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Greetings friends

Cristina and I would like to give you an update on Italy and

the great things God is doing there.

God has put in our hearts to partner with Andrew Womack Ministries to launch a Charis
Bible College in Italy and to preach this incredible message of Grace.
Like Russia the Italian speaking people, (90 percent) are used to and like voice over
This process is underway and we believe we can have first year ready to launch September 2017.
At the Grace and Faith Conference last May we had a Charis Information meetingfor
those interested in Charis Bible College
There were 131 in attendance and 99 cards were collected from those wanting more information on the school.
At the conference book table, the DE books were sold for 30 euros; this is the only curriculum presently translated into Italian.
From those interest cards we began to plan our first DE teaching trip in September/
October 2015.
Below was our itinerary and classes taught:

Sept 30-Oct 2: Bari, Italy

Hosted by Pastor Ranil
Taught lessons 1-16 DE-I

Oct 14-17: Treviso (Venice), Italy

Hosted by Pastor Ebo Simons
Taught lessons 1-16 of DE-I to 31
Instructor: Stan and Cris Goodman
Oct 18: ministered at Treviso

Oct 21-24: Empoli (Florence), Italy

Hosted by P. Guido and Lorraine Focardi
Taught lessons 1-16 of DE-I to 21 students
Oct 24-evening: ministered at La Vigna
del Signore Church (Stan preaching)

Oct 27-31: Rome, Italy EUR

Hosted by Pastor Silvio Amorosino
Taught lessons 1-16 of DE-I to 14
Instructors: Stan and Cris Good-

Feb 2-5: Rome, Italy EUR

Hosted by Pastor Silvio Amorosino
Taught lessons 1-16 of DE-II to 11 students
Instructors: Stan and Cris along with Dino Bridges

Feb 6-7: Potenza, Italy Met with Valerio Nigro

Delivery of computer for translation
Ministered at Grazia e Verita Church (Stan
Feb 7: Bari, Italy Ministered at the Gym
Church in the evening (Pastor Ranils church)

Feb 8: Flew to Pisa (Empoli class)

Feb 8-9: Ministered at La Vigna del Signore Church (Pastor Guido), introduced Jen
and Richard Kramer, instructors for this
group for DE-II, lessons 1-16.

Feb 10-13: Ancona, Italy

Taught lessons 1-16, DE-I to 29 students
(8 were Nigerian-Italian pastors)

Feb 17-20: Treviso (Venice), Italy

Taught lessons 1-16 of DE-II
Instructors: Stan, Cris and Dino)
20 question exam
Pastor Ebo & Francis Simons
Feb 21, ministered at Treviso
Christian Center (Stan preaching)
Evening: met with TBNE in Milan
for meeting on future Healing
Testimonies being aired on TBN
in Italian.
We are grateful for the Prayers, the ministry and the finances already sown into the country of Italy from Andrew
Wommack Ministries and all our friends and partners.
With the new equipment for Valerio work on translation will once again begin with the target launch for September 2017. The greatest interest at this point is towards Venice and the east coast, Bologna and Florence.
We are also very excited to start voice over translation with Guido Focardi of Healing testimonies, (The Mullins
Family healing). These will be presented on website and we are also believing for the funds to run them
on TBN. The follow up will direct the people to order God wants you well and the other thirteen (12) books translated into Italian. Chuck and Pina would like Andrew to be TBN and with the healing testimonies we could get this
The people we are ministering to are very excited about the Grace revelation and were seeing good fruit from
the DE which we will continue to present with American teams over the next year. We both operate our businesses and will continue to work and build our support base till we move the following year. Many thanks for taking the time to review and we'd be delighted to answer any questions or share this vision with the local school.
Grace and Peace...much Love Stan & Cristina