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Executive Summary

This report Importance of Direct Marketing to Develop Construction Chemical Market in

Construction Industry is prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of dissertation paper of
Masters in Business Administration Program of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP),
Bangladesh. The topic of dissertation was selected upon consultation with the course instructor.

The main aim of this report is to find out the Importance of Direct Marketing in Construction
Chemical market and the way to develop construction chemicals in Bangladesh Construction
Industry by Direct Marketing. I focus on both of these issues and tried to find importance of
direct marketing both profitability and market growth point of view in respect of Bangladesh
Construction Industry.

Bangladeshi construction chemicals market is fairly consolidated but there is considerable

fragmentation of individual products and application areas. A large number of global
construction companies have set up local manufacturing operations in Bangladesh. Going
forward, the industry is expected to maintain its growth momentum driven by untapped potential
of the market and expected growth in construction industry over the next 5-7 years due to
government's investment plans. Also, increasing awareness amongst industry players regarding
compliance with international standards is expected to promote the adoption of best practices in
the industry. Onsite mixing of cement and compulsory usage of ready mix to cement in metros
are the key government regulations which could have significant impact on the industry growth.

In spite of the strong growth drivers, the industry faces challenges in terms of low awareness
levels, lack of skilled labor and high price-sensitivity of customers.

Hence, it becomes imperative for construction chemicals manufacturers to invest in effective

marketing of products to make users aware of their applications and benefits. Providing technical
training to workers about appropriate usage of chemicals in construction will also ensure correct
application and better results, reinforcing the customers' belief in the utility of construction

Going ahead, the construction chemicals industry should focus on developing new processes and
products with sustainability as the core principle. This requires developing a collaborative
platform in which the academia, government and regulatory bodies, manufacturers and
customers come together and promote and execute strategies for implementing judicious use of
chemicals in the construction industry.

So, the motif of this report is to carry forward marketing initiatives in support of rapid, inclusive
and sustainable growth of construction chemical in Bangladesh Construction Industry. To
enhance the efficiency and global competitiveness of the Construction Industry and to expand
business opportunities in domestic markets by developing the area of application of construction
chemical by direct marketing.