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Psychological Cases and Their Cure from The Guidance of The Quran and The Teachings of Prophet Mohammad

Zaid Ghazzawi

Third Case: A Muslim Man living in Saudi Arabia

Symptoms that the person complains Hearing ideas in his head telling him distorted images about Allah (God) Almighty
from: and His messenger (which includes insults directed toward the Almighty)

Methods of treatment used in

Sedative pills and having sessions where the patient discusses the ideas he is hearing

There is no cure for these symptoms in psychology and the current treatment
The usefulness of current treatment
methods are no more than a sedative process where the ability of the brain to
methods in psychology
process ideas is reduced

The man should know that the source of these ideas he hears in his head is not
Diagnosis of these symptoms from himself or Allah (God), but his companion devil (Satan) who whispers to him such
The Noble Qur’an ideas, as Allah (God) Almighty describes the ideas that Satan whispers to people
with in the Noble Qur’an (Chapter 2 – Verse 169):

He (Satan) commands you what is harmful, sinful, and to say

against Allah (God) what you know not
The Quran (2: 169)

Thus the companion devil (Satan) of this person whispers to him ideas in his mind
from the third kind mentioned in the above Qur’anic verse (i.e. to say about Allah
(God) what you have no knowledge of). Such that Satan whispers insults directed
towards the Almighty, which the person hears in his head (as if he is thinking to
himself with them)

This means that the man should remember that the

source of these ideas is Satan (his companion devil) and
A person should
not himself, thus the person should not blame himself
seek refuge with
The cure for these symptoms as for hearing such ideas because he is not the source of
1 Allah (God) when
derived from The Noble Qur’an them, so how can Allah (God) hold him responsible. This
hearing such
fact is very important since one of the main symptoms
of these ideas is that the person goes into a cycle of self
blame, which wastes the person’s time and energy

The steps of Satan should not be followed, which means

To stop thinking that the person should not think about these insults and
about the ideas of should not go into a vicious cycle of self blame. And that
Satan he or she is the person should think about the ideas he wants to
hearing think about and not those of Satan and that he should
continue with his life