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The media 26 years ago Source:


If Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.’s assassination occurred in the new 1: Unresisting
millennium, it would have stayed on the front page in all newspapers in the 5: CEO, CFO, etc.
1: Ankles, anatomically
2: Neural fiber
country for several weeks or even months. Television and radio would have 9: Get a glimpse of
3: Debutante, typically
13: World War II partnership
covered any developments regarding the assassination more closely. In the 14: Unusual collectible
4: Contractor’s calculation
internet, record-breaking hits could have been recorded in blogs and news 15: Meter reading
5: Was lost in thought
6: They may accompany
sites. Unfortunately, in his time, it wasn’t. 16: Popular ABC adventure series
17: Putting to work
18: Leaping insect
7: After-dinner candy
As we all know, the assassination happened 26 years ago. Yes, it has 19: Hard to brush off
8: Dress fancily, with ‘out’
9: Decadent
been that long but 26 years seems like just yesterday. On that day, August 21, 21: Barely flows
10: Goods locations
1983, history turned a page and altered the lives of millions of Filipinos. 22: Female domestics
23: Basic beds
11: Warm up, for short
12: Senate votes
24: What planets do
14: ___ pie
Those who experienced the vindictiveness of the martial law days never 27: Foils’ cousins
20: Stuff to the gills
forgot what they went through. The atmosphere was ominous, depressing 29: Ease off
21: Wails
30: Compares prices
and chaotic. The media was censored and muffled. There was no freedom 32: Trite
23: Mortarboards
24: Stadium passage
of the press. Newspaper stories were screened. Pro-government stories were 34: ‘Don’t stop’
25: Reed instruments
published while anti-government articles were scrapped. 35: Attache case carriers
26: Lively Italian folk
36: Film follower
37: Soup veggie
27: Tipplers
At that time, the editors waited for instruction from the palace on how 38: Look-sees
28: ‘Ghostbusters’ goo
to handle the story. Is it different from today’s media? Right now, government 39: Greek letter
30: Litigates
40: Annoys a spouse, in a way
officials cannot get away with the media’s scrutiny. One wrong move and their 42: Old undergarment
31: With it
future will be ruined. 43: De ___ (too much)
33: ‘Blast!’
35: Leak slowly
44: Character assault
36: Provided commentary
46: Ostrich look-alikes
Media is indeed powerful and timeless. Even at the time of Marcos, 48: Apparitions
38: Lions and Tigers and
he had recognized its power that can make or break his regime. That was why 52: Bounded area forming part
39: Bearded mammal
of a whole
he took control of the mainstream media. But it did not stop the public’s 53: Anatomical hinge 41: How many medicines
The failure to develop a truly
democratic and electoral outcry of freedom. In fact, it triggered the so-called “people’s march” that 54: Ripped off are given
party system has made it
possible for the continuing showed unity of the Filipino people. 55: Major pain, slangily 42: Coppers
dominance of political clans 56: Curved moldings 44: Drew back
in this country.
57: Roof rim 45: Crowning glories, of
a sort
Philippine society has always Unlike before, reporters, writers and newspaper organizations are 58: Waiter’s tote
46: Proof of pmt.
been resilient to change, and
so do these DeMOCKratic already on our side. No more dictators. No more censorship of the truth. 59: Pantheon residents
47: Junior, usually
60: Girls’ books hero Nancy
The death of Ninoy has truly freed media and all of the other sectors from a 48: Okefenokee Swamp
inhabitant of fiction
dictators’ grasp. 49: Glide high
Story by Ronnie Alonzo
50: Turn in chess
51: Place at an angle
|14| 53: Slow running pace
Prevention is better than NDCC emerged only when the floods and landslides
cure. It sounds so familiar but were already evident and apparent. It just came into rescue when
never inculcated in our minds and most people were on top of their houses freezing and dying of
showed in our actions. If it really hunger. Some families took days (even weeks) to be rescued.
did, why did the deadly typhoons Others depended on themselves to save what was left to be saved.
transformed thousands of families A few were not fortunate enough and did not make it.
from happy homes into homeless
ones? Lesser damage could have been possible if only
NDCC aimed on prevention and preparedness. No one needs
Typhoon is a natural an organization who will take action when the damage has been
phenomenon. Once it enters the done. Even during the relief and rescue operations, NDCC had
Philippine area of responsibility, a hard time.
the Philippine Atmospheric
Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration (PAG- Even the people from the island of Mindanao did not
ASA) instantly notifies the public and the government. Even escape the wrath of a cloudburst. Cloudbursts are quite similar
before a typhoon hits the country, the public, experts and the to typhoons because it brings heavy rains that result to floods and
government are already aware when it pays a destructive visit. landslides. In fact, last January, many parts of Misamis Oriental
experienced non-stop rains for several days. As expected, many
So if everyone was aware, why weren’t there any properties, most especially the agriculture lands, were damaged.
preventive measures such as unclogging of drainage and building
of higher dikes in areas near rivers or bays? Signs of preparedness Aside from the lives of people being ‘endangered’,
from the government were not felt. They could have anticipated catastrophes wipe out livelihoods and eventually, the future
the need for a decent evacuation center, allocation of budget for of families and children affected. Since Philippines is an
those affected by calamities or at least more rubber boats for agricultural country, most of the ordinary Filipinos are dependent
rescuing. on agriculture for their food and daily needs. Indeed, natural
calamities devastate and destroy everything you have.
But wait, believe it or not, the government has this
National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC). What does Prevention. Preparedness. Anticipation. I believe that
it do or what did it do exactly during the onslaught of typhoon these will save us for the upcoming typhoons this year and the years
Ondoy and Pepeng? to come. At this point, we expect much from our government but
unfortunately, there are lapses. We must learn to depend solely in

Leadership is a quality a lot of people want to while leaders, usually, work

posses. It is not only because it denotes power and position, silently. A leader is natural
but also because of the prestige and honor of having people in dealing with people and
follow your ideals. problems. A leader is someone
who nurtures, not demean. A
Leadership may also mean the power to influence
leader is someone who looks
individuals to action and to make them part of something
over, not stay above everyone.
extraordinary. It sounds like big shoes to fill, yet in our
Unfortunately, in this nation,
seemingly disrupted and deprived country, the leaders that
politicians dominate. In
we have are not the leaders depicted and described in these
the real sense, we can all be
leaders. It is innate within us.
The leaders we have are money-minded capitalists And for crying out loud, we desperately, dreadfully and
disguised as sugar-coated aristocrats, simply known as urgently need a leader, not a politician.
politicians. Since time immemorial, the Philippines have
We are on the crossroads of our history. Another
been subject to impressive speeches and sweet promises
president will mark another chapter.The upcoming election
of politicians. In the history of this country, people have
is a critical decision for our nation. It is either we move
been mesmerized by eloquent and charismatic wannabe-
forward or go deeper down the well. As the old saying
goes, “when you choose something, choose the lesser evil”.
A true leader transcends the temptations of money, But I think it’s more like, “pick your poison”.
fame and power. A person with a silver tongue with a pack
In a race where all the contenders for the position
of followers cannot be called a leader.
have hidden agendas and black propagandas hidden in
What separates leaders from politicians is that politicians smiles and waves, let’s choose someone who is more like
need the position to be effective while a leader doesn’t. a leader. The fate of our nation is in our hands. Choose
Moreover, politicians want their action to be seen publicly wisely.
NEWS by James Michael Flordeliz and Ancheden Pacamalan

DC96 students show

Since the pre- antioxidants, nutrients and phytochemicals which

Spanish colonization, play an important role in the prevention of chronic
Filipinos practice diseases. More evidently, organically grown vegetables
Students of DC 89 stare in amazement as their photos were displayed at the XU-AVR1 Lobby. backyard agriculture provide even more nutrients and minerals. It is high
or farming. They in carbohydrates and lower in fat content than meals
Lansad 3 launches “Himamat CdeO” grow vegetables and with meat and other animal products.
The Development Communication DC89 students spices in their own
launched the third Lansad Photo Exhibit in XU history. backyards and later, People who are indecisive towards a vegetarian
The DC 96 class were all-smiles after their awards night on October 17 at the XU Little Theater.
The event formally commenced with a red-carpet opening harvest them for food on their tables. In this modern food-style are called  semi-vegetarians. These people
last October 5 at the XU-AVR 1 Lobby and has been era, urbanization did not affect the long-time Filipino are eating less animal-produce foods but are not ready
With the theme, Mulat (which means ‘awake’), attended by notable guests like Mr. Roel Ravanera, the practice of backyard farming.They still grow vegetables to give them up. Eggs, milk products and partial
Dean of the College of Agriculture, and Mr. Hobart Savior, not in plots but in pots. amounts of fish, chicken and sometimes meat are still
aspiring filmmakers from the DC 96 class of the the Director of the Xavier University Office of Culture and eaten. 
Development Communication Department showcased the Arts. The DevCom Department decided to hold the Filipinos love to eat. Here in the Philippines,
exhibit with the theme “Himamat Cdeo”. we are lucky enough to choose a wide array of Filipino More and more people convert to vegetarianism
their developmental videos and films during the second
“This exhibit will be brought to different parts of Cagayan
cuisines because it is part of our rich tradition. Some because of its health benefits. The vegetarian way of
Estreno student film festival on October 6-9 at the XU- classic Filipino dishes are still cooked and served in food style has been called “a healthier way to eat”
de Oro,” says Ma. Theresa Rivera, DevCom Chairperson
AVR 1. in her welcome remarks. The exhibit was showcased from our homes today. because of many reasons.
October 5-10 at the same venue.
Balikbayans are excited to go home because Based on researches, vegetarian diets can
Three film categories were shown during the
This year’s photos are captured from the four corners of they say that nothing beats the taste of Filipino food. prevent the severity of heart disease, hypertension,
film festival: photomontage, experimental film and Cagayan de Oro City. Telling the untold stories of the During fiestas, family gatherings and other special colon, prostate, breast and lung cancer. It also thwarts
documentary film. The first film category shown was the city immortalized in photographs. The photographs were and important occasions, we just couldn’t miss dishing the development of gallstones and osteoporosis. The
taken during the classes’ exercises on various subjects such lechon, kare-kare, adobo and other Filipino classics in health benefits of vegetarianism go beyond simply
photomontage containing videos with successions of as composition, action, and photojournalism. Photographs our banquet. having better eating habits. For many years, religious
photographs that tells minimal yet jam-packed stories. from the city fiesta were also included.  
followers of vegetarian diet are healthier because they
In this modern age, different people around avoid or control their intake of alcohol, preserved
The next set of films shown was the experimental films.
The experimental films were done in black and white XU hails new agriculturists the world from all walks of life, including Filipinos,
are getting conscious of what they eat. Delicious as
foods and caffeine. People also embrace the totality
of a healthy lifestyle including being more physically
moving shots and characters but without any sound, they may look and taste, many of the foods, if not active, being non-smokers and having less stressful
Xavier University College of Agriculture (XUCA) all, contain high cholesterol, saturated fat, sugar and
music or narration in order to create a dramatic mood. has something to be proud of. Sixteen new agriculturists lifestyles.
preservatives that if taken in large amounts, may cause
Lastly, the documentary films were shown. The class was passed the recent Licensure Examination for Agriculture diseases. Now, are you a vegetarian?
held last July 6-8. The XUCA graduates acquired a 66.7%
divided into groups and was partnered with different passing rate compared to the 38.3% national passing rate. What is the new trend in diet? It is
organizations. Some groups even reached as far as vegetarianism. Nowadays, the vegetarian diet has
Tonga-tonga in Bukidnon for their documentary films. After months of rigorous preparation and review, it increased in popularity. Many people are vegetarian
was a sweet victory for the examinees.The XUCA graduates because of cultural, religious or ecological reasons.
“A real filmmaker is when he/she captures the who passed the exam are Lourdito Achas, Philip Andrew Vegetarianism is a more recent phenomenon not just
heart even with only one of his/her audience,” shared
Aguhob, Dexter John Banaynal, Carlo Cagalitan, Janine here in the Philippines but also in other countries
Ceriales, Silvestre Gorre Jr, Elton Chris Griaga, Wilson around the world. The term ‘vegetarian’ is used
Ma. Theresa Rivera, DevCom Chairperson, in her Gule, Millan Miculob, Cezar Leo Pagapular, Lorraine Ann mostly to describe persons ranging from true or pure
opening remarks during the premiere night of the film Palaylay, Karleyo Pangilinan, Jeselou Ranario, Ernesto Jose vegetarians to lacto-ovo and semi-vegetarians.
Rosedo, Lorna Sajol and Ma. Santinena Tagaro.
festival. The film festival formally closed with an awards       The vegetarian diet includes plenty of whole
night on October 17, 7PM at the XU Little Theater.   So far, this was the highest passing rate that the grains, fruits and vegetables. It also provides fiber,
college got since it started its agriculture program.

It’s a go for Manresa ‘09 DevCom presents
After months of anticipation, the festive mood will
again arise in the complex of the farm as the Xavier University
College of Agriculture (XUCA) will finally celebrate
MANRESA Days ’09 this November 23- 29. It’s no turning
“Anatomiya sa
back for the organizers; this year’s festivities lined up for the
Manresa Days will assure visitors of a great experience and a
pack-load of enjoyment.
The event will commence with a mass on Nov. 23,
5:30 PM at the XU Chapel to be followed by a motorcade
around the city and a short opening program at the SC-Dry
If there’s one Although, for one, a lot has been said and The three-day “Kapihan sa Manresa”, which will be
word to describe most written about its three hours and 20 minute duration. held at the main entrance of the farm, will be transformed
of the hit telenovelas into a little flee market. It will showcase the different products
In our busy era, does anyone have the patience to of Manresa and other organic and agricultural products from
and drama series of our watch lengthy films as this? JODHAA AKBAR is contributing farms such as Menzi, Nature’s Bounty and
time, I would choose exceptional. The sequence of events , the romance, the others. The Manresa agricultural extension (AgEx) techno
UNEXCITING. Not because of the chain of drama and even the wars – every aspect of the movie demo, which will last for one day, will give a sneak preview to
dramatic and tearful scenes, but because everything is a reward. Oh yes, this can keep you mesmerized high school students on every unit of the farm. The Manrazing
is just so usual. Picture this: a man and a woman are Race will also give adrenaline addicts the race of their lives as
and away from your hectic ‘feel’ of the day. Rest they fight for prestige and money.
truly inseparable yet the world is always at odds; or assured, the three-hours-and-twenty-minute
a boy and a girl got so hooked with each other but break would pinch just like an hour of The traditional Rodeo sa Ateneo will culminate the
in the midst of everything they’ve been through, viewing. Add to that: they are also very Manresa days on Nov 28-29. The annual competition will
there’s this one hindrance, a third party perhaps, feature rodeo enthusiasts from different parts of Mindanao.
well spent. The audience will also watch for the Ms. Rodeo pageant that
who’s obsessively rapt with one of them. And, oh, the will highlight the closing ceremonies of the Manresa Days.
worst part? The most awaited happily-ever-ever-after Ashutosh Gowariker, the The event will also serve as the time when aggie alumni will
director of the movie, truly made

Photos by Jerlly Llenas, Sheena Marie Pagtalunan, Quinn Arthur Pedroso

is always, err, *sigh* - okay, enough about the rants. come together and establish a stronger relationship with the
I still could not blame anyone because amid their the legendary characters come college.
ordinariness, they still smack the mass’ eyes. alive on screen. Without a spot
of doubt, Jodhaa Akbar is a

XUCA hosts MAF

A scene from the play Anatomiya sa Korupsyon staged on October 8, 9 and 11 at the XU-LT.
But for those who are so into moving, thrilling brilliant film in all respects.
and breathtaking love stories, this is absolutely ‘it’. To sum it all, Jodhaa Akbar A Development Communication instructor once
Apart from the numerous spellbinding romantic said that a DevCom student’s life would not be complete
leaves you entranced, without experiencing the theater class.
movies of Hollywood, one movie rises out from the Xavier University College of Agriculture (XUCA)
awestruck and captivated. will host the 3RD Mindanao Agriculture Forum (MAF)
platform, tickles the imagination and touches the This historical movie has Indeed, a new batch has emerged on stage. The
this coming November 24-26, 2009 at the Manresa Farm
passion of love – JODHAA AKBAR. all it takes to prove their complex.
Introduction to Development Theater and Folk Media
outstanding 15 awards – a (DC8) class of 2009, under Jay Rey Alovera, mounted a
The story revolves around a unique love story MAF is an association of agricultural schools and play titled, “Anatomiya sa Korupsyon,” (a Visayan adaptation
certified runaway success of Malou Jacob’s “Anatomiya ng Korupsyon”) on October 8,
between a great Mughal emperor, Akbar (as played colleges in Northern Mindanao. There will be two sets of
of 2008. 9 and 11 at the XU Little Theater.
by Hrithik Roshan), and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa forums: one is the stakeholders’ forum, which will tackle
(as portrayed by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), despite climate change and its adverse effects on agriculture. There are Anatomiya sa Korupsyon depicted the common
their cultural differences and religious diversity. It all rumors that Sen. Loren Legarda will be the keynote speaker forms of corruption in a public office, as well as its causes
started from a forced marriage for political alliance. on this forum. The second forum is the students’ forum where and consequences. The play revolves around the battle
Towards the end of the movie, they slowly unravel Gov. Khalid Dimaporo of Lanao del Norte, the youngest between a budding yet honest lawyer, Cely, and the
governor of the Philippines, is the keynote speaker on good corruptive nature of the law office she works for. The play
their wild voyage for true love.
governance and leadership. highlighted the struggle between integrity and dishonesty
Jodhaa Akbar became one of Bollywood’s “We have made prior preparations since June to which exposed the realities of corruption.
most famous and loved movies. The reason why this ensure that the MAF will be a great success.” Mr. Alvie
Cabañez, President of Northern Mindanao Federation of Many parents, faculty members, and the present
film turned out to be an instant major hit because and former DevCom students showed their unwavering
Agricultural Schools, shared
it has that ounce of secrecy that the viewers were support by watching the play.
unaware of prior the making of the film. Although There will also be agricultural demos from the
most of us know that Akbar is a great emperor, none different units of the College of Agriculture around Manresa “Tsada pud ang set design,” hailed Henry Martin
Farms. Competitions in the fields of Animal Science, Crop Acusar, a 4th year Development Communication student,
of us yet has perceived that behind the greatness of after watching the play.
Science, Agricultural Engineering, Food Technology and
this man comes an unconquerable love story. Development Communication will also be participated by
member schools.
By Rey Anthony Cuenca
By Maria Sozina Alamban
The aggie spirit is finally back. The recently The College of Agriculture teams also made
concluded intramurals highlighted the rise of the the top 3 in 5 events namely: basketball men, soccer
The word ‘politics’ for a Filipino will always be linked College of Agriculture from dormant to contender. men and women, lawn tennis women and table
to corruption and empty promises. Politics, they say, is a The Bull Riders charged their way through the tennis. Despite not winning the championships, the
science as well as an art. It is a science because it involves steps different sports events and capturing titles along the Bull Riders showed their determination despite the
and measures in order to stay in power or get the position. way. different adversaries they faced.
Likewise, it is an art because it is a craft that can ultimately
be a ‘talent’. Whatever angle you look at politics, the whole One of the most notable wins for the Bull Karl Wyne Abregana, the Aggie Student
sphere revolves around the people using it, the politicians. Riders includes the third place finish in the Cheer Council’s Department of Physical Enhancement
Dance Competition on September 26, 2009 at the (DOPE) head better known as the Sports coordinator,
In this day and time, politics in the Philippines XU gym. The Aggie cheer dancers executed flawless said that he is proud of the achievements of the athletes
has already taken criticisms and is compared to a decaying dance moves and slick stunts that won the judges’ this intramurals.
masterpiece. However, through the efforts of patriotic and score cards. The win ended a 30-year drought for
devoted Filipinos, much of the negative perception about the college and started the ball rolling for the Bull “Congratulations sa tanan, sa athletes, sa ato. It
politics is bound to change. It begins with a vote. Every Riders. has been great year for the college and isa napud sa
vote counts. Television companies and activists have already tsada na nahitabo ang atong performance sa intrams,”
started to turn the wheel in choosing the best and appropriate “Habilin ni namo sa College,” exclaimed Henry he said. “Sayang lang ang uban kay wala nadaog, pero
President in 2010. But before drowning ourselves with fearless Martin Acusar, the team’s co-captain together with ok lang. Nakita man sad sa mga faces sa mga players ang
rebuttals and piercing comments from aspiring presidents, Ronnie Dane Alonzo, who helped train the dancers. determination para mudaog,” he added.
let us first know the different kinds of politicians.
The Aggie softball team also won the crown When asked for the points for improvement
besting the College of Engineering Warriors. The Bull for the next intramurals, he expressed that the college
Riders showed their batting prowess and tenacious needs more players in order to compete in the elite
defense to drop the Warriors. level. “We could have won more events kung mas
daghan ang atong athletes. We’re a small college man

Photos by Pamela Lico and Joyce Vega

The teams in swimming, athletics, taekwondo gyud, and the players have multi-events, so usually ma-
and chess also made headway in their respective default ta kay walay sa isa ka event kay gadula pa sa
events. The team composed of Lorens Kyle Recto, pikas,” he uttered.
Adonis Manlunas, John Caballero and Michael
Valdueza won all the team events in swimming which “Let’s not settle sa 4th lang. Daghan pa ta mabuhat
includes the 4x50m, 4x100m, 4x1000m relay and the para mu-excel pa gyud ta,” Karl suggested. “Next year,
4x50m medley. dapat 2nd na ta or better yet, over-all champion gyud,”
he added.
Joustine Gelsano, Joedino Panunce and Sylvia
Aguhob kicked their way to winning gold medals in Truly, this year’s intramurals marks the rise to
their respectively weight classes in taekwondo. The redemption of the Aggies. With the words Blue Blood,
Bull Riders also raced past their competitors winning Green Heart in their chest, claiming the over-all title
the 4x100m dash. is in within their grasps.

So those are the different kinds of politicians you bet you’ll

see around the political atmosphere. Have you found yours?
If you have spare time to play a little bit of matching type,
better match your presidentiables with the descriptions of
the different politicians. You’ll surely be astonished with
what you will discover.

a businessman turned councillor, was Imelda Dimaporo’s The election is an exercise of democracy towards
number one opponent. It was also the first time that the the people. It is the “will of the people” that must be
Dimaporo’s took the chance to run in the 1st district of casted. However, election frauds and manipulations have
Lanao del Norte. continued to stain the canvass of fair and honest elections.
In this report, Iligan City and the first district of Lanao
It was a fierce race between Dimaporo, Badelles del Norte became the testing grounds for acts of cheating pest management program that was then budgeted
Politics and agriculture are two different things.
and Belmonte. Dimaporo had previous success in Lanao and deception. over P760 million which had helped 100,000 farmers.
Politics is concerned with legislations and legalities while
del Sur and planned to take her political ideologies to
agriculture is more on food and security. However, when
Lanao del Norte. Dimaporo believed that she could win The Philippine election resembles a kind of society both are combined, they can be a winning combination that Despite his numerous achievements and distinctions,
in the 1st district elections. Badelles, whose family is also ruled by kinship. It seems that cheating during elections is can bring the Philippines on a higher plateau. what makes him stand out is that he was an alumnus of
one of the arising political dynasties in Lanao del Norte, a norm and honesty is a rare commodity. According to Xavier University College of Agriculture (XUCA), where he
also ran as representative. However, in Iligan City, where Attorney Zaragoza, “Lanao del Norte has been consistently Nicanor “Nicky” Perlas, an environmental advocate was conferred with the Fr. William F. Masterson S.J. Award
the total population was the highest compared to the other involved with cheating scandals.” In addition, he stated and presidential candidate, understands the need for politics in 1995. Having an alumnus with such amazing credentials
municipalities included, the people sided with Belmonte. that most of the officials, even kind-looking ones, cheat in and agriculture to be united and on the front line. Agriculture would make any university and college proud.
one way or another. Despite all the infamous stories that is the backbone of our economy. With proper support from
In an act of desperation, the side of Dimaporo people hear every election, they still yearn that one day an those with high positions just like how Perlas had been doing He was a catalyst for change and saw agriculture,
allegedly forced the ballot boxes from Bacolod, Maigo, ‘Ideal politician with a modest intention’ will come along. these past few years, the Philippine will be well on its way to sustainable agriculture that is, as our way out from poverty
and Kauswagan open. Attorney Cuevaz said that despite reclaiming the status it once had. to higher economic status.
the security measures applied, there was still a security “The big losers are the people. Their voices are
breach. They asked the intervention of the National Bureau Among his many ventures are sustainable agriculture, In his efforts to inculcate and instill the essence of
supposed to be heard during elections. But because of
of Investigation or NBI for the investigation of the security peace and development, anti-corruption, moral renewal, sustainable agriculture to the Philippine political realm, he
cheating, their voices are muffled and their will subverted,”
infringement. “Definitely there was a security breach, and poverty reduction, child development program and many conducted a talk on the Politics of Sustainable Agriculture
Chris G. Sienes wrote on Sun.Star Davao.
sad to say the findings of the NBI resulted to, may nag-rally more. This shows how multi-talented and inspiring he can on August 22 at SEARSOLIN, Manresa Complex in front
rally.” With the upcoming 2010 election, we will again be. of the XUCA students.
hear whispers from right to left of the iniquitous forms
The provincial board of Canvassers that were He has received numerous awards in his exemplary His talk emphasized the seven dimensions
of election cheating. Perhaps some of us have never seen
tasked to canvass the votes from the COC inhibited achievements as a Civil Society leader in the fields of of sustainable agriculture, namely, ecologically sound,
and have no firsthand experience of it. As a result, we have
themselves. They confirmed that they did not open the Environmental Advocacy, Global Economic and Financial economically viable, culturally sensitive, socially just, holistic
to generate some ways to prevent this from deceiving us
tampered ballot boxes and asked COMELEC Manila to Management and Peace. He also received the Alternative science, appropriate technology and the development of full
again and again. The remedy for this seemingly incurable
create a new board of canvassers for the province. There Nobel Prize in 2003 for his exemplary efforts in educating human potential.
illness is for us to be vigilant and educated about the ways
were many speculations that the hired people who were of cheating. civil society on the effects and alternatives of corporate       Using a white board and a pen, Perlas connected
allegedly tasked to do the tampering passed through the globalization. He was awarded The each of the seven dimensions of sustainable agriculture to
office of the vice governor which was just near the secured Attorney Zaragoza shared a true example based Outstanding Filipino Award in the the value chain. He underlined the role of education to this
room where the ballot boxes were kept. on the process of election in ancient tribes in Africa. Those field of agriculture in 1994. chain and the seven dimensions.
who wanted to be leaders will just line up along the plaza
‘Attorney Roger’ said that the election fraud that and the voters who wanted to choose among those aspiring In addition, Perlas He stressed that sustainable agriculture and
was committed was crude, inhumane and disrespectful leaders will just drop a seed to their corresponding choice. helped thousands of poor agriculture are two different things. “Sustainable agriculture
to the right of the people to vote. The case has yet to be Even the aspiring leaders who lined up are tasked to count farmers in over 25 provinces is the future of agriculture,” said Nicanor Perlas. Although
finalized. Even if many believed that Dimaporo did cheat, the votes they received. “What a simple way of choosing from expensive and destructive both can contribute to the needs of the people, sustainable
no substantial and concrete evidence was presented in a leader: simple, honest, pure, and fast. Yet with the advent chemical farming to sustainable agriculture has more positive effects on humans and to the
order to detain and arrest Dimaporo. of technology now, we make the rules of conflict, too agriculture. He headed the environment.
complicated where manipulations are so easy to do. As I national movement that led to
was saying, I have a common statement, figures won’t lie the banning of more than 32       Later on, he shared how politics is involved in
but liars can figure.” pesticide formulations that sustainable agriculture. Politics plays an essential role because
Equals: a manipulated democracy? were poisoning millions it implements and supports laws regarding agriculture. Perlas
of our Filipino pointed out that this is the main reason why he is running
farmers. in the national election as President. He will be putting the
“There is no such thing as real and genuine agriculture sector as his main priority.
He was
democracy. Genuine democracy can only be attained if
even one of the “Our political system has a bias against agriculture.
people have already attained economic liberation”, quotes
leaders in the [It] doesn’t care about our farmers,” Perlas said. He warned
Attorney Leo Zaragoza, election lawyer and professor
creation of that if present trends continue, “agriculture will be more
residing in Iligan City.
a national problematic in the years to come,” he added. 
      Despite not having any experience in politics, Perlas
expressed his intention to run for the presidency in the 2010
national elections. Who knows? Maybe a green activist and
Fr. Al Mendez (Head of Social Action Center; Iligan City Archdiocese) Atty. Leo Zaragoza (Election Lawyer; Candidate of May 2007 election) agriculture advocate like Perlas can lead the country past the Atty. Hamilton Cuevaz (Supervisor; Region X COMELEC )
Erma Jean D. Rosales (Election Assistant II; COMELEC)
Philippine Daily Inquirer “Atty. Roger”

service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined Belmonte’s supporters led the way in probing the alleged
by law.” tampering of the ballot boxes. A reliable source, a lawyer
hidden in the name ‘Attorney Roger’ narrated what
However, political dynasties still govern in different happened during the cheating incident. “Ang ilang gihimo,
parts of the country. You pick a province, a town, or a city they drove away the watchers of Cong. Belmonte, pointing
and you can identify established as well as up and coming a gun, ilang gipagwas and they ransacked the room where
political dynasties. These political dynasties are often the ballot boxes were stored.”
wealthy families who were influential in the establishment
and development of their community. Professor Simbulan Fr. Al Mendez, the director of the Social Action
said that approximately 250 families dominated politics in Center (SAC) of the Archdiocese of Iligan, said that the
the Philippines, both in local and national. These families tampering of votes were clearly ‘SnoPaked’. “Obvious kaayo
have been in power for 30 years and more. ang mga nag sunod na mga investigation. Naa’y basa pa nga
mga [COCs tungod sa] gi-tawag nato ug liquid eraser, basa
The Filipinos have been witnesses to colonizers,
As if being part of a political dynasty is not enough, pa jud. Duna man pud ‘tay kopya sa Certificate of Canvass,
conquerors and dictators. Yet despite the efforts of our
staying in power is even better. Political families are often muna nga duna gyu’y maingon ta nga lahi nga mga entry
forefathers to attain true and genuine freedom, we are
associated with election fraud and vote manipulation. nga nahitabo tungod kay duna ta’y kaugalingon nga kopya ug
still under the same families, the same surnames that
Over the years, elections have been the site of massive labeling nga gi-entrust sa atoa sa COMELEC. Significant
are “destined” to sit on thrones consecutively – or even,
cheating, violence and fraud, all attributed to the presence gyud kaayo ang evidences”, he added.
simultaneously. Even in our island, some regions are often
hailed as ‘cheating hotspots’ where entrenched surnames of political dynasties who wanted to stay in power for more
generations. Belmonte’s followers camped outside the Legislative
emerge every election Hall in support of the case against his rivals. Emotions
and never miss to ran high when Imelda Dimaporo arrived at the hall the late Ali Dimaporo served as
gather massive votes
“Ang ilang gihimo, they drove away
together with uniformed military and several COMELEC mayor and with his charm, later on, became governor of
from the locals. Pelaez, the watchers of Cong. Belmonte, pointing a As a testament to the representatives. The supporters prevented Dimaporo’s the entire province.
Baculio, Emano, gun, ilang gipagawas, and they ransacked the rampant cheating happening in group to get inside the hall. Forming what may seem as
Duterte, Zubiri, and Mindanao, we travelled to Iligan a human wall, the Bobby Dimaporo succeeded his
Dimaporo - do any of room where the ballot boxes were stored.” City, Lanao del Norte in search for supporters insisted “Definitely there was a security governorship and was then wed to Imelda
these ring a bell? answers and explanations on the that the boxes stay breach, and sad to say the findings of Quibranza from an influential family
election controversy that happened in the hall until whose father was the former governor of
These and other prominent names recorded during the 2007 1st District Congressional race. the NBI resulted to, may nag-rally rally.” Lanao del Sur, Arsenio Quibranza. Imelda
further notice
through history have continued operating under the Quibranza- Dimaporo became the governor
influence of the same bloodlines and heritage of similar of the province succeeding her husband. She
Manila. It was only
political ideals. Some would assume that there is nothing remained in power for many years. Her husband is the
when Atty. Joseph Cuevas, the provincial supervisor of
wrong with political dynasties. However, if law freely Lanao del Norte -- Genuine enquiry current representative of the second district of Lanao del
the Commission on Election (COMELEC) during the
permits this, our nation is likened to a company: continually Norte. Adding to the chain is the one succeeding Imelda:
May 2007 election in Lanao del Norte, issued an order
breeding exclusive political family franchise. her own son, Mohammad Khalid Dimaporo.
to the COMELEC deputies and to their escorts to leave
Tension arose as waves of human barricades stood the ballot boxes in the Legislative Hall. After that, the At least four members of the Dimaporo clan in
firm at the face of Iligan City Legislative Hall last May 20, atmosphere around the vicinity of the Iligan City Hall Lanao del Norte ran for the top provincial and congressional
Exposing political chains 2007 blocking the local COMELEC from bringing the ballot visibly lightened. posts despite criticisms over dynasty issue. During the
boxes to the provincial canvassing hall in Tubod, Lanao del May 2007 election, Imelda, the outgoing governor, ran
Norte. The event spurred out from the rumoured cheating Because of these series of events, the camp
of Belmonte decided to file a case against the people as the representative
According to Roland G. Simbulan, a Development
in the canvassing of votes for the 1st district Congressional
responsible for the election fraud. In an appeal filed by of the first district “...figures won’t lie
race. of Lanao del Norte. but liars can figure.”
Studies Professor from the University of the Philippines Belmonte and his band of election lawyers, they accused
(UP) in Manila, a political dynasty is “a line of hereditary the Special Provincial Board of Canvassers, Dimaporo Marcos Abdulrahman
Five candidates contested for the Congressional seat Dimakuta Dimaporo,
rulers of a country.” A political dynasty is also “a succession in the 1st District in Lanao del Norte. Among them, Vicente and Badelles as the masterminds behind the tampering
of people from the same family that play a prominent role in of votes. However, the case did not prosper because there a brother of Bobby, who also filed his certificate of
‘Varf ’ Belmonte, Angelique ‘Nikki’ Badelles, and Imelda candidacy, ran as rival candidate of Khalid for the Second
politics” he added. In Article II (Declaration of Principles ‘Angging’ Dimaporo were the lead contenders. It was a tight was insufficient evidence that could link Dimaporo and
on State Policies) of the 1987 Constitution, specifically the others to the tampering of votes. Most of the residents Congressional District of Lanao del Norte.
race between the three rivals where votes from Kauswagan,
in Section 26, it is stated that, Bacolod and Maigo of the province of Lanao del Norte and supporters of Belmonte believed that it was the power
“the state shall guarantee became the vital stations for determining the winner. At the and influence of the Dimaporo clan that prevented the
equal access to same time, these locations turned out to be the hives where progress of the case. On that note, the question whether Even the opponent of Imelda has a history of an
oppor tunities election fraud occurred. the prominence of Dimaporo’s, who are established and arising political dynasty. From an article written by Lino
for public well-known political powerhouses in Lanao del Sur, used de la Cruz (2007), it articulated that, “another known
The night before the canvassing of votes, eight (8) their influence and power to execute what may seem to be political family led by Representative Cirilo Alipio
ballot boxes containing the Certificate of Canvass dirty tactics in order to get the position. In a wider sense, Badelles of the First District of Lanao del Norte and son
(COCs) from Iligan City and seven (7) municipalities does this support the claim that political dynasties affect of the late congressman Mariano Badelles will field his
in Lanao del Norte were secured by the provincial the country’s political system? daughter lawyer Angelique Badelles-Bacareza to replace
guards. Doubtfully, why were the strict security measures him this coming May 2007 election.”
breached and the three ballot boxes ransacked? Dominating the royalties
Five (5) candidates ran for the congressional seat
The COCs from the municipalities of Maigo, Part of the political history of Lanao del Norte in the 1st District of Lanao del Norte
Bacolod, and Kauswagan were tampered. The votes casted are the Dimaporo’s. The political history of the Dimaporo’s during the May 2007 elections. Vicente
for Belmonte were ‘SnoPaked’, giving favour to Dimaporo. started during the regime of late president Marcos where ‘Varf ’ Belmonte, SEE PAGE 9