May 15 2009 - MALAYSIAN WORD NERDS - Speed dating with David

Source We’re kidding. Sort of. Read on! Proving themselves to be the best fan-aware label in the world ever, Sony Malaysia allowed us, on behalf of the David Cook fans, to interview him on the 12th of May while he was in the Philippines. MYwn would like to extend a big thank you to Dawn, Janice and the Sony team for making this happen. Without further ado, here is the video of our video conference with David Cook, plus the transcript. MYwn would appreciate if you could link back to the site when quoting or reposting to other sites. Thank you. VIDEO WILL BE UP SHORTLY! Renee: Hi David, I’m Renee. David: Hi, Minnie. R: Renee, Renee. D: Say what? R: Renee. D: Vinnie? Okay, well I’m trying very hard not to mispronounce it too many more times. R: Okay. My question is “If you could have three wishes, what would you want? What would your wishes be?”. D: Oh wow. Uh, first wish…first wish would be for my little brother to have a record deal because he really wants one. *lots of cheering and clapping going on* D: Wow. Second wish, uh…second wish would be a lifetime free pass to McDonalds’. My third wish…I just got a new home and I need a nice muscle car to put in the garage. R: Cool. D: *laughs* R: Thank you, David. D: Bye. David: Hello. Sue: My name is Sue. D: Hi, Sue. S: My question is…sorry I’m nervous. Okay, what’s your plan for the band in the next five years? Have you guys picked a name for the band? D: Hmmm. Well, the plan for the band in the next five years is…we’re gonna try to stay together and keep playing music. They’re amazing guys, great friends and it’s very strange. I’ve known a few of them for a long time and few of them for a short time, and I couldn’t imagine playing music with anyone else right now. So, that’s good. As far as the band names, we think we have one.

S: Can you spit it out for us? D: I can’t tell you yet. It’s been killing me, I want to. We’re just going for the legalities to make sure some tanning salon somewhere isn’t named the same thing. But hopefully soon. S: Okay, thanks a lot, David. D: Thank you very much, Sue. Awalia: Hello, David. David: Can I ask you a quick question? A: Yes? David: Who is that behind you? A: Not David Cook. It’s Usher, some guy. Kavi: He’s not as awesome, right? D: *smiles* Okay. A: My name is Awalia. D: Okay, hi. A: My question is “How did you come to know of Neal and Andy in the first place?” D: Umm, that is a good question with a decent story. Everyone else: Tell, tell. D: Alright, alright. Well, I was in my band Axium back home in Kansas City, Missouri and we had been offered a show opening for this band called Caroline’s Spine…uh-oh, it froze. D: Hi. A: Hi. D: Okay. Hi. So, story. I was down in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is about 4 hours south of us and they asked us to come down and open for a band called Caroline’s Spine and Andy and Neal’s band MWK was mid-lining. And so I met them there and they were both very quiet, and I thought they were kind of jerks. But then we kind of stayed in contact and ended up trading shows. They came out to Kansas City, we went back down to Tulsa. Then, we did this little two weeks mini tour around our hometowns and it just kind of solidified the friendship. So, whenever I got bored at school or whenever I had spring break, I always go down to Tulsa to hang out with them, and that’s pretty much how that happened. So, told you it’s a decent story, not a great one. A: At least you have a story. Okay, thank you, David! D: Thanks. See you. Teri: Hi, David. I’m Teri. David: Hi. Hello. T: That’s my son at the back. D: I can’t see him. T: This is my son, Nick. D: Hi, son. Nick: I’ve got one question. D: Uh-oh.

*line gets cut off* D: Hey, sorry man. You all got cut off, it all got crazy and you look like mimes. N: David. D: Yes? N: When are you coming to perform in Malaysia? D: Hopefully soon. I know I want to be there but I haven’t been able to schedule just yet, but hopefully soon. I would love to come and play there. Get your cardboard Usher-thing there*. T: Yeah, that Usher thing must have offended u?? D: *laughs* Oh my God. T: I’d just like to ask you about, okay, on the bus, there are so many of you on the bus and you know, everyone every night will be doing different things. So, how do you get the hours of sleep? D: *laughs* T: Who actually tells you to go to sleep? D: Here’s where it gets fun. You know, we try really hard to be respectful of each other, especially in such tight quarters, and you know after, especially for me, after getting up and doing press, and doing all the things you have to do for a show, and doing the show, I’m all exhausted afterwards, I’ve gotten really good at sleeping around a lot of noise and to the point where I can’t sleep in hotels very well anymore. I can’t sleep unless I have a kind of stuff going on around me which is, uh, it’s not fun sometimes. But you know, I don’t know. I mean, again, I get to travel the country and the world with some of my best friends so that makes it a little more bearable when they won’t shut up while I’m trying to sleep. T: And you’ll be playing your PS,right? D: Yeah, yeah. T: And Dublin? D: Dublin has been on the road with us for about a month and hold his own, he makes more noise than anybody? T: When are you taking him on stage? D: Oh, he, umm. You know, it’s funny. For him being a musician’s pet, he hates noise. He hates, like, loud guitars and stuff like that. So he’ll normally…he’ll normally gets kind of anxious and probably bite somebody if I bring him on stage while I’m playing. T: We hope to see Dublin soon. D: *laughs* T: I dont want to hold up the rest. Thanks a lot, David. D: Thank you. D: Dublin should get his own record deal. Kat: Hi, Dave. I’m Kathleen. David: Hi, Kathy. K: Okay, I have one question. What happened to Pork Beans? D: Ah, Pork Beans. We’re working on something extra special on Pork Beans. It may or may not involve a new character. Past that, Pork Beans is kind of been hiding for a myriad of reasons. One: Terry, our assistant light tech is actually striking for more money; and two: the van de Kamp Pork and Beans company has

actually filed litigation against us for using the term ‘Pork Beans’ and I think we’ve gotten all that out of the way and hopefully we should have another one up soon. Those are all lies, by the way. I’m just making them up. We just got lazy. That’s it. K: Yeah, I figured. D: *laughs* D: I had to say that, otherwise we’ll really get sued by van de Kamp. Roxy: Hey, David. My name is Roxy. David: Hi, Roxy. R: My question for you is that you’ve sung some unreleased tracks on the tour, are you planning to sing anymore of these unreleased tracks? D: You know, we’ve got a little, we’ve got like a couple of weeks between legs of this tour and we’re working up on some new covers already for the summer months. The good thing about these unreleased tracks is that not only are they something that I’m familiar with, they’re something that Neal and Andy are familiar with. Neal actually produced that record that never got put out. So, I would say…I would say the odds are adequate to probable that you’ll get to hear more stuff from that record. Whether it be on the tour or whether it be on the next record, I don’t know. R: Thank you. Enjoy Manila. D: Yeah, thank you very much. Kavi: Hi, David. My name is Kavidha. David: Hi. K: My question for you is… a long question. D: Okay. K: Failure basically, I assume, has been a huge part of your life but music has been a passion, I guess. So, what made you never give up despite fear of disappointing your family and your friends because you know you said that you’d put a benchmark for yourself that at 26 years old if you didn’t, you know, make it big, you’d go back to the 9 to 5 thing, and then… Idol and stuff. So, you know, what made you never give up? Because it’s kind of like an inspirational story here, so yeah. D: I think I’m stubborn for starters. I mean, in this particular situation, it served me well. I refuse to kind of just quit, I don’t know. I think my dad is in his fifties and he still plays guitar. He doesn’t play out, he doesn’t, you know, go play shows or anything, but he still plays. And just the joy that he gets out of doing that, that’s enough to make me want to keep doing this because I get an immense amount of joy walking out on stage and having a bunch of people think I’m cool, which is… K: Which you are. D: Can be a little misguided. I’m not as cool as people think I am but just, you know. I think the real solidifying moment for me…this is the long answer to your long question. I just joined MWK and it was like my second or third show and we went to L.A. and showcased for this label, that I will not name. The head of this

label, who I will also not name, told me very specifically after we auditioned for him that I, myself,f should find something else to do with my life and that maybe music isn’t cut out for me and maybe I’m not cut out for music. Kat: It was a good idea you didn’t tell us the name. D: *smiles* Needless to say, he is not working with me now. So…but I think, just, that galvanised me, that just did it. To have somebody say that and for me to be able to just walking out back and say “You know what? Forget that guy. I’m going to keep playing music anyway”. K: We’re glad you did! D: Me too. Believe me, this pays better than bartending. So, it worked out. K: I’ll believe that. Thank you. Also? One day, I hope to hear the story behind the mustard thing. I hear it’s a really good story. D: I’ll tell you what? I’ve had people question why I dislike mustard so much, when I tell them that story, they get “Oh, okay, I get it. I get it”, but that’s another day. K: Thank you. I’ll be seeing you in Manila, actually. D: Absolutely, we’ll see you there. K: Alright, bye. Thank you. Nadia: Hi, I’m Nadia. David: Hi, Nadia. N: Hi. Okay, I have a question for you. Usually, I’ve watched some singers on stage and stuff and, I wonder, you know they sing the same songs night after night, right? Do you get tired of the songs, singing every night or how do you make it new? D: I don’t get tired. Okay, let me back up. I do, I do get tired, but not in the sense that I don’t want to play them. I think if I had to play to an empty room every night the same song, I think I’d get tired of playing them and not want to play them. So that’s the great thing about this job. I go on stage and play the same songs every night to completely different people and so I have completely different reactions, and when people ask me what my favourite song is played fluctuates* because, you know, the vibe that I get one night playing ‘Lie’ to a certain crowd, I’ll get a completely different vibe on that song and I get a certain vibe that I like more playing Mr. Sensitive. So, it’s the same but it’s different, if that makes any sense at all? N: Yeah. Okay, thank you. D: Thanks, Nadia. Ain: Okay, everybody’s going, just so you know, everyone’s like *throws hands up in the air*. David: I hear all these suppressed giggles in the background and I have no idea what’s going on. A: The thing is I just said to them earlier before we came in that this is kind of like speed dating, you know, and we’re all going round in circles and when it’s time you hear ‘ding!’. D: What’s your sign? What are your hobbies?

A: That’s for me to know and for you to find out. D: Exactly. Right. A: I did not mean to flirt with him. D: *laughs* A: I’m glad you found some humour in that. Anyway, the reason why I’m holding up this phone is because one of our friends wanted to be here so desperately is unfortunately stuck somewhere in the Jakarta Stock Exchange, hopefully not on the roof trying to jump down. D: Right. A: So I have her on loudspeaker, so maybe Phui San, you want to say ‘Hi’? Phui San: Hi, David. D: Hi. PS: Can you hear me? D: Barely. PS: Oh my God. A: Phui San, you’re on loudspeaker. PS: No, I’m in the meeting room. A: Oops! Okay, sorry. PS: Well, first, I just want to say ‘Hi’ and send my regards to the band members. D: Oh yeah, yeah. I’ll tell them you said that. That’s awesome. PS: I’ll see you live in Manila. A: She’s going to be in Manila as well. D: We’ll see you there, and I’ll have no idea what you look like because I can’t see you right now. A: She will be carrying a huge green banner that says “Malaysian Word Nerds”, so you can look out around probably… PS: Look for us, look for us! A: Yeah, on the left side of the stage or on the right side, I’m not sure, but look at either side. You’ll see it. Green! Green! D: I got it. A: I do have to have to ask you a question, right? Okay, so, this is my question. I don’t know, I hope this isn’t too sensitive or anything, but I think all of us share the same sentiments in saying that we’re truly sorry for the loss that you’ve just recently experienced and that we really admire that you’ve got so much strength in participating in the Race for Hope which happened on the 3rd of May. That was fantastic, we really admire you for that. We will be participating in some sort of relay as well actually end of this month, by the National Cancer Association of Malaysia. Anyway, so my question which I have finally been able to come to… yeah, you’ve met your match. D: I know, right? A: Yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, the question is, do you plan to set up, I mean now that you really have an extensive network of word nerds helping you out and raising funds for charity, are you thinking of, maybe, setting up a charitable foundation of your own? D: Continuing discussion. I would love to do eventually something a little bit more formal to help keep the memory of my brother alive, you know, but I think past that, I know right now, he’d want me kind of just be me and focus on what

makes me happy and what makes me happy right now is just continuing to be involved in what I can and I am sure that once things slow down a little bit, we’ll do something more formal. So, I’m going to probably continue be involved with ABC and other scores of big organisations help put on the race and then, we’ve got other various kinds of offers on the table to help out and I’ll do whatever I can. A: Okay, can I ask a question from Phui San? She just wants to know if there’s a sophomore album in the works. D: Uh, well, no, yeah. Always, I’m always ready for the next record but nothing formal. I definitely want to. I want to stop doing everything else for a minute and kind of set up shop with the band to work out some stuff and really get back into co-writing, but we’ve noodled around with some ideas and definitely we’re going to release a record, we’ve got some material to kind of sit on. So, yeah, I think yes but no. A: Great. Well, thanks very much and I think I’ve hogged enough of your time. D: Well, nice talking to you. Reporter: Hi David. David: Hi, how are you? I bet you didn’t think you were going to have to wait that long to be on next, did you? Reporter: It’s was worth watching. Just curious, do you actually have a favourite on the current American Idol contest and who do you think is going to win? David: You know, I had a favourite and he didn’t…he made it to the top 36. Norman Smiley. Great entertainer. As for a current favourite, you know I had a chance to go on the show earlier this season and meet everybody, and I normally pick favourites based on who I like the most and I like them all so it’s tough. I think they all have a shot, if they get the support last year. Everyone else thought it was David Archuleta and everybody else, you know. Who knows? Adam, Danny, or Kris…it could be anyone of them. Reporter: One. Pick one. D: I won’t pick one, but I will pick three. *boos* Reporter: Thank you. D: Thank you. D: She’s just bummed I really didn’t answer her question. Reporter: Really bummed! Kavi: Yay, I get to ask you the last question! It’s me again. D: Hello again. K: I was going to ask you about music but I decided to go away from that because someone is yelling at the back there, so I’m going to go with the crowd. So, okay. Three things. You’re a musician and you’re an awesome musician but also a ‘celebrity’, okay, with the quotations and stuff. Yeah, so what you say now becomes like…okay, I’m going to give an example, like when you did that blog about people respecting your privacy and how it suddenly made the headline news, even though the fans were talking about it beforehand, right? So basically

what you say now is like “Woah, David Cook said it”. So, I want your opinion on three things. One: President Obama, two: homosexuality and gay marriage, and three: why do you hate mustard? D: President Obama. I think it’s long overdue for the United States to have anybody other than a white male as the President of our country. I think having said that, I hope that that doesn’t deter him. I hope that that doesn’t become too much of a hurdle for him because obviously the world is in an economic crisis and the colour or gender of our President should have nothing to do with that. So, I think that a 100 or so days in, I think he’s done an admirable job. I think, yeah, I don’t know, I like the guy. I haven’t met him yet. I say ‘yeah’ like it’s an inevitable thing, like “I’m gonna meet the president!”… I hope I get to meet President Obama. K: One day, when you’re cool enough. D: Yeah, that could work. Kat: No, one day, he’ll (the President) be cool enough! D: Homosexuality and gay marriage. I think some of the things that we try to invoke on…and by we, I mean my country, I obviously am way over-reaching the speed globally but the thing that our country seems to attack or impose upon homosexuality and gay marriage, it just seems to me that we’re not giving them equal rights, like we did to African-Americans and women, from history. I just think let them be what they want to be, let them be who they are, and if they want to marry, let them marry. Love is love, and love is blind, I think. K: Yes. D: Alright, mustard story. Here we go. K: Finally, about time! D: *shakes head* I can’t believe I’m telling you this. Not sure if I should. Everyone else: You should, please. D: Freshman year in college…I never liked mustard to begin with. Freshman year in college, through certain circumstances, I ended up in a “Bobbing for Beans” contest where the beans were in a vat of mustard and the girl that went before me got sick in the mustard and didn’t tell me. K: Oh…that is so gross. D: Oh, and you asked, didn’t you? K: Well, now I understand what it means by “Mustard makes me vom”. D: There you go! K: Thank you for being a smart rockstar, David. We appreciate it. D: *laughs* K: Thank you so much. D: Thank you, guys. Reporter: Me again. David: Hello again. Reporter: Hello. Okay, what’s David Cook like back at home when he’s not busy being a rockstar? What do you enjoy doing? What kind of things do you do? D: I sleep, I watch movies, I play with my dog and I have a Ninja Turtles pinball game. So, I do that. Reporter: That’s cool.

D: What are the perks? Reporter: What have you enjoyed the least after winning the Idol crown? D: People having an incessant urge to know things that have nothing to do with the things that I feel like sharing, I guess. I don’t know. I’m still weirded out about people wondering who I’m dating, it’s strange. So, yeah, that’s probably the one. I realised by saying that, I’m opening myself to being asked “Who are you dating?” Reporter: Not gonna go there. D: Thanks. Reporter: Last one, who’s your rock that keeps you grounded? D: Oh wow. My brothers, my parents, my adequate-size circle of good friends, and my horrible golf game. Teri: And your fans! D: And my fans………… You guys don’t keep me grounded, you guys build me up, give me an ego. I love it. Reporter: Thank you. Dawn: Okay, we’re done. So you all can say ‘Bye’. Everyone: Bye, Dave! Kat: Tell Kyle I love him! Kavi: Tell Andy I love him! Kat: Tell Kyle I love him and I wanna play like him!

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