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Case Study

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Company background:
"As part of our drive to create recruitment consistency Unilever is one of the world's
across the 5 regions in Unilever for Global Audit, we leading suppliers of fast-moving
needed an easy to use solution to help us measure and consumer goods. They are
structured into three global
maintain a structured recruitment process across the
divisions - Foods, home care and
world. McLaren Solutions web-based tools allowed us to personal care.
deliver this project in an efficient and cost-effective
fashion.” Rachel Deegan – HR Manager, Unilever As a business-critical function
Global Audit within the firm, Unilever Global
Audit needed to ensure that its
teams were properly staffed to
meet the needs of a very
Business Challenges demanding and truly global
The Corporate Audit group at Unilever employs people across business.
the 5 Unilever regions and was keen to create a recruitment
brand and build a more robust selection process that was
consistent with global audit values across the world. The group Location:
historically found it difficult to attract people and needed to Global—North America, Latin
America, Asia, Europe, Africa
instil a consistent selection process.
Middle East and Turkey

Global Audit already had an internal rotation programme for

training and developing key members of staff but to ensure McLaren Modules Used:
success, it needed to attract more people from other parts of Capability Profiler
the organisation to join the programme and increase/diversify Structured Interviewer
the talent pool.
Project Details:
With a team that provides services across all 5 global regions, McLaren Solutions were engaged
Unilever needed to adopt an approach that would ensure that in order to develop a more
recruitment decisions could be made consistently across the consistent selection mechanism
globe. based on a detailed
competency framework.
The most effective way to achieve this was via capability-based
The project utilised the web-
assessment which would not only allow consistent recruitment based modules to provide a
decisions to be made, but would also aid effective workforce rapid and effective solution to the
planning and development over time. short-term issue of improved
selection process.
Unilever had a requirement for a solution that would provide a
cost-effective and rapid way of achieving the following goals:
• gaining global consensus on the key competencies required
for certain roles within the global audit team
• ensuring that interview questioning could be consistently
implemented in all four regions
• building a core competency-based framework for
performance measurement that could be enhanced and
developed over time 1
Case Study
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Talent Management Solutions

Unilever selected McLaren Solutions because of their innovative

approach to building capability frameworks using online tools,
and their track record and expertise in the design and
development of capability-based interviewing schedules.

Solution Overview
The Leadership for Growth Profile (LGP) had already been Business Challenges:
developed and contained 11 competencies against which all • Gain global consensus on key
employees are appraised at various points throughout the competencies
rotation cycle. This framework has created a culture where • Ensure consistent interviewing
across the globe
people are motivated by vertical career development.
• Build a core-competency
framework for performance
The elements of the McLaren project were as follows: management
• Analyse, present and brainstorm a broadly-based
competency starting list which incorporated elements of the Solution Overview:
existing LGP, McLaren’s best-of-breed capability framework • Extensive analysis of broad
range of competencies &
and other Unilever-specific requirements.
• Distribute logons to key stakeholders in the global team, in • Online competency decision-
order to gather their opinions on the competency list. making process
• Deliver an online workflow tool, allowing the stakeholders to • Competency-based interview
rapidly provide their feedback on the competency starting templates & guidelines
list and submit to the steering group.
Business Benefits:
• Develop competency-based interview templates and
• Delivered robust & consistent
guidelines to ensure a consistent and structured selection selection process globally
process. • Reduced p r o j e c t
administration time to develop
Benefits competencies
• Delivering a robust and consistently implemented selection • Complete buy-in from line
managers whilst building
process to the Global Audit Group.
• Allow the group to realise performance benefits via
improved selection methods, driven by synchronising
individual interviewers assessments.
• Reduce project administration time by gathering online
judgements on competencies from global teams using an
online mechanism. Contact us:
• Facilitate consultation with a large group of people in order McLaren Solutions Limited
to gather agreements or inconsistencies in regard to 1st Floor
115 Southwark Bridge Road
competency frameworks. London
• Allow staff satisfaction and business performance to be SE1 0AX
improved by investing in the future of existing staff through United Kingdom
targeted learning and development plans.
(t): +44 (0) 20 7410 7423
(f): +44 (0) 20 7410 7425
Further Information
McLaren modules used: (e):
• Capability Profiler - Identify the key capabilities required for
a role or team
• Structured Interviewer - Structure a recruitment interview
based on the key capabilities already defined