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Richard P.

Rochester Hills, MI Tel: (248) 652-3868 Cell: (248) 760-1938

Accomplished International Executive with strengths in profit and cash flow management, strategic
planning, team building, turnarounds, multi-site operations, strategic alliances and J.V.s, business
development, and mergers and aquisitions. Experienced assimilating new technologies to market
without launch issues. Internationally experienced managing in 30 countries. Expatriated 3 times.

Turned around distressed $505M manufacturing business, transforming $44M loss into $5.5M
profit within 18 months and generating the companys first profit in five years.
Redefined $300M industrial manufacturer in anticipation of recent global recession. Drove
company to leading position while increasing EBITDA 350% from 2008-2011, creating EBITDA
margins at 20%. Generated $79M in free cash flow over three years.
Drove growth of a $1.0B, 30-facility manufacturer, achieving 5.9% CAGR versus the industry norm.
Studied 15 acquisition candidates with 2 very successful purchases. Integrated two roll-ups and
three discrete non-performing businesses into strong businesses.
Worked with sister divisions (Bell and Textron Systems) on a joint bid for a $ 1B advanced defense
Negotiated and executed strategic alliance with ATI Wah Chang in the aerospace sector for
exclusive manufacture of Boeing Titanium aero structures. Added $11M in revenues generating
EBITDA of $7M a year.
Worked with sister divisions (Bell and Textron Systems) on a joint bid for a $ 1B advanced defense
Salvaged a long term contract becoming Top 10 supplier to Sikorski aircraft within 2 years.
Created a Technical Advisory Board opening networks 10 fold within 6 months of council

Repeated Successes at Driving Top-Line and EBITDA Growth


2014 - Present

Advisor, Charles Bank Capital, New York, NY, and Boston, MA, U.S.A. 2015
Advisor providing operations, business and technical advice for PE teams on two potential acquisitions.
studies formalized bids. The two confidential companies had revenues of $400M and $300M respectively.


Executive Advisor, Hayashi Telempu, N.A., Plymouth, MI, U.S.A. 2014

Advisor to alleviate performance issues operationally and financially via a revised strategy for the $200M entity.
Had worked for the company 20 years earlier through a former JV entity.

Developed growth strategy based on assets and logistics promoting cash flow.

Formalized new product concepts to separate from a commodity propostion to a value added approach.

Presented a plan that takes the troubled business into a profit in 3 years and making a strong profit in 5 years.


2011 2013
GTI is a privately held company serving the global titanium market. Business quietly surprised the market
with in-house titanium powders manufacturing capabilities.
Senior Vice-President of Operations, Detroit, MI

Leading al transformation of the company with 5-year objective of 13% CAGR.

Richard P. McCorry

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Created the foundations to enter the Titanium MIM market. New company named AmeriTi launched in 2015.

Reconfiguring the quality culture with significant short term successes. The well respected enterprise is now
poised to be the best-in-class. Upgrading knowledge to medical grade qualifications.

Quickly learned and adapted to a very unique business model. This model mandates creative merging of
traditional and progressive operating management systems.

Enhanced the safety mission positioning the company as unparalleled with relevant manufacturing
technologies; combustible metals dust, on site hydrogen usage, forklifts

Leading participant of an engineering group created to comply with newly imposed EPA standards on water
effluents including a very challenging Titanium limit. Engineering required one year. Succesful installation


2010 Present

SXMAC is a start-up enterprise with a 50/50 ownership between RMAC, LLC. and SX MinMetals. The joint-venture represents a
combination of; special metals processing subject matter experts.

Chairman and Partner, HQ Nevada, with operations in Michigan, California, and Hong Kong

Coordinated the initiation of the newly formed business including recruiting of specialized sub-contractors, and
the legal and financial functions of this start-up company.

Company will be the only and capable supplier of one custom engineered solution for a large yet unanswered
demand for a specific high-tech niche market applications.

First in Asia with a specific technology.


2008 2011
$315M global business unit of private equity-owned division. Produces refractory materials and fabricated products. Global footprint
globally with six manufacturing facilities.

President and CEO, Fabricated Products Group, Euclid, OH, U.S.A.

P&L responsibility, overseeing 600 employees through eight direct reports.

Led reorganization in anticipation of global economic contraction, then drove this mediocre-performing
business to a high-end industrial enterprise within two years, despite volatile raw materials pricing.

Grew 2011 EBITDA 350% over 2008 level, driving from $13.4M in year one to $48.2M in year three, independent
of distributing a $4.7M USD performance bonus in our third year.

Generated free cash flows of nearly $79M over a 3-year period, including inventory reduction of $35M.

Delivered significant market share growth in Korea, Taiwan and Japan in flat panel display markets.

Created Strategic and Technology Advisory Council (STAC), reaping significant commercial and technical
networks via a select group of five independent subject matter experts relevant to our strategies.

Optimized resources enabling 26% reduction in headcount and accelerating new product technologies to
market despite the global market slowdown via lean tools. Concurrently built a strong management team.


2005 2008
Publicly traded British company with portfolio of businesses serving transportation-oriented markets in automotive, industrial and
aerospace, with sales of 4.6B British Sterling.

Global President and CEO - GKN Sinter Metals, Redditch, UK 2007

Held P&L responsibility for the largest powder metal business in the world with 30 facilities and 6,000 associates.

Executed growth into China, introducing western, high-technology products.

Received GKN Presidents Award for Safety.

Appointed to Executive Committee at the group level.

Appointed to Corporate Lean Enterprise Steering Committee.

Richard P. McCorry

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President and CEO - GKN Sinter Metals, the Americas, Auburn Hills, MI 2005 2007

Coordinated planning and construction of greenfield facility in Argentina to temper its 53% CAGR.

Integrated functional support from US operating management team, while maintaining Brazils international ties
with European engineering and commercial groups.

North America nP&L responsibility for regional business unit with 16 facilities.

Turned around this distressed business, delivering the first profit in five years despite significant escalations in cost
of core raw materials.

Transformed $44M loss into $5.5M profit despite top line decreasing from $505M to $474M.

Restructured the business in 1 years, consolidating 5 of the 16 manufacturing locations into the remaining 11
and rationalizing 150 positions. Top-graded 20% of plant managers and strengthened senior staff.


Middle-market private equity investment firm managing more than $2.0 billion of capital.

2004 2005

Advisor, Charles Bank Capital, New York, NY & Boston, MA 2004 2005
Conducted due diligence with companies identified to be of interest focusing on operational and technical areas.

Company review 1 Extensive global analysis of a Safety Components International specializing in advanced
textile systems serving automotive and industrial markets. Outcome Original bid was significantly reduced
based on due diligence studies. No transaction.

Company review 2 Review of three business units within Arvin Meritors Light Vehicle Aftermarket sector.
Outcome interest withdrawn due to obsolescence of the markets served.

Company review 3 Operational and technical analysis of GSI serving agriculture and poultry industries. Wrote
the operational work plan. Outcome GSI successfully acquired. Later was offered the CEO role. Business sold
3 years later recording the firms best returns to date. Business was $400M in revenues.


2003 2004

Conglomerate comprised of three autonomous business units: Associated Spring, Barnes Distribution and Barnes Aerospace.

President, Associated Spring; Vice-President Barnes Group, Inc., Farmington, CT

Associated Spring is the largest and oldest spring manufacturer in North America with sales of $425M in 2005 and 18
sites worldwide. Company served the global automotive OEM market, electronics, medical, tool and die, highperformance racing and industrial markets.

Forged high-performance aftermarket relationships with two market leaders, Del West and Comp-Cams.

Generated economic value added of $12M.

Reduced inventories 14%, netting $7M cash improvement despite escalation of raw material costs.

Reduced capital investments $1.8M and headcount 7%, while delivering sales increase of $31M.

Initiated and nurtured five international strategic alliances/JVs.

Integrated acquisitions: Dovers De-Sta-Co Manufacturing reed-valve business. Reintegrated the German
Seeger business acquired in 2001. Reconstructed business model for 2002 acquisition of Spectrum Plastics.


1997 2003

Fortune 500 company with four-sector portfolio: industrial, aircraft, automotive and finance.

President Textron Power Transmission (TPT), Huddersfield, UK and Traverse City, MI 2001 2003
Held P&L responsibility for this $274M global division, one of 10 in Textrons $4B industrial sector.
Company manufactured engineered transmissions, propulsion systems, gearboxes, precision and custom gears,
and torque motion control systems. Production facilities in 18 countries with 1,000 people. Established design center
and supply chain offices in India. Five locations served as regional engineering and service/distribution centers.

Managed through global impact of 9/11.

Richard P. McCorry

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Orchestrated two-phase restructuring program, eliminating 6 of 15 former locations over three years and
reducing headcount 25% over 2 years.

Created branding strategy and established new product positioning strategies.

Created back-office design center in India. Back-office design entity ultimately became corporate design
center for Textron, Inc.

Formalized global supply chain offices in Italy, Thailand and India that also supported Textron corporate
activities. Procured 38% of the primary buy in low-cost countries.

Joined with Bell Helicopter to develop a light weight geaqrbox for large wind turbines. 7 MG watt system
delivered to Samsung in 2014. A trail blazer in technology and size.

Executive Vice-President Global Operations, Textron Industrial Segment, Providence, RI 2001

Reported to industrial segment CEO, managing more than 100 primary locations worldwide. Worked closely with
divisions in defining manufacturing strategies, cross-segment synergies and optimizing corporate leverage

Coordinated global restructuring of industrial segment, rationalizing 28 facilities with focus on 5 consolidations.

Consolidated vehicle assembly in OmniQuip and E-Z-GO Golf and Turf divisions from 12 assembly lines to 5,
reducing direct labor content 15% and floor-space consumption by 20%.

Textron Automotive Company, Italia, S.r.l., Turin, Italia 1999 2001

A three-shareholder JV formed as major component and sub-system supplier to European automotive OEM clients.

Managing Director (Ammistratore Delegato)

P&L, legal, business development (M&A), operations, sales, engineering and product development. Responsible for
eight plants in Italy, and a desgn center. Board member of the company and Magneti Marelli Inegra.

Turned around this bankrupt business, transforming negative cash flow into positive despite the rapid sales
growth of the business and challenging tooling terms with Fiat. Introduced Lean in all activities.

Negotiated acquisition of Fiats Cassino on-site plastics business, then integrated into joint-venture entity within
30 days, growing sales 33%.

Integrated operations and cultures of nine roll-up Italian plants into one business with a common identity.

Textron Automotive Company Trim Division, Troy, MI 1997 1999

Supplier of instrument panels, cockpits, door panels, interior trim, headliners, exterior fascias and exterior lighting systems.

Senior Vice-President, Global Operations

P&L responsible for a $500M sub-group. 3,200 associates. Focal points on; continuous improvement, facility
capitalization and strategic planning. Managed four US-based operations, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Focused activities on European growth, operational improvements and two major plant turnarounds.

Two of the six plants managed were recognized in Industry Weeks Top 25 Manufacturing Plants.

LEAR CORPORATION (formerly Masland Industries)

1985 1997

Fortune 500 Tier 1 interior systems supplier to automotive OEM market.

Held progressively responsible positions during 12-year tenure:
Vice President Interior Systems Group - Program Management, Product Design and Engineering, and Acoustics
Interior Systems Group, Novi, MI 1995 - 1997
Operating Executive Secondments to Mexican and Japanese JVs; Toluca, Mexico, Modesto, CA 1992 - 1995
Various Engineering and Operational assignments (Various) 1985 1989

BS, Commerce and Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 1985
Global Executive Leadership Forum, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA - 2000

Richard P. McCorry

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Board of Directors Membership

Formae, LLC, 2002 Present
Medical implant start-up focusing on arthroscopic cartilage replacements