do things you can’t elsewhere – in winter or 5 Twilight skiing
while most other breeds only have three or four. The Tolt gait is
summer. Experiencing them is easy with many of the Bird Watching: Iceland is a paradise for birdwatchers across the country, 6 The girl next door
a very smooth run that ensures an extremely comfortable ride.
activities taking place in Reykjavik or within a one hour including Latrabjarg in the Westfjords, the largest bird cliff in the world as 7 Go speed racers!
drive from the capital. Snowmobiling: Available year round, snowmobiling is an well as the world’s largest puffin colony located in the Westmann Islands.
exhilarating adventure everyone can enjoy.
Hiking: There are hiking trails throughout the island across Whale Watching: Catch a glimpse of these graceful giants in their natural
lava fields, glaciers, lakes and sand whether you’re chasing River Rafting: The glacial rivers of Iceland cut through stunning habitat on a whale watching excursion where success rates are greater than
the Midnight Sun in summer or hunting for the Northern scenery so surreal it has to be seen to be believed. 95 percent.
16 Lights in winter.
Want to know more? 17
Kayaking: Whether on unique lagoons or out on the sea,
Ice Climbing: This thrilling activity is a great way to get to kayaking is an ideal way to take in Iceland’s extraordinary Call us: 212 885 9700
know the glacier and its magnificent surroundings. nature, and a relaxing way to spend the day.

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In the Footsteps of Vikings
Choose Your Adventure

If you want to break from the crowd, setting your own pace on a is the central route between north and south. With only rough pot” by your summerhouse or campsite, Iceland has accommodation to suit 1 Want to see a Glacier? Better Hurry!
visit to Iceland couldn’t be easier. tracks and unbridged rivers, it is a good idea to undertake the all tastes and budgets. While you can find places to stay year-round, it is a 2 A New Direction
route in convoy. The route threads its way between glaciers to good idea to book ahead during the busy summer months. If you’re 3 Viking Breed
Technicolor Dream Road come out southeast of Akureyri in the north. traveling as a family, don’t forget to ask about children’s discounts, which 4 Viking Brood
Renting a car and heading out on the open road provides the But remember: It’s sometimes a short step between feeling are often available. 5 Into the Wild
ultimate freedom to experience Iceland at your own pace. The free and feeling lost. Hikers, glacier explorers and interior 6 Viking Raiders
900-mile “Ring Road” which circles the island offers the perfect wanderers should always notify someone of their plans when 7 Affordable Adventure
driving route with plenty of stops at gorgeous fjords and striking heading out into the wilds. And off road driving is strictly
peninsulas that branch out all over the country. It is possible to prohibited: sub-Arctic vegetation is sensitive and surface
rent four wheel drive vehicles, but do not venture alone into damage from tires can take decades to heal. “Iceland has long been a temptingly exotic destination of
isolated places where you may face the risk of having to cross milky-blue geothermal lakes, stunning fjords and waterfalls
18 unbridged rivers. Room With a View and tales of Vikings and elves.” Want to know more? 19
In summer, you can journey into the uninhabited interior of Whether it’s sleeping between the finest linen sheets in a four-
the country on 4WD vehicle. The black sands of Sprengisandur star hotel or watching the northern lights from an outdoor “hot The Chicago Tribune Call us: 212 885 9700

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for Everyone
Think of a City
Remove Then add
- crowds + wellness
- traffic + nature
- noise + inspiration
- pollution + fun
- stress + intimacy
- pressure + space

ÍSLENSKA SIA.IS HBS 46592 06.2009

“Almost anyone can afford to bask in the 20
hours of daylight that illuminate Iceland.”
Reykjavík – Pure Energy
Conde Nast Traveler
Rise to the Occasion
Whatever the time of year you’re in Iceland, there’ll be something going on of interest.
Sometimes it’s a familiar festivity in a distinctive Icelandic setting, and sometimes it’s a charming
local custom that will grab your imagination. Here are a few to look forward to in 2010:

Thorrablot (January 23 to February 22): An ancient Viking mid- Summer Solstice (June 21): Gatherings celebrate the magic
winter tradition of feasting on traditional foods like boiled sheep of the midnight sun on the longest day of the year.
head and rotten shark meat as well as more edible goodies.
August Long Weekend (August 1–3): Almost everyone heads
Live like a Viking just once a year.
to the countryside to camp or attend music festivals around the
Lent (February 23–25): Fill up with cream buns on Monday and country, the biggest of which is on the Westman Islands.
salted meat and peas on Tuesday. Then watch children dress up
Gay Pride (August 6–9): Gays and lesbians come out in force
in the streets on Wednesday.
and style to parade and party in Reykjavik.
Food and Fun (February 25-March 1): International chefs create
Culture Night (August 22): The day begins with the Reykjavik
incredible menus at Reykjavik’s best restaurant. Book well in
Marathon, followed by artistic events which are held in the
advance. See
streets and at cafés throughout the day. The day culminates
Easter (April 9–12): Huge chocolate eggs, smoked lamb and a in a massive fireworks display.
time for families to relax together.
Sheep Round-Up (September): Farmers herd the sheep they
First Day of Summer (April 23): In Iceland, this holiday falls in have rounded up from summer grazing in the wilds. A fun and
22 April with colorful parades and street entertainment. merry occasion.
Reykjavik Arts Festival (May 15–30): A varied program of cultural Iceland Airwaves (October 15–19): This alternative music festival
events and concerts with leading Icelandic and international gets bigger and better every year, attracting bands and fans
artists. See from around the world. Check
Festival of the Sea (June 6–7): This festival honors those who Christmas Season (December): Icelanders love Christmas. The Reykjavík is a colourful city. Ever exploring and outgoing, where hospitality is one of the key virtues. Reykjavík invites
make their living from the sea. There are parades, arts and streets and homes are decorated in bright lights and Christmas this young and vibrant city has a personality of strong you to breathe the ever ongoing energetic atmosphere of
crafts activities and cultural events in towns throughout the buffets at restaurants offer delicacies like smoked lamb and contrasts. A small city, built by a close-knit community a small capital with a cosmopolitan heart.
country. ptarmigan.
National Day (June 17): Iceland takes on a mardi-gras like New Year’s Eve (December 31): The New Year is celebrated
atmosphere with parades and street fairs as Icelanders with a bang, with the biggest fireworks display you’ll probably
celebrate their full independence from Denmark (which ever see. There are public bonfires and the merrymaking lasts
occurred in 1944). right through to the following year.

Visit Reykjavík - Adalstraeti 2 - 101 Reykjavík - Iceland - Tel. +354 590 1550 - Fax 590 1501 -
Whale Watching and puffin island
Conveniently located in Reykjavík’s Old harbour, Elding
can bring you up close to whales in their natural habitat.

Summer schedule Winter schedule

April May June July Aug Sept Oct Friday Saturday Sunday
9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00
13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00
17:00 17:00 17:00

Other adventures with Elding

Puffin Tours - Close, Colourful & Charismatic
Sea angling - Fun, Fish & Fresh Air Umhverfisverðlaun
Environmental Award

Viðey Island - History, Nature & Art

Free access to the Whale Watching Centre

Ferðamálastofu Íslands

Make sure it's Eld
Tour Operator
Environmental Award
Icelandic Tourist Board

Merki til að nota í starfsemi fyrirtækja.

Merki til að nota í auglýsingar og kynningarefni skal ekki nota
minna en 10 mm á breidd.

Pt. 287 - 100C 69M 0Y 11K

Pt. 1795 - 0C 94M 100Y 0K
70% svart

Call us on 555 3565

or book online at

The Cultivated Shopper

Shopping on Top of the World knitted apparel are available at souvenir shops and stores such
Fashion is a way of life in Iceland. Strolling down the main as Kisan Concept Shop on Laugavegur street. Iceland may not
shopping street, Laugarvegur, in Reykjavik can sometimes feel be rich in minerals, but Icelandic designers make the most of
like you’re on one long catwalk of tres chic boutiques. Whether what they have. A new trend in Icelandic jewelry is the use of

H V Í TA H Ú S I Ð / S Í A – 0 8 - 1 2 5 0
you’re on one of the oldest thoroughfares in the city, or at unfinished volcanic stones, which are set in silver and gold to
modern indoor shopping area like Kringlan in Reykjavik and create a contrasting and organic look. These handmade and
Smaralind in Kopavogur – the shopping is fabulous. With the one-of-a-kind pieces can be found in stores like Gullkunst
krona losing almost half its value against the dollar since the Helgu.
global economic crisis hit Iceland, the island's loss just might be
the world's gain. For visitors, it means that Iceland's innovative, Shopping Tours
24 otherworldly design is more attractive and affordable than ever. A new trend in shopping has top Icelandic designers escorting
visitors through Reykjavik's fashion district as personal shopping
Fashion Forward consultants. The service is tailored to the interests of each
Icelandic creations are unique. Icelanders are independent in shopper and includes help finding the city's best boutiques,
mind and designers are attracted to using less traditional advice on hot trends and assistance in putting together that
materials, such as rubber, wool, volcanic rock and fish skin in unmistakable Icelandic look.
their creations. Fish leather is making a name as a sustainable
option, from handbags and napkin rings to exotic lamps made
from the hide of a whole cod available at Kraum store. In a
northerly climate brimming with sheep, woolen wear is naturally “Iceland's fashion designers
top-quality. The most popular item is the traditional lopapeysa:
a chunky, knit sweater with a distinctively Nordic pattern along flourish in the downturn.”
the collar and cuffs. These gorgeous sweaters and other hand Energy for life through forces of nature
Time Magazine
Blue Lagoon is open daily year round.
Ideally located, only 20 minutes from Keflavík International Airport and 45 minutes from Reykjavík
Licensing and
registration of
travel-related services
The Icelandic Tourist Board issues
licences to tour op­er­a­tors and
travel agents, as well as issuing
registration to booking services
and information centres.

Tour operators and travel agents

are required to use a special logo
approved by the Icelandic Tourist
Board on all their advertisements
and on their Internet website.

Booking services and information

Frequently Asked Questions centres are entitled to use a

Tourist Board logo on all their
material. The logos below are
recognised by the Icelandic
Where is it? How should I dress?
Tourist Board.
Iceland is a European island midway between North America Dress much the way you would in New York City in the fall, winter
and the continent of Europe. It’s the same distance from and spring. In summer, carry a light jacket. In the country­side, wear Travel Agency Tour Operator Booking Office Information Office
New York to Iceland as from New York to Los Angeles. sneakers or hiking shoes. The weather can be extremely change-
able. And always bring a bathing suit. Icelanders’ favorite pastime Authorised by Authorised by Registrated by Registrated by

How do I get there?

Icelandic Tourist Board Icelandic Tourist Board
Icelandic Tourist Board Icelandic Tourist Board

is year-round outdoor swimming in the countless geothermally

Icelandair flies from seven different US/Canada gateways, many heated pools and lagoons, which are as warm as bathwater.
on a daily basis: New York (JFK), Boston (BOS), Seattle (SEA),
Minneapolis (MSP), Orlando (SFB), Toronto (TOR), Halifax (YYZ).
Iceland Express a low cost carrier from Iceland has announced
Summer flights from Newark, NJ (EWR) and Winnipeg (YWG)
How are accommodations and food?
World-class! Iceland’s hotels and guesthouses are almost invari-
ably clean and comfortable, and often come with additional
Cruises to Iceland
commencing in June of 2010. All fights connect at Iceland’s amenities like access to wireless internet. Homegrown seafood
Keflavik International Airport with flights to other popular and lamb dishes are popular and available anywhere. In the Travelers from all over the world are getting in on the fun of And the views don’t get any better! The distinctive geological
destinations on the European continent. Many people discover more populated areas, international cuisine, vegetarian and cruising to intriguing Iceland. From a total of nine ports, an phenomena of Iceland makes for a truly impressive coastline
Iceland by taking advantage of “stop-over” opportunities American fast food are all easy to find. alluring range of shore excursions awaits you from the exotic abundant in mountain ranges, stark cliffs, birdlife and marine
while on their way to or from somewhere else. and adventurous to those more indulgent and relaxing. Take in mammals. All aboard!
What kind of money is used in Iceland?
some Viking culture, treat yourself to the ultimate outdoor spa
How big is Iceland? The currency used in Iceland is the krona, plural kronur (ISK).
experience, traverse stunning lava fields and glaciers in a super
It’s about the size of Kentucky. Iceland has about 318,000 Money can be easily exchanged at the airport, banks and cur-
truck, and chase the Midnight Sun down with a sumptuous
people, most of whom live in coastal areas. rency exchanges. Visa, MasterCard, and Cirrus use is pervasive
lobster feast – just to start! Iceland’s small size makes it easy
throughout Iceland. ATMs are generally not hard to find.
How cold does it get? for cruise passengers to enjoy all that Iceland has to offer. 1 Port of Akureyri
26 Actually, thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland maintains What about the electricity? Whether your port of call is trendy Reykjavik with its pure 2 Don’t miss the boat! 27
surprisingly moderate temperatures year-round. It seldom Icelandic electrical standards are European (50Hz, 240 volts), so energy or a quaint fishing village, you are guaranteed a unique 3 Sunset on cloud nine
reaches 75°F (24°C) in the summer. And during winter, many North American electrical devices will require converters cruise experience as Iceland is like no place else on Earth. 4 It’s a shore thing
Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik never reaches the low and all will require plug adapters.
temperatures experienced by New York and Ottawa.
Got another question?
Do Icelanders speak English? Visit for more information.
The official language of Iceland is Icelandic, but most
Icelanders speak fluent English. In fact, they welcome the
opportunity, so don’t be shy about approaching an Icelander.

Are daylight hours normal? “People can go snowmobiling in winter, hiking

Well, for this part of the world, they are. In summer, you on volcanoes and swimming in geothermal pools
won’t see much darkness. In mid-winter, expect only four
that are all over the country.”
to five hours a day of daylight. Spring and fall daylight hours
are roughly the same as in North America. Seattle Times

2 3 4
Guide to Hotels and Guesthouses
The following pages contain information about accommodation in Iceland. Entries include a map on page 40.
As described in more detail in the Practical Information section in this brochure, Iceland has recently introduced a
classification system for accommodation. Star ratings are included in the listings and advertisements where available.

Hotel Chains Radisson BLU 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik Hotel Borgarnes 
 Egilsgata 16 • IS-310 Borgarnes (B4)
Posthusstraeti 2 • IS-101 Reykjavik Tel.: +354-437-1119 • Fax: +354-437-1443
Tel.: +354-599-1000 • Fax: +354-599-1001 E-mail:
CenterHotels Hnjotur Guesthouse
Hnjoti, Orlygshofn • IS-451 Patreksfjordur
Skjaldbreid, Klopp, Thingholt, Arnarhvoll
Tel.: +354-456-1596 / +354-893-8024
and Plaza. 413 rooms in 5 first-class
hotels in the heart of Reykjavik’s city centre
Central Booking Office: Radisson SAS Saga Hotel 
Laugavegur 16 • IS-101 Reykjavik (B4) Hagatorg • IS-107 Reykjavik (B4)
Brimnes Hotel
Tel.: +354-595-8500 • Fax: +354-595-8511 Tel.: +354-525-9900 • Fax: +354-525-9909
Bylgjubyggd 2 • IS-625 Olafsfjordur
E-mail: E-mail:
Tel.: +354-466-2400 • Fax: +354-466-2660
Fosshotels & Inns of Iceland
A chain of 11 friendly tourist-class hotels all
around Iceland
Central Booking Office: Reykjavik Hotels
Country Hotel Arnanes
Tel.: +354-562-4000 • Fax: +354-562-4001 Sigtun 38 • IS-105 Reykjavik
IS-781 Hofn (F4)
E-mail: Tel.: +354-514-8000 • Fax: +354-514-8030
Tel.: +354-478-1550 • Fax: +354-478-1819 and E-mail:
E-mail: •
Icelandic Farm Holidays

expo ·
A chain of 140 farms with 4,000 beds; country
Hotels in Reykjavik
we‘ll TAKe
hotels and guesthouses all around Iceland Hotel Selfoss
Central Booking Office: Eyravegur 2 • IS-800 Selfoss
Hotel Borg 
Sidumuli 2 • IS-108 Reykjavik Tel.: +354-480-2500 • Fax: +354-482-2524
Friendlier all around Iceland
you There!
Character with style.
Tel.: +354-570-2700 • Fax: +354-570-2799 E-mail:
Built in 1930 and restored to its original Art
Deco style in 2008, the four star Hotel Borg is a Fosshotels & Inns of Iceland DAy Tours To All The mosT exciTing plAces in icelAnD
showcase of sophistication offers 11 hotels all around the country,
Keahotels Iceland Posthusstraeti 9–11 at Iceland‘s most spectacular
Six hotels in key locations. Hotel Borg & Hotel 101 Reykjavik nature locations.
Bjork in Reykjavik city, Hotel Kea, Hotel Harpa Tel.: +354-551-1440 • Fax: +354-551-1420
& Hotel Nordurland in Akureyri and Hotel E-mail: - Hotel packages for self-drive tours
Gigur by Lake Myvatn - Yoga & wellness retreats
Head office: - Glacier, theme and family hotels
28 Tel.: +354-460-2050 • Fax: +354-460-2070
Guesthouses in Reykjavik - Outdoor active & healthy living
Book now on Book now by calling 580 5400 Guesthouse Borgartun Sales & Information:
Borgartun 34 • IS-105 Reykjavik (B4) why noT TAKe A Tour wiTh us?
Tel. +354-562-4000 / Fax +354-562-4001
Tel.: +354-511-1500 • Fax: +354-511-1511 Discover all the magical places not to be missed when
Island, Reykjavik Email: in iceland: Beautiful nature, multi-colored mountains,
Park Inn Island  E-mail: • fertile farmlands, stunning views, plummeting waterfalls, natural wonders and geological phenomena.
Armuli 9 • IS-108 Reykjavik (B4)
Tel.: +354-595-7000 • Fax: +354-595-7001
Accommodation outside Reykjavik As described in more detail in the
Practical Information section of this
brochure, Iceland has a classification
system for accommodation. Star DAy Tours

Hotel Keflavik  Tours more Tours

ratings are included in the listings
mosT exciT
To All TheicelAnD

Vatnsnesvegur 12 • IS-230 Keflavik (B4) and advertisements where available. we’ll TAKe
you There!
relAx AnD enjoy
your Trip
AvAilABle in
Tel.: +354-420-7000 • Fax: +354-420-7002 We’ll take
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Icelandair Holidays Tour Operators for Group Leaders CHURCH: The National Church of Iceland, to addition to Iceland: Austria, Belgium, Sweden. A visa does not grant the right to TRAVELERS’ CHECKS: Travelers’ checks are
Phone: 1-800-779-2899 which 90% of the population belongs, is Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, work in Iceland, unless immigration authorities widely accepted in Iceland.
Brekke Tours/Scandinavia
Phone: 1-800-437-5302 Evangelical Lutheran. In addition to the many Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, have explicitly granted the applicant this right.
Lucky Mindy Adventures, LLC DEBIT CARDS: Electron, Maestro and edc
E-mail: Lutheran churches in Reykja­vik, there is a Sweden and Germany. Travel between above- It is a requirement for all visa applications that,
Phone: 1-877-291-1053 debit cards are increasingly being accepted by
Collette Vacations
E-mail: Roman Catholic Cathedral and numerous mentioned countries will in principle be that the time of making the application; the
Phone: 1-800-340-5158 merchants.
Pack & Pedal Europe other houses of worship. without document check. applicant resides legally in the country from
Phone: 1-877-965-2064 CREDIT CARDS: Credit cards are widely
Escorted Europe with Icelandair which the application is submitted. Doc­u­ments
E-mail: TIME: Iceland stays on Greenwich Mean Time ATTENTION: Nationals of the following
Phone: 1-800-466-6990 to be enclosed with the application e.g.: A used in Iceland and accepted by most
TMB Travel / Protravel Int (GMT) all year round. countries do not require visas to travel to
E-mail: valid travel document on which a visa may be establishments, including hotels, restaurants,
Phone: 1-212-702-2648
LTA World Discoveries Iceland as visitors (information from May 2004),
E-mail: HISTORY: The first permanent settler of affixed. Where necessary, documents car rentals and shops.
Phone: 1-888-261-8808 although they do require valid travel
E-mail: Iceland was Ingolfur Arnarson, a Norwegian supporting the purpose and the conditions of
Senior Travel documents that are valid for three months SHOPPING: The stores and shops in Iceland
MWT Associates Viking who in AD874 made his home where the planned visit, guarantees of means of
beyond their intended stay. All foreigners, are of international standard and carry a wide
Collette Vacations Phone: 1-877-707-7827 Reykjavik now stands. In AD930, the Viking return and means of subsistence, personal variety of merchandise. Local specialties are
Phone: 1-800-340-5158 E-mail: except citizens of EEA, will have to have
settlers of Iceland founded one of the world’s interviews with applicants, two passport Pearls of Scandinavia sufficient funds at the external borders for their woolen knitwear (for example sweaters,
Elderhostel first republican governments. They established photos and travel insurance. A list of
Phone: 1-231-946-2242 stay in the Schengen area and they will have to cardigans, hats and mittens), handmade
Phone: 1-800-454-5768 E-mail: a constitution based on in­di­vid­u­al freedom, embassies and further information is updated
have a valid return ticket or sufficient funds for ceramics, glassware and silver jewelry. Also
E-mail: Travel & Play with Icelandair land ownership, and sophisticated inheritance on the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration
ElderTreks Phone: 1-800-824-8347 a return ticket to their country of residence. available is a great variety of high-quality
laws. In the year 1000, Icelandic-born Leifur web site
Phone: 1-800-741-7956 E-mail: seafood. Shopping hours are Mon–Fri 9 AM to
E-mail: Eiriksson (Leif Eriksson, sometimes called “Leif COUNTRIES EXEMPTED FROM VISA
Tumlare Travel Organization 6 PM, Sat from 10 AM to 1, 2, 3 or 4 PM,
Globus & Cosmos Phone: 1-800-954-6713 the Lucky”) became the first European to set REQUIREMENTS besides Canada and the
Arriving in Iceland varying from one shop to another. Some
Phone: 1-866-755-8581 E-mail: foot in North America. On another Viking United States of America: Andorra, Argentina, AIRPORT BUSES: service is operated between supermarkets are open to 11 PM seven days a
Vantage Deluxe World Travel expedition a couple of years later, Icelander Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil,
Grand Circle Travel Phone: 1-800-322-6677 Reykjavik and Keflavik In­ter­na­tion­al Airport. week. Many shops and stores are closed on
Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir had a son, Snorri, Brunei, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia,
Phone: 1-800-959-0405 Buses leave Reykjavik from the BSI bus Saturdays during the summer – June, July and
E-mail: who became the first child of European Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, El
terminal 2,5 hours before flight departure. The August – but the woolen goods stores are
Holiday Vacations descent to be born in America. The Old Com­ Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,
drive from the airport to Reykjavik takes about open on Saturdays and some on Sundays as
Phone: 1-800-826-2266 FAST FACTS ON ICELAND mon­wealth Age, described in the classic Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong
well. Shops outside Reykjavik in service centers
E-mail: 40–50 minutes. The fare is ISK 1,700 one way
LAND: Iceland is an island of almost 40,000 Icelandic Sagas, lasted until 1262, when (applicable for those holding HKSAR
Horizon Holidays for adults and ISK 850 one way for children or gas stations are often open all day (9 AM to
Phone: 1-416-585-9911 square miles, equal to that of Ohio. Iceland’s Iceland lost its independence. In 1918 it passports), Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy,
12–15 years. Prices are subject to rate list 2009. 10, 11, or 11:30 PM) every day of the week.
E-mail: highest peak, Hvannadalshnukur, is 6,500 ft. regained in­de­pend­ence and in 1944 the Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,
MWT Associates present republic was founded. The country is Luxembourg, Macao (applicable for those ARRIVAL IN SEYDISFJORDUR: From TAX REFUND: A refund of local Value-Added
Iceland has the largest glaciers in Europe – in
Phone: 1-877-707-7827 Tax (VAT) is available to all visitors in Iceland.
fact, 11% of the country is covered by glaciers. governed by the Althing (Parliament), whose holding MSAR passports), Malaysia, Malta, Seydisfjordur it is easy to take a bus to all
63 members are elected every four years. Mexico (Holders of Mexican Diplomatic and major destinations in Iceland. The trip from The refund will result in a reduction of up to
Norwegian Coastal Voyage Inc./Bergen Line The coastline is dotted with more than one
Services Elections every four years are also held for the Service Passports are obliged to be in Seydis­fjordur to Reykjavik takes about 8–9 15% of the retail price, provided departure
hundred fjords – and green, fertile valleys
Phone: 1-800-323-7436 presidency; President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson possession of a visa.), Monaco, Netherlands, hours and from Seydisfjordur to Akureyri from Iceland is within 3 months after the date
extend from them. Iceland also has more than
E-mail: about 5–6 hours in one go. of purchase. The purchase amount must be no
10,000 waterfalls and countless hot springs. was elected in June 2008 for the fourth time. New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama,
Vantage Deluxe World Travel
Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San For information: tel.: +354-472-1551 less than ISK 5,000 per sales receipt, and all
Phone: 1-800-322-6677 ECONOMY: The economy is heavily depend­
ENERGY: Situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, • goods (except woolens) need to be shown at Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South
Iceland is a hot spot of volcanic and ge­o­ther­ ent upon fisheries, which are the nation’s
Walking The World Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great customs before check-in. At Keflavik Airport
Phone: 1-800-340-9255 mal activity. 30 volcanoes have erupted in the greatest resource. 70% of all exports are made AIRPORT TAXIS: Taxis are always waiting out­
Britain (incl. Bermuda (Holders of British this only applies to tax-free forms whose
E-mail: past two centuries, and natural hot water up of seafood products. Yet only a small side the arrival hall. Cab fare to Reykjavik for a
passports who have a national passport, or a refund value exceeds ISK 5,000. All other forms
supplies much of the population with cheap, proportion of the workforce is active in this four-passenger taxi is approximately USD 165.
person holding an identity card issued by the can be refunded directly in cash at Landsbanki
SPA’s/Swimming/Fitness pollution-free heat­ing. Rivers, too, are sector (4.4% in fishing and 5.6% in fish
competent authority and where the citizenship Islands in the departure hall.
Icelandair Holidays harnessed to provide inexpensive hy­dro­e­lec­ processing). About 66% of the workforce is In Iceland
Phone: 1-800-779-2899 is stated as “British Citizen” or “British DUTY-FREE: Duty-free stores at Keflavik
tric power. employed in services. Icelanders enjoy one of BUSINESS AND BANKING HOURS: Office
E-mail: National Overseas” (BNO) and which is valid Airport are open to coincide with flight
RMC’s Body Mind Spirit Journeys the highest standards of living in the world. hours are generally 9 AM to 5 PM and 8 AM to
PEOPLE: Of a population numbering 318,000, for entry into Great Britain, Turks and Caicos departures and arrivals.
Phone: 1-800-231-9811 HEALTH and EDUCATION: Life expectancy 4 PM during June, July and August. Shopping
E-mail: more than half lives in the Greater Reykja­vik Islands, Cayman Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat,
(81.3 years for women and 76.4 for men) is one hours are Mon–Fri 9 AM to 6 PM, Sat from 10 LAUNDRY: Laundry and dry cleaning services
Area. The native language is Icelandic but British Virgin Islands, St. Helena, Falkland
of the highest in the world, and a com­pre­hen­ AM to 1, 2, 3 or 4 PM. Some supermarkets are are available at most hotels through­out the
Special Tours for the Handicapped most Icelanders speak fluent English. Islands and Gibraltar), Uruguay, Vatican and
sive state health-care system aims to keep it open to 11 PM seven days a week or even 24 country. For further information on public
Iceland Outdoor Adventures Venezuela.
LANGUAGE: The Icelanders still speak the hours in the largest towns. Banking hours are laundry contact tourist information centers.
Phone: 1-732-441-7390 that way. The population enjoys a high-quality
E-mail: language of the Vikings (Old Norse). When VISAS: Anyone visiting Iceland for short Mon–Fri 9:15 AM to 4 PM.
public school system, including its own
32 Lucky Mindy Adventures, LLC new words are needed, they simply coin words
university since 1911. Many Icelanders receive
periods of time from a country with a visa
POST OFFICES: There are post offices 33
located in all major communities in Iceland.
Phone: 1-877-291-1053 that are com­bi­na­tions or modifications of old requirement for entering the country must
E-mail: their Masters degrees abroad. Universities in on the amount of foreign cur­ren­cy which may For information on opening hours see http://
words. Iceland is alone in up­hold­ing another obtain a visa prior to arrival. Because one
the USA are quite popular with Icelanders. be brought into Iceland.
Norse tradition: the custom of using patronyms Schengen State can now issue visas on behalf
Sports Tours
rather than surnames. If, for example, Einar has of the others, the procedure for issuance has CURRENCY EXCHANGE: The Icelandic TELEPHONES: Direct calls can be made to all
Freewheeling Adventures
Phone: Canada 902-857-3600 a son named “Petur”, the son’s name is Petur TRAVEL FACTS become different. Questions of how to obtain monetary unit is the “krona.” Coins are in parts of Iceland.
E-mail: Einarsson (Peter Einar’s Son). If Einar has a a visa should be addressed to The Icelandic denominations of 100 kr., 50 kr., 10 kr., 5 kr.
THE CODE into Iceland from overseas is
Golf Vacations daughter whom he names “Margret”, she Before you go Directorate of Immigration. Schengen visas and 1 kr. Bank notes are in denominations of
(+354) + seven-digit number. Direct long-
Phone: 1-508-620-9730 becomes Margret Einarsdottir (Margaret should be obtained prior to arrival in the 5000 kr., 2000 kr., 1000 kr., and 500 kr. All
PASSPORT: A valid passport, valid at least distance calls can be made to Europe and the
Einar’s Daughter). Members of the same family three months beyond intended stay, is Schengen area. In most instances, Nordic Icelandic banks provide foreign exchange and
Travel & Play with Icelandair USA by dialing 00 plus the country code, the
Phone: 1-800-824-8347 can therefore have different “last names”, required for visitors to Iceland. embassies will handle visa applications on are generally open on weekdays from 9:15 AM
area code and the telephone number you wish
E-mail: which often causes confusion to foreigners. behalf of Iceland. A visa normally grants the to 4 PM.
THE SCHENGEN AGREEMENT: The to reach. If assistance is required, dial (+354)
Value Holidays If you are looking for someone in the phone holder a right to stay in the entire Schengen
Phone 1-800-558-6850 Schengen agreement took effect for Iceland ATM’s are found in most banks and many 905-5010 for information and (+354) 533-5010
directory, you look them up by their first name. region: Belgium, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy,
E-mail: on March 26, 2001 and the following countries other locations throughout Iceland, accept­ing to place a call. COIN- AND CARD-OPERATED
Luxem­bourg, Holland, Portugal, Germany,
participate in the Schengen cooperation in all major debit, credit and cash-only cards. public phones are at post offices and
Spain, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway and
telephone exchanges around the country.
Phone charges vary when calling within Iceland June1 03:21 02:39 02:32 users. The coastal ferry Baldur is accessible to are numerous and easy to read. In Iceland all SPRENGISANDUR (F26): Tourist Information Centre
depending on the time of day. Rates may also 23:32 00:26 * 23:52 people with disabilities and so is the ferry off-the-road driving outside of marked tracks is Hrauneyjar – N‡idalur.......................... 23 June Ferjuleiru 1 • IS-710 Sey›isfjor›ur
be higher at hotels than at public phones. July1 03:06 —— 01:59 Herjolfur. All airlines flying to and from Iceland prohibited by law. Seat belts are required for N‡idalur – Bar›ardalur........................ 23 June Tel.: +354-472-1551 • GSM: +354-861-7789
23:56 01:22 * 00:30 * are equipped to accommodate travelers with all motorists at all times. Headlight use is SKAGAFJOR‹UR (F752)..................... 27 June E-mail:
MOBILE PHONES: US standard cellular
Aug 1 04:35 04:18 04:03 disabilities. A few domestic buses equipped required both day and night. And there is no EYJAFJAR‹ARLEI‹ (F821).................. 29 June •
phones do not work in Iceland.
22:30 22:56 22:32 for wheelchair users are available for special right-turn on red. ASKJA (F88): Tourist Information Centre
GSM: There are four GSM operators in tours upon request.
Sep 1 06:11 06:08 05:50 PLEASE NOTE: special warning signs indicate Askja – Her›ubrei›arlindir................... 19 June Litlubru 2, Joklasetur • IS-780 Hofn
Iceland: Siminn, Vodafone, TAL and Nova.
20:42 20:54 20:33 PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Businesses, banks and danger ahead, such as sharp bends, but there Askja – Dreki........................................ 17 June (Hornafjor›ur)
Together they cover most of Iceland including
Oct 1 07:37 07:44 07:23 most stores are closed on these holidays: is generally not a separate sign to reduce OSKJUVATNSVEGUR (F894)............... 19 June Tel.: +354-478-1500
all towns and villages with over 200 inhabitants.
18:56 18:58 18:39 speed. Please choose a safe speed according VESTURDALUR (HLJO‹AKLETTAR) E-mail:
These four telephone companies all sell pre- 2010 2011
Nov 1 09:12 09:29 09:06 to conditions. Motorists are obliged by law to (F862)....................................................... 2 June
paid GSM phone cards and offer GSM/GPRS Jan 1 New Year’s Day Jan 1
17:10 17:02 16:45 use headlights at all times day and night. In KVERKFJALLALEI‹ (F902).................... 13 June Tourist Information Centre
services. Pre-paid cards are available at petrol Apr 1 Maundy Thursday Apr 21
Dec 1 10:46 11:21 10:54 Iceland all driving off roads or marked UXAHRYGGJAVEGUR (F52).................... 8 May Sunnumork 2–4 • IS-810 Hverager›i
stations around the country. GSM phones may Apr 2 Good Friday Apr 22
15:47 15:21 15:08 tracks is prohibited by law. Passengers in the KALDADALSVEGUR (F550).................... 2 June Tel.: +354-483-4601 • Fax: +354-483-4604
be rented from Iceland Telecom, Armuli 27, in Apr 4 Easter Sunday Apr 24
Times marked with an asterisk (*) refer to the front and back seats of any vehicle are E-mail: •
Reykjavik. Apr 5 Easter Monday Apr 25 MAPS: Maps Are Necessary For Visitors To
following date. required by law to use safety-belts. Icelandic
FAX: Fax service is available at most post Apr 22 First Day of Summer Apr 21 Iceland To Ensure Them An Enjoyable And
Used with the kind permission of the Almanac law forbids any driving under the influence of
offices around the country. The fax code into May 1 Labour Day May 1 Safe Journey. Ask For Road Maps And Maps TOURS
of the University of Iceland. alcohol.
Iceland is (+354) + seven-digit number. May 13 Ascension Day June 2 Of Iceland At Local Tourist Offices, Bookstores
MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE: Basic third- Iceland offers a great variety of tours, some
TIME: Iceland stays on Greenwich Mean Time May 23 Whit Sunday June 12 Or Filling Stations.
TELEGRAMS: For information on telegram party liability insurance is included in car rental covering large parts of the country, others
(GMT) throughout the year. When it is noon in May 24 Whit Monday June 13
service call +354-580-1446. rates. Full coverage is available at extra small areas at a time. There are traditional
Reykjavik during the summer, the time is 8 AM June 17 National Day June 17
charge. TOURIST INFORMATION tours as well as tours quite different from what
CLIMATE: Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland in New York City, 1 PM in London, 2 PM in Aug 2 Bank Holiday Monday Aug 8
can be experienced elsewhere. There are
enjoys a cool temperate ocean climate: cool in Paris, 2 PM in Oslo, 2 PM in Rome and 9 PM in Dec 24 Christmas Eve (from noon) Dec 24 GAS STATIONS: In the greater Reykja­vik area Tourist Information Centre nature tours with striking landscapes, young
summer and fairly mild in winter. However, the Tokyo. Dec. 25 Christmas day Dec. 25 most gas stations are open every day to 11:30 Adalstraeti 2 • IS-101 Reykjavik lava fields, roaring waterfalls and majestic gla-
weather is very changeable and tourists should Dec. 26 Second Day of Christmas Dec. 26 PM. Opening hours around the country, where Tel.: +354-590-1550 • Fax: +354-590-1551 cial icecaps. In addition, there are organized
be prepared for the unexpected. Dec. 31 New Years Eve (from noon) Dec. 31 the pumps are privately operated, can vary E-mail:
GENERAL INFORMATION day tours, and weekend and holi­day tours all
Average temperature in Reykjavik NEWS IN ENGLISH: A short news broad­cast in from place to place. Many gas stations in the year round with Icelandic tour­ing clubs where
MEDICAL HELP/PHARMACIES/ English is made on State Radio, FM 93.5 and Reykjavik area and larger towns of Iceland have
January 35°F Tourist Information Centre the emphasis is on hiking. Traveling into the
EMERGENCY: In Iceland you will find more FM 92.4, every morning Mon–Fri at 07:31 AM automats in operation after closing, which
April 42°F Krossmoar 4 • 230 Keflavik uninhabited interior of Iceland is limited to the
physicians per capita than anywhere in the from June 1 to Sept. 1. A telephone recording accept credit cards as well as notes. In rural or
July 56°F Tel.: +354-421-3520/+354-893-4096 months of June, July and August, except for
world. Hospitals and all medical care are of the of the broadcast can also be heard, Tel.: (+354) interior areas, gas stations may sometimes be
October 44°F E-mail: some specially or­ga­nized winter tours (see sec-
highest quality found anywhere. Icelanders 515-3690. far apart.
WEATHER/CLOTHING: For weather tion on opening of the mountain tracks).
enjoy a healthy life, thanks to clean air and
information in English, Tel.: (+354) 902-0600, TIPPING: Service and VAT are invariably OPEN­ING OF MOUN­TAIN TRACKS: Most Tourist Information Centre Winter tours in Ice­land are unforgettable: there
water. Water is safe to drink throughout
extension 44,, http://en.vedur. included in prices in Iceland so tipping is not moun­tain roads are closed un­til the end of Flugstod Leifs Eirikssonar is skiing for both beginners and the experi-
Iceland. Pharmacies are called “Apotek” and
is. When traveling to Iceland in winter you necessary. June, or even longer be­cause of wet and mud­ IS-235 Keflavik airport enced, glacier tours on snowmobile or snow
are open during normal business hours. Many
should bring along clothing similar to what you dy con­di­tions which make them to­tal­ly im­pass­ Tel.: +354-425-0330 cats, and ice fishing.
are open at night. Reykjavik has a great many ELECTRIC CURRENT: The electric current in
would wear at the same time of year in the US a­ble. When these roads are opened for traf­fic E-mail:
general practitioners, as well as specialists, Iceland is 220 volts, 50 HZ AC. Please note that Organized Tours
north-east. For summer you might want to many of them can on­ly be ne­go­ti­at­ed by four-
many of whom will receive patients on short the prongs on electrical equipment you bring All year, different varieties of tours are
bring along lightweight woolens, a wind­ wheel-drive ve­hi­cles. For some moun­tain Tourist Information Centre
notice. There are also many health centers in with you may be different from Icelandic available, lasting from a few days up to three
breaker, sneakers and sturdy walking shoes if tracks it is strong­ly ad­vised that two or more Solbakki 2 • IS-310 Borgarnes
Reykjavik, with officially appointed family standards. It is advisable to check before using weeks. There are hotel tours, camping tours,
you plan to go hiking. Always bring a swimsuit cars trav­el to­geth­er. Al­so, be­fore em­bark­ing Tel.: +354-437-2214 • Fax: +354-437-2314
doctors who receive patients on short notice such equipment. Most hotels offer adapters hiking tours, geo­logical tours, bird-watching
– year-round. on any jour­ney in­to the in­te­ri­or col­lect as much E-mail: •
during the day. but they may be in limited supply. tours, bicycling tours, air tours, historical tours,
in­for­ma­tion as pos­si­ble re­gard­ing road con­di­
MIDNIGHT SUN: During summer the nights For information call +354-585-1300 or see Tourist Information Centre glacier tours, horseback riding tours – or a
DRIVING IN ICELAND: There is no better way tions from a trav­el bu­reau, tour­ist in­for­ma­tion
are bright in all of Iceland. In the month of A›alstraeti 7 • IS-400 Isafjor›ur combination of these. For booking, please
to get to know a country and its people than of­fice or the Pub­lic Roads Ad­min­is­tra­tion, Tel.:
June the sun never fully sets in the north. MEDICAL HELP: There is a medical centre or Tel.: +354-450-8060 • Fax: +354-456-5185 contact Icelandair offices or any authorized
by traveling independently – according to 1777 (while in Ice­land), daily 8 AM to 4 PM,
There are even special excursions to the island hospital in all major cities and towns in Iceland. E-mail: travel agency listed below.
one’s own itinerary. A journey to Iceland Al­ways take along a de­tailed map.
of Grimsey on the Arctic Circle where you can The emergency phone number (24 hours) in
outside the normal tourist season can be an Authorized Travel Agencies and Tour
experience the midnight sun, if it is not cloudy! Av­er­age Opening Dates Of Some Mountain Tourist Information Centre
Iceland is 112. See also unforgettable experience. Trav­el­ing conditions
34 Keep in mind, however, that the sun at are usually good in most parts of the country
Tracks: Varmahli› • IS-560 Varmahli›
Operators in Iceland
EMERGENCY: The 24 hours emergency phone LAKAGIGAR (F206)................................ 31 May Atlantik
midnight is not so warm as at midday, so from April to November. Tel.: +354-455-6161
number in Iceland is 112. For in­for­ma­tion you FJALLABAKSLEI‹ NYR‹RI (F208): Grandagar›ur 14 • IS-101 Reykjavik
bring along a sweater. E-mail:
can call the police in Reykjavik (information The moun­tain roads are of­ten very nar­row, and Sigalda – Landmannalaugar................. 28 May Tel.: +354-575-9900 • Fax: +354-575-9915
Daylight (sunrise/sunset)
only): +354-444-1100. See also are not made for speed. The same goes for E-mail: •
Landmannalaugar – Eldgja................... 9 June
many bridg­es, which are on­ly wide enough for Tourist Information Centre
Reykjavik Isafjordur Akureyri VISITORS WITH DISABILITIES: Visitors with Skaftartunga – Eldgja........................... 24 May Iceland Excursions – Gray Line Iceland
one car at a time. In ad­di­tion to not hav­ing an Hafnarstraeti 82 • IS-600 Akureyri
Jan 1 11:19 12:02 11:33 disabilities can make traveling in Iceland fairly FJALLABAKSLEI‹ SY‹RI (F210) Tel.: +354-553-5999 • Fax: +354-553-5909 Hof›atun 12 • IS-105 Reykjavik
15:43 15:10 14:59 easy by planning their va­ca­tions in advance. as­phalt sur­face, the moun­tain roads are of­ten Tel.: +354-540-1313 • Fax: +354-540-1310
Keldur – Hvanngil................................ 13 June E-mail:
They may also find it nec­es­sa­ry to travel with a very wind­ing. Jour­neys there­fore of­ten take E-mail:
Feb 1 10:10 10:31 10:07 Hvanngil – Skaftartunga...................... 15 June
17:14 17:02 16:46 companion, for al­though there are many hotels longer than might be ex­pect­ed. •
and restaurants accessible to people with Tourist Information Centre
Mar 1 08:34 08:44 08:23 For information on road conditions, Tel.: 1777, (DOMADALUR)...................................... 8 June GT Travel • Gudmundur Tyrfingsson ehf.
disabilities, they do not always provide full Kaupvangur 10, P.O. Box 144
18:48 18:47 18:28 while in Iceland, daily 8 AM to 4 PM www.road. EMSTRUR (F261).................................. 16 June Fossnes C • IS-800 Selfoss
assistance. A number of hotels in Reykjavik and IS-700 Egilssta›ir
Apr 1 06:44 06:45 06:26 is. The total length of the Ring Road around KJALVEGUR (F35) Tel.: +354-482-1210 • Fax: +354-482-3310
Akureyri have rooms specially designed for Tel.: +354-471-2320 • Fax: +354-471-2315
20:20 20:30 20:09 Iceland (National Highway) is 900 miles. The Gullfoss – Hveravellir.............................. 7 June E-mail: •
guests with dis­a­bil­i­ties. Larger department E-mail: •
May 1 04:58 04:47 04:31 national speed limit in 90 km/h (55 mph). Some Hveravellir – Blonduvirkjun.................. 26 May
21:53 22:15 21:51 stores are gen­er­al­ly accessible to wheelchair roads, though, have a lower limit. Road signs
Gu›mundur Jonasson Travel Volcano Tours Dolphin & Whale Spotting Erlingsson Naturreisen For further information please contact local Iceland Express, a low cost carrier from
Borgartun 34 • IS-105 Reykjavik Flagghus • Vikurbraut 2 • IS-240 Grindavik Elding Reykjavik Whale Watching Tjarnargata 4 • IS-101 Reykjavik tourist information centers and travel agencies Iceland, has announced Summer flights from
Tel.: +354-511-1515 • Fax: +354-511-1511 Tel.: +354-426-8822 • Fax: +354-426-8809 Aegisgardur 7 • Reykjavik Harbour Tel.: +354-551-9700 • Fax: +354-551-9703 as well as: Newark, NJ (EWR) and Winnipeg (YWG)
E-mail: • E-mail: IS-101 Reykjavik E-mail: Elding Sea Angling Tours commencing in June of 2010. All fights
Erlingsson Naturreisen Tel.: +354-555-3565 • Fax: +354-554-7420 Aegisgardur 7 • Reykjavik Harbour connect at Iceland’s Keflavik International
Tjarnargata 4 • IS-101 Reykjavik E-mail: • Icelandic Mountain Guide / Iceland Rovers – IS-101 Reykjavik Airport with flights to other popular
Tel.: +354-551-9700 • Fax: +354-551-9703 Glacier walks Tel.: +354-555-3565 • Fax: +354-554-7420 destinations on the European continent.
ACTIVITIES Life of Whales Whale Watching
E-mail: Sudurbugt • IS-101 Reykjavik Vagnhofdi 7 • IS-110 Reykjavik E-mail: • Approximate flight times from several cities: Iceland is an ideal destination for today’s Tel.: +354-587-9999 • Fax: +354-587-9996
Tel.: +354-562-2300 / +354-897-8433 FishIceland Copenhagen, London, Frankfurt, Paris,
active tourist. The following is a list of some of E-mail:
Iceland Encounter E-mail: • Gauksas 27 • IS-221 Hafnarfjordur Amsterdam to Reykjavik.............. approx: 3 hrs
the many activities available. •
Midstraeti 5 • IS-101 Reykjavik Husavik Original Whale Watching with North Tel.: +354-899-4247 New York, Boston, Baltimore,
Tel.: +354-894-9408 • Fax: +354-551-5510 Sailing E-mail: Minneapolis to Reykjavik......... approx: 5–6 hrs
Activity Vacations Horse Riding
E-mail: Gamli baukur • IS-640 Husavik Activity vacations are offered all over Ice­land. Numerous farms throughout Iceland offer Icelandair maintains regular scheduled flights
Tel.: +354-464-7272 • Fax: +354-464-2351 Seatours
These vacations may feature river rafting, horse riding tours from 1 hour up to 10 days to Iceland from the following cities:
Island Pro Travel Iceland ehf. E-mail: Smidjustigur 3 • IS-340 Stykkisholmur
hiking, glacier tours, fishing, horseback riding, (see brochure from the Farm Holiday Serv­ice).
Armuli 15 • IS-108 Reykjavik Tel.: +354-433-2254 • Fax: +354-438-1050 All year: London, Glasgow, Copenhagen,
boat tours, whale watching, swim­ming and Please note that all equestrian equip­ment
Tel.: +354-588-2663 • Fax: +354-515-0509 E-mail: • Manchester, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm,
skiing. must be disinfected before arrival. For further
E-mail: Bird-watching Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Boston, New York
For further information contact: information please contact travel agencies and and Seattle. Some places in Iceland are paradises for bird- Golf
Activity park in Reykjavik those mentioned below.
Iceland Travel watchers. Latrabjarg in the West Fjords is the Iceland has over 50 golf courses throughout Seasonal: Minneapolis / St. Paul, Toronto,
Skutuvogur 13A • IS-104 Reykjavik Gufunes, Grafarvogur • IS-112 Reykjavik largest known bird cliff in the world. A great Ishestar Riding Tours the island, some with outstanding views and Orlando, Halifax and Helsinki.
Tel.: +354-585-4300 • Fax: +354-585-4390 Tel.: +354-534-1900 variety of cliff-nesting species can be found Sorlaskeid 26 • IS-220 Hafnarfjordur always close to nature. Golf can be played in
Tel.: +354-555-7000 • Fax +354-555-7001 Summertime only: Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin,
E-mail: E-mail: there, including the largest razorbill colony in Iceland from May through September and in
E-mail: • Stavanger, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Milan and • the world. The Westman Islands are known for the summer golf can be played around-the-
Icelandic Farm Holidays Air Iceland – Fly and discover Daytour many kinds of seabirds, and are home to Polar Hestar clock due to the midnight sun. Visitors are
Iceland’s largest puffin population. Lake Grytubakki 2 • IS-601 Akureyri welcome at the courses. Green fees vary from Icelandair USA – 1900 Crown Colony Drive
Si›umuli 2 • IS-108 Reykjavik Reykjavik Airport • IS-101 Reykjavik
My­vatn in the north has more species of Tel.: +354-463-3179 • Fax: +354-463-3144 USD 15 to 30. Some courses offer clubs for First Floor • Quincy • MA 02169
Tel.: +354-570-2700 • Fax: +354-570-2799 Tel.: +354-570-3030 • Fax: +354-570-3001
breed­ing ducks than any other place in E-mail: rent. Tel.: 1-800-223-5500
E-mail: E-mail:
Europe. The great skua colony on the sands in E-mail: • Midnight Golf in Iceland – The Arctic Open:
south Iceland is the largest in the world.
Isafold Travel Blue Lagoon geothermal spa At Akureyri Golf Club in the north, golf can be
IS-240 Grindavik
Seabirds such as puffins can be seen in many Skiing played with the sun shining at midnight. At the
(Small Groups – Great Experience) How to get to Iceland by sea
places, as well as eiders, Arctic terns, waders Winter skiing is available in many parts of the end of June a 36-hole open in­ter­na­tion­al
Su›urhraun 2b • IS-210 Gar›abaer Tel.: +354-420-8800 • Fax: +354-420-8801
and pas­ser­ine birds. Some tour operators country. Skiing resorts with both cross-country match is held. Tee-off is just before midnight No scheduled passenger sea-link from North
Tel.: +354-544-8866 • Fax: +354-544-8869 E-mail:
organize tours for bird-watchers in early and downhill skiing are found throughout and playing continues until the early hours of America but many cruise lines make stops in
summer. Iceland. the morning. For further information contact Iceland in their itineraries: Holland America Iceland Encounter Line, Cunard, Seabourn Cruise Line, Crystal
Erlingsson Naturreisen local tourist in­for­ma­tion centers and travel
Ishestar Travel Midstraeti 5 • IS-101 Reykjavik Cruise, Silversea Cruise, Princess Cruise, Royal
Tel.: +354-894-9408 • Fax: +354-551-5510
Tjarnargata 4 • IS-101 Reykjavik Cycling agencies or see • See also
Sorlaskei› 26 • IS-220 Hafnarfjor›ur Caribbean International, Orient Lines,
Tel.: +354-551-9700 • Fax: +354-551-9703 Bikes can be rented in Reykjavik and in various
Tel.: +354-555-7000 • Fax: +354-555-7001 E-mail: Abercrombie & Kent, Lindblad Special,
E-mail: places around Iceland. For further information
E-mail: • Expeditions, Euro Cruises. on biking tours please contact tourist Reykjavik Marathon
Nordic Travel Iceland Excursions – Gray Line Iceland
Seatours information centers. The Reykjavik Marathon is an international and SMYRIL LINE: maintains a regular scheduled
Stangarhylur 1 • IS-110 Reykjavik Hofdatun 12 • IS-105 Reykjavik
Smidjustigur 3 • IS-340 Stykkisholmur annual event. The Reykjavik Marathon will be cruise- and car-ferry service to Iceland from
Tel.: +354-570-8600 • Fax: +354-552-9450 Tel.: +354-540-1313 • Fax: +354-540-1310
Tel.: +354-433-2254 • Fax: +354-438-1050 Fishing and Hunting held on August 21st 2010. Esbjerg and Hanstholm in Denmark and
E-mail: E-mail:
E-mail: • Iceland is famous for its salmon and trout Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. Please contact •
fishing. The main season for salmon fishing is Swimming and Spas the head office or see www. for
Nordic Visitor Icelandic Mountain Guide / Iceland Rovers further in­for­ma­tion on sales offices and
from around June 20th to mid-September. Swimming is a very popular activity all year
Laugavegur 26 • IS-101 Reykjavik Vagnhofdi 7 • IS-110 Reykjavik Hiking General Sales Agents abroad.
Trout fishing varies from one river/lake to the round in Iceland. Most towns and villages have
Tel.: +354-578-2080 • Fax: +354-578-2081 Tel.: +354-587-9999 • Fax: +354-587-9996 Iceland offers wide opportunities for hiking next, but the normal season is from April/ May outdoor or indoor swimming pools filled with Smyril Line Head Office
E-mail: E-mail: enthusiasts. A large part of the most popular Yviri vid Strond 1 • P.O. Box 370
36 • routes are easily accessible and hiking maps
until late September/October. During winter,
ice fishing is quite popular. For salmon fishing,
water from natural hot springs. The mean
temperature of the water in the pools is about FO 110 Torshavn • Faroe Islands
Reykjavik Excursions Reykjavik Excursions have been published for various regions within permits must be reserved well in advance, but Tel.: +298-345900
29°C. In many places there are also saunas,
Vesturvor 34 (head office) IS-200 Kopavogur Vesturvor 34 (head office) • IS-200 Kopavogur the country. In national parks and protected trout fishing permits can be obtained on short Fax: +298-345950 / +298-345951
jacuzzis, solariums and hot pots with
Tel.: +354-580-5400 • Fax: +354-564-4776 Tel.: +354-580-5400 • Fax: +354-564-4776 areas hiking paths are well marked, whereas notice, often the same day. E-mail:
temperatures ranging from 36 to 44°C.
E-mail: • E-mail: • more adventurous routes in the islands interior
SBA – Nordurleid require experience and preparation. Hiking is a
Terra Nova Gauksas 27 • IS-221 Hafnarfjordur
Skogarhli› 18 • IS-105 Reykjavik Hjalteyrargata 10 • IS-600 Akureyri favourite pastime for Icelanders and tourists
Tel.: +354-899-4247
TRANSPORTATION Domestic Transportation – by Air
Tel.: +354-550-0700 / 550-0770 alike, but travellers should take care not to
Tel.: +354-591-9010 • Fax: +354-591-9001 E-mail: Air Iceland offers scheduled service to most
Fax: +354-550-0701 / 550-0771 disturb the extremely sensitive vegetation and How to get to Iceland by air parts of the country. For further information
E-mail: • natural environment that is characteristic of the There are excellent transportation choices via please contact the following:
island. Information on hiking trails can be Icelandair and Iceland Express to Iceland and
The Icelandic Travel Company Volcano Tours obtained at tourist information centres, park Sea Angling Air Iceland
beyond from North America. Icelandair flies
Fiskislod 20 • IS-101 Reykjavik Flagghus • Vikurbraut 2 • IS-240 Grindavik authorities and the like. Many travel agencies Sea angling is also becoming a popular sport Reykjavik Airport • IS-101 Reykjavik
from seven different US/Canada gateways,
Tel.: +354-533-1160 • Fax: +354-533-1166 Tel.: +354-426-8822 • Fax: +354-426-8809 also organise hiking tours during both winter in Iceland. The season begins late in May and Tel.: +354-570-3030 • Fax: +354-570-3001
many on a daily basis: New York (JFK), Boston
E-mail: E-mail: and summer. lasts until the end of August with several E-mail:
(BOS), Seattle (SEA), Minneapolis (MSP), tournaments in different parts of the country. •
Orlando (SFB), Toronto (TOR), Halifax (YYZ).
Eagle Air offers Scheduled flight to Hofn in Domestic Transportation – Ferries SBA – Nor›urlei› The Icelandic Tourist Board is in charge of the Hotel Kea – Keahotel ing on lo­ca­tion. The price for camp­ing in Ice­
Hornafjordur, Saudarkrokur, Bildudalur and Baldur Ferry Hjalteyrargata 10 • IS-600 Akureyri classification. Look for the blue-red sign placed Hotel Keflavik land va­ries de­pend­ing on fa­cil­i­ties avail­a­ble or
Gjogur. Eagle Air also offer variety of Day tours Smidjustigur 3 • IS-340 Stykkisholmur Tel.: +354-550-0700 • 550-0770 near the entrance which indicates the present Icelandair Hotel Flughotel from ap­prox. USD 7–10. Trav­el­lers may set up
and Air Tours of Iceland´s pure nature – check Tel.: +354-433-2254 • Fax: +354-438-1050 Fax: +354-550-0701 • 550-0771 classification of the facility. For further Icelandair Hotel Loftlei›ir hik­ing tents for an over­night stay in Ice­land.
out the website for further information. E-mail: • E-mail: • information see Hotel O›insve How­e­ver, the per­mis­sion of the land­own­er or
Eagle Air TREX – Coach Rental and Tours Two stars: Hotel Ranga Allseason Hotels oth­er rights hold­ers should be sought be­fore
Saefari Ferry – Landflutningar Samskip
Reykjavik Airport • IS-101 Reykjavík Hesthals 10 • IS-110 Reykjavik Fosshotel Su›urgata Hotel Reynihli› camp­ing. Trav­el­lers are ad­vised to use the des­
Ranarbraut 2b • IS-620 Dalvik
Tel.: +354-562-4200 • Fax: +354-562-4202 Tel.: +354-587-6000 • Fax: + 354-569-4969 Guesthouse Baldursbra Radisson SAS Hotel Saga ig­nat­ed camp­sites where pos­si­ble. A spe­cial
Tel.: +354-458-8970 • Fax: +354-458-8971
E-mail: • E-mail: • Guesthouse Olafsvik Radisson SAS 1919 ac­com­mo­da­tion/camp­ing bro­chure can be
Guesthouse Sigri›ur picked up from tour­ist in­for­ma­tion cen­tres. See
INTERNET OFFERS: New internet offers every •
Domestic Transportation – Car Guesthouse Snorri Hotels and Guesthouses al­so:
Rentals Hotel Edda Laugar in Saelingsdalur Hotels offer a pleasant European flavor and Thakgil – Camping Ground and Cabins
Domestic Excursions and
CHARTER SERVICE: Several air carriers offer There are several car rental agencies in Hotel Edda Akureyri are of a high international standard. The price Between Hofdabrekkuafretti and
charter service and sightseeing flights: Transportation – by Bus
Iceland. Cars can be booked through a travel Hotel Edda Ei›ar range would be USD 230 for a double room in Myrdalssandur, 20 km from Vik in Myrdalur.
There is an extensive bus service to most parts agent or an airline, at airports or directly after a first-class facility in high season to USD 70 for
Air Iceland Hotel Edda IKI Laugarvatn Tel.: +354-893-4889 • Fax: +354-487-1555
of the country and to the highlands, as well as a arrival in Iceland. Many types of cars are a guesthouse, breakfast and taxes included.
Reykjavik Airport • IS-101 Reykjavik Hotel Edda Laugarbakki E-mail: •
large number of organized bus tours. Res­er­va­ available, from small family cars to powerful Prices are generally lower in winter.
Tel.: +354-570-3030 • Fax: +354-570-3001 Hotel Edda M.L. Laugarvatn
tions are not necessary and tickets can be SUMMERHOUSES AND COTTAGES: Renting
E-mail: 4-wheel-drive vehicles. Hotel Edda Egilssta›ir
bought either at the bus station or from the FARM­HOUSE AC­COM­MO­DA­TIONS: Ice­land­ a summerhouse/cottage is a good alternative • Hertz Car Rental Hotel Edda Isafjor›ur ic Farm Hol­i­days is a as­so­ci­a­tion/chain of
driver. for people who want to spend their vacation
Reykjavik Airport • IS-101 Reykjavik Hotel Edda Nesjaskoli around 140 farms around Ice­land. The mem­ peacefully and acquaint themselves with a
Domestic Transportation – Public bus EXCURSIONS: Tel.: +354-522 44 00 • Fax: +354-522 44 01 Hotel Edda Neskaupsta›ur bers are farm­ers who of­fer ac­com­mo­da­tion in certain area of the country. Summerhouses/
The capital area has an excellent bus system Reykjavik Excursions E-mail: Hotel Edda Skogar their homes, guest­hous­es, coun­try ho­tels and cottages are also ideal as an economical
(Straeto). Most buses run every 20 minutes Vesturvor 34 (head office) • IS-200 Kopavogur • Hotel Edda Storutjarnir cot­ta­ges. Trav­el­lers can choose from Bed and choice for small groups and families.
during the week, and every 30 minutes in the Tel.: +354-580-5400 • Fax: +354-564-4776 Hotel Gigur – Kea Hotel break­fast in rooms with shared or pri­vate fa­cil­i­
The Old Guesthouse Isafjor›ur Kerlingarfjoll
evening and on weekends. Bus information is E-mail: • ties or sleep­ing bag ac­com­mo­da­tion. The Ice­
ACCOMMODATION IS-Central Highland – Kjolur area
available at the bus stations at Hlemmur and Iceland Excursions – Gray Line Iceland Three stars: land­ic Tour­ist Board ap­proves the clas­si­fi­ca­tion Tel. Winter: +354-894-2132/664-7000
Laekjartorg, at the Tourist Information Center, Hof›atun 12 • IS-105 Reykjavik CenterHotel Klopp sys­tem used by the Ice­land­ic Farm Hol­i­days Tel. Summer: +354-664-7878
and on the Straeto website
Tel.: +354-540-1313 • Fax: +354-540-1310 CenterHotel Thingholt as­so­ci­a­tion. Among the var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties E-mail:
All lodging facilities in Iceland have the of­fered by the farm­ers are: horse­back rid­ing,
The bus fare is 280 ISK and exact change is E-mail: Country Hotel Anna
opportunity to be classified. The classification fish­ing, hik­ing, golf, hunt­ing and ATV-tours.
required. Transfers are available if you have to • Fosshotel Baron
is voluntary and is divided into five categories, Viator Summerhouses
change buses. Ask for a transfer ticket Fosshotel Husavik Ice­land­ic Farm Hol­i­days is al­so a li­censed trav­
COACH HIRE: i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars, and is by no means an Armula 24 • IS-108 Reykjavik
(skiptimidi) which may be used on a second Fosshotel Lind el agent of­fer­ing guid­ed group tours, in­di­vid­u­
For hiring of coaches contact the following: all-embracing assessment of the quality of the Tel.: +354-544-8990 • Fax: +354-565-0661
bus within a certain time limit (normally 45 Fosshotel Reykholt al trav­el and self-drive tours. For further
Gu›mundur Jonasson Ltd. accommodation in question. It is solely based E-mail: •
minutes). The Reykjavik Tourist Card offers Fosshotel Vatnajokull information and bookings see the website with
Borgartun 34 • IS-105 Reykjavik on factors which can be objectively measured. online booking system or contact: Cottages in Akureyri / Saeluhus
unlimited bus travel for one, two or three days. The grading consists of more than 100 Guesthouse Sta›arskali Country hotel
Tel.: +354-511-1515 • Fax: +354-511-1511 Sunnutrod 2 / Office: Vordutun 8
different items. Hotel Bjork – Keahotel Icelandic Farm Holidays
E-mail: • IS-600 Akureyri
Hotel Borgarnes Sidumuli 2 • IS-108 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354-618-2800
Hotel Edda Plus Akureyri Tel.: +354-570-2700 • Fax: +354-570-2799
Hotel Edda Plus Laugar in Saelingsdalur E-mail:
Vik Selfoss Reykjavik Borgarnes Isafjordur Akureyri Egilsstadir Hofn Hotel Edda Plus Vik i M‡rdal
Driving Distances Hotel Fron Hofn Camping and Cottages
Km Miles Km Miles Km Miles Km Miles Km Miles Km Miles Km Miles Km Miles HOSTELS: There are 33 Hostelling Inter­
Hotel Harpa – Keahotel Hafnarbraut 52 • IS-780 Hofn
Akranes 220 / 132 91 / 57 49 / 30 38 / 24 422 / 262 353 / 219 617 / 383 493 / 306 national Hostels around Iceland, open to
Hotel Hellissandur Tel.: +354-478-1606 • Fax: +354-478-1607
Akureyri 561 / 349 432 / 259 389 / 242 315 / 196 567 / 352 265 / 165 512 / 318 people of all ages. They offer budget
Hotel Hofn E-mail:
Blonduos 416 / 259 287 / 178 244 / 152 170 / 106 423 / 263 145 / 90 410 / 255 657 / 408 accommodations in clean and comfortable
Hotel Isafjor›ur
Borgarnes 246 / 153 117 / 73 74 / 46 384 / 239 315 / 196 580 / 360 519 / 323 lodgings with self-service, so travelers can
Budardalur (Snaefellsnes) 326 / 203 197 / 122 154 / 96 80 / 50 304 / 189 281 / 175 546 / 339 599 / 372
Hotel Natur keep traveling costs to a minimum. All the
Egilsstadir 511 / 318 640 / 398 698 / 434 580 / 360 832 / 517 265 / 165 247 / 153 Hotel Nor›urland – Keahotel hostels have a well-equipped guest kitchen
Grindavik (Blue Lagoon) 230 / 143 101 / 63 52 / 32 120 / 75 504 / 313 435 / 270 700 / 435 503 / 313 Hotel Olafsvik Hring Hotels and family rooms. The Travel Section arranges FOR YOUR SAEFTY
Gullfoss 176 / 109 71 / 44 125 / 78 184 / 114 569 / 354 499 / 310 687 / 427 449 / 279 Hotel Rau›askri›a Country hotel travels in Iceland and provides different tours. Please take great care when visiting the natural
38 Hella 93 / 58 36 / 22 94 / 58 153 / 95 537 / 334 468 / 291 604 / 375 366 / 227 Hotel Reykjavik – Reykjavik Hotels The Travel Section also offers packages, which wonders of Iceland, such as ge­o­ther­mal areas, 39
Hveragerdi 141 / 88 12 / 7 45 / 28 115 / 71 499 / 310 430 / 267 652 / 405 414 / 257 Hotel Tindastoll consist of rental car and hostel overnight waterfalls and glaciers. Always stay on defined
Husavik 652 / 405 523 / 325 480 / 298 406 / 252 659 / 409 91 / 57 220 / 137 467 / 290 Hotel fiorshamar vouchers. The Travel Section is a central paths and/or within safe distance.
Hofn 273 / 170 402 / 250 459 / 285 519 / 233 902 / 560 512 / 319 247 / 153 Icelandair Hotel Flu›ir booking office for all Hostelling International
Isafjordur 630 / 391 500 / 311 457 / 284 384 / 239 567 / 352 832 / 517 922 / 573 Icelandair Hotel Hamar Hostels in Iceland for individuals and groups. NOTE: Prices are subject to change. All efforts
Kirkjubaejarklaustur 71 / 44 201 / 125 258 / 160 318 / 198 702 / 436 633 / 393 440 / 273 201 / 125 Icelandair Hotel Hera› For further information see our brochure have been made to verify that information in
Laugarvatn 169 / 105 39 / 24 93 / 58 153 / 95 538 / 334 468 / 291 680 / 423 441 / 274 Icelandair Hotel Klaustur “Hostelling in Iceland” or contact:
Myvatn 660 / 410 531 / 330 488 / 303 414 / 257 667 / 414 99 / 62 165 / 103 412 / 256
this brochure is correct as of June 15, 2009.
Metropolitan Hotel
Reykjavik 187 / 116 57 / 35 74 / 46 457 / 284 389 / 242 698 / 434 459 / 285 Hostelling International Iceland The lists of services are not always complete.
Park Inn Island
Saudarkrokur 492 / 306 362 / 225 319 / 198 246 / 153 498 / 309 119 / 74 384 / 239 631 / 392 Sel Hotel M‡vatn Borgartun 6 • IS-105 Reykjavik For further information go to
Skogar 35 / 22 94 / 58 151 / 94 221 / 137 605 / 376 536 / 333 546 / 339 308 / 191 Sveinbjarnarger›i Sveitahotel Tel.: +354-553-8110 • Fax: +354-588-9201
Skaftafell 141 / 88 270 / 168 327 / 203 387 / 240 771 / 479 639 / 397 374 / 232 136 / 85 E-mail: •
Stykkisholmur 345 / 214 215 / 134 172 / 107 98 / 61 390 / 242 363 / 226 628 / 390 617 / 383 Four stars: CAMP­ING: There are around 130 reg­is­tered
Vik in Myrdalur 129 / 80 187 / 116 246 / 153 630 / 391 561 / 349 511 / 318 273 / 170 CenterHotel Skjaldbrei› camp­sites in Ice­land. Camp­ing grounds are nor­
Thingvellir 174 / 108 45 / 28 49 / 30 95 / 59 479 / 298 410 / 255 675 / 419 447 / 278 Grand Hotel Reykjavik – Reykjavik Hotels mal­ly open from the be­gin­ning of June un­til the
Thorlakshofn 157 / 98 28 / 17 51 / 32 110 / 68 494 / 307 425 / 264 668 / 415 430 / 391 Hilton Reykjavik Nordica end of Au­gust or mid­dle of Sep­tem­ber de­pend­
Weather Information: Tel.: (+ 354) 902-0600, ext. 44 — Web: Emergency tel: 112 Hotel Borg

Icelandair’s transatlantic route network

Whale watching
A hidden treasure by the
arctic circle

Mountain Track
All different – all excellent for reservations
We offer various travel services such as:

Self drive tours - Group tours - Day tours -
Grand Hótel Reykjavík
Activities ... 4 * superior, Iceland´s largest

Other Road
hotel located in quiet surround-

ings with easy access to the
centre. 314 rooms & suites,
14 event rooms, restaurant,
2 bars and hotel car park.

Ring Road
Grand Hótel Reykjavík

Sigtún 38, 105 Reykjavík, tel: (354) 514 8000


Hótel Reykjavík

Chain of 140 farms offering accommodation in: Comfortable and welcoming 3 * hotel near the
NORDIC FOOD Country hotels, Guesthouses, Farmhouses centre. 79 rooms, restaurant & bar.

WWW.BRIMNES.IS and Cottages - Fishing, horse riding, golf,

Ein versteckter Schatz am Polarkreis. ATV tours and more. Hótel Reykjavík

Un trésor caché pres du Cercle Artctique.

Rauðarárstígur 37
105 Reykjavík
tel: (354) 514 7000

4RAVEL!GENCY Hótel Reykjavík Centrum

New and elegant first class hotel in the heart
Authorised by
of the city. 89 rooms, 2 conference rooms,

Spör ehf.
Icelandic Tourist Board
Fjalakötturinn restaurant & Uppsalir bistro bar.

Let us book your holiday!

Hótel Reykjavík


Aðalstræti 16

101 Reykjavík
Síðumúli 2 · 108 Reykjavík · Tel. (+354) 570 2700 tel: (354) 514 6000
Fax. (+354) 570 2799 · E-mail:

Mt. Herdubreid
Mt. Kirkjufell
Mt. Snaefell

Mt. Dyrfjoll


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Spör - Ragnheiður Ágústsdóttir

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Blue Lagoon

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