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Safe, Preventative, NonDrug Allergy Relief

Trutek Europe Ltd. / NasalGuard

Allergy Protection with NasalGuard Gel
Why NasalGuard Gel?
EFFECTS Comparison of Allergy Products
Product Features of AllergieBLOCK
What is NasalGuard Technology?
Registrations & Trademarks
Safety of AllergieBLOCK Gel

Company Overview |

Allergy Protection with NasalGuard Gel

NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK Gel is allergy relief through a
non-drowsy, non-drug gel (patented and MHRA Registered) that
creates an electrostatic invisible barrier around your nasal
passages which protects against pollen, ragwort/ragweed, dust,
pet dander, and other airborne allergens from entering your body.

If you would like to prevent allergy symptoms like sneezing,

nasal congestion and itchy or runny nose then use NasalGuard
gel early and often for indoor and outdoor protection.

Achieve freedom from

allergies with NasalGuard
AllergieBLOCK Gel! |

Why NasalGuard Gel?

The NasalGuard Difference isPREVENTION

No allergens inside the body

means no allergy symptoms to treat! |

EFFECTS Comparison of Allergy Products

Allergy Symptom PREVENTION with AllergieBLOCK Gel vs. Symptom TREATMENT with Drugs*





Allergy Drugs

Prevents Allergies
Blocks Airborne

Topical Gel
(for External Skin)
Does Not Require
Ingestion nor
No Side Effects
Does Not Cause
*Comparison based on information appearing on product websites and sales materials. |

Product Features of NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK

Helps prevent sneezing, nasal congestion, runny and itchy nose..
Fast Drying Gel - Dries fast with no
stickiness, is non-greasy and no residue
can be felt on the skin. Gel can be applied
either over or under make-up.

Non-Drug - NasalGuard Gel is totally

drug-free and therefore will not cause any
side effects (unlike some tablets which
cause headaches, dry mouth, dizziness,
drowsiness, etc.)

Safe Invisible Allergen Blocking

Barrier - Perfect for pregnant mums,

Easy to Carry - Fits in pocket, purse,

handbag, child's school bag ,car.

Outdoor and Indoor Protection

Protects against airborne allergens
entering the nasal passages - including
pollen, ragwort/ragweed, dust mites, pet
dander and house dust.

Alleviates mild allergy symptoms like

sneezing, nasal congestion, runny and
itchy nose.

children & the elderly.

Long-Lasting - Handy 3g tube delivers

150 applications / 37 days usage, when
used as directed.

Unscented |

What is NasalGuard Technology?

NasalGuard is a topical gel that restricts airborne allergens from being inhaled.

NasalGuard Technology creates the electrostatic field by the simple principle of

electrostatic charge. The slightly positive-charged NasalGuard gel attracts the
negatively-charged allergens.

Yellow sand



House dust

Just putting a drop of gel around the nostrils and

on the skin between your nose and upper lip
prevents contaminants and allergens from being inhaled through the nostrils. |

United Kingdom (UK)
MHRA, UK Registrations for allergy and cold and flu
prevention products:
Multi-acting Nasal Particle Blocker
Truteks NasalGuard Allergie Block (Non-Mentholated)
Truteks NasalGuard Allergie Block (Cool)

United States of America (USA)

510(k) device approved by FDA for the NasalGuard allergy
products. |

CE Marks on various products.
Multi-acting Nasal Particle Blocker
Truteks NasalGuard Allergie Block (Non Mentholated)
Truteks NasalGuard Allergie Block (Cool)

NasalGuard Allergie Block
NasalGuard Cold&Flu Block
NasalGuard Saftee+ Mask
NasalGuard 365 for NasalGuard Sachets |

Safety of NasalGuard Gel

Of course, NasalGuard gel products are MHRA registered and are safe for everyone in the family including children of all ages, pregnant women, nursing moms and seniors. NasalGuard technology is
patented. The gel captures airborne particles using slight electrostatic charges.
Remember, just like sunscreen; apply NasalGuard Gels before entering areas with airborne allergens or

viruses. Reapply if nose or face becomes wet, and as directed. |


Company Overview
Trutek Corp./NasalGuard started 20 years ago (1995).
First introduced in US & Canada in 2003, then
NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK Gel was originally called
Trutek / NasalGuard expanded its operations to
Europe in 2005, launching in Germany & then UK.

UK & EU distributor is Trutek Europe, Ltd. a

100% subsidiary company of Trutek Corp. (USA)
Trutek Corp. is the patent holder, manufacturer &
global distributor of NasalGuard products.
NasalGuard, AllergieBLOCK, &
Cold&FluBLOCK are registered trademarks of
Trutek Corp. |


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