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1. Define the term unconditional love.

Unconditional love is known as affection without limitations, it can also
be love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with
other terms such as true altruism, or complete love. Each area of
expertise has a certain way of describing unconditional love, but most
will agree that it is the type of love which has no bounds and is
unchanging. It is a concept comparable to true love, a term which is
more frequently used to describe love between lovers.
2. Is it possible to love someone without condition? What does it
look like?
Yes it is possible to love someone without condition. When you love
unconditionally, it doesnt matter how big or small their mistakes are
because either way youd still forgive them without any second
thoughts. Youd put them before yourself, be happy when they are,
sympathize with them when theyre not. You will know you love
someone without any condition when no matter how much they keep
on failing you, youd still find that one simple reason to stay.
3. How does it make you feel to know that God loves you
Knowing that God loves me unconditionally makes me both happy and
ashamed of myself. Happy because I know that I have my God who will
never get tired of loving me despite everything I do, and ashamed
because there are things I do that I know dont deserve forgiveness but
He still does, over and over again.
4. What hinders you from living abundantly in the unconditional
love of God?
My difficulty to trust hinders me from living abundantly in the
unconditional love of God. Of course I know that God loves me
unconditionally but often times I question if it is real because of the
problems I am facing, sometimes I keep on wondering if God really
loves and cares for me as he does with other people who I think are
very lucky in every aspect of their lives.
5. What hinders you from loving other people with the same
Trust issues and pride. For me, I find it very difficult to find someone
whos worth the trust I give, because its easy for people to promise

something and break it. They will fool you with sweet words at first and
when you finally fall, they will leave like everyone else. Which is why I
prefer to guard myself and avoid getting too attached as soon as
possible so I wouldnt end up getting hurt. And honestly I am a person
with a high sense of pride, if people lose interest in me, I wont ever
run after them begging them to come back. And I think those are the
two things that hinders me from loving other people unconditionally
because I like to put myself first before other people, I am not ready to
face the reality of getting hurt that comes along with loving other
people. I know that when you love someone you are supposed to be
ready to feel pain as well but Im afraid that Im not yet set for that
kind of thing.

1. Can you relate to Calebs struggle against temptation? Have
you ever been tempted to do something wrong and felt very
restless inside wanting to give in?
Yes, I can say that I can relate to Calebs struggle against temptation.
Ive been tempted to do some things that I know my parents wouldnt
be very happy about, and many times I kept on telling myself that they
know whats good for me so I should just do what they want so we
wouldnt end up arguing. But during those times I felt very agitated
because thats what I want to do and that doing those things would
make me happy even though I know that Id be disobeying my parents.
2. Sometimes it is best to avoid temptation by removing the
source; other times it is best to remove ourselves from the
temptation. How does 2 Timothy 2:22 express this thought?
So shun the passion of youth and seek righteousness, faith, love and
peace, together with those who call upon the Lord with a pure heart.
2 Timothy 2:22
For me it means that we should let go any immature things that we
want to, and grow up and be mature, mature enough to know the good
from the bad and know how to deal with problems right away.
3. While we are tempted, we feel alone, overpowered, and unable
to get away. But God gives us promises to help us know how to
operate by truth, and to resist falling into sin. What promises
does He give in 1 Corinthians 10:13? How does this verse help

No trial, greater than human endurance has overcome you. God is

faithful and will not let you be tempted beyond your strength. He will
give you, together with the temptation, the strength to escape and
resist. 1 Corinthians 10:13
In this bible passage, God promised us strength to overcome
temptation. This verse helps us to realize that we are blessed with
strength from God, so when everything felt so hopeless and we feel
weak against these temptations, this will remind us that God will never
ever give any trials beyond our strength. So when it comes just
remember that we can surpass it no matter what because God will
always there for us to guide us out of it.
4. Jesus explained that lusting in your heart is committing
adultery in Gods eyes (Matthew 5:27-30). He also explained
that we should remove the source of temptation. How did
Calebs action of removing his computer illustrate Jesus words
in Matthew 5:29? Why was this a good first step for Caleb?
If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it
away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your
whole body to be thrown into hell Matthew 5:29
By removing his computer, he saved himself from sinning against God
even further and completely destroying his marriage. It was a good
first step for Caleb because it helped prove his wife that he will do
everything to avoid being tempted again and that he deserve a second
shot at forgiveness so that they could start all over again and built
their marriage through their love and trust with each other.

1. How has God shown forgiveness to you?
God has shown forgiveness to me by providing me with my needs,
giving me the strength and protection from all harm even though I
keep on doing mistakes. He couldve taken anything from me, money,
people who are very dear to me, or something that is important to me.
But he didnt do any of those, sure I face problems every now and
then, but dont we all? Me and my family are healthy, I have friends
who makes me happy everyday and I am surrounded with people who
supports me and thats enough proof that God never resented me of
my wrongdoings.

2. Describe a moment when you received undeserved forgiveness

from someone close to you.
Growing up with a strict parents of course there are a lot of things they
dont want me to do, at first I keep on understanding them and
thinking that maybe its the best, but as I grow up my needs and wants
develops to. My parents dont want me to have piercings and tattoos,
me drinking and going out a lot and most especially to have a
boyfriend even at college, they want me to graduate first before
entering into a relationship, but I did all of that because I thought its
not every day Id be in this age, Ill grow up, have a job, settle down
and do things that grown-ups do, but for now, why not enjoy? I didnt
care if they get mad at me as long as I keep on doing the things I want
thinking its my life and I can do whatever that I want with it. Doing all
of that made my parents very disappointed in me, we argued a lot, I
told myself I hated them and I was so unlucky to have them. I realized
then that they couldve abandoned me but they didnt, they couldve
made me stop from attending school but they didnt, they didnt even
ground me nor took away my gadgets like any other parents would,
but they simply looked past everything and forgave me.
3. Why is forgiveness so important in a marriage relationship?
Forgiveness is very important in a marriage relationship because if you
lack this you will not only be destroying your marriage but yourself and
your other half as well. Not forgiving the person who made a mistake
against you will eat you up and haunt you, emotionally and spiritually.
4. What are the dangers involved in not resolving an area of
unforgiveness in a relationship?
Not resolving an area of unforgiveness results in the failing of marriage
because youd rather put your pride first youd rather ruin the marriage
as well and because of this you will realize how much that person
meant to you and you will blame yourself for not taking the chance to
fix everything when you had the chance.
5. Is there an area of unforgiveness in your life? How do you plan
to deal with it?
Yes there is an area of unforgiveness in my life right now and I plan to
deal with it by admitting the fact that I did make a mistake too thats
why things are what is it now and accepting that some people arent
meant to stay in our lives, sometimes they just pass by to teach us a
lesson or serve as a trial from God to make us stronger and better as
we grow up.


Rachel Erica G. Buesing
Mr. Rolando S. Quimque