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The food industry has grown so much over the years. This research intends to analyze
the innovations in the food park industry on established businesses. It will show how
the innovations were developed and how the food park industry has grown over the
years. The study is geographically limited along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City since
there are various types of small businesses specifically under the food category which
can assist in providing solutions to the study.
In order to attain the goals of this study, the researchers will conduct a survey
targeting the people surrounding the area from ages 20-40 years old. The respondents
are mainly the customers along the Food Park.
Wherein the food park have 9 food truck in maginhawa, namely, The Soul Food
Truck, Great Burger Truck, Food Clinique, Saucy Food MNL, Streat: Maginhawa
food park, Blu-egg Food Services Corporation/Sinangag Station, Rojo Oven-baked
Boneless Chicken, Mexicombi, Mio Gelati. 16 Caf namely, Magpie caf, Katsu Caf,
Artsy Caf, Kabina Caf, Nuezca Caf, Cat Caf Manila, Chill out Caf, Galli Village
Caf, Cool Beans Library Caf, Kiss the Cook Caf, Blacksoup Caf + Artspace, Caf
Quezon Cakes and Pastries, When Uan met Sally, Theos, Antiteasis Books and Brews,
Dorissimo Pastries. 5 Food stand/stall/cart, Food Clinique, Saucy Food mnl,
Streat:Maginhawa food park, Blu-egg food services corporation/Sinangag Station,
Rojo Oven-baked Boneless Chicken and themed restaurants, Combi Restaurant,
Kazoku Japanese Restaurant, Takeiya Japanese Restaurant, Crave Burger etc for a
total of 85 food establishments in the Food Park.
An interview will also be conducted to the entrepreneurs who already put up their
business in the area. The established business involved in the study are those which
are one year and above in the operation. The researchers will conduct different types
of statistical methods that will provide the answers to the problems.
The researchers chose this type of respondents because these people are the ones who
are mainly involved with the study. The researchers also picked the location at
Maginhawa Street because the place has a Food Park which is the main concern of the
study. The target schedule for the survey will be on August 2015.

* This study was conducted to analyze the innovations in the food park industry in
Maginhawa St. Quezon City. This was conducted during the First Semester of the
School Year 2015-2016. The descriptive method was applied by the researchers and
designed survey questionnaire as our primary instrument in gathering data. The
respondents of the study were composed of 100 customer respondents and 30 business
owners within Maginhawa Street, Quezon City by using convenient sampling method.
To ensure impartiality on presentation,
analysis and interpretation of data, we used statistical tools such as Frequency and
Percentage Distribution, and Weighted Mean.
* Based on the data gathered, the profile representation of the respondents states that
the age bracket was from 20 40 years of age; having a Php5,000.00& above monthly
* As the result of the survey conducted, 60 respondents answered that they are
familiar about the Maginhawa street Food Park and only 40 respondents answered that
they are new to Maginhawa Street Food Park. 42 respondents answered that they
frequently visiting Maginhawa because of Food, and only 3 for Photography, 9 for
Place, 2 respondents for Adventure and 4 respondents have other reasons. 37
respondents have learned the Maginhawa street through Social Media, 4 respondents
through their Family, 63 respondents have learned through their Friends, 10 for
Colleagues and 9 respondents have their other reasons where did they know the
Maginhawa Street Food Park. 57 respondents choose that the Overall Concept of the
Food Park for contributing their decision in choosing a restaurant, 41 respondents
choose Products Offered, 16 for the Pricing, 15 for Location and 4 for their other
reasons. 44 respondents highly recommend the Maginhawa Street Food Park to
others. This result shows that most of the respondents are willing to try and visit again
to Maginhawa Street Food Park.. This result also serves as a proof that the potential
new customers of Maginhawa Street Food Park are adventurous in trying new
innovative established business.

* As a result of this study, we have analyzed and concluded that the owners of
businesses in Maginhawa Street Food Park have a lot of different reasons in making
their business innovative and well known at the same time profitable. Some of them
are family business, some are just experimenting, some are entrepreneur students that
need to produce a unique type of enterprise as part of their thesis, like using camera
lenses as mugs, and most of them are well known and successful.
By this research dissection, weve found out that among the food park innovations at
Maginhawa, the Themed restaurant ranked as the top choice for the customers. It is
because of the uniqueness within the said place and the comfort of the customers
when it comes to food. The food park establishments owners were very keen to think
of something that drools all the customers inside and outside the restaurant. They
planned a concept which people never seen and experienced before, like the usage of
trucks or jeepneys as the new table to eat and dine in or the usage of felines on a
restaurant where the animal lovers can experience a different dining experience
tthrough their loving pets and mouth-watering food and drinks.
They establish rapport to every customer that come and go to their food
establishments. Some qualities they promote are being emotionally capable of
handling different types of approaches, from friendly to arrogant customers-they come
back not just because of the quality of goods, but also with the attentive service they
Mostly of the businesses that can easily catch the attention of the customers have a lot
of influential friends that shares their eating experience through posting photos or
reviews of their food and the place with their peers and colleagues.