7. DOUBT 17
8. FEAR 18
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 1
Indeed, aII Iraise leIongs lo AIIaah. We praise Hin, seek His aid and His Iorgiveness. We seek
refuge in AIIaah fron lhe eviIs of our souIs and lhe eviIs of our aclions. Whonsoever AIIaah guides
lhere is none lo nisguide and vhonsoever AIIaah nisguides lhere is none lo Iead aslrav. I lear
vilness lhal lhere is none vorlhv of vorship excepl AIIaah , aIone, vilhoul anv parlners and I lear
vilness lhal Muhannad is lhe servanl and nessenger of AIIaah.
To proceed:
The lesl speech is lhe look of AIIaah and lhe lesl guidance is lhe guidance of Muhannad. The
vorsl of affairs are lhe nevIv invenled nallers and everv nevIv invenled naller is an innovalion
and everv innovalion is in lhe HeIIfire.
UnforlunaleIv, in lhe nodern lines, lhe nusIins have lecone Iess conscious of lhe exislence of
Shavlaan due lo lheir leing occupied vilh lhe pursuils and pIeasures of lhis vorId. He is no Ionger
perceived as a lhreal or as an enenv. As a resuIl of pulling our guard dovn, Shavlaan has laken fuII
advanlage of our heedIessness and veakness lo recruil heIpers and arnies fron anongsl us lo aid
hin in his nischief and deslruclion. AIIaah has aIreadv varned us:
IIiiv v 1 1 nnooì ì ccnn]]ooiin v n v¡¡oon n ,o ,ov v O O ((n ni[ i[vv··ccn n oo¡ ¡ //vvvvvvn n nnooì ì ì ìo o ..oo··..nnii¡ ¡ ^ ^nnvv,,ììvv vvnn, , ¡¡oo· · ììnnvvì ì nnc c ..vv. ì . ìo ,o o ,ov v vvn n
ccnnccnn, , vv..oo..ccvv. .
The foIIoving is a is lrief oulIine of Shavlaan and incIudes a descriplion of lhe vavs and neans he
uses lo nisIead nankind fron lhe slraighl palh of AIIaah. Mosl of lhe seclion on lhe Wavs and
Means of Shavlaan in MisIeading has leen lransIaled and enended fron AlduIIaah aI-Khaalir´s
look: The Wavs of Shavlaan in Allacking lhe Righleous. We hope lhal AIIaah lenefils us lv il and
lhal he nakes lhis snaII efforl for His sake aIone and in our favour on lhe Dav of Iudgenenl.
Alu Ivaad
IsIanic Socielv
Universilv of Lssex
March 1995
Yaa Seen 36:6O
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 2
¡¡. . ||bbøøt t iiø ø ··bbøq øqttøø øøoo??
Is he reaI` Is he jusl a concepl, an idea` Or he jusl a svnloIic figure` This is an inporlanl poinl in
Aqeedah (BeIief). Sone peopIe acluaIIv lhe reaIilv of lhe Iinn
and expIain lhen avav saving lhal
lhev are nereIv lhe eviI lhoughls and suggeslions one has or lhal lhev are lhe spirils of lhe ceIesliaI
BeIieving in lhe Iinn is parl of lhe leIief in lhe unseen and no MusIin´s failh can le conpIele unliI he
accepls and affirns lhe unseen nallers regardIess of vhelher il agrees vilh his underslanding and
inleIIecl or nol. The exislence of lhe Iinn is proven lv lolh reveIalion and daiIv experience.
Iurlhernore, lhe reaIilv of lhe Iinn and lheir lrue nalure is expIained lv lhe Our´aan and lhe Sunnah.
AIIaah lhe LxaIled said confirning lhe exislence of Iinn:
1 1 vviiv v n nooì ì ..··ccvvììc c ììnnc c !!iinn nn vvnnv v ^c ^cn n cc...c .c¡¡ì ì ì ìnnvvì ì ì ìnncc, , nnvv, , ..oo··..nnii¡ ¡ n nc c
He aIso said:
^^vv, , iiì ì nnvv. . ììcc ccn n ··cc..ccvv[[ccv v ì ìo o nnc c ììnnvvì ì v v . .oonn¡¡vvnn, o , o¡ ì ¡ ìnnc c !!iinn nn [i [i.ì .ìccnnccvv... ...
And aIso:
IInncc, , ..cc··c c ..oonnc c nnccn n vvnnoonnvv.ì .ì nnvvnnììiinnv v . .nno o ..oovv[[v v . .cc ccì ì · ·cc¡¡vvvvc c ..iiììn n . .oonnc c nnccn n vvnnoonnvv.ì ì .ì ìnnc c !!iinn nn vvnnv v ì ìnncc, ,
iinn..··ccvv..ccv v ì ìnnccn n iin n nnii..vvvviivvvvnn.c .c
And lhe Messenger (sas) said: ¨There are lhree lvpes of Iinn. One lvpe of Iinn fIies in lhrough lhe skv,
anolher lvpe is in lhe forn of snakes and dogs and lhe lhird lvpe is acluaIIv Iocaled in one pIace lul
lraveIs around¨.
zz. . ||bbøøt t iiø ø ttbbe e ¿¿eettiieet t oot t ttbbe e ¿¿bbt t uuøø--··uuoo ooøøb b rreeqqøørrddiioq oq ttbbiiø ø mmøøtt tteerr??
Our leIief is lhal Shavlaan is fron lhe Iinn. AIIaah lhe LxaIled said:
i.e. ZafruIIaah Khan - a Oadiani - in his lransIalion of lhe Our´an savs lhev are nereIv lhe eIile, professionaI
peopIe of lhis vorId vho are hidden fron lhe resl of socielv.
Dhaarivaal 51:56
Iinn 72:1
Iinn 72:6
Reporled lv Baihaqi and Talarani
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 3
//nnv v . .nnccn n ++c c ..vviiv v ì ìo o ììnnc c vvnnvvcc[[. . ¡¡··oo.ì .ìvvììc c ììo o //vvvvvvnn, , ììnncc, , vv[[ [[ ¡¡··oo.ì .ìvvììccv v c c...c .c¡¡ì ì 11ìì[[cc cc... . 11c c ..vv. ¡ . ¡··oon n vvnnoonnv v
ììnnc c !!iinn nn vvnnv n v nc c ··ccììcc[[ [[ccv v ¡ ¡··oon n ììnnc . c .oonn nnvvnnv v o o¡ ¡ nnii. . ££oo··v v
The Iinn vere crealed lefore nankind fron a snokeIess fire:
//nnv v ì ìnnc c !!iinn nn, , ++cc ..··ccvvììccv v ì ìnnccn n vv¡¡oo··ccììiinnc c ¡¡··oon n ììnnc c ..nnooììcc[[cc.. ¡ .. ¡[[vvnnc c
So lhe Iinn Iived and exisled lefore nankind and lheir responsiliIilv is lhe sane as ours: lo vorship
AIIaah aIone vilhoul associaling anv parlners lo Hin. Thev have free viII and choice as ve do and
lhev are aIso responsilIe for lheir aclions jusl Iike us. We do nol knov lhe exacl nalure of hov and
vhere lhev Iived lefore lhe crealion of Aadan, lul if AIIaah has nol inforned us vilh such delaiIs
lhen lhev have no inporlance and knoving lhen vouId nol lenefil us in anv vav. Therefore il is nol
vorlh pursuing.
11. . **bbe e __rreeøøttiiooo o oot t ¿¿ødø ødømm..
Afler lhe Iinn, AIIaah crealed Aadan. Aadan vas lhe Iasl of aII of AIIaah´s crealions. Iln aI-Oavvin
in his look 'AI-Iavaa´id´ gives len reasons vhv Aadan vas crealed Iasl. We viII nenlion a nunler
of lhen:
Onc: So lhal lhe residing pIace of Aadan and his offspring is aIreadv prepared for
Twn: Thal he (Aadan and his offspring) is lhe end for vhich evervlhing lesides hin
vas crealed (lhe heavens, earlh, sun, noon, slars, Iands rivers and olher such lhings.)
Thrcc: Thal lhe nosl skiIIed of crealors or nanufaclurers aIvavs conpIeles his aclion
vilh lhal vhich is lhe lesl and lhe nosl perfecl (of His crealion) jusl as he legan il vilh
ils foundalions and ils piIIars.
Fnur: Thal AIIaah deIaved lhe lesl of (reveaIed) looks, nessengers and connunilies liII
lhe end of line (i.e. Muhannad (sas), lhe Our´aan and lhis Unnah) and nade lhe
Hereafler leller lhan lhe presenl. Likevise He nade lhe lesl of His crealion Iasl.
ãã. . **bbe e ¿¿oq oqeettø ø pprrooøøttrrøøtte e tto o ¿¿ødø ødøm m øøood d ¸¸bbttee eeø ø rreettuuøøeeøø..
IoIIoving lhe crealion of Aadan, AIIaah asked lhe AngeIs and lhe Iinn lo proslrale lo Aadan. The
significance in lhis aclion vas lhe oledience of lhe AngeIs and Iinn lo lheir Maker and Crealor. Il
does nol inpIv vorship of Aadan lecause lhe connand lo do so originaled fron AIIaah, lhe
LxaIled. AII of lhen proslraled excepl IlIees. This slorv is nenlion seven lines in lhe Our´aan and in
differenl conlexls. We viII quole one of lhen fron Surah aI-A´raaf:
Kahf 18:11O
Hijr 15:27
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 4
11ì ì ii. . ++c c ..nno o ..··ccvvììccv v ,o ,ov v vvnnv v v vvv..c c ,o ,ov v . .nnvv¡¡cc. . IInnccn n ++c c ..vviiv v ì ìo o ììnnc c vvnnvvcc[[..: : TT··oo.ì .ìvvììc c ììo o //vvvvvvnn, , vvnnv v ì ìnncc, ,
ììoo..ccv v v voo. . ((vv[[ [[ oo¡ ì ¡ ìnnccnn) ) cc...c .c¡¡ì ì 11ìì[[cc cc... . 11c c ··cc¡¡vv..ccv v ì ìo o ììc c oo¡ ì ¡ ìnnoo..c c ..nno o ììoo..ccv v v voo..nn. .
((//[[ [[vv vvnn) ) ..vviivv: : ++nnvvì ì ¡¡··cc..ccnnììccv v ,o ,ov v ¡¡··oon n ììoo..iinnv v vvoo..n n ..nnccn n 1 1 ..oonn nnvvnnvvccv v ,o ,ovv. . 11c c ..vviivv: : 1 1 vvn n ììccìì ììcc· · ììnnvvn n
nniinn. . ··oov v ..··ccvvììccv v n nc c ¡¡··oon n ¡¡ii··c c vvnnv n v niin n ¡¡··oon n ..[[vv,,. . //[[ [[vv vvn n . .vviivv: : CCccì ì vvoo..n n ¡¡··oon n nncc··cc: : 11ì ì ii. . nnooì ¡ ì ¡oo· · ,o ,ov v ììo o ììc c
vv·· ··ov ovvvnnì ì nncc··cc. . CCccì ì oovvì ¡ ì ¡oo· · ,o ,ov v vv··c c vvnnoonnvv.ì ì .ì ìnnc c ..nnvv[[ [[ oonncc... .
11c c ..vviivv: : CCii..c c nnc c ··cc..¡¡iiììc c ììi[[ i[[ ììnnc c vvvv, , ììnncc, , vv··c c ··vvii..ccv v v v¡¡. . //[[ [[vv vvn n . .vviivv: : ··oov v vv··c c vvnnoonnv v ììnnoo..c c ..nno o nnvv..c c
··cc..¡¡iiììcc. . 11c c ..vviivv: : ±±c. c.vvvv..c c ,o ,ov v nnvv..c c nnvvvvc c nnc c vo vo vv.ì .ì··vv,,, , 1 1 ..i[[ [i i[[ [ic c iin n ..vviiì ¡ ì ¡oo· · ììnnccn n oon n ··oovv· · ^^ìì··vviivvnnì ì TTvvììnn. .
IInnccn n 1 1 ..i[[ i[[ vvìì ììvv..ì ì ì ìnnccn n ¡¡··oon n ììcc¡¡oo··c c ììnnccn n vvnnv v ì ìccnniinnv v ì ìnnccnn, , ¡¡··oon n ììnnccii· · · ·iivvnnì ì vvnnv v ì ìnnccii· · [[cc¡ì ¡ì. . //nnv v ,o ,ov v ..i[[ i[[
nnooì ¡ ì ¡iinnv v n noo.ì .ì oo¡ ì ¡ ìnnccn n ììnnvvnnìì¡¡vv[[..
So IlIees refused oul of arrogance, cIaining he vas leller lhan Aadan. He aIso lried lo pul lhe lIane
on AIIaah lv saving ¶EHFDXVH\RXKDYHPDGH PH JRDVWUD\·. Then, knoving he vas dooned he asked for
respile in order lo nisIead nankind. He aIso nade il cIear lhal he viII allack lhe progenv of Aadan
fron everv singIe avenue possilIe, regardIess of ils nalure and significance. This is sonelhing lo le
caulious and avare of and vhich ve shaII expand upon in lhe nexl chapler inshaa´aIIaah.
¶¶. . ¿¿ødø ødømm. . ¿¿vve e øøood d ¸¸bbttee eeø ø qqeet t eexxppeett tteed d tr troom m ææøørrød ødiiøøe e øøood ø d ørre e øøeeoot t t to o ttbbe e ¿¿øørrttbb..
AIIaah pIaced Aadan and Lve in lhe Carden vhere Shavlaan cane lo lhen, svore lo lhen he vas
lheir sincere adviser and deceived lhen inlo disoleving lheir Lord. AIIaah lhen said lo lolh parlies:
11c c ..vviivv: : CCccì ì vvoo..n n vv[[ [[ oo¡ ¡ ,o ,ov v ¡¡··oon n ììnnii. . CCvv··vvccnn, , vv. . ccnnccnniicc. . oonnc c ììo o vvnnooììnncc··. . //nnv v i i¡¡, , vv. . ii. . .c .c··ììvviinn, , ììnncc··c c
..oonncc. ì . ìo ,o o ,ov v vvvviivvvvnn.c .c ¡¡··oon n ^c ^c, , ..nnoocc..cc· · ¡¡oo[[ [[oo... . ^^, v , vvviivvvvnn.c .c ..i[[ i[[ nnooì ì vo vo vv.ì .ì··vv,,, , nnoo· · ..i[[ i[[ nnc c ¡¡vv[[ i [[ innììo o
nnii..cc··,,. . ±±vvì ì ..nnoocc..cc· · ììvv··nn. . vv..vv, , ¡¡··oon n ^^, v , vvviivvvvnn.c .c ¡¡oo· · nniin n ii. . v v n nvv·· ··oo..ccv v v voo..n n vvnnv v . .oonn.ì .ì··ii..ììccv v [i [i¡¡c c vvnnv v
++c c ..nnvv[[ [[ ··vvii..c c nniin n vv¡ ¡ ì ì[i [innv v o on n ììnnc c IIvv, o , o¡ ¡ !!vvvvvvccnnccnnìì. .
11c c ..i[[ i[[ ..vv,,: : O O nn, , ££oo··vv: : ++nn, , nnvv..c c ,o ,ov v · ·vvii..ccv v n nc c vv¡ ¡ ì ì[i [innv v . .nni[ i[c c 1 1 nnvvv v . .iivvnnì ì ììcc¡¡oo··cc. . 11c c ..i[[ i[[ ..vv,,: : IInnvv. . vviiv v
,o ,ovv, , ..nnccn n OOvv· · ..iivvnn. . ..vvnnc c ììo ,o o ,ovv, , vvii..··ccvvvv··vv ììnnccn n vvnnv v . .o o [i [iììcc..ii..c c oon n ììnnii. . IIvv, , ..i[[ i[[ ,o ,ov v ììc c vvii..··ccvvvv··vvccvv..
Then AIIaah decreed lhal lhe IiveIihood of Aadan and his offspring vouId le upon lhe Larlh for a
delernined period. Their enenies, Shavlaan and his lroops, vouId aIso Iive vilh lhen in order lo
pul lhen lo lriaI and nisIead lhen fron lhe Slraighl Ialh of AIIaah lo aII lhe olher divergenl palhs,
lhe palhs of sin, innovalion, disleIief, associaling parlners vilh AIIaah, leing ungralefuI for His
favours and lounlies, dishonouring lhe parenls, leing unjusl lo olher nusIins, alandoning lhe
reIigion and nol Iearning il and olher such nallers.
õõ. . ||bbøøt t iiø ø ttbbe e qqooøøt t oot t ··bbøq øqttøø øøoo??
AIIaah has inforned us lhal Shavlaan is an avoved enenv lo nankind:
A´raaf 7:11-18
Taa Haa 2O:123-126
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 5
IIiiv v 1 1 nnooì ì ccnn]]ooiin v n v¡¡oon n ,o ,ov v O O ((n ni[ i[vv··ccn n oo¡ ¡ //vvvvvvn n nnooì ì ì ìo o ..oo··..nnii¡ ¡ ^ ^nnvv,,ììvv vvnn, , ¡¡oo· · ììnnvvì ì nnc c ..vv. ì . ìo ,o o ,ov v vvn n
ccnnccnn, , vv..oo..ccvv. .
Oul of His Mercv and care for his servanls, AIIaah lhe LxaIled has inforned lhen aloul Shavlaan,
his goaIs, his vavs and neans in order lo heIp lhen againsl hin. He said regarding one of lhe
grealesl goaIs of Shavlaan:
11c c oonn[[, , iinn..iiììcc. . nnii. . vvvn vncc··ccnnì. . ì. .o o ììnnvvì ì ì ìnncc, , ììc. c.oonnc c iinnnnvì vìiiììvvnnì. ì. oo¡ ì ¡ ìnnc c ±±[[vv::iinnv v IIii··c c
Thal lhev nav lecone inhalilanls of lhe Iire due lo disleIief, associaling parlners vilh AIIaah,
disoledience lo AIIaah, conniling sins and olher such enlicenenls. AIIaah aIso inforns hov he
vhispers lo nankind lhen lurns on his heeIs fearing AIIaah hinseIf:
££iiììc c ììnnc c c c.v .vnn¡¡[[c c oo¡ ¡ ^^nnvv,,ììvv vvn n . .nnccn n nnc c ..vv,,. ì . ìo o nnvvnn: : IIii..ììcc[i [icc..c c ((oo· · ììc c vn vnvv··vvììcc¡¡vv[[)): : ^^o o ..nnccn n nnc c vvii..ììcc[i [icc..cc. .
((oo· · ii. . vn vnvv··vvììcc¡¡vv[[) ) nnc c ((^^nnvv,,ììvv vvnn) ) ..vv,,..: : 1 1 vvn n ¡¡··cc cc ¡¡··oon n ,o ,ovv. . 11nnvvcc ccv v 1 1 ¡¡ccvv· · //[[ [[vv vvn n ì ìnnc c ££oo··v v o o¡ ¡ vv[[ [[ ììnnc c ++oo··[[vv... .
We viII nov Iook al sone of lhe nanv vavs and neans lhal Shavlaan uses for his goaIs and
oljeclives vilh regard lo lhose vho are enenies lo hin, naneIv, us.
There are nanv vavs vhich Shavlaan has al his disposaI. This is so lecause he aIso has friends and
aIIies fron anong nankind. Sonelines lhese friends and aIIies are nol conscious lhal lhev are in facl
vorking for hin (lhese incIude nusIins). Shavlaan is a nasler pIanner and aII lhe nischief in lhe
vorId is a resuIl of his nisguidance, hovever, aII of his handivork is under AIIaah´s conlroI and viII
and visdon. In lhe sighl of AIIaah and lo lhe leIievers, lhe pIan of Shavlaan is verv veak:
Yaa Seen 36:6O
Iaalir 35:6
Hashr 59:16
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 6
^^o o ¡¡iivvnnì ì vvvvvviinn.ì ì .ì ìnnc c vv[[i [[icc. . oo¡ ¡ ^^nnvv,,ììvv vvnn, , ììnnc c ¡¡[[vvn n oo¡ ¡ ^^nnvv,,ììvv vvn n ii. . iinnvvcc ccv v . .ccvvì ì
11. . ¡¡nc nciittiing ng DDiissco corrd and d and BBad ad 88uussppiicciion on
The Messenger (sas) said: Indccd, Ib!ccs has dcsµaIrcd that thc rIghtcnus mav wnrshIµ hIm ... but
hc wI!! strIvc tn IncItc dIscnrd amnngst thcm. |Reporled lv MusIin!
Meaning lhal he viII cause lhen lo argue and hoId grudges againsl one anolher, lo spread lriaIs
anongsl lhen and nake lhen occupied vilh each olher naking lhen forgel AIIaah, lheir Lord. In
anolher narralion fron Inaan MusIin, lhe Messenger (sas) said: 5havtaan has dcsµaIrcd that thc
µcrfnrmcrs nf µravcr In thc ArabIan µcnInsu!a mav wnrshIµ hIm.
Having eviI lhoughls and suspicions is aIso a halil vhich Shavlaan induces. The vife of lhe Irophel
(sas) and Molher of lhe BeIievers, Safivvah (ra) said: The Messenger (sas) vas in secIusion in lhe
nosque. I cane lo visil hin al nighl line and conversed vilh hin. Then I gol up lo Ieave and relurn
lo nv house and he gol up vilh ne lo acconpanv ne. Tvo nen fron lhe Ansaar vaIked passed us -
nav AIIaah le pIeased vilh lhen - and vhen lhev sav lhe Irophel (sas) lhev hurried. The
Messenger (sas) lhen said: Cnmc Hcrc! 5hc Is 5afIvvah bInt Havv. The lvo nen lhen said: Hov
free is AIIaah fron aII shorlconings O Messenger of AIIaah. Then lhe Messenger (sas) said: Indccd
5havtaan f!nws thrnugh thc 5nn nf Aadam !Ikc thc b!nnd f!nws (In hIs vcIns) and I fcarcd that hc
mIght thrnw snmc cvI! Intn vnur hcarts sn that such and such mIght bc saId. |Reporled lv
Il is olIigalorv lherefore, vhen vou sland in a pIace and a lad opinion or suspicion is leing forned
aloul vou lhal vou expIain lo lhe one vho is valching vou or Iislening lo vour speech unliI no
chance renains for anv doulls or suspicions. Suspicion is one of lhe areas fron vhich Shavlaan
allacks. He nakes vou conslanlIv olserve peopIe and Iislen lo lheir vords so lhal vou nisinlerprel
lhen and forn a lad opinion accordingIv.
Anolher vav lhis happens is lhal he nakes vou suspicious of vourseIf in vour praver, or vhen
perforning vudhoo´. He suggesls in vour nind lhal perhaps vou did nol do such and such or recile
such and such, vhv don´l vou do il again. So nanv peopIe end up confused due lo lhese eviI and
nischievous vhisperings and find disconforl vhen perforning lhese acls of vorship.
22. . BBeau eauttiiffyyiing ng ¡¡nno nnovvaattiion onss
A vav in vhich Shavlaan leaulifies innovalions is lv vhispering lo soneone: The peopIe in lhis line
have Iefl lhe Deen and lheir relurning lo il seens difficuIl. Whv don´l ve do sone acls of vorship
and add lo lhen so lhal lhe peopIe are allracled lv lhen lo lhe reIigion. He aIso cones lo peopIe and
savs: 'IeopIe are far avav fron lhe Deen, perhaps if ve lring sone hadeelhs vhich viII insliII fear
Nisaa 4:76
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 7
inlo lhen or increase lheir aspiralions lhev viII relurn lo lhe Deen´. So as a resuIl lhev invenl
hadeelh allriluling lhen lo lhe Messenger (sas). Thev lhen sav: We do nol Iie againsl lhe Messenger,
ve Iie for hin!!
Thev inpule Iies againsl lhe Messenger and invenl hadeelh lo scare lhe peopIe. So lhev descrile
HeIIfire in a slrange and unheard of vav and Iikevise for Iaradise, lhinking lhev are doing good.
Shavlaan has cerlainIv deceived lhen. Sufvaan alh-Thavree (rh) said: S|au|aan is ncrc p|cascú ui||
inncta|icn ||an sin. occausc cnc can rcpcn| [rcn sin u|crcas cnc cannc| rcpcn| [rcn inncta|icn occausc |c
||in|s i| is scnc||inv vccú.
Innovalion is fron lhe handivork of Shavlaan and occurs in lolh leIief and aclion. Il is nore
deslruclive lhan sin lecause lhe danage faIIs upon lhe reIigion ilseIf and lhe unilv of lhe nusIins.
The effecls of sins do nol harn lhe reIigion and faII upon peopIe onIv. This is one of lhe nosl
poverfuI of Shavlaan´s looIs and has indeed leen used effecliveIv lv hin in aII lhe nusIin Iands,
each of vhich possesses unique, differenl innovaled acls of vorship and a varielv of confIicling vavs
of perforning lhen.
You viII aIso find lhal lhis is lhe vav Shavlaan has used lo insliI ennilv and halred inlo lhe nusIins
hearls, one lo anolher. He seduces sone of lhen lo alandon lhe Sunnah, fron renaining firn and
palienl upon il and lhen nake an innovalion, or a nev idea, or a vav of lhinking vhich vas never
knovn lo lhe Conpanions of Messenger (sas) or lo lhe Iious Iredecessors of lhis Unnah. Then
peopIe raIIv around lhis nev idea and forn a group and legin lo Iike and disIike, Iove and hale on ils
lasis lherelv learing lheir hearls aparl. This shovs lhe necessilv of adhering lo lhe Sunnah in aII
nallers and giving il lhe ulnosl inporlance.
AI Irlaad lin Sarivvah, one of lhe Conpanions said: The Messenger of AIIah gave us a sernon lv
vhich our hearls vere fiIIed vilh fear and lears cane lo our eves. We said: "O Messenger of AIIah, il
is as lhough lhis is a fareveII sernon, so counceI us." He said: "I counseI vou lo fear AIIah and lo give
alsoIule oledience even if a sIave lecones vour Ieader. VeriIv he anong vou vho Iives |Iong! viII
see greal conlroversv, so vou nusl keep lo nv sunnah and lo lhe sunnah of lhe righlIv-guided
KhaIifahs - cIing lo lhen slullornIv. Bevare of nevIv invenled nallers, for everv invenled naller is
an innovalion and everv innovalion is a going aslrav, and everv going aslrav is in HeII-fire."
So innovaling and innovalions are one of lhe nosl deslruclive lhings lo lhis Unnah and il is
necessarv for everv lrulhfuI and sincere nusIin lo rool lhen oul fron hinseIf, fron his faniIv and
fron his offspring, vhelher lhev are nallers of leIief, aclion or even ideas and nelhodoIogies vhich
are in opposilion lo and conlradicl lhe lhe underslanding of lhe Conpanions of lhe Messenger (sas),
lhe Iious Iredecessors.
33. . EExagge xaggerraattiing ng OOne ne MMaatt tteer r oovveer r aall ll ootthe herrss
This can occur on an individuaI IeveI and a coIIeclive IeveI.
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 8
Thc IndIvIdua!
1. Sone peopIe connil nanv sins and acls of disoledience and lhink lhal lecause lhev perfon
lhe praver - lhe facl lhal il is one of lhe piIIars of lhe reIigion and is lhe firsl lhing lhal lhe servanl
viII le heId lo accounl for on lhe Dav of Iudgenenl - lhere is no harn in conniling sins! He
exaggerales lhe posilion of lhe praver - and no doull il is one of lhe grealesl acls of failh - lo such
an exlenl lhal he lhinks il viII conpensale his shorlconings in olher acls of vorship. This is a
faIse and vrong lvpe of reIiance. The praver is a parl of lhe reIigion lul il does nol conslilule lhe
vhoIe reIigion.
One shouId knov lhal lhe praver does in facl renove eviI deeds and use lhal lo purifv hinseIf
fron sins lul lhis shouId nol le a prelexl for connilling sins and feeIing safe and al ease vilh lhe
facl lhal praver renoves eviI deeds. This is aIso a deceplion fron Shavlaan.
2. Anolher person viII sav lhal lhe reIigion is nolhing lul deaIing and inleracling vilh peopIe.
Thal lhe nosl inporlanl lhing is lo lehave veII vilh lhe peopIe, do nol Iie aloul lhen and do nol
deceive lhen. He viII leIieve lhis lo such an exlenl lhal he viII nol even prav, lecause, he savs,
lhe Messenger (sas) said: Thc rc!IgInn Is but dca!Ing wIth µcnµ!c. This is lrue lul vhere in lhis
does one´s vorship of AIIaah Iie`
3. Anolher person viII sav lhal lhe nosl inporlanl lhing is good inlenlion. Keep vour hearl cIean.
Do nol le envious or jeaIous and do nol hale peopIe. Such peopIe alandon lhe acls of vorship
and lhe righleous deeds of vhich good inlenlion is a necessarv condilion. Cood inlenlions are
never a repIacenenl for lhe acls of vorship vhich are supposed lo le luiIl upon lhen.
4. Anolher verv connon deceplion is lhal nusIins viII conpele in lhe nenorisalion and
recilalion of lhe Our´aan. Thev perfecl lheir Tajveed (correcl nanner of recilalion) and nake il
leaulifuI lo Iislen lo and Iinil lhenseIves lo lhal lhinking lhal lhis is enough as service lo AIIaah
and lherefore alandon olher lhings. Whal is required is nol recilers and nenorisers lul lhose
vho acl.
The nislake in aII of lhese silualions is nol lhal peopIe are concerned aloul cerlain lhings or
aspecls lul lhal lhev have exaggeraled lhen over olher lhings vhich are equaIIv or even nore
Thc CnmmunItv
This naller aIso occurs lo lhe Unnah on a coIIeclive IeveI.
1. A group viII sav: lhe nosl inporlanl lhing is lhal ve shouId knov aII aloul lhe posilion and
silualion of lhe nusIins, and lhal of lheir enenies. The nosl inporlanl lhings are lhe poIilicaI
affairs. We no Ionger Iive in lhe line of lhe dervishes. Meaning lv lhal, nallers such as leIief and
praver are nol inporlanl and pIav no roIe in lhe veII-leing of lhe Unnah in lhe nodern era.
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 9
You viII recognise such peopIe slraighl avav. Thev viII have Iearnl evervlhing regarding lhe
connunisls, lhe secuIarisls, lhe freenasons, lhe sociaIisls lul vhen vou ask hin aloul a sinpIe
naller aloul IsIan or lhe praver he doesn´l knov his knee fron his eIlov! Anolher characlerislic
is lhal lhev viII give IillIe inporlance lo lhe correcl leIief in AIIaah, vorshipping Hin upon
Tavheed and nol associaling anv parlners vilh Hin. These lhings are vhal delernine lhe veII
leing of lhe Unnah and ils securilv. And lhese lhings are lhe lasis and foundalion of lhe IsIanic
Slale. Hovever, vou viII find lhal lhe peopIe caIIing lo lhese lhings pav verv IillIe allenlion lo
lhese nallers, oflen lrushing lhen aside and naking greal conpronises vilh respecl lo lhen.
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 10
The poIilicaI or econonicaI vav is nol lhe vav of reforn. Nor is inilalion of lhe disleIievers lhe
vav of reforn. The vav of reforn is oledience and gralilude lo AIIaah
since ingralilude lo Hin
is lhe cause of lhe renovaI of His heIp as is evidenl and cIear fron His Book:
Il vas one of lhe grealesl concerns of lhe Messenger (saIIaIIaahu-aIaihi-vasaIIan) for his conpanions
(radiaIIaahu-anhun) and of lhe conpanions for lheir successors (rahinahunuIIaahu) and of lhe greal schoIars
for lheir fIock (lhe generaI peopIe) and in facl of lhe SaIaf (Iious Iredecessors) of lhis Unnah for ils peopIe,
lhal lheir Lenaan (Iailh/BeIief) vas correcl and firn, lhal lhev vere in possession of and vere acling upon lhal
lvpe of knovIedge lhe acquisilion of vhich is an olIigalion upon everv singIe nusIin, naIe and fenaIe: lhal
lhev vere praclising lhose lhings vhich AIIaah had olIigaled upon lhen and refrained fron lhose lhings lhal
AIIaah had forlidden lhen, lhal lhev renained upon lhis palh nol devialing fron il in lerns of leIief or aclion,
vhiIe conslanlIv slriving lo increase lheir Lenaan and correcl aclions, and as a resuIl of aII lhis, lhal lhev
lecane prolecled fron lhe Iire and increased lheir chance of enlrv inlo Iaradise. Lverv direclive, connand,
advice or suggeslion aIvavs had lhis concern underIving il. There is no need lo cile exanpIes as lhev are vasl,
nunerous and easiIv accessilIe for lhe one vho is need of lhen. And lhis is vhere lhe honour Iies. Nol in
naleriaI success lul in lhe sincere and correcl vorship of AIIaah AzzavajaII, in ensIavenenl lo Hin aIone and
alsoIule oledience lo his Messenger (saIIaIIaahu-aIaihi-vasaIIan)
|And tn A!!aah bc!nngs a!! Hnnnur}|Munaafiqoon 63:8!
Il vas preciseIv on accounl of lhis lhal lhe Unnah vas lIessed vilh lhings such as naleriaI success, greal
advancenenl and aulhorilv in lhe Iand, for as Iong as AIIaah viIIed, and nol due lo anvlhing eIse. AIIaah onIv
gives increase lo lhis Unnah on accounl of ils leing gralefuI lo AIIaah and ils leing gralefuI lo AIIaah is nol
achieved excepl lv vorshipping Hin in lhe precise nanner requesled lv Hin in vhal He has senl dovn for us
as Cuidance.
If vnu arc gratcfu! I wI!! gIvc vnu IncrcascIlraheen 14:7!
Increase in suslenance, veaIlh, resources and olher such lhings of lenefil and lIessing.
Iurlhernore lhis greal lIessing of success vas nol laken avav excepl lv lhe devialion of lhe nusIins fron lhe
cIear and slraighl palh, in lerns of leIief and aclion, and lhus lhe disleIievers vere aIIoved, lv AIIaah´s
pernission and design, lo gain naslerv in lhe Iand and lo lake fron us our noliIilv, slrenglh, resources and
knovIedge. Il is nol correcl lhal our presenl condilion is due lo lhe veakness of lhe nusIins and lheir Iack of
lechnoIogv and resources. Thal is a svnplon nol a cause and lhe vise doclor´s concern is lo renove lhe cause.
The Messenger (saIIaIIaahu-aIaihi-vasaIIan) said:
"Whcn vnu dca! In Ecnah transactInn, takc hn!d nf thc taI!s nf cnws, cnntcnt vnursc!f wIth agrIcu!turc and
abandnn JIhaad, A!!aah wI!! cnvcr vnu wIth humI!IatInn and wI!! nnt !Ift thIs humI!IatInn, untI! vnu rcturn
tn vnur Dccn¨ |Saheeh-ReIaled lv Alu Daavood (n.3426) and Bavhaqee in his Sunan (5/316)!
He (saIIaIIaahu-aIaihi-vasaIIan) aIso said:
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 11
//nnv v / /[[ [[vv vvn n . .ccì. ¡ ì. ¡oo··ììn n v v ¡ ¡vv··vì vì[[cc: ( : (((o onn..iivvcc··) ) v v ì ìoo..n n ..vv¡¡c c vvnnv v . .c. c.vv··c c ììo o ..nnii..n n i iì. ì. nnccvvnn. . oo¡ . ¡ .vvìì..ii.ì .ìccnn.c .c
..oonnc c iin n vì vìvn vnvvvvnn.c .c ¡¡··oon n cc..cc··, q , qvvvv··ììcc··. . ±±vvì ì iiì ì ììc. c.vvnnc c vn vnvv··vvììcc¡¡vv[ [ ììo o //[[ [[vv vvnn. ¡ . ¡vv..oovv··... . IInncc··cc¡¡oo··c c //[[ [[vv vvn n
nnvvvvc c iiì ì ì ìo o ììvv.ì .ìc c ììnnc c vvììnnoo.ì .ì vvccvv··cc cc oo¡ ¡ nnvn vnvvcc· · vvnnv v ¡ ¡ccvv· · ììc. c.vvvv..c c oo¡ ¡ ..nnvvì ì ì ìnncc, , vv..ccv v ì ìo o vvo o
This is hov ve Iose our safelv and securilv fron AIIaah. MusIins lecone ungralefuI lo AIIaah.
Thev don´l vorship Hin or lhev don´l vorship Hin in lhe nanner He has prescriled and
requesled lul ralher slick lo lheir ovn vavs and invenlions. Thev alandon lhe Sunnah of lhe
Messenger (sas) in lheir Iives and hones.
A Iarge nunler of lhe prolIens lhal exisl lodav exisled al lhe line of lhe Irophel (sas) - aIcohoI,
proslilulion, iIIegaI forns of narriage and sexuaI reIalions, vars and fighling (lelveen lhe lriles).
Hovever lhe Messenger (sas) did nol lackIe anv of lhese prolIens firsl. He did nol decide lo unile
lhe nusIins firsl and nake lhe vhoIe of Aralia poIilicaIIv slalIe lefore caIIing lhen lo 'Laa
iIaaha iIIaIIaaha´ (There is none deserving of vorship excepl AIIaah aIone). Neilher did he forn a
feninisl novenenl lo renove lhe oppression of vonen, nor did he aloIish aIcohoI or inleresl and
olher such nallers. Nor did he nake Aralia econonicaIIv slrong firsl and lhen procIain his
nessage. This refules lhose vho sav lhal ve need lo change lhe environnenl (fron a slrucluraI
poinl of viev) firsl lefore anvlhing eIse. We need lo inpose lhe IsIanic svslen lv force,
"...And ncvcr dn thc µcnµ!c brcak thc cnvcnant nf A!!aah and HIs Mcsscngcr cxccµt that hc gIvcs thcIr
cncmIcs mastcrv and cnntrn! nvcr thcm sn thcv takc snmc nf what thcv uscd tn µnsscss¨|Saheeh-ReIaled lv
Iln Maajah in his Sunan!
HuniIialion is vhal ve find ourseIves in, fron vhalever aspecl ve Iook al: oppression, veaIlh, knovIedge,
lechnoIogv, resources elc. And lhis viII never le raised unliI ve fuIfiI our covenanl (lhal is lo unifv aII vorship
and direcl il lo AIIaah aIone, lo inilale lhe Messenger (saIIaIIaahu-aIaihi-vasaIIan)) and relurn lo our slraighl
and uprighl Deen, lhe reIigion of Ilraheen:
5av: Indccd Mv Lnrd (Rabb) has guIdcd mc tn thc 5traIght Path, thc uµrIght and truc Dccn, thc rc!IgInn nf
Ibrahccm, thc Hanccf (fIrm and truc In A!!aah's wnrshIµ and In HIs ObcdIcncc) and hc was nnt nf thc
MushrIkccn. 5av: VcrI!v, mv µravcr, mv sacrIfIcc, mv !Ifc and mv dcath arc a!! fnr A!!aah thc Rabb nf a!! thc
wnr!ds. Hc has nn µartncr (cqua!). WIth that I havc bccn cnmmandcd and I am thc fIrst nf thnsc whn submIt
|An´aan 6:161-163!
This is vhal ve need and lhis indeed shouId le our concern. In facl, lhal lhe peopIe achieve such a posilion (of
knovIedge and aclion), as nenlioned in lhe alove verse, firsl, is of lhe highesl pr iorilv as lheir need for success
in lhe Hereafler is grealer lhan lheir need for success in lhis vorId. Success in lhis Iife does nol guaranlee
success in lhe nexl.
Thus anv noves for reforn, correclion and lellernenl of lhis Unnah shouId le unreslricledIv lied lo and
ullerIv dependanl upon lhis concern and lhis concern shouId le lhe overgarnenl and undergarnenl of aII lhe
arrangenenls and soIulions lhal are proposed.This is vhal is correcl, lesl, in lhe reaI inleresls of lhe peopIe (i.e.
enlrv inlo Iaradise and safelv fron lhe Iire) and nosl nolIe.
NahI 16:112
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 12
disregarding lhe facl lhal Shirk sliII exisls and is videspread in lhe Unnah and needs lo le
renoved or lhal peopIe have devialed fron lhe correcl leIiefs and aclions. When ones leIiefs are
correcl and sound il nakes ones failh firn and sound. This in lurn aIIovs a person lo accepl
viIIingIv and happiIv anv connand or Iav of AIIaah.
If lhe IsIanic svslen vas inposed lodav lheir vouId le a lig revoIulion. Bv vhon` Bv lhe
nusIins lhenseIves!! Because lhev do nol vanl il. Thev do nol Iove il and lhis is lecause lheir
hearls are far fron AIIaah, veiIed fron Hin. Thev do nol knov Hin and do nol knov hov lo
leIieve in Hin. And lhis prevenls lhen fron deveIoping lhe Iove of Hin, lhe Iove of His
Messenger (sas) and lhe Iove of His reIigion vhich He has chosen for us. Thev do nol undersland
vhal is Tavheed and vhal is Shirk. Thev do nol undersland vhal is Sunnah and Bid´ah and
cerlainIv, lhis is lrue for nosl of lhe nusIins lodav. Because of lhis lhev do nol undersland lhe
ruIes and reguIalions, nor do lhev have an open hearl for lhen. Hov exceIIenl and lrue is vhal
Aaishah (ra) said: ¨The firsl parl of lhe Our´aan lo le reveaIed vas a soorah giving a delaiIed
accounl aloul Iaradise and HeII. Then vhen lhe peopIe enlered inlo lhe foId of IsIaan, cane lhe
reveIalion of vhal is haIaaI (IavfuI) and haraan (unIavfuI). Had lhe firsl reveIalion leen: ¨Do nol
drink vine¨, lhev vouId have said: ¨We shaII never give up vine¨. Had lhe firsl reveIalion leen:
¨Do nol connil aduIlerv and fornicalion¨, lhev vouId have said: ¨We shaII never give up
aduIlerv and fornicalion¨.
Changing lhe environnenl is a faclor lul is nol lhe nosl inporlanl or fundanenlaI one. The
eslalIishnenl of Tavheed in lhe hearls and renovaI of Shirk fron lhe hearls is lhe nosl
inporlanl faclor. The presence of gralefuIness lo AIIaah and lhe alsence of ils opposile is a faclor.
The presence of lhe correclness of ones aclions and ils agreenenl vilh lhe Sharee´ah and lhe
alsence of ils opposile is a faclor. The presence of Ioving and haling for lhe sake of AIIaah aIone
and leing IovaI lo lhe crilerion of lrulh, lhe underslanding, vav and nelhodoIogv of lhe Iious
Iredecessors and nol ones group or parlv is a faclor. We cannol achieve lhis excepl lv acquiring
lhe sound and aulhenlic knovIedge fron lhe correcl sources and lhen nurluring ourseIves upon
il. This is vhal in lurn vouId nake lhe desired and conducive change in lhe environnenl. This is
vhv having lhe correcl leIief in AIIaah is vilaI. Because lhe resl of ones aclions and perceplions
depend on lhis leIief, are shaped and nurlured lv il. This is vhv sone of lhe Iious Iredecessors
used lo sav: l|cctcr úccs nc| |ncu |is |crú úccs nc| |ncu |insc|[. And lhis is one of lhe reasons vhv
il is nol possilIe lo conpronise vilh lhose vho hoId on lo herelicaI nolions and leIiefs aloul
AIIaah and vho lhen lrv lo lring aloul change and reforn lhrough avenues olher lhan lhe correcl
leIief in AIIaah, since lhev are lhe furlhesl avav fron lhal.
We nusl aIso renenler lhal lhe Messenger (sas) vas under lhe guidance and supervision of
AIIaah lhe LxaIled and lhe firsl lhing lhal lhe Messenger caIIed lo, and in facl aII of lhe
Messengers, vas lhe sincere and correcl vorship of AIIaah, vilh lhe correcl leIief in Hin, upon
lhe Messenger´s Sunnah. The Messenger caIIed lo lhis for vears and nanv lallIes vere foughl on
Reporled lv Bukhaaree
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 13
accounl of lhis Tavheed. The Conpanions (ra) conquered peopIes hearls vilh lheir Tavheed and
leaulifuI nanners fIrst, lhen lhev conquered lhe Iands vilh lheir Iihaad, and nade AIIaah´s Deen
2. There are olhers vhose Iogo is: The nosl inporlanl lhing is unilv. Has nol AIIaah said:
//nnv n v noo[[v v oonnììo o ììnnc c ··oo¡¡c c oo¡ ¡ //[[ [[vv vvnn, , vv[[ [[ oo¡ ¡ ,o ,ovv, , vvnnv v v vo o nnooì . ì .cc¡¡vv··vvììc c
Thev nake lhis naller lhe nosl inporlanl one, even if il incIudes naking conpronises in our
leIief. This is slupidilv, ignorance, and a Iack of underslanding. The principIe is correcl, lhal ve
need lo unile, lul lhe neans is fron lhe handivork of Shavlaan - lhal ve forgel our differences
and cone logelher. Thev forgel lhe firsl parl of lhe verse vhich is ¨$QGKROGRQWRWKHURSHRI$OODDK
DOORI\RXµ neaning: hoId on lo lhe reveIalion, lhal is lhe Our´aan and lhe Sunnah. And lhe Our´an
and lhe Sunnah are nol heId on lo excepl in lhe nanner of lhe Iious Iredecessors. Anongsl lhe
MusIins are lhose vho have prolIens vilh lhe verv firsl piIIar of IsIaan, lhe correcl leIief in
AIIaah. Yel lhere are olhers vho have pIace lhenseIves oulside lhe foId of IsIaan on accounl of
lhe faIse leIiefs lhev have invenled and sluck lo - in spile of leing correcled and varned. High
and LxaIled is AIIaah fron vhal such crininaIs and exlrenisls have allriluled lo Hin and have
invenled and innovaled inlo his Deen. Then lhere are olhers vho urinale upon lhe Sunnah of lhe
Messenger, raising lheir inleIIecl and lhe refuse of lheir underslanding up and alove il. Denving
lhal vhich AIIaah confirned and reveaIed lhrough lhe longue of His Messenger and affirning
lhal vhich AIIaah denied lhrough lhe longue of His Messenger and naking a nockerv of lhe
reIigion. Making lheir ovn invenled condilions for accepling lhe vords of AIIaah and lhe vords
of lhe Messenger (sas) lhus enalIing lhen lo inpose lheir ovn lhoughls, underslandings, vhins
and desires.
Ralher ve shouId unile upon lhe fundanenlaIs of lhe reIigion, vhich is our Aqeedah (leIief), ve
shouId unile upon eslalIishing Tavheed and eradicaling Shirk, ve shouId unile upon lhe Sunnah
of lhe Messenger (sas) and lhe exanpIe of our SaIaf (Iious Iredecessors). We shouId Iove and
hale on lhis lasis, give and vilhhoId on lhis lasis, nake friends and lreak lhen on lhis lasis and
choose our conpanv on lhis lasis. This is lhe lrue nodeI for unilv and is indeed lhe verv vav lhe
Messenger (sas) uniled his foIIovers.
3. There aIso olhers vho are exlrenisls. Thev are lhose vho have lurned lo ascelicisn. Delaching
lhenseIves fron lhis vorId and fIeeing fron ils lriaIs. This is no doull a virlue fron one aspecl.
Bul nol vhen il enlaiIs lhe faiIure lo fuIfiI ones responsiliIilies lo olhers or causes peopIe nol lo
adhere lo lhe vavs and neans vhich AIIaah has decreed for his servanls and lv vhich lhev oughl
lo seek heIp and suslenance.
AaIi Inraan 3:1O3
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 14
Whal is neanl here is lhal such peopIe slav in lhe nosques for Iong periods of line and recile lhe
Our´aan for hours on end lhinking lhal lhis is reIiance and is enough for ones suslenance anongsl
olher lhings. This is nol so. A nan vas lroughl lo Unar´s (ra) allenlion. He used lo prav for Iong
hours in lhe nosque and negIecled his IiveIihood. AIlhough lhe peopIe praised hin Unar said:
¨This is a fooIish nan.¨
ReIiance is lo use everv nelhod vhich is vilhin ones capacilv in order lo achieve or acquire vhal
is desired (and such lhings are lhe neans and vavs vhich AIIaah has decreed for His servanls
vhich ve have jusl nenlioned - such as Iearning a skiII or gelling an educalion elc.). A siniIar
ansver is given lo lhose vho sav: If AIIaah has decreed our suslenance for us vhal is lhe poinl in
suppIicaling lhen` Il is said: Sil around and see if vou gel a chiId vilhoul narriage. Sil around
and see if vou hunger is renoved vilhoul food. Sil around and see if vou gel enpIovnenl
vilhoul a quaIificalion or skiII! In olher vords AIIaah has decreed cerlain ruIes lv vhich lhis
crealion vorks and revoIves around. If vou don´l eal vour hunger viII nol le renoved. If vou
don´l vork and nake and efforl, vou von´l see and enjov lhe lenefils.
Il is Iikevise for suppIicalion. AIIaah has nade du´a (suppIicalion) one of lhe vavs and neans lv
vhich He leslovs His suslenance lo lhe crealion. And alandoning il neans lhal ones suslenance
and veII-leing are jeopardised. Hov exceIIenl is vhal Iln Tavnivvah (rh) said. One dav in lhe
nosque a nan asked hin: O AluI-Allaas, has nol AIIaah vrillen for lhe servanl his porlionof
happiness and sadness in lhe Iife of lhis vorId` Iln Tavnivvah said: Of course! He said: Then
vhal is lhe vaIue of suppIicalion` And vhv do ve ask AIIaah and caII lo Hin` Iln Tavnivvah
said: Do vou nol leIieve, nv lrolher, lhal vhelher vou receive nv ansver lo lhis queslion of
vours or nol has aIreadv leen decreed` He said: Of course our shaikh, in lrulh! Iln Tavnivvah
repIied: Then vhv did vou ask ne if lhe naller has aIreadv leen decided`!
This shovs lhal slicking lo lhe vavs and neans designaled in lhe Sharee´ah is vhal conslilules
lrue reIiance upon AIIaah and lhe vav lo lring aloul and acluaIise vhal is desired.
Thcrcfnrc, il is verv inporlanl lo veigh oul aII lhese nallers lecause one of lhe vavs Shavlaan
allacks peopIe is lo exaggerale one naller lo lhe delrinenl of olher equaIIv if nol nore inporlanl
44. . PPrroc ocrraassttiina nattiion and on and 88aayyiing ng ¹¹88oon oon¹¹
Anolher one of Shavlaan´s favourile lricks is lo lo nake peopIe lhink and sav: I viII do such and
such soon, in a IillIe vhiIe, navle lonorrov, no nexl veek and so on. He nakes lhen deIav lheir
aclions naking lhen feeI secure and happv vilh lhe presenl. Sone peopIe have naned lhis 'The
Creal OlslacIe´.
Iee Wajhil-Toofaan of Muhannad AlduI Haneed Ahnad p.2O
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 15
A person viII pIace in fronl of hinseIf a naller such as sludving. Then he viII sav: When I have
finished sludving, lhen I viII repenl, Iearn nv reIigion and praclise il. When he finishes his
sludies he savs: When I receive lhal jol I viII repenl. He does nol. Then he savs: When I have
perforned Hajj, vhen I an narried and so on.
He is conslanlIv pulling olslacIes in fronl of hinseIf, deIaving lhings and deIighling in his currenl
silualion of ease and happiness. He viII conlinue in lhis vav unliI he dies and vel his reaI, lrue
Iife viII nol even have legun (i.e. lhal of failh and righleous aclions)
Whal Shavlaan reaIIv inlends is lo conpIeleIv prevenl vou fron a naller or al Ieasl lo deIav vou
fron il. Ior lhose vho are righleous lhis a greal danger. Shavlaan viII cone and vhisper lo
soneone: You are nol vorlhv of sludving lhe IsIanic knovIedge or caIIing peopIe lo lhe reIigion.
Wail a vhiIe unliI vou have sludied. Yel ve have leen connanded lo leach lhe neaning of even
one verse of lhe Our´aan if lhal is aII ve knov.
Iln aI-Oavvin (rh) said: Anú |cu nanu pccp|c c[ [irn in|cn| anú rcsc|u|icn arc ||crc. u|cn S|au|aan
|as úc|aucú ou causinv ||cn |c sau ´Sccn´. Anú |cu nanu s|ritcrs |as |c s|cppcú. Mauoc a |a¡cc| (sc|c|ar
c[ [i¡|) in|cnús |c rc|urn |c |is s|uúics anú S|au|aan ui|| sau |c |in. Rc|ax [cr an |cur. S|au|aan ui|| nc|
s|cp in na|inv |azincss anú inac|iti|u ocau|i[u| anú appca|inv |c a pcrscn sc ||a| |c |ccps úc|auinv |is
ac|icns. Hc ui|| sau |c ||c scrtan| u|c ucrs|ips a| niv||. Tinc úccs nc| s|cp. ||c niv|| is |cnv. Un|i| ||c
ncrninv arritcs anú |c |as nc| ctcn praucú.
Hov exceIIenl is vhal lhe poel said:
Ycu s|ccp [cr |inc - ucc oc |c ucu ||c u|i|c ucu sncrc
Un|i| u|cn ucu úic ||cn ui|| ucu |atc |ru|u auc|cn
And lake a Iesson fron vhal Alu Aldur-Rahnaan aI-MaghaaziIee reporls. He said: There vas a
vise vonan in Makkah vho vas nuch given lo vorship and her lrolhers cane lo her. She vepl for
a Iong line and lhen said: ´Mu orc||crs. (ucu arc) ||c p|casurc c[ nu cuc. úcpic| ||c Dau c[ ]uúvcncn| in
ucur |car|´s cucs anú rc|a|c |c ucurc|tcs ||c ac|icns ucu |atc scn| [cr||. l|a|ctcr ucu ||in| ui|| oc acccp|cú
cn ||a| úau. aspirc anú |cpc in ucur Mas|cr [cr i|s acccp|ancc anú pcr[cc| o|cssinvs in i| anú u|a|ctcr ucu [car
ui|| oc rcjcc|cú cn ||a| úau ||cn a||cnú |c i|s ccrrcc|icn |cúau. Dc nc| oc unninú[u| c[ ucur cun scu|s.¨
55. . Fa Fallsse pe e perrffec ecttiion on
Shavlaan viII cone lo a person and nake hin lhink lhal he is perfecl. He viII sav lo hin: You are
leller lhan olhers. You prav lul nosl olhers do nol. You fasl and nosl olhers do nol. He viII
nake vou Iook al olhers vho are Iess lhan vou in good aclions. Hovever, lhis is onIv lo prevenl
vou fron doing good deeds.
Iln aI-Iavzee in Sifal us-Safvah (2/278-279)
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 16
Shavlaan viII aIso sav: Your aclions viII inlercede for vou - lhen he engages vou in pernissilIe
lhings vhich lring no harn or lenefil - onIv lo slop vou fron good aclions again. He viII sav:
Resl for a vhiIe, vou are verv lusv, vou are leller lhan olhers.
Whal is desiralIe, hovever is lhe opposile of lhis. Look al so and so vho fasls on Mondavs and
Thursdavs and vou do nol, Iook al so and so vho pravers superogelarv praver and vou do nol,
Iook al so and so vho has acquired an occupalion for hinseIf and vou have nol. Look al so and so
vho has Iearnl hov lo recile lhe Our´an and vou have nol. Look al so and so vho fuIfiIs lhe needs
of his faniIv and vou do nol.
66. . NNoot t HHaavviing ng tthe he CCoorr rrec ect t PPeerrcep cepttiion o on of f OOne nesseellff
Shavlaan has lvo vavs for corrupling peopIes perceplions of lhenseIves:
1. A perceplion of anazenenl and deceplion. Shavlaan viII nake soneone Iook al hinseIf vilh
anazenenl (i.e. le pIeased vilh hinseIf) so lhal he is infIicled vilh arrogance and deceplion. He
lhen legins lo Iook dovn upon olhers and hoId lhen in conlenpl. He refuses lo accepl lhe Trulh
oul of arrogance and viII nol accepl lhal he is vrong vhen he nakes a nislake. He refuses lo
allend lhe circIes and neelings in order lo Iearn fron olhers.
Sone peopIe vho allend circIes vhere lhev recile lhe Our´aan nake nislakes. Then lhev do nol
cone lo lhe circIe again unliI lhev have correcled lheir nislakes, vhiIe fearing lhal lheir posilion
and repulalion in lhe sighl of olher peopIe vouId le danaged. If such a person had onIv refIecled
for a shorl vhiIe he vouId have reaIised lhal so and so, vho is a skiIIed reciler, vas once in lhe
sane posilion as hin, lhen he Iearnl lv allending lhe circIes and having his nislakes correcled.
Mujaahid said: T|crc arc |uc pccp|c u|c ui|| nctcr |carn. A nus|a|oir (scnccnc u|c is arrcvan|) anú a
nus|a|uiu (scnccnc u|c is s|u.)
2. A perceplion of IovIiness coupIed vilh nodeslv. Shavlaan viII sav lo vou: You nusl le
nodesl, vhoever is nodesl and hunlIe AIIaah viII raise hin, vou are nol lhe righl person for lhis
naller. Yel lhis person is an oulslanding one lo lhe peopIe, of nuch lenefil. Shavlaan´s goaI is lo
dislance vou fron vhal vou can achieve due lo vour povers and capaliIilies. Lverv one of us has
povers and capaliIilies granled lo hin and if lhev are nol used ve viII le heId lo accounl for
lhen. Such a person vho responds lo Shavlaan´s caII is nol leing nodesl lul ralher he is fIeeing
fron his responsiliIilv.
Shavlaan viII sav: Leave lhis nagazine for soneone vho is leller lhan vou. CaIIing lo AIIaah is a
nolIe naller, Ieave il for lhe skiIIed fev. This is hov Shavlaan cones and nakes peopIe err.
Reporled lv Bukhaaree
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 17
He aIso nakes a person hoId hinseIf in conlenpl and IovIiness unliI lhis person never lhinks for
hinseIf. The person legins lo sav: Who an I conpared lo lhis person` Who an I conpared lo a
schoIar. So he does nol lhink excepl vilh lhe inleIIecl of his schoIar and he does nol spread or
divuIge excepl vhal his shaikh savs.
The principIe is lhal ve shouId relurn lo lhe Sharee´ah. Il is possilIe lhal lhis nan in fronl of vou
can nake nislakes. So his vords are evaIualed vilh lhe vords of AIIaah and His Messenger (sas).
Whalever agrees vilh lhen is accepled and vhalever does nol, ve refuse il.
77. . DDoub oubtt
Doull is anolher dangerous poinl of enlrv for Shavlaan upon lhe unnindfuI servanl and he does
lhis in nanv vavs:
1. Shavlaan viII cause a person lo doull lhe palh and vav of a nan vho is on lhe correcl and
slraighl palh vilh lhe righl leIief and good aclions - soneone vho hoIds lhe righl leIief in AIIaah,
slicks lhe connands of AIIaah and avoids His prohililions - especiaIIv vhen he is anongsl nanv
lad peopIe, peopIe vho are nol slricl and have devialed fron lhe Sunnah and lhe vav of lhe
Conpanions (ra). Shavlaan viII vhisper lo hin saving: Are aII of lhese peopIe in lhe Iire` And
vou are in Iaradise`
The lrulh is lhal grealness in nunler shouId nol le conpared vilh snaII nunlers. The Trulh is
vhal agrees vilh lhe vords of AIIaah and His Messenger (sas). AlduIIaah lin Mas´ood said. T|c
]anaa´a| is u|a|ctcr avrccs ui|| ||c Tru||. ctcn i[ ucu arc a|cnc. The poinl of reference is nol lhe
najorilv of peopIe lul vhal agrees vilh lhe lrulh even if vou are one person, aIone. AIIaah lhe
LxaIled said lo lhe Messenger:
//nnv v n noo.ì .ì oo¡ ¡ nnvvnnììiinnvv, , cc..ccn n ììnnoovvvvn n ,o ,ov v vv··vvccnnìì[[, , vvcc..ii··c c iiì ì vv··c c nnooì ì ììcc[i [icc..cc··. . [[
He aIso said:
^^vv,,: : ììnnc c voo voov v v vnnv v ì ìnnc c ìv ìvv v v v··c c nnooì ì ccqqvvvv[ [ cc..ccn n ììnnoovvvvn n ì ìnnc c vì vìvn vnvvvvnn.c .c oo¡ ì ¡ ìnnc c ìv ìvv v n nvv, , ¡¡[[ccvv..c c ,o ,ovv, , ..o o ììc c
..vv··cc¡¡vv[ [ oo¡ ¡ ((,o ,ovv· · vvvvìì, , ììoo) ) //[[ [[vv vvn n O O nnccn n oo¡ ¡ vn vnvvcc··.ì .ìvvnnvviinnv v ììnnvvì ì ,o ,ov v nnvv, , ììc c ..vv..c ..c..¡ ..¡vv[[
The Taali´ee, Na´een lin Hannaad said: T|c ]anaa´a| is u|a| avrccs ui|| A||aa|´s Oocúicncc - sc
u|cn ||c ]anaa´a| is ccrrup|cú ||cn i| is upcn ucu |c s|ic| |c ||a| u|a| ||c ]anaa´a| uas upcn oc[crc i|
uas ccrrup|cú anú i[ ucu arc a|cnc ||cn ucu arc ||c ]anaa´a|. And Ishaaq lin Raahavaavah (d. 238),
leacher of Inaan Bukhaaree said: |[ ucu ucrc |c as| ||c ivncran| pccp|c aocu| ||c Grca| Majcri|u ||cu
ucu|ú sau. T|c najcri|u c[ pccp|c. T|cu úc nc| |ncu ||a| a|-]anaa´a| is ||c Sc|c|ar u|c c|invs |c ||c
Yoosuf 12:1O3
Maa´idah 5:1OO
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 18
narra|icns [rcn ||c Prcp|c| (sa||a||aa|u-a|ai|i-uasa||an) anú |is uau. Sc u|cctcr is ui|| |in (||c
sc|c|ar) anú [c||cus |in. ||cn |c is a|-]anaa´a|.
2. Anolher poinl of enlrv for Shavlaan is a persons inlenlion. He viII vhisper lo soneone: You are
shoving off, vou possess rivaa (shoving off), vou are a hvpocrile. You are onIv doing lhis for lhe
sake of lhe peopIe. He does lhis lo nake vou alandon lhe aclion.
An exanpIe of lhis nighl le vhen a nan decides lo give charilv and anolher nan sees hin. This
person lhen savs lo hinseIf: If so and so sees ne he viII lhink lhal I an shoving off so il is leller
lhal I don´l give lhis charilv.
Hovever, ve have leen connanded lo purifv our inlenlions fron shoving off, nol lo alandon
lhe aclion. This is lhe desire of Shavlaan. Ilraheen lin Adhan (one of lhe Taali´een) said: | |atc
sccn ||ir|u Ccnpanicns c[ ||c Mcsscnvcr (sas) a|| c[ ||cn [carinv [cr ||cnsc|tcs ||a| ||cu arc úcinv ac|icns
ui||cu| sinccri|u.
Relurning lo ones souI and judging il is required, lul lhe purpose of lhis is nol lo nake vou
alandon aclions lul lo purifv vour inlenlions and increase vour good aclions. AI-Haarilh lin Oais
said. l|cn S|au|aan ccncs |c ucu u|i|c ucu arc prauinv anú |c saus |c ucu. Ycu arc s|cuinv c[[. ||cn
incrcasc ||c |cnv|| c[ ucur prcs|ra|icn.
88. . Fea Fearr
Shavlaan has lvo vavs for naking lhe peopIe fearfuI:
1. He nakes lhen fear his aIIies. Shavlaan viII nake a person fear his arnv, his aIIies and lhe
peopIe of disoledience and releIIion. He viII sav: Be caulious of lhen! Thev have slrenglh vhich
vou do nol knov aloul.
AIIaah lhe LxaIled savs:
11nnvvcc ccv v i iì ì ii. . oonn[[, , ^^nnvv,,ììvv vvn n ììnnvvì ì nnvvììcc. . ,o ,ov v ¡¡ccvv· · nnii. . ..ooììvv··iicc.., , ììvvì ì vvo o nnooì ¡ ì ¡ccvv· · ììnnccn n vvnnv v ¡ ¡ccvv· · ^c ^c ((vv[[oonncc) )
ii¡ ¡ ,o ,ov v vv··c c ··ccvv[[ [[, , ììcc[i [icc..cc··. .
He aIso nakes peopIe scared of lhe disleIievers vilh regard lo lhe reIigion. He nakes lhen feeI
inferior and vhispers lo hin: These peopIe viII nock vour reIigion, lhe reIigion vhich orders lhe
culling of hands and nakes vonen cover fron head lo loe. The reIigion vhich nakes peopIe
slarve for a nonlh. So lhe person conceaIs lhe facl lhal he is a nusIin and has no concern for
Iearning il and acling upon il due lo saving of lhese disleIievers - vho are lul fueI for HeIIfire.
Lislen lo lhe response of SaInaan aI-Iarsee (ra) lo lhe pagan vhen he said lo hin, oul of jesl: This
Messenger of vours, he leaches vou so nuch unliI he leaches vou loiIel nanners. So SaInaan (ra)
Reporled lv Alu Nu´avn in HiIvaluI-AvIivaa
AaIi Inraan 3:175
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 19
said: O[ ccursc! Anú |c |as |auv|| us nc| |c usc ||c riv|| |anú cr |c [acc ||c Qio|a| cr |c usc |css ||an
||rcc s|cncs cr |c usc ocncs ([cr c|cansinv cncsc|[)!
And vel lhis vas a repIv lo vhal` ReIieving oneseIf - vel ve novadavs have fear conpIexes aloul
lhe hijaal, fasling, groving lhe leard and olher such lhings. This is aII fron lhe handivork of
Shavlaan and is a sign of lhe veakness presenl in lhe nusIins hearls. We prav lo AIIaah lhal He
slrenglhens our hearls and eslalIishes lhen upon His reIigion.
2. Iear of Ioverlv. AIIaah lhe LxaIled savs:
^^nnvv,,ììvv vvn n ¡¡··oonnii..cc. . ,o ,ov v ¡¡oo..cc··ìì, , vvnnv v ì ìiivv. . ,o ,ov v ììo o ..nnvvnncc¡¡vv[ [ ..oonnvvvv..ì ì
Shavlaan savs: If vou Ieave lhis jol vhere viII vou find anolher one` You viII lecone verv poor.
So a person fears poverlv and induIges in vhal is unIavfuI such as seIIing aIcohoI.
We hear lhe one vho lakes inleresl saving: Hov shaII I Iive` IeopIe have lecone rich and I an
poor! Indeed Shavlaan has spoken lhrough hin.
As for lhe lrue leIiever lhen lhe foIIoving vords are conslanlIv in fronl of hin - and are lhere
vords vhich are nore leaulifuI and reassuring lhan lhese:
//nnv v . .nnoocc..cc· · ¡¡ccvv··. . //[[ [[vv vvnn, , 11c c ..i[[ i[[ nnvvììc c ¡¡oo· · nniin n vvn n ccvv.., , ..vv, o , ovvì ì vvnnv ¡ v ¡··oo..iivvc c ¡¡oo· · nniin n ..vv.ì .ìccnnvvnn.c .c ¡¡··oon n
..oovv··.c .c. . nnc . c .oovv[[v v n ncc..cc· · iinnvvvviinncc. . ++nnoocc..cc· · ¡¡[[vv.c .c. . nnii. . ··cc[i [ivvnn.c .c vv¡¡oon n //[[ [[vv vvnn, , //[[ [[vv vvn n . .i[[ i[[ ..vv¡¡ ¡¡ii.c .c 11iinn. .
11nnvvcc ccv v / /[[ [[vv vvn n i i. . oonnc c ..nno o ..vvn n v v..nniicc..c c 11ii. . ¡¡vv··¡¡oo..c c vvnnv v 1 1c c nnvv. . vv¡¡ ¡¡ooiinnììccv v v v n nccvv..vv··c c ¡¡oo· · cc..cc··,,ììnniinnvv. .
Shavlaan nakes vou resorl lo unIavfuI neans and vavs vilh lhe excuse of poverlv and as a
resuIl MusIins nake nanv nanv conpronises in lheir reIigion.
So lhese are sone of lhe vavs lv vhich Shavlaan fooIs, deceives and nisIeads nankind, in order
lo Iead lhen lo lhe BIazing Iire. Il is perlinenl lo end lhis seclion vilh lhe foIIoving verse vhich
descriles lhe scene on lhe Dav of Iudgenenl afler lhe peopIe of lhe Iire have leen enlered inlo il,
and ve seek refuge in AIIah fron il:
//nnv v ^ ^nnvv,,ììvvn n ..i[[ i[[ ..vv, , ..nnccn n ì ìnnc c nnvvìì ììcc· · ii. . vvc. c.iivvccvv: : 11ì ì ..vv. . //[[ [[vv vvn n . .nno v o vvv..c c ,o ,ov v v v ¡ ¡··oonnii..c c oo¡ ¡ II··vvììnn. . 1 1
ììoo oo ¡¡··oonnii..ccv v ì ìvvì ì 1 1 ¡¡vvi[ i[ccv v i in n nn, , ¡¡··oonnii..c c ììo ,o o ,ovv. . 1 1 nnvvv v n no o vvvvììnnoo··iiìì, o , o..cc· · ,o ,ov v cc...c .c¡¡ì ì ì ìo o ..vv[[ [[ ,o ,ovv, , ììvvì ì ,o ,ov v
[i [i.ì .ìccnnccv v ì ìo o nncc: : ^^o o ··cc¡¡··oovv..n n n nc c nnooì ì ììvvì ì ··cc¡¡··oovv..n n ,o ,ovv· · oo..n n ..oovv[[... . 1 1 ..vvnn nnooì ì [i [i.ì .ìccn n ììo ,o o ,ovv· · ..··iicc.., , nnoo· · ..vvn n
Baqarah 2:267
TaIaq 65:2-3
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 20
,o ,ov v [i [i.ì .ìccn n ììo o nniinncc. . 1 1 ··cc]]c. c.ì ì ,o ,ovv· · ¡¡oo··nncc· · vv..ì ì oo¡ ¡ vv.. ..oo..iivvììiinnv v nnc c ..iiììn n / /[[ [[vv vvnn. . IIoo· · ììnnc c ..··oonnvvvvoocc··. ì . ìnncc··c c
nnvv.ì .ì ììc c v v v v··iicc..oovv. . ¡¡ccnnvv[[ìì,,. .
There are nanv vavs lv vhich lhe nusIin can prolecl hinseIf fron Shavlaan. Anongsl lhen
¡¡. . __oooouutteeddqqee
Seeking knovIedge is an olIigalion upon everv naIe and nusIin fenaIe. The nosl inporlanl
lvpe of knovIedge is lhe knovIedge of AIIaah and His Tavheed. This is vhal a nusIin Iearns
Ilraheen 14:22
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 21
firsl lefore anvlhing eIse. The grealer lhis knovIedge is, lhe nore fear a person has of AIIaah and
lhe Iess IikeIv he is lo disolev AIIaah and foIIov Shavlaan. AIIaah said:
11nnoo.., , ììnnvvì ì ì ìnncc··c c ii. . nnoonnc c ..oo··ììnn, o , o¡ ¡ ..oo··..nnii¡ ¡ c c...c .c¡¡ì ì //[[ [[vv vvn n ( (vv[[oonncc) )
And He aIso said:
OOnn[[, , ììnnoo..c c vvnnoonnvv.ì .ì //[[ [[vv vvnn. . . .cc··..vvnnì. ì. ..nno o nnvv..c c ììnnoo..[[ccvvvvc c ¡¡ccvv· · 11iin n
And lhe Messenger of AIIaah (sas) said: ¨I an lhe nosl-knovIedgealIe of AIIaah anongsl vou
and I fear Hin lhe nosl.¨
So he (sas) nade a direcl Iink lelveen knovIedge of AIIaah and lhe
fear of AIIaah.
The nexl lvpe of knovIedge vhich a nusIin acquires is lhe knovIedge of lhe acls of vorship
vhich AIIaah has nade olIigalorv upon hin and vhal AIIaah has asked hin lo refrain fron. So
he conslanlIv acquires and acls upon lhis knovIedge naking his conducl lherelv, vhoIesone and
sound, levond reproach. He aIso Iearns lhe nanner in vhich vorship is lo le perforned saving
hinseIf as a resuIl of lhal, fron faIIing inlo innovalions and having his aclions rejecled.
KnovIedge is a slrong looI and il scares Shavlaan nore lhan an ardenl vorshipper. A poel said:
Anú i| (|ncu|cúvc) is a niv||u sucrú u|ic| úccs nc| sucrtc
Ycu s|ri|c ui|| i| ||c ti|a| par|s c[ ||c cnc u|c a||ac|s ucu
KnovIedge is lhe luiIding lIock of Lenaan (Iailh) and Lenaan is a lig larrier in lhe face of aII
of Shavlaan´s caIIings and vhisperings. This is lhe firsl lhing a nusIin shouId allend lo in order
lo prolecl hinseIf.
Anong lhe lesl of looks lo slarl vilh is 'IundanenlaIs of Tavheed´ lv Alu Aneenah BiIaaI
IhiIIips and 'Taveed versus Shirk´ lv Shaikh Muhannad aI-IilaaIv.
zz. . ··iiooeeeerriittqq
Shavlaan has no naslerv over lhose vho are sincere and he hinseIf has said:
±±, , ··oovv· · ((//[[ [[vv vvnn..) ) TToo..cc· · 1 1 ..i[[ i[[ nnii..[[ccvvv v ì ìnnccn n vv[[ [[ oo¡ ì ¡ ìnnccnn. . 11...c .c¡¡ì ì ,o ,ovv· · ..cc··..vvnnì. ì. vvnnoonnvv.ì ì .ì ìnnccn n ..nno o vv··c c
..iinn.c .c··c c vvnnv ¡ v ¡vv··ii¡¡iiccv v
Muhannad 47:19
Iaalir 35:28
Reporled lv Bukhaaree
Saad 38:82-83
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 22
So slriving lo nake aII of ones efforls sincere and for lhe sake of AIIaah aIone aIso renoves a person
fron susceplilIilv lo Shavlaan and his pIans. Sincerilv is aIso one of lvo piIIars vilhoul vhich no
aclion is acceplalIe lo AIIaah. And sincerilv is: The sanclificalion of vour speech and aclion fron
everv lIenish of lhe souI´s desire. Ior exanpIe, desiring vour leaulificalion in lhe hearls of peopIe,
desiring lheir praise so lhal lhev sav 'a schoIar´, 'vhal a lrave nan´ or 'a doer of good´, running
avav fron lhe crilicisn of lhe peopIe (i.e. alandoning cerlain aclions lecause peopIe nav crilicise or
lecone angrv), seeking peopIe´s nagnificalion of vourseIf, lheir aid and assislance, lhe fuIfiInenl of
vour needs or desiring olher peopIes veaIlh and possessions and olher such lhings.
Anong lhe lesl of looks on sincerilv and ils reaIilv is 'KilaaluI-IkhIaas´ (The Book of Sincerilv) lv
Hussain aI-Avaa´ishah, avaiIalIe in lhe LngIish Ianguage.
11. . mmeemmeemmbbrrøøooeeee
The renenlrance of AIIaah puls one inlo lhe proleclion of AIIaah and safeguards a person fron
Shavlaans vhisperings. AIIaah has connanded:
O O ,o ,ov v ..nno o ììcc[i [icc..cc: : ±±··iinnv v //[[ [[vv vvn n ì ìo o nniinnv v o o¡ì ¡ìccn n ..iiììn n vì vìvn vnvvvvnnì ì ··ccnnccnnìì··vvnn.c .c
Manv renenlrances have leen reporled fron lhe Messenger (sas) vhich he used lo sav in aII
nonenls and silualions and il is necessarv for a nusIin lo cIoseIv inilale lhe vav of lhe Messenger
(sas). Anong lhe nosl usefuI of looks on suppIicalions is 'Aulhenlic SuppIicalions of lhe Irophel´ lv
WaIeed aI-Lssa avaiIalIe in lhe LngIish Ianguage.
ãã. . ··ee eekkiioq oq mmeettuuqqe e iio o ¿¿tt ttøø øøbb
When soneone finds lhal Shavlaan vhispers eviI suggeslions lo hin he shouId innedialeIv seek
refuge in AIIaah lhe LxaIled lv saving 'A´oodho liIIaahi nin as-Shavlaanir-Rajeen´ - I seek refuge in
AIIaah fron Shavlaan lhe Rejecled. AIIaah lhe LxaIled said:
//nnv v i i¡ ¡ v v ¡ ¡vv[[..c c iinn¡¡vvììvvììiioon n ¡¡··oon n ììnnc c ^^nnvv,,ììvv vvn n iinn¡¡[i [i..ì. ì. ,o ,ovv, , ..cc ccì ì · ·cc¡¡vvvvc c iin n //[[ [[vv vvnn. . ^v ^v··cc[[, , 11c c ii. ì . ìnnc c //[[ [[
11ccvv··iinnvv, , ììnnc c //[[ [[11nnoo..iinnv v
¶¶. . mmeeeeiittiioq oq ttbbe e pprreeøøeerriibbeed d ppoorrttiiooooø ø oot t ttbbe e ¿¿uurrøø øøoo
Reciling lhe foIIoving porlions of lhe Our´aan vilh knovIedge of lheir neaning and firn conviclion
prolecl a person fron lhe Shavlaan and have leen reporled aulhenlicaIIv fron lhe Messenger (sas)
N AavaluI Kursi (The Verse of lhe Throne) Surah Baqarah 2:255
N The Iasl lvo verses of Surah Baqarah (2:285-286)
N Reciling Surah Baqarah prevenls lhe Shavlaan fron enlering lhe house.
Ahzaal 33:41
A´raaf 7:2OO
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 23
N The Mu´adhdhalain - lhe Iasl lvo surahs of lhe Our´aan. (113-114)
Ironouncing lhe Aadhaan is aIso repeIs Shavlaan and his handivork. Il nakes hin slick his fingers
inlo his ears and fIee on his heeIs.
õõ. . __ee eeppiioq q oq qoo ood d eeoommppøøooqq
Il is vilaI lhal lhe correcl conpanv is kepl as Shavlaan viII nol faiI lo nisIead vou on accounl of lhe
conpanv vou keep. The Messenger (sas) said: ¨The exanpIe of lhe good and lad conpanv is lhal of
a nusk-seIIer and an iron-nonger. Lven if vou do nol luv fron lhe nusk-seIIer lhe fragrance viII
renain vilh vou and even if vour cIolhers do nol gel lurnl lv leing in cIose proxinilv lo lhe iron-
nonger lhe lad sneII viII renain vilh vou.¨
The Messenger (sas) aIso said: ¨Do nol le a conpanion
excepl lo a leIiever¨.
And lhe poel spoke lhe lrulh vhen he said:
C|ccsc ancnv ||c pccp|c. cnc u|c ui|| vuiúc ucu
|núccú. ou a [ricnú úccs cnc vuiúc |insc|[
Anú acccnpanuinv ||c cti| cncs is o|inúcss anú a úiscasc
|| incrcascs ||c sic| |car| in sic|ncss
Sc i[ ucu arc a [c||cucr c[ ||c Sunna|
T|cn atciú ||c cti| ccnpanicns|ip
So le zeaIous of keeping good conpanv and renaining onIv vilh good nusIins, lhose vho fear
AIIaah nuch and slrive lo vorship Hin. If vou do so, vou viII never le alIe lo counl lhe good vou
viII acquire, and vilh AIIaah Iies aII success.
So lhese are sone of lhe neans of proleclion fron Shavlaan lhe Accursed, lhe one vho caused our
Iarenls lo le expeIIed fron Iaradise and vho has pronised lo nisIead aII of us lv his lreacherv and
deceplion. Mav AIIaah prolecl us fron hin and his lroops lv naking us of lhose vho are sincere,
renenler Hin oflen and lurn lo Hin in repenlance. Aaneen.
AII Iraise is due lo AIIaah aIone and Ieace and BIessings upon lhe Messenger afler vhon lhere is no
Reporled lv Bukhaaree
Reporled lv Alu Daavood
UnIvcrsItv nf Esscx Is!amIc 5ncIctv March 1995 :5havtaan: HIs Wavs In MIs!cadIng 24
1. Thc Qur'aan
2. 5ahcch Bukhaarcc
3. 5ahcch Mus!Im
3. A!-Fawaa'Id lv Iln aI-Oavvin
4. MadaakhI! ush-5havtaan a!as-5aa!Ihccn lv AlduIIaah aI-Khaalir
5. MadaarIj us-5aa!Ikccn lv Iln aI-Oavvin
6. Ibn TavmIvvah's Essav nn thc JInnlv Alu Aneenah BiIaaI IhiIIips

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