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The following list of 50 ways to support employee engagement will activate the brains approach

Rewards & Recognition celebrate small successes.


Say Good Morning.


Use the employees name (make a personal connection).


Hold cross-functional meetings, include other businesses.


Hold Town Hall meetings.


Hold 10-minute meetings with individual staff members.


Ask employees what they need to be successful.


Listen 100%; do not continue typing or reading your phone or other mobile device.


Introduce visitors who are new to the site.

10. Encourage visitors to meet as many people as possible.

11. Ask for opinions, like What do you think?
12. Introduce an element of surprise keep it fresh (change the venue for meeting, bring in
13. Send out occasional commendation letters.
14. Make sure employees have the tools to do their jobs.
15. Include people who will be impacted in the decision making.
16. Volunteer and foster community spirit.
17. Support your employees when they make a mistake.
18. Stay committed to their development. Dont punish.
19. Apologize if you make a mistake.
20. Stop the I told you so.
21. Promote from within.
22. Set clear goals so employees know what is expected.
23. Ask about career interest.
24. Ask whats going on frequently to create strong communication.

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25. Treat all employees with respect. Treat not only your team with respect, but speak
positively about other organizations.
26. Attend safety meetings.
27. Support small successes. Attend celebrations.
28. Support your companys pride. Uniforms. Signage. Clean facility.
29. Attend company functions (holiday party, summer picnic, etc.).
30. Be available for mentoring.
31. Hold Skip Level meetings.
32. After a trip or customer visit, share pertinent information.
33. Be easier to do business with for both internal and external customers.
34. If theres a road block, be part of the solution.
35. Leave your office and interact with your co-workers face-to-face.
36. Consider and respect different cultural differences.
37. Ask a high-performing direct report to a meeting in your place.
38. Do something unexpected to help out a colleague.
39. Engage the workforce through individual and team competitions to reinforce that winning
feeling. Post results the same time each day, week, or month.
40. Respect the work week and consider employee needs family time, personal interest, and
good health.
41. Say Good night. Dont just slip out.
42. Ask What can I do to help you succeed on the job?
43. Hand-write a thank you note for a job well done.
44. Share information with the team.
45. Get out of your comfort zone meet people.
46. Get involved in company clubs and organizations.
47. Smile be approachable.
48. Laugh with employees show you have a sense of humor.
49. Create opportunities for an employees talent and innovation to develop and shine.
50. Have one-on-one lunch meetings with employees to really get to know them.

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