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1. An appliance, cabinet for storing food or other substances at a low

temperature _____________________________

2. A machine to wash dishes. _____________________________

]. An appliance in which electricity or a gas is used to furnish heat, for cooking

4. Oven with electromagnetic wave to cook or heat food.


5. It generally has faucets that supply hot and cold water.


6. A piece of furniture supported by one or more vertical legs and having a

flat horizontal surface _____________________________

7. An electrical appliance with whirling blades for chopping, mixing, or

liquefying foods. _____________________________

8. An appliance used to brew coffee. _____________________________

9. A bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with perforations for draining off

liquids and rinsing food. _____________________________
10. A shallow, long-handled pan used for frying food.

11. A metal pot with a handle used to cook some soups.


12. An airtight metal pot that uses steam under pressure at high
temperature to cook food quickly. _____________________________

1]. A pan used for stewing which contains a basket.


14. Beats egg whites and whips cream effortlessly to soft, billowy peaks.

15. A culinary tool for grinding (finely shredding into bits) meat.

16. A small appliance that uses heat to brown and harden bread.
17. A covered pot with a spout in which tea is steeped and from which it
is served _____________________________

18. Plates, glasses used for serving food or drink.


19. Utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons used as


20. A spoon ± shaped vessel with a long handle used to transfer liquids.

21. A small implement having a broad, flat, flexible blade that is used to mix,
spread, or lift material. _____________________________

22. A kitchen utensil, usually in the form of stiff, thin wire loops attached to a
handle, used for whipping foodstuffs._____________________________
2]. A smooth cylinder, usually with a handle at each end and often made of
wood, used for rolling out dough. _____________________________

24. An instrument for weighing. _____________________________

25. A disposable towel made of absorbent paper.


26. It can protect the hands against heat for short periods of time.


1. a fridge
2. a dishwasher
]. the stove
4. the microwave
5. the sink
6. a table
7. a blender
8. the coffee maker
9. the colander
10. a frying pan
11. a sauce pan
12. the pressure cooker
1]. a stew-pan
14. the handheld mixer
15. the meat grinder
16. the toaster
17. the teapot
18. the dishes
19. Cutlery
20. a soup ladle
21. a spatula
22. a whisk
2]. the rolling pin
24. a scale
25. the paper towel
26. an oven mitt