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liVg. Cdc S. K. Buti [retd] 011 - 25291846, !

VI -- 9711133034



L Threshold/ Displaced threshold lights are...

A] Whi.te / Green


c1 Green/ White

2. Aeronautical iniormation of shorter nature is contained in

c] Operations manual


3. An a c accident is notified to OGCA

a] If a c All Up Weight is more than 5700 Kgs .
bJ If a c is carrying passengers.
. ~Il a c accidents must be reported to DGCA.

dl Only if a c accident occurs in the air.

4. Aircraft intending to fly in formation

a] Can fly onl}' under IFR Hight plan
bJ Can fly only after OCCA permission
~~an fly with prior arrangement with ATC.

dl Can fly only in uncontrolleo airspace .

5. Two red balls hoisted on a mast near the signal area means
a] Aerodrome is closed due to bad weather..
b] Aerodrome closed due to extreme danger.
c] All a c to land and return to Apron.
.~lider flying is in progress.

6. A red flag hoisted on ATC building of uncontrolled aerodrome means

a] Aerodrome under enemy attack, all aircraft are to divert.
bj AJI a c to land immediately due to bad weather.
$g"Iider flying in progress over aerodrome
7. An a c ()J1 which Navigation Lights have not been fitted.
~tCan not fly at nightb] Cannot fly at all

cl Cannol fly without DGCApermission.

3. When two a c are on converging or crossing tracks and there is a risk of collision

aJ A small a c like Chipmunk or Cessna will give way to bigger a c. like Boeing.
,blPo1Nered a c will give way to Gliders.
~clIf both a c are powered, the a c which has other a c on its right gives way to that a c..
~oth 'b' & 'c' are correct. J

A horizontal white dum.bbell displayed in signal area means

a1 Aerodrome closed permanently
~ll a~ to land, takeoff on runway and taxi on taxi-tracks only.
cJ Aircraft to land on runway but may taxi on grass.

O. A horizontal white dumbbell with black bars marked perpendicular to shaft on circular portion of
umbbell means that
y;tS\ircraft to land on runway only but may use areas olher than runway or taxi track for
other manoeuvres e.g. taxiing etc.
b] Aircraft m.ay land on rumvay or taxi track.
cj Runway is closed for repairs
fg Cdr, S. K. Bu ti [ Retd J rnob -97 jj 133034, 25291846



Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd] 011- 25291846, M -- 9711133034


Ahorizontal red square panel with<one yellow diagonal displayed in signal area means
a] Runway temporarily closed.
b] All aircraft to land and takeoff from taxi tracks
~D'ue to bad state of manoeuvring area or some other reason, Pilots to observe special
precaution during approach and landing

12. Letter 'e displayed vertically in black against yellow background on a building indicates

a] The place where Pilots can stay for the night halt
place where Pilots are to report for ATC services.

c] Location of Canteen for tea and snacks.


13. Series of White flashes to an a c in flight mean

a] Do not Land and give way to another a c in emergency .
.b] Cleared to land.~nd and return to parking apron
14. Supersonic a/ c is allo;,'{~d to fly in India
AI At a[! speeds
~At speeds below Mach 1

c] Above Mach 2

15. A steady white light to an ac in the air or on ground indicates

al.Return to starting point on Apron.

~1fling as per [CAO approved signals

'c] Cleared to land, the dange~ is over

16. A Pilot who is forced to fly low over populated area due to bad weather.

a1 Ca.,n be sued in court for trespass by the residents of the colony

.jWCannot be sued in the court.

c] DGCA will cancel his Pilots license

17. Smoking is permitted in the a c only if permitted vide its COA ..

aJ The rule is not applicable to private a c.

b] The rule is applicable only to Public Transport a c.
vP'1~e rule is applicable to all a c.
18. A passeng!ron a private or public transport a c.

a] Should not have consumed alcoholic drinks 12 hours before flight

~an be prevented from boarding the a c for flight if he is intoxicated.

c] Cannot be served any alcohol in a pi:ivate a c.

d] Can get drunk and misbehave with fellow passengers.

or [Dail}::}nspectionj and certificate of safety by a licensed Engineer is required

'~r all flights

b] Oniy for a c proceeding outstation

~'cJ Only for solo flight by trainee Pilots.

;20. Ari. a ccan be flown without registration markings

a] For purpose of test flight before purchase.

~nIy when specially permitted in writing by Central Govt.

c 1[f it is Government owned a c.

d] [f it is carrying our cricket team

On route.s not designated by specific reporting points, the position report shall be
/a] Ii'nmediately after 30 mins of ktke-off takeoff and thereafter
. bj While crossing a FIR and
.c] Every 30 minutes in IMC and one hour when in VMC
~ All are correct. V
Cdr, S. K. Buti [Retd] mob -9711133034, 25291846


Wg. Cdr. S. K Buti [retd] 011 - 25291846, tv! -- 9711133034


22. An a c in distress
al Transmits PAN PAN [3 times on R/TJ
~ransmits May Day [3 times on RjT].

c] Switches on and off landing lights.

23. Petroleum in Bulk' means storage capacity of receptacle is

a] More than 900 gallons
b] More than 1900 liters

~ore than 900 liters.

d] More than 900. Lbs

24. Routes on which Flight Navigator is to be c~d is specified in

b] Maintenance Manual
..e1Route Guide
dJ Operations Manual

~0 A


25. Routes to be fo~~d by International Flights over India are decided by

a] I C A 0
~"C C A
c] Pilot in Command

26. Decision height for an Instrument Approach Procedure is determined by

b] Pilot in Command c} The Operator
d] The Manufacturers



27. An a c flying over high seas shall follow Rules of the Air laid down by

a] Rules of the state from where a c has departed.

b] Rul~ of the state of its destination aerodrome.


'. d]DGCA
28.A Rescue Co-or:dination Centre is placed under? the charge of

a] State I G police.
~ftroller of Aerodromes.

c] Local I A F commander.

29. The Met conditions for an aerodrome are considered below minimum when cloud amount is

a] More than 6/8 in any layer below specified height.

b]More than 2/8 in any layer below specified height

~ore than 4/8 in any layer below specified height

30. When Met minima has not been filed with DGCA the following minima \vill apply

1\ dor takeoff ceiling 90 meters Visibility 2.7 KIllS .

."1J] For takeoff ceiling 110 meters Visibility 2.7 Kms

cJ For takeoff ceiling 90 meters Visibility 4.7 Kms

31. If Met Minima for a particular aerodrome is QBB 400 feet Vis 2 Kms. The conditions will be

considered below Minima if

a] Cloud base is 3/8 at 300 feet Vis 2 Kms

~oudbase is 5/8 at 300 feet Vis 5 Kms

c] Cloud base is 5/8 at 500 feet Vis 2.5 Kms

d] Cloud base is 4/8 at 400 feet Vis 2 Kms

32. A V F R flight shall not take-off or land at an aerod rome unless

aL9-round visibility is less than 5 Kms and ceiling less than 300 Meters [ lkOO J feet

~Ground Vis is more than 5 Kms [3 Nms J and ceiling more than 1500feet.

c] Ground Vis is more than 8 Kms and ceiling more than 1500 feet.

33. VFR flights outside controlled airspace above 3,000 feel amsl and below FL 100 can be conducted
provided flight visibility is more than

b] 5nms
c] 8 nms


4. With regard to an a c engaged in aerobatics its height

Wg Cdr,S. K. Buti [Retd] mob -9711133034, 25291846

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd] 011 - 25291846, M



-:..a] Sho9-1d not be below 6,000 feet agl when flying over or within 2 kms of an aerodromeARP.
bl%ould no be below 6,000 feet agl when flying over or within 2 Nms from aerodrome perimeter.
\-t] Not below 2,000 feet when flying at a place more than 2 Nms from the nearest point of perimeter of



'b' and'c' are correct.

35. The minimum safe distance for personnel crqssing behind running jet engine exhaust is

b] 200 meters
~OO feet

. a] 2 Nrns
36. Aircraft departing India on International route must

a] Dwart from only M~mbii ,Calcutta, Chennai or New Delhi

~epart from a Custom Notified Airport


c] Depart from Calcutta for Eastbound flights and Mumbai for Westbound flights.

37. UTC m.>-<U1s

. \ ...a-j-Co-ordinated Universal Time and is practically same as GMT.

b] Universal Time Co-ordinated and is theoretically same as GMT.


c] Universal Co-ordinated Time and is 5 and a half hours ahead of GMT

38. A foreign a c intending to enter into or transit through Indian airspace on a non:scheduled flight is
required to give a notice of

a] One week to seek OGCA clearance for traffic purpose_

b] 72 hours to seek DGCA clearance for non traffic purpose


c] No prior notice is required

,,~a and b above are correct

39. An ac on IFR FL 125 on track [M J 290 enters adjoining FIR in which Semi-circular cruising system is
in force will

b] Continue on FL 125
(Jd~scend by 500 feet

a] Oimb 500 feet


40. An a / c before entering controlled airspace shall seek permission from ATS unit

al30 min. in advance

~ min. in advance if in direct contact with ATS unit and 20 min. if seeking permission
through another station
c] Does not require any advance permission if in direct contact with ATS unit.
41. The pro;:edure for transiting through Transition Layer is
~,""al<iI,.scending a c changes altimeter setting to QNE [1013.1 Mbs ] after crossing Transition
Altitude & Descending a c Changes over to local QNH after crossing Transition Level.
b] Ascending a c changes over to 1013.2 Mbs after crossing Transition Level and Descending a c
changes over to QNH after crossing Transition altitude.

cJ Both climbing and Descending a c maintain QNH in Transition layer.

42. Succession of command is mentioned,in. .

AJ route Guides
. b] AlP
\90pe~atio~s Manual

d] ICAO annexures

43. Mi.nimum Vertical separation between two IFR flights on reciprocal tracks is ---- feet.
Below FL 290/ Above F290 in no~n RVSM airspace / Between f290 and F410 in RVSM airspace.

Ans a} 5004000/2000
",-.91/1000/2000/1000 c] 2000/1000/1000

44. Which of the following Flight Levels are available to an a/ c on Track [MJ 180 IFR plan

FL lOa,
FL 200

Ans aJ 100/190
bj190/200 <,.....;cPOO/200

45. Which of the following will matter in selection of minimum Flight Level available toan a c, when

foUowing high features appear en route,

Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [Retd} mob -9711133034, 25291846

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd] 011- 25291846, M -- 9711133034

. ,'aJ A J.9wer 400 feet 6 Nms from runway.
~y.kAhill5970 feet within 6 Kms of track.
c] A hill 8800 feet 12 Kms off track.


46. Prevention of collision between two IFR ac is responsibility of--

a] Flight Information Service.
" bJPitot in Command only.
"C] Air Traffic Control service.

d] 'Traffic Police' for ac on the ground and for ac in the air' Control Tower.'

47. While passing through Transition layer a c vertical position is reported as

aj Height on QNH setting while climbing and as Level on 1013.2 Mbs while descending.
b] Level on 1013.2 Mbs during both climb and descent stages.
clAs Level on 1013.2 Mbs while climbing and as altitude on QNH during descent.

48. A Pilot who has flown 65 Ius as Co-Pilat can fly --------- hrs as PIC in remaining period of 30
consecutive days
a] 60 hrs
'. 3J13 hrs
c] 35 his
49. A typical holding pattern is called
a] Circular Pattern
b] Race-Horse Patternc] ~ace-Course Pattern

SO. A crew member can operate RjT if he has

a] 1.00 hrs dual flight experience
, ~YF R T 0 license
c] Cleared C P L Navigation paper

51. A Private a c can land at a Private aerodrome for the purpose of joy rid~s
~Without restriction

b1 With Central Covt. permission

c] With DCCA permission

52. Any suitable place can be used

~~For unrestricted landings by a private a c.

b] For giving joy rides to public

cJ For one landing and take-off for a specific purpose

53. An a c will be regarded as infectea with yellow Fever

a] If ac has flown over a place with Yellow Fever epidemic
LM1f it has landed at a place sihlated in Yellow Fever affected area before its arrival in


c] Only if one of the POB suffers from yellow fever.

54. If a person on board an a c falls sick the Pilot will send'health report on R/T to its destination
",~ hours before ETA
b] 24 hours before ETA

c] Half an hour before ETA.

55. Except at designatedj>0ints if an ATS route has to be crossed it should be done at


a1 45 deg

\Pf90 deg

c1 Parallel to track

56. As per ICAO a "sk'1ndard practice" means all contracting states will
, aJ\E~ldeavour to conform with the specification.

~onform with the specification

c] Change the specification as per local requirements.

As per lCAO "Recommended pnKtice" means that contracting slate will
a] Definitely conform to laid down specification
Cdr, S. KButi [Retd] mob -9711133034,25291846

__ / ' Wg. Cdr. S. K:Buti [retd1 011 - 25291846, M - 9711133034

te cenferm te laid dewn specificatien
i3.1 Recemmend te ICAO te change the specificatien.

26 .


58. Te aveid wake turbulence minimum time separatien required fer take-off .of light or medium a c

behind heavy a c .or light ac behind medium ac is

a] 1 Min.
c] 30 Min.
d}3. mins .


59..Jv1inimum time separatien duriIlg landing te aveid wake turbulence is.

~ _~dium ac behind heavy ac two mins and light ac behind medium .or heavy ac 3 mins
~l_ght ac behind medium ac 2 mins behind heavy ac 3 mins.
C] Medium behind heavy ac 3 mins light behind heavy ac 3 mins
60. The Pilot on an IFR flight must inferm ATC if difference between flight plan and actual T AS is plus
.or minus

a] 20%

61. Flight .of a cover Mathura refinery is

a] Allowed
bJ Restricted

62. Flight .of a c near Malabar Hills is prohibited within a radius of

<,a]1 NM
bl 50Nms
c] 5 Nms

1 63. Carrying .of a sick passenger on beard is permitted

., ~,!

.,..J)],/ithout any permissien

a] If accompanied by an attendant
c] If permitted by DGCA.


-~ 64. After an ATC clearance has been obtained,'a pi let may not deviate fronl that clearance, unless the



an amended clearance.
. . ~ B. ispperating VFR en top.

l <;:/receives an amended clearance .or has an emergency.



.'- 65. Which aircraft ~ the right-ef-way over the other aircraft listed?

A. Airship. ~ B."Alrcraft refueling other aircrqft. C. Glider.



~ 66. Which aircraft has the right-of-way ever the other aircraft listed?

-1 A Gyroplane.
B. Airship. ~rcraft towing other aircraft.


i 67. Each pilot of an aircraft approaching to land on a runway served by a visual approach slope

5indicater (VASf) shall

.~ A. Stay high until the runway can be reached in a pewer-off landing.

j ~. ~.Jintain a 3" glide path to the runway.

.;~aintain an altitude at .or above the gl.ide slope.

168. Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is the continuous broadcast of recorded information
'1 concerning
j A. Nonessential information to reduce frequency congestion.
] B. Pilots of radar-identified aircraft whose aircraft
is in dangerous proximity to terrain or to an

'iYNon control information in selected high-activity terminal areas .


J69. When activated, an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) transmits on

."l~.1:ti.5 and 243.0 MHz.

.:,1c. 123.0 and 119.0 MHz.

U. 118.0 and 118.8 MHz .


'!Wg Cdr, S. K. Uuti


.... ~

l Reldl mob -9711]33034, 2529184.6

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd} 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034


.70 A Pilot can act as PIC of a Public Transport Aircraft on a particular route provided he has flown at

aM'6 Route Flights on that rou te as co-Pilot or as prc without passengers on that route; out of which

~inimum 5 should be at n i g h t . ;
b] 200 hours solo on that aircraft.

c] Both 'a' and 'b' are correct.

71. An ac on track 030[M] crosses a reporting point at FL 320 at 0412. another ac on track 100[MJ at same
FL can not cross the same point earlier than
AJ 0422
b] 0402clJ427 d] 0432
72. Maximum age limit for flying by a PPL holder is

a] 58 years
~-N;:; age limit if medically fit

c} 60 years

73. Which aircraft has the right-of-way over all other air traffic?

B. A balloon. C. An aircraft on final approach to land.

yo aircraft in distress.

74. Airport information signs are.

A} In green colour on white background

C] In yellow colour on black background

\..b]ln\vhite colour on black background.

d] In black colour on yellow background

1 .7'5. In which type of airspace are VFR flights prohibited?


A Class C.

B. Class B.

~ss A.

C. 1,500 feet.


,; 76. A slightly high glide slope indication from a precision approach path indicator is

~ A. Two near white lights and two far red lights.

B. Four white lights.

jj\.-~~ee near white lights and one far red light.




~ 77. The numbers 09 and 27 painted on a runway indicate that the runway is oriented approximately

~ A. 009 0 and 027 0 true.

(Y090 and 270 0 magnetic.

.tl c. 090" and 2700 troe.



',~ 78. Under what coqdition, if any, may pilots fly through a restr'icted area?


A_ When flying on airways with an ATC clearance number and ADC.

:~ B. Regulations do qot allow this.


C. With the controlling agency's authorization.


.~ ';9. An airplane and an airship are converging. If the airship is left of the airplane's position, which
'.~ aircraft has the right-of-way?

.~ A The airplane.
111 airship.


B. Each pilot should alter course to the right.


80. What action should the pilots of a glider and an airplane take if on a head-on collision course?

j~th pilots should give way and turn to right.

Ii B. The glider pilot should give way to the right.


C. The airplane pilot should give way. and turn to left.


lSI. When two or more aircraft are approaching an airport for the purpose of landing, the right-of-way
~ belongs to the aircraft
A. That is the least maneuverable.
;~~,At the lower altitude, but it shall not take advantage of this rule to cut in front of or to overtake
another ac.
That has the other to its right.



.~82. Unless othen-vise authorized, what is the maximum indicated speed at which a perso'n may operate
hn aircr,lft below 10,000 feet AMSL?


{~Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [Retd] mob -9711133034, 25291846







Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd1 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034

A] 200 k lAS. B] 288 k T AS.~9250 k lAS.

D] 250 K ground speed.'

83. Which is true regarding flight operations in Class A airspace?

A. Aircraft must be equipped with approved distance measuring equipment (DME).

\ J3.~Ahcraft must be equipped with an ATC transponder and altitude reporting equipment.

"C. May conduct operations under visual flight rules.

84. Pilots are not authorized to land an aircraft from an instrument approach unless the

A flight visibility is at, or exceeds the visibility prescribed in the approach procedure being used.

0'Vflight visibility and ceiling are at, or exceeds the minimums prescribed in'the approach being used.
C. visual approach slope indicator and runway references are distinctly visible to the pilot.
85. An ATe clearance provides
. A. Adequate separation from aU traffic.
B. Priority over all other traffic .
.' ~thOrization to proceed under specified traffic conditions in controlled airspace.
86. Changes in domestic routes will be notified in.

c] AlC
d] Aircraft manual


87. With respect to the certification of aircraft, which is acategory of aircraft?

A Landplane, seaplane.
~ormal, utility, acrobatic.

88. With respect to the certification of aircraft, which is a class of aircraft?

~plane, rotorcraft, glider, balloon.

B. Normal, utility, acrobatic, limited.

C. Transport, resh-jcted, provisionaL

89. A pilot flying a single-engine airplane observes a multiengine airplane approaching from the left.
Which pilot should give way?
. 0.;rne pilot of the multiengine airplane should give way; the single-engine airplane is to its right.
S. The pilot of the single-engine airplane should give way; the other airplane is to the left.
C. Each pilot should alter course to the right.
90. Airplane A is overtaking airplane B. Which airplane has the right-of-way?
A Airplane B; the pilot should expect to be passed on the left.

J,..Airplane B; the pilot should expect to be passed on the right.

C. Airplane A; the pilot should al ter course to the right to pass.

91. An ac on dry lease from Indian airlines to IAF will be flown under category

A] Civil
bJ Private ~itary

92. Flight data recorder data i~ preserved for

A] 2 years
......'?.125 Ius
c] 4hrs

93. C'{.R [cockpit voice recorder 1 data is preserved for

b]30 hrs
b] 24 hrs

~...&> mins

94. During Test Flight passengers_

A] Can be carried
b] C'm be carried without remuneration

g,c..-annot be carried

95. End of runway is marked by.

A] Green lights
bJ White lights

\, cJ.Red lights

96. Track separation is.

A] vertical separation
.~JI~teral separation
Wg Cdr, S. K. l3uti ( Retell mob -9711133034, 25291846

c] longitudinal separation.


Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retdJ 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034


'97. An aircraft is permitted to take off not before ---- hrs at an aero<;l.rome where night flying is not

permitted and sunrise is 0530

A] 0500 .
b] 0530
c] 0600

98. eOA is valid in India for.

A] 36 ~onths
~,12/~onths for aU ac

c] 12 months for ac more than 20 years old.

99. An ac departing behind a heavy ac should manoeuvre ac to avoid wake turbulence.

A) Above and upwind of preceding ac.

~bove and downwind of preceding ac.

100. A flight plan is considered current

AJ When ETO is filled in



B] Below and upwind of preceding ac.


B] When ETA is filled in.

OJ When amended and read back'

101] Aircraft rules 1937 ------ applicable to aircraft registered in India but under agreement operating by
operator whose permanent residence is in co~tracting state.
blare not
102J Aircraft used for Industrialjcommercial purpose other than public transport are categorized as
(a) Commercial aircraft.
J9).~Kerial works aircraft
(c) Air transport service
103J Approved maintenance system is approved by
(a) AAI
(b) Aerodrome officer
l04J Flight Manual is _a] independent o~~sociated with) certificate of Air worthiness
105J Foreign g.ircraft means
~rcraft registered outside India
(c) Air India Aircraft returning from foreign trip

(b) Aircraft manufactured in Foreign cou~try

106J Private ~are,


\...a.rAircraft other than aerial works aircraft or public transport aircraft.

(c) Military aircraft

(b) State aircraft
107] Cockpit/Emergency checklist specified by DGCA/Manufacturer

~-fave to be carried in the cockpit on aU flights.

(b) Not carried in aircraft, the pilot is to remember all these checks
(c) Are carried in the aircraft by only trainee Pilots
108J An aircraft is
(a) permitted to carry explosives/dangerous goods as may be required for and are not kept for
any other purpose other than operation or landing of aircraft
(b) not permitted to carry any explosives/ dangerous goods whatsoever

. (c) Permitted when permission is granted by central govt in writing

~ a and c above are correct

109] Permission of
required to carry mail in aircraft.

AJOGCA ~ir.Gen. P&T

c] Central Govt.

110J Fueling of aircraft

(a) Should be done in Parking hanger
.UI1) Cannot be done less than 15 Mts. away from any building and is done outdoor
[cJ Cannot be done less than 30 Mts. away from any building and is done outdoor
Wg Cdr,S. K. Buh [Retd] mob -9711133034, 25291846

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd] 011- 25291846,. M -- 9711133034


1111 _ _ electrical switches should be on while fueling.

112J For dropping separate sheets of paper from aircraft permission may be given by

(a) OCCA ,819istt. Magistrate/Commissioner of Police

(c) Central Covt.
113} Professional pilot may fly upto age of _ _a] 60 bl58 c161yrs ~With conditions
114J Certificate of registration of aircraft is granted by
(a) Aerodrome officer
(b) OCCA



1151 Register of aircraft registered in India is maintained by

(a) Cent Govt.



(c) A A I

116] The validity of medical fitness certificate for PPL/CPL holders is reduced to half after the age of
A] 50 yrs.


117] Fresh medical examination is required if a pilot has been sick for a period of more than
_ _~_days
~ ,b]25
118] A pilot may fly max. of
hrs in 30 consecutive days and
% of flying done as a copilot
is considered for this purpose. The exemption may be granted under specia,l circumstances,by --------


aJ 100/50/CFI


cJ 150/50/central govt

119] Operations manual is approved by _~GCA

b] Cent.Govt c]Operator

120] If an aircraft registered outside India suffers major damage in India

(a) It can fly out on its own
~GCA may prohibit the aircraft from flying
[c] High court permission is required to prevent ac from flying out.
121] Central Govt. may take action to extinguish any false light within __ of an Aerodrome.
aJ 5NM
c]10 km
122] Propeller log book is maintained for
a] AU a c engines
b1 Turbojet engines

~i;craft engines with variable pitch propellers.

[IJ 5 yrs [iiJ 2yrs [iii}3yrs and maintained as

123] Engine log book is preserved for
(A) One log book for each a/ c
(B) one log ~ook For each engine sepatah~ly

Ans= a] ijB b] iii IB

c] iii A

124] An aircrp,ft which has met with an accident on a runway

~n be removed immediately
(b) Removed only after DCCA permission::>

(c) Removed only after Cent. Govt. permission

125] The written accident/incidentl.air miss report must be submitted within

a] 7 days/24 hrs/30 days

~rs/48 hrs/7days
c] 24 hrs/48hrsj72hrs

126] A prisoner can be carried on board an a/ c when permitted by

(b) District Magistrate
(c) Director of Prisons
d] The prisoner
126] A prisoner can be carried on board an a/c when permitted by
District Magistrate
(c) Director ofPrisons


127] Routes prefixed Ware

routes a1Regionai
Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [Retd} mob -9711133034, 25291846

dJ The prisoner


W g. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd] 011 - 25291846; M -- 9711133034


128J COA may be suspended when

(a) A/ c suffers major damage/ defect
(b) Does not conform to Operati~nf maintenance schedule
(c) Un authorised modifications are carried out. ~All are correct
129} If an aircraft has communication failure under IMe it will
[a) Land at nearest aerodrome
.~Continue as per flight plan maintain ETAs and land at destination
[c} return to departure aerodrome.
130J Urgency signal message onR/T starts with _ _ _ __

aJ May Day 3 times ~an Pan 3times

cJ Hello Hello 3 times

131] Incubation period for yellow fever /Relapsing fever is _ _ days~8

132] The minimum age to apply for a CPL is
and for renewal
counted towards PLC requirement.

17 and 50%

a} 18 and 80%
~'18 and 50%

b] 8/8 c]6/6

_ _ _ % of co-pilot hrs are

133] Minimum fIt. Altitude in IFR is calculated for fIying over hilly terrain by adding _
obstacle within --------- either side of the track.
[a] 500ft/8nms
~OOO ft and 8km

feet to highest

134] Journey log book is carried by a private a c

a] Only for international flights
~n all flights except when fIying in local fIying area not involving a landing at another place
cJ Not required to be carried in aircraft since it is a private a c.
135} For grant of CPL a pilot must have
hrs. of night flying out of which
and landings must be within last
b115hrs/l0/l year. C] 10hrs/l0/6 months

take off

136] Dead body of a person died of Cholera as per Indian health rules 1954:
(a) cannot be brought to India
~n be brought if enclosed in Zinc foil and properly sealed in a teakwood coffin.

[c) can be brought to India if passengers have no objection

131] The minimum fuel to be carried by a propeller driver a/ c when diversion is available is calculated
. by
(a) Flight plan fuel + 2 hrs. fuel
~ight plan fuel + 45 mnts. fuel + diversion fuel
(c) Flight plan fuel + 30 mnts. holding + 15% reserve.
1381 If a jet aircraft exhaust is within ___ M fueling operation must cease. a] 15 b]3 0 tf'43
139] Cabot age traffic means
,~A state can prohibit a foreign carrier from permission to carry passengers and load for
remuneration to another destination within the same country.
(b) A state can deny permission to a foreign carrier to land in its territory
(c) Both 'a' and 'b' are correct
140] Starboard navigation light should be visible
(a) 110 either side of longitudinal axis
(c) Straight ahead to 110 port.


Wg Cdr, S: K. Buti [ Retd 1 mob -9711 133034, 25291846

ahead to 110 starboard

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retdJ 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034

1.411 When both a/ c are on VOR and vertical separation is not provided the lateral separation required
is_deg at _____ NM
142] {CAO annex H deals with
~ules of the air
(a) Telecommunications

(c) Air worthiness of a/c

1431 An airport is
(a) Entry/exit aerodrome notified for the purpose of international flights/custom aerodromes.
(b) A govt. aerodrome
v*f An area of defined dimensions consisting of landing area and the other buildings pertaining to
operation of aircraft
144] If a pilot who has been involved in an air accident he
(a) Cannot fly for 15 days
~an fly only with the permission of DGCA
(c) Cannot fly till inquiry proceedings are completed
1451 Flight Steward(!Ss) is carried when

~ A/c seating capacity exceeds 10

. (c) A/c seating capacity exceeds 50

(b) All a/c leaving local flying area

146LA flight plan is filed

J1'For cross country flights only

{b) For aU nights

(c)and Maybe be passed on telephone for Local Area Fits (d) Both 'b' and 'c' are correct

147J Slaughtering Qf animals and depositing rubbish is prohibited within __ Km of an aerodrome.

A]5 )110 c]15)
148] Pilot flying for qualification of a license can fly
(a) Within 10 NM of aerodrome only

JerWith another qualified pilot in an a/ c fitted with dual controls

(c) Any a/ c below 5700 Kgs all up weight

149] At night if you see another a/ c Nav Lights as Red lights on right and green on left
(a) There is no chance of collision
~ There is chance of colLision
150j.Aeronautical beacon light colour is

a] Red
bJ Alternative Red/Green ~ernative White/Green

.151] An a c which has obtained ADC / FIC for entire route including halts at intefmediate aerodromes
The validity of its ADC /FIC number is for
al ETD + 30 minutes from departure aerodrome and also for ErD + 30 minute for take-off
intermediate aerodromes. HC number for uncontrolled flights expires in 60 mins .
\\J*ETD + or -- 30 minutes from departure aerodrome or enroute halts
c]ETD + 30 min from departure aerodrome andETD +60 minutes from enroute halt. [a]
152]. Three pairs of touchdown zone markings indicate that LDA or threshold to threshold distance is
A] Less than 900 meters
4t200 Meters upto but not indudinz 1500 Meters.
C] more than 2100 meters
153]. Which of the following is/ are correct in respect of Instrument Rating

a] The flying test Illay be carried out on simulator with 0 G C A permission

b] Flying test has to be carried out on the specific type cj a c

cJ The rating is valid for 2 years

..$'fhe rating is valid for 12 months

.e] Both 'a' and 'd' are correct

Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [ Reld I mob -9711133034, 25291846

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Suti [retd] 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034


154] Eight threshotd stripes indicate that runway width is

A] 23 meters ~O meters c]45 meters
ISS]. Anti collision lights are a must for

/,rAll ac

c] A c with AU Wabove 5700 Kgs

b] Transport ac


156]. Provisions regarding demolition of obstructions and cutting of trees were made in

a] 1934

157]. Notam class A is issued for validity of

a] Less than 24 hrs ~ore than 2 hrs

c] Less than 2 hrs

158]. Change of ETA is reported to ATe if the change is more than

a] 30 min
J*'3 min
c] 5 min

159]. Marshaling signal of arm anq hand level at shoulder hand across throat means

a] Start Engines
#Ut Motors
cJ Taxy out

1601. Flight Engineer is carried on board "Yhen

A] Stated in Route Guide.

SJ Desired by Pilot.

%recified in COA._


161]. Flight plan when going from one aerodrome to another is required for.

a] Scheduled flights prAll ac

c] Private a c

162J V F R flights are not permitted

lir1\bove F L ISO or more than 100 N M seaward

;bj Below F L 150

c] Be~ow 1000 ft above highest obstruction within 2060 ft of a c over a tow~

~th (a) & (c) are correct


163] Minimum Flight Levels to be flown on each route for scheduled flights are published in
~perations manual approved by D G C A

b] Operations manual approved by Operator

c] Aircraft manual approved by D G CA

route Guides approved by DGCA.

164]. The International Air Service Transit Agreement deals with

~nding for Non Traffic purpose

bJLanding for traffic purpose

c] Landing for refueling only


165J For the purpose of Flight Tests the word Night means a period of

a] Sunset to sunrise

b] Half an hour before sunset to half an hour after sunrise

~]A'falf an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise


166]. Aircrew log books are preserved after last entry for

# years
b] 2 years
c]1 year

167J. Instructions for computation of minimum fuel and oil to be carried on board are given in
a] Aircraft manual
W{oute Guide
,cJ Operations maI1Ual

168). An aerodrome has Runways 09/27 &14/32. If surface wind is 265/15 you will land on.
~~/W 27
b] R/W 09
c] R/W 32
dl R/W 14
Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [Retd] mob -9711133034,25291846

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti'[retdJ 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034

169]. When an a c switches "on" and "off" its Landing lights it indicates that the ac
jl'rHas a problem along with R/T failure \""hich compels it to land.on priority but does
require any assistance.
b] The a c engines have failed
c1 The ac wishes to proceed to alternate aerodrome
170]. The min / max thickness of transition layer is
a1500feet to 1499 feet
b] 500 to 1500 feet


to 1499 feet



1711 An ac in the air observes at an interval of 10 seconds red and green projectiles being fired from
ground. It means
a] The ac must force-land at nearest prepared surface
b1 Diwali time
;*ifhe a c is over Danger/Prohibited/Restricted area and must turn away from the same
1721.An a c still climbing to its cruising level while in tTansition layer will report vertical position
a] As Height ~s level
c1 As Altitude
1731. An a c registered in India under Category B
a} Cah be used as public transport ac
.J*Cannot be used as Public transport or Aerial:Works ac
c} caanbt be flown in Inaia
174]. The Registration certificate of an a c destroyed or withdrawn from use
a1 Lapses on the date of {tpplication

~pses on the date it is withdrawn from use/ '

~hall not lapse until cancelled by D G C IV"

175]. Aerodromes license is granted by [i] OGCA

A] public use or for private use
q Govt use or for private use
Ans ~.
~i/ A ;bJj,ifA
c] iii/ B

ii] Cent Govt iii} AAI] for

B] govt use or for public use

176]. That part at the beginning of runway available for landing is called
~reshold b] TORA
c] L D A
177. The right of a state to refuse permission to a carrier of another state to carry mail cargo or
passengers from one aerodrome to another within its territory is granted under article of
a] Gene:,a convention
i'f'Chicago convention
c1 Montreal convention
1781. A British citizen on board an ac registered in India but flying over New -york is
A'Subject to provi?ions of Aircraft Act 1934 and Rules 1937
b1 Not subject to above
c1 Not subject to any law
179] Taxhvay edge lights or of _ _ _ _ colour
b] green
180}. A Pilot will report air miss to A T C if he observes
a1 An a c in emergency
b] An a c approaching from reciprocal direction
fon a c in very close proximity of his a c .
181]. Aircrew are bdfred from consuming alcohol
A]8 b]24


Wg Cdr, S. K. 13uti r Retd1 mob -9711133034, 25291846

Hrs before flight

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retdJ 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034


182] Length of runway center line and spacing beh,veen each line is
A] 30M/30M
B) 20M/20M
183. An a c overdue by more than 30 min wil! be in emergency phase of
, a] Alert phase
J*'dncertainty phase
c] Distress phase
1841. EAT is
a1 Time at which a c is expected to land and is given by Tower
~ime at which ana c after delay if any is expected to leave holding point to complete its
approach for landing and is given by Approach control
c] Estimated Arrival Time and given by area.
185}. In I M C the control of departing a c is handed over by the tower to App Cont

a} When a c leaves vicinity of aerodrome

>YBefore take dff or immediately after take off as per [ocal procedures

c1 Only after takeoff at 1000 feet agl

186]. T M A is

a] Terminal Maintenance Area where a c are parked for routine maintenance

...ltTerminal Control Area at .the confluence of A TS routes in the vicinity of one or more major
c1 Area control from ground level to a specified height
187]. A Public transport ac flying more than 20 nm a way from coast will carry
.PfLife jackets for every person on board

b] Life jackets for only aircrew

c1 Sufficient number of life jackets provided total.A U W of the a c is not exceeded

188]:Unless authorized flights are not permitted within --- NMs of International Border.

A] 15 Krns
)*'15 NMs
c] 10 NMs

189]. Route Navigation and transit charges for a c over-flying are levied on the basis of

. a1 Flight time J)}~Max All Up Weight of a c. c] Number of passengers


190]. Which of the following in respect of renewal of an alrcrew license are correct
a1 A license expired for a period of2 years but not exceeding 3years can be renewed by passing
tests of skill and Air Regulations test
bl A license expired for more than 3 years can be renewed by passing all tests prescribed
for the license
c1 A license expired for more than4 years can not be renewed
~th a & b above are correct
1911. I CAO annex dealing with Personailicensing is

AJ Annex 10 bl Annex 2
Annex 1


192]. Transition altitude is calculated by

~dding 1000 feet to highest obstacle within 25 Nms or 1500feet above aerodrome
elevation or 4,000 feet whichever is greater.
b1Adding 1500 feet to highest obstacle in control zone
c] Adding 1000 feet to Highest obstacle within 25 Nm of aerodrome.
1931 . Mathura Refinery is ---a} Danger Area

bI Restricted Area

. 1941 Met Minima's are approved by alOperator 6GCA

Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [RetdJ mob -9711133034, 25291846

prProhibited Area

Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd] 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034

i 95] . Medical exa~Jnation of a 28yrs old ATPL holder is held every ------ months

A] 12


c] 24

196 A CPL holder can fly as pic of an ac with AUW upto and below

A] 1500 kgs only ".>rs700 kgs '

c] No restriction

197. Cabin crew are carried in ac on the basis of.

A] VIPs on board .JW'Aircraft seating capacity. C] Passengers on board

198. Navigator is carried on a<; when.

A] Flying over enemy airspace
b] when directed by PIC.

ADistance exceeds 600 nms and navigation aids are not available within 30 nms of track

199. If threshold RVR is above but Mid RVR is below minima the Pilot.

fof<::an proceed with lAP and landing

B] Cannot carry out lAP and landing

C] can land if co pilot has instrument rating.

200. Straight departure is permitted if initial track is within -- deg of take off direction

bJ 10 9'15

201. Facilities at an aerodrome/ watcn hours are listed in.
bJ Notams
c] AIC
d] CARs

.,rAft AlP

202. Two digits black colour agajPst yellow background displayed vertically indicate.

A] Aerodrome elevation
,)rrrunway direction in use
c] wind direction

203. Runway designator 24 means.

A] B.unway direction [true] is between 024 to 029.

B[Runway direction is 235[MJ and 244[M]

C] Runway direction is 235[TJ and 244[T]

204. Width of airway[ A15 routesJis.

X20Nms[ 10 nms either side]over land and 40[20nms eithersidel over sea.

B] 20 nms over land and also over sea.

C] 10 nms over land and also over sea.

205. FDTL extension on a particular day due to weather/ ac un serviceability etc is.

A] 2 hrs
c] 3 hrsd] 8 hrs

206. Transition altiWde of aerodromes is laid down by.

y concerned state c] By ATC

207. The Pilot of a search plane which has sighted distress Signals displayed by survivors

will convey to persons on ground that it has understood the message by.

A] Bying low over the crash site

bJ By circling over the place.

rocking wings during day and switching on and off nav /landing lights twice during hours of



208. Lowest transition altitude used in India is

a] 3000 ft

bf4000 ft

c] 5000 ft

209. Control Zone is

A] Area in which air traffic control service is provided.

13] Area of defined dimensions extending upwards from .ground level to unspecified height.

~a of defined dimension extending from ground to a specified height upwards.

Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [ Retd I mob -9711133034, 25291846


Wg. Cdr. S. K. Buti [retd] 011 - 25291846, M -- 9711133034


210. First VFR take off is permitted from only day operations aerodromes at ----- mins before

bl 6 c] 30

211. an aircraft may report long finals for direct landing when it is --- 11111S from touch down

A] 4

212. Length of runway center line and spacing between each line is

A] 30m/30m
b] 20m/20m

213. Deviations if any from recommended practices are given in.

A] Aircraft act 1934

b] Aircraft rules 1937/AlP

214. Amendments to Rules 1937 are published as

A] Notams ..,.,b[C:AR[ civil aviation requirements] cJ aircraft manual

215. Colour of black box is.

A] Black

b] White


d] Green

216. On an instrument approach where a DH or MDA is applicable, the pilot may not operate below, or
continue the approach unless the
A. Aircraft is continuously in a position from which a descent to a no::mallanding, on the intended
runway, can be made.
$Approach and runway lights are distinctly visible. to the pilot.
e. Flight visibility and ceiling are at, or above, the published minimums for that approach.
217. During a night flight, you observe a steady red light and a flashing red'light ahead and at the same
altitude. What is the general direction of movement of the other aircraft?
A. The other aircraft is approaching head-on.
B. The other aircraft is crossing to the right.
"..e:the other aircraft is crossing to the left.
218. During a night flight, you observe steady red and green lights ahead and at the same altitude. What
is the general direction of movement of the other aircraft?
A. The other aircraft is crossing to the left.

\v.'fhe other aircraft is approaching head-on.

e. The other aircraft is flying away from you.

219. When departure or destination aerodrome has not been allotted ICAO designator; in Flight Plan

form appropriate column enter.

Al / / / /
d] Nil

220.Prior to takeoff, the altimeter should be set to which altitude or altimeter setting?

A The corrected pressure altitude for the departure airport.

,)3rThe current local QNH, if available, or the departure airport elevation.

e. The corrected density altitude of the departure airport.
221. Cabin crew position at take-off time is.

AJ Near cockpit
.,Pf1n crew cabin

q Any passenger seat.

OJ At floor level near exits.

222. An ac at F 390 crosses a check point at 0210 and wishes to descend to 810. Reciprocal traffic at F330
is expected to cross over the same point at 0300. Both ac have same speed. By what latest time should ac
descend to F310.
AJ 0215
c] 0225
Wg Cdr, S. K. Buti [Retd] mob -9711133034, 25291846