Story by Luigi Forlai

Written by Luigi Forlai & Gianluca Bomprezzi

Creative Commnons - Los Angeles/Rome 2010

INT. - SKID ROW - DAY A hand firmly grabs a dirty ragged backpack The backpack opens and various objects fall down to the floor, pictures and other stuff The boy lowers onto his knees and his frenzy hands are searching the backpack invain. He pulls out his handgun and fling it over the pictures with real anger. (the semi-auto pearly grip is wrapped by a grey tape to keep it stuck) His hands keep searching the backpack. Blood drops fall over the gun. Slowly we discover blood stains on Rick's shirt and trousers His hands find what were looking for: an AMMO BOX. The boy's hand is tickling a bullet as if he would cuddle it. Suddenly we hear an opening door noise and RICK (whose face is hidden by shadow) chambers a round in his tape-wrapped gun. At last we see his face: he's keeping his lips shut tight and his eyes wide-open and glaring, his eybrows are glowering and pulled down strongly at the inner ends. the black leather jacket reveals his naked tattoed chest. Rick points his gun to the door as if it's going to open right away. With a quick move he grabs a necklace with a star shaped pendant as he would protect it from a danger. He keeps it in his hand while pointing his gun to the air. No more noise. Rick chills down. He grabs the tape-wrapped pistol and with a quick move he sticks it in his waist between his belt and the blood stained trousers. His cell phone rings. The display shows an undisclosed number. He answers the phone hello? RICK

No answer. RICK (CONT'D) Who's this? Still no answer. The caller hangs up. Rick holds still with the cell phone in his hand. He takes a look to a picture in his phone image gallery: the picture of VERONICA, a seventeen y.o. girl, in front of an old public school. She's got the necklace on her. She's dressed up like a typical preppy, wearing a black coat over a nice chalk white vest. Rick takes a look to the necklace he's still holding in his hand. We see Rick's face with an expression of pure sadness. Rick keeps looking at his cell image gallery and another picture pops up: same school in which John, seventeen is embracing VERONICA by holding his right arm over her shoulders while Rick is looking at them from aside. John is dressed up as a tacky Jock while VERONICA wears her fancy Banana Republic dress and Rick looks like the guy next door. VERONICA kisses John. At the same time she looks at Rick to investigate what does he feel in seeing the makeout session. Rick pretends he doesn't care about the makeout. Rick remembers his time with VERONICA: a) when he first met her they literally clashed each other in the street and all his books fell down on the curb. VERONICA I am so sorry, I really apologize. RICK it's ok… Rick turns his head and spots VERONICA for the first time and he gets speachless by her stunning beauty. When they first kissed she told him: VERONICA Let's get outta here, just me and you Rick stops flashbacking because he heard another noise. He quickly turns back, unfolds his gun from his waist and points it to the door. He looks around like a lion in a cage.

Another image pops up in his cell: it's a picture of John with the same school in the background. He's doing the finger gun to Rick's face. John's face is threatening. Out of sight another noise. Rick points the gun and hears a loud noise. It could be a gun shot. Episode #2 - FIRST SIGHT, FIRST LOVE INT. - SKID ROW - DAY Rick hands the gun and looks around like a trapped animal, he's hearing steps in the distance. Rick is pointing the gun to the air. He doesn't see who's coming over but hears a sudden noise behind his back. He quickly turns around and fires a shot. He hits RICK'S FRIEND who glares him with disbelief. RICK'S FRIEND falls down to the floor. Rick goes pale and walks towards his friend to rescue him. RICK forgive me!!! I didn't see you buddy. RICK'S FRIEND face is white and scared to death. He looks at Rick who's still holding his gun on his hand. Despite he's seriously wounded, RICK'S FRIEND cracks down laughing Rick looks at him with a flushed questioning face. RICK (CONT'D) What's so funny? RICK'S FRIEND barely speaks RICK'S FRIEND Nothing. just wondering... despite being a former rich fucker you re doing pretty well bro. Rick smiles and nods in agreement EXT. - SKID ROW (FLASHBACK) - DAY Typical dilapidated urban area, a skid row with tenements and housing projects for miles. New construction in the form of low income boxes dirty roads, walls painted with graffiti, storefront rolling shutters down, grids and bars all over the places. The Housing Authority officer signs the unit lease notice

The officer licks the pen, then shake it in the air towards a row of burned down trash containers extremely overloaded. Then writes down on a form sheet. RICK'S MOTHER I can't believe this is happening, first they took me to the cleaner for the loan...and then all we get is...this…!!!! Rick's mother waves her hands towards the assigned project building. The officer points his head where she has to sign. Rick's mother does her signature on the form sheet. Rick follows the ink line cruising on the paper. The officer leaves with the signed form. Rick's mother is clutching the form in her hand and she glares at Rick's younger sister RICK'S SISTER How do we get downtown from here? RICK We already downtown genius. Balls!!!!! Rick stares his bags with a lost expression, the furniture and the bed's head he's keeping it right up with his leg. He feels like dead by thinking he's got to stay there in that dilapidated place. Rick's mother looks at the form she just signed that sadly reads 14 floor. RICK'S MOTHER Forteen floor RICK'S SISTER We got an elevator right? INT. - SKID ROW- RICK'S APARTMENT (FLASHBACK)- DAY Rick's mother is leaning on the railing in the apartment's balcony at the forteen floor. She looks at the freeway. The dirt piled up over the years gives a sort of style to the place. The tiny living room is just all covered by the spread cartons all over the floor. Rick walks near his mother holding a carton full of books RICK RICK'SISTER

In the other house I had to share my room. Here I got an entire desktop just for me. His mother tenderly smiles at him then she's going to get the boxes left out in the street. RICK I ll go get them. That's my books. RICK'S MOTHER Check the stairs just in case we missed something along the way. Rick answers to his mother while walking down the stairs. Rick Yes. His mother is sitting on the sofa, she looks around clutching her head with her hands as not to see the new world where they ve been dropped out and where she's now suppposed to live. EXT. - SKID ROW(FLASHBACK)- DAY A beautyful VERONICA is running towards Rick, she's got a black coat over a chalk white dress. Totally Banana Republic. VERONICA tries to sweep away the lipstick from her mouth while marching down the street and talking on her cell phone all at the same time. Rick is focusing on how to grab a big left out box and he doesn't realize VERONICA is coming over him. She's distracted by the lipstick and the cell phone and doesn't see him and she literally bumps into him. Rick falls down with his box. All the box content scatters all over the curb. A backpack flies from Veronica's arm. VERONICA I am sooo sorry. Did you get hurt? She glares at him as deeply feeling sorry while trying to get him rid of the stuff she dropped over himself (mostly cosmetics). He looks at her in total disbelief. He's breathless as the girl is a real knockout Rick stares at the star shaped pendant of a necklace hanging from VERONICA's long neck. Rick (getting up) I am OK thanks

VERONICA Oh Great. She keeps picking all that stuff up trying to separate hers from those of RICK. Rick looks at VERONICA's face. It's love at first sight. VERONICA You live round here? RICK (shy) and yourself? Suddenly a loud honk grabs the girl's attention, who regards at Rick as sorry, she shrugs, then slides her backpack over her shoulder and runs away as she's been hit by a whip. VERONICA I gotta bounce. VERONICA desapppears behind a cornerstone that hides a black stretch limo's door with darkened glasses. VERONICA (O.S.) I lost my cell Rick, as pulled from an unknown impetuous power pulls up the fallen box. He fills it randomly with all the stuff left out on the curb and rushes to the building main entrance. INT. - SKID ROW - PROJECT BUILDING RICK'S APARTMENT (FlASHBACK) - DAY Rick is at the table but he's writing something on a piece of paper. RICK's MOTHER Stop writing big man. It's lunch time. RICK Hold on a sec mom. Rick's mother you put this away now and clear off the table (screaming) where's your sis'? Rick quickly sticks the paper into his trouser's pocket. RICK'S SISTER shows up as very nervous and angry. RICK'S MOTHER You made it uh? RICK'S SISTER This place sucks I don't wanna stay here anymore.

RICK'S MOTHER I am sorry little girl... like it or not... here we are and here we stay... we can't afford any better for now. Rick is the only eating at the table. RICK Here's not that bad whiz… RICK'SISTER Yeah. The fab lane. RICK What you talking about rookie? You don't know anything about here!! I went down the street before and all my stuff fell down to the curb and somebody came over just to help me out. RICK'S MOTHER somebody who? Who you re talking about? RICK (shy) some girl… RICK'S SISTER (laughing) Oh my Gosh we ve just moved in and my litle brother has already got a crush Rick gets red. His mother takes Rick's side RICK'S MOTHER Leave him alone, maybe he is tryin to say here is not that bad as it might seem. RICK'S SISTER (mad) TOTAL B.S RICK'MOTHER B.S.? RICK Beer shits RICK'S MOTHER You people don't swear herein alright? Neither by encrypted codes right? RICK'S SISTER starts eating her meal.

Rick, scooping his dish by a spoon, glares through the window in front of himself: that dilapidated suburb doesn't look so bad now. Episode #3 - THE ENEMY INT. - SCHOOL CLASSROOM (FLASHBACK) - DAY The bell rings inside a burnout fetid looking classroom with battered furniture, a dozen of student desks that barely give an idea of a classrom, a bedraggled teacher is picking up his stuff and rushes out of the classroom. A very sparse crowd in the school hallway is runnning up and down. The very last to leave is Rick, who is still holding on zipping up his backpack. Before leaving the building, Rick looks at the graffiti and the draws on the walls and the broken glasses and he sighs worried to his future ahead. He's about to walk out when scopes out VERONICA across the hallway together with her friends Rick holds still, then he looks terror-stricken and happy at the same time, his heart is pounding. He doesn't know what to do. After a neverending moment of doubts and real terror he steps out of the classroom. He pops his head out of the door as to check if VERONICA is still there but he can't see her anymore. He's deeply disappointed. VERONICA (F.C.) Bingo. VERONICA is behind his shoulders. She saw him too. Rick is speachless and he's going to lenghten a hand to shake hers and introduce himself. I'm Rick. RICK

But Rick can't finish his speech Veronica gives him a kiss and she drags him inside his classroom. The unexpected makeout is a real beatdown for Ricky. She glares him giggling: Rick is totally dazed. VERONICA I am Veronica, but please don't tell anyone. RICK (goofy) tell what? Your name is Veronica? VERONICA Naw, dumbass!!! don't tell around I kissed you.

VERONICA steps out the classroom. Rick automatically follows her then he remembers of his backpack and goes back to grasp it then rushes out. EXT.- SCHOOL - (FLASHBACK) DAY Rick walks out of the school he looks for Veronica's glare but he can't spot her. Near the school, John, one of his classmates he's waiting for him. He's the typical bad jock John is seated leaning over his car, next to him there's JOHN'S FRIEND. JOHN turns to RICK and calls out. JOHN Yo faggot what's up? JOHN to RICK Check this out schoolgirl tomorrow you ll drop by my place to do my homwork is that ok for ya? JOHN'S FRIEND gets flabbergasted. So all of his friends RICK leghtens his glance in the distance far over a long line of cars, he spots VERONICA - He quickly leaves the crowd and walks towards her. JOHN'S FRIEND (F.C.) Where you think you re going schoolgirl? JOHN'S FRIENDS all step around RICK, they surround him then close him into a corner. RICK (looking to VERONICA) Sorry people, I gotta rush… JOHN'S FRIEND you ain't do nothing faggot! You re just our hoochie coochie and you just take orders from us alright? RICK keeps staring at Veronica who is now pretty far from Rick, she is talking to her friends, and sometimes glares back at Rick. None of JOHN'S FRIENDS realize that speechless eye-contact. We see in Veronica a series of little things: her tourquoise eyelid, her red lipstick, the little breast pushing under her white shirt. RICK (keeps looking at VERONICA) just call me RICK…

RICK tries to overcome the obstacle of JOHN'S FRIENDs in order to reach VERONICA, but they don't let him go. JOHN (emulating RICK'S voice and pose) Just call me Rick!!!?? Sure schoolgirl!! From now we'll call you Rickyboy!!! RICK's attention shifts from JOHN, to VERONICA who is leaving her friends By herself, VERONICA glares at RICK and his heart starts pounding RICK (to JOHN) Listen, I don't want to argue with you. I already helped out some other people with their homework. If I got time...I ll help you out pronto RICK is trying to pass over them but JOHN'S FRIEND blocks him. JOHN'S FRIEND Homework? Who you think you are schoolgirl? You re just a douchebag who goes nowhere and does anything unless we want you to. JOHN'S FRIEND hocks up a spit then spits on RICK'S shoes. JOHN reacts to defend RICK JOHN (to JOHN'S FRIEND) hey retard what you doin? you re the boss now? up yeing yang? JOHN'S FRIEND withdraws from RICK after looking at him in a very bad way. JOHN smiles accomplished. RICK looks back towards Veronica but the girl disappeared. RICK is very frustrated. JOHN What's happening to you schoolgirl? What you looking at? RICK (spacing out) Nothing. JOHN opens his car's door. Before getting inside JOHN tells RICK the whereabouts JOHN Tomorrow you have to drop by. RICK, after hesitating, nods to JOHN. JOHN gets into his car and takes off.

RICK goes back looking towards VERONICA, but she's gone. Then he looks to his fetid-looking school. RICK (smiling) I like this place!!! Episode #4 - AN impossible friendship int. JOHN's HOUSE - (FLASHBACK) DAY

The Italian villa with its furniture its ancient paintings and the surrounding park is everything but sober. It's just a big shameless tacky display of money and wealth. RICK and JOHN sit around a giant round glass table. RICK tickles his pen on the table while looking at the house, so different from his apartment in the project. RICK This place is huge! JOHN shakes shrugs, he never noticed it. JOHN What's your grades in poetry and math? RICK I didn't know you were such a grade conscius kind of guy Anyway I got double A in both JOHN Just like me schoolgirl. You re a doer, not a talker (laughing) I got a bunch of C's in both. RICK leans on his books to start studying but at this very moment a beautyful girl walks by the living room only wearing a G-string. She's got her hair wet. JOHN (to RICK) did I show you my swimming pool? RICK gets blasted by the smokin beauty of the girl. When the girl leaves he asks John RICK Is she your mother? JOHN You joshin me? (unexpressive) The bitch left five years ago with some jerk. RICK realizes the topic hits JOHN like a fist on his face and, for a moment he sees him under another light.

But JOHN tries to hide his depressed mood JOHN Check this out schoolgirl: I don't f*****g care. A real tough hard and loudy voice is coming from another room. JOHN's FATHER JOHN! My old man JOHN

JOHN'S FATHER, a big bald man, enters the room. JOHN Hey dad, this is RICK. JOHN'S FATHER doesn't even look at RICK and keeps walking to the park. JOHN'S FATHER Why don't you stay up to your room? Behind JOHN'S FATHER two bodyguards follow their boss RICK spots one of the man carrying a gun, as he sees the grip's shape under his belt. The man notices RICK'S glare and covers the gun with his jacket. JOHN'S FATHER Brutally adresses his son. JOHN'S FATHER Watch out sonny boy if you double this year you re goin to be really fucked up. The two boys look each other. …no car no night out no money no cell phone, party's over sonny boy... JOHN'S FATHER holds on a second noticing his son he's not alone then he keeps scolding him without even asking who the guy sitting at his table is. JOHN Good morning to you too dad!!! JOHN'S FATHER Don't fuckin daddy me sonny boy I ll fuck your ass sonny boy just like I did with your sweet mama JOHN doesn't look bothered by those words while RICK gets pale.

Then RICK sees something shining next to the phone set: a brand new handgun, its grip wrapped by grey tape. (just the same we saw in RICK's hands at the beginning). RICK (looking his watch) That's so late I gotta rush man. I have to get something at the grocery store. I promised my mother. JOHN throws a very bad glance to RICK who realizes he shouldn't had gone there. The mother thing. RICK I mean...I meant...I am really in rush...I gotta bounce. With an upset and envious expression JOHN sticks some paper sheets in RICK'S backpack.. JOHN This is tomorrow's paper. You do it then get back to me tomorrow. Is that ok for you schoolgirl? INT. - SKID ROW- RICK'S APARTMENT - ENTRANCE HALL (FLASHBACK) - DAY RICK is lying on his bed. He loudly plays some famous lines from "The great Gatsby" while writing them on his laptop. RICK "And he thought the green light was still in front of himself…" The doorbell rings. RICK'S mother gets loud from another room. RICK'S MOTHER (F.C.) RICK!!!! Get the door, I am busy now. RICK I am on my homework mom. RICK'S MOTHER (F.C.) Where's your sis'?! RICK'S SISTER enters the hall with her hair wet while carrying a towel on her hands. RICK's sister Waddaf..!!! RICK You think you get more charming by swearing that way?

Rolling up the towel on her head like a turban RICK' sister is about to open the door. She unwillingly opens it but seeing JOHN on the threshold: it's a real blast RICK SISTER Who are you sweetheart? JOHN (aware of his sex appeal) Who are you.... hottie girl? Let me guess should be our friend's little sister right? RICK sister is intimidated by JOHN'S manners and she nods to his question as to say yes JOHN (checking her out) I gotcha schoolgirl.. where are you RICKY BOY??? JOHN looks back to JOHN'S FRIEND who is walking behind his shoulders following him. JOHN He's got this little hottie damn sister and keeps her locked up (to RICK' sister) is the big man home? RICK SISTER Yes he's right there (pointing RICK'S door) JOHN gets his chin up over his friend's face then turns his head straight forward pointing RICK'S room. They step into the apartment still checking RICK'SISTER out, who by her side she can't keeps her eyes off from JOHN. RICK's sister You re classmates right? RICK's mother enters the room, she's curious. RICK'S MOTHER You don't introduce me your friend? RICK Mom this is JOHN, JOHN, this is my mother. JOHN (hesitating) Nice meeting you RICK's mother leaves the room, while walking out she drags with her RICK'SISTER who was spying the two boys from outside the door.

The boys are alone. RICK is glad to see John there. He's flattered because of his friend's visit. RICK How did you find me? JOHN I asked around about the new schoolgirl who just came to town… RICK laughs of his friend's description of himself. JOHN'S FRIEND sits on the sofa. JOHN Did you write my paper? RICK nods and smiles. JOHN looks around then ironically asks: JOHN I have to take a leak, do you have the restroom here? RICK points the night area of the house. JOHN walks out of the room while RICK is alone with JOHN'S FRIEND. INT. SKID ROW - RICK'S APARTMENT - ROOM (flashback) - DAY RICK'S mother sets up her bedroom fixing up some furniture. JOHN pops up from her shoulders frightening her. RICK'S MOTHER Awe It's you… JOHN I like this place. It's pretty cool. RICK'S MOTHER Well I won't go that far by calling it cool. We used to stay in a much better place in a fancy gated area. Although as you know things do not alwasy go the way you want them to go … JOHN takes one of the framed pictures that RICK's mother was putting away JOHN is this your husband? RICK'S MOTHER Yes. He passed away three years ago… JOHN It had to be painful for Rick…but at least he's still got his mom.... A beautyful mom

RICK'S MOTHER Thank you John. Oh because yours… JOHN nods in agreement and bends his head. JOHN I lost my mother a while ago. It's hard to live without her. Everything is much sadder.. JOHN takes the woman's hands who is feeling a little bit uncomfortable but she let him talking. Then he hugs Rick's mother who feels even more troubled but let him embrace her. RICK'S MOTHER Come on my son, see... when you grow up you ll get stronger and.. While the woman talks the boy slides his hands over his back and down to her butt. Rick's mother immediately backs him off. Shocked. RICK'S MOTHER (shouting) Are you crazy!?! RICK rushes to his mother's room. Behind his back there's JOHN'S FRIEND who immediatly understands and smiles. RICK What you did to my mother? JOHN and RICK's mother are silent JOHN I can't believe she's your mother!!! She'ain't have kids, she's still bangin' dude!!!sh'e a big time M.I.L.F RICK Maybe you should leave now… JOHN (loud) as your hottie sis!!! She's a booty hood rat man!!! … RICK Please JOHN, you better go now… Even RICK' SISTER pops out from her room and seductively glares at JOHN. RICK You d better get outta here (to JOHN'S FRIEND) you too scumbag you both get outta here! JOHN walks out of his room but before leaving he glares at RICK'SISTER .

JOHN (whispering) you should come see me, I ll show you what a real house is like!! RICK' SISTER smiles and nods to John, not seen by his brother and his mother. Episode #5 - OH, MY LOVE! INT. - SCHOOL - CLASSROOM (FLASHBACK) - DAY The teacher sitting at his desk in front of the class. The crowd buzzing reveals they don't care about the lecture. RICK'S FRIEND makes a gesture pointing RICK who is sitting at the first desk alone. RICK'S FRIEND (whispering to his desk neighbor) did you hear the project rat kicked JOHN outta of his place? JOHN is sitting in the last row next to JOHN'S FRIEND. The bell rings. The crowd is about to exit. JOHN'S FRIEND reaches RICK and stops him. JOHN'S FRIEND You ll pay for what you did… RICK I am outta here… JOHN'S FRIEND Yeah…You betta bounce outta here faggot JOHN is about to get out of the classroom while JOHN'S FRIEND is following him like a shadow. They walk out together RICK'S FRIEND approaches RICK. RICK'S FRIEND Hey project scumbag, if you bounce out you re a bungle RICK I am not bouncing… I just don't wanna see his fugly foice. RICK'S FRIEND Oh my bad, listen dawg, I have an overture: I wud dig on chillin with ya on the first row RICK glances him with a happy expression and RICK'S FRIEND manifests himself .

RICK'S FRIEND I don't wanna sit next to you just coz you re a cool playa dude, you know it's know now.. I wanna get on top of things and get something done…you know I am so jaded of being kicked out and I gotta pass this coming test dude you know... RICK smiles, nods and together with his friend walks out of the classroom INT. - SCHOOL - STAIRS/HALLWAY (flashback) - DAY RICK'S FRIEND marches fast along the hallway to walk out of the school, on the contrary, RICK is getting late, he wides his eyes like in front of a supernatural vision. He spots two female legs coming down from the floor upstairs. He sees the girl: she's VERONICA. Like in a hypnotical state, RICK approaches towards his dream. VERONICA is dressed up as like the queen bee wearing a black leather trench. She's carrying her books while walking down the stairs then suddenly slows down and stares at RICK in the eyes. RICK'S eyes stares at her star-shaped pendant that tickles on her neck RICK for a moment hopes to hear her speaking, to see her coming to his arms instead VERONICA bounces out along the hallway and reaches JOHN who was waiting for her. VERONICA puts her arms around JOHN while he smoothly fastens his hands around her waist like snuggling RICK is speachless: VERONICA is JOHN's girlfriend. RICK lowers his face down to hide his feelings. Then he rises up his glance: he can't take his eyes away from VERONICA. She seems to do the same. The boy's heart is really pounding up. RICK stares VERONICA in love. She's still in John's arms, she glares RICK once again then she looks away as if she would skip that strange feeling and she kisses JOHN lost and hopeless RICK takes off After the makeout VERONICA opens her eyes. She looks back where RICK was but sadly she sees he's leaving. EXT.- SCHOOL - (FLASHBACK) - DAY RICK walks out of the front door, he reaches the parking lot the crowd is reaching their cars. RICK spots his friend loitering with his old vehicle that hardly cranks up. He walks near him

RICK'S FRIEND (to the car) fuckin' bucket!!! RICK May I help you sir? RICK'S FRIEND Forgedaboutit!!!! it's feckless… I ll take it to some dude who ll fix it up RICK'S FRIEND takes off. RICK walks next to him. RICK Is that overture still on? RICK'S FRIEND (SHY) Of corpse dawg!!! The two walk down the street. Episode #6 TEMPTATION

EXT. - BUS STATION (flashback) - DAY Bus station crowded with travellers and bystanders. RICK and his sister are waiting in the crowd one next to the other. RICK You gotta see her, she's so smokin gorgeous she's so god damn beautyful the first time I saw her she had a white shirt and loose hair on her shoulders, held up with that thing what do you call it? RICK' sister (distracted) a hair band? RICK (dreamy) yes, a hair band, she also had a pendant shaped like.. At the end of the station JOHN'S FRIEND and another guy walk towards RICK and his sister. RICK (spotting them) Where did you come from? JOHN'S FRIEND Looking for the real man RICK' sister To do what? JOHN'S FRIEND make some paper…

RICK' sister (intrigued) What you mean make some paper? JOHN'S FRIEND while talkin doesn't stop looking around. Now he stares at an old woman. He makes a cospirational look to his brosef. Then he looks to Rick like as to mean "shut up" JOHN'S FRIEND (whispering) I ll meet you tomorrow after school right on the lot Whazza? RICK

JOHN'S FRIEND and his chum they take advantage of the crowd and they run towards the oldy, then they snatch her purse. The woman start to yell. OLD WOMAN "he has my bag" The bystanders look around themselves. JOHN'S FRIEND, unseen, throws the stolen purse to RICK and her sister who seems to be amused by the situation. RICK glances her sister really bad and springs up to return the purse to the woman. But the bystanders are running to get JOHN'S FRIEND and his party who rush away and disappear behind a dark alley. In the meanwhile RICK'SISTER is hiding the stolen purse into her backpack. Rick looks at her with a dumb expression. EXT. - SCHOOL - PARKING LOT - DAY JOHN'S FRIEND and other people look at JOHN who is enjoying his own man crush by his chums as he's leaning on his brand new car JOHN'S FRIEND That vehicle is awesome-sauceum bro!! There's nothing gooder dude for positive!!! JOHN, like a knight on his horse tunes up the engine On the other side of the street RICK and his sister stare at JOHN RICK'SISTER (pointing the stolen purse) What you doin with that thing? RICK

I want you to enlighten me about this. Then we go to the Police station RICK' SISTER Are you Fubar? Am I what? RICK

RICK SISTER Fucked Up Beyond All Repair!!! RICK Me?! Look, we really should get the fuck outta here… RICK holding the purse tight to his chest. RICK' SISTER Actually we should never had come here Out of the blue, VERONICA shows up riding a bike, she stops next to RICK then gets off and pull the bike by the hand. RICK takes a deep sigh, his sister realizes it and notices his anxiety VERONICA Hey. You re going to see JOHN? RICK is so nervous he can't speak. His sister is beaking him in front of VERONICA. RICK' SISTER what of it?? r u ok? (introduce herself) Hi, I am RICK'SISTER. RICK'SISTER and VERONICA shaking hands. RICK tries to speak and his sister enjoys the scene. RICK Never saw you on a bike before VERONICA I love biking, I hate the city traffic… RICK I wanna get a car… Really? RICK You definetevely need a car for… For what? Anything… VERONICA RICK VERONICA

Silence. The two stare at each other. VERONICA …whatever. (shrugs) RICK glances her puzzled but she firmly resumes the talk VERONICA …maybe it's just a uselessful piece of metal. Ah… RICK

RICK gets struck by VERONICA's words. VERONICA Now I gotta bounce, otherwise JOHN will think something fishy… I ll see you later … (to RICK'SISTER) Tchao. VERONICA mounts on her bike and rides away from RICK then turns her head and darts him a kiss with her hand. RICK'SISTER glances his brother with a daring expression. RICK' SISTER Maybe this isn't the right time to go visit JOHN, who knows what the hell he would think of all this…..maybe you luv his girl RICK is pondering over it then decides to step back. His sister follows him. Going away, RICK turns back to see VERONICA reaching JOHN. EXT. - SKID ROW- BALCONY (flashback) - NIGHT RICK and his sister are sitting on their balcony, they look the landscape of the dilapidated suburb. RICK I want to return the cash to the cops RICK' sister How do you think to show up then???? Like a hood povo??? RICK (not understanding) Where? RICK' sister Where? At VERONICA'S…. That's total rookie speak!!! you such a lame tool on women!!! RICK, indeed doesn't get the meaning of his sister's words. …They always say the opposite of what they actually mean

RICK really? RICK' sister I mean... are you a retard??? Did you see her?… RICK listens very attentive. she had a total crush on JOHN'S car. She told you on purpose. To test you. RICK You think so? RICK' sister (pushing on his weak side) Otherwise … how could you scam her from him RICK Yes… naw… Jeeez! EXT - CAR DEALER (flashback) - DAY RICK and his sister walk out of the dealer. The guy is really frustrated. His sister seems to enthralling him. RICK' sister Did I tell you? It ain't possible, you re skint After a few steps, RICK sister holds on and talk pretending to have a sudden enlightenment RICK' SISTER Indeed...There could be a way… What way? RICK' SISTER Forgeddabout it you re being such a pussy lately!!. RICK What you talkin about…? RICK SISTER looks around then whispers something to his brother who gets pale. RICK (halting) Dunno….Never did it before … what if I ll go buy one? RICK' sister RICK

You really a douche?! They just kicked u out didn't they? RICK I don't know if I want to do this. RICK' SISTER Is your big crush still on or what? RICK is petrified by his sister cynism and brutality RICK' SISTER What if tomorrow I ll show up with a bling bling car…and what if I ll tell her you boosted it just for her thin ass to have a ride… RICK listening dreamy. RICK You think I can have her…? RICK' sister Fo sure you ll get more chances… now you got nothing RICK thinks again, then nods in agreement RICK (determined) Rock n' roll. Episode #7 - THEFT & BETRAYAL EXT. SKID ROW (FLASHBACK) - DAY

RICK comes into a huge parking lot where his friend is waiting for him. RICK'S FRIEND points with a quick gesture the car to boost. RICK'S FRIEND That one with the red stripe. RICK (pointing with the finger) that one? RICK'S FRIEND shakes his head to say no. RICK'S FRIEND That's a bumpkin klunker ! RICK points another one but his friend kills it. RICK'S FRIEND You wanna look like a ricer uh? After a few others they spot the right vehicle. That one! RICK

RICK'S FRIEND holds on a second then nods. RICK'S FRIEND That's perfect. RICK'S FRIEND looks around while RICK comes forward. A klatch of buddies come forward to see who are these two strangers on their land. Takin advantage of the distance from the klatch of locals, RICK gets on the car so do his friend. The engine tunes up and they take off. The locals, realize the gank, they run to catch RICK and his friend. Before they can catch him the two are already gone. EXT. SCHOOL - PARKING LOT (flashback) - DAY RICK sister walks nearby school when she realizes JOHN's presence and her face changes expression. JOHN is on the parking lot together with his friend. RICK SISTER comes forward and heads towards the school with the intention of walking by him in the hope to be noticed. When she gets closer, JOHN'S FRIEND sneers at her but she only eyes JOHN hey… hey! JOHN (to RICK'SISTER) what's up?! RICK SISTER is elated by JOHN's answer then she hears his brother's car noise. She turns back and sees him cruising with the boosted car.. JOHN'S FRIEND (to JOHN) they say he boosted it Already!!! JOHN'S FRIEND What the hell is that....thing? RICK'SISTER looks at RICK, she feels guilty but doesn't want to feel awkward and she acts playful. RICK' sister I thought he was lamer than that! JOHN JOHN'S FRIEND RICK' SISTER

RICK stops the car at the school front door. He gets down accomplished. VERONICA reaches the school from a nearby alley. RICK spots her coming and fires a "you see me?" glance to VERONICA but she doesn't glares back at him the way he expected.. JOHN and RICK look each other, then JOHN cracks down laughing Even JOHN'S FRIEND and the other buddies laugh. They want to ridicule JOHN'S car. But he's not interested to JOHN and his buddies, he's only worried about the unexpected reaction of VERONICA who heads to JOHN and hugs him. RICK doesn't get it, he eyes his sister for an explanation but she lowers her glance. JOHN'S FRIEND (giggling, to RICK) not a big blast dude? JOHN keeps staring at RICK SISTER while he's heading to the front door with VERONICA. RICK is feeling dead. RICK' sister (to RICK) you re such a fucktard, ganking such a crappy rice rocket! JOHN'S FRIEND and the others head to the front door talking about RICK'S vehicle.. JOHN'S FRIEND Get real he's unmakefunnable… like a real tool. RICK kicks his car RICK'S SISTER Such a waste of energy… it's not your biz RICK. JOHN holds still on the front door, everybody enter but him. He turns back to his sister who suddenly turns nervous even if she tries to hide her feelings to his brother. JOHN tells RICK'SISTER to get closer. RICK' sister I ll be right back… RICK Don't even try to hit on him please… RICK' SISTER (walking) you kiddin me?.

RICK follows the scene from away, worried. His sister reaches JOHN.They stare each other into the eyes. JOHN Hey Project rat, you know I have a crush on you … I woud ask you out… what you think? Make it up and let me know.. Done it. Done what? RICK'SISTER I already thought about it… (slutty) that's ok for me. JOHN sneers back and heads to the school. RICK SISTER watches him walking away in total amazement, then she changes her expression: she turns back to her brother looking careless . RICK'SISTER reaches RICK. What's up? RICK' SISTER (minimizing) nada. Episode #8 - CONFUSION INT. VILLA JOHN'S FATHER - JOHN'S BEDROOM (flashback) DAY RICK RICK' SISTER JOHN

Phone ringing. From the bed linen sheets RICK'SISTER face pops up. JOHN stands up to answer the phone. JOHN hellow, heey… how are you doing? RICK SISTER stands up. She walks around the room. She's naked.She takes a baseball hat and wears it on mirroring herself naked on the window's glass, while JOHN bends in a fetal position next to the phone JOHN Mhm… Nothing, doing my homwork … is he there?? … he left…… what you re up to? RICK'SISTER keeps looking through the window, she sees two men in the park they look like gangsta, sitting next to a table. The two men greet her. She naked fires a glance to them saying "you wud love it". JOHN is still nodding on the phone, his eyes are red and his nostrills wide, as wanting more air while holding his tears. Then

all of a sudden he cuts off the phone call and turns to RICK sister. He looks suffering, exhausted. JOHN (to the phone) you re just a bitch! Your girl? My mother… RICK' SISTER JOHN

The two stare each other. JOHN She left with some povo because if she'd stay here she would be dead. … RICK SISTER gets next to JOHN, intrigued by that unexpected confession. RICK' SISTER What you think? RICK SISTER hugs JOHN'S head but he pulls her hand back with a quick move, then he stands up as recovering his self control. JOHN What do I think?! Do I look like a povo? RICK'SISTER looks him speachless with a dumb expression. RICK' SISTER Sorry. I didn't want to.... you definetevely did smart … all this is such a kickass(she looks around) I want a place like this … JOHN kisses and huggle her with a patronizing attitude. RICK SISTER let him do. RICK' SISTER Sorry I gotta rush… JOHN let her go, alienated. She grabs her cloths put them on and rushes out, but she holds a second on the door threshold. RICK' SISTER (to the hat) can I keep this? JOHN nods. She clutches the hat and leaves.. JOHN opens a drawer searching among the papers a picture of a young gorgeous woman holding some paintbrushes in her hands, the woman is sitting next to a young JOHN'S FATHER and a child JOHN .

JOHN stares the picture for a second, then puts it back in and flings the drawer INT. - SCHOOL - STAIRS/HALLWAY (flashback) - DAY RICK rushes out of his classroom together with his buddies but he doesn't head along the hallway as the crowd does. He takes the stairs that lead to VERONICA's classroom. She's walking down the stairs together with her girlfriends. RICK fires her a hard nervous glance. VERONICA walks next to him. VERONICA What's wrong? RICK (lowers his sight) you always talk real? some VERONICA's friends walk by inquisitive. VERONICA What you mean? RICK I couldn't know you think something and mean something else… VERONICA You who? dunno what you talking about VERONICA walks down the stairs and heads to the hallway. RICK walks behind her he seems to freak out. RICK Why you claimed to go biking then you shit me out when you saw my rice rocket? VERONICA stops along the hallway and drags him into a corner to get out of sight. VERONICA Exactly, I told you I love biking and you go jack a car!!! RICK Right! VERONICA Are you a fucktard? RICK You re so lunatic I can't stand it… VERONICA Again who you talking of?!You it's not me!!! what's wrong with you?

RICK Because then you hook up with him don't you???. I am not like him honey!!! VERONICA What you want from me? RICK stares at her in the eyeballs. VERONICA I like you this way… don't need anything else. RICK holds his glance on her in love. VERONICA You can't understand… it's a long story She hugs his face. VERONICA! Hearing his lover's voice VERONICA changes her face's expression VERONICA …I gotta go. VERONICA quickly kisses RICK on his lips and rushes away VERONICA right after stepping to the hallway smiles at JOHN who is heading towards her. RICK from behind the corner he's hearing the couple's voices. JOHN (F.C.) Where have you been? VERONICA (F.C.) I was looking fo ya. RICK, hidden in the corner smiles, he's flyin high. INT - SKID ROW- PROJECT - RICK'S APARTMENT (flashback) - NITE RICK, lying on his bed looks to the ceilings. We can hear the door opening and closing. After a heel clicking sound RICK'SISTER pops up in RICK'S bedroom. RICK You have that cash you still owe me? I even returned the rice rocket. RICK' SISTER (stepping to the room) too late baby: it's gone. JOHN (F.C.)

She's still wearing JOHN's hat Anyways you did it right, that thing was a total 2nd rate knockoff. How did you change your mind? RICK Because. RICK' sister Pretty thinky tonite!!! RICK Where have you been? RICK' SISTER None of your flopping bunnies!!! RICK Mom won't be happy of you being so late… We hear snoring. RICK' SISTER Yeah, you can hear it! RICK Why you re so snippy… RICK' SISTER Shut up! you better mind your clowncars, you re totally no go… RICK sees her sister's hat. RICK Where did you get that? guess! RICK stands up from his bed. RICK You tell me! RICK' SISTER Since when you mind of sticks and balls? RICK What the hell you babbling???,what happened to you? RICK' SISTER K.I.L.F(Kid I'd like to fuck) I think you can't compete even on that! Trust me: you really screwed by drooling on RICK' SISTER

VERONICA. If she tried the weiner…no ching no chong my little brother.. RICK's face shows a furios expression. His sister takes her hat off and put it on RICK's head.. Good nite! Her sister walks out of his bedroom, RICK would hit the door but then gives up because he can hear the deep breathing of his mother sleeping. He turns his head while leaning his back on the door. Then he takes the hat and throws it to the floor with real anger. Episode #9 - kisses & knifes INT. - NIGHT CLUB (flashback) - NIGHT RICK and his friend make their way while walking through the people crowding the access to the dance floor. RICK spots JOHN'S FRIEND in the dark RICK Hey!! Did you see JOHN ? JOHN'S FRIEND shrugs, he doesn't answer. As soon as RICK leaves he heads to the floor. While heading to the floor JOHN'S FRIEND meets some guy JOHN'S FRIEND Shit man. Today he's outta of his gourd! The guy glances him with an inquisitive expression JOHN'S FRIEND JOHN banged his little sister! JOHN, VERONICA and a Klach of other people are sitting in a corner of the dance floor. JOHN'S FRIEND walks by them. He shouts to be louder than the deafening music. VERONICA is listening interested. JOHN'S FRIEND He looked crazy as fuck. He is looking fo you man … JOHN Who? The project boy???! JOHN'S FRIEND, as a flaunt of power, shows off his knife handle popping out of his trouser's pocket. JOHN is not upset, VERONICA, instead, who was not supposed to know is visibly frightened. The DJ's voice croons another song that takes off really loud.

JOHN and his friend say something we can't hear because of the deafening music. JOHN, with a disdainful attitude drags VERONICA to the center of the dance floor, that'his way to invite her to dance. VERONICA, while not positively dancing, sees RICK. But he doesn't see her and JOHN. The girl has a shiver: she's really worried. She suddenly stops and is about to go sitting. JOHN holds her and she instinctevely puts herself in the way between his boyfriend and RICK to avoid them to see each other VERONICA Can we leave? JOHN To go where? home… VERONICA

He doesn't seem to agree. …your place, come on… JOHN Not now sugar. She insists he gets upset. The DJ changes the music rythm and JOHN, pissed, goes to sit next to his friend. VERONICA is chasing him. JOHN What's wrong now? VERONICA I am goin to the bathroom… JOHN Whatever. (to his friend) they probably showin some lesbian free porn movies in these fuckin restrooms, they re takin a leak every two seconds. VERONICA makes her way to the other side of the floor, she reaches RICK and tells him with a glance to follow her. VERONICA What you doin here? RICK Where is he? RICK looks around lookin for JOHN but he can't see him.

VERONICA checks out of the corner of his eye if John is far enough Then she drags RICK into an hidden corner. She's worried. VERONICA Come here, let's talk. VERONICA drags RICK into the ladies restroom. INT. - NIGHT CLUB - LADIES RESTROOM (flashback) - NITE As soon as RICK enters the restroom with VERONICA, the girls inside scream while pleased. RICK is lost. VERONICA drags him to a toilet booth. VERONICA They told me you re lookin for JOHN… RICK is a little bit dazed. More less. VERONICA You didn't come to see me? RICK Yes, no…it doesn't mean I am not happy to see you The girls in the restroom start to buzz. They complain a guy is hangin out in their bathroom. VERONICA Why don't we bounce away? Just me and you… RICK, was stiff and nervous till that moment, as something bad would have happened to him, suddenly he chills down and let him go to a smile. He glances VERONICA into her eyeballs for a long period of time and she stares back at him.. Then among the screaming girls in the restroom, RICK and VERONICA kiss with passion in the booth. A kiss that lasts forever EXT. NIGHT CLUB (flashback) - NIGHT A backdoor in the nightclub opens and VERONICA walks out dragging RICK by his hand. VERONICA see? Here we are!!! RICK looks back as if he is not completely positive of what he's doin RICK

VERONICA doesn't care about his resistance and pulls him to the parking lot JOHN (F.C.) (ironic) VERONICA… was the restroom closed? JOHN takes VERONICA by hand and pulls her away from RICK RICK is about to chase JOHN. JOHN'S FRIEND points his knife against him, the same knife we saw before. JOHN'S FRIEND Where you think you goin schoolgirl? RICK stops. JOHN and VERONICA get on the car. She turns her head and looks at RICK through the rear window while the car takes off. RICK What's your plan? JOHN'S FRIEND Mine? I don't have any!!! it's up to them. In a second RICK is surrounded by other thugs who hit him and make him fall down to the ground From the night club RICK'S FRIEND walks out together with his buddies. JOHN'S FRIEND and the others run away leaving RICK down suffering. RICK is rescued by his buddy. RICK'S FRIEND How's it goin? RICK (suffering) nice question RICK slowly stands up, RICK'S FRIEND is about to hold him. RICK'S FRIEND Wait, let me help you out. RICK, proud, doesn't want help, he stands up by himself RICK don't worry I am ok. You really want to help me out? Find me a shiv.. RICK'S FRIEND A shiv? (lying shamelessly) Where can I find a shiv? RICK fires him a glance as "I am not buying it"

Even the other guys look at RICK'S FRIEND sarcastic RICK'S FRIEND surrenders and nods in agreement to RICK reassuring him about the weapon. RICK'S FRIEND OK You ll have your knife buddy. Episode #10 - MANIPULATION EXT. SCHOOL - PARKING LOT (flashback) - DAY The lot is crowded by students, RICK is heading to the front door, he's positive about making JOHN and his friend pay for being owned at the night club. The guys around RICK get its intention and step back as he walks forward. Both guys and girls show their approval to RICK at his passage. When RICK is about to cross the front door threshold VERONICA shows up in the near distance.. Hey! VERONICA

By turning back, RICK unwillingly displays his knife folded into his belt. RICK (embarrassed) Hey. VERONICA tries to grasp the knife but RICK clutches her hand. RICK Please. Let me go. that's nothing… VERONICA nothing?(she tries to chill him) you re a sweet guy… I know it … RICK listen… I gotta go… VERONICA RICK? She tries to stop him but he sneaks away and bounces to the front door.. VERONICA is watching him leaving sad and worried When RICK gets to the front door and is about to walk in, her sister who was looking for him rushes out . RICK' SISTER You re here! RICK glances his sister with coldness.

RICK' SISTER Mom has been looking for you since a hour, you gotta rush home right now!! RICK Now you re mummy me??? (whispering) Why you re not sluttin with your JOHNNY BOY? RICK' SISTER You re such an asshole. This ain't the time. Mom got cuffed!!!! RICK stops, shocked. INT - PROJECT - RICK APARTMENT (flashback) - NITE RICK's mother, behind a window her head buried into her hands, slowly she shakes her head. THE LAWYER explains her what happened LAWYER Nothing that cannot be fixed, with a bail. You have no criminal records and the crime of attempted extortion in these cases... RICK'S MOTHER (shocked) attempted extortion?!… there should be a mistake here… LAWYER Your attempted flee means anything but a mistake…. RICK'S MOTHER Lawyer, what's the matter with me? LAWYER (with angry humor) you re claiming you did not flee? RICK steps into her home and gets petrified in front of his mother suffering face. His sister is behind RICK's shoulders and suddenly runs away without neither stepping into the house. RICK has no strenght to get upset with his sister, he faces his mother while the lawyer steps aside. RICK They told me you were locked up, I was frightened.. RICK'S MOTHER I am locked up. I ve got house arrest. RICK What does it mean?

RICK'S MOTHER I can't walk out of here. RICK No big deal. You didn't go out that much even before this. RICK'S MOTHER smiles and hugs her son. LAWYER It's a temporary measure… Mother and son turn serious, the lawyer gathers his papers and talk frankly. LAWYER Look, I really advice you to talk to (allusive) "you know who", he's the only one who can do something for you… he can silent the witnesses and definetevely help you out. RICK Who's this one you know who? RICK's mother doesn't answer to RICK. The lawyer walks out after a cold greet. Mother and son are alone now, they look each other, worried. EXT. PARKING LOT (flashback) - DAY JOHN is lying on his car's hood. Next to him there's JOHN'S FRIEND who is listening to him. JOHN'S FRIEND What a tale bro! RICK SISTER comes in, she lights up a cigarette and after a puff she passes it. RICK' SISTER What's the chat about? JOHN you! (laughing) what do you think of a little home video while you make a private show just for us… RICK SISTER (smiles upset) you re a fucktard! RICK arrives by car. JOHN And here's the project boy. The two laugh. RICK brakes all of a sudden squealing the tyres.He gets off and immediately heads to his sister.

RICK What the hell you doin here??? You get the fuck outta here!!!now!!! RICK SISTER gets next to JOHN holdin him tight. RICK' SISTER Whadda fuck you want from me? I am stayin here JOHN puts his hands around RICK'SISTER waist. JOHN Your sister is really skilled. JOHN'S FRIEND stop laughing and stares the scene with great interest RICK desists from reacting against JOHN and fires back at his sister. RICK You come with me RICK' SISTER Did you not hear me? go home He pulls her arm. RICK' SISTER Stop it! leave me alone RICK You know mom can't step out of the house you gotta help me out… JOHN hardly holds his laugh. RICK'SISTER stares at him, this time she seems lost RICK' SISTER (to JOHN) so what??? Did you have any idea she got locked up?… JOHN missing answer is more meaningful than a gun shot. RICK sister got stuck as in the no man's land of a battle field. Then she turns to his brother trying to hide her own feelings. RICK'SISTER Mom….Mom... she's a looser…like dad, like you douchebag!!! RICK grabs his sister and is about to drag her away RICK' SISTER RICK

Get the fuck outta here!! I don't give a damn shit about you or her! RICK doesn't leave her. RICK' SISTER Fuck you! RICK drags her away. JOHN That's enough schoolgirl. RICK and his sister turn back and spot JOHN who has a knife in his hand. JOHN You didn't hear your sister schoolgirl? She wants to stay here!!! RICK SISTER, strong of JOHN'support she bounces from her brother and goes back to JOHN. RICK first looks at JOHN'S knife then with a quick move slaps her sister's face with such a strenght to make her fly then she falls to the ground. RICK (to his sister) Let's go home. The girl is really scared. She never saw her brother freaking out this bad. JOHN (to RICK) Listen to me: you better leave her alone RICK shrugs and almost punks JOHN and his knife. Then he turns back giving his back to JOHN who is still handling the knife and walks away. All the guys around look at RICK flabbergasted. Episode #11 - BLOW-JOB INT. SCHOOL - HALLWAY - (flashback) - DAY

RICK walks along the hallway, his friend is tailing him like a shadow and stares at him with admiration. RICK'S FRIEND Wow you gave him your back!!!?? You really a stud! RICK smiles. RICK'S FRIEND What if he would stab you?

RICK What If?… there's no if??… Out of the blue we hear some scream coming from the other side of the school, RICK and his friend pretend to not hearing them. RICK'S FRIEND What if he did stab you?! yeah?! Fo sho!! RICK Well he didn't RICK'S FRIEND stares at him inquisitive. RICK'S FRIEND Yeah, OK, whatever but what if he would have done it? When the two are walking by their classroom they spot a bunch of people crowding around the door while others who are getting closer. They're all guys, no female friends around, actually when a girl gets next to the door they tell her to leave. RICK and his friend look each other inquisitive RICK'S FRIEND Is there a party in here? RICK I would say a weiner party!!! The two walk faster and reach the door, they make their way among the people who are crowding the room. RICK and his friends are really curious to find out what's goin on. INT. - CLASSROOM (Flashback) DAY RICK'classmates are gathering one next to the other, stuck as anchovies, plus other people from other classrooms they are all in front of a little flat tv screen. Their choked laughs are immediately followed by sexual jokes. Somebody makes the gesture of jerkin off. The atmosphere seems unreal. The camera makes its way among the heads. GUY 1 What a bootie! GUY 2 Check this out that's a fuckin M.I.L.F slut GUY 1 What's wrong with that? I love M.I.L.F

A mute DVD is playing. The screen shows a man sitting on a desk. He leans his head backwards while his expression is totally extatic. GUY 3 Why this fuckin oldie doesn't get the fuck out and let us see the bitch??? The woman is giving a head. The man holds the woman's head on his waist by his hand while she's lowered on her knees. The man's excitement is at its top. His clutch gets softer and it turns into a sort of hug to her hair. The man is trying to kiss the woman who turns her face away. The man is JOHN's father. The woman is instead RICK's mother but none of the guys knows it except JOHN. RICK'S FRIEND is entering the classroom with RICK and sees his friend's mother and immediately tries to grab RICK and to pull him back before he recognizes his mother. . But he's too late and while RICK spots his mother falling down on the floor of JOHN'S FATHER office, JOHN'S voice rips his heart off like a sharp blade. JOHN (to RICK) I didn't know your mom was such a slut Everybody gets it and suddenly they learn the meaning of the video the classroom becomes immediately quiet. RICK jumps over JOHN. Somebody gets in between. It's just a giant brawl. Everybody scream. Chairs and desks flying… it's total chaos erupting all over. RICK unfolds his knife and tries to hit JOHN who unfolds his knife and faces him. We can hear a police siren right outside the school. All the guys are running towards the doors or the windows not to get caught in that room. In their flight they run over RICK and JOHN who cannot get close to each other. RICK's knife falls down to the floor. RICK'S FRIEND grabs RICK and drag him away from the chaos while two janitors and a teacher are walking in. JOHN, despite the chaos makes to grab the DVD and to rush away. RICK'S knife is on the floor without an owner.

Episode #12 - GUNS & EXPLOSIONS INT. - SKID ROW - RICK'S APARTMENT (FLASHBACK)- DAY RICK walks into the tiny living room. He's stuck by the pain. His mother is washing the dishes. RICK'S MOTHER How was your day? RICK holds still,standing up, on the threshold. RICK (heartfelt) Mom… The woman turns to her son. She sees her son's pale face who stays silent for a neverending time. Then RICK, who feels like really freaking out, in order to find some peace he furiously vents and start flings and throwing anything within his reach Her mother glances him for amoment then she escapes his notice The woman's eyes start to redden. RICK kicks the furniture table and chairs then picks a chair up and shouts: RICK Mooooooom!!! Then throws the chair against the wall His mother lowers on her knees and starts to cry. RICK glares at her, like paralyzed, impotent in front of such pain, unable to forgive but also to condemn to the very end. Then the guy escapes. He walks out of the door and slams it. EXT. ARCADE (flashback) - NIGHT RICK'S FRIEND is sitting outside next to the ARCADE entrance. Inside the arcade there is JOHN and his friends who are playing with a videogame, their cars are parked in the lot outside. RICK'S FRIEND hears RICK'S car noise, he turns his head and sees him entering the lot. RICK parks the car and get off of it, his friend goes meeting him. RICK'S FRIEND What's your plan? RICK is out of his mind. He doesn't answer. RICK Did you bring that thing?

RICK'S FRIEND yes, what you need that for? RICK tries to move his friend with a push but he stops him: he wants an explanation. RICK'S FRIEND Come on…in the end this got nothing to do with ya??? RICK Yes except the fact she's my mother. RICK heads to the arcade. RICK'S FRIEND wait a minute RICK…!! RICK walks away as if he never heard. My biz… RICK'S FRIEND I won't let you go alone… The friend follows RICK who keeps walking. INT. ARCADE (flashback) - NITE The arcade is full of people crowding around videogames. JOHN and his friend are playin too.. JOHN'S FRIEND You had to see his face dude! JOHN looks his watch, then glances outside the front door JOHN Did you tell him where we were? JOHN'S FRIEND Twice.No joke JOHN Where the fuck he is? Why he doesn't show up here then? Dunno dude JOHN stares gloomy his friend. Suddenly a rumble runs over the arcade. The glasses quake. Then a red trembling light flows through the arcade as something is burning outside. JOHN and his friend leap to the arcade exit. JOHN'S FRIEND RICK

EXT. ARCADE (flashback) - NITE JOHN and his friend walk out of the arcade and a red trembling light is almost blinding them. JOHN'S FRIEND shit, that's your car dude!!! JOHN steps forward when a sideways voice stops him. RICK (F.C.) right, that's his car JOHN turns his head and sees RICK next to his friend who is holding an empty gallon on his hand. Lightened by the red light, JOHN walks forward heading to RICK and his friend while another rumble comes from the street. RICK smiles in a provocative way. RICK (to JOHN'S FRIEND) and that's yours faggot. The handgun with the tape wrapped grip pops up in JOHN hands who is handling it and shows it to RICK while smiling. JOHN waves the gun as RICK can see it. But the gun seems not to frighten RICK and JOHN doesn't seem to have the guts to use it. The two stares themselves in the eyballs, their faces are lightened by the flames light. Then that raging glance is cut off by RICK'S FRIEND who clutches RICK's arm to drag him away while he keeps staring at JOHN in the eyes as saying "I am not afraid of you" Episode #13 - making love EXT. JOHN'S HOUSE - PARK (flashback) - DAY JOHN'S FRIEND and other JOHN'S FRIENDS are sitting in the huge park. They are giggling reminding the night before's exploits. JOHN'S FRIEND That freakin wuss was probably scared to death!!!…he's just a little candy ass!!! Away from their friends JOHN and VERONICA are arguing JOHN glances his girlfriend's look and judges it too swanky for such an informal occasion. He unbuttons her shirt. She pushes him off.

VERONICA Leave me alone…get off…stop it!!! VERONICA ties her hair with an elastic, while keepin up JOHN's glance. JOHN You think I am a total idiot you trollop??? I am smellin what you re cookin! It's just him right? It's for that project povo you dressed to the nines? VERONICA glares him with an expression meaning: "you won't ever grasp it". Then she's about to push him away but she clutches VERONICA's arm. It's because of him?? (stares at her) It's for him uh?!? VERONICA (stares at him in his eyeballs) get off! VERONICA stands up and is about to leave. JOHN jumps over her and flings her to the floor. JOHN You re just a ho bag! She's about to get up but he jumps over her blocking any move. JOHN'S FRIEND and the others, on the other side of the park are watching the scene and start to laugh. VERONICA (to JOHN) Let me go. JOHN turns to his friends and ask them: JOHN Do I let her go? JOHN'S FRIEND looks the others and then answers on behalf of everybody No!! The others laugh like goofy VERONICA (a bit scared) JOHN, please… JOHN, always on top of her, doesn't leave the hold on the contrary …he opens his trouser's fly. Away JOHN'S FRIEND and the others go mad. JOHN'S FRIEND JOHN'S FRIEND

yes… yes… VERONICA is scared to death. JOHN giggles histerically VERONICA (to JOHN'S FRIEND) Hey, come on… tell him to stop JOHN'S FRIEND doesn't listen and keeps laughin. Suddenly VERONICA starts to scream, kickin and scratching. At the end she frees herself from JOHN's grasp. The girl succeeds to get away and she heads to the villa's front gate. JOHN (shouting) I ll kill that candy ass sugar…..fuck you!! JOHN'S FRIEND giggling, slowly desappears as sensing the tragedy that is about to happen. EXT. - SKID ROW (FLASHBACK)- DAY RICK, really depressed, tries to play it off working on his car, he's cleaning the engine's spark plugs. VERONICA walks nervous along the street with her swanky dress we saw before. She reaches RICK, who, right after he sees her, stands up immediately The girl tries to hide the rips on her dress and the rape scares on her body by covering them with her hands RICK What happened? VERONICA smiles sweetly to RICK who tries to swipe the dust from his clothes. VERONICA lowers her glance and her eyes are filling with tears while she nods in agreement with her head. RICK spots the finger marks on her neck. He sees her dress is really torn. RICK What did he do? She glances him in silence. He glances her back. RICK You tell me. She passionately kisses him but only to skip the question. He seems to like the makeout but then he's slowly pushing her off.

RICK He's dead!! He jumps on his car before VERONICA can possibly stop him. VERONICA RICK! Naw...nothing happened... EXT. BACK STORE (PAST) - DAY A shady young male is showing a 9 mm Beretta to RICK who is standing before him nodding his head in agreement. Then after a moment of hesistation he grabs it from the guy. RICK doesn't know where to stick the gun, he tries to put is under his belt but it's too bulky. The guy who sold him the gun he's shaking his head while watchin that rookie tool handling that piece. He turns to another folk who is reading a paper. The shady guy grasp the paper and trash it away. The reader's face expresion is like "I was reading it" But the shady doesn't care and takes a sheet from the paper to wrap the gun and stick it into RICK'S backpack. INT. VERONICA HOUSE (PAST) - DAY RICK pops up into VERONICA's bedroom walking on tiptoes, so excited to cross that threshold for the first time. VERONICA This is my reign. RICK looks the pictures stuck on the wall, the books and her CDS. He loves anything belonging to the girl in the very moment he sees them for the first time. RICK it's awesome. The boy is yelding to the romance but then he bounces back to the real and his duties. He sits on a chair in front of the desk. He puts his backpack on his knees and opens it. RICK Take a look. RICK unwraps the paper and the gun appears. VERONICA, as soon as she spots the piece she gets pale white. VERONICA What's in your mind? VERONICA is speechless. RICK nods firmly. VERONICA RICK! I am doin ok. I am perfectly ok.

RICK you can't understand… VERONICA me?… I can't understand? … Naw… RICK… honey…U think you can't you might think what you re dealing with... but believe me you don' really don't know who you re messing up with.... RICK he touched my mother … then you...I just got too sick . VERONICA is lookin for RICK's glance but he's silent. VERONICA (holding tears) Please! Let's go to that beautiful gated neighborhood...the one in those pictures you showed me. RICK shows a moment of hesitation. I can't… VERONICA gets closer to him. VERONICA yes you can RICK, 'cause I love you, I love you RICK, let's go there. RICK shakes his head but VERONICA is kissing him with passion and after a second of stiffness he lets himself being involved in the romance. After the makeout, RICK keeps resisting but VERONICA grabs him by his hand and drags him to her bed. RICK, superexcited flings the gun on her desk and embraces her, while, they lie down on the bed together. Episode #14 - FIRST DEATH INT. VERONICA's (flashback) - DAY RICK and VERONICA made love. He's sitting on the edge of her bed, getting dressed. Finally the expression on his face is peaceful and relaxed like a guy in love should be. VERONICA hugs him from behind his shoulders and smoothly whispers to his ear. VERONICA Please don't screw up our plan… RICK smiles You go visit your mother, you hug her and you tell her you love her… RICK

He turns his head and passionately kisses her . RICK alright sweetheart. RICK stands up and walk out of the room with his backpack EXT. Street VERONICA's (flashback) - NITE RICK walks out from the front door of Veronica's building, he's happy, he's a guy who is in peace with the world. He gets on his car and takes off. JOHN is sitting on his car, not too far. Unseen. JOHN is watching the scene. He sees RICK getting on his car then leaving. JOHN'S FRIEND is sitting next to JOHN and, he's aware of the gravity of the discovery, he tries to joke on it. JOHN'S FRIEND In my opinion he did you a favor. JOHN shut up or I ll kill ya… Even VERONICA exits from the building front door. JOHN keeps spying the scene. His girlfriend reaches her bike and get on the road in the same direction that RICK has taken, with the same solar expression on her face. While in JOHN'S eyes the anger is exploding. INT. SKID ROW - RICK'S APARTMENT (flashback) - NITE RICK walks home while her mother ain't realized he's back, he's watching her very thinky while the woman is laying the table for one. That table once fully prepared for the entire family is not expecting RICK anymore.... neither his sister... Suddenly her mother realizes RICK'S presence and their glances cross each other both with worry and hope. Mom… Mother RICK… RICK Mom, please forgive me, I didn't get it His mother, surprised and happy lenghtens her arms and RICK hugs her- While they keep themselves tight, they hear three gunshots echoing outside in the hood. RICK

RICK has a start. He backs from his mother, he glances her in despair, he's got a premonition.. God… RICK

RICK rushes out of the house, walks down the stairs. EXT. SKID ROW (flashback) - NITE VERONICA is lying down, of her, paralyzed by the VERONICA'S body tightly realizes it's passed to in a stain of blood. RICK is in front pain. He lowers on his knees, he holds then holds the girl's pendant then he his hand..

RICK'S Mother comes after a bit, she's frenzy, she's watching the scene by standing still speachless. RICK swings back and forth the dead body of VERONICA into his arms. Then he slowly leaves her down. JOHN's car takes off with a loudy burnout. When RICK turns his head up, the car is already gone. INT. SKID ROW (present) - NITE A hand firmly grabs a dirty ragged backpack The backpack opens and various objects clatter to the floor, pictures and other stuff A boy's frenzy hands, are looking for something invain till they found a handgun. With an anger start, the boy pulls out his handgun and flings it over the pictures spread all over the floor with real fury.(the semi-auto pearly grip is wrapped by a grey tape to keep it stuck) The boy's hands keep searching breathlessly. All of a sudden a series of blood drops fall down on the pistol's grip. His hands finally found what they were looking for: a box of ammos. A sudden noise at the door and we see RICK who's quickly and breathlessly clickin clackin Then RICK points the gun to the door as he's waiting for it to open. But he's not hearing any noise anymore. He chills down. In that very moment RICK's cell rings, he grasp the gun and with a resolute move he sticks it in his belt that is holding his blood tainted denims. RICK looks his cell's display: undisclosed number. He answers. RICK Who's this? The cell is mute. Silence. RICK

Who's this? Silence. The unknown caller cuts it off. RICK is holding still with his cell on his hand. Then he glances over the pictures in his phone image gallery till VERONICA'S picture pops up, she's standing in front of the School front door. She's smiling in a close up and she wears her necklace with the star-shaped pendant. RICK looks the same pendant he's got in his hand. An infinite cloud of sadness elapses over his sight. He looks again through the pictures in the image gallery and another picture pops up, the one of JOHN who does the finger gun as he would shoot him. Again, a noise diverts RICK from his thoughts, he turns in an outburst unfolds his gun and points it to the air, he looks around as a lion in a cage. He pulls the trigger and the sound of gun shot is echoeing in the room.. When he discovers who he's shot RICK gets white pale: that's his friend, RICK'S FRIEND slowly steps forward, pale and suffering. He touches his hip then looks his hand covered of blood. He turn up his eyes and sees RICK with the smoking gun on his hand. RICK God...forgive me I didn't see your face buddy I didn't know you were here RICK is rescuing his friend. Despite the tragedy his friend is giggling. RICK is staring at him with an inquisitive expression. RICK What you laughing at? RICK'S FRIEND is makin an effort to talk. RICK'S FRIEND Nothing Nothing. just wondering despite being a former rich bastard you re doing pretty well bro. RICK I didn't want to..I didn't His friend looks his wound and it's less serious than what he expected RICK'S FRIEND I am luck enough you re not that great shooter RICK grabs his cell phone with his trembling hands. RICK I ll call you an ambulance. RICK'S FRIEND

No please...I ll call it. Don't put yourself in a bigger jackpot. RICK stares at him with fraternal love. His friend spots the pendant that RICK is still holding in his handRICK'S FRIEND VERONICA was really cool. RICK nods with pain. RICK'S FRIEND What's your plan? RICK Just what's fair. RICK'S FRIEND God only knows it… Then he pulls out his cell phone and RICK'S FRIEND dials a number. RICK'S FRIEND Now you get outta here...before somebody will show up. RICK glances his friend once again with love then he rushes away. RICK'S FRIEND speaks on his cell phone. RICK'S FRIEND An ambulance, I got shot.. Who did it? I can't say.. I didn't see his face!? Episode #15 - second death INT. JOHN'S HOUSE - VARIOUS ROOMS (PRESENT) - NITE RICK with the gun on his hand crosses the hallway half lightened from the lights outside. He looks around to see if there's somebody around but it seems everybody is gone. RICK slowly approaches a door and opens it with caution. There's nobody inside. He shuts the door and heads to the other side of the room. He reaches another hall that lenghtens to the dark. RICK notices a light filtering from JOHN'S bedroom at the end of the hallway. Even nervous and shaky, the boy tries to be silent getting close to that lightened room. Inches from JOHN'S bedroom, RICK stops. He holds his breath for a second to hear the noise coming from the bedroom. Complete silence. He opens the door with a start, gun in hand. But the room is empty. It seems abandoned, like the all mansion. RICK enters the room. He looks around and stares at JOHN'S baseball bat and his baseball jackets spread out on his bed.

All of a sudden an arm grasp him from behind: it's JOHN, who with all his weight just flings him down to the ground. RICK'S pistol falls down to the floor. JOHN takes it then waves it in front of RICK'S face RICK with a quick move hits his arm and makes him let the pistol fall again. The two are on the floor, furiously fighting tempting to grab one of the two guns. They don't refrain from inflicting blows under the belt. It's a real fight: fists in the stomach, in the face and arms violently twisted. JOHN is about to grab the gun with the pearl grip, but RICK with a last effort he jumps over him and block him down. He pulls him off and gets his gun back. Then he blocks JOHN who is about to reach the other gun. RICK gets up with the gun on his hand. JOHN is down. Nailed in a corner. While the other is standing in front of him. He stares at him. JOHN is devastated. But RICK even if he keeps him under fire, hangs on kind of thinky. INT. VERONICA'S HOUSE (FLASHBACK) - DAY RICK sees VERONICA'S face again, she's speaking to him with a heartfelt manner, in his memory, the girl is even more beautyful. VERONICA (holding tears) Please! Let's go to that beautyful place....the one in the pictures you showed me. I can't… VERONICA Yes you can, RICK. I love you, I love you. Let's go there. Come on!!! INT. JOHN'S MANSION -JOHN'S BEDROOM - (PRESENT) - NITE RICK'S face is covered by tears that flow down rembering VERONICA and her beautyful face. He takes her pendant from his pocket and stares at it with sadness. Then RICK turns his head up and stares JOHN in the eyes. The two look each other for a neverending moment. Then slowly, RICK puts the gun with the pearl grip wrapped by the white tape on the table. RICK VERONICA didn't want me to use it. RICK

JOHN looks him with an inquisitive glance. RICK It's not worthy. You know. John you re not worthy. VERONICA was so right. I am the one she loved. This means I am not like you. RICK turns his head and heads towards the door to walk out the room. JOHN, very quickly, grabs the pistol from the table. JOHN Where you think you re goin asshole?! RICK turns back and smiles to JOHN, maybe for the first time in his life. Home. JOHN Home?!!!hahahah. You re dead schoolgirl!!! Got it? If you step outta here, You re dead. You got it friendo? RICK smiles again. RICK You ain't nothin JOHN. You can't do anything to me. You simply...lost. RICK turns back again and reaches the door. JOHN rises up the gun at the shoulders level. JOHN Shit no. Don't let me do it. Don't let me do it. RICK turns back for a second. He shrugs his head slightly and smiles to JOHN, then he grabs the door's handle and crosses the treshold. JOHN Ahhhhhh... JOHN shoots as he cannot control the gun. He shoots once, twice, three, four shots. He is like wackin out. RICK'S body falls on the threshold. EXT. - JOHN'S MANSION - PARK (PRESENT) - NITE JOHN'S FATHER is entering the mansion front porch, when he hears the gun shots, he immediatly unfolds his gun. RICK

Suddenly, his son JOHN shows up in the park, with a gun on his hand. He looks around as lost as he's looking for something missing. JOHN Ahhhh… Ahhhh… JOHN starts running like a fool. He's not trying to go out. He's just goin nowhere. He turns around himself as in a state of total exaltation. JOHN'S FATHER JOHN, It's me! Whaddafuck is goin on here?? JOHN! JOHN doesn't even care at him. He keeps turning around himself. JOHN Aaaaarghhhhhh! His father jumps over him and flings him to the ground. Fuck you! JOHN JOHN starts running away from his father's hold. JOHN runs. Then he stops and lowers to his knees. JOHN'S FATHER has a presentiment and starts to scream like a desperate… JOHN'S FATHER Nooo!!! We hear the gun shot. JOHN'S FATHER closes his eyes for a neverending moment, he reopens them and we see next to him his son's body lying down in a stain of blood. Episode #16 - eternal love EXT. - CEMETERY (PRESENT) - DAWN A sky shred framed by the shape of a grave. Seen from below the grave we see appearing the main characters of the story: RICK'S FRIEND and JOHN'S FRIEND, behind them the other fellows divided in two aisles, as two different parties at war that have just made a peace agreement. They all appear above the grave. Everyone looks around for a moment as they're afraid of being spied, then they pull out the guns they're carrying and throw them into the grave. Even RICK'S SISTER shows up,she's crying, then she throws JOHN'S baseball hat down to the grave.

The camera slowly gets out of the grave while the coffin is being dropped down. Slowly we discover all of RICK'S classmates, who stand still, then a little backwards aligned by classroom we see the school teachers. RICK's MOTHER, pale and alone, walks next to her daughter who glances her, she's waiting for a gesture that comes: a sort of nod of agreement that means "I forgive you". RICK'S SISTER immediately rushes to her mother. Mother and daughter they hug intensively, almost in shame, then they walk away along the street. Among the trees, we see three figures who slowly take form. They're RICK, JOHN and VERONICA who look the onlookers walking away. RICK takes VERONICA'S right hand. They walk away together. JOHN stays behind. After a few steps RICK turns back and makes a gesture to JOHN come over. Even VERONICA turns back and smiles to JOHN. JOHN afraid, gets closer, then VERONICA with a firm move takes JOHN'S right hand. The three walk in the distance towards the dawn. THE END

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