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Technical  Meeting  Guideline  
1. The  Online  Technical  Meeting  will  be  held  on  :  
Day,  date  

:  Sunday,  March  13th,  2016  


:  10  am  until  finish  


2. The  Online  Technical  Meeting  will  be  held  in  website  lkti  (https://lkti-­‐  
3. Before   The   Online   Technical   Meeting,   participants   are   required   to   have   already   read   all   of  
the  rules  (Technical  Meeting  Guideline  and  General  Rules  of  The  16th  LKTI)  and  standby  on  
10  am  at  chatroom  
4. Each  team  is  expected  to  prepare  at  the  minimum  1  participant  of  the  team  to  attend  the  
Online  Technical  Meeting  
5. During   the   Online   Technical   Meeting   is   held,   participants   are   required   to   log   in   using  
password  which  has  been  gave  at  e-­‐mail    
6. Participants  are  required  to  respect  to  all  the  rules  of  Online  Technical  Meeting,  
a. During  the  execution  of  Online  Technical  Meeting,  participants  are  required  to  use  
polite  language  which  does  not  contain  SARA  
b. Participants  answer  yes  or  no  question  only  with  “yes”  or  “no”  
c. Participants   are   not   allowed   to   give   any   response   which   is   out   of   the   contents   of  
Online  Technical  Meeting  Guideline  and  General  Rules  of  The  16th  LKTI  that  has  been  
given  before  
d. Participants   should   hold   Online   Technical   Meeting   Guideline   and   General   Rules   of  
The   16th   LKTI   which   has   been   given   by   the   committee   during   technical   meeting  
e. If   any   undesirable   emergency   thing   happens,   which   makes   the   participant   have   to  
leave   the   conference,   participant   should   give   an   interruption   and   look   for   a  
substitutional  person  immediately  
f. The   committee   provides   question   and   answer   session   after   giving   information   per  
point   regarding   this   competition.   Questions   beyond   the   question   and   answer  
session  will  not  be  answered  
7. During  the  Online  Technical  Meeting,  the  admin   will  open  the  technical  meeting  according  
to  the  content  of  General  Rules  of  LKTI  2014.  Admin  will  read  the  first  point,  and  then  the  
question   and   answer   session.   Then   to   the   second   point,   and   the   question   and   answer  
session  again,  and  so  on.    

  and   a   computer   mouse   (the   mouse  is  not  provided  by  committee)     15.  and  UI     2. Participants  should  carry  on  their  own  things  which  have  been  listed  below:   .   calculators. Participants  should  wisely  use  the  properties  used  during  the  series  of  this  competition     12.  should  contact  the  committee  or  the  team  LO     10. Participants’   activities   outside   the   agenda   of   LKTI   must   be   known   and   permitted   by   committee     6. Participants  should  keep  both  their  personal  and  team  belongings. Participants  should  wear  ID  cards  while  during  the  competition   17.   except   one   which   has   been   already  kept  by  the  committee     8. Participants  should  tell  the  committee  if  they  have  any  food  restriction  to  consume  (allergy.)     11. Participants  may  ask  any  question  regarding  the  regulations  to  the  LO  or  committee   16. Participants  who  violate  the  rules  will  be  dealt  directly  by  the  committee     14. Participants  may  not  bring  and/or  consume  any  alcohol  beverage  and  drug  during  LKTI     5. The   committee   is   not   responsible   for   any   loss   of   participants. Participants   are   allowed   to   bring   stationeries.   General  Rules  of  The  16th  LKTI  UI     1. Participants  with  any  health  symptom  which  has  any  chance  of  detaining  the  course  of  the   event. Participants  may  only  smoke  at  places  which  have  been  provided  by  the  committee  (outside   the  area  of  Wisma  Makara)   4.   vegetarian. Participants  should  respect  the  rules  of  the  competition  during  this  event     13. Participants   should   honor   their   reputations.   alma   mater   (both   their   own   and   other   participants’).  LKTI.  etc. Participants  may  not  make  any  deal  in  any  way  with  any  other  party  during  the  competition.   except  with  committee’s  authorization     9.  except  ones  which  have   been  already  kept  by  the  committee     7. Participants  may  not  defraud  and  make  any  harm  towards  other  participants     3.

 Isolation  will  be  held  before  the  case  is  given     22.   • Personal  medication   • Toiletries  (not  provided)   • Stationeries  and  calculators     • Alma  mater  suit     • Personal  belongings     • Prayer  tools     • Umbrella  or  raincoat     • Semi-­‐formal  and  formal  suits  for  the  Gala  Dinner     i.  other  participants’  room.     21.  tabs. Participants   may   use   laptops.)     23.)  in  order  to  avoid  any  cheating  communication  with   any  other  party  outside  the  team. Each  participant  is  allowed  to  carry  maximal  1  suitcase  and  1  backpack     19. Participants  are  allowed  to  have  hardcopy  books  as  long  as  they  meet  the  suitcase’s  capacity   which  is  permitted  by  the  committee     20.  2016)  =  25  teams     ii.   CP:   Dani   (082186706705  /  081274307520  /  Line:  pratamaibdani)   24. Team   who   succeeds   to   the   following   level   will   be   isolated   100%   from   any   communication   tool  (mobile  phones. Monday  –  Wednesday  (March  20th  -­‐  23rd.   journals. Women  :  Semi-­‐formal  dress     18.   and   e-­‐books   to   study   on   after   all   series   of   events   have  been  already  held. Men  :  Tidy  shirts  +  trousers     ii.  2016)  =  5  teams  who  are  selected   to  be  finalists     .  laptops.  etc. Participants   may   express   complain   regarding   room   services   to   the   committee   of   accommodation   via   telephone   or   direct   to   the   accommodation   table. Participants   should   deposited   their   rooms’   key   to   the   accommodation   table   whenever   participants  leave  the  room  (to  the  events. Available  rooms  during  the  competition  provided  by  committee  are  listed  below:     i. Wednesday-­‐  Thursday  (March  23rd  -­‐  24th.  etc.

The  picking  up  of  the  arriving  participants  uses  a  shuttle  system.30  WIB     • Stasiun  Gambir. Participants   who   are   not   selected   to   be   the   finalist   of   final   stage   will   be   sent   home   on   Wednesday.   and   there   will   be   no   reimbursement   for   any   public   transportation   which   is   used   in   participants’   fund.     29.   March   23rd   2016   after   the   series   of   events   have   been   held.  March  24th. Any   Wisma   Makara   housing   which   has   NOT   been   mentioned   above   are   on   participants’   responsibility     Arrival  and  departure  of  LKTI  2014  participants   26.   Participants   who   succeeds  to  the  final  stage  will  be  sent  home  on  Thursday. Committee  could  help  book  participants’  return  tickets.   Participants   should   inform   the   meeting  point  chosen  to  the  committee.   25.  according  to  events’   rundown     27.       28.               .  the  last  shuttle  departs  on  12.  in  which  the  pick-­‐up  area   will  be  concentrated  at  3  meeting  points:     • Soekarno  Hatta  International  Airport.  This  matter  will  be  discussed  further   on   the   technical   meeting.  2016.   Participants   who   would   like   the   committee   to   book   their   return   tickets  should  contact  Satrio  (081217866629  /  Line:  satrionk).  Satrio  (081217866629  /  Line:  satrionk). Participants’  transportation  are  only  facilitated  in  the  vicinity  of  Jakarta.  the  transportation  is   no   longer   on   the   committee’s   responsibility.30  WIB     On  any  other  time  beyond  which  has  been  determined  by  committee.  the  last  shuttle  departs  on  12.

There  will  be  no  cancellation  of  any  question  and  the  Committee  decision  is  final.  TORA. Any  gadget.     2. Each  team  will  be  given  a  laptop  with  Minitab  16.     12.  like  handphone.     14.  will  be  collected   by  the  committee  and  returned  back  after  stage  1  has  completed. Participants  are  not  allowed  to  carry  gadgets. Participants  are  not  allowed  to  connect  flash  disk/USB  or  other  devices  to  the  laptop  used   during  the  competition.   4.     4. There  is  no  question  along  the  game  from  the  participants. Participants  are  allowed  to  leave  the  room  during  pause  session  but  must  be  accompanied   by  the  committee.  participants  can  ask  the  team  companion     9.     8. Participants  are  not  allowed  to  communicate  with  other  participants  during  the  competition.   3.  are  prohibited  inside  the  room   along  the  game. Assessment  result  from  the  committee  is  inviolable.     6. All  participants  can  only  bring  scientific  calculator  and  stationary. Participants  are  not  allowed  to  bring  references  (books.  Any  question  must   be  asked  before  the  game  starts.     13.  such  as  mobile  phones.  WinQSB.     10. Equipment  that  can  be  carried  are  stationary  (no  pencil)  and  2  pieces  (maximum)  of   standard  scientific  calculator  (no  processing  chart). Participants  who  against  the  rules  will  be  dealt  directly  by  the  LKTI  2016  committee. All  participants  have  to  wear  their  own  alma  mater  inside  the  game  room.     11. Participants  must  keep  the  serenity  and  discipline  in  order  to  not  interfere  this  competition   process  and  other  participants. All  equipment  brought  by  the  participants  beside  the  permitted  equipment.   He/she   is   the   only   one   in   team  who  deserves  to  speak  as  representative  of  the  team. Participants  must  respect  this  competition  rules  for  each  session.  Any  gadget  mentioned  will  be  collected  by  the  committee.  laptops. All  food  and  beverages  are  prohibited  inside  the  room.   Rules  of  Stage  1     1.       Stage  2   1.  Microsoft  Excel   2007  software. Committee  will  not  serve  any  interruption  about  questions  when  the  competition  is  in   progress.   5.   during  Stage  1..  tab. Participants  have  to  wear  tidy  and  polite  clothing  (shirt)  and  also  wear  an  alma  mater  suit.  etc.  All  gadgets  must  be  given  to  committee  before  the  game  starts.   .     5.  journals. Every   team   must   have   one   person   as   their   speaker.     3.  and  etc.  SPSS  16.  tab.     15.   6.  laptop.  If  there  are  things  that  are   not  clear  yet.)  during  the   competition     7.     2.  etc.

8. 9.  with  a  maximum  number  of  abstractions  are  10  abstraction  and  the   number  of  e-­‐books  are  10  pieces.    Journals  and  e-­‐books  are  brought  together  into  a  single   folder  in  a  zip  with  name  “literature  team  name”.     8.  Dropbox. Participants  are  not  allowed  to  make  contact  with  outsiders  either  directly  or  indirectly.   • 7.  This  folder  will  be  moved  by  the   Committee  on  Wednesday.   Participants  are  not  allowed  to  use  its  own  flash  disk  since  stage  3  technical  meeting. 10.  tablets  and  the  other  kind  are  allowed  to  be  taken.   Gadgets  such  as  mobile  phones.  the  Committee  will  remove  the  data. 7.   Participants  are  not  allowed  to  bring  any  template  that  is  used  in  the  final  round. 11. 3.   Participants  are  not  allowed  to  carry  any  data  during  the  final  round.   GoogleDocs.   Participants  are  not  allowed  to  duplicate  the  questions  and  give  the  questions  to   unauthorized  parties.  the  decision   will  be  submit  later  based  on  the  decision  form  paper. 2. 5.   Participants  are  not  allowed  to  bring  a  modem  that  can  be  used  to  access  the  Internet   during  the  competition. It   is   an   obligation   for   all   participants   to   follow   every   flow   of   game   and   circumstances  coordination  from  team  companion. 6. 4. Another   things   except   scientific   calculator   and   stationary   are   prohibited   inside   the  room. When  a  technical  problem  happens  during  the  submission  phase.       Stage  3   The  following  are  rules  that  must  be  obeyed  by  all  the  participants  who  made  it  through  to  the   third  stage:   1.  If  the  participant  is   found  carrying  the  data.   Participants  are  allowed  to  bring  a  journal  (paper)  and  e-­‐books.   Participants  are  not  allowed  to  use  its  own  laptop  during  the  competition.  The  maximum  number  of   journals  are  10  pieces. Each  team  can  only  bring  flashdisk  that  given  a  night  before  the  game  (briefing   night).  2016.   Participants  are  allowed  to  bring  a  standard  scientific  calculator.   2.  March  23rd.   however  during  competition  is  under  the  responsibility  of  the  LO  and  is  not  used  for  the   interest  of  competition. 12.  Scribd.  rapidhsare)  during  the  process  of  data  searching  and   presentation  preparing.  It  only  contains  forecasting  data  in  Microsoft  Excel.   Special  Rules   1.   .   Internet  access  will  be  given  for  a  specific  time  by  the  committee  with  the  purpose  of  data   collection.  Internet  connection  will  be  provided  by  the  Committee.   Participants  are  not  allowed  to  access  e-­‐mail  and  other  file  sharing  platform  (4shared.

Participants  are  not  allowed  to  attend  the  presentation  sessions  of  other  team.   16.     The  following  are  rules  that  must  be  obeyed  by  all  participants  of  stage  3  when  performing  the   final  presentation:   1.   7. The  presentation  will  be  spoken  in  English  and  the  presentation  materials  must  also  be  in   English.   3.   6.  collared  and  courteous  clothes  during  the   presentation. Participants  will  be  asked  to  signing  a  statement  stamp  letter.  The  identity  of  the  participants  only  “team  1”. Presentations  are  collected  at  9:00  PM  23/3/2016  and  are  not  allowed  to  hold  any  change   after  collection.   4.  “team  2”  and  so  on. Presentations  were  collected  in  Microsoft  Office  PowerPoint  2010  or  earlier  versions. Each  team  is  prohibited  to  show  the  identity  and  attributes  of  the  university  both  in  dress   and  presentation. The  presentation  will  be  done  according  to  the  established  order  of  the  draw. Participants  are  allowed  to  use  additional  media  outside  the  presentation  for  the  interest  of   the  final  presentation. Participants  get  question  and  answer  session  with  the  jury  for  30  minutes.  to  ensure  the  confidentiality   of  the  data  provided  and  are  not  allowed  to  disseminate  this  information  to  the  general   public.   17.   5. The  committee  reserves  the  right  to  disqualify  any  participant  if  does  not  follow  the  rules   that  have  been  made. Participants  are  required  to  use  natty.   15. All  decisions  by  the  committee  are  final  and  cannot  be  tampered  with. Participants  get  a  15-­‐minute  presentation  time  and  will  get  a  warning  at  last  1  minute  and   30  seconds.   14.   18.   2.   13.       .