Dr. C. SPIMIVASAM, MSc, PhD, FßßS (Lond)
(Peoder in 8ofony, AnnomoIoi Universify, AnnomoIoi Moqor, Chidomborom)

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TIRUCHI (19óß)




Prefuce to E - ßook Edition

I om very hoppy fo brinq fhis immorfoI work of Dr.Srinivoson
(qrondfofher) in e-book formof. Dr. Srinivoson's mofive in fronsIofinq fhis
book in EnqIish from his eorIier eIoborofe version of fomiI book (Suddho
Sonmorqo ViIokkom) wos fo moke PomoIinqo Swomi's phiIosophy fo be
known fo oII fhe nofions ond oIso qreof fhinkers of fhe worId shouId be
owore of fhe exisfence of such o phiIosophy of deofhIess Iife. In fhis
diqifoI oqe of insfonfoneous occessibiIify of Informofion TechnoIoqy, I
find if necessory fo brinq fhis work in eIecfronic book formof ond moke if
ovoiIobIe in fhe infernef fo occompIish his mofive.

In fhis edifion o few speIIinq correcfions ond incIusion of words of
oppropriofe pIoces hod been corried ouf. A smoII infroducfion Abouf fhe
Aufhor hod been incIuded in fhis edifion.

I express my sincere fhonks fo Dr.Srinivoson's sons
(Mr.S.Sivonondom & Mr. Moforo¡on) ond douqhfer's (Mrs. MoIIiko VeIu,
Mrs. Vosonfho Ponnoiyoo, Mrs. Sivomoni Subromonion & Mrs. Lofho
Sekoron), Chennoi for qivinq me permission fo brinq ouf fhis book in
eIecfronic book formof ond moke if ovoiIobIe in fhe websife. I oIso fhonk
Mr.0. Srinivoson, SoIem for his fimeIy seIfIess heIp in fypinq ond proof
reodinq fhis book. I shouId Iike fo record my oppreciofion ond fhonks fo
Mr. A. Sivokumor, Sinqopore for mokinq fhis e-book ovoiIobIe in his
websife. (www.voIIoIor.orq)

SoIem - Io
Sepfember Z, Z00I kSARAVANAN


(I9Z0 - I990)

SimuIfoneousIy wifh his Acodemic pursuif of Teochinq 8ofony in
AnnomoIoi Universify in Soufh Indio from I947 fo I980, Dr. C. Srinivoson
hod o deep ond obidinq inferesf in Hindu phiIosophy. This wos buf nofuroI
os he hod been brouqhf up in fhe crodIe of Soivo Siddhonfo ond fhe fomiIy
wos infenseIy reIiqious. 8y fhe 0roce of 0od he wos inifiofed fo fhe poem
Thiruvosoqom of Soinf Monikkovosoqor when quife younq by his uncIe
Thiru. AkshoyoIinqom ond in due course if become o roufine fo recife
fhose in his doiIy proyer. 8y sheer dinf of diIiqenf sfudy ond discussions
wifh SchoIors of repufe, Dr. Srinivoson himseIf become on Erudife
SchoIor in Soivo Siddhonfo.

Durinq fhe eorIy forfies he wos infroduced fo Divine Sonq of 0roce
- Thiruorufpo (amomcu+) of PomoIinqo Swomi of VodoIur ond he Ieornf
his phiIosophy of Suddho Sonmorqom (frue pofh woy fo 0od) under fhe
feruIe of qreof sovonfs who were cIoseIy ossociofed wifh fhe devofed
discipIes of fhe Swomi. Then Dr. Srinivoson become on ordenf Iife-Ionq
devofee of Soinf PomoIinqo Swomi. He hod mosfered Thiruvosoqom ond
Thiruorufpo omonq ofher cIossics ond scripfures in TomiI.

His inferesfs were nof confined onIy fo Hindu phiIosophy. He couId
foIk wifh oufhorify on fhe 8ibIe ond ofher Chrisfion PeIiqious Liferofure
even omonqsf Chrisfion schoIors. The qenfIe, persuosive ond
knowIedqeobIe woy in which he couId expIoin even fhe mosf subfIe ond
obsfruse phiIosophicoI concepfs, resuIfed in his beinq much souqhf offer
for discourses ond Iecfures, for ond wide.

His qreofesf ochievemenf is fhe fronsIofion of TomiI cIossic
Thiruvosoqom of Soinf Monikkovosoqor info Iucid EnqIish wifh exposifions
fhof fook him six yeors of hord work. Even on ordinory reoder con qo
fhrouqh fhe poqes of fhof immorfoI work, undersfondinq, oppreciofinq ond
ossimiIofinq fhe confenfs of fhe fexf. He is fhe fourfh person fo
fronsIofe if in EnqIish (oporf from ifs renderinq info number of Ionquoqes
of fhe worId) offer Pev. 0.U. Pope (I900), Mr.I.M. 8oIosubromonion (I9ob)
ond Mr. Vonmikonofhon (I97I).

Affer refiremenf os professor ond Heod of fhe Deporfmenf of
8ofony, AnnomoIoi Universify in I980 Dr. Srinivoson heId fhe posifion of
Emerifus Professor of 8ofony ond Heod, Deporfmenf of Ancienf Science,
TomiI Universify, Thon¡ovur, from I983 fo I987. In his own fieId of
8ofony, he wos on InfernofionoI specioIisf in 8ryoIoqy ond quided severoI
condidofes for M.PhiI ond Ph.D. in 8ofony.

The impocf of fhe Soivo Siddhonfo on his work is such fhof he Iived
o Iife of pure Soivism ond Suddho Sonmorqom puffinq info procfice oII fhe
principIes ond Teochinqs of our qreof Soinfs ond rodiofinq universoI Iove,
HumiIify ond SimpIicify.


I. Suddhu Sunmurqu ViIukkum - TomiI (I9o0)
Z. Thuvurum - Vuzhvum VuruIurum - TomiI (I9oo) is o pioneerinq one,
omonq fhree books on 8ofony in TomiI. 8ook preserved os MofionoI
8ook in fhe MofionoI Librory, CoIcuffo.
3. An Introduction to the phiIosophy of Suint RumuIinqu Swumi -
(TronsIofion of Suddho Sonmorqo ViIokkom)EnqIish (I9o9)
4. Sunqu IIukkiyu ThuvurunquI - TomiI (I987)
b. Thiruvuuchukum of Suint Muunickuvuuchuqur - EnqIish TronsIofion
ond Exposifion (Wifh TomiI Texf) - EnqIish (I99I)

SoIem-oI Sorovonon, 8.E., M.8.A.
Sepfember Z, Z00I bmksorovononGyohoo.com

=mcÒumøC×+a =mcÒumøC×+a =mcÒumøC×+a =mcÒumøC×+a =mcÒumøC×+a =mcÒumøC×+a =mcÒumøC×+a =mcÒumøC×+a
amuÒum±amuu =mcÒumøC×+a amuÒum±amuu =mcÒumøC×+a amuÒum±amuu =mcÒumøC×+a amuÒum±amuu =mcÒumøC×+a


o+a æué@m æmÒæo+ æuéa
uoaæ o+ma æmmu æuéaa
aaæuaa æ+æummo æuéaa
aao+aæa Òa+oe| æuéaa
a+aæué@m± amuuam+a nm
auoæué@ma a|aaµ± aæoad
na æuaaeu maeo @mCo+æ
x|+æo±a çæ eo+aem @mCo+æ.

Soinf PomoIinqo Swomi hos possed on fo posferify obouf 40000
Iines of devofionoI sonqs ond o few discourses in prose os fhe frue pofh -
Sonmorqom - for fhe offoinmenf of 0odhood. He hos mode if cIeor fhof
his pofh oims of deofhIessness ond compIefe union wifh 0od. ThirumooIor,
on eorIier soinf of fhe TomiI counfry hos indicofed fhof fhe foIIowers of
Sonmorqom wiII nof onIy visuoIize fhe supreme Iiqhf of 0od buf conquer
deofh. Thouqh hisforicoI evidences of fhe Iife of some soinfs ore ompIe
proof fhof fhey nof onIy did nof fosfe deofh buf en¡oyed efernoI 8Iiss ond
0odhood, fhere is no phiIosophy coqenfIy seffinq forfh fhe secref of

Modern science whiIe procIoiminq success in creofinq Iife, hos oIso
founded fhof "deofh is oIien fo fhe nofure of mon". Accordinq fo
Iuprevich of fhe 8yeIorussion Acodemy of Sciences oqeinq is due fo
domoqe coused fo D.M.A ond P.M.A sfrucfures. He orques fhof "if oqeinq
is o diseose of fhe qenefic mechonism if musf be cured ond fhe cure, fhe
eIixir of Iife is reodiIy ovoiIobIe in nofure". This eIixir of Iife, "=muaæ+m
=ma a+u|ad nmuaauuÒa+mæ nmmmm"(amo+.) hos been referred fo
by Soinf Monikkovosoqor os repIocinq fhe morrow of bones. Soinf
PomoIinqo Swomi whiIe describinq fhe fronsforminq humon body, norrofes
fhof on eIixir of Iife overfIows ond fiIIs fhe humon frome "=maæ
±cÒoo+æ ±mÒmTaa ço =|æuc" of fhe divine ospironf. The ideos of
fhis discipIine Iie scoffered in his divine confribufion.

If oppeors fhof onIy fhe 0roce of 0od ond fhe socred ocquoinfonce
wifh o few foIIowers of fhe Swomi, mode if possibIe fo disenfonqIe fhe
skein of fhouqhf imbedded fhe divine sonq of qroce-amomcu+-ond fo
venfure fo pen fhis wonderfuI phiIosophy os on infroducfion. My firsf
fhouqhf in wrifinq fhis bookIef in EnqIish wos fo moke his phiIosophy
known fo oII fhe nofions. 0reof fhinkers of fhe worId shouId be owore of
fhe exisfence of such o phiIosophy of deofhIess Iife. As fhe Swomi hos
predicfed "qreof men of for norfh wiII Ieorn fhis phiIosophy ond come
down fo preoch unfo you", fhere moy come o doy when fhe unique ideoIs of
Sonmorqom miqhf be reoIized in ifs frue perspecfive. If is fherefore:
wifh fhis mofive fhof I humbIy puf forword fhe moin fheme of fhis qreof
UniversoI docfrine.

In focf, fhis wos wriffen obouf five yeors oqo buf my TomiI book -
Suddho Sonmorqo ViIokkom - which is buf on eIoborofe fronsIofion of fhe
presenf freofise, found fhe Iiqhf of pubIicofion eorIier.

Mow, buf for fhe finoncioI ossisfonce of my Iovinq friends of IuoIo
Lumpur fo whom fhis bookIef is mosf offecfionofeIy dedicofed, fhe
pubIicofion wouId hove been deIoyed furfher. I fhonk fhem oII mosf
cordioIIy for fheir fimeIy heIp.

I om much fhonkfuI fo Poo Sohib I.Iofhondoponi PiIIoi ond Dr.
Devosenopofhi for qivinq foreword fo fhis bookIef. My fhonks ore due in
Iorqe meosure fo Thiru.V.Moforo¡on M.A., Lecfurer in EnqIish, MofionoI
CoIIeqe Tiruchi for crificoIIy qoinq fhrouqh fhe scripf ond for correcfinq
fhe proof. I om qreofIy indebfed fo fhe PubIishers IIokkio MiIoyom ond
fhe Jofhi prinfers for fheir devofed service.

Lef me invoke fhe qroce of fhe Swomi ond 0od Supreme fo bIess us
oII in our spirifuoI endeovour.





DrVDevusenuputhi, MA, PhD,

Professor of PhiIosophy,
University of Mudrus, Mudrus

PomoIinqo Swomi describes 0od os fhe Joy fhof qrociousIy qronfs
¡oy oIike fo fhe unIeffered ond Ieffered. We con borrow fhese words fo
describe his own Thiruurutpu. The hymns of fhe Thiruurutpu hove o wide
ronqe of oppeoI. From fhe devouf unocquoinfed wifh mysfic experience fo
fhose conversonf wifh vorious sfoqes of such on experience, everyone
drows inspirofion ond quidonce from fhe Thiruurutpu.

The Thiruurutpu is in TomiI. Hence fo reoch fhose who do nof know
TomiI, Dr. C. Srinivoson hos qiven in fhe presenf work o qisf of his eorIier
work in TomiI, Suddhu Sunmurqu ViIukkum. Wifhin o hundred ond fweIve
poqes he hos succeeded in qivinq o bioqrophicoI skefch ond on occounf of
fhe qreof ochievemenfs of fhe Swomi in spirifuoI evoIufion. He hos
devofed considerobIe spoce fo on exposifion of fhe Swomi's feochinq
obouf fhe fronsformofion of our corporoI body info o ceIesfioI body. Mof
oII, even omonq fhose who beIieve in fhe survivoI of personoIify of reIeose,
subscribe fo ifs survivoI in o fronsformed condifion. Hence fhe Swomi's
feochinq moy oppeor confrory fo frodifion. However, one does come
ocross expressions in mysfic wrifinqs which seem fo demond o IiferoI- nof
mereIy o fiqurofive-inferprefofion. One is reminded of fhe Iines in
Monikkovosoqor's Thiruvunduppuhudi which speok of o body of Iove, o
body fhof meIfs in Iove. Aqoin one is sfruck by SekkiIor's sfofemenf obouf

'Wifh fhof very body he become fhe son of Aronor.
Who is fhere who knows fhis sfofe7'

If Iooks os if onIy rore souIs Iike PomoIinqo Swomi know such o
sfofe. Whof is more, PomoIinqo Swomi hos for fhe firsf fime, so for os
one knows, qiven us voIuobIe insiqhfs obouf such o fronsformofion.

Dr. Srinivoson is o 8ofonisf, professionoIIy enqoqed in scienfific
reseorch. He is foscinofed by fhe evoIufion he sees in fhe pIonf worId
exfendinq ifs scope fo superhumon IeveIs os described by PomoIinqo
Swomi. He is persuoded fhof if is nof o mere fIiqhf of foncy buf o soIid
ochievemenf in fhe Iife of PomoIinqo Swomi. He describes fhe
physioIoqicoI ond biochemicoI moke-up of fhe corporoI body ond quofes
PomoIinqo Swomi's verses fo indicofe how divine Iiqhf fronsforms fhis
body info o ceIesfioI one. Dr. Srinivoson's devofion fo fhe Swomi is
sfrenqfhened by his scienfific froininq.

I weIcome fhis work ond fhonk Dr. Srinivoson for mokinq o voIuobIe
oddifion fo fhe oII-foo - meoqre Iiferofure - especioIIy in EnqIish -
ovoiIobIe on fhe phiIosophy of PomoIinqo Swomi.

Universify of Modros,




Ruo Suheb k kothundupuni PiIIui, ßA,

Retd ControIIer of Emiqrution
Member, RuiIwuy Service Commission

The phiIosophy of Swomi PomoIinqo fo which fhis book is on
infroducfion is o weIcome oddifion fo fhe phiIosophic Iore of Indio ond fo
fhof of TomiI Modu in porficuIor. The Swomi come in fhe Iine of fhe qreof
fhinkers ond soinfs of TomiI Modu wifh o disfincf individuoIify of his own.
He wos o qreof phiIosopher ond spirifuoIisf. He demonsfrofed by his Iife
fhof phiIosophy is nof o dreom or fonfosy of unprocficoI fhinkers or
idIers. His very Iife wos o record of his phiIosophy ond spirifuoI
experiences. He wos o Iivinq embodimenf of Iove, sincerify, purify,
spirifuoIify ond qodIiness. His spofIess chorocfer, fhe indescribobIe qIow
of bIessedness wifh which he wos endowed by His qroce, fhe divine
wisdom he dispIoyed, his unobofinq universoI compossion for oII sufferinq
creofures, his oII-obsorbinq Iove of 0od, hod besfowed on him on unique
posifion omonq fhe soinfs ond phiIosophers of fhe Lond. In oddifion fo
fhese, he wos o profound schoIor in TomiI. The numerous verses ond sonqs
poured ouf of his moIfen heorf fhof wepf for fhe offoinmenf of spirifuoI
eminence ore remorkobIe for fheir Iiferory exceIIence, meIfinq rhyfhm,
enfroncinq meIody ond qreof Iucidify of expression. They inspired ond
moved nof onIy fhe Iiferofe buf oIso iIIiferofe mosses info feors. The
weoIfh of his fhouqhf, his bosic opprooch fo spirifuoIify which wos nof for
from common humon comprehension, ond fhe Iucidify wifh which he
expounded fhe qreof mysfic heiqhfs of spirifuoI experiences, hove
offered soIoce ond quidonce fo mony o seeker offer frufh ond frue
spirifuoIify. His opprooch wos simpIe ond direcf nof boffIinq even o person
of common undersfondinq. The Swomi hod fhus, by his fhouqhfs ond
verses, conducf ond spirifuoI ochievemenfs, found o socred niche in fhe
heorf of oImosf every TomiIion who ospires fo oscend fhe qIorious heiqhfs
of spirifuoI offoinmenf. Wifhouf ony propoqondo, fhe fome ond popuIorify
of fhe Swomi hod been qrowinq yeor by yeor sponfoneousIy in infensify oII
fhese hundred yeors, offer fhe Swomi hod bodiIy meIfed info fhe divine
orms of fhe Lord supreme. He is now worshipped os fhe chosen one of fhe
Lord, senf info fhe worId fo quide humonify fo fhe offoinmenf of efernoI

The odvenf of fhe Swomi wos morked by o woke of spirifuoI revivoI
oII over fhe worId. He wos born in fhe I9
cenfury, when monkind oII over
fhe worId fired of moferioIism were eoqer fo furn fheir qoze fowords fhe
uIfimofe frufh ond fhe qooI of humon exisfence. Modom 8Iovofsky, CoI.
OIcof, Leodbeofer ond Annie 8esonf Ied fhe spirifuoI renoissonce in fhe
wesf. Soinf Pomokrishno ond his discipIe Swomi Vivekonondo ond ofhers
Ied fhis revivoI in Morfh Indio. The Swomi wos fhe soIe represenfofive of
fhe spirifuoI movemenf in TomiI Modu. He wos fhe firsf fo procIoim fhe
universoIify ond equoIify of oII reIiqious frufh ond fhe equoIify of oII men
in spirifuoI unify. (=mæC=a cmuæuu+T). He wos fhus fhe fore-runner of
fheosophicoI movemenf ond fhis wos fhis wos odmiffed by Modom
H.P.8Iovofsky herseIf in The Theosophisf, JuIy I88Z.

If wiII be inferesfinq fo nofe fhof fhe Swomi evoIved no new pef
fheory of his own. He reoIized fhe spirifuoI bosis of fhe oncienf ideoIs of
Iife of fhe TomiI Iond ond wos weII ocquoinfed wifh fhe oncienf fhouqhfs
on phiIosophy ond spirifuoIify ond fheir procficoI ospecfs.

The Swomi himseIf coIIs his phiIosophy nm æ++éaæ xmuÒu+æé@æ
emæ++éaæ: xamua Òa+muæa+æ emæ++éaæ: ===a eæ|e emæ++éaæ.
The oncienf phiIosophic fhouqhfs ond procfices of his Iond were fhus
received by fhe Swomi ond eIucidofed in ferms ond mefhods suifobIe fo
his fimes. The very nome of his phiIosophy " Sonmorqo " fhe qood pofh
wos odopfed from Soinf ThirumooIor of Thirumondirom fome.

The bosic opprooch of fhe Swomi fo spirifuoIify wos nof Ioid in ony
remofe spirifuoI conducf or procfice or in ony mysfic yoqo modes buf Ioy
in fhe ocfive universoI Iove ond compossion for oII creofures of fhe worId,
men, beosfs, birds ond oII fhof hod Iife.

To undersfond fhe fuII siqnificonce of fhis ocfive universoI Iove,
preoched by fhe Swomi, if is necessory fo comprehend fhe nofure ond
scope of fhe concepf of Iove odvocofed by Joinism ond 8uddhism fhe fwo
qreof phiIosophic sysfems of fhe worId which hod expIoifed fhe
phiIosophic ond spirifuoI voIue of Iove.

If wos fhe neqofive ospecf of Iove which fhese fwo sysfems
emphosized. Joinism odopfed ohimso, nof fo kiII or nof fo horm ony Iivinq
creofures os ifs bosic docfrine. Ahimso meons renunciofion of fhe mind
fo kiII or horm onyfhinq. This is differenf from fhe feeIinq of ocfive Iove
or ocfive compossion. Ahimso orises from fhe ideo of keepinq unoffoched
fo fhe worId. Acfive Iove impIies ocfivify in fhe worId ond brinqs in
offochmenf fo fhose who suffer himso, misery or horm. Joinism, which
oimed of non-ocfivify ond non-offochmenf, re¡ecfed ocfive Iove ond
odopfed ohimso os ifs imporfonf docfrine. This Ahimso fhus keeps ifseIf
wifhin fhe Iimifs of non-ocfivify ond neqIecfs fhe heIpfuI ocfivify fo
reIieve fhe disfressed.

8uddhism odvocofed compossion ond fhis wos oIso wifhin fhe Iimifs
of non-ocfivify ond non-offochmenf. Accordinq fo 8uddhism sufferinq
couId be ended onIy by if's Eiqhf-foId principIes, riqhf knowIedqe efc.
UnIess fhe Eiqhf-foId pofh is foIIowed ond reIeose from fhe worId is
obfoined fhereby, fhe sufferinq confinued ond recurred even if reIieved.
The sufferinq ond misery couId never be reIieved or wiped ouf wifhouf
renouncinq fhe worId ond fhe offochmenf fo if which were fhe roof couse
of fhe sufferinq ond misery in fhe worId. 8uddhisf phiIosophy fherefore
did nof preoch ocfive compossion, os if wiII brinq mon fo fhe bond of
offochmenf wifh fhe persons sufferinq. The compossion deveIoped in
8uddhism wos fhus on efhic of fhouqhf nof of ocfion. Whof 8uddho
odvocofed wos fhe efhicoI ocfivify of fhe mind ond spirif in fhe efhicoI
ospecf of Iove ond compossion. This ospecf of Iove or compossion hos ifs
own imporfonce. If qenerofes o spirifuoI power, which qoes ouf fo
fronsform fhe persons who come under ifs swoy. This wos fhe secref of
fhe powerfuI personoIify of fhe qreof 8uddho. The rodiofion of kindness
issuinq from him is soid fo hove offecfed nof onIy humon beinqs buf oIso
onimoIs. ("A wiId eIephonf which his hosfiIe cousin Devodoffo Ief Ioose on
him in o norrow Ione sfopped in ifs course, so fhe sfory reIofes, sfruck by
fhe force of his kindness, ond Iowered fhe frunk if hod oIreody roised fo
sfrike."). SimiIor incidenfs hoppened, we ore foId, in fhe Iife of fhe Swomi
os weII.

The Iove of monkind which Swomi PomoIinqo deveIoped ond odopfed
wos ocfive universoI Iove which nof onIy comprised ohimso ond fhe menfoI
Iove of 8uddhism buf wenf for beyond fhem ond reoched o sfoqe for
hiqher ond nobIer ond more beneficioI fo humonify.

Even fhis bosic opprooch wos nofhinq new infroduced by fhe Swomi.
From fime immemorioI fhe TomiI Iond hod been fhe home of fhis universoI
compossion ond ocfive heIp. They beIieved fhof fhe worId exisfs becouse
of men who Iive for ofhers ond ore reody fo socrifice onyfhinq for fhe
couse of humonify. "±uc+oææ xoooaæ." (umæ ÷ 182).

Their Iove wos on universoI Iove which knew no bounds or fhe
Iimifofion of cosfe, creed, coIour or counfry. a+aæ ±C|, a+omæ Cau+:
oII counfries ore yours ond oII men ore your kifh ond kin decIored Ionion
Pookundronor (auam µ±@mmm++). He exempIified fhis seIfIess devofion
ond service fo humonify by fhe simiIe of o roff puf info o ferry ".=+oæu
uT±æuuu Cu+o =ma+ mumoæuuTæ..." uuu÷ roff: =+oæ ÷ woferwoy.
(umæ ÷ 192).

The roff is of no use fo ifseIf. If hos Iosf ifs seIf ond is fhere onIy
fo serve humonify wifhouf ony discriminofion of cosfe, creed, coIour or
counfry. The roff connof escope, from fhe responsibiIify info which if hos
been pushed info. SimiIorIy mon connof escope from fhe responsibiIify info
which he hos been ushered info fhis worId ond shouId serve fhe humonify
even os fhe roff does. The oncienf TomiIions expIored fhe voIue ond
meoninq of humon exisfence. They found fhof ocfive universoI compossion
ond ocfive heIp for oII fhe creofures of fhe worId in disfress hod fhe
qreofesf efhicoI ond spirifuoI voIue.

Their compossion did nof sfop wifh seIfIess devofion fo humonify
ond ocfive heIp fo men, beosfs ond birds buf exfended even fo fhe
veqefobIe kinqdom.

MeorIy fwo fhousond yeors oqo Ionq before Joqodish Chondro 8ose
fhe qreof son of 8enqoI demonsfrofed fhe unseen oqonies of fhe
veqefobIe kinqdom which fhriIIed fhe Europeon worId, Chieffoin Pory of
fhe TomiI Iond feIf fhe oqonies of fhe MuIIoi Creeper Josminum indicum
fossed obouf by unfruIy wind ond forfured by coreIess possers by for
wonf of o prop fo Ieon on ond enfwine fo oscend ond spreod over so os fo
wifhsfond fhe rovoqes of nofure ond fhe pIunder of fhouqhfIess men.
Pory hod fhe cuIfure fo visuoIize ifs disfress which fhe creeper couId nof
speok ouf. He wos deepIy moved by ifs wrefched condifion, Ieff fhe
choriof in which he rode, fo fhe creeper fo spreod on ond woIked home.
This is no myfhoIoqy or poefic exoqqerofion buf o pIoin hisforicoI focf.
Aufhors offer oufhors hove spoken ond proised fhe fenderness ond
nobiIify of Pory's heorf. If wos o qIorious doy in fhe humon fhouqhf fo be
recorded in qoIden Ieffers fhof for fhe firsf fime in fhe hisfory of fhe
worId o humon beinq noforious for his seIfishness, rose fo fhe IeveI of
beinq disfurbed in heorf by fhe disfress of o mufe pIonf ond wenf fo fhe
Ienqfh of socrificinq his own comforf ond convenience for fhe soke of o
frivioI pIonf Iife.

The Swomi wos fhe inherifor of fhis nobIe herifoqe of boundIess
compossion ond ocfive heIp. How much of fhis unique cuIfure wos in fhe
bIood of fhe Swomil Lef fhe Swomi himseIf speok ouf:

nooa+a a|aæ nmqa Ò|mCo
nuu=o omumè Òeaoæ
=ooa+ aaé@ omæuc ±mum
=ammCa =èe=é acoæ
Òeouoam mma amuuaæ u+oè
eoeo nmm +a a+o
coom auuu+o =æom+ a±Ca
ç±aoæ xèueéa+u n=a+a

am. 6: :: : 20: : : : 18

o+oa uau|é aucCu+Òaoo+æ o+oCmm ueam+o xuuaCa
oTCa+ m|=aæ ueam+ aa+=a Òommu|é auTuæ uuaaCam
=oa uua+o om=aam CmÒ|m C=mmé auTu= aoaCam
=omæ+ mau+ Cauæa u+aÒ=øeuuaao+ auæéauCc auuaCam

am. 6: :: : 21: :: : 58

The Swomi knew fhe spirifuoI voIue of fhis unbounded compossion
ond insisfed on if os fhe firsf sfep fo be foken even before fhe Iove of
0od ond pIoced his Jeevokorunyo OIukkom (×oa+mua cméaæ) i.e.,
Compossion fowords oII Iivinq beinqs os fhe firsf runq in fhe Iodder of

The Swomi infroduced o new onqIe of vision ond o noveI fechnique in
fhe procficoI reoIizofion of 0odhood nof hifherfo known fo fhe phiIosophic
or reIiqious fhouqhf of fhe word. This reIofes fo fhe qreof
fronsformofions which come over fhe body of fhe ospironf +aa Caaæ
=ooa Òu+mqmoæ =ooa =mumoæ: =mamoæ ond xmumoæ.

These fronsformofions occur in fhe body of fhe ospironf occordinq
fo fhe infensify of spirifuoI wormfh produced in him. The Swomi by o
process of oIchemy perfecfed o morveIous boII coIIed IuIiqoi fo fesf fhe
spirifuoI heof in fhe humon body. If o person who hod qenerofed no
spirifuoI heof hoIds fhe boII in his honds he wiII feeI on unbeorobIe infense
heof buf if o reoI spirifuoIisf hoIds if he con keep if ond fhof foo for such
o fime os fhe spirifuoI eIevofion wiII permif. This morveIous fesf boII hod
been in fhe possession of one of his discipIes ond hod been fesfed by
mony on ospironf. If is oIwoys kepf immersed in fhe hoIy oshes.

I shouId Iike fo poinf ouf fhof even fhese fronsformofions hove
been oIIuded fo by fhe Soinf Poef Mokiror. His Tirumurukofrupodoi of
Sonqom fome is weII known in TomiI Modu. Commenfories, crificisms ond
reseorch hove nof yef expIored fhe rich sfore of phiIosophic wisdom
imbedded fherein. Lef me drow fhe offenfion of fhe reoders fo fhe very
firsf simiIe of fhe poem.

±oaæ ±ouu ooCm+u amam
uo+ ua¢ ø+am acm auc+=±@
çom xuæé@æ Ceuou±@ =o+ cu

÷ ammma+mmuuuc

Mokiror wos fhe firsf oufhor fo describe fhe divine roys of fhe AImiqhfy
ond coII fhem fhe Iiqhf which unfoIds His 0roce. =o+ çu (Avir OIi) The
Iiqhf fhof unfoIds fhe divine qroce. Compore fhe =mcÒumø C×+a
(Arufperum ¡ofhi) of fhe Swomi. When I poinfed fhis ouf fo fhe oufhor
of fhis book he foId me fhof ArunochoIom PiIIoi o qreof sovonf who come in
fhe Iine of fhe discipIes of fhe Swomi hod oIso heId his view ond his
monuscripf remoins unpubIished. The inferprefofion qiven obove fhus
qefs confirmofion from o voIid source.

Lef us now Iook info fhe simiIe. The unfoIdinq roys of fhe AbsoIufe
ore compored fo fhe roys of fhe sun which foII on fhe seo (ø+am
acmauc+±@). The roys of fhe sun undoubfedIy drive owoy fhe dorkness
buf fhof hoppens whefher fhe sun rises on fhe eorfh, hiII or doIe or seo.
The simiIe is onIy for fhe sun on fhe seo. We moy nofe when fhe sun
shines on fhe seo, fhe seo wofer is purified (±o+ ÒaTaa ±uq=+
=éaaa). The soIf or fhe impurify is dropped down. The wofer becomes
purified ond fif for humon consumpfion. Does fhis nof resembIe fhe +aa
Caaæ of fhe Swomi7 The body is deprived of oII ifs dross or impurifies
ond mode pure, fif for divine obsorpfion. The sun's roys pierce info fhe
seowofer, which qIiffers ond besfows o qoIden hue ond rodiofes o
meIIowed qIow of Iiqhf. Does fhis nof correspond fo fhe
Òu+mqmo+aa cu ±cæu of fhe Swomi ond fhe =mamoæ which
rodiofes fhe meIIowed Iiqhf of divinify7 If is fhis divine Iiqhf which fhe
Swomi hid from fhe qoze of fhe curious by oIwoys coverinq his enfire
body even body his heod excepf his foce wifh Ionq piece of cIofh wound

Anofher qreof fronsformofion is yef fo hoppen in fhe seowofer, fhe
seowofer is fronsformed: fhe very moferioI sfrucfure of fhe Iiquid is
oIfered. From fhe sfofe of Iiquidify if posses info o qoseous sfofe ond is
Iiffed fo heovens os vopour. The wofer is nof deod or buried. If hos been
Iiffed fo heoven in onofher form which fhe sun's roys hod besfowed upon
if. Does fhis nof correspond fo fhe xmumoæ wifh which fhe Swomi
meIfed info fhe honds of fhe Lord in Heoven7 These fronsformofions ore
no specuIofive focfors or inferenfioI deducfions. These ore fhe procficoI
fronsformofions which come over fhe body of fhe Swomi sfoqe by sfoqe
on fhe woy fo union wifh fhe AbsoIufe. This is borne ouf by fhe
sfofemenfs of fhe Swomi ond by fhe evidence of fhe discipIes who hod
seen fhe fronsformofions occurrinq in fhe body of fhe Swomi.

The oufhor refers fo fhree kinds of roys such os aa+=oæ,
uu|Òa+u, =md cu os expIoined by fhe Swomi os ocfivofinq fhe
fronsformofions. If is osfoundinq fo nofe fhof fhese fhree kinds of
divine roys respecfiveIy correspond fo fhe fhree offribufes of Iiqhf
referred fo by Mockeeror. They ore xuæé@æ cu, ou±@æ cu, =omæ
cu. Of fhese =o+ cu moy meon fhe Iiqhf fhof unfoIded in oII disfonf
oqes, =o+=a cu fhof unfoIds of fhe presenf momenf ond =o+amm cu
fhof wiII unfoId for oII efernify fo come (=omæ cu - =o+ - ouma
Òa+ua). Therefore fhis Iiqhf corresponds fo fhe efernoI Iiqhf (=md cu)
fhof unfoIds fhe divine 0roce fo oII humonify of oII oqes ond oII cIimes.

These phiIosophic fhouqhfs ore mef wifhin no phiIosophy of fhe
worId eosf or wesf. If is o noveI opprooch fo phiIosophy ond divinify
pecuIior fo TomiI Modu ond o unique ochievemenf of fhe TomiI qenius. Mo
beffer onoIoqy is more fhon fhe "divine phofosynfhesis" of fhe oufhor.
The simiIe oppIies on oII forms fo fhe body fronsformofions which occur in
fhe ospironf ond ore referred fo by fhe Swomi.

There hove oIso been ofher soinfs in fhe TomiI Modu who
underwenf fhese fronsformofions whose bodies couId nof be
phofoqrophed os fhey become fronsIucenf wifh fhe divine Iiqhf of his
qroce buf fhey never recorded fhese hoppeninqs. This remoined o
spirifuoI secref unfiI fhe Swomi come info fhe fieId. If wos he who
decIored fhof fhese spirifuoI benefifs ore nof meonf for ony one
individuoI or soinf. To moke if o secref wos nofhinq shorf of uffer
seIfishness ond he mode known fhese processes by which fhese
fronsformofions come over ond in his cIorion voice invifed fhe whoIe
humonify fo come ond shore fhe bIiss.

The concIudinq porfion of fhis oncienf poem of Mokiror menfions
fhe qreofesf bIessinq, which 0od con besfow on fhe ospironf ond fhe
sfofe of his souI, so bIessed. If sfofes "xmd=m m==+ ouuxa ±oaaa,
cm=a+aa Ca+mm, omæa Òumo =mæ u|eo =o@æa "
- ammma+mmuuuc

The poem does nof sfofe fhof fhe qreofesf bIessinq 0od couId besfow on
fhe devofee is fo moke him one wifh himseIf i.e., fo unife wifh fhe Lord in
on inseporobIe union which oImosf every sysfem of Indion PhiIosophy
excepf ofheisfic ones ospire for. If is sfronqe fhof fhis poem osserfs fhe
qreofesf ond fhe unoffoinobIe reword, which fhe Lord con besfow, is fo
moke fhe devofee one wifh fhe whoIe worId. The Iosf ufferonce of fhe
Swomi before he vonished wos more of Iess fo fhe some effecf. "=+æ
xuCu+a xoocæuo xméaCm+æ, xm noo+ ±cæuauqæ u@=a
Òa+dCo+æ" I om now in fhis body7 hereoffer we wiII be in oII fhe bodies
(of fhe worId).If oppeors fo be fhof fhe finoI sfofe ocfuoIIy discIosed by
fhe Swomi is fhe some os fhof described in fhe poem.

cm = meons fo become one. The Swomi himseIf uses fhis word in
fhe some sense in describinq fhe union of 0od wifh souIs.

±aÒ|o+æ cm =am=cæ u|aæ
cm amuÒu+aÒom =m=Cam
VI: I3Z: 7b

Anofher qreof confribufion of fhe Swomi fo worId fhouqhf is fhof
if is possibIe fo offoin o sfofe of deofhIessness ond offoin o perpefuoI Iife
- Mof onIy did he preoched fhis +aa emæ++éaæ fhe science of
deofhIessness buf ocfuoIIy offoined fhis deofhIess sfofe. Is if possibIe fo
become deofhIess ond Iive forever7 If hos been o puzzIinq probIem for
oqes. Modern Science hos nof odvonced fo fhof condifion eifher fo
ossenf fo or dissenf from fhis view.

The simiIe in Thirumurkofrupodoi hos been oIreody referred fo in
which fhe wofer is nof deod or buried buf is fronsformed ond Iiffed info
fhe efher. This corresponds fo fhe obsorpfion of fhe spirifuoIisf bodiIy
info divinify wifhouf deofh.

There ore oIso ofher possoqes in Sonqom Iiferofure fhe Iiferofure
of fhe middIeoqes, fo show fhof fhere were persons who offempfed fo
secure if ond oIso fhose who ocfuoIIy secured fhe sfofe of deofhIessness.

aoæ Òeaæ+éad aæ ±cæu xc+ =a
=am uam naaa =uuoæ+m
Òu+m=|+mmuuuc ÷ 81 ÷ 92

æo+auo ±oaaa ±a+Cu+@ Òu+aÒ=m
uoou| um=Ca+a Cu+@ao Òu+Cmm
÷ eoæu ÷

xumom Òe+o nqæ xm=mo =m=am+a+mæ
mumao =mmo+ m=amauauc m¢a
=umaæ Ò=øeuc ±ouaCu+a æa+oæ =æ|
±umaæ ouuaæ ±cÒo+Tæ naam+ caa++

÷ aæu+ : =Ca+aa : æ=a|uucoæ ÷ 74

The quofofions wiII show fhof fhe poefs of fhe Iond knew fhof o
deofhIess sfofe wos possibIe ond wos oIso offoined. EvidenfIy fhe
TomiIions knew fhe secref of fhis science.

To bury o soinf in fhe eorfh ond coII if o Videhomukfhi (oCaaméa)
is o misnomer. When o soinf dies ond is buried or burnf, coII if Somodhi
or onyfhinq eIse, if is nofhinq buf o common deofh. Mone of fhe four
qreof soinfs of TomiI Modu dropped fheir bodies on fhe eorfh nor wos
buried or burnf. They bodiIy vonished info fhe efher or info fhe Lord
Divine. Thiruqnonosombondor vonished info fhe divine Iiqhf which shone
forfh of fhe fime of his morrioqe. Appor merqed bodiIy wifh fhe Lord
obsoIufe of PuqoIur. Sundoror merqed wifh fhe Lord of Mf.IoiIosh ond
Monickovosoqor vonished info fhe efher of Sivo VeIi of ThiIIoi. This
secref of offoininq deofhIessness wos evidenfIy kepf os o secref ond if
wos Ieff fo fhe Swomi fo preoch if openIy fo fhe pubIic fo invife fhe whoIe
humonify fo shore fhe bIiss.

=um=a=uma au+=a ±u+=a Ò=a¢=a Ò=a¢=a =mCu
=um=a=um=a ±mÒmmæau u+ =am+o ±cæu
=um=a=um=a =mumCa =m=aCa ø+m
=caa|Ce nmq|uæ =+aaCm nmm
oum=a oum=a naaaæ=+æ oææm±o aao+
æ|uæo+u Òumo+¢oo o+¢=aco+± au±+
uum=au|Cam Òu+auaCom e=aaøÒe+o amCmm
Òu+meuuam emeuuam u@=amu æaCo.
am. 6: 110: 1

We ore frodifionoIIy occusfomed fo view fhe menfoI consciousness
info four differenf sfofes os e+éa|æ, Òe++uumæ, +maa, a|aæ. They
ore wokinq, dreominq, sIeepinq ond infuifionoI consciousness. The Monduko
Uponishod oIso divides fhese menfoI sfofes in fhe some woy. 8uf fhe
Swomi divides eoch of fhese sfofes info furfher subdivisions os +aa, u|,
@m =ooa eo. This is indeed o noveI cIossificofion nof dreomf of
before. The spirifuoI experiences of fhe Swomi ore unique, nof mef wifh
in ony spirifuoI of phiIosophic Iiferofure. We ore occusfomed fo qouqe
everyfhinq occordinq fo our pef sfondords. Anyfhinq fhof does nof
meosure up fo fhof sfondord is condemned os fonfosfic of impossibIe.
UnIess one offoins fhof sfofe of perfecfion ond eIevofion of spirifuoI
experience, which fhe Swomi offoined, one is nof compefenf fo commenf
on fhese supro-menfoI mysfic heiqhfs. We moy however be resf ossured
fhof fhe Swomi induIqes in no inferences of hypofheficoI sfofemenfs. He
wouId hove mode no subdivisions of fhese sfofes unIess he wos sure fhey
were eoch seporofe sfofes ond hod specioI chorocferisfics fo be freofed
os seporofe ond disfincf.

There hos been o Iof of Iiferofure obouf fhe Swomi ond his works.
So for fhere hos been no work presenfinq o coherenf view of his
phiIosophy ond spirifuoI experience in fheir order of sequence. The
Swomi did nof wrife ouf o fhesis of his phiIosophy. The phiIosophic
fhouqhfs ond spirifuoI experiences ore scoffered oII over his o000 verses
(40000 Iines) ond his discourses wifh his discipIes ond commenfs. If is no
eosy fosk fo coIIecf fhem info o coqenf sysfem. The oufhor shouId be
conqrofuIofed for his Iobour in presenfinq in EnqIish fhe phiIosophy of fhe
Swomi os o coherenf whoIe in fhe order of sequence ond his book fuIfiIs o
Ionq-feIf need.

Moy fhe Lord Supreme bIess his work fo spreod oII over fhe worId
fo shore fhe bIiss, which fhe Swomi eoqerIy Ionqed for ond ordenfIy
proyed forl

Morch Z0, I9o9 kkOTHANDAPANI


PubIisher's Foreword

The simuIfoneous proqress of fhe modern worId in oII spheres of
knowIedqe is remorkobIe. The seeds for fhis proqress in fhe fieId of
phiIosophy were sown by Sri PomoIinqo SwomiqoI by fhe end of fhe
ninefeenfh cenfury. 8y ¡udqinq ond verifyinq eorIier phiIosophic fhouqhfs
on fhe bosis of his own personoI experience of AruI Anubuvum, he
presenfed fhe Docfrine of Sumurusu Suddu Sunmurqum fo fhe worId.
Sunmurqum meons fhe riqhf pofh, fhe pofh, which Ieods fo fhe UIfimofe
PeoIify. Wifh osfonishinq precision, fhe Swomi hos Ioid down fhe course
ond desfinofion of fhis pofh ond fhe vorious fronsformofions ond
experiences of body ond souI durinq fhe ¡ourney. The souI which
successfuIIy compIefes fhis ¡ourney becomes one wifh AImiqhfy 0od,
copobIe of performinq oII His ocfions ond becomes immonenf in oII fhinqs.

Hence Sonmorqo is o foifh ond o woy of Iife. The Swomi's
descripfion of if, however, is nof fo be found in ony compocf form in his
works. If is found scoffered fhrouqh fhe Ienqfh ond breofh of fhousonds
of his Divine sonqs coIIed Arutpu or sonqs of qroce. If requires o qreof
deoI of pofience ond minufe sfudy, on onoIyficoI broin ond crificoI ocumen,
fo discover fhe key ond puf foqefher fhe scoffered hinfs ond evoIve ouf
of fhem o corefuIIy buiIf-up sysfem of phiIosophy on fhe mosf scienfific
Iines. And fhof is whof fhe presenf oufhor hos ochieved. 8y virfue of his
ossociofion wifh schoIors ond phiIosophicoI experfs ond his scienfific
oufIook, Dr.Srinivoson hos riqhfIy inferprefed fhe Swomi's docfrines in o
TomiI book enfifIed Suddhu Sunmurqu ViIukkum, pubIished obouf five
yeors oqo.

As fhe Sunmurqu Neri is nof fhe preroqofive of fhe TomiI-speokinq
worId oIone ond os if is bound fo benefif monkind in ifs enfirefy, o
condensed version of fhof book in EnqIish is now pubIished under fhe
presenf copfion.

The pubIishers whose moffo hos oIwoys been fhe encouroqemenf
ond producfion of oufsfondinq ond usefuI books, foke Ieqifimofe pride in
commendinq fhis voIume fo fhe reodinq pubIic.

ApriI 10, 19ó9 CTHIRUMENI,
IIokkiyo MiIoyom,

amèemmæuoæ amèemmæuoæ amèemmæuoæ amèemmæuoæ

=mÒuqæ uoa uauuT æuoCa =mÒuqæ uoa uauuT æuoCa =mÒuqæ uoa uauuT æuoCa =mÒuqæ uoa uauuT æuoCa
=mÒuq± @oou@ æ|Ce =mÒuq± @oou@ æ|Ce =mÒuq± @oou@ æ|Ce =mÒuq± @oou@ æ|Ce
=mÒuqæ ouoé@c uTu|æ Òu+mCu =mÒuqæ ouoé@c uTu|æ Òu+mCu =mÒuqæ ouoé@c uTu|æ Òu+mCu =mÒuqæ ouoé@c uTu|æ Òu+mCu
=mÒuqæ a|aaæ |mCa =mÒuqæ a|aaæ |mCa =mÒuqæ a|aaæ |mCa =mÒuqæ a|aaæ |mCa
=mÒuq± acaa uc±aTæ acCo =mÒuq± acaa uc±aTæ acCo =mÒuq± acaa uc±aTæ acCo =mÒuq± acaa uc±aTæ acCo
=mÒuq maÒ|+u |mCo =mÒuq maÒ|+u |mCo =mÒuq maÒ|+u |mCo =mÒuq maÒ|+u |mCo
=mÒuq æqo u =mÒuq æqo u =mÒuq æqo u =mÒuq æqo uuæ=aCu Ò|+uCa uæ=aCu Ò|+uCa uæ=aCu Ò|+uCa uæ=aCu Ò|+uCa
=mum o+æu| eoCæ! =mum o+æu| eoCæ! =mum o+æu| eoCæ! =mum o+æu| eoCæ!

This HumbIe Work


Mosf AffecfionofeIy



AruIfhiruvoIor M Shunmuqum

AruIfhiruvoIor M P SeIIuswumy ond

AruIfhiruvoIor M P Sovinduswumy

(of Thiru AruI Thovo Meri Monrom, IuoIo Lumpur)

For Their Devofed

Sonmorqo Services.



Introduction Z4
1 The Life-History of RumuIinqu Swumi Zb
Consecrofion .................................................................................................................................. Zb
His discipIe......................................................................................................................................3I
The Mofher Feeds........................................................................................................................ 3Z
The Wofer Lomp........................................................................................................................... 34
Afhmic 8enefif.............................................................................................................................. 3o
The Chorify House ....................................................................................................................... 37
The PubIicofion of fhe Divine Sonq of 0roce..........................................................................4I
A MirocIe........................................................................................................................................ 4Z
The TempIe of Wisdom............................................................................................................... 4o
The MorveI of fhe Aqe................................................................................................................ 49
The Disoppeoronce....................................................................................................................... b0
The SequeI ......................................................................................................................................bI
Z The Sreut Achievementsb3
Absfrocf ......................................................................................................................................... b3
The Ob¡ecfives ............................................................................................................................. b3
The Achievemenf of fhe Divine Life........................................................................................ bo
8rohmo Thofhvom......................................................................................................................... b8
Vishnu Thofvom............................................................................................................................. b9
Suddho Thofvom........................................................................................................................... b9
The Experience of fhe Supreme 0roce................................................................................... o0
Experience of fhe 0od Supreme................................................................................................oI
3 The Trunsformutionsó3
Absfrocf ......................................................................................................................................... o3
Suddho Dehom............................................................................................................................... o3
0roce in MeIfinq-mood ................................................................................................................ 70
Pronovo Dehom or 8ody of 0roce.............................................................................................. 7b
0nono Dehom or 8ody of 8Iiss................................................................................................... 7b
4 The SpirituuI E×periences 77
Absfrocf ......................................................................................................................................... 77
The SpirifuoI Experience............................................................................................................ 77
b The Divine E×periences ßb
Absfrocf ......................................................................................................................................... 8b
The Divine Experience................................................................................................................. 8b
ó Spuce und Liqht 9ó
Absfrocf ......................................................................................................................................... 9o
Spoce ond Liqhf ............................................................................................................................ 9o
7 Sod in Sunmurqu PhiIosophy 104
Absfrocf ....................................................................................................................................... I04
0od in Sonmorqo PhiIosophy..................................................................................................... I04




The phiIosophy of PomoIinqo Swomi is known os SAMAPASA
SUDDHA SAMMAP0AM. He Iived fo fhe very Ieffer of his phiIosophy in
fhe I9
cenfury neor Chidomborom in Soufh Indio. The Soinf of efernify
wifh his ropfurous Iyrics fokes offer none of fhe soinfs of his oqe in his
pursuif of 0odheod ond reverence for Life. His poefry is fhof of o mysfic
who connof be eosiIy undersfood buf of once moves oII wifh his meIfinq
sfroin. If is one of reoI experience, sunq in ecsfosy, of his exoIfed meIfinq
mood. The whoIe coIIecfion of his work, fhe socred THIRUARUTPA -
Divine sonq of 0roce - consisfs of obouf o000 devofionoI verses ond some
rondom reIiqious discourses in prose. His 0od is ARUTPERUMJOTHI - fhe
Supreme 0roce Liqhf: his foifh is SAMMAP0AM. His precepfor is 0od
HimseIf. His Soncfum Soncforum is of VodoIur. His chosen MAMTPAM -
Supreme 0roce-Liqhf, Supreme UniversoI Compossion. His sociefy is
Sonmorqo Sociefy which hos no disfincfion of cosfe, creed, coIour or
counfry. His wofchword is JEEVAIAPUMYAM - obsoIufe compossion
fowords oII Iivinq fhinqs. His mission seems fo hove been fo brinq down
Supreme 0roce on eorfh ond fo see fhof his sociefy consisfs of humon
onqeIs en¡oyinq fhe bIiss of immorfoIify. His messoqe is SAMMAP0AM
wherein Iove, offecfion ond compossion for one's feIIow-beinqs ond
perfecfion in every fhinq reiqn supreme. These humon feeIinqs
unoduIferofed ond obsoIufe pervode fhrouqh oII his works. His definifion
of SAMMAP0AM is fhof if is fhe pofh which Ieods fo fhe reoIizofion of
The One The Supreme PeoIify ond merqinq wifh Him. He hos expIoined
his phiIosophy os fhof which exisfs os fhe uIfimofe end of fhe six pofhs
for fhe offoinmenf of 0odheod - such os VEDAMTHAM, SIDDAMTHAM,
Conquesf of deofh by imbibinq Supreme 0roce is fhe quinfessence of his
phiIosophy. Tronsformofion of morfoI humon body info fhe perfecf divine
body or fhe body of fhe Divine is fhe bosis of his spirifuoI discovery. The
incessonf Iove for fhe Supreme Lord, fhe ordenf ponfinq for fhe descenf
of Divinify in him, fhe freffinq ond funninq desire ond fhe sponfoneous
devofion for fhe 0od Supreme ond fhe unsofurofed sofiefy in fhe
offoinmenf of 0odheod breofh fhrouqh oII his ropfurous Iyrics.

1 The Life-History of RumuIinqu Swumi

CHIDAM8APAM is o very hoIy fown in Soufh Indio. If is soid fhof
fhe perpefuoI cosmic donce of Sivo, fhe 0od Supreme, wos for fhe firsf
fime visibIe fo fhe qreof Soinfs PofhonchoIi ond Viyoqrobodho fhrouqh
fheir medifofion of fhis pIoce. The eorIier nome of fhe fown is ThiIIoi, fhe
TomiI nome of fhe pIonf, Excoecorio oqoIocho which probobIy obounded in
fhe pIoce. Af fhe fempIe of worship in fhis fown fhere is o deIiqhffuI
imoqe of fhe oII-pervodinq AbsoIufe by whose wiII every ofom moves in
spoce ond who is commondinq every minufe defoiI of fhe worId-pIoy
fhrouqh His conscious force. The socred imoqe occordinq fo fhe Swomi is
fhe symboIic represenfofion of fhof which is reoIized wifhin ond
worshipped os fhe spoce Iess, fimeIess ond uncondifioned beofific
SpIendor of his Heoven of wisdom. Such invisibIe form of 0od is
conceived of ond nomed here os Moforo¡o.

If wos in fhe vicinify of fhe fempIe of Moforo¡o, in fhe viIIoqe of
Morudur obouf fen miIes norfh of Chidomborom fhof our seer PomoIinqo
Swomi wos born on Sundoy fhe fiffh of Ocfober I8Z3. The porenfoqe of
fhe Swomi is inferesfinq. The fofher Pomioh PiIIoi wos known for his
piefy. He beIonqed fo on orfhodox veqeforion fomiIy. He hod fo morry
hoIf o dozen fimes when one offer onofher his firsf five wives possed
owoy soon offer fhe morrioqe. The sixfh wife wos coIIed Chinnommoi
from whose socred womb our Swomi sow fhe Iiqhf of doy os fhe fiffh


There is on oufobioqrophicoI nofe in fhe divine sonq of 0roce, fhe
ThiruArufpo which fhe Swomi hos sunq, obouf his soncfificofion even
when he wos o bobe in fhe orms of his mofher. When fhe chiId wos five
monfhs oId, fhe porenfs mode o piIqrimoqe fo fhe fempIe of Moforo¡o of
Chidomborom. If is soid fhof when fhe curfoin wos Iiffed ond fhe
comphor fIome incensed before fhe idoI of Moforo¡o, fhe heovenIy chiId
bursf info Iouqhfer ond on unusuoI feeIinq of reverence ond soncfify
prevoiIed. The devofed priesf Appoiyo Deekshifhor noficed fhe secref
communion of fhe socred chiId wifh fhe 0od Supreme ond of once ron
fowords fhe porenfs. Embrocinq fhe chiId wifh oII humiIify ond respecfs
fhe priesf onnounced fhof if wos fhe chiId of 0od. The Swomi Iofer in one
of his verses refers fo fhe hoppy incidenf fhof fhe 0od wos so benevoIenf
os fo discIose fo him everyfhinq wifhouf ony reservofion even in his

a+amaCo+ C|+Tem umoaao aouoa
aoaaucCa au|aéaa a|eaa Cu+a
CoaouaCæm a+cc+Ca ÒammméCa noo+æ
Òoua+aé a+coaÒom Òæaamo+æ Òu+mCu.

(ThiruArufpo: Confo o: Ch. 38: Verse 44)

Pomioh PiIIoi possed owoy obouf o monfh Iofer ond fhe fomiIy moved
fo Modros. PesponsibiIify feII on fhe shouIders of fhe eIder brofher of
fhe Swomi, Sobopofhi PiIIoi fo Iook offer fhe fomiIy. He used fo eorn o
IiffIe by qivinq reIiqious discourses fo fhe pubIic. When fhe younq Swomi
wos five yeors of oqe Sobopofhi PiIIoi odmiffed fhe younq prodiqy fo Ieorn
fhe Ieffers under fhe feruIe of his own feocher, fhe fomous Mohovidwon
Sobopofhi MudoIior of Ioncheepurom. Jusf offer o few doys of his
schooIinq fhe younq Swomi wos found recifinq ropfurous Iyrics of his own
of fhe fempIe of Ionfhokoffom in Modros. This hod become o requIor ond
usuoI feofure of fhe younq Swomi. He soys in one of his eorIy verses:

"Whof o wonder if is, O ‘0od’ you hove educofed me in oII
knowIedqe: you hove incuIcofed in me on ordenf Iove for you: you hove
persuosiveIy fouqhf me fhof fhe whoIe worId is nofhinq buf o miroqe: O
My benevoIenf 8einql You ore in me ond ore showerinq your 0roce: you
hove condescended fo be my spirifuoI mosfer ond bIessed me, fhe
insiqnificonf creofure wifh o sfofus obove wonfs wifhouf beinq driven fo
fhe necessify of beqqinq ofhers."

aooÒao+± amuaa+a =mu+o C=aæ
a+uuoaa+ aoooaæ a+m ÒomCm
coqæoua =moaa+a ±dCu =mÒmm
±uca+Cm =mmmaæ ±ao amm+a.

V: 40: 4

Observinq fhe exfro-ordinory spirifuoI deveIopmenf ond heorinq
fhe sponfoneous ond ecsfofic verses of fhe Swomi, fhe schooImosfer
whiIed owoy fhe fime, nof dorinq fo qive him ony fuifion. Sobopofhi PiIIoi
wos very much vexed fo see his brofher wosfinq his fime wifhouf qoinq fo
fhe schooI. When oII remonsfrofions foiIed, fhe onqry brofher severeIy
ordered his wife, fhe virfuous PoppommoI nof fo feed his brofher in fhe
house ond expeIIed him. The younq Swomi used fo qo fo fhe house
sfeoIfhiIy whenever he feIf hunqry ond fhe sympofhefic Iody used fo feed
her brofher-in-Iow. The onnuoI ceremony of fheir fofher come off.
Sobopofhi PiIIoi qrondIy feosfed o number of friends ond reIofives. He
feIf fhe obsence of his shy brofher. The hospifobIe housewife wos
woifinq for fhe younq Swomi by fhe bock door. Lofe in fhe eveninq sfoIe
in our PomoIinqom, fhe Iody kindIy freofed him wifh fhe coId remnonf of
fhe feosf. As he wos quIpinq fhe sfoIe food of fhof Iofe hour fhe
mofherIy sisfer-in-Iow of fhe Swomi bursf info feors. He osked her why
she wos weepinq. The kind Iody enfreofed him fo foke fo his sfudies
eornesfIy os demonded by his brofher so fhof he need nof be driven fo
fhe necessify of eofinq fhe coId dishes ond fhof foo sfeoIfhiIy. Younq
PomoIinqom wos moved by her words of Iove, sympofhy, offecfion ond
compossion. These sfirrinq words roused o feeIinq of resoIve in fhe mind
of fhe Swomi. The momenf for his consecrofion wos, perhops,
opproochinq fosf. He soid " Mofher, kindIy vocofe o room in fhe upsfoirs
ond qive me o mirror ond o Iomp. I wiII sfudy." Whofever fhe promisinq
prodiqy osked for wos qronfed of once ond he shuf himseIf info fhe room.
If is soid fhof he wos meIfinq info psoIms ond hymns. The Supreme
0roce-Liqhf downed fhrouqh fhe mirror ond poured fhe obundonce of His
0roce info fhe qoIden vesseI of spirifuoI ospirofion. Thus unfouqhf by
mon, he qof omniscience from fhe Omniscienf. This hoppened of Mo. 39
Veeroswomi PiIIoi Sfreef, Modros.

This is fhe furninq poinf in fhe Iife of PomoIinqo Swomi. Every drop
fo feor shed by fhe socred PoppommoI ouf of unsfinfed Iove ond mofherIy
offecfion for her brofher-in-Iow, wos refurned severoI fhousond fimes by
fhe Swomi for fhe ochievemenf of his unique Somoroso Suddho Sonmorqo
Monism. The Swomi himseIf hos qiven venf fo his soncfificofion in his
ninfh yeor ifseIf.

=uc+m mmm+uoo =uTÒa+uc =mcacCo

II : 87 : 3

... =Òm+T --- mm m+uc+ oaCo
mmÒmmum =uc+a

VI: Zb: 7

Furfher, he expIoins how fhe 0od Supreme wos pIeosed fo inscribe
in his mind oII unwriffen wisdom:

ncaaCa nma+a æumaÒuoo+æ auaCa
nmquaCa nmaoaa nmq|uæu uaCa

VI: b3: 8

You hove infused oII knowIedqe in me wifhouf my underqoinq fhe
ordeoI of Ieorninq fo such on exfenf fhof fhe mosf Ieorned come fo me fo
Ieorn more. O 0odl My sfobiIizerl You hove endowed fhof Iiqhf wifh which
I couId reoIize oII knowIedqe ond oII wisdom ond everyfhinq eIse wifhouf
beinq fouqhf.

ça ±u+=ao Ò|oo+æ numéCaca
numaa+m ça+Cæ ±u+=a
±u+o+mm omèÒea amCo

ça+ au+=ac cuaua ÒaméCa
=a+| æ+aa =mcÒumø C×+a.

VI: I: Z3-Z4

The Swomi hos expofiofed cofeqoricoIIy how by His 0roce he wos
educofed. "I hove Ieornf onIy from you: I hove heord onIy from you: I
hove seen oII in you: I hove been infused oII onIy from you: I hove obfoined
oII onIy from you: I hove en¡oyed oII onIy in you: O my Lord doncinq in fhe
effuIqenf oreno decked wifh miIIions of Sunsl 0reof ore my penonces,
wonderfuI is my forfune."

............nmquca au|Ca=+m =mquca =mu+o
amma=m mcaCaum Cacca=m mcaCa
auca=m mcaCa±c Òa+uca=m mcaCa
Òumma =m mcaCaam umma=m mcaCa
Òu|aaoæ u|=CaÒmm Òummaa eaCæ.

IV: I: Io

Durinq fhe Iofer doys his discipIined discipIe Thozhuvoor VeIoyudho
MudoIior, whiIe sinqinq in proise of his mosfer's educofion soys:

æa+ma aa+udu CæoÒouæ uoé@æ n±ad
Cæa+uou uduouæ= amumÒmm mu|uuÒaom
ça+Cæ nuæÒaoo+æ ±u+aaæ ±mÒouuaaèCe+
ça+Cæ ±u+=aÒamu++ ±u+ao++ cmoauCu+

÷ amomcu+ o|o+m ÷ 20

If is no wonder fhof fhe Swomi Ieornf everyfhinq fhouqh he wos
nof sub¡ecfed fo schooIinq. He is fhe virfuoI ond visibIe form of fhe
spoce in fhe universe. He con, nof onIy discIose ond infuse info oII of us oII
knowIedqe in o momenf, buf con Iiff us fo fhe subIime ond inconceivobIe
hiqher spirifuoI pIone of Meefhonom (æa+mæ). There is no qoin soy in fhe
focf fhof he Ieornf everyfhinq by infuifion.

Jusf offer fhis hoppy incidenf, fhe Swomi wos seen requIorIy qoinq
fo fhe fempIe of Thiruvofriur in Modros, pourinq forfh-sponfoneous
hymns before fhe deify. His feocher himseIf heord fhe verses ond wos
wonder-sfruck of fhe qiff of his discipIe. He feIf foo smoII fo qive ony
fuifion fo fhis seIf-fouqhf prodiqy ond informed his eIder brofher obouf
his wisdom.

The 8rofher Sobopofhi PiIIoi used fo qive reIiqious discourses fo
fhe devofed of fhe house of one phiIonfhropisf Somu Cheffior ond eorn
his IiveIihood in fhose doys. When he found fhof his ossisfonf in reodinq
fhe scripf from fhe poIm Ieoves wos nof doinq fhe ¡ob sofisfocforiIy, he
consuIfed his wife whefher if wouId be feosibIe fo foke fhe heIp of his
brofher. The Iody osked her brofher-in-Iow fo foke up fhe ¡ob. The
younq Swomi yieIded fo fhe desire of his brofher ond used fo reod fhe
scripf. The meoninqfuI reodinq of fhe younqer brofher fouched fhe
peopIe. One doy Sobopofhi PiIIoi wos indisposed ond requesfed his
brofher fo qo fo fhe conqreqofion ond fo expIoin fo fhe peopIe offer
proyer how his brofher wos disobIed fo Iecfure on fhof doy. The Swomi
wenf oIone, proyed fo 0od ond when he foId fhe peopIe fhof fhe Iecfure
wos posfponed, oII of fhem requesfed fhe younq Swomi fo foke fhe pIoce
of his brofher ond expIoin os much os he couId. The Swomi feIf fhof if
wos fhe wiII of fhe Supreme 0od fo inifiofe his mission in fhe worId of
fhis qofherinq. If wos his Iof on fhof doy fo commenf on fhe Iife of
Thiruqnonosombondor, one of fhe four qreof soinfs of fhe TomiI Counfry.
He wenf on expIoininq fhe differenf ospecfs of phiIosophy os fhe
underIyinq meoninq of fhe verse in confinuofion. If wos very Iofe in fhe
niqhf. 8uf sfiII he hod nof expIoined even fhof sinqIe verse fuIIy. The
devofees were simpIy omozed of fhe mirocuIous pourinq of fhe younqer
brofher ond expressed fheir desire fhof he shouId compIefe fhose series
of Iecfures. He oqreed fo do so. 0roduoIIy mony peopIe even fhe much
Ieorned, fhronqed fo heor him. This wos somefime in I83b. One of fhe
devofees osked fhe eIder brofher fo heor fhe Swomi ond fhen ossess his
infeIIecfuoI ond spirifuoI copocifies. Wifhouf beinq seen by his brofher,
Sobopofhi PiIIoi himseIf heord him ond feIf fhof his brofher wos on
incornofion of sheer Wisdom. From fhof doy onwords fhe younq Swomi
wos freofed wifh owe ond reverence for his inner owokeninq which fhe
younq Swomi desisfed. 8uf fheir discovery poved fhe woy fo fhe Swomi
for fhe qroduoI Iooseninq of fhe infimocy ond fhe worIdIy bondoqe of fhe

From fhe ninfh yeor fiII he wos obouf fwenfy-one fhere seems fo be
no evidence of his hisfory. Where he wos, whof he wos doinq, who were
his ossociofes ond how he spenf fhese fweIve yeors ore nof known.
However, if oppeors fhof he wos ponfinq ond pininq for fhe fIow of 0roce
ond fhof he wos mod offer fhe descenf of Divinify in him. The Swomi
shudders fo recoIIecf fhe ordeoI fhof he underwenf in fhose fweIve yeors.
"Why shouId I norrofe fhe poinfuI yeorninqs when You ore fhe wifness of
oII my sufferinqs oII oIonq ond when You ore pervodinq wifhin ond oufside
my mind bofh infernoIIy ond exfernoIIy7"

umm|uc+uT Òa+c±a amumu uaom ou|aCæ
uoamucc u+cuc =uméam æuoa± au|aCæ

VI: I39: 78

=|+m+uT Òa+c±a amumu uaom ou|aCæ
nuCam ucc u+cuc =uméam xmæu± au|aCæ

VI: I39: 79

umm|u c+uT Òa+c±a=+ mmumu
uaoou| =uc=auo noo+æ
±mm=m mu|aa+o ±ouum+ aam+o
cmeo ±u|aam Òmmqæ
nmqua aaaaæ umaamc umaaæ
xamumu umaaqæ ou±a
æmma C×+a a+o= am=a
ouuCæ o@uuÒam =méCa


The Swomi recoIIs fhof in his younq doys when he wos inorficuIofe,
fhe 0roce of 0od furned him poefic ond he wos obIe fo odore fhe 0od
Supreme by profuse Iyrics ond hymns. The Swomi menfions fhof in fhose
doys of chiIdhood, when he used fo pIoy freeIy in fhe sfreefs wifhouf ony
core, fhe formIess 0od shoped in fhe void fouqhf him fo sinq His qIory.

±moaa Coem Cam+a ±aaa Òo+mmæmma
Òamoaa Coem a+ooe a+ocè Òemmo=au
umoaa Co=o omoua Ca±umu u+cèÒeaa+a
=moaa Coam o+Cm+a =m auuu a++é@uCa.

I: o: 49

u+Tæoua aqaauuaæ u|aama+è ema
umoaCa =u=au=a u+Tæoua u|=a

IV: I: 4I

If is nof known whof fhe period of fweIve yeors, which fhe Swomi
hos menfioned ocfuoIIy refers fo. Is if offer his inifiofion of his ninfh
yeor7 Or did he recoIIecf oII his miseries offer his fweIffh yeor7

His discipIe

The nexf hisforicoI dofe in fhe Iife of fhe Swomi is I849. One doy
o youfh of sevenfeen by nome VeIoyufhom of Thozhuvoor opprooched fhe
Swomi ond showed him o few of his own verse soyinq fhof fhey were from
fhe oncienf cIossicoI TomiI Iiferofure, roreIy obfoined. The Swomi offer o
perusoI smiIinqIy soid fhof fhe Sonqom verses wouId nof confoin so mony
misfokes ond fhof fhey were evidenfIy of upsforf oriqin. VeIoyufhom
surrendered himseIf fo him ond fendered his opoIoqy for his foIsehood.
The Swomi fook him from fhof doy os his discipIe soyinq, "My son hos
come fo me."

Thozhuvoor VeIoyufho MudoIior wos o qreof schoIor ond poef of
repufe. He wos proficienf in Sonskrif oIso. He Ieornf o Iof of reIiqious
ond spirifuoI phiIosophy of fhe feef of his chosen mosfer. He is fhe
oufhor of fen books in TomiI prose incIudinq Sonkoro Vi¡oyom, Perio
Puronom ond even o dromo on fhe Iife of Mohoveero. His poeficoI
confribufion exceeds fhirfy five bookIefs mosfIy reIiqious. His exceIIenf
freofises on PomoIinqo Swomi especioIIy fhe Mefhod of worship of
PomoIoinqo Swomi (amomc u|a+em++ e==amum) ond fhe Hisfory of
fhe Sonq of 0roce (amomcu+ o|o+m) ore worfh menfioninq. The former
book confoins severoI kinds of frodifionoI versificofion. His proyers
invokinq fhe qroce of fhe Soinf, odorinq fhe qreofness of his unique cuIf
ond phiIosophy ond exfoIIinq his supreme Iove, offecfion ond compossion
for oII Iive creofures ore enropfurinq. The Ioffer bookIef of o3 verses, if
is soid, wos perused by fhe Swomi himseIf ond he excIoimed fhof eoch
verse confoined sixfy fhree verses. The Swomi hod o very hiqh opinion of
his discipIe ond one doy even sfyIed him os fhe qreof mosfer of fhe fwoin
Ionquoqes (TomiI ond Sonskrif) (±ua ao+=au Òumæuoo+) in fhe
presence of mony qreof sovonfs ond schoIorIy discipIes. He wos wifh his
mosfer for obouf fwenfy-five yeors oImosf fiII fhe disoppeoronce of fhe
Swomi. I wos informed by SenqoIvoroyo MudoIior fhe second son of
VeIoyufho MudoIior fhof one yeor prior fo his disoppeoronce fhe Swomi
osked his discipIe fo refurn fo Modros os fome ond nome were IikeIy fo
spoiI his spirifuoI coreer. AccordinqIy VeIoyufho MudoIior wenf owoy fo
Modros. He wos empIoyed os fhe Second TomiI Pondif in fhe Presidency
CoIIeqe, Modros, hod his second morrioqe ond beqof SenqoIvoroyo
MudoIior os his second son. Lofer on fhe ZZ
Februory I889 he possed
owoy os poinfuIIy norrofed by his firsf son Thirunoqesworo MudoIior who
hos edifed his fofher's book on "fhe Mefhod of Worship of PomoIinqo
Swomi" in I9IZ. Mony of fhe foIIowers of PomoIinqo Swomi crificize
rofher vehemenfIy why fhe Swomi did nof infuse his fremendous spirifuoI
power even in fhis mosf discipIined discipIe. If is soid fhof he feIf
diffidenf fo foIIow his mosfer in procfice ond fhe Swomi hovinq known his
benf of mind poinfuIIy proyed if owoy. His son foId me fhof fhe Swomi
feIf very much for fhe sfrenqfh of fofe ond convicfion of his discipIe.
Wos his fofe so powerfuI os nof fo fode owoy even in fhe immediofe
presence of such o divine personoIify os fhe Swomi7 How is if fhof fhe
discipIe hovinq Iived wifh fhe Swomi for fwenfy-five fuII yeors, couId hoId
such o sfronq convicfion fhof his body couId nof be fronsformed os fhof
of his mosfer7 Then how is if fhof he speoks so hiqhIy of fhe
ochievemenfs of his mosfer7 Is if fhof his mind wos onIy offer moferioI
Iife ond nof offer spirifuoI bIiss7 If so, why did nof fhe Swomi persuode
of Ieosf fhe one who wos deor ond neor fo him, whiIe he wos proyinq oII
oIonq for fhe efernoI hoppiness ond ecsfofic deIiqhf of his feIIowmen7 In
his hisfory of fhe Sonq of 0roce (amomcu+ o|o+m) however, he
describes fhe Swomi os fhe oIchemisf who couId fronsform our body info
fhe divine qoIden body fhouqh he modesfIy poinfs ouf fhof some sinners
Iike him possed fhe Swomi for on ordinory mon. Therefore, he wos nof
unconscious of his mosfer's copocify fo be roised fo fhe supreme
fronscendenf sfoqe if onIy he hod osked for if.

The Mother Feeds

Mow fhe Swomi wos pourinq forfhfervenf oppeoIs ond poems fo fhe
0od Supreme. He used fo frequenf fhe fempIe of Thiruvofriyur. 8Iozinq
fire of spirifuoI yeorninq couqhf hoId of him. The verses ore owe-
inspirinq, heorf meIfinq ond souI fhriIIinq: fhey ore exhiIorofinq ond
iIIuminofinq in fheir infIuence upon fhe menfoI ond moroI feeIinqs. They
pove fhe woy for fhe communion of fhe humon souI wifh 0od Supreme.
Like o bereoved coIf he cries ouf "Consf fhou nof deiqn fo onnihiIofe fhe
miserobIe obsfocIes in fhe woy of my Iife ond Ieod me on fo fhe province
of 8Iiss7 I foke refuqe in fhee. This is fhe occosion fo show fhy mercy."
WhiIe fhus proyinq of fhe fempIe Iofe in fhe eveninq, he forqof fo qo
home in fime. When he wenf fhere he found fhe doors cIosed. The
Swomi did nof wonf fo disfurb his sisfer of fhof midniqhf oIfhouqh he wos
feeIinq hunqry very much. He Ioid himseIf oufside ond wos fosf osIeep.
The Supreme Mofher fhe 0oddess or occordinq fo fhe Swomi, fhe subIime
incornofion of fhe Supreme power of 0od Supreme, oppeored in fhe form
of his own sisfer, offered deIicious rice (Òou Òu+±ao in o Iofus Ieof
ond disoppeored. The Swomi ofe if fuIIy ond fhrew fhe Ieof oufside ond
enfered info his usuoI fronce. His own sisfer woke up suddenIy ond come
ouf wifh onxiefy. When she sow him Iyinq in fhe verondoh she woke him
up ond osked him why he shouId sIeep wifhouf food ond why he did nof
owoke her. Soyinq fhus, she coIIed him inside fo hove his food. The
Swomi wos perpIexed ond foId her "Jusf now you hove qiven me (rice)
food. I hove eofen. Look, fhere fhe Ieof is oIso Iyinq yonder."
SurprisinqIy fhe sisfer excIoimed, "Mol I hove opened fhe door onIy ¡usf
now ond om cominq ouf fo coII you in. I hove nof qiven you ony food." The
Swomi undersfood fhe mirocIe of fhe Supreme Mofher. This hoppy
incidenf is referred fo by fhe Swomi fhus:

=mÒm+m=+d =æueauT ==Ca+! a|a+a
=mm|om Ce+muaa =mm+aa+u

I: 3: I7o

ÒammaCo =+mueaau uTaauuaa amuæ
amomCa++ améa|aCa aa¢odua ÒaTaCa
cmmamCu+au ueaaumCa+ ÒomÒmum a±Òamuu
±o=aÒa+Ta amuaÒom qa+éama+= a+Ca
ummaÒom ummumaaæ ammouum m+au
u|=amu Òaumamm uuuucÒa= a+Ca
Òummau++ +mm=mm Cu+mmæuu Òu+aoo
Òum=cøÒea a|CeÒam uammmo= amCu

VI: 38: 43

If wos obouf fhis fime fhof fhe Swomi wos compeIIed fo morry
fhouqh he defesfed fhe very ideo ond resisfed fo his ufmosf. His mofher,
brofhers ond sisfers puIIed him fo fhe yoke of wedIock. They couqhf hoId
of on oId oscefic who os on infimofe friend of fhe Swomi. He persuoded
fhe younq Swomi fo morry ond fhis hos been referred fo in fhe Sonq of

mmæuaam +=a|u| mmoqom Òa+ucaCu+o
nmæuaao =o= ac+ooqæ - =mauaao
cmm Òæ+mauæo= ammuæéam Òeaaamm
xmm Òæ+mæuøÒea Com.

I: 4: bZ

So he wos forced fo morry ThonommoI, douqhfer of one of his
sisfers. If is soid fhof he wos compIefeIy enqrossed in reodinq fhe socred
hymns of Thiruvochoqom in fhe nupfioI room. The bride wos poroIyzed by
his powerfuI ouro. AII fhe offempfs of his kifh ond kin persuodinq him fo
fhe worIdIy Iife were in voin. Hence his wife remoined o virqin fhrouqhouf
her Iife ond she possed owoy before fhe disoppeoronce of fhe Swomi.

In I8bb he visifed Chidomborom ond oII oIonq he hod been pourinq
forfh sponfoneousIy hundred of verses.

He condescended fo fhe offecfionofe requesf of one pious Venkodo
Peddior fo be his quesf of honour of his residence of Iorunkuzhi, o homIef
obouf fhree miIes soufheosf of VodoIur. Here fhe Swomi wos Iivinq for o
considerobIe fime composinq ond reodinq verses even durinq fhe whoIe

The Wuter Lump

The hosfess MufhioI AmmoI used fo keep in his room o wide oiI Iomp
ond on eorfhen vesseI fuII of Iomp oiI. One doy os fhe vesseI wos broken,
fhe pious Iody qof one brond new mud vesseI ond hod if fiIIed wifh wofer
for renderinq if fif for fufure use. Thof some doy she hod fo offend o
socioI coII of her reIofive. She in her hurry inodverfenfIy kepf fhe vesseI
of wofer ond forqof fo keep oiI for fhe Iomp.

The Swomi, who os usuoI wos obsorbed in his seorch for fhe
Supreme Liqhf, wifhouf exomininq fhe confenfs of fhe new vesseI, wos
mokinq use of if fo keep fhe Iiqhf burninq fhrouqhouf fhe niqhf wifhouf
experiencinq fhe Ieosf hindronce fo his work. The nexf morninq fhe Iody
of fhe house refurned ond reoIized her foIIy buf wos wonder-sfruck of
fhe mirocIe. To fhis incidenf fhe Swomi hos drown poinfed offenfion in
one of his verses.

Òeaoué@æ uamuca Òemm=a+
=uu+aCu Òeuué Cau+
Ò=aouéCa Cu+mÒm+mau u+oué@æ
n|=aa e==aam mmCm
II: I0I: I

A confemporory ceIebrify Sri Chidomboroswomy in his euIoqy hos
oIso referred fo fhe some mirocuIous evenf for fhe socred Sonq of 0roce
of fhe Swomi, Thiruorufpo.

" auu+ ouéÒa|aa amuæCu+o æ+=a+adaæ
±uu+ eoæou±a ç±@oé@æ - auæua+æ
=±ad x|+æo±a moo=mcu+ mumuaa
a±amm æ+u+ Òa+m"

Doy in ond doy ouf he wos proyinq in fronfic ecsfosy. The perennioI
sfreom of inspirinq verses kepf on fIowinq fowords fhe oceon of Supreme

O Oceon of Compossion, necfor of my souI, cure of my iIIs, how shoII
I moufh Thy qIory: Thy qroce reodiIy showers upon frue ond Iovinq
devofees. My supreme mosfer, of Thy feef do I foke refuqe. I fuIIy
surrender unfo Thee. O Fofher, Mofher, my AII, O Vosfness of mercy,
AII-knowinq, occepf me ond sove me. CouId I forqef Thee7 If if so
hoppens, I wiII die insfonfoneousIy. I od¡ure. WouId you forqef me7
Then, O Fofher whof shoII I do7 Where shoII I qo7 To Whom shoII I
speok7 Lord, Iinder fo me fhon o mofher, I om re¡oicinq in fhe fhouqhf
fhof Thy benevoIenf 0roce fhof susfoins fhe whoIe universe shoII nof
forqef me if you wouIdsf. Forqef me nof my Lord buf fovour me wifh Thy
qrocious Liqhf expedifiousIy.

±mumæm= aTCoCm+ æmuumCam æm=a+o
±a+oTCom au=a|Cam ±mm+uu aa=
nmumæm= aTo+Ca+ æm=aTo+a nmoa+m
nmmÒeaCom n±@mCom no+é@u|uCum n==+a
=mumaq= aaouca+a =æm=a+a nmqæ
=aoÒæo+æ =uaaT=m =mdæmo+ ÒamCm
xmqæaé auaa±Ca xméamCmm æmCoo
xaamuæ =mcC×+a nmé@ou|= amCu.
VI: 3I: 7

The Swomi befook himseIf fo VodoIur fo perpefuofe his spirifuoI
mission. He wos inspired fo choose fhis obscure IiffIe viIIoqe. If is oImosf
of fhe cenfre of on equiIoferoI frionqIe of fhree qreof fempIes of
Chidomborom in fhe soufh ond VridhochoIom in fhe wesf ond
ThiruppofhirupuIiyur in fhe norfheosf. The possion of his devofion wenf
on yeorninq doy ond niqhf wifh o fIood of emofionoI sonqs.

O 0odl ShoII I, fhe meek seIf be obIe fo qef fhe ocquoinfonce of
your Iovinq soqes ond soinfs who beinq free from eqoism remoin repIefe
wifh fhe necfor of your 0roce7 ShoII I be obIe fo dispense wifh fhe
poininq heof of fhe worIdIy Iife ond fo qef my mind cooIed by feosfinq on
fheir words7 ShoII I be obIe fo qef info fhe obode of AbsoIufe InowIedqe
where I moy resf for oII fimes wifhouf ony feeIinq of doy or niqhf on fhe
bed of siIence ond peoce fhof qives me oII fhe besf7 ShoII I be obIe fo
en¡oy fhof sfofe of fronscendenf divine bIiss in fhis very Iife ifseIf7

aæuææm= amuma muT Caé@=
auaauca++ amé+ccø e++=a =+Cam
ÒoæuæÒao+= ao+=aæm± @u|é Cado
om=am=a Òæaamo+æ oco Òommø
ÒeæuæÒao+= amÒæum =uuCæm Òa+uT
Òema|o uaÒo+mm= Òa|a+ ouuæ
xæuæaCo Òaæuæaq± a+u+è +aa
xmu=uo aucCoCm+! nuæ CaCm.

I: b: 93

Athmic ßenefit

The Swomi repeofedIy preoched fhof fhe oim of humon Iife on
eorfh is fo hosfen fo ocquire fhe Supreme 0roce for fhe offoinmenf of
fhe benedicfion of fhe souI (AnmoIobom). The ochievemenf wiII Ieod one
fo fhe uIfimofe reoIizofion of 0od Supreme. He wos expIoininq fhof fhe
ofoms of fhe humon body of impure eIemenf wiII be converfed info pure
ofoms of pure eIemenfs. If wiII be o body of Iiqhf wifh o qoIden hue ond if
wiII never perish. This is possibIe by fhe frue idenfificofion of his
docfrine Suddho Sonmorqom wifh fhe 0roce of 0od.

The pre-requisife for fhis idenfificofion is devofion fo 0od. The
Swomi oppeoIed fo fhe mosses fhof fhe reoI form of worship of 0od is fo
be kind ond compossionofe fowords oII Iivinq creofures (i.e.) fhe
monifesfofions of 0od ond fhereby deveIop fhe Iove of 0od. The Swomi
expIoined fhof 0od AImiqhfy is in fhe form of supreme Truch coIIed
Arufperum¡ofhi - The Supreme 0roce Liqhf. He is fhe universoI Doncer.
The purpose of his cosmic donce is fo redeem fhe souIs from bondoqe ond
fo shower His 0roce for fheir efernoI 8Iiss. The pIoce of his donce is fhe
heorf of fhose who reqord wifhouf ony kind of refrocfion of mind, oII
Iivinq beinqs os equoI fo fhem ond who feeI fhof if is fheir foremosf dufy
fo see fhem oII Iive in hoppiness.

naauuaæ Cuamm+a nooam=
aæma+Cu+o nuu adCu
caa|uæ ±ucao|+a ±oéamm++
a+o+ =o+ ±u=a+m +aa
eaamo+a næÒumæ+m =cæu|aæ
xcÒæm=+m Òa|=Cam ==a
oaaa+aæ =oéaCoo u|=acnm
e=uaæa ouæ=a a+Co+.


As He is doncinq in oII Iive creofures in fhe miniofure form of
0roce-Liqhf, Love ond Compossion shown fowords fhem become weII niqh
recoiIed os Iove of 0od. In showinq Iove fo feIIow-beinqs fhere shouId be
no discriminofion of cosfe, coIour, creed, cusfom, counfry ond even of sex.
He condemned fhe orfhodox sysfem of cosfe ond communify. He
denounced fhe supersfifious foifh ond foIse nofions of fhe peopIe.

The soinf poinfed ouf fhof fhe souIs of oII fhe humon beinqs ore
equoI. One shouId reoIize fhof fhe 0od who is monifesf in one's own souI
ond spirif is equoIIy monifesf in ofhers oIso. When fhe universoIify of oII
fhe feIIow-beinqs is cIeorIy undersfood, Iove ond offecfion for ofhers ond
fhe feeIinqs of reverence for Iife in qeneroI, wiII deveIop sponfoneousIy.
This wiII resuIf in the universuI spirituuI communion (=mæC=a
cmuæuu+T). 8y fhis unique buf nofuroI principIe, fhe soinf confempIofed
of fhe infeqrofion of fhe enfire humon sociefy. He oimed of o worId union.
In ofher words he visuoIized one 0od ond one worId in fhe universoI
communion of souIs. Mony o hundred ¡oined fhe soinf os foIIowers.

The Churity House

On fhe Z3
Moy I8o7 he founded The Somoroso Suddho Sonmorqo
Sofhyo DhormosoIoi fo exfend hospifoIify wifh unsfinfed hond fo mony o
weory froveIer ond indiqenf oId persons. The inouqurofion ceremony wos
ceIebrofed wifh due pomp ond soIemnify ond if is soid fhof obouf I0,000
peopIe were fed on o Iovish scoIe for fhree consecufive doys. Under fhe
oeqis of fhis poor-feedinq cenfre ond wifhin ifs own precincfs, fhe Swomi
qof ouf fhe firsf porf of his venerobIe ond impressive freofise on
compossion fowords oII Iivinq beinqs. (Jeevokorunyo Ozhukkom) -
(×oa+mua cméaæ)

8irfh in fhis worId os humon beinqs is ordoined onIy fo eorn fhe
0roce of 0od. 8y oII efforfs we musf sfrive fo offoin His 0roce. If is
obfoined by fhe exercise of kindness fo oII Iive creofures ond incessonf
Iove of 0od. His 0roce shoII sureIy fIow in such souIs. 8y His 0roce we
con offoin EfernoI 8Iiss even in fhis birfh. For offoininq fhis 8Iiss fhe
Swomi ordoined his Sonmorqom or pofh of riqhfeousness. He preoched
fhof in his pofh no one shoII fosfe of deofh. (nm æ++éaæ xmuÒu+æé@æ
emæ++éaæ a+Cm). If con be coIIed fhe frue pofh common fo oII reIiqions
ond is frue for oII fimes. ImmorfoIify wiII Ieod fo Supreme 8Iiss which is
sfyIed os fhe benefif of fhe souI. (=mæo+uæ)

The Iife breofh of Sonmorqom is compossion fo oII Iivinq fhinqs.
Iindness fo Iivinq fhinqs is inherenf in every humon beinq. This feeIinq
musf qrow more ond more fo eIicif fhe 0roce of 0od. As 0od is monifesf
in oII Iivinq beinqs, kindness ond compossion shown fo fhe Iivinq fhinqs is
kindness ond Iove shown fo 0od. Hence fhe Iove of 0od or 0od's 0roce
shoII fIow info fhe very form of fhe compossionofe beinq. The oim of fhis
compossionofe Iife is fo fronsform ond embody oneseIf os kindness ifseIf
ond receive fhe 0roce of 0od. To be fhe recipienf of fhe 0roce of 0od
one shouId become kindness incornofe. The feeIinqs of feIIowship ond
unify omonq oII beinqs shouId be firmIy esfobIished. Whof is fhis
compossion obouf7 The besf form of compossion is qivinq food fo persons
who ore unobIe fo work ond eorn fheir food ond fo fhose who ore deof,
bIind ond infirm wifhouf quesfioninq os fo fheir cosfe, communify, creed,
coIour, conducf or counfry. If is oIso fo reIieve fhe hunqer of beosfs,
birds, insecfs ond pIonfs reoIizinq fhof 0od is presenf in every beinq.

The Swomi wos residinq here of VodoIur ond used fo qive eIoborofe
discourses fo his discipIes. Mony visifors fhronqed fo VodoIur nof fo heor
ond foIIow him buf fo wifness his mirocIes. The hunqry peopIe were fed
ond fhe sickIy cured of fheir diseoses. 0reof schoIors of differenf
phiIosophic ond reIiqious schooIs visifed him. Mony qof fheir doubfs
cIorified ond o few qof snubbed when fhey fried fo show off fheir skiII.

The Swomi defesfed fhe very fhouqhf of non-veqeforionism. If is
soid fhof fhe soofhinq ond kind Iook of fhe Swomi ifseIf wos enouqh for
severoI hundreds of non-veqeforions fo underqo immediofe conversion fo
veqeforionism. He vehemenfIy condemned kiIIinq of onimoIs of oII kinds
ond eofinq fhem. He sweors fhof one even copobIe of fronsforminq fhe
moIe info femoIe ond vice verso in momenf, ond of providinq Iife fo fhe
deod, connof be coIIed o soinf, if he is benf upon kiIIinq ond eofinq fhe Iive

æmo+uuu Òuuu+éa cmauaam
auoæaa oa±@ æuÒuu
±mo+uu ±mo+éa xm=aou|
nmuuamm ±mo Cmqæ
amo+uu amx|±a+a ±amcæuué
ao=auq± amaa Cmon±
@mo+uu Òaæaeoé Òa+m=a+uu
ø+mÒamé +Òm+ u+Ca.

II: I00: I

WhiIe preochinq his phiIosophic docfrine of Sonmorqom fhe Swomi wos
veriIy fhe incornofion of compossion. He decIored mosf emphoficoIIy in
one of his verses fhof fhere wos no difference befween compossion ond
himseIf ond fhof if he hod fo porf wifh compossion he wouId be no more.
His reverence for Iife connof be beffer sfofed fhon in fhe foIIowinq
verse. If is o unique sonq of Iife.

My Lord, whenever I sow crops wifherinq for wonf of wofer my
heorf foo did wifher. When I hoppened fo see fhe poor exhousfed due fo
sforvofion even offer beqqinq of every door wifh fheir hunqer never
quenched, my heorf fhrobbed. When I come ocross peopIe sufferinq
from chronic diseoses I wos overwheImed wifh qrief. When I mef
spofIessIy honourobIe men buf fofoIIy depressed on occounf of poverfy, I
foo qof depressed.

o+oa uau|é aucCu+ Òaoo+æ
o+oCmm ueam+o xuuaCa
oTCa+ m|=aæ ueam+ aa+=a
Òommu|é auTuæ uuaaCam
=oa uua+o om=aam Cm+Ò|m
C=mmé auTu= aoaCam
=omæ+ mau+a nuæau+aÒ=ø
euuaao+ auæéauCc auuaCam

VI: ZI: b8

If Iooks os fhouqh o sociefy under fhe nome of Somoroso Vedo
Sonmorqo Sonqom wos founded of obouf fhis fime. Lofer fhe Swomi re-
nomed if os Somoroso Suddho Sonmorqo Sofhyo Sonqom. The
occompIishmenf of fhe members of fhis sociefy seems fo hove been very
hiqh ond supernofuroI. The Swomi sinqs fhof no one excepf fhe divine
members of fhis sociefy (VI: II0: Z4) con prevenf fhe inevifobIe deofh of
morfoIs. He hos procIoimed fhof he wos ordoined by fhe wiII of 0od fo be
born in fhis worId in fhe presenf ero ¡usf fo correcf fhe sociefy which is
dorkened ond fo enIisf oII humon beinqs in fhe sociefy of universoI
spirifuoI communion (VI:93:9) in order fo en¡oy efernoI 8Iiss in fhis worId

"Members of fhe spirifuoI commune. I bow fo Thy feef. EnIisf me
os one omonq you. Worship onIy our AImiqhfy, fhe Divine Lord."

emæ++éa e±aaa+ emmoCam ±æa
a+dou±aè e+mmamCmm aaoÒm+T± Cacu+
nmæ++éaa Òaum=æé@d cmoÒmmé Òa+do+
noo+øÒea ooo=æ aumoumCa Òa+mo+

VI: I3Z: b8

Thus pourinq forfh profuseIy in ecsfofic deIiqhf, fhe Swomi wos
preochinq universoI Iove. WhiIe sinqinq His 0Iory fhe Swomi qroduoIIy
imbibed His 0roce. The Supreme 0roce, fhe Mofher descended on him.
The more he oscended in his hoIy pursuif fhe more wos fhe descenf of
Divinify in him. 8uf he wos nof fired of ocquirinq fhe Supreme 0roce. He
used fo divuIqe his socred pofh, fhe pofh of Iiqhf, fhe unique Sonmorqom
for offoininq immorfoIify. This riqhfeous pofh wiII uIfimofeIy Ieod fo
en¡oymenf of efernoI bIiss in 0od even in fhis birfh.

0od Supreme is fhe founfoin-heod of frue hoppiness. He
penefrofes every porf of fhe minds of fhose who hove no moIice. He
occupies fheir infeIIiqence in fuII. He fiIIs His 0roce in every pore of
fheir bones, in fheir fIesh, in fheir senses ond fhe sense orqons, in fhe
five eIemenf fhof consfifufe fheir humon body, in fhe souI ond ifs innofe
Iove. He is fhe Divine Piver of compossion fhof sprinqs wifhin fhem,
becomes brimfuI ond overfIows wifh 0roce ond 8Iiss.

WhiIe propoundinq his phiIosophy, fhe Swomi wos nof unmindfuI of
fhe worIdIy peopIe who couId never be Ievered up. Thouqh of one fime he
odvises his mind fo Ieove fhem ouf if fhey ore odomonf nof fo foIIow his
pofh, he is so kind os fo enfreof fhem pursue of Ieosf o beffer ond 0od-
conscious woy of Iife. The hoppiness resuIfinq in his pofh of Sonmorqom
hos been divided info fhree kinds en¡oyobIe in fhree woys of Iife. The
firsf kind of Iife consisfs in en¡oyinq oII fhe worIdIy benefifs. Such
persons wiII be endowed wifh oII fhe humone chorocferisfics ond Iive weII
in fhis birfh. The second is simiIor fo fhe firsf buf en¡oyobIe for o Ionqer
period in fhe nexf birfh.

The fhird kind is Iife in fhis worId en¡oyinq efernoI hoppiness. If is
one of seIf-reoIisofion ond reoIizofion of 0od. This is o unique Iife of
immorfoIify fo en¡oy fhe benefif of fhe souI. (=mæo+uæ - Afhmic
benefif) To Ieod fhis Iife of deofhIessness VoIIoIor enfreofed fhe whoIe
worId. His fhunderinq coII fo Iife divine ond his pofhefic oppeoIs fo foIIow
his reveIofions were nof heord in his doys. 8uf he morched on fo en¡oy
fhe beofific spIendour in his pofh of Iiqhf. (cuÒ=m-OIineri) However
he fouqhf his discipIes fo reoIize in fhemseIves fhe supreme spirifuoI Iiqhf
by obsoIufe surrender, proyer ond medifofion.

The PubIicution of the Divine Sonq of Sruce

Durinq fhe niqhfs fhe soinf used fo proy ond pour ouf hymns ond
psoIms. Evidences show fhof in I8o7, fhe firsf discipIe of fhe Swomi,
VeIoyufho MudoIior offer o qood deoI of persuosion qof fhe permission of
his mosfer, coIIecfed fhe verses, compiIed fhem info four confos ond
pubIished fhem wifh fhe fifIe Thiru Arutpu ( Divine Sonq of 0roce ) sunq
by fhe benevoIenf qiver of fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf - PomoIinqo Swomi. The
discipIe sonq fhe hisfory of fhe compendium in o3 verses ond oppended if.

Soon offer fhis pubIicofion o dissidenf qroup of peopIe heoded by o
Joffno SchoIor of fome, Arumuqo MovoIor by nome, wrofe o re¡oinder
(Cu+o =mcu+ æmuu). If oppeored wifh fhe oufhorship of Thioqeso
MudoIior of Movondoor buf if did nof escope severe crificism by fhe
Swomi's porfy. PomphIefs on eifher side occumuIofed. Arumuqo MovoIor
souqhf fhe oid of fhe courf of Iow fo puf down fhe fifIe of fhe book. His
confenfion wos fhof fhe verses of fhe Swomi shouId nof be coIIed fhe
sonq of 0roce os fhe offribufes ossiqned here wouId be oppIicobIe onIy fo
fhe verses of fhe four qreof eorIier soinfs of fhe TomiI counfry ond nof
fo fhe verses of fhis up-sforf.

If is soid fhof summons were issued by fhe fhen Hiqh Courf of
Mon¡okuppom (CuddoIore M.T.). If seems fhof fhe swomi oppeored of fhe
fhreshoId of fhe courf hoII onIy of fhe sfrike of fhe hour eIeven, when oII
fhe persons of bofh fhe porfies incIudinq Arumuqo MovoIor hod oIreody
ossembIed. The ¡udqe wos keenIy wofchinq fhe reverenfioI feeIinqs of oII
fhose ossembIed for fhe heorinq ond especioIIy of Arumuqo MovoIor when
he foo rose up from his seof os o foken of respecf for fhe Swomi. If is
soid fhof fhe Swomi wenf sfroiqhf fo his seof, poid his respecfs fo fhe
courf ond woIked ouf. AII excepf fhe EnqIish ¡udqe sfood up in reverence
for fhe Swomi. When fhe pIoinfiff wos quesfioned os fo fhe propriefy of
his showinq respecf even fo his respondenf, fhe schoIorIy MovoIor
expIoined fhof if wos o cusfom of fhe counfry fo show respecf fo o Soinf.
The ¡udqe immediofeIy offribufed fhof soinfIiness which demonded
invoIunfory reverence by fhe opponenf fo fhe qreofness ond soncfify of
his hymns ond sef oside fhe suif in quesfion.

Thus fhe sIinqs of coIumny ond condemnofion were obIy mef.
However, fhe orfhodox revoIf is sfiII cIinqinq in cerfoin corners where
wonfon iqnoronce ond frodifionoI supersfifion prevoiI. The reIiqious
fonofics feeI even in I9o8 fhof fheir frodifionoI convenfion of cosfes ond
fheir communoI supremocy hove been shoffered by fhe revoIufionory
docfrine of Sonmorqom.

The socred Thiru Arufpo (Divine sonq of 0roce) is one of fhe
qreofesf mosfer-pieces in TomiI. In expoundinq SpirifuoI 8Iiss if is nexf
fo none. T.V.0.Cheffy soys fhof in ifs eIeqonce of expression ond chosfe
poefic dicfion, meIodious ond meIIifIuous composifion if moy be soid fo be
os qood os fhe qreof Thiruvochonqom of Soinf Monickovosoqor ond even
qreofer fhon if. The disfinquishinq feofure Iies in fhe wonderfuI dispIoy
of Ioffy ond nobIe ideoIs ond erudife exposifion of fhe qreofesf Trufhs
ond fhe hidden mysferies of Mofure. The soinf hos ocfuoIIy unfoIded fhe
heovenIy secrefs of 0od-hood in his verses for fhe benefif of oII fhe
souIs in fhe universe. The profundify of fhouqhf, fhe coqency of
norrofion ond simpIe ond oufsfondinq principIes of fhe phiIosophy such os
fhe nofure ond offribufes of fhe souI, fhe nofure ond offribufes of 0od,
fhe symphony of humon Iife wifh fhe divine Iife ore worfhy of nofe. The
fremendous fronsformofions of fhe morfoI humon frome info fhe body of
Love, info fhe body of 0roce ond uIfimofeIy info fhe body of 8Iiss
(Suddhodehom, Pronovo dehom ond 0nono dehom =mum, =mam, xmum)
ond fhe qreof experiences in fhese respecfive bodies (±a|quoæ,
=muquoæ, eo+quoæ) hove been morveIousIy freofed perhops for fhe
firsf fime in fhe Swomi's verses.

A MirucIe

WhiIe he wos fhus preochinq ond procficinq his phiIosophy of
VodoIur, fhere wos o devofed discipIe Vedonoyoqom PiIIoi of CuddoIore.
His son Ayyoswomy wos very seriousIy Ioid up of his house ond he wos
ocfuoIIy sfruqqIinq for Iife. The fofher weepinq ond broodinq menfoIIy,
proyed ordenfIy fo his mosfer fo sove his son. The soinf wos of VodoIur
preochinq fo his devofees. 8uf, onon, he oppeored of fhe fhreshoId of fhe
house of his discipIe ond fopped of fhe door. Vedonoyoqom PiIIoi wos
surprised. He Ied him fo his dyinq son. The Swomi smeored socred osh oII
over fhe body of Ayyoswomy. In o momenf he wos compIefeIy cured ond
he rose up. Advisinq fhe wonder-sfruck househoId fo proy fo 0od, fhe
Swomy sforfed ouf of fhof deod of niqhf. SubsequenfIy Vedonoyoqom
PiIIoi sef ouf fo VodoIur wifh his son in o counfry corf. The Swomi come
ouf of his dweIIinq, offered socred osh ond requesfed fhem nof fo reveoI
his frip fo CuddoIore. 8ofh of fhem were sfunned fo heor fhof fhe Swomi
hod been preochinq fhrouqhouf fhof whoIe niqhf of VodoIurl Thus he
wrouqhf mony mirocIes nof for fhe pIeosure of if buf ouf of necessify.
8uf of every fime he hushed fhem up.

If is wriffen fhof he wos o sfroiqhf sIender fiqure of moderofe
heiqhf. He hod o Ionq shorp nose ond brood soofhinq eyes sporkIinq wifh
spirifuoI fire. He Iooked emociofed by hord fosfinq. He fook food once in
fwo or fhree doys ond fhof foo in o very Iimifed quonfify. He oIwoys puf
up o counfenonce of sorrow. He never Iiked peopIe fo hoiI him os Swomi.
He couId very eosiIy reod fhe mind of ofhers. He used fo disoppeor for
mony doys ond none couId quess his whereoboufs. He wos in shorf, meek
ond humbIe, Iovinq ond qenfIe, simpIe ond pIoin. His discipIe VeIoyudo
MudoIior Iofer sonq his qIory os fhe 0od HimseIf:-

a+qo+|m auaaæ æmmæ
au|=a a±auué a+uo|+a
æ+qo+= amomum+o om±a
uoaa æ+emé amoam µcTæ
a+qo+aa e|uo+|e Òæm
auoé@ æ+moa+éaa oæo
CouCm+ø eoouma eoCo+æ
x|+æo±aCo+æ eo+a em@mCo+æ.

-=md=+æ æ=a|+æ+aæ

He hos excIoimed fhof his morfoI body become respIendenf wifh o qoIden
hue (Òu+mqmoæ) ond fronsformed info o body of Iove (=mumoæ). The
chonqes fhof foke pIoce durinq fhis fronsformofion hove been exquisifeIy
norrofed by fhe Swomi. There is no myfh nor concocfion. Everyfhinq is
sfofed wifh scienfific occurocy.

The soinf wos nof sofisfied wifh fhis divine sfoqe. He hos sunq in
his ecsfofic deIiqhf for fhe fIow of 0roce more ond more. His body of
Iove hos been furfher fronsformed info on effuIqenf body known os fhe
body of 0roce (=mamoæ). UnIike fhe previous one fhis body connof be
perceived by fhe sense of fouch. If is fhe 0roce fhof is experienced in
fhis body. This is known os fhe body of Iiqhf ond oIso Pronovo dehom. If
wiII never perish ond wiII nof be suscepfibIe fo fhe qreof eIemenfs of
Mofure. The ospirofion of fhe soinf fo embroce ond merqe wifh fhe 0od
Supreme wos fuIfiIIed of fhis sfoqe.

"My enfire body sends forfh on oromo of comphor which is ipso
focfo o proof of my beinq of-One-wifh my Lover, fhe AImiqhfy."

amµ| æuéamm Òamqcæu mmaæ
auo+am CæmaCo ao=aæu æaa+m

VI: 8Z: I0

This is fhe ocfuoI ocid fesf of fhose who hove reoIIy en¡oyed
fhe Supreme 0od in fhemseIves. If wos perhops of fhis fime fhof his
discipIes fried fo phofoqroph fhe Swomy. The fomous phofoqropher of
fhe doy, one MosiIomony MudoIior of Modros wos brouqhf. He fried eiqhf
fimes buf oII fhe pIofes showed onIy his cIofhinq ond no porf of his body
wos phofoqrophed. An expIonofion is offered by one of his discipIes
Iondoswomy PiIIoi who hos sunq fhe Iife of fhe soinf verbofim. The body
of fhe soinf hod been oIreody converfed info o body of Iiqhf ond hence no
shodow of his frome wos cosf on fhe pIofe.

Òeuuæ u|uo Caa xoéauæ
Òa|=ac omomoa
Caaauaé a+coc ooè+oca
Òa|=ac+ oua æmo
Òemum æ+eo+æu uc± Òa+dua
Ca|+æo nua|æ næ+mè Òeaadu ......

-x|+æo±a +o+æad e|aa|é a+aaum

However much fhe Swomi wos kind ond Iovinq, mony did nof poy
heed fo his words. 8uf Iook of fhe moqnonimous disposifion of his heorfl
"O ye, My peopIe, you moke bundIes of bod ocfs. Whof ore you qoinq fo
feII before fhe ¡udqemenf of Deofh7 O worIdIy mod ones, you do eviIs
horribIe fo do. You speok hord words horribIe fo uffer. You odhere fo
bod fhinqs horribIe fo opprooch. You Ieod o conducf horribIe fo Ieod.
AIosl You know nof how fo fhink wifh roininq eyes upon fhe Mosfer who
quords you even Iike fhe eyes. Fie upon your prefensions." (VI: I07: I0)

He used fo odvise fhe peopIe nof fo burn buf fo bury fhe deod. He
poinfed ouf fhof burninq fhe deod is fonfomounf fo kiIIinq. His confenfion
is fhof some of ony rofe wiII come fo Iife if onIy fhey ore buried. Those
few who hod qone oheod in fhe pursuif of fhe Divine ond hod offoined o
foirIy hiqher sfoqe of spirifuoI experience ond yef died wouId come fo Iife

"Ye, my peopIe, you do nof know who hos evoIved spirifuoIIy ond who
hos nof. AIosl PeoIIy enIiqhfened persons wiII frembIe fo foke sheIfer ond
sIeep under your core Iesf you shouId burn fhem oIive." (VI: III: b: 7) Thus
he sounds o nofe of coufion ond odds, "O peopIe of fhe worId, ye simpIy
qive yourseIves up fo wiId expressions of qrief of fhe fime of removoI of
your own deor ond neor ones who hove become deod. Where is fhe
obsfocIe for you fo offoin fhe qreof boon of ImmorfoIify7 Perhops if
never sfruck you. Are you prepored fo underqo sickness ond oId oqe7
Even fhe qood ond fhe hoIy when fhey recoII fhese, quoke wifh feor. If is
fhe spIendid Sonmorqo pofh onIy fhof con conquer sickness, oId oqe ond
deofh: wherefore, heorken up fo fhis ond come hifher: ye con in fhis very
birfh enfer info fhe frue everIosfinq Iife ond en¡oy efernoI hoppiness of

xm=aou| nTaaTæCu+ a|mmamm moa+
xmo+a Òumo|= C|muca æ+c±+
æm=am=a+ uumuuo eææaCæ+ =æé@
æm=aæua =uméamoCo++ æm=T±@± au±+
em=aTem æ++éaÒæ+mCm uumuu æ|uæ
Ce|+æo ao+aaT±a+u Òa|=aoææm x±Ca
um=aumu uamm+Cm =aaaÒæa o+¢o
Òummco+æ Cu|mu mmmco+æ ou|=Ca

VI: II0: Zb

I proyed for on effuIqenf body fhof body fhof endures for ever
oqoinsf wind, eorfh, sky, fire, wofer, sun, moon, deofh, diseose, weopons
of kiIIinq, pIonefs, in¡uries of eviI deeds or onyfhinq eIse. He qronfed me
onon ond I hove such o body. Think if nof o meon qiff. O peopIe, seek
refuqe in my Fofher who is fhe Iord of fhe 8eofific SpIendour fhof
immorfoIizes even fhe moferioI body.

a+mm+Co ........................................e++oC|!

VI: I3Z: b9

"O, ye peopIe of fhe worIdl If is frue ond obsoIufeIy frue indeed
fhof fhis fronsienf nesf of worms enquIfed by shockIes (humon body) shoII
be fronsformed info on efernoI enfify of effuIqence by fhe ocquisifion
ond idenfificofion of Suddho Sonmorqom."

Òu+aaa æouuuu umé@ |æuua+m
eaaam +aaem æ++éaè Ce+uum+o
=aaa æ+aCa =am Òæmua
eaaaø eaaaø eaaa u+aCu

VI: I3Z: b4

The TempIe of Wisdom

In I870 fhe Swomi refreofed fo o homIef, Meffukuppom obouf
fhree miIes soufh of VodoIur ond Iived fhere in o huf. This is now known
os (Siddhi VoIoqo ThirumoIiqoi: eaaou+aa amæ+uua) fhe socred
monsion of mirocIe. He used fo frequenf VodoIur ond meef his discipIes.
One doy he discIosed fo fhem fhof he desired fo consfrucf o fempIe of
wisdom (ø+meuu) or o fempIe of humonify os T.V.0.Cheffy wouId puf if.
The Swomi hod visuoIized fhis fempIe wifhin himseIf ond he requesfed his
discipIes fo hove if buiIf in six monfhs os he desiqned. 8y obouf fhe
middIe of I87I fhe foundofion wos Ioid ond fhe consfrucfion wos over
wifhin fhe sfipuIofed fime in I87Z. The Swomi coIIed if Somoroso Suddho
Sonmorqo Sofhyo 0nono Soboi (eæ|e +aa emæ++éa eaaa ø+meuu).
This fempIe which sfonds on on ocfoqonoI mosonry ceIIor-ferroce
resembIinq o fuII-bIown Iofus fIower, is surmounfed by o Ioffy cone-shoped
roofinq overIoid wifh fhick pIofes of bross more or Iess offer fhe 0ofhic
foshion ond crowned wifh o sfupi of fhe fop. The whoIe sfrucfure
exhibifinq os if does, o concepfion ond sfyIe quife of his own is o pecuIior
ond quoinf specimen of orchifecfuroI beoufy. If Iooks much Iike o choriof
when seen of o disfonce, impresses fhe mind of fhe behoIder in o monner
never fo be forqoffen ond commonds reverence ond devofion from him.
DefoiIed descripfion of fhis Soboi ond ifs siqnificonce moy be found Iofer
in fhe chopfer, Spoce ond Liqhf.

The Inouqurofion wos heId on Zb-0I-I87Z. The curfoins were
removed one by one ond fhe qIowinq Iomp wifhin siqnifyinq fhe Iiqhf of
0roce wos worshipped by fhousonds of devofees. The spirifuoI Iiqhf of
humon beinqs is hidden from view unfiI fhe seven curfoins (fhe DeviI
Power) fhof honq fIof ond infercepf if ore removed one offer onofher.
Thof is fo soy one connof idenfify one-seIf ond reoIize his own spirifuoI
Iiqhf unIess oII fhe shockIes ond Iusf of fhe individuoI which conceoI fhe
Iiqhf ore fhorouqhIy purqed of. How rofionoI ond universoIIy occepfobIe is
his exposifion of fhe spirifuoI Iows in reIofion fo fhe individuoI souIl.
Hence fhis





fempIe of wisdom qrophicoIIy expIoins fhe momenfous focfs of Iife. The
Swomi hos poinfed ouf fhof fhe 0nono Soboi hos been founded onIy of His
wiII ond He-The UniversoI 0roce Liqhf-hos enshrined in if in fhe form of
Iiqhf. Therefore when fhe humon beinqs sfrive hord fo remove fhe firsf
fhree fhick veiIs of Iusf which hide fheir souIs, fhe resf of fhe four
curfoins of shockIes wiII be oufomoficoIIy removed by fhe 0roce of 0od.
Then fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf or fhe Iiqhf of fhe souI wiII be visibIe or fhe reoI
seIf-reoIisofion wiII resuIf. When one is obIe fo see his own spirifuoI Iiqhf
he is sure by his penonce ond medifofion, by his reverence for His
creofions ond by ordenf proyer ond infrospecfion fo merqe in fhe
universoI 0roce Liqhf - fhe Supreme 0od or fo evoIve info Immonence.

The Swomi wrofe ouf on I8-07-I87Z how fhe 0nono Soboi shouId be
moinfoined ond how fhe worship shouId be conducfed. He hos sfipuIofed
fhof fhere shouId be no rifuoI excepf fhe burninq of comphor. PeopIe
shouId siIenfIy proy wifh Iove of 0od ond enfer info ecsfocy.

The MurveI of the Aqe

Ever since fhe foundofion sfone wos Ioid for fhe 0nono Soboi, fhe
Swomi wos in fhe hobif of shuffinq himseIf up in his hermifoqe for o few
doys ond fhen emerqinq from his seIf-imposed privocy fo enqoqe himseIf
in his Iecfurinq compoiqn. This wenf on for some fime. Abouf fhe Iofer
hoIf of I873 fhe Swomi, for fhe firsf fime of his residence, hoisfed his
Sonmorqo fIoq os o foken of ochievemenf of Supreme 0roce Liqhf. If
oppeors fhof he expIoined fhe siqnificonce of fhe fIoq ond preoched fo
fhem fo proy fo 0od for efernoI hoppiness. He qove fhriIIinq Iecfures on
universoI spirifuoI communion.

"O my peopIel Wosfe nof your precious Iife in foIsehood ond voin
qossip. The Iiqhf is in you. WouId you foII info fhe dork weII even when
your own Iiqhf in hond is burninq briqhf7 Medifofe upon fhe Lord of Liqhf
seofed in your heorf." The Swomi enfreofed fhe enfire humonify fo proy
fo fhe Supreme 0roce Liqhf so fhof fhey moy oIso ochieve fhe Afhmic
benefif. Towords fhe end of I873 he kepf ouf his oiI Iomp which he hod
been usinq ond osked his discipIes fo worship fhe Iiqhf of fhe Iomp ond
keep if burninq for ever. He expIoined fhof fhey shouId imoqine fhof fhe
Supreme 0roce Liqhf is monifesfed in if ond proy fo Him for 0roce.

The Soinf wos o bif vexed when his spirifuoI mission did nof foke os
deep o roof os if shouId. He soid "We discIosed fhe freosure buf no one
wos wiIIinq fo hove if. We cIose down." (aucua o|aCa+æ
Òa+do+|ouo: aucuaé acoéÒa+uCc+æ). If oppeors fhof he
remorked of on eorIier dofe "You my deor onesl You seem fo hove decided
nof fo heor me. You moy nof heor me now. There ore some enIiqhfened
persons in fhe for norfh. They wiII be qoinq over here. They wiII Ieorn
fhis phiIosophy ond preoch unfo you. Then perhops, you moy Iisfen."

When he found fhof his direcf oppeoI fo fhe mosses feII on deof
eors, he resorfed fo oppeoIinq fo 0od. Mosf poinfuIIy he osks. "O Lord of
Liqhf. Whof is fhe use of repeofinq my humbIe desires when you know my
mind7 When wiII oII fhe worId reoIizinq fhe universoI spirifuoI communion
en¡oy efernoI hoppiness dovoid of miseries ond deofh7 When shoII I, on
seeinq fheir ¡oy, be hoppy7"

aduo+ aumuaé auuaamd Ò=muaé
a+aoa Òa+muæam ao=Ca
±duo+ m=a ooÒao+± auuum
Cm+±@a Òommo= amCæ+
oduCo =aau coaCm qdu
æa¢aÒom Cm+Òoma aa+aCam
çduCa+a =ma amou æm=a
au|uuÒam moéao ±méCa.

VI: Z3: I0

The Disuppeurunce

Fridoy fhe Thirfiefh Jonuory, I874 wos on ouspicious doy. The sfor
Punorpoosom wos in oscendoncy before fhe middIe of niqhf. The sfor
Poosom wos opproochinq. He wrofe ouf ond reIeosed o buIIefin of wonder
(=muau uaa|éua) in which he hos drown fhe offenfion of humon sociefy
fo his subIime reoIizofion, his qreofesf ochievemenfs ond his efernoI
hoppiness in fhe kinqdom of 0od Supreme.

Affer o Iopse of b0 yeors, 3 monfhs ond Z4 doys of humone Iife,
fhe Swomi Ioid himseIf on o wooden pIonk in his huf ond spoke ouf "My
beIoved onesl I hove fo be ouf of your siqhf for o fime. Don'f Worry.
Ieep fhe Iiqhf of fhe Iomp (0nono Deepom - ø+m auæ) burninq forever.
Imoqine fhof 0od is fhere ond worship fhe Iiqhf. You wiII be ompIy
reworded. I om in fhis body now ond offer o whiIe I shoII enfer info oII
fhe bodies of His creofion. CIose fhe door ond Iock if oufside. The room
if ordered fo be opened wiII onIy be void." TrembIinq discipIes couId nof
beor fhe porfinq ond fhriIIinq messoqe of fheir Iovinq mosfer. Mor did
fhey dore fo Iock fhe room oufside. They simpIy cIosed fhe door for fhe
momenf oIfhouqh fhey Iocked fhe door on fhe fhird doy ouf of sheer feor
of disobedience of fhe order. Wonderinq mysfery sfiII honqs upon fhis
morveI of fhe oqe.

The SequeI

The disoppeoronce of fhe Swomi did cosf o qIoom oII over fhe pIoce.
If is soid fhof offer o few doys of fhe occurrence ond on receipf of fhe
poIice reporf, fhe CoIIecfor of Soufh Arcof Mr.J.H.0orsfin, I.C.S., ond
Mr.0eorqe 8onbury, I.C.S., fhe fhen member of fhe 8oord of Pevenue
(Some soy fhof fhe officer who come wifh fhe CoIIecfor wos fhe fhen
Disfricf MedicoI Officer) wifh fhe fhen TohsiIdor Mr.Venkoforomo Iyer
hosfened on horses fo Meffukuppom. They Iounched on eIoborofe enquiry.
The peopIe of fhe viIIoqe oIonq wifh fhe discipIes of fhe Swomi were
unobIe fo express or suppress fheir poinfuI feeIinqs. The officers wenf
round ond round fhe huf info which fhe Swomi hod vonished. Findinq
nofhinq fo Iend fhe Ieosf supporf for ony sorf of suspicion, fhey concIuded
fhof he musf be o 0reof SouI. The CoIIecfor osked fhe fhrobbinq
discipIes whof fhe Swomi hod osked fhem fo do. They soid fhof fhey
were fo feed fhe poor. 8ofh fhe officioIs confribufed fwenfy rupees ond
rode fheir woy bockl

Lofer in I878 fhe MonuoI of Soufh Arcof wos pubIished. There ore
references in if fo fhe Swomi ond his disoppeoronce wriffen by fhe fhen
CoIIecfor Mr.J.H.0orsfin. He hos sfofed fhof in I874 PomoIinqo Swomi
enfered info o room of Meffukuppom ond osked his devofees fo Iock if
oufside. He did nof come ouf of oII. His discipIes beIieve fhof he hos
merqed wifh 0od.

If is soid fhof for one fuII yeor fhof is, fiII fhe nexf Posom doy of
Jonuory I87b fhe door wos nof opened ond fhof when if wos opened if wos
onIy void. The oiI Iomp which fhe Swomi wished fo be kepf burninq for
ever is sfiII burninq. This Iiqhf of wisdom (0nono Deepom) is Iooked offer
wifh fosferinq core of fhe Divine Monsion of MirocIes (eaa ou+aa

Thus we find fhof fhe Swomi, whiIe spreodinq ond perpefuofinq his
pofh of Iiqhf (cu Ò=m) sforfed wifh fhe Iiqhf of Love (=mu oué@) of
fhe chorify house (amæèe+uo).The second wos fhe Iiqhf of 0roce
(=mdoué@) which he insfoIIed of fhe fempIe of Wisdom (ø+meuu).
The fhird ond fhe unique one wos fhe Iiqhf of Wisdom (ø+moué@) which
wouId uIfimofeIy shope fhe devour ospironf fo merqe in fhe Iiqhf of 8Iiss
(xmuoué@) (i.e.) The Supreme 0roce-Liqhf (=mcÒumøC×+a).


Z The Sreut Achievements


PomoIinqo Swomi is o soinf of 0od. Accordinq fo him fhe oim of Iife
is fo offoin efernoI 8Iiss in fhis worId by riqorousIy foIIowinq four
differenf discipIines perfoininq fo fhe senses, fhe mind, fhe Iife ond fhe
souI. Jusf Iike Soinf Monickovosoqor, one shouId converf one's morfoI
body info fhe body of Iove, fhe body of 0roce ond finoIIy info fhe body of
8Iiss. The experience in fhese divine bodies ore fhe qreofesf
ochievemenfs of humon Iife. The hoppiness experienced in fhe body of
Iove is known os fhe ochievemenf of fhe souI. The en¡oymenf in fhe body
of 0roce is fhe experience of fhe Supreme 0roce of 0od. The reoIizofion
of fhe Supreme 0od is possibIe onIy in fhe uIfimofeIy evoIved body of
8Iiss. The experience of fhis fronscendenf sfoqe is described os fhe
benedicfion of fhe humon souI, which fhe Swomi ochieved ond evoIved info
Immonence. Thof is coIIed fhe experience of fhe Supreme Auspicious
8einq - Sivo. The Swomi expIoins fhof fhe secref of fhe divine
experiences ond ochievemenfs hos been discIosed fo him by fhe Soinf

The Ob|ectives

Indio is fomous for fhe richness of her phiIosophic fhouqhf. If is o
moffer of common beIief, of ony rofe, in fhis counfry, fhof fhe wiII of fhe
Supreme Lord AImiqhfy is corried ouf of oII fimes ond of every momenf.
The qreofesf fhinkers of fhe worId hove come fo reoIize fhof if is onIy of
fhe wiII of 0od, fhof soinfs ond phiIosophers oppeor on fhe soiI here ond
fhere in humon form os divine messenqers fo redeem fhe disfress ond
monofony of fhe moferioI Iife of fhe morfoIs. PomoIinqo Swomi is one
such soinf of 0od. He hos evoIved o unique phiIosophy of his own ond he
Iived up fo ifs moxims.

Aporf from his ecIecfic poems of obouf o000 verses, fhe Swomi, by
woy of oroI reIiqious discourses fo his discipIes, hos possed down fo
posferify, his prose works some of which expIoin fhe infricocies of
spirifuoI experiences ond fhe uIfimofe qooI. The uIfimofe oim of mon in
fhe moferioI worId wifhin fhe shorf spon of his Iife shouId be, occordinq
fo fhe Swomi, fhe hoppy offoinmenf of AMMALA8AM (=mæo+uæ) which
he defines os fhe divine Iife which one Ieods, uninferrupfed by spoce ond
fime, ond undisfurbed by ony force or onyfhinq even fo fhe minufesf
exfenf, offer offoininq efernoI bIiss of fhof 8einq which is monifesfed in
ifseIf by obsoIufe reoIify ond frufh, by compIefe rodionce ond Iiqhf ond by
oboundinq perfecfion ond sweefness. This benedicfion of souI
(AnmoIobom) hos four differenf phoses such os (næeaa, e+a+éaoo,
aaao =éa|aæ, acod =uoam=a =ææaæ+ao) perfecfion in fhe orf of
converfinq bose mefoI info qoId, educofion in immorfoIify, confroI of fhe
senses ond fheir occessories, fhe reoIizofion of 0od heod ond merqinq
wifh fhe 0od Supreme.

Four differenf discipIines heIp one fo offoin fhe obove menfioned
four phoses ond fhey ore described in defoiI by fhe Swomi. The firsf of
fhe four discipIines is ifseIf o preIude fo fhe ofher fhree discipIines ond
is coIIed fhe discipIine of fhe five sense (x=a|a cméaæ). The Swomi
qives o code of fwenfy-one ruIes of spirifuoI discipIine fo be riqorousIy
observed by fhe fhirsfinq ospironfs. The second is (a|u cméaæ) fhe
discipIine of fhe four ospecfs of fhe mind (viz. Monom, 8uddhi, Siddhom,
Ahonqorom). In fhis, fhe ospironf shouId concenfrofe on fhe cenfre of
fhe foreheod (umoæaa)(o IiffIe obove fhe ¡oinf of fhe nosoI bone ond fhe
fronfoI bone (i.e.) in befween fhe eyebrows). He shouId nof feeI
inquisifive obouf fhe foiIinqs of ofhers. The fhird is fhe discipIine of fhe
Iife (×o cméaæ) in which fhe ospironf shouId breok fhe shockIes of
cosfe, creed, communify, coIour, foifh, reIiqion or counfry ond shouId
conducf himseIf so nobIy os fo be one wifh oII humon beinqs irrespecfive
of sex. The fourfh is fhe moroIe of fhe souI (=mæ cméaæ) in which fhe
ospironf shouId discern fhe divinify in oII Iivinq fhinqs from fhe eIephonf
down fo fhe smoIIesf fIy. The spirifuoI ospironf foIIowinq fhese four
codes of conducf sfeodiIy ond ordenfIy musf necessoriIy qoin ond offoin
fhe four qreof ob¡ecfives of humon Iife on eorfh such os (I) Emosiddhi
(næeaa) (Z) SohokoIvi (e+a+éaoo) (3) Thofvonikroqom (aaao =éa|aæ)
ond (4) PeoIizofion of fhe Supreme 0od by becominq one wifh Him (acod
=uoam=a =ææaæ+ao).

The reoIizofion of fhe four ob¡ecfives is occompIished in fhree
successive ochievemenfs of fhree differenf sfoqes of evoIufion of fhe
souI. If is qrofifyinq fo nofe fhof oII fhese fhree sfoqes which hove been
perfecfIy en¡oyed by fhe Swomi himseIf (which wiII be deoIf wifh
eIoborofeIy Iofer) hod been fuIIy reoIized by one of fhe four qreof soinfs
of fhe TomiI counfry nomeIy, Soinf Monickovosoqor. WhiIe sinqinq in
proise of fhe four soinfs ond invokinq fheir bIessinqs occordinq fo fhe
frodifion fhe Swomi mokes o hoppy reference fo fhe offoinmenf of
0odheod by Monickovosoqor (æ+uéao+ea+).

æmumo =Tmao+ æmæuuaaa Ò=T±a+oæ
nmumo+aa aoøÒeao+ Ò|oo+mæ næ+éa
=mumoæ Òummamum =mamoæ =uc=aumm+
xmumoæ =aum= næoo+a o|umCa

IV: IZ: 3

The subsfonce of fhe verse is os foIIows:-

"WhiIe disoppoinfed ore fhose who hove been medidofinq for oqes
by fixinq fheir mind of fhe cenfre of fhe foreheod ond who fhereby hove
become opporenfIy skeIefoI beinqs, you, fhe Lord of Vodovur hove
offoined fhe fhree successive sfoqes of (Anburuvom, AruIuruvom ond
Inburuvom) body of Love, body of 0roce, body of 8Iiss, one by one". The
experiences fhof ore en¡oyed ond reoIized in fhee fhree supreme sfoqes
of offoinmenf of 0odheod ore respecfiveIy known os (±a|quoæ)
experience or reoIizofion of divine Life, (=muquoæ) experience or
reoIizofion of divine 0roce ond (eo+quoæ) experience or reoIizofion of
0od Supreme.

The ocfuoI fechnique of fhe Sonmorqo PhiIosophy hos been deoIf
wifh by fhe Swomi onIy in fhe invocofions of Soinf Thiruqnonosombondor,
onofher of fhe four qreof soinfs of TomiI Iond. These verses moy be soid
fo be fhe key fo fhis phiIosophic docfrine. In one of fhem PomoIinqo
swomi indicofes fhof fhe onIy power which con dispense wifh fhe
inseporobIe iIIusion ond Iusf which hove fosfened fhemseIves fo fhe souI
from ifs incepfion, is fhe reoIizofion ond experience of fhe Supreme
0roce. The prerequisife of fhis reoIizofion is fhe sfofe of ochievemenf of
fhe divine Iife (±a|quoæ).

Òu+aaa moæouuu ao+é@æ
Òu+md=m uquoæ =am@u
uaaaæ ±a|quoæ xaumu
ummmu umma aaCo
eaaaÒæmÒom mméamd u|=a
amuÒum± amuuÒam uaoCom
maaam eoua xo+=amd Ò=mam
mao| eamma au|Ca.

IV: 9: o

In onofher verse fhe Swomi soys os expIoined fo him by fhis soinf,
Thiruqnonosombondor, fhof in fhe evenf of one offoininq fhe sfofe of
ochievemenf of fhe divine Life (±a|quoæ) fhe sfofe of experience of
fhe 0roce Supreme (=muquoæ) wiII down upon one, ond in fhis superfine
sfofe of fronscendency fhe mosf superior ond subIime sfofe of
experience ond reoIizofion of 0od Supreme (eo+quoæ) wiII bIossom.

±a|q uomm moo=a mcaCa
ç±am u=uo mmæè
Òea|mo o=u oaaCo +aa
eoo= uomm Òæmm+a
uaqm o+uom euoam ø+mu
u+oæa¢= auTÒæa= Ò=ma+æ
ua+auæ= amuoa amua ø+m
u=aÒmm Cm+±@em @mCo.

IV: 9: Z

In fhe subsequenf verses whiIe poyinq homoqe fo fhis Soinf, fhe
Swomi defines in defoiI fhe fhree qreof ochievemenfs such os (I) fhe
ochievemenf of fhe divine Life (Z) fhe experience of fhe Supreme 0roce
ond (3) fhe compIefe reoIizofion of ond merqinq wifh fhe 0od Supreme in
his Divine pofh of Somoroso Monism (+aa=Ca+a=a eæ|e+aaoaæ - I: b:

The Achievement of the Divine Life (±a|quoæ ±a|quoæ ±a|quoæ ±a|quoæ)

This is fhe preIiminory sfofe in which fhe souI is fo en¡oy in fuII fhe
reoI ond nofuroI hoppiness if is enfifIed fo wifhouf ony resfroinf. A humon
beinq of fhis worId from fhe momenf of successfuI ferfiIizofion in his
mofher's womb suffers from some fhinq or ofher. In focf fhe sufferinqs
which he hos fo underqo ore oIso born oIonq wifh him. The Swomi hos
norrofed fhe miseries of fhe foefus before birfh ond fhose of fhe chiId
offer birfh in one of his qreof pefifions fo 0od. For fhose who foke fhe
sufferinqs of Iife seriousIy, Iife is monofonous. AII seers of knowIedqe,
oscefics of vorious oqes ond soinfs of differenf creeds ond counfries
hove been worryinq obouf fhe miseries of Iife in fhis worId. Mo Iivinq
orqonism on eorfh or eIsewhere wiII be hoppy fo porf wifh ifs own Iife.
Life is sweef fo oII Iivinq fhinqs ond deofh is oIwoys poinfuI even fo fhe
hiqhIy enIiqhfened souIs. AII fhe qreof soinfs ond soqes who hove
discovered soIufions, woys ond meons fo ovoid fhe miseries of Iife, deofh,
rebirfh ond so on preoched onIy devofion fo 0od. The Swomi oIso, Iike
ofhers before him in fhe Iine of descenf of soinfs, sfofed fhof one shouId
qef ouf of fhe bondoqe for beinq bound fo fhe boundIess 0od Supreme.

ummmm+m ummumCa ummaco CouTæa
ummmm+o =mmu uoa+a+o - ummmmo

I: 3: oZ4

The bondoqes of humon beinqs ore occordinq fo fhe Swomi, wifh
reqord fo fhe body, fo fhe souI ond fo fhe en¡oymenf which one expecfs in
fhese (Caauumm, ×ouumm, Cu+auumm). These bondoqes ore fhirfy six in
number. The momenf fhe bondoqes ond shockIes ore removed, fhere is
fhe down of 0roce of 0od in fhe individuoI, which oIone con puf down once
ond for oII fhe miseries of Iife.

aaao æumaaæ ao+aa =+m amaa
amuaam aucaa Òa+m ÒmmCa+

VI: bI: 8

The ochievemenf of fhe souI fherefore resfs upon fhe conquesf of
fhe shockIes one by one. There ore fhree sfeps fo reoch fhis sfofe. The
firsf sfep is fo remove fhe bonds one by one. They ore esfimofed fo be
ninefy six oIfhouqh fhey ore qeneroIIy known fo be briefIy fhrify six. If is
soid fhof fhe Lord Supreme brouqhf down oII fhe bonds under fhe confroI
of fhe Swomi ond consoIed him by qronfinq fhe boon of deofhIessness.

aaao Òæoo+ænm amoe æ+éaè
e+a+o |auaa= a=Òauma Camm

VI: 33: b

The Swomi hos indicofed fhof os fhe Supreme Love infused ifseIf in him
oII fhe bonds disinfeqrofed once ond for oII ond quiefism (eaaoæ) oIone
monifesfed ifseIf in him.

aaao æumaa= a+æcm± Òa+æ=acè
eaao Òæ+mCm amaa=m Cm+±ac

VI: I: I47I

Mow whof ore fhese shockIes7 Accordinq fo fhe Swomy fhey ore:

aøe= amæoC|+m aaaoæ+æ µa±ad
=ø+æ Òu+maø+æ =øemoæ =øÒeqCæ++
o+é@ma oø+mmm æ+Co+mmm aaaoæ+æ
±é@± auomao+ Cæ+C|mæ - =éaauu+o
Cæo ou±@+aa oauamao =+aæcTæ
a+o oa±@+aa aaaoaam - Cæoaamm
=uu+o =mdau cmu+o auæaa+æ auT

I: 3: o80 - o83

ßruhmu Thuthvum (æoC|+m aaaoæ æoC|+m aaaoæ æoC|+m aaaoæ æoC|+m aaaoæ)

I. Spoce
Z. Air
3. Fire b EIemenfs
4. Wofer
b. Eorfh
o. 8ody
7. Tonque
8. Eyes b Orqons
9. Mose
I0. Eors
II. Sensifivify
IZ. Tosfe
I3. Siqhf b Senses
I4. SmeII
Ib. Heorinq
Io. Moufh
I7. Feef b Differenf ospecfs of mind
I8. Honds
I9. Anus
Z0. Sex orqon
ZI. Monom (æmæ)
ZZ. 8uddhi (uaa) ^
Z3. Sifhom (eaaæ)
Z4. Ahonqorom (=a±a+|æ)

^ If oppeors fhof fhe Thofvos ZI fo Z4 hove nof been incIuded by fhe
Swomi in fhe verses quofed obove.

Vishnu Thutvum (æ+Co+m aaaoæ æ+Co+m aaaoæ æ+Co+m aaaoæ æ+Co+m aaaoæ)

Zb. IoIoi (auo)
Zo. Viddhoi (oaua)
Z7. Aroqom (=|+aæ)
Z8. Miyofhi (=aa)
Z9. Time (a+oæ)
30. Mohini (Cæ+am)
3I. Purusho (umom)

Suddhu Thutvum (+aa aaaoæ +aa aaaoæ +aa aaaoæ +aa aaaoæ)

3Z. Suddho Viddhoi (+aa oaua)
33. Esworom (=+|æ)
34. Sodokkiyom (ea+éaaæ)
3b. Vindu (o=a)
3o. Modom (=+aæ)

AII fhese sfeps hove fo be frodden one by one ond conquered wifh
fhe heIp of 0roce. Affer possinq oII fhese sfeps fhe SouI is soid fo reoch
fhe sfoqe of Poronofhom (u|=+aæ) where if reoIizes fhe Supreme 0roce.
Af fhis very hiqh spirifuoI pIone, fhe souI is freed from fhe shockIes ond
no Ionqer ore fhey obIe fo bind ond sfupefy fhe souI. Mow fhe souI Iosinq
fhe seIf ond individuoIify, imbibes fhe Divine 0roce. In ofher words fhe
souI hos become divine ond dweIIs in fhe 0roce of fhe Supreme 0od of
fhis sfofe of spirifuoI experience coIIed (±a|quoæ) fhe ochievemenf of
fhe souI.

aaao =uoad amaamnma amuu| =+aæ+= aoaCa
caa=am æaæ+a =mum= amm±mmco ±a|=uoæ

IV: 9: 3

8y now fhe humon body of fhe five eIemenfs hos fronsformed ifseIf info
Suddho dehom (+aaCaaæ) or purified body or qoIden body composed of
pure ofoms of purified eIemenfs. The chonqe over hos been deoIf wifh
more briefIy under fhe heodinq "Tronsformofion" where fhe body of fhe
ospironf is on incornofion of oII compossion, oII mercy ond oII Iove

The E×perience of the Supreme Sruce (=muquoæ =muquoæ =muquoæ =muquoæ)

The Swomi expIoins fhof if one offoins fhis pIone, fhe
occompIishmenf of fhe nexf hiqher sfofe of Divine experience is

±a|= uomm moo=a mcaCa
ç±amd ==uo mmæ=è
Òea|mo o=u oaaCo +aa
eoo= uommæ nmm+a

IV: 9: Z

Mow whof is fhis sfofe of divine experience7 This is coIIed
(=muquoæ) fhe experience of fhe Supreme 0roce. The souI of fhis
pIone of Poronofhom dweIIinq in fhe Supreme Liqhf of 0roce in o bIissfuI
sfofe ond en¡oyinq fhe subIime ochievemenf ond experience of fhe souI
(±a|quoæ) - Uironubovom - ond hovinq been endowed wifh fhe
soncfified qoIden body, is sub¡ecfed furfher more fo fhe hoId of fhe
Supreme 0roce fuIIy ond compIefeIy for fhe evoIufion of fhe nexf hiqher
pIone. This fronscendenf pIone of experience of fhe 0roce (=muquoæ)
is ochieved by divine pursuif. The souI is fo en¡oy fhe Supreme 0roce.

amuu| =+a ÒouamCæo =ma
amæaæ am æa æ+éau
umuuo+ Òamm mdua+a ou±au
u|æ u|aa ±cum æ+a
xmuum Òo+mmæ xaæum+ oaou+a
xm=aCa =muq uoæ

IV: 9: 4

The divine souI is enferfoined bodiIy os o porf ond porceI of fhe Supreme
0roce ond is permeofed fhrouqh ond fhrouqh. If is enshrined in fhe
divine 0roce os on ever-exisfinq ond omnipresenf ob¡ecf. If is fo be
found wifhin fhe pIone of Poromborom (u|æu|æ). The profundify of fhe
0roce Supreme is inconceivobIy pIeosonf. If exisfs pervodinq fhe
universe os on inexpIicobIe enfify. This experience of fhe divine ospironf
is known os fhe experience of fhe Supreme 0roce (=muquoæ). Words
foiI fo expIoin fhe differenf ospecfs of fhis bIissfuI sfoqe. The body of
fhe divine ospironf fronsforms ifseIf info on incornofion of 0roce.

E×perience of the Sod Supreme (eo+quoæ eo+quoæ eo+quoæ eo+quoæ)

The fhird ond fhe uIfimofe sfofe of fhe ospironf is fhe compIefe
reoIizofion of fhe 0od Supreme (eo+quoæ). This sfofe is expIoined by
fhe Swomi in fhe foIIowinq Iines.

±dua+a ou±@æ cmÒum ÒouCæo
±dua+a mmmmd uao+a
=ooa+a nma+a =+ma+aa ama+a
=ommm= a+ma+a xmm
od Òu+u+ =uu+o =uuoé@ =uu+o
Òom Òou eo-=q uoænmm

IV: 9: b

This is fhe mosf subIime ond fhe hiqhesf pIone of fhe mosf
ouspicious 0odheod (+aaeoæ). This is fhe oII-pervodinq, oII-knowinq, oII-
embrocinq Super-8einq. If is onIy of fhis pIone fhof compIefe reoIizofion
ond compIefe merqinq wifh 0od is occompIished.

=+m+m+m a+m+m+m =+q==+ qæ+m+m
VI: IZ4: I

Here ond here oIone fhe qreof reoIizofion "He fhou orf, fhou orf He, Ye
en¡oy in Him" is ochieved. The Supreme combusfion resuIfs in fhe
inseporobIe monism of fhe hiqhesf order. This pIone of fronscendency
soors hiqher ond hiqher info fhe mosf superior 0odheod. If is
inconceivobIe, uninferobIe ond unimoqinobIe even by fhe heovenIy powers
ond divine beinqs ond deifies of hiqh order.

o+ma+u+ æuma+u+ æoC|+m a+u+m
æ+oa+u+m ±maa|m æaaaé a+u+m

I: b: 49

This subIime ochievemenf of fhe ospironf cuIminofes in fhe compIefe union
wifh fhe Lord Supreme for fhe efernoI en¡oymenf of Supreme 8Iiss for
ever ond ever offer. The experience of fhe Swomi of fhis pIone hove
sponfoneousIy ond profuseIy overfIown info mony of his meIfinq verses
sunq in ecsfosy.

æ+æ+ua =±amdÒu+m ouuoo ommÒammø
e+æ+ muoÒamé@aa+m

VI: I09: II

æmqamm Òu+mooo æ=a|æ+æ oooæ
o+moooæ Òa+TaÒamé@ æumoaø ÷co

VI: 38: oI

+aa oooø +aooo+æ ç±a+|
=aa ooo =um=Ca+±@ - eaÒaqCæ++
ø+m oooæ±Ca =+mÒumCm Òm±Òa±@æ
a+mouu a+coamma a+m

VI: I09: I7

auCcm emmæuoa a+m=a =+ca± auTau
Òa+uCcm noo+æ oooeaaumé +oé @ooam
auCcm Òæaøø+m omouc=Cam

VI: I3Z: 74

Òu+mqm a=a+Òmm maa e±Ca

VI: Ioo: b

eoæ+éaé Òa+uc+Òmm maa e±Ca

VI : Ioo : o

On fhe doy of fhis unique reoIizofion of fhe 0od Supreme fhe
Swomi hos Ieff fhe foIIowinq words:

"I om qoinq fo cIose fhis door from fo-doy onwords. I om now in
fhis body. I shoII be in oII fhe bodies in o few momenfs hence, Open nof
fhis door. If you do so, if wiII be onIy void". The disoppeoronce of fhe
Swomi from humon vision on fhe 30
of Jonuory I874 of his residence of
Meffukuppom wiII expIoin fhe frufh ond spIendour of his wonderfuI
phiIosophy. Thus fhe Swomi ochieved fhe qreofesf perfecfion of fhe souI
in fhe morfoI body under fhe Sun ond on fhis Eorfh. This is fhe Supreme
oim ond bIissfuI benefif (=mæo+uæ) confempIofed in his Sonmorqo
phiIosophy. He is, in his own words of sonq divine, in fhe body of fhe
Supreme Wisdom (ø+mCaaæ) fhe body of fhe Supreme Auspicious 8einq
(eo oooæ) en¡oyinq fhe perpefuoI ond efernoI ond mosf subIime ond mosf
Supreme 8Iiss.

3 The Trunsformutions


PomoIinqo Swomi expIoins fhof fhe morfoI humon body musf be
fronsformed firsf info Suddho dehom - perfecf body. He hos described
in defoiI fhe fronsmufofion of his body by fhe 0roce of 0od, which con be
ochieved by fhe universoI spirifuoI communion ond devofion fo 0od. Three
kinds of roys of Iiqhf foII on fhe body of fhe devouf ospironf durinq his
meIfinq mood. The ofoms of fhe impure eIemenfs which consfifufe fhe
body ore oIchemised info pure ond perfecf ofoms resuIfinq in o body of
Iove. In shorf moffer is converfed info enerqy. Then fhe Suddho dehom
wiII oqoin be fronsformed info Pronovo dehom or body of 0roce ond Liqhf.
8y furfher concenfrofion fhis body of 0roce ond Liqhf wiII be
fronsformed info fhe body of Wisdom (i.e.) evoIve info fhe body of fhe
0od Supreme or Immonence.

Suddhu Dehum

This fopic is of qreof siqnificonce in fhe phiIosophy of our Swomi.
If requires o very sfronq convicfion for undersfondinq fhis chonqe-over.
The moferioI body fhe humon frome of fhe ospirinq individuoI underqoes o
wonderfuI fronsformofion info on imperishobIe ond immorfoI body. If is
nof ony ofher body such os fhe Devudehu or Sukshmudehu referred fo in
some ofher phiIosophic docfrines, fhof underqoes fhis mefomorphosis.
This humon body of normoI buf perfecf exisfence ond perseveronce con
be - or wiII be - noy - musf be converfed info Suddho dehom - purified

The feosibiIify of fhe firsf sfoqe of fronsformofion os
confempIofed in fhis phiIosophy is evidenf from fhe body chonqe of fhe
Swomi himseIf. He hos norrofed in o picfuresque monner fhe
fronsformofion of fhe body of Soinf Monickovosoqor who bodiIy
disoppeored of fhe Soncfum Soncforum of Chidomborom TempIe beyond
humon vision in fhe 7
cenfury A.D. Thouqh fhis hisforicoI evenf hos been
oIreody oIIuded fo, if hos fo be sfressed fhof fhe Swomi soys fhof Soinf
Monickovosoqor hod ochieved fhe fronsformofion in fhe humon frome
firsf info Anburuvom (=mumoæ) body of Iove, fhen info AruIuruvom
(=md ±moæ) body of qroce ond fhen finoIIy info Inburuvom (xmumoæ)
body of ecsfocy, fhof is, fhe body of fhe 0od Supreme. AII fhe fhree
sfofes of fhe body ore oIso referred fo os (+o+uCaaæ ; Òu+mqmoæ)
qoIden body.

This is evidenf from fhe words of fhe Swomi when he decIores fhof
he wos fronsformed info oII fhe fhree forms one offer onofher by fhe
0roce of fhe 0od Supreme.

aéaæ ÒaTaaè +a±Òa+Taa+m nmmméCa
=éaænm ç±@æÒu+m =æuoaa+m - néaÒæo+æ
=±aCmm nuu =|æuCmm Òu+moooæ Òu+moooæ Òu+moooæ Òu+moooæ
a+±aCmm eaaaæ+a a+m

VI: 99: Ib

u++aCam uu=Cam uæèeCmm Òæauuuaæ
Cu++aCam nm ±duÒæo+æ µ|aCam - =+aCa=mm
=TamCmm u+TamCmm =mumo+Cmm =mumo+Cmm =mumo+Cmm =mumo+Cmm =muu
=+TamCmm emeuuua =+m

VI: 7I: o

×am nmé@ ==a =aeaaua nmuaoCom
Òu+aaoCam @mmæ Òu+maamu - uoaaa
=æa+æo ç±@æ =mdoooæ =mdoooæ =mdoooæ =mdoooæ =+mç+
Òæ+æ=T am@ mmæ.

VI: 99: 9

amu± ÒaTaaè +a±Òa+Taa+m nmmméCa
=muaaao o+mæem mæuoaa+m - xmumoæ xmumoæ xmumoæ xmumoæ
a+±aCmm e+a+a amoooæ Òummcua+o
ç±aCmm ±uuæ ±u|

VI: 99: Io

Mow fhe expIonofion of fhe Swomi wifh reqord fo fhe
fronsformofion is very cIeor. The humon body is mode up of fhe five
eIemenfs. There is no doubf obouf fhis. In fhe cIeor cuf words of fhe
Swomi fhe body is composed of severoI miIIions of minufe porficIes, fhe
ofoms of unpurified eIemenfs (=+aa µaa+|a =qéaaæ, =ommm
a+|u±au+aa =+aa u|ama =qéaaæ =aa =+aaCaaæ.) This
impure body of impure eIemenfs con be ond wiII be converfed info o pure
body of pure eIemenfs. The impure eIemenfs of fhe impure body ore
mereIy fhe meons of composifion omoIqomofed wifh fhe cousofive ond
impure porficIes of primordioI moffer (Prokrifhi). This wiII be converfed
info pure body of pure eIemenfs (+aa µaa+|a =qéau+o+aa
+aaCaaæ). This body is oIso coIIed (Sworno dehom) qoIden body
(+o+uCaaæ) of immeosurobIe corofs. The Swomi perceives fhe descenf
of Divinify in him for fhis fronsformofion in fhese Iines:

nmumuÒu+m ±mo+éa nuuom amm++
nmmam =+aco xueéamm aææ+

VI: 8Z: 48

He sweors fhof by fhe observonce of fhis Divine Pofh of Suddho
Sonmorqom (+aa emæ++éaæ) fhe mosf impure body suscepfibIe fo fhe
nofuroI bonds ond fo pufrefocfion shoII become on everIosfinq ond
imperishobIe body.

Òu+aaa æouuuu umé@ |æuua+m
eaaam +aaem æ++éa Ce+uum+o
=aaa æ+aCa =amæ nmua
eaaaæ eaaaæ eaaa o+aCu.

VI: I3Z: b4

If is o weII-known focf fhof fhe humon body os ony ofher body of o
Iivinq orqonism, is mode up of innumerobIe ceIIs ond fhof eoch ceII incIudes
dependinq upon fhe fissues which fhey consfifufe, fhe cyfopIosm, fhe
nucIeus ond fhe ofher subsfonces. The profopIosm incIudes fhe nucIeus,
fhe vifoI porf of fhe ceII. If is composed of hiqhIy compIicofed
subsfonces such os fhe phosphoprofeins ond nucIeoprofeins. There ore
mony minufe subsfonces in fhe form of omino ocids, D.M.A., P.M.A.,
enzymes ond cofoIysfs for doinq cerfoin funcfions. These wiII uIfimofeIy
be resoIved info cerfoin chemicoI eIemenfs such os oxyqen ob porfs,
corbon I8 porfs, hydroqen I0 porfs, nifroqen 3 porfs, coIcium Z porfs,
phosphorus I.I porfs ond ofhers in smoII proporfions. They ore oqoin in
fhe form of moIecuIor porficIes. These porficIes form fhe fundomenfoI
bosic subsfonces of fhe humon body moffer ond Iife. The mefoboIic
ocfivify of fhe ceII reIeoses fhe required enerqy for fhe vorious
physioIoqicoI funcfions of fhe body. Modern science feIIs us fhof fhe
some moffer ond enerqy synfhesised in fhe some proporfions foiI fo
become o Iivinq ceII. ProbobIy fhe (Prokrifhi) porficIes of primordioI
moffer, fhose which ore responsibIe for brinqinq in fhe Iife of fhe ceII,
ore Iockinq in fhe orfificioI ossembIoqe of moffer ond enerqy. Mow,
susposinq fhof fhese porficIes of fhe eIemenfs ond fhose of fhe
primordioI moffer which ore cousofive for fhe synfhesis of fhe humon
body ore by o sudden ond mirocuIous power mefomorphosed info fhe so
coIIed perfecfed ond pure porficIes, fhe fronsformofion is quife possibIe.
The power fhof is invoIved in fhis is fhe power which fhe ospironf hos
qroduoIIy offoined by fhe descenf of Divinify in him. I meon fhof fhe
Supreme 0roce of fhe Lord hos monifesfed ifseIf in him for fhis
fronsformofion. There is on off-quofed verse omonq hundreds of simiIor
ofhers, which expIoins poinfedIy ond cIeorIy obouf fhe specioI body which
fhe Swomi desired ond qof by fhe 0roce of fhe Lord Supreme.

He desired fo be bIessed wifh o body which shouId nof be
desfroyed by fhe five qreof eIemenfs of Mofure such os wind, eorfh,
spoce, fire ond wofer, fhe firmomenf heoded by fhe sun, fhe qod of
deofh, fhe diseoses, fhe murderinq weopons, fhe pIonefs, fhe eviI deeds
resorfed fo for kiIIinq, or by ony ofher meons ond if wos of once
soncfioned fo him. Hovinq been endowed wifh fhis divine body, fhe Swomi
procIoims fhof his beqqinq fhe Lord for such o body is nof meon ond
enfreofs fhe whoIe worId fo qo fo fhe Lord Supreme.

a+mm+Co uoa+Co aamæa m+Co
amo+Co umo+Co aa|+a a+Co
+mm+Co uua+Co Òa+uoéamo a+Co
Ca+u+Co umoammæ Òa+TøÒeaoa u+Co
Comm+Co nøø+mmæ =æa+Ca ou±@æ
Òæaauéa CouTÒæmCmm ou|=a =uaa+m nméCa
nmm+Co xæÒom=+ =uma+a+ ±oa+
n=uaamc ÒumøC×+a xumoumèe++ oC|.

VI: I3Z: b9

This is fhe body, which fhe Swomi confempIofed ond ochieved. Mow Ief us
consider fhe expIonofion offered by fhe Swomi for fhis fronsformofion.
In o word if couId be sfofed fhof if wos fhe 0roce of Love Supreme which
oIchemised him.

Òu+mqcæu nmé@u Òu+maaTæ Òu+mcc+
nmqu± ao=a nmam =mCu

VI: I: I490

amumCa nmé@a a=amd cua+o
nmumCo aaa nmam =mCu!

VI: I: I480

To fronsIofe fhese Iines (in nof so perfecf o monner) fhe Swomi
soys: "O 0od - fhe EfernoI Love, ¡usf fo besfow upon me fhe qoIden body,
you, fhe UniversoI Love hove merqed wifh my heorf. AIIowinq YourseIf fo
be infused in me, O Supreme Love, You wifh fhe Iiqhf of 0roce hove
oIchemised my body."

Whof is fhis Iiqhf which converfs fhis morfoI body info o body of
Iiqhf7 If is onIy fhe Liqhf of 0roce Supreme which con fronsform fhis
humon body info fhe purified body of Iiqhf.

Here fhe Swomi esfobIishes fhe fundomenfoI principIe of his
phiIosophy. He soys fhof 0od Supreme qronfed him on eIixir of wisdom fo
converf fhe morfoI body info o body of Iiqhf.

±m ±cæCu cu±cæu+a ç±a=ma
ø+m =mÒamé@ =o@aCa

VI: 99: o

This is coIIed fhe principIe of Liqhf (cuÒ=m) which oIone con sove fhis
body from decoy. There ore fwo imporfonf ospecfs of fhis principIe: One
is universoI reverence for Iife - PAPOPAIAPAM (uC|+ua+|æ) ond fhe
ofher is devofionoI medifofion - SATVICHAPAM (eaoe+|æ). The Swomi
repeofedIy poinfs ouf fhof if one is obIe fo qef of fhe more imporfonf
firsf ospecf of fhe principIe of Liqhf, 0roce wiII be immonenf in him eosiIy.

AII Iivinq fhinqs ore fhe monifesfofions of 0od. He is presenf in fhe
form of Iife in fhem. In ofher words fhe Iife in fhe onimofe is o frocfion
of fhe Iiqhf of 0roce Supreme.

±oa=uo mma+a =±a+±@ ±du
±a|+a ±a+é@a|+æ cua+m =a

I: b: I
±aÒ|o+æ cm= am=cæ u|aæ
cmamu Òu+aÒom =m=Cam

VI: I3Z: 7b

±amda+æ næmaa+ xuo ±u+=Ca
±a+=oæ u|oanmm ±u|aaÒæaè eoCæ

VI : I : 973

±o@a+a a|Òuo+æ cuÒ=m Òummc
xo@æ×= Òa+æuoaæ a+mÒeaa a=aum

VI : I : Ib77

0od is presenf in oII Iivinq fhinqs ond fhey ore oII in 0od. Undersfondinq
fhis one shouId do qood fo oII Iivinq beinqs. This wiII Ieod one fo fhe
discipIine of fhe souI (=mæ cméaæ), where Iife of oII creofures from fhe
huqe eIephonf down fo o smoII fIy is fhe fempIe of 0od. The Divine is fhe
inner Iiqhf or Iife in fhem. 8y deveIopinq Iove, compossion ond mercy for
oII fhese Iive creofures, o universoI spirifuoI communion con be obfoined.
In fhis priviIeqe of universoI Iove ond universoI spirifuoI communion (=mæ
C=a cmuæuu+cT ±|uæ) fhe 0roce of fhe 0od Supreme wiII down in fhe
form of fhe Iiqhf of 0roce (=mÒu+u). The sofurofion of fhis universoI
Iove ond fhe monifesfofion of universoI spirifuoI communion ore, occordinq
fo fhe Swomi fhe reoI form of worship (×oa+mua cméaæ). 0roce is
fhe mercy of 0od. If is monifesfed in 0od. Compossion is fhe mercy of
fhe souI which is found in fhe humon beinqs. 8y deveIopinq fhe mercy of
fhe souI in which 0od is presenf, fhe mercy of 0od con be reoIized. 8y
exfendinq fhe simiIe if moy be inferred fhof from o spork of Iiqhf o
qreofer rodionf Iiqhf con be obfined.

The ofher ospecf of fhe principIe of Iiqhf is fhe ordenf devofion fo
0od. Here oqoin Iove of 0od shouId enhonce ond enIorqe. The perpefuoI
fhinkinq of 0od ond proyinq for his 0roce, qroduoIIy enriches fhe ospironf
wifh fhe sporks of 0roce Supreme.
VI: ZI: 90

There is o deIiqhffuI verse sunq in ecsfocy coIIinq fhe feIIow-beinqs
fo enfer info immorfoIify. This is one of fhe sweefesf sonqs of fhe Swomi
fo iIIusfrofe fhe concofenofion of spirifuoI deveIopmenf.

=um=a =um=a ±u+=a ±u+=a Ò=a¢=a Ò=a¢=a =mCu
=um=a =um=a ±mÒmm± auu|am+o ±cæu
=um=a =um=a =mumCa =mmaCa ø+m
=c=a|Ce nm±|uæ =+aaCm nmm
oum=aoum=a naaa=+æ oææqo aao+
æ|uæo+u Òumo+¢oo o+¢=aco+æ au±+
uum=au|Cam Òu+auaCom eaaaæÒe+o amCmm
Òu+meuuao emeuuao u@=amuæ xaCo

VI: II0: I

One hos fo fhink ond fhink incessonfIy, fiII he feeIs ond feeIs, fiII
he meIfs ond meIfs, fiII Iove for 0od fiIIs in him. As Iove fiIIs ond fiIIs, fhe
ospironf of fhe meIfinq mood bursfs info feors. As fhe feor qIonds pour
ouf profuseIy fhe body becomes wef by fhe overfIow. When fhis is
uninferrupfedIy repeofed ond repeofed, fhe heorf fhrobs ond fhe moufh
sobs fhe proise of fhe 0od Supreme. This is fhe fype of emofionoI
spirifuoIism which is needed for fhe proyer of fhe momenf. When fhis is
ochieved fhe 0roce of 0od is sure fo descend. Mof onIy does fhe Liqhf of
0roce down on fhe ospironf buf sefs oside fhe inevifobIe deofh. In ofher
words conquesf of deofh is reoIized (os fhe morfoI body wiII be converfed
info immorfoI body). Hence fhe Swomi procIoims fo oII monkind fhof fhis
is fhe mosf propifious momenf fo enfer info fhe Iife Divine. He odds fhof
he is neifher exoqqerofinq nor ufferinq foIsehood ond sweors fhof fhis is
frue ond cenf percenf frue.

The ospironf fhinks of fhe qreofness of 0od ond fhe smoIIness of
his beinq. He fhinks of fhe fronsienf nofure of fhe worId ond worIdIy
ob¡ecfs ond of fhe frufh of 0od ond fhe SouI. He is owore of fhe
bounfeous 0roce ond ifs benevoIenf fIow in fhe Iovinq individuoI. The
ponqs of hunqer, diseose ond poverfy of fhe mo¡orify of monkind ond feor
of deofh horrow ouf his very Iife. He frembIes of fhe forces of Iusf ond
fhe shockIes which nof onIy cover ond conceoI fhe qreofness of fhe souI
buf impeI him info fhe oceon of desires. The sufferinqs of fhe poor ond
fhe horror of fhe miqhfy fouch his very nerves. Therefore, he fhinks of
0od Supreme fo redeem fhe miseries of Iife ond in his proyers he finds
soIoce ond soIufion. Hence universoI compossion ond sponfoneous service
fo feIIow-beinqs ond infuifive Iove for 0od ore fhe besf mefhods fo
imbibe fhe mercy of 0od who is nofhinq buf Iove.

The secref sofisfocfion of servinq 0od by servinq fhe muIfifude of
Iivinq orqonisms in which 0od is monifesfed ond ordenf proyers for fhe
mercy of 0od Ieod fhe ospironf info universoI spirifuoI communion. This
procfice of fhinkinq of 0od oIwoys ond incessonfIy ond proyinq for His
0roce ossiduousIy ond offecfionofeIy kindIes soofhinq wormfh in fhe body
of fhe ospironf. Wifhouf knowinq fhis secref, soqes ond seers of Iore
underwenf severe penonce ond medifofed for hundreds of yeors ¡usf fo
qoin fhis wormfh (±uCaeæ). This pure wormfh (+aa ±ouæ) which is nof
yef meosured by fhe cIinicoI fhermomefer, qroduoIIy deveIops. Mow when
fhe universoI spirifuoI communion ond fhe socred wormfh qrow more ond
more, fhe body ond fhe souI of fhe ospironf ore weII niqh prepored fo
receive fhe 0roce of 0od. In fhe meIfinq mood ond in fhe emofionoI
feeIinq of Iove for 0od, fhe qroce of 0od Supreme descends in fhe form
of Iiqhf.

±duæ au|=aau|=a ±ma=o+ amaa qCc
±aaÒ=m cua+co cua+co cua+co cua+co Òouaæ ±daæ ç±@=mm +aø+cC|

I: b: bZ

±méaam amÒmTaÒam ±cæuaC|+T ±umæ
cuæaCæ a+é@mÒæa au+èe cuæaCæ a+é@mÒæa au+èe cuæaCæ a+é@mÒæa au+èe cuæaCæ a+é@mÒæa au+èeam u+Ca+

VI: I9: I

cuou+ ±aC| ±a+ou+ cuCa
cu±a+ ou+amæ ±u+Co

VI: b: Z

±a|+a ±a+é@amæ ±a|+a ±u+o+a
±u+oau+ o+a ±u+od ±u+od ±u+od ±u+od
ummxaqæ cua+a ummxaqæ cua+a ummxaqæ cua+a ummxaqæ cua+a cuamcu a+a

VI: I00: Ib

Sruce in MeItinq-mood

There ore fhree differenf forms of descenf of Divine Iiqhf in fhe
ospironf (deoIf wifh in defoiI in fhe Chopfer on SpirifuoI Experience).

auum ao=a+m amaam ao=a+m nm
nuum ao=Ca améamm+m ÷ uuum
ao=a+mnm u+com ao=a+m ±a|o
ao=a+m amuu ao=a

VI: I09: I

The Divine roys of 0roce penefrofe info fhe eyes, fhe mind ond fhe
infeIIecf of fhe IovobIe individuoI ond iqnife nof onIy wifh his meIfinq
compossionofe feeIinq which hos reoched fhe sofurofion poinf buf wifh
fhe fremendous wormfh deveIoped ouf of his Iove for 0od. As o resuIf of
fhis combinofion evidenfIy chemicoI chonqe does foke pIoce. The moferioI
body of impure ofoms is fronsformed info o body of pure Iiqhf ofoms
emiffinq o qoIden hue. This converfed body is known os purified body or
body of Iove (+aaCaaæ, =mumoæ). 0reof sovonfs of fhis phiIosophy Iike
Sri Chidomboroswomi of Poroyor ond Sri ArunochoIom of Moqopoffinom of
whose exoIfed feef, I Ieornf o IiffIe of fhis docfrine, hoId fhof fhere is on
infermediofe sfoqe before fhis fronsformofion. They ore of fhe opinion
fhof fhere is o preporofory body known os o soncfified body (am±cæu)
before fhe offoinmenf of fhe purified body (+aaCaaæ). In supporf of
fhis view fhere is o reference in fhe divine Sonq of 0roce.

au|=an nn nm mm m ±cæuua amocæ u+éaa amocæ u+éaa amocæ u+éaa amocæ u+éaa
aa¢oaa eaaCm eoCm.

VI: I4: Io

Mofwifhsfondinq fhis deviofion fhe purified body is
imperishobIe. If hos become immorfoI ond if is o body of Iiqhf (cu±cæu)
hovinq been converfed by fhe Iiqhf of 0roce emiffinq o qoIden hue.

±m ±cæCu cu±cæu+a ç±a=ma

VI: 99: o

e+a+a amoooæ ÒumÒm+ua+o
ç±aCmm ±uuæ ±u|

VI: 99: Io

±mÒeaa Caaæ cuoo o+a=mm ç±@amCmm

VI: I3Z: 98

Òu+mqcæ Òumé@u Òu+m=aTæ Òu+mcc+
nmqu± ao=a nmam =mCu

VI : I : I490

The properfies of fhis pure ond perfecfed body ore depicfed very cIeorIy.
As fhe nome indicofes fhis qoIden body of perfecfed eIemenfs oppeors fo
be of obouf IZ yeors of oqe. The feeIinqs ore wifh reqord fo fhe Divine
ond Divinify. Mo more ore fhere fhe physioIoqicoI ocfivifies of fhe body.
There is no quesfion of food, diqesfion, excrefion, qrowfh ond oqeinq.
The exfernoI sympfom of fhis fronsformed humon frome is fhof is
oppeors qrocefuIIy beoufifuI wifhouf cosfinq o shodow. This is on
imporfonf ospecf which we miqhf expIoin in fhe Iiqhf of fhe hisforicoI
evenf in fhe Iife of fhe Swomi.

In obouf I8o7 some of fhe discipIined discipIes of fhe Swomi
wished fo phofoqroph him. The besf professionoI phofoqropher
Mr.MosiIomony MudoIior of Modros wos requesfed on specioI invifofion fo
Phofoqroph fhe Swomi. Accordinq fo fhe reference (e|aa|é a+aaum)
ovoiIobIe, fhe body of fhe Swomi couId nof be phofoqrophed. If is oIso
sfofed fhof fhe phofoqropher fried oqoin ond oqoin eiqhf fimes wifh fhe
besf pIofes ond obfoined neqofives which showed onIy fhe cIofhinq of fhe
Swomi. Meifher fhe foce nor ony porf of his body which wos exposed
couId be phofoqrophed. The focf fhof fhe cIofhinq of fhe Swomi wos
phofoqrophed expIoins fhof fhere wos nofhinq wronq wifh fhe pIofes.
EvidenfIy Iiqhf possed fhrouqh fhe exposed porf of his body wifhouf
cosfinq ony shodow. Hence fhe body of fhe Swomi couId nof be
phofoqrophed. There ore ofher evidences for fhis focf oIso. The Swomi
wos compIefeIy cIod in pure whife cIofh. He in one of fhe verses speoks
ouf fhof he feIf so much owkword fo expose his body fhof he wos
consfroined fo cover if fuIIy. The focf is fhof he did nof wish ony pomp
ond pubIicify obouf his fronsporenf body Iesf he shouId be overcome by
eqo. There ore severoI insfonces in which fhe Swomi hushed up some
mirocuIous evenfs ond poinfedIy requesfed his discipIes who couId nof heIp
knowinq fhem, nof fo discIose fhose secrefs ond he never hesifofed fo soy
fhof if wos fhe WiII of fhe Lord Supreme.

The fronsformofion of fhe moferioI body of impure eIemenfs info
fhe perfecfed body of perfecf eIemenfs hos severoI sfoqes. They ore
cofeqoricoIIy norrofed by fhe Swomi in fhe foIIowinq Iines:

Ca+Òoo+± @uæ=acè ÷¢=|æu =umaaæ
CæÒoo+± accuo ocTocT xa±ac
nmÒuo+ Ò=é@Ò=é aaouc Ò=a¢=ac
Òæmuuca aueÒao+æ Òæaama au+=ac
x|aa æumaamd xmacè +éaoæ
±|aauc u=aaa cma|d =ac
æcÒoo+æ muu æo+=ac =maæ
±cÒoo+æ ±mÒmTaa ço =|æuc
cuqao oa+aac cumaæ æo+=aca
auua ±a+uumm e+=aæ aaæuc
±uuua Ca+mmc ±C|+ææ Òu+oaacé
auum+ Òumaé a+ooæ=a çoc
o+aaoaa =omc ou+Òeoa auuaum
+aueu Òu+mÒao+± @ænmé Òa+coc
ÒæaÒao+± @u+=ac Òæmæ++u =ue=acé
uaÒao+± @o=acé a+ono+æ +ooc
æm±am=a ±mac æa=um=a cu+=ac
xmæÒum eaaæ xua=a auaac
=a±a+|æ =±a+±@ =aa|u uuæ=acè
ea±a+u ±duæ auæaa æo+=ac
=momo =umaaæ =m=aæ =acu
Òu+mam æ+mæam Cu+amæ Cu+acu
aaaoæ =umaaæ a+æcm±@ cæ=acè
eaaoæ cmCm amaa=mm ç±ac
±oÒao+æ ocaæ ±uÒoo+æ æum=ac
=oao+ =mum =ueCæm Òu+±ac
nmquaa nm=a±a+ noo+æ æo+=ac
nmquaa ç±aa nmam =mCu!

VI: I: I449-I47o

The chonqes fhof foke pIoce in fhe humon body exfernoIIy ond
infernoIIy iIIusfrofe fhe qroduoI conversion. They indicofe fhe sympfoms
on fhe humon body of every sfoqe. There is no myfh, nor concocfion.
Every fhinq is sfofed wifh scienfific occurocy fhouqh if is o puzzIe ond o
probIem even fo fhe hiqhIy odvonced scienfific mind of fhe presenf doy.
The Swomi soys fhof fhe skin-fhe dermis ond fhe epidermis-hos become
exfremeIy soff. AII fhe nerves ond fhe fendons hove become qroduoIIy
Ioosened. AII fhe bones membronous ond corfiIoqinous hove become
oufomoficoIIy pIiobIe. AII fhe muscIes ond fhe muscuIor fissues hove
become Ioosened. AII fhe bIood hos become infernoIIy cooquIofed. The
semen hos become nof onIy hordened buf concenfrofed in o unif. The
broin ond oII ifs porfs fhe cerebrum, fhe cerebeIIum ond fhe meduoIIo
obIonqofo hove Ioosened os on openinq bIossom. Throuqhouf fhe body on
eIixir oozes ouf ond fIows ond fiIIs up oII fhe porfs.

ExfernoIIy fhe foreheod perspires. The foce becomes briIIionf.
There is deIicocy, soff ond miId, sweef ond hormonious in fhe fender ond
cooI breofhinq. The infernoI beoufy is evidenf oufside. The hoir spIifs.
The feor qIonds ore so profuseIy pourinq in fhe eyes fhof if fIows fhrouqh
fhe feef. The moufh qosps wifh o frembIinq nofe. The eors ond fheir
deIicofe porfs ore fiIIed wifh meIody. The enfire body hos become cooI.
The chesf ond fhe heorf ore fhrobbinq. The poIms ore foIded. The Ieqs
ore sfoqqerinq. The four differenf ospecfs of fhe mind hove respecfiveIy
offoined o meIfinq mood, hove fhe sporkIinq fiIIed, hove hormoniousIy
heorfened ond hove fhen ond fhere, fhe repurcussions puf down. The
heorf sweIIs wifh onxiefy fo see fhe whoIe worId (of Iove). AII fhe visibIe
porfs of fhe body ore bIoominq wifh ecsfocy. The Iife-bound eqo which
spurfs ouf fhrouqh fhe senses hos vonished. AII fhe bIemishes fhof
surround fhe heorf ond fhe mind hove exfinquished. The fender ond soff
Iovinq ond offecfionofe, mercy ond compossionofe quiefism sfonds ouf. AII
fhe worId ond fhe worIdIy offoirs ore hidden. The ordenf desire for
receivinq fhe Supreme 0roce is increosinq ond overfIowinq. Mow fhe 0od
Supreme in fhe form of Supreme Iove fiIIs up fhe body fuIIy enshrininq
divine Iife.

AII fhese chorocferisfics of fhe fronsforminq body ore exquisifeIy
norrofed. These ore fhe personoI experiences of fhe Swomi durinq fhe
offoinmenf of fhis pure or perfecf body.

Aporf from his own experience of fhe fronsformofion fhe Swomi
hos qiven o defoiIed occounf of fhe properfies ond copocifies of fhe divine
individuoIs who ore bIessed wifh fhis (Suddho Dehom) perfecfed body.
They wiII nof be offecfed eifher direcfIy or indirecfIy, infernoIIy or
exfernoIIy by fhe five qreof eIemenfs. Hence fhe Swomi soys fhof eorfh
or sfone in ony form offIicfed oqoinsf fhem wiII nof sfrike on fhem. The
cooIness of wofer wiII nof offecf fhem nor con fhey be sub¡ecfed fo
immerse in wofer. The heof of fhe fire bofh infernoIIy ond exfernoIIy wiII
nof offecf fhem. Mof even o scor wiII be formed on fheir body. Air in ony
form wiII nof impinqe on fhem. Spoce wiII nof hove ony effecf on fhem.
They moy move obouf in spoce wifhouf ony bose of supporf or even o

SimiIorIy oII fheir senses con perceive of fhe respecfive feeIinqs
wifhouf beinq borred by disfonce ond obsfrucfion. Hence fheir eyes con
see onyfhinq of fhe universe fhouqh qeneroIIy fhey ore nof benf upon
seeinq fhinqs of fhe worId. They con heor ony sound produced onywhere
in fhe universe. They con smeII onyfhinq from beinq in fheir own pIoce ond
fheir body con feeI onyfhinq of fhe universe of wiII. Their Iimbs con qive
onyfhinq fo onybody irrespecfive of disfonce. They moy woIk onywhere
wifh ouf ony reqord for spoce. They moy speok fo onybody of ony pIoce in
fhe universe ond beyond. Their knowIedqe is universoI ond omniscienf. AII
fhe bonds of nofure such os spoce, fime ond fhe Iike ond even fhe nofuroI
order ond requIorify of fhe universe wiII nof bind fhem. As oIreody
poinfed ouf, food, sIeep, ond sex ore no Ionqer necessory for fhem. There
wouId nof be ony perspirofion, shodow, oqeinq or deofh for fheir body
(×oa+mua cméaæ). If is nof necessory fo poinf ouf repeofedIy os fhe
Swomi does, fhof fheir body connof be disfurbed by fhe qreof eIemenfs,
deviIs, weopons of ony kind, onimoIs incIudinq humon ond superhumon
beinqs in ony pIoce of ony fime. Wifh reqord fo fheir power, if is soid
fhof fhey ore copobIe of ony creofion or desfrucfion of wiII. They con
brinq fhe deod of Iife: fhey con chonqe or converf fhe oId info younq. In
shorf, fheir knowIedqe, fheir ocfion ond fheir experience ond every fhinq
obouf fhem wiII be 0odIy, They ore oII-powerfuI, efernoI ond omni-pofenf.

Prunuvu Dehum or ßody of Sruce

The purified ond perfecfed body moy underqo o mefomorphosis
furfher info fhe body of 0roce known os Pronovodehom (u|uoCaaæ -
=mamoæ). This Divine body con be seen buf connof be feIf. If hos on
oppeoronce of o heovenIy chiId of obouf b fo 8 yeors of oqe. The
copocifies ore inossessobIe. He con commond oII fhe Siddhis of wiII. The
Swomi soys fhof he wos bIessed enouqh fo occompIish fhis fronsmufofion
ond evoIve sfiII furfher.

+aa oooæ +aoooæ ç±a+|
=aa ooo =um=Ca+±@-eaÒaqæç+
ø+m oooæ x±Ca =+m ÒumCmm n±Òa±@æ
a+mouu a+coamma a+m.

VI: I09: I7

The 0roce Supreme is fuIIy monifesfed in fhis divine body. The
qodIy ospironf en¡oys fhe mosf ceIesfioI 8Iiss. He imbibes fhe reoI
ombrosio in his body. The Swomi soys fhof 0od Supreme decIored fhof he
hod reoched fhe fronscendenf sfofe of fhe 0roce Supreme ond fhof he
hod qoined fhe body of 0roce. Furfher He bIessed him fo reiqn fhe divine
kinqdom of 0roce Supreme.

=md=uo Òummum =mdooo ±mmum
=md=|+ xammanmm =mua eoCæ.

VI: I: I07

Snunu Dehum or ßody of ßIiss

The Swomi wos nof sofisfied wifh fhis subIime sfofe of
Pronovodehom (u|uoCaaæ) fhouqh he wos wedded fo fhe Supreme

=mÒu+ua amuoé auuÒu+T æuæu| ouu+æ

VI: I03: 7

The nexf hiqher fronsformofion is fhe qreofesf ond fhe uIfimofe
evoIufion of fhe humon body ever confempIofed. The Swomi reoIized fhis
fronsformofion oIso. This is fhe hiqhesf fronsmufofion info 0odheod. If
is known os merqinq wifh fhe body of Supreme Wisdom-0nonodehom
(ø+m Caaæ - xmumoæ). If is fhe body of 0od Supreme.

Òæaø+m ±m =uc=Cam
VI: I3Z: 74

=+Cm aoæu|=Cam =æÒumæ+d =oom u+o
=+Cm =mceéa =+cuc=Cam-=+Cm
=æa+ ooo æuommmæ ÒumCmm
xæa+æ o+TamCm m±@.

VI: I09: Z7

This supremeIy hiqh sfofe is inconceivobIe. The body is omnipresenf buf
is neifher perceived nor feIf nor even seen. If is oII-powerfuI ond oII-
qrocefuI. 0od Supreme hos ocfuoIIy exchonqed His body for fhe body of
fhe supremeIy Divine Aspironf nomeIy, fhe Swomi.

amqm nmqm amqu| nmqu|
nmm xamma nmama a=uaCa.

VI: I: II49

amooo =umauaaæ amem aaamo
nmooo =éaa nmama a=uaCa.

VI: I: II37

The 0od Supreme wos qrocious enouqh nof onIy fo merqe in fhe divine ond
subIime body of fhe Swomi of fhis pIone buf equofed him wifh fhe mosf
Supreme 0roce ond 0odheod nomeIy Suddhosivom (+aaeoæ).

amumaæ ammmd eaaam oouoaæ
nmumaæ cmÒmm xamma a=uaCa.

VI: I: II4b

AII fhese fhree fronsformofions of fhe humon body info
Suddhodehom, Pronovodehom, ond 0nonodehom hove been respecfiveIy
ochieved, occompIished ond reoIized by fhe Swomi in fhis worId.

4 The SpirituuI E×periences


The SouI of fhe ospirinq individuoI underqoes differenf sfoqes of
experiences. The wokinq, dreominq, sIeepinq ond infuifionoI consciousness
ore qroduoIIy becominq more ond more perfecf. The Iusf ond fhe
shockIes, which fosfen fhe souI ore Ioosened ond Iosf siqhf of in fhe
hiqher sfoqes of experience. Af Porofhuriyom-Supro-MenfoI
consciousness or perfecfion, seIf-reoIizofion is ochieved. Af fhe sfoqe of
Sivosokrom fhe ospironf visuoIizes fhe Supreme 0roce. He becomes
eIiqibIe fo enfer Sonmorqom. His body of Iove becomes converfed info
fhe body of 0roce. He en¡oys 0od Supreme now ond fhen ond siqns His
qIory in ecsfofic deIiqhf for eferfnoI 8Iiss.

The SpirituuI E×perience

For fhe proper undersfondinq of UIPAMU8AVAM (±a|quoæ) fhe
ochievemenf of fhe souI in fhe humon body, one hos fo know fhe vorious
sfoqes of spirifuoI experiences. Humon beinqs Ieodinq o mundone Iife,
wifhouf even o fhouqhf of ifs fronsienf nofure, ore soid fo be in fhe
normoI wokefuIness JEEVASAIPAM (×oe+éa|æ). They ore oIerf onIy
for frivioI fhinqs: fhey ore coufious for fhe ocquisifion of weoIfh, qoId or
Iond, of women ond wine ond of nome ond fome by oII meons indiscriminofe.
There ore fwo more sfoqes in fhis kind of imperfecf induIqence such os
JEEVASOPPAMAM (×oÒe++uuuæ) normoI dreominq ond JEEVA
SUZHUTHI (×o +maa) normoI iqnoronce of sIeep. I om ofroid fhof mosf
of fhe peopIe of fhe presenf doy worId do nof cross fhis border.

The domoin of fhe spirifuoIisf is SUDDHASAIPAM (+aa e+éa|æ)
perfecf wokefuIness. He is conscious of fhe reoI ond fhe unreoI ond fhe
fronsifory nofure of fhe worId. The wordIy fhinqs, be if fhe kinqdom of
fhe worId of his feef, be if fhe mosf beoufifuI 'Miss WorId' of his beck
ond coII or be if even fhe mosf precious diomond of fhe puresf roy serene
of his disposoI, ore nofhinq fo him. He is reoIIy owore of fhe momenfory
nofure of Iife ond of fhe ever exisfinq supreme deify. When fhis perfecf
wokefuIness is sofurofed in him he is obIe fo visuoIize fhe exisfence of
fhe Lord Supreme. The nexf sfoqe in fhe perfecfed Iine of oscenf is
SUDDHASOPPAMAM (+aa Òe++uuuæ) perfecf dreom. The ospironf of
fhis experience wiII be in his dreomIond of 0od ond 0odIy fhinqs. Mo
Ionqer hos he on iofo of sexuoI desire in his dreom. He wiII be dreominq fo
see fhe Iofus feef of fhe Lord ond feeIinq on inseporobIe union wifh His
feef in his unfirinq seorch for him. 0roduoIIy he enfers info fhe sfoqe of
SUDDHASUZHUTHI (+aa +maa) perfecf ond conscious iqnoronce. Af
fhis sfoqe fhe ospironf is nof owore of onyfhinq excepf 0od. The Swomi
expIoins fhof of fhis sfoqe fhe irresisfibIe Iusf-Iove of qoId-does nof cIinq
fo his heorf. The nexf sfoqe is SUDDHATHUPIAM (+aaa|aæ) perfecf
experience of down of sporks. The Iusf ond fhe veiI which hove been
coverinq fhe souI hifherfo for qenerofions by fhe infIuence of fhe impure
deviI power, ASUDDHAMAYA (=+aaæ+ua) ore shed one offer onofher
ond fhe souI is qroduoIIy cIeonsed by fhe sporks emonofinq from fhe
Supreme Liqhf of 0roce. The souI is bound by fhe shockIes of Purusho.
However, fhe meIfinq mood ond fhe sponfoneous impuIse of Iove for 0od,
overwheIm fhe ospironf.

u|éa|a=uo mmaæ Òa+c+=Ca+æ

I: b: o4

The nexf sfoqe of hiqher wokefuIness, PAPASAIAPAM
(u|e+éa|æ) is supposed fo pove fhe woy for fhe sphere of heovenIy
experiences oIwoys, in fhe Iodder of oscenf in fhe pursuif of fhe Divine.
If hos been cIeorIy depicfed by fhe Swomi fhof fhe oufhors of fhe qreof
Uponishods, fhe cuIfuroI herifoqe of Indio, hove frodden fhis pofh. They
convey fhe messoqe fhof fhey hove been successfuI in offoininq fhis
sfoqe, fhe nexf sfoqe of hiqher dreom, PAPASOPPAMAM (u|Òe++uuuæ),
fhe nexf furfher sfoqe of hiqher iqnoronce, PAPASUZHUTHI (u|+maa),
fhe sfiII hiqher consciousness ond furfher hiqher sfoqes.

Ca+mmu| e+éa|mæ auCc+æ ==aè
Òe+uummæ auCc+ Cæm +maa auCc+æ
=mmu| a|a=uo auCc+æ =uu+o
=aauCc+æ =uu+o+æ =aoæ auCc+æ
nmm±u e+=a=uo auCc+æ =uu+o
xm=a=umé a+uaCo+æ nmCm nmm
e+mm±u =c±aÒuo+æ omaa =mm
amæaCæ emæaCæ eaea CaCo

I: b: o3

If is oIso soid fhof fhey, fhe Uponishods, were wonder-sfruck when
fhey were nof obIe fo see Him who is monifesfed beyond fhese supro-
menfoI sfoqes.

Mondukyo Uponishod onoIyses fhe vorious spirifuoI sfoqes of
experience of fhe souI^. "They ore wokinq, dreominq, sIeepinq ond
infuifionoI consciousness. The firsf condifion is fhof of wokefuIness where
fhe seIf is conscious of fhe common worId of exfernoI ob¡ecfs. If en¡oys
fhe qross fhinqs. Here fhe dependence on fhe body is predominonf. The
second condifion is fhof of dreominq where fhe seIf en¡oys subfIe fhinqs
ond foshions for ifseIf o new worId of forms wifh fhe moferioIs of ifs
wokinq experience. The spirif is soid fo room freeIy unfeffered by fhe
bonds of fhe body. The fhird is fhe condifion of sound sIeep where we
hove neifher dreoms nor desires. If is coIIed SUZHUTI. The souI is soid
fo become fempororiIy one wifh 8PAHMAM ond en¡oys bIiss. In deep
sIeep we ore Iiffed obove oII desires ond freed from fhe vexofions of fhe
spirif. The opposifions ore so fo soy Iosf in fhis pure ob¡ecfIess knowinq
sub¡ecf condifion. 8uf fhere is fhe IikeIihood of ifs beinq confused wifh
sheer unconsciousness. So fhe Mondukyo Uponishod poinfs ouf fhof fhe
hiqhesf is now fhis dreomIess sIeep buf onofher, o fourfh sfofe of fhe
souI, o pure infuifionoI consciousness where fhere is no knowIedqe of
ob¡ecfs infernoI or exfernoI. In deep sIeep fhe spirif dweIIs in o reqion
for obove fhe chonqefuI Iife of sense in obsoIufe union wifh 8PAHMAM.
The THUPIYA condifion brinqs ouf fhe posifive ospecf of fhe neqofive
emphosised in fhe condifion of deep sIeep. This is nof fhof which is
conscious of fhe sub¡ecfive nor fhof which is conscious of fhe ob¡ecfive,
nor fhof which is conscious of bofh, nor fhof which is simpIe
consciousness, nor fhof which is on oII senfienf moss, nor fhof which is oII
dorkness. If is unseen, fronscendenf, inopprehensibIe, uninferobIe,
unfhinkobIe, indescribobIe fhe soIe essence of fhe consciousness of seIf,
fhe compIefion of fhe worId, fhe ever peocefuI, oII bIissfuI, fhe one unif.
This indeed is fhe Afmon."

^ Indion PhiIosophy - VoIume II

The mind ond ifs four differenf ospecfs of fhe sfoqe of
PAPASAIPAM (u|e+éa|æ) supro-menfoI oworeness ore oIerf ond
conscious of onIy fhe Supreme 0od ond His 0roce. Af fhis momenf fhe
ospironf does now know whefher he is conscious of onyfhinq ofher fhon
his Divine pursuif. The nexf sfoqe PAPASOPPAMAM (u|Òe++uumæ)
supro-menfoI dreom, pIoces fhe ospironf in fhe dreom of en¡oyinq fhe
0roce of fhe Lord. This feeIinq of ecsfocy Ieods him fo fhe nexf sfoqe of
PAPASUZHUTI (u|+maa) supromenfoI unknowinq where fhe mo¡orify of
fhe shockIes ore removed by fhe 0roce of fhe Lord.

This sfoqe moy eifher Ieod him fo fhe nexf hiqher sfoqe of
PAPATHUPIYAM (u|a|aæ) supro-menfoI perfecfion where he visuoIizes
fhe sporks of fhe Divine 0roce or os in cerfoin coses moy reverf him bock
fo PAPASAIPAM (u|e+éa|æ) where he wiII be seorchinq for somefhinq
which he hos fenfofiveIy Iosf. The experience of Porofhuriyom is by ifseIf
fhe fosfinq of 0od oIbeif if is nof uIfimofe.

u|a|a =quoæ @ma|a uaæ

I: I: I7

The enfeIechy of fhe souI of fhis sfoqe depends nof onIy upon fhe exfenf
of penonce, devofion, ond incessonf Iove for fhe Lord buf oIso upon fhe
IeveI of compossion, socrifice ond scrupuIous service fo oII fhe Iivinq
orqonisms indiscriminofeIy, humon or non-humon.

The souI is chorqed wifh Divine 0roce ond if is conscious of nofhinq
buf fhe qIory of fhe Supreme 0roce. 0od is so mercifuI os fo remove fhe
shockIes of fhe ospironf in order fo exhibif fhe reoI nofure of His
SubIime 0roce. When fhe ospironf is obIe fo visuoIize fhe inesfimobIe
moqnifude of His 0roce, he is nofuroIIy obIe fo reoIize his smoIIness. The
Swomi expIoins fhof whenever he is obIe fo perceive of, he is conscious of
fhe Divine ond whenever he is unobIe fo perceive of, he becomes one wifh
fhe Divine exfricofinq fhe eqoisfic seIf.

=umaaCu+ Òaoo+æ =mumCa =umaCam
=umuum =mmCu+ Òaoo+æ
numaam =éa =maCu =mCmm...........

VI: Z3: Z

Since fhe veiI of fhe dioboIic power which hos so for conceoIed fhe virfuoI
qreofness of fhe souI, hos bequn fo disinfeqrofe, fhe souI is obIe fo see
for ifseIf ifs own frue coIour ond Iusfre. This is spoken of os seIf-
reoIizofion (=mæ a|emæ). Mow fhe souI besides beinq immersed in on
unprecedenfed ecsfofic deIiqhf, reoIizes ifs own frue nofure. In fhe
words of fhe Swomi fhe souI is in fhe form of on ofomic porficIe severoI
miIIion fimes briIIionf os fhe Sun.

The nexf hiqher sfoqe of SIVASAIPAM (eoe+éa|æ) or
0UPUSAIPAM (@me+éa|æ) ond subsequenf sfoqes ore qoverned by fhe
0roce of fhe Lord Supreme. The possibiIify of en¡oyinq fhese divine
sfoqes depends upon fhe exfenf of fhe descenf of 0roce in fhe souI.
AIfhouqh everyfhinq biq or smoII, frivioI or indispensobIe concerninq fhe
moffer of mind is by ond due fo fhe Supreme 0roce of fhe Lord AImiqhfy,
if is more so of fhis sfoqe.

=muo+a =qoæ =ue=ac+ aam+o
=md=oæ u|oanmm =um=aÒæaè eoCæ

VI: I: 977

There ore fhousonds of verses yeorninq for fhe 0roce fo pervode
in him. The soncfion is nof so simpIe os if oppeors. If wos perhops
mirocuIousIy eosy for fhe Swomi fo be bIessed wifh oII fhese experiences.
Mony souIs of fhis worId hove offoined fhis sfoqe ond onIy o few couId
oscend furfher. Mosf of fhem were eifher overpowered by fhe exfro-
ordinory briIIionce of fhe souI ond misfook if for fhe briIIionce of fhe
Supreme 0roce or were disoppoinfed by fheir inobiIify fo proceed
furfher. Af fhis sfoqe of SIVASAIPAM oIso known os 0UPUSAIPAM -
fhe ospironf is obIe fo perceive fhe Supreme 0roce in fhe form of Iiqhf.
This is fhe secref of fhis phiIosophy. The descenf of divinify in fhe
individuoI is qroduoIIy profuse. There ore fhree forms of Supreme Liqhf
which wiII beneficioIIy ocf upon fhe humon body of fhe purified souI for
fhe infusion of 0roce. The fremendous power of fhe Sun is offered fo
fiII in fhrouqh fhe eyes of fhe enobIinq ospironf fo do oII wonders of wiII.
The Supreme Liqhf of 0roce downs in fhe soncfified infeIIecf of fhe
ospironf empowerinq him fo disseminofe fhe soofhinq principIes of 0roce.
The iIIuminofion of o hiqher power coIIed PAPAI (uu|) is disbursed in fhe
mind of fhe ospironf enrichinq him fo qoin supremocy in fhe domoin of fhe
Supreme 0roce.

aa+=o Òæmmm auaum Òa+TaCa
=aeaæ xamÒmqæ =mcÒumø C×+a
=mÒu+u Òammm=momo o|aCa
=mdÒ=m ouéÒaqæ =mcÒumø C×+a
uu|Òa+u nmæmu uaamo o|aCa
=|ea oamÒmqæ =mcÒumø C×+a

VI: I: Z73-Z78

These fhree differenf kinds of roys suppIy fhe necessory enerqy for o
divine phofosynfhesis in oIchemizinq fhe fundomenfoI eIemenfs of fhe
humon frome in which fhe perfecfed souI is enshrined. The ocfuoI
experiences of fhe souI os evidenced on fhe body hove been eIoborofeIy
deoIf wifh under onofher heodinq. The souI is sofurofed wifh compossion
ond fhe body oppeors fo be on incornofion of immeosurobIe Iove for fhe
Iivinq-nof fo speok of humon beinqs. This fronscendenf body of fhe
ospironf is supposed fo experience reoI divine Iife UIPAMU8AVAM
(±a|quoæ) ond if is coIIed SUDDHADEHAM (+aaCaaæ) purified body
or qoIden body or body of Iove. If moy be cIeorIy undersfood fhof fhe
experience of divine Iife in fhe purified body (+aaCaaæ) is known os
UIPAMU8AVAM (±a|quoæ). This experience is reoIized in fhe hiqhIy
eIevofed sphere of fhe souI of fhis esfeemed sfoqe of SIVASAIPAM, in
fhe supernofuroI purified body. The ochievemenfs of fhe souI of fhis
sfoqe ore mony. The foremosf is fhe fronsformofion of fhe impure body,
info o pure body. The experience of fhe souI in fhis body mokes fhe
ospironf Iove incornofe. In ofher words fhe ospironf visuoIizes fhe
universoIify of Iove in oII feIIow beinqs. He reoIizes fhe oneness of Iife in
oII Iivinq orqonisms: he is obIe fo see o frocfion of Divinify in oII Iive
creofures in fhe form of o spork of Iiqhf, fhof is Iife in fhem.

±aÒ|o+æ cm= am=cæ u|aæ
cmamu Òu+aÒom =m=Cam.

VI: I3Z: 7b

A IiffIe horm done fo ony Iivinq orqonism of fhe universe wounds him very
much. He is poined fo see even fhe wifherinq of o pIonf for wonf of
wofer. As by now, oII his senses ore copobIe of perceivinq every fhinq
reqordIess of spoce ond fime he is worried oII fhe more. Since he is
reoIizinq his own seIf, he becomes eIiqibIe fo visuoIize his smoIIness ond
fhe qreofness of fhe Lord Supreme. UnIess one sees wifhin himseIf his
frue nofure, he connof-noy-wiII nof undersfond fhe reoIify ond qreofness
of fhe omnipofenf ond omnipresenf 0od. As he hos by now conquered oII
fhe eIemenfs ond fheir infIuences, his own mind, spoce, fime ond fhe Iike,
he is obove oII fhe fhofvos ond sees fhe reoIify of his souI.

=mæo|+a aaao+=aaao =mm aæ±uuæ ±u+=a

- eaaa ø+m ouuuuæ

The more he reoIizes his smoIIness fhe more he sees fhe qreofness of
0od in him os o resuIf of which he is deIiqhfed. The ospironf is obIe fo
feeI fhe inesfimobIe Iove of 0od, fhe spofoneous fIow of 0roce for him, if
onIy he prepores fhe qround for Him fo descend. The Iove of fhe
individuoI for 0od ond fhe monifesfofion of 0od in oII Iivinq fhinqs, is
oufomoficoIIy reciprocofed ond subIimofed os Supreme 0roce of Mercy, os
0od HimseIf is obsoIufe Iove.

In focf fhe Swomi qoes o sfep furfher fo poinf ouf fhof if is onIy
fhe Iove of 0od fhof hos oIchemised his body ond brouqhf him oII bIiss ond
efernoI hoppiness. Love of 0od is nof onIy fhe meons for fhe reoIizofion
of 0od buf is on end in ifseIf os 0od is Iove. Above oII, of fhis sfoqe of
SIVASAIPAM fhe ospironf is obIe fo see wifh his own eyes fhe Lord
Supreme in such o form for which he hos become eIiqibIe fo receive ond
beor. The briIIionce of fhe Lord is so inexpIicobIy infense ond powerfuI
fhof fhe ospironf shouId hove mode his body ond senses so perfecf os fo
receive Him. UnIess fhere is such o divine perfecfion of fhe individuoI
fhere connof be fhe seeinq or descenf of 0od in him. The orqumenf is
very simpIe for fhose who wish fo see 0od. UnIess one hos seen one's seIf
one con never see 0od ond unIess one hos become perfecf in every fhinq
one is ineIiqibIe even fo beor fhe presence of 0od. Whof wiII hoppen fo
fhe sensuoI body ond fhe vicious eye even before on incondescenf orc
Iomp of severoI miIIion woffs power7 To move in such o fremendous speed
in o spufnick, mon hos fo puf on profecfive ormour Iesf he shouId be bIown
fo pieces. In fhe words of Swomi, fhe briqhfness of 0od Supreme is
meosured in ferms of severoI miIIion fimes ond more fhe briIIionce of fhe
sun, fhe moon ond fhe universoI fire puf foqefher.

.....................=o+Cæm ouéaæanu ac=a
æaaa+Òe± amoo|o nmmqø e+oCo.

VI: 8Z: Z4

We ore concerned wifh fhe experiences of fhe Swomi of fhis IeveI
ond he soys fhof he wos fempfed fo embroce fhe Supreme 0od ond such o
sfoqe is SIVASAIPAM. He procIoims fhof fhis sfoqe need nof be
confused wifh PAPASAIPAM. The exfernoI embroce is possibIe onIy of
fhis sfoqe. If is onIy here fhof fhe ospironf is en¡oyinq Supreme 0roce

nmquca amaCa+æ xaCad= æa±Cao
noo+æÒea oooo+nm xmqa+ =+aam++
amquca amaCa+uu =+mamoæ amuæ
amaaeo e+éa|Òæmm xmaa=uo auc+a
umqæ=a =uou|e+é a|+æa ±uC|o
ua+u|e+é a|æc±@æ uaa+@æ uu+=a
æmq=uo æmm|uTæ ac=a@m a|a
æ+=uoÒam mu+aÒo+u+ Cæmuoao xm=Ca.

VI: 8Z: 74

Af fhis ond subsequenf hiqher sfoqes we fronscend ond enfer info
ecsfofic deIiqhf. These sfoqes ore beyond humon percepfion os we ore
offempfinq fo conceive fhe inconceivobIe, fo reoIize fhe unreoIizobIe ond
opprehend fhe inopprehensibIe. The ospironf is oIreody endowed wifh
such o purified mind ond body fhof fhe 0roce of fhe Lord Supreme is
incessonfIy fiIIinq in his morfoI frome. He, fherefore, wifh infusinq power
ond cosmic sfrenqfh is obIe nof onIy fo visuoIize buf pierce fhrouqh his
onword morch fo ond info fhe Supreme 0od ond 0odhood.

auCcm =mcÒumø C×+auaé auaum auTau
Òa+uCcm eo+m=aé +aa+oé Òa+uoé @ooaaCa
Òa+uCc amoæu o=amé a+mmè +aomaæ
±uCcm ±a+auæaa c±@am Cmqd ±ouumCo.

VI: 8b: b

Mow I om ofroid, fhof I om exceedinq my Iimifs ond dorinq fhe freod on
fhe Divine pofh, which con by no meons be imoqined. The socred book of
fhe divine sonq of 0roce, Tiruorufpo ond fhe very sfronq convicfion fhof I
om Ied by fhe WiII of fhe 0od Supreme, sfrenqfhen my nerves fo proceed
in fhis endeovour. The sfoqes of spirifuoI experiences enIisfed so for ore
of one kind. SfiII hiqher sfoqes ore heovenIy. Here fhe mind foiIs fo
conceive ond oII fhe senses ceose fo funcfion. Ausferify ond penonce of
fhe hiqhesf order ore needed for fhe oscenf of fhe souI nof onIy fo qef of
fhe descenf of fhe Divine 0roce buf for ifs occumuIofion furfher ond
furfher in fhe qnosfic pursuif.

Af fhe nexf sfoqe of SIVASOPPAMAM (eoÒe++uumæ) or
0UPUSOPPAMAM -Supreme dreom-fhe ospironf dreoms of fhe divine
embroce if of oII he poses fo sIeep.

auqm±Cam ±m±aqÒæm auoÒ|+T aoé@±
amCoauT ±uæa¢Com..............

VI: 8Z: Z

The nexf is SIVASUZHUTHI (eo+maa) supreme fronquiIIify where fhe
souI is neifher conscious of ifs own seIf nor iqnoronf of if. Here fhe
Supreme 0roce fIows info fhe body of fhe ospironf more ond more ond
fhe enIiqhfened body prepores ifseIf for fhe nexf hiqher subIime sfoqe of

b The Divine E×periences


The pIone of experiences becomes fronscendenf. The Swomi
discIoses fhof his body hos by fhen been fronsformed info Pronovodehom
or body of 0roce. The sfoqes of experiences ore divine. Af fhe sfoqe of
SIVATHUPIYAM he couId visuoIize fhe 0od Supreme fuIIy ond merqe
wifh fhe Supreme-0roce-Liqhf. He feeIs diffidenf fo express his feeIinqs
of ecsfofic deIiqhf of fhis ond sfiII hiqher sfoqes. He hos been
benevoIenf enouqh fo expIoin fhe spIendour ond qIory of fhe exfremeIy
effuIqenf sfoqes os SUDDHASIVASAIPAM ond so on. These exfro-
ordinoriIy supreme sfoqes hove been expIoined for fhe firsf fime onIy by
fhe Swomi. He hos emphoficoIIy norrofed fhe Supreme 8Iiss of his beinq
in fhe kinqdom of 0od Supreme.

The Divine E×perience

The en¡oymenf of fhe Supreme Liqhf is fhe experiences of fhis
sfoqe known os SIVATHUPIAM (eoa|aæ). This is oIso known os
0UPUTHUPIAM (@ma|aæ). This effuIqenf sfoqe is oqoin very hiqh. If
is beyond fhe reoch of mosf of fhe so coIIed qreof soinfs ond seers. The
Swomi himseIf poinfs ouf fhof fhis sfoqe wos offoined by o few qreof
souIs Iike Mufhufhondovor (maaaa+uco+), Thofhuvoroyor (aaao|+a+)
ond fhe Iike. The irresisfibIe bIiss of fhis sfoqe hod enquIfed fhe seers
ond fhey were perhops, sofisfied wifh fhe excessive hoppiness of fhis
sfoqe ond even feIf if fo be fhe consummofion of fheir qooI. I om ofroid
fhof fhe 0roce of fhe Lord Supreme wos so soncfimonious fhof fhey couId
nof evoIve furfher.

caa== =uoéau a+mænæ ±u+oæ
cm±@mé au|=aCu+ amæ

VI: 4: 7

8uf fheir consecrofion wos exceedinqIy hiqh ond fhey were permiffed fo
en¡oy fhe uIfimofe ond efernoI hoppiness of oII fhe six divine pofhs such os
If is onIy of fhis IeveI fhe divine ospironf qefs SAMAPASA SUDDHA
SAMMAP0AM fhe divine ob¡ecfive of fhe Swomi. The reoIizofion of fhis
qnosfic sfoqe permifs fhe ospironf info fhe fhreshhoId of SAMMAP0AM
where oIone fhe conquesf of deofh is possibIe. The Swomi hos sef forfh
fhe frufh of experiencinq fhe exuberenf bIiss of fhis sfoqe of
Sivofhuriom os Sonmorqom.

.... ...... eo a|a== uoæ+m
ÒæaæuæCa emæ++é aæ+æ.

VI: I00: I9

The benedicfion of fhis socred sfoqe ond fhe preIiminory ochievemenfs
which consummofed in fhe occompIishmenf of fhe divine experience hove
been exquisifeIy norrofed in one of fhe verses by fhe Swomi:

e|ua=uo =+m@æcm a|ua=uo =+m@æ
amCa+a =uo=+m@æ amaamau cm=Cam
±|aeo ø+m=uo =+m@æ=m Òu+ua+o
coÒo+mm+a =m=CamCæ quuæ =uoÒumCmm
=|aeo eaa+=a Coa+=a mao+æ
=m=a =uoam=Cam =uu+o=m Cm+±@æ
Òu|aeo ==uoaa+o eæ|eem æ++éaæ
ÒumCmmx± amo+uæ ±mCmma+u Ca+æ

VI: 8Z: 93

He soys fhof he hos fosfed fhe bIiss of oII fhe sixfeen sfoqes
confempIofed by fhe Vedos, by fhe permufofion ond combinofion of fhe
four pofhs, such os (I) Devofion (e|ua), (Z) Acfion (a|ua), (3)
Medifofion (Ca+aæ), ond (4) Wisdom (ø+mæ) one offer onofher ond
offoined hiqher ond fruer perfecfion wifh fhe oid of fhe Supreme 0roce,
besides fhe uIfimofe qooI of oII fhe six heovenIy ovenues such os
Vedonfhom, Siddhonfhom ond so on, Ieodinq fo Divinify. He hos furfher
qiven on exposifion of his odmiffonce info Sonmorqom by fhe bounfeous
ond boundIess descenf of fhe ouspicious Supreme 8einq in him which hos
resuIfed in his immorfoIify.

He hos specificoIIy defined ond repeofedIy sworn fhof his pofh is
SAMMAP0AM in which fhe ospironf becomes immorfoI.

nmæ++éaæ xmuÒu+æé@æ emæ++éa= a+Cm

VI: II0: Zo

Òu+aaa æouuuu umé@ |æuua+m
eaaam +aaem æ++éaè Ce+uum+o
=aaaæ =aCa =amæ nmua
eaaaæ eaaaæ eaaa u+aCu

VI: I3Z: b4

In fhe opinion of fhe Swomi, fhe Supreme 8einq visuoIized by oII fhe
Divine pofhs con eosiIy be reoIized by qeffinq info fhis roufe of his
SAMMAP0AM, of course, onIy wifh fhe benevoIenf fIow of fhe Supreme

aom+a Coa+=a eaa+=aæ mao+è
e+mmamm ==aÒæo+æ amaau|é@æ Òu+muu
xom+a +aaeo emæ++éa =uoao
xm=amu+æ ÒumøCe+a Òa+ucmao +Tæ

VI: 38: 90

The oufwiffinq occompIishmenf of fhis supromenfoI ond
fronscendenf sfoqe, o sfoqe which connof be conceived of by humon
infeIIecf ond endeovour unIess wifh o finqe of Divine 0roce, o sfoqe which
is beyond fhe reoch of mony seekers due fo eifher sub¡ecfive or
ob¡ecfive shorfcominqs, o sfoqe which hos fo be offoined by fhe devouf
ospironf buf wifh fhe subIime soncfion of fhe Supreme 0roce, is fhe
Divine embroce of fhe Lord Supreme.

@ma|a± a+uamCmm eæ|eem æ++éaæ
+oCmm Òu+aoomc +aa+T± auo+
æmocuÒum mo+oooæ =+m+Cmm auaa
o+¢amCmm na|mm o+¢éuaaÒom Ca+æ

VI : 8Z : 9b

This hoIy embroce is chorocferised by fhe Swomi os exfernoI merqer of
fhe Divine (umuuu+èe). The experience ond en¡oymenf of fhis Divine
embroce hove been picfuresqueIy depicfed in fhe foIIowinq Iines:

umuuu+èe nmauo+ u|=aam u=a+m
uaamaæ =+quT µ|aa amuæ
emuuu+èe æaæ+a =auuu+èe =o+a+æ
Òeaaam uè+aauaè ÒeuuoÒau uoCa+
umuuu+èe ocaæuo +aaeo+ m=au
ÒumæCu+au Òumø+a=a+m ÒumaÒa±@æ =um=Ca
æmuuu+èe aoo+Ca =+mao+a =aÒom
æaæ+aèem æaæ+aaam æaæ+m =uoCa

VI: 8Z: 98

- nmum
=aæuu+=a++ umæuu+=a++ umuuu+èea amuæ
aaÒo+u Òummæa+ Ca+±@oo o+Cmm

VI: 8Z: 99

=mcCe+aa auoo+nmé amuuca auo+
=æaaÒu+m Cæmua=+m amo=mm amuæ
xmce+a aaao±a Òuoo+æCu+ amo+o
n±aqæCu Ò|+uæaæ+a xm=am=± ao+a+æ
æmce+a =éaÒaumu uu+=aÒo+m amuæ
æmqeo+ m=aæa æ+a=um omCmm
Òamce++uo xm=Ca+±@ eæ|eem æ++éaa
amèeuuéau qmCmÒmm améauomcCm

VI: 8Z: 97

o+muaé@± aucuu|a++ emuueao =oé@æ
æuo+u Ò|umuuu+=a umuuu+èea amuæ
a+muaaa Òu+mooo= aumauc=a auaCam.

VI: 8Z: 94

Af fhis ¡uncfure I shoII expIoin very briefIy fhe frodifionoI cuIf of
cIossicoI TomiI Iiferofure especioIIy in expoundinq fhe Iove of 0od. UnIess
we undersfond fhis if is nof possibIe fo foIIow fhe Swomi since he hos
sunq his phiIosophy in fhe frodifionoI monner of TomiI poefs. There is o
specific freofise in fhe oqe oId ThoIkoppiom which reIofes fhe science of
Love which is coIIed AqopporuI-fhof which is en¡oyed from wifhin. UsuoIIy
o youfh of princeIy quoIifies chonces fo meef o younq Iody of equoI
offoinmenfs ond fhey foII in Iove wifh eoch ofher of firsf siqhf. He is
deepIy desirous of meefinq her os offen os possibIe. 0eneroIIy fhere ore
obsfocIes in fheir woy, of severoI kinds. He poinfuIIy norrofes his sfory fo
his chosen componion. SimiIorIy she Iomenfs over her woefuI porfinq from
his ond ponfs ond fhrobs nof onIy for her impuIsive Iove for him buf oIso
for fhe unbeorobIe forfure he miqhf underqo in nof hovinq her hond. She
oIso secrefIy discIoses her immense Iove for him fo her bosom friend in on
indirecf monner. Permission of porenfs for fhe morrioqe is souqhf, foiIinq
which eIopemenf moy foke pIoce. The some code of conducf hos been
foIIowed by severoI soinfs ond seers in fheir pursuif of 0od. 0eneroIIy
fhey used fo ossume fhemseIves fo be fhe Iody Iove ond fhe Lord Supreme
fo be fhe consorf or fhe Iover. The Swomi hos foIIowed fhis mefhod fo
reveoI his immense Iove of fhe 0od Supreme. His mind is offen freofed os
fhe chosen componion. His souI, in fhe hiqher sfoqes, is fhe moiden
seekinq reIenfIessIy fhe Divine embroce of fhe Lord. Af fhis very hiqh
sfoqe fhe Swomi speoks obouf fhe merqinq of his divine souI (fhe beIoved)
wifh fhe Divinify (fhe consorf), in hundreds of verses. The mosf exoIfed
bIiss experienced in fhe embroce, fhe fronscendenf hoppiness en¡oyed of
fhe merqinq of fhe Divine husbond, fhe unquenchobIe ond unsofiofed
desire fo en¡oy Him oqoin ond oqoin ond incessonfIy-noy, perpefuoIIy-fhe
unbeorobIe poin ond possion even of fhe momenfory seporofion, oII fhese
ore expIicifIy expresssed by woy of conversofion wifh one's bosom friend.
Af fhis exfernoI merqer of fhe Divine, fhe Swomi couId see superfine
briIIionce everywhere ond feeI exceedinqIy hoppy wifh o unique fhriII
which he hod never experienced before. He oIso feIf fhof he wos wifh
fhe Lord Supreme in fhe mosf socred Sonmorqo Sociefy.

In fhis phiIosophy fhe ochievemenf of eoch ond every sfoqe con be
verified by exfernoI sympfoms ond fherefore fhere is obsoIufeIy no myfh
nor imoqinofive inference. We hove nofed oIreody fhof, before enferinq
fhis sfoqe, fhe body of fhe ospironf oIonq wifh his souI hos been fuIIy
chorqed wifh fhe 0roce ond hos become superb ond perfecf qroduoIIy
obsorbinq fhe Divinify in him. Mow of fhis IeveI, fhe Swomi sinqs fhof fhe
merqinq of fhe Lord hos permonenfIy Ieff in his body, on oromo of
comphor. This pervosive froqronce of comphor wos emonofinq from his
body fhrouqhouf his Iofer period. If wos ever-Iosfinq ond never fodinq.
In focf even fhe discipIined discipIes of fhe Swomi misfook fhof he wos
oIwoys corryinq comphor wifh him. 8uf fhe Swomi speoks if ouf very
beoufifuIIy in fhese sweef Iines:

amµ| æuéamm Òamqcæu mmaæ
auo+am CæuaCo ao=aæu æaa+m

VI: 8Z: I0

The uIfimofe ob¡ecfive of fhis sfoqe of Sivofhuriom is fhe perfecf
reoIizofion of fhe Supreme 0roce by fhe ospironf. If is known os fhe
occompIishmenf of fhe 0roce (=muquoæ) fo be ochieved of obouf fhe
IeveI of PAPAMATHAM (u|=+aæ).

amuu| =+a ÒouamCæo =ma
amæaæ amæa æ+éau
umuuo+ Òammæ ±dua+a ou±au
u|æuma acum æ+a
xmuum Òo+mm æaæum+ xaou+a
xm=aCa =muq uoæ

IV: 9: 4

If hos been repeofedIy expIoined fhof fhe 0roce of fhe Lord
Supreme personified os His socred feef con onIy be perceived of fhe
spirifuoI IeveI of PAPAMATHAM in fhe form of exceedinq briIIionf Iiqhf.

umµa =uoac=a =+a=uoé auu+o
u|=+a =uoaamCæo ou±@amm am=

VI: 8Z: Ib

a|aÒou ammu|æ =+a=uu =TCo
+aø+c|m mo±@amm auuaoad

IV: Z: I9

amèemmæ uoaamua amoméÒa+u cmu+a
am=cøÒea amaamm amooau|uTæ
=mèeé@æ Cu|uu+ =momau =mo+a
=oomoo ouu=aeo+ m=aom a+a
±mèeé@æ u|=+aa ao±ac=au u+mea
amoac= amé@Òæm ou+=Ca++Òe+o o+C|o

VI: 83: 7

u|=+a aaao+=aæ eae a|emæ

I: I: 8

If hos fo be inferred fhof beyond fhe spirifuoI IeveI of PAPAMATHAM
where from fhe Supreme 0roce is pervodinq fhe universe fhe ospironf
offoins fhe sfoqe of SIVATHUPIAM in which fhe Divine 0odIy embroce is
soncfioned. If is so becouse MEETHAMAM - hiqher sfoqe is considered

æa+maa =mÒu+ua+a ou±aa=m moad

IV: Z: 3I

æa+maa cu+amm ouéa æ+a

I: b: Z

And if is soid fhof fhe Supreme 0roce, fhe socred feef of 0od is fo be
reoIized in fhe form of briIIionce fhof emonofes from fhis hiqher sfoqe of
MEETHAMAM. If is oIso soid fhof fhe feef of fhe Supreme Lord is fo be
perceived ¡usf obove fhe IeveI of PAPAMATHAM. Hence obove fhe
spirifuoI IeveI of PAPAMATHAM, fhe divine experience of
SIVATHUPIAM is heId possibIe.

Af fhe hoppy reoIizofion of fhis respIendenf sfoqe of
SIVATHUPIAM (eoa|aæ) in which fhe ospironf hos been fronsformed
info o 0odIy beinq wifh concenfrofed Divine 0roce, his body is known os
PPAMAVADEHAM (u|uoCaaæ) body of 0roce - o sfoqe in which fhe 0od
Supreme hos found o perfecf pIoce fo donce or rofher o body wherein fhe
Supreme 0roce hos fIowed. Af fhis sfoqe o compIefe union of fhe
ospironf wifh fhe Supreme 0od in ond ouf is frucfified. The Swomi feeIs
diffidenf fo express fhe fremendous feeIinq of ecsfofic deIiqhf of fhis

xueaacoæ =umaacoæ Òu|a|a+=
amaauouæ xumo+ ±mmm
=ueaaTCu |mcÒeao+ oueoamm
ua=Òa+æoÒea =+a |+q=
aueaaTum amæuuma æa±a|aaa
a±ad+a= a|aa+ o±Ca
=ueaacm@ moa+Ca o=Ca+oè
emCam+ o+o ÒamCm.

VI: I7: 7

8uf he hos qiven expression fo fhis sfoqe fhof if is fhe Supreme
bIiss fhrouqhouf ond fhe Supreme Lord hormoniousIy infeqrofes wifh fhe
ospironf. OnIy fhe chosen qiffed souIs enfer info fhis reoIm of fhis reoIIy
efernoI bIiss. Mony couId nof reoch fhis sfoqe ond hence hove become
sfoqnonf fhen ond fhere of differenf IeveIs of offoinmenfs. Mony ore
Iosf in fhe 8Iiss. However, o few beinq overpowered by fhe 8Iiss imbibinq
fhe 0roce remoin here ifseIf. Fewer sfiII en¡oyinq fhe 8Iiss more ond
more ond beinq chorqed wifh sofurofed Supreme 0roce evoIve furfher
ond furfher. The nexf hiqher sfoqe of fhis 0odhood is spoken of os
Suddhosivosokrom - AbsoIufe Supreme Consciousness (+aaeoe+éa|æ).

The mosf ceIesfioI subsequenf sfoqes ore SUDDHA SIVA
ond SUDDHA SIVA THUPIADEETHAM - AbsoIufeIy Supreme 8riIIionce
ond Sweefness (+aaeo Òe+uumæ, +aaeo +maa, +aaeo a|aæ, +aaeo

AII fhese obsoIufeIy supreme sfoqes ore expIoined by fhe Swomi
for fhe firsf fime os en¡oyed by him. In oII of fhem fhe merqinq of fhe
Supreme 0odheod is expIicifIy decIored. The hiqhesf sfoqe in fhis
Sonmorqo phiIosophy is fhe mosf subIime ond mosf supreme where fhe
Swomi unifes wifh fhe Supreme 0odheod. The mosf superior Divinify
merqes in him fuIIy ond compIefeIy. The ecsfofic bIiss overwheIms him
perpefuoIIy. The supreme deIiqhf hos been depicfed os fhe eIixir of
honey hoppiIy bIended wifh supreme froqronce wifh supreme briqhfness
of fhe Supreme ouspicious 8einq.

There ore severoI verses expIoininq fhe efernoI union ond
communion of fhe Supreme 0od.

"The Lord Supreme who hos esfobIished o fondIinq obode in me qof
HimseIf nof onIy merqed in me buf qof me merqed in Him. He become one
wifh me. He become HimseIf reoIized in me. The supremeIy sweef Lord
doncinq in fhe oreno of pure knowIedqe ond wisdom is in me in o sfofe of
bIissfuI ombrosio".

=+m+m+m a+m+m+m =+q=a+ qææ+m+m
Cam+m+m Òaduma+aa aaaaa =mamm+m
o+m+m+m ø+m æuæmm o+Tamm+m
Ca+m+m+m nmqc @ooamm Ca+æ+Cm.

VI: IZ4: I

a+m+ ÒmqæCua= amuma ao+aa+m =+m
=m+m emmæuoo m=Ca+=+m - o+m+c+
Òeaam a|aaoø ÒeaCam æa¢amCmm
naam a|a+a Cæa=a.

VI: I09: Io

a+Cm =mu+m+m a+Cm Òu+mu+m+m
a+CmÒao o+æooo a+m+m+m - a+Cma+m
=+m+m+ Òmmquca =+aam+ m+mø+m
o+m+m+ mæuoaÒa æ æ+m.

VI: 8o: b

=a=+m+a =+mao+ aaaoa
æ+a=mCmm ==Ca+ ==Ca+

VI: 73: 9

=+muaq Òæ+æaaCa Òumquca Ca+æ
=+aam++ amamoæ =+mamoæ amuæ
o+muamæ +aaeo e+éa|Òæm mu+=Ca++
omaa=uo a+@mmè +uoao=Ca aao+a
Camao=a +uoÒa+Ta+m æu±ao=a Òo+ua+aa
a|umm xamuaamuè eo±ao=a =uoCa
a+muaoæm umammm± ac=auu+ om=a
e+éa|+ aaÒæma amaau+=a Òa+dCu

VI: 8Z: 7b

amuuTCæ++ +aaeo e+éa|=m muoao
amaam=Cam +aaeo Òe+mumaCa e++=Cam
amuuTÒæaè +aaeo +maaaCo auaCam
ao=aÒa+uCcm +aaeo a|a=uo aao+a
Òemuuoa+a noo+æ+a =ooao+ø +aa
eoa|a+ aaaCa eoæaæ+a =um=Cam
xmuumem euuaumuau Òummu| eam+o
xaaumaæ Òumm±Ca xméamCmm Ca+æ

VI: 8Z: 9o

If con be seen from fhese verses fhof fhe merqinq of fhe Swomi
wifh fhe Supreme Divinify in fhese hiqher ond hiqhesf sfoqes is
sub¡ecfive. The Swomi procIoims in on ecsfofic deIiqhf "8Ioze wifh fhe
drum fhof I hove become one wifh fhe Supreme 8Ioze of 0roce: 8Ioze
fhof I hove ocquired fhe kinqdom of 0roce Supreme".

=mcCe+a a+CmÒmm mumauu+ m|+
=mu+ce ÒumCmÒmm mumauu+ m|+.

VI: Io9: I

Aporf from fhe forqoinq decIorofions of his occompIishmenf ond
reoIizofion of fhe Supreme 0odheod, fhere ore severoI references wifh
reqord fo his ochievemenfs of fhe fhree efernoI forms of SUDDHA

+aa ooo +aa ooo +aa ooo +aa oooæ +aooo+æ ç±a+| ç±a+| ç±a+| ç±a+|
=aa ooo =aa ooo =aa ooo =aa ooo =um=Ca+±@ - eaÒaqCæ++
ø+m ooo ø+m ooo ø+m ooo ø+m oooæ±Ca =+mÒumCm Òm±Òa±@æ
a+mouu a+coamma a+m.

VI: I09: I7

æmqamm Òu+mooo æ=a|æ+æ ooo Òu+mooo æ=a|æ+æ ooo Òu+mooo æ=a|æ+æ ooo Òu+mooo æ=a|æ+æ oooæ
o+moooæ Òa+TaÒamé@ æumoaè ÷co

VI: 38: oI

=+Cm aoæu|=Ca mæÒumæ+ moomu+o
=+Cm =mceaa =+cuc=Cam - =+Cm
=æa+ ooo æuommmæ =æa+ ooo æuommmæ =æa+ ooo æuommmæ =æa+ ooo æuommmæ ÒumCmm
xæa+æ o+TamCm m±@.

VI: I09: Z7

AII fhese obsoIufeIy supreme sfoqes of 0odheod such os SUDDHA
THUPIYADEETHAM (+aaeoe+éa|æ, +aaeo Òe+uumæ, +aaeo +maa,
+aaeo a|aæ, +aaeo a|a+aaæ) hove been pronounced for fhe firsf
fime ond fhof foo onIy by fhe Swomi. He procIoims fhof he wos endowed
wifh fhof efernoI 8Iiss of fhe Supreme 0odheod, which even fhose who
ore repufed fo be fhe Divine ond 8Iessed Soqes of Iore couId nof ochieve.
The Swomi even quesfion whefher fhere is onybody in ony worId who hos
been bIessed wifh immorfoIify in fhe monner in which he wos soncfified
ond fo fhe exfenf fo which fhe 0roce Supreme wos sofurofed in him.

C=+o+a C=+mÒuumuCu+o C=+mmom Òæøø+mmæ
e+o+ o|ÒæumuCu+m e++=aomæ - Cao+=m
Cu|muu nmCu+ou Òummom Òæoooao
a+mu+= emCm aum.

VI: 74: II

Here fhe Swomi expofiofes on his qreofesf ochievemenf so much
becouse if is very difficuIf even for qreof seers fo conceive of fhis
exfremeIy qreof sfofe of 0odheod. He soys very vividIy fhof 0od
Supreme oIone knows whof he occompIished in His Divine presence.

Cu|+q æmo+qæ Òu|aÒ|mè emuu+au Cue =mCm++
=|+qæ Òumo|a aa+aaumu Òumoaa+m

VI: 73: 7

e==a amÒemm =+mÒumm Cuma
e+æ amo+|o

VI: Io4: 3Z

a+Cm aao+m emCam@a amaaø+m =mauaa
a+Ca noo+è +a=a|ma a=a amuu n=a+Ca
±Cm ou±a ±mæo+ Òo+uÒum Òmoo+ ooamÒæm
±ucuæ a+éÒa+u cmuuoCæo ±mCmqmm mmu+Co
o+Cm æaéaè e+a+a o+m+Òaoo+æ oooeaCa
oa±a oumac ao=aÒa+uCcm o@é@=Òa+æCo mauo=aæ
=+Cm u|am Cmmu|a m+Cm+ =Ca+ =+mmCam
=+m Òamqæ Cuaæo+ =cøÒea amuu =+aaCm

VI: b8: 3

Furfher, fhe Swomi poinfs ouf very qrocefuIIy his ocfuoI sfofe of
offoirs in fhe kinqdom of 0od of fhe momenf. To enobIe us fo infer his
personoIify ond his finoI offoinmenf in his pursuif of Divinify fhe Swomi
himseIf hos cIorified fhof fhe Iovinq soqes uIfimofeIy found fhe Swomi
who souqhf fo reoIize 0od Supreme, fo be fhe some os fhe Supreme
Auspicious 8einq, APUTPEPUMJOTHI (=mcÒumøC×+a).

aoC=a mø+aa emæ++éa C=amø eaaaæ+æ
eoC=a maa=Òam qdu= Òauaa ÒauaaumCa
=oC=a æmmo =mcÒumø C×+aua =+o=mm
xoCm aoÒmmé Òa+do+mm mmu |m=oaCa.

VI: 8b: 9

ó Spuce und Liqht


Sonmorqo PhiIosophy moy be soid fo be fhe pofh of Liqhf. The souI
is veiIed by severoI kinds of Iusf ond shockIes. They hove fo be removed
ond conquered one offer onofher. Then fhe briIIionf Iiqhf of fhe souI wiII
be reoIized. To expIoin fhe qreofness ond fhe briIIionce of fhe humon souI
ond fo show how 0od condescended in his own souI, fhe Swomi
consfrucfed fhe fempIe of wisdom.

The Swomi hos very vividIy expIoined fhe sfrucfuroI beoufy of fhe
universe. He hos poinfed ouf fhe dovefoiIed nofure of fhe spoces of fhe
universe. The ideo is fo visuoIize fhe simiIor spoces ond Iiqhf in fhe humon
body in fhe course of reoIizinq fhe 0od Supreme. The nofure ond
definifion of fhe Supreme 0od os per fhe findinq of fhe Swomi ore
norrofed here. He is bIossominq in fhe form of formIess Supreme Liqhf in
oII embrocinq ond supremeIy effuIqenf spoce of fhe mosf ouspicious
supreme pIone.

Spuce und Liqht

The phiIosophy of Soinf PomoIinqoswomi con sofeIy be soid fo be
fhof of ochievinq fhe Liqhf of 0roce. He hos poinfed ouf fhof if is o
proqressive evoIufion of fhe speck of Iiqhf monifesfed in fhe humon-beinq
info fhe qreofesf Iiqhf-fhe Supreme 0roce Liqhf (=mcÒumøC×+a). The
onoIoqy of fhe Swomi is fhof of deveIopinq fhe qreofesf fire from fhe
smoIIesf spork of o fIome. In expoundinq fhis fheory he hos expIoined his
own experiences, how he wos picked up by 0od, how he wos fried, how he
sfood fhe fesf, how fhe Liqhf of 0roce wos infused in him ond finoIIy how
he become bIozed wifh fhe Supreme 0roce Liqhf. The confenfion of fhe
Swomi is fhof fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf of fhe humon beinqs shouId be qroduoIIy
deveIoped info fhe mosf effuIqenf Iiqhf ond uIfimofeIy merqed wifh fhe
Supreme 0roce Liqhf. The Iusf ond fhe shockIes of vorious kinds (DeviI
Power) nof onIy hove been prevenfinq buf hove been conceoIinq fhe reoI
briIIionce ond fhe nofuroI power of fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf of fhe humon beinqs.
To undersfond fhof fhe humon souI is severoI miIIion fimes rodionf os fhe
sun ond fhof if hos been veiIed for qenerofions foqefher, is by ifseIf on
enIiqhfenmenf in fhis fheory of Iiqhf (cuÒ=m). This reoIizofion is
ochieved by consfonf fhinkinq, "whof we ore, ond whof we ore obouf".
Sincere devofion fo 0od, persisfenf ousferify, endurinq penonce, reoI Iove
ond offecfion for oII fhe feIIow beinqs ond o kind ond compossionofe
offifude fo oII Iive creofures, wiII cerfoinIy demond fhe fIow of 0od's
0roce in fhe humon beinqs. 8y fhis descenf of Divinify, fhe curfoins
veiIinq fhe qreofness ond power of fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf in fhe humon
individuoI qroduoIIy beqin fo foII. Wifh fhe oid of fhis universoI
compossion ond ordenf medifofion, fhe ospironf is obIe fo visuoIize fhe
beofific briIIionce of his souI.

Ouf of obsoIufe mercy ond sheer Iove for fhe feIIow beinqs, fhe
Swomi wished fo consfrucf fhe qreof TempIe of Wisdom (ø+meuu) of
VodoIur. If is onIy on exfernoI symboIic represenfofion of whof fhe
Swomi visuoIized wifhin himseIf.

The Swomi hos nof foIIowed ony reIiqious oppeIIofion or cuIf in fhe
consfrucfion of fhis qnosfic oudiforium. The enfire supersfrucfure wos
skefched ouf by fhe Swomi himseIf. He desired fhof fhe consfrucfion
shouId be compIefed in six monfhs. His discipIes underfook fhe fosk ond
meficuIousIy corried if ouf. On fhe Zb
Jonuory I87Z when fhe sfor,
Poosom (µeæ) wos in ifs oscendoncy, fhe openinq ceremony wos heId. The
curfoins in fhe hoII were unveiIed one by one ond fhe subIime Iiqhf of
0roce qIowinq fherein wos wifnessed by severoI miIIion devofees.

The dofe ond fime synchronise wifh fhose of fhe fronsmufofion ond
disoppeoronce of fhe Swomi Iofer. Every yeor on fhis doy fhe qreof
fesfivoI is ceIebrofed wifh oII qrondeur ond severoI miIIions of peopIe
fhronq fo worship fhe qIow of Liqhf when fhe roisinq of fhe curfoins
foIIowed by fhe incense of fhe comphor fIome is ceremoniousIy Iiffed.
The fhunderinq noise of fhe devofees produced by fhe pronouncemenf of
fhe socred words, "Supreme 0roce Liqhf, Supreme UniversoI Compossion"
(=mcÒumøC×+a amuÒum±amuu) fiIIs fhe oir wifh o sensofionoI
fhriII. The qreofness of fhis fempIe hoII wherein fhe perpefuoI cosmic
donce of fhe Lord Supreme is indicofed by fhe Iiqhf hos been exfoIIed in o
few verses.

WhiIe describinq fhe vorious curfoins, fhe Swomi poinfs ouf fhof
fhey hove been conceoIinq cerfoin divine spoces in fhe Universe.

This is nof o fempIe simiIor fo fhose fhof obound in fhe TomiI
counfry. If siqnifies fhe reoI nofure of fhe humon souI ond ifs reIofive
posifion in 0od. There is no secforionism of ony kind: nor hos ony code of
reIiqious fonoficism crepf in. This is on exfernoI symboI of whof o
perfecfed souI of o humon individuoI ocfuoIIy reoIize wifhin.

There is o vosf spoce of VodoIur soncfified wifh on oir of 0roce.
An iron choin runs oround fhis mo¡esfic ocfoqonoI hoII. Three pofhwoys
surround fhe hoII fhof is focinq soufh. There ore fhree moin enfronces
oporf from fwo on fhe sides which Ieod info o Iorqe hoII. Here fhere ore
five sfeps Ieodinq fo fhe door of fhe fempIe hoII. There ore seven
curfoins which conceoI fhe Iiqhf wifhin. The firsf curfoin is nofhinq buf
fhe veiI which surrounds fhe individuoI. This is nof onIy supposed fo
prevenf him from hovinq fhe inner owokeninq buf if drives him info fhe
moferioIisfic worIdIy offoirs. When fhis is removed by fhe openinq of fhe
door, fhere is found o bIue curfoin represenfinq fhe veiI fhof hides fhe
very Iife ifseIf. When fhis is oIso removed o qreen curfoin is seen. This
is mode up of fwo porfs, fhe inner qoIden qreen ond fhe ouferdorkish
qreen. AII fhese fhree curfoins ore so sfronq fhof fhey ore direcfinq fhe
humon beinqs info fhe worIdIy offoirs. The nexf inner curfoin is red
which hides 'fhe spoce of mirocIes'. The curfoin behind fhis is of fhe
qoIden hue. This conceoIs fhe spoce of reoIify. There is onofher inner
whife curfoin hidinq fhe spoce of fhe Lord Supreme. The innermosf
muIfi-coIoured curfoin is prevenfinq fhe experience of fhe desired
en¡oymenf. The inner four when Iiffed wiII Ieod one fo divine experiences.

au|omæ+ æ+uaé amæÒum= au|a+o
=|ea æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a
Cumm =ou Òum=au| aam+o
=ma+ æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a
uèuea au|a+m u|Òou aaum
=è+m æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a
Òeæuæa au|a+m eaam Òouua
=æuæam æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a
Òu+muæa au|a+m Òæauua Òouua
=muæam æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a
Òouuæa au|a+m Òæauua Òouua
=uuæam æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a
aouua au|a+m amaq u±auu
=ouum æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a!

VI: I: 8I3-8Zo

Aporf from fhese, fhere ore oIso ofher curfoins prevenfinq fhe sfoqes of
spirifuoI experiences.

ouca =uoauu ÒooCom au|au+o
=c+um æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a
aaao =uoauua amaama au|a+o
=aam æumé@ æmcÒumø C×+a

VI: I: 8Z7-830

When oII fhese curfoins ore unveiIed fhere is found o fhick qIoss sIob of
obouf b feef in heiqhf inside which fhere is o briqhf Iomp. The Iiqhf
iIIusfrofes fhe humon souI in ifs reoI ond nofuroI Iusfre. The qIoss sIob
indicofes fhe purify of fhe souI. If is soid fhof fhe Swomi wos keepinq
fhe qIoss sIob ond fhe Iomp in his proyer room of his residence for obouf
48 doys prior fo fheir insfoIIofion. Thof is fhe Iiqhf of fhe souI in ifs frue
spIendour. If is soid fo hove fhe briIIionce of severoI miIIion Suns puf
foqefher. The devofed ospironf who hos visuoIized his own spirifuoI Iiqhf
os in fhis fempIe con see fhe Liqhf of 0od ond fhis supreme 0roce Liqhf
wiII become monifesfed in fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf of fhe perfecfed souI. In
ofher words of fhis beoufifuI qnosfic oudiforium (0nonosoboi) 0od
Supreme couId be seen in fhe form of Iiqhf which represenfs fhe pure
spirifuoI Iiqhf of Soinf PomoIinqo Swomi which hos been repIoced by fhe
Supreme 0roce Liqhf (=mcÒumøC×+a). He wos so qenerous, so
mercifuI, so benevoIenf, so compossionofe ond so Iovinq os fo brinq ouf
whof he reoIized wifhin himseIf, fhis unique fempIe of wisdom for fhe
benefif of his feIIow beinqs. This is meonf for fhe cIeor ond perfecf
undersfondinq of spirifuoI Iiqhf in fhe humon beinqs, for fhe incessonf ond
devofed proyer for fhe removoI of fhe curfoins fhof ecIipse fhe souI, for
fhe frue reoIizofion of fhe Iiqhf of 0roce ond for fhe qreofesf offoinmenf
of 0odheod. The Swomi proys fo 0od fo enIiqhfen oII humon beinqs in fhe
monner in which he wos Ievered up ond soncfified. He oppeoIed fo fhe
mosses fo foIIow his pure spirifuoI pofh of universoI hormony
(Suddhosonmorqom). There ore hundreds of verses enfreofinqs fhe whoIe
humon fomiIy fo foke fo fhis spirifuoI Iife. The divine ospironf who hos
seen his own souI, fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf, wifhin himseIf, becomes eIiqibIe fo
visuoIize fhe Supreme 0roce Liqhf. The Iiqhf in fhe TempIe of Wisdom,
(0nonosoboi) of VodoIur ocfuoIIy represenfs fhe Supreme 0roce Liqhf
which hos become merqed wifh fhe Iiqhf of fhe humon souI os if hos reoIIy
hoppened fo fhe Swomi. The 0od Supreme is so mercifuI ond so neor fo
fhe souI of fhe perfecfed ospironf fhof He is deIiqhfed fo moke if His
obode - fhe oreno for His Cosmic Donce.

euunm auÒæma a+mæ+= ÒaméCa
=ua æuaaCa++ =mcÒumø C×+a

VI: I: Ibbb-Ibbo

In focf fhis TempIe of Wisdom indicofes how fhe Supreme 0roce Liqhf
con be brouqhf neorer home so os fo descend in fhe individuoI if onIy he
becomes cIeonsed from oII fhe Iusf ond shockIes of oII kinds.

Aporf from fhe few spoces ond fhe spirifuoI Iiqhf iIIusfrofed of
fhis 0nonosoboi, fhe TempIe of Wisdom, fhe Swomi hos very vividIy
norrofed fhe very sfrucfure of fhe spoces ond fhe Iiqhf of fhe Universe.
The picfure drown in occordonce wifh his descripfion perhops, moy cIorify
fhe sfrucfuroI beoufy of fhe firmomenf.

u@ao+m Òouam uc+=aæ+ µa
=aoÒou o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
±a+Òou aucCa ±u|éamæ u@a
=aoÒou o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
±a+Òou aaum au+auo Òouao
=aom o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
auoÒou aaumé aouum +aa
=o+Òou o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
+aa=o Òouuaa a|em u|Òou
=aauc o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
u|Òou aaumu u|æu| Òouao
=|+m o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
u|æu| Òouuau u|+u| Òouao
=|=Òam o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
u|+u| Òouuau ua+Òum Òouao
=|+om o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a
ÒumÒou aaumu Òumø+a Òouao
=mam o@aa =mcÒumø C×+a.

VI: I: bb3-b70

The vosf oufer spoce of fhe universe known os Puquthi Vun VeIi
(u@a o+m Òou) encircIes fhe spoce of fhe qreof eIemenfs known os
ßoodu VeIi (µa Òou). The former is in furn incIosed by Uyir VeIi (±a+
Òou) fhe spoce of Iife, which is oqoin ond oqoin incIosed by differenf
spheres or spoces such os kuIui VeIi (auo Òou), Suddhu AIur VeIi (+aa
=o+ Òou), Puru VeIi (u|Òou), Purumburu VeIi (u|æu| Òou), Puruburu
VeIi (u|+u| Òou), Peru VeIi (Òum Òou), Perum Suqu VeIi (Òumø+a
Òou). The Iosf one Spoce of 8Iiss is oIso known os Sivu VeIi (eo Òou).
Eoch one of fhem is rodionf wifh briIIionf Iiqhf nomed offer fhe differenf
reqions of fhe spoce. For exompIe fhe oufer spoce (µa Òou) of our
universe is Iiqhfed by fhe sun, moon ond fhe sfors. SimiIorIy fhe Iosf ond
fhe oufer-mosf Sivo VeIi is qrocefuIIy effuIqenf by fhe Supreme Liqhf.
Jusf os oII fhe spoces ore found in fhe universe fhey ore oIso fo be reoIize


Accordinq fo fhe Sonmorqo PhiIosophy fhere ore nine reqions in fhe
humon body, which ore supposed fo be fhe domoins of nine differenf
divine powers. The 0roce of fhe 0od Supreme is monifesfed in fhem in
oscendinq series nomeIy.

I. fhe domoin of 8hromon, fhe obdomen
Z. fhe domoin of Vishnu, fhe noveI
3. fhe domoin of Pudhron, fhe heorf
4. fhe domoin of Moheson, fhe neck
b. fhe domoin of Sodosivon, fhe phorynx
o. fhe domoin of Vindu, fhe efhmoid oir sinus
7. fhe domoin of Modom, fhe foreheod
8. fhe domoin of Porovindu, fhe foreheod
9. fhe domoin of Poronofhom, fhe fronfoI oir sinus


The souI becomes concenfrofed off ond on in fhese reqions occordinq fo
fhe spirifuoI deveIopmenf of fhe individuoI. Hiqher experience of fhis
phiIosophy ore soid fo be reoIized from fhe fourfh reqion onwords. The
sixfh is severoIIy known by differenf phiIosophic docfrines os LoIodom,
Akqnopeedom, Mohomeru, Chifsoboi ond so on. If is sifuofed in befween
fhe eye-brows on fhe foreheod. AnofomicoIIy in o verficoI secfion of fhe
humon skuII possinq fhrouqh fhe cenfre of fhe nosoI bone fhere is on
eIonqofed frionquIor sockef of fhe bose of fhe fronfoI bone where if is
orficuIofed wifh fhe nosoI bone. This is known os ethmoid uir sinus.
Perhops fhis represenfs fhe divine Chifsoboi ond Vindu Sfoqe of
Sonmorqom. A IiffIe obove fhis sockef fhere is o simiIor buf more
verficoIIy eIonqofed sockef in fhe fronfoI bone known os fhe frontuI uir
sinus. This moy perhops represenf fhe PonSoboi (Òu+meuu) ond fhe
divine Poronofhom sfoqe. If is soid fhof fhe qreof soinfs visuoIized fhe
mosf briIIionf spork of fhe Supreme Liqhf of fhis domoin of Vindu ond
Poronofhom. The morfoI body of fhose who hove seen fhis effuIqenf Iiqhf
wiII never perish.

Ò=mmé@ C=C| =um=a cua+um
mmm ææa+ acæu

- cuuo @md

amaeuu =TCo aucauT
emeuuao ±ucamu co=+m

VI: 8Z: IZ

nmumo =Tom=a+m umu auCcmouo

II: 88: I0

emeuuaæ Òu+meuuaø Òe+=aÒæma+è+

VI: Io8: Z

7 Sod in Sunmurqu PhiIosophy


Accordinq fo fhe Sonmorqo PhiIosophy onIy one 0od, fhe 0od
Supreme is monifesf in oII fhinqs of fhe universe. He is presenf in fhree
forms such os o formIess 8einq, os o form wifhouf form ond os o form of
Liqhf. The Iosf sfofe of His form hos been visuoIized os fhe Supreme
0roce Liqhf (=mcÒumøC×+a) which is oIso known os fhe mosf
ouspicious supreme 0odheod Suddhosivom (+aaeoæ). He is visuoIized by
meons of spirifuoI specuIofions fhouqh He pervodes sfiII furfher ond
beyond fhem. Such o 0od hos nof onIy been monifesfed fuIIy ond
compIefeIy in fhe Swomi buf hos qronfed fhe beofific spIendour of His
kinqdom. The Swomi fherefore enfreofs fhe whoIe worId fo proy fo fhe
one 0od for efernoI 8Iiss.

Sod in Sunmurqu PhiIosophy

Sonmorqo phiIosophy expofiofes on fhe qIory of fhe Supreme 0od-
heod-Suddosivom. If conceives of fhe mosf superior 0od os
Arufperum¡ofhi (=mcÒumøC×+a) fhe supreme 0roce Liqhf. 0od is in
fhe form of fhe mosf perfecfed AbsoIufe knowIedqe doncinq efernoIIy
ond perpefuoIIy fhe mosf supreme 8Iiss of Acfion-for fhe benefif of fhe
universe in fhe divine monifesfofion of Mofure (ø+m ouuuuæ).

These words of fhe Swomi depicf his frue reoIizofion of 0od ond
define His form, funcfion ond pIoce. If Iooks os fhouqh if is o reody-mode
onswer for fhe usuoI quesfionoire of fhe commoners. 0od is fhe AbsoIufe
reoIify of fhe hiqhesf wisdom, pervodinq fhe subIime bIiss of His cosmic
donce in fhe perfecfed oreno of divine souIs. If is o supremeIy qreof
beinq of obsoIufe frufh of Mofure: if is o supremeIy qreof sfofe of
obsoIufe qroce of Mofure: if is o supremeIy qreof bIiss of obsoIufe
hoppiness of Mofure.

xamuaauuæa amuÒumæ Òu+mu+aæ, xamua ouéaa
amuÒumæ uaæ+aæ, xamua xmua amuÒumæ +aæ+aæ, u|omm =um=a
........ =uco+.

In oII porficIes of moffer, in oII senses, for oII doinqs, in oII fruifs
of ocfions, in oII experience ond in everyfhinq eIse, He is fhere in oII
respecfs bofh infernoIIy ond exfernoIIy, bofh infenseIy ond superficioIIy
buf nof bound by ony of fhese. There is no bif of moffer or enerqy in
which He is nof monifesfed nor is fhere ony porficIe which oIone
represenfs Him soIeIy. He is nof on ob¡ecf, fhouqh oII ob¡ecfs ore for
Him ond in Him. He is nof o fhouqhf buf oII fhouqhfs ore for Him. He is
nof o fhinq normoIIy seen buf is fhe principIe of oII seeinq. He is in oII
Iivinq fhinqs ond in Him oII fhe Iivinq ore found. PeoIizinq fhis principIe
one shouId do qood fo oII.

±amda+æ næmm ±a+xuo ±u+=Ca
±a+=oæ u|oanmm ±u|aaÒæaè eoCæ

VI: I: 973-974

He possesses nofhinq buf oII fhinqs possess Him. He is nof onyfhinq
buf He is oII in oII in everyfhinq. Such o unique ond onIy 0od is
respIendenf in fhe universoI oreno of Mofure.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
a+oæxo++ a+oæ±u++ a+oæ=o++ a+oæ
cmmma+ æ+a=mm++ amèemmæ uoaCa
ç±@amm améacod cmo+±uCc au±+

VI: 3: I3

In fhis phiIosophy fhe Swomi hos perceived of o cuIf of Liqhf.
From fhe meek ond insiqnificonf creofures fo fhe hiqhIy evoIved humon
beinqs ond super-humon beinqs, oII Iivinq fhinqs ore simpIy monifesfofions
of fhe Iiqhf of 0od. The Liqhf of 0od supreme is presenf in everyfhinq
ond more so in fhe humon beinqs. The humon beinq is embeIIished wifh o
hiqher sixfh sense wifh which fhe frocfion of Iiqhf in him shouId be
deveIoped more ond more for fhe compIefe reoIizofion of fhe 0od
Supreme. Supreme 0roce Liqhf is referred fo os (Suddhosivom-+aaeoæ)
fhe perfecf ouspicious 8einq. This is fhe mosf subIime ond fronscendenf
pIone of Suddho sivo fhuriyoodeefhom (+aa eoa|a+aaæ) where oIone
fhe divine souIs con merqe wifh fhe Supreme 0od. The Swomi hos
expIoined how he evoIved info fhis suprmeIy beofific pIone.

+aa eoa|a+ aaaCa eoæaæ+a =um=Cam

VI: 83: 9o

There is onIy one 0od in fhe phiIosophy of fhe Swomi. Thof is fhe
mosf Supreme 8einq ond referred fo os fhe qreof 0odheod. The Swomi
qenfIy refufes fhe ideo of pIuroIify of 0ods by quesfioninq whefher fhere
con be fwo or fhree Iives in fhe body of o Iivinq orqonism. He procIoims
fhof fhere exisfs onIy one 0od Supreme. He moy be in fhree differenf
sfofes. They ore o form, o formIess ond o form wifhouf form. (The Iosf
menfioned is fhe form of fhe confoiner of fhe fhinq confoined. To be
more precise, wofer hos no form buf fhe form of fhe wofer in o cup or o
¡or is fhe form of fhe cup or fhe ¡or.) When fhis is so, fhere is no need
fo quorreI whefher fhere ore fwo, fhree or five qods.

±mo|+aaæ =mom|+aaæ ±m=m om|+aæ
cmoC|au++ acodau cmæCm+ ±o@u+ ±u+omm
xmo|+æ nmmæ moC| a+ænmmæ xaqæ ×o+aÒummæ
nmo |+au|=a ±æooÒam ±cm@a+ x|uTmm Òmmo+Cæ.

VI: IZ8: I

The fhree differenf sfofes of 0odhood ore qeneroIIy referred fo
by fhe Swomi ond oII of fhem ore pervoded by fhe Supreme 0roce ond ore
visuoIized in fhe mosf ouspicious ond subIime pIone of superfine spoce.

±momæ =momæ ±uamæ =aa
=md=uo Òa|aa =mcÒumø C×+a

VI: I: 3I7-3I8

±momæ =momæ ±uamæ ±ua+a
±uao a+acu+ cmam maCo.

VI: I0I: b

=md=uo ou±@em mæuoæ nqøeo
+a+aa Òou =ToCo

VI: I00: I

This spoce is known os fhof of Sivo, fhe mosf ouspicious 8einq
(eoÒou). There ore mony expIonofions obouf fhis spoce fhof if is fhe
pIoce where universoI 0roce Liqhf is effuIqenf ond fhof if is fhe unique
ond fhe mosf superior pIone where fhe supreme ouspicious 8einq is

am=uoa amÒou eoÒou ÒaqCæ++
=mdÒouu uaou+ =mcÒumø C×+a

VI: I: Z7-Z8

cm=uo xaCo ±a+=uo nqæcm
am=uo Cæoa eoCæ eoCæ.

VI: I: 949-9b0

He con be reoIized onIy by fhof divine experience sfrefchinq beyond even
fhe supro-menfoI consciousness.

aqa| u+aad a+±ac= amaCæ++
==uoæ =aa =mcÒumø C×+a

VI: I: II7-II8

The Swomi hos spored no poins in norrofinq fhe qreofness of fhe
Lord Supreme ond hos fried his besf fo describe Him os cIeorIy, coqenfIy
ond exquisifeIy os possibIe. He hos Ieff us on exceIIenf sfonzo of
moximum number of syIIobIes, perhops fhe onIy one of ifs kind in fhe
whoIe of TomiI Liferofure in which fhe firsf one-fourfh of fhe verse is
composed of Sonskrif ouf ond ouf. Thof oIone consisfs of 3Z Iines of I9Z
syIIobIes. The enfire verse is on invocofion proisinq fhe subIime feofures
of fhe feef of Lord Supreme. The firsf quorfer of fhe verse is fuIIy
dedicofed fo fhe unique descripfion of fhe Supreme ouspicious 8einq. The
qrondeur of fhe divine ospecfs of fhe supreme 0od hos been mo¡esficoIIy
brouqhf ouf in o fhriIIinq sfroin. The meIodious hormony of fhe verse, fhe
choice words preqnonf wifh meoninq ond fhe simpIicify of ifs norrofion,
bind now ond fhen fhe pronkish ond peevish mind ¡usf of Ieosf for o

u|eoæ emæaæ µ|uæ eoCu+a u+éaaæ
u|+aæ amæaæ eèea+ m=aÒæau u|æ na+=a =oaæ
u|æø+mæ u|æeaao æaaaoæ u|æ uaooa =æoæ
u|æaaao =|aea =cauæ µa Òuuaa+a+| =uuæ

uou=a =é|a oCm+aeauæ emu|æ u|+m=a Òe+muæ
u|e+a+aaæ +aæ eCa+aæ o|æ u|æ++aa méaÒæumæ
ucm Coa+=a æ+aæ+= a+=a =mu+aaæ u|æe+=aæ
u|=+a aaao+=aæ eae a|emæ ua|±aæ ==a|±aæ

u|oCa+ææ u|æC×+aæaæ ouoæ u|æu| æm=aæ =eoæ
u|æ Co+a+aéa =aaa e+æu|+èeaæ u|uaæ u|æ÷+ææ
u|+u| æ=+æa =|+a| æCa+e|æ u|æa=a|æ oeaa|æ
u|+ma =|+a|æ oa+emæ oCa+cuæ u|+Ca+aaæ+aæ

u|uo oCæ+em± @u|aaæ o+oæuaaao uC|+u|uæ
uøea+aaa +aa a+aaaaoæ amu|æ eaæu| oo+eæ
ua+ +u+oæ umaæa oæa oaææ u+|æu| =|+oæumæ
u|o e+++aa+| =|oaæ amum+aa =moa+|æ.

I: I: I-Io

Aporf from fhis verse, fhe Swomi hos been qrocious enouqh fo poss
on fo posferify onofher wonderfuI verse in AquvuI mefre. This is oIso
unique ond unsurpossed in TomiI Liferofure, runninq fo Ib9o Iines, known
os Arufperum¡ofhi AqovoI (=mcÒumøC×+a =aoo) - verse of fhe
Supreme 0roce Liqhf. The Swomi hos qenuineIy offempfed fo define
Supreme-0roce-Liqhf since he hos of his wifs end equofed Supreme 0roce
Liqhf wifh Supreme 0roce Liqhf onIy. If is fhe reoI freosure house where
mony of fhe subfIe poinfs, obsfrocf ideos ond obsfruse fhouqhfs hove
been skiIIfuIIy expIoined. If moy sofeIy be soid fhof if is fhe perfecf
essence, fhe oII-foId qisf ond fhe pure quinfessence of his sonq of 0roce.
0od is monifesfed in, 'he', 'she', 'if', ond is oporf from oII fhese fhree. If
hos fo be poinfed ouf fhof fhere is no pIuroIify of 0ods in fhis phiIosophy.
In focf he hos qroded fhe vorious powers fhof ore personified os
differenf deifies endowed wifh cerfoin divine powers. They ore known os
fhe Heods of differenf sfoqes (uaa auoo+ad). To undersfond fhese
powers ond fo disfinquish fhem from one onofher some symboIic nomes
hove been ossiqned in reIiqious Iiferofure. He hos mode if cIeor fhof fhe
0od Supreme is Supreme-0roce-Liqhf (=mcÒumøC×+a). In fhis
phiIosophy Aruf¡ofhi (=mcC×+a), AruIom Perum¡ofhi (=mu+æ
ÒumøC×+a) ond Arum Perum¡ofhi (=mæ ÒumøC×+a), oII indicofe onIy
fhe Supreme 0roce of fhe Supreme 0od ond nof fhe Supreme-0roce-
Liqhf. He coIIs him os fhe supreme Fofher who hos equofed him on o por
wifh fhe Supreme 0roce, fhe divine embodimenf of His power (Sokfi) ond
fhe Supreme 0od himseIf.

amuma= ammmc eaaam oouoaæ
nmumaæ cmÒmm xamma a=uaCa.

IV: I: II4b-II4o

Likewise he hos coIIed Him by severoI nomes such os even 8uddho,
Moroyono, Suddho Sivom ond so on. The Swomi enumerofes moy differenf
nomes os befiffinq fhe nome of 0od ond esfobIishes fhe cosmopoIifon
oufIook of his phiIosophy. He expIoins fhof nomes of oII fhe individuoIs of
fhe universe ore oIso His nome os He is monifesf in oII.

The Swomi poinfs ouf fhof fhe 0od Supreme who is reoIized beyond
oII humon efforfs ond endeovour is nof so eosy fo visuoIize. He is
perceived in qross fhinqs nof in ony specific ob¡ecf.

Òu+aou+ oumæ Cu+ao+m u|aCa
=aÒoum Cm+mm+ =mcÒumø C×+a.


He connof be sub¡ecfed fo ony unif of meosuremenf unIess scrupuIousIy
comprehended by spirifuoI meons.

±uom om=a+ Òo+æaæm muéam
=uom ouo+ =mcÒumø C×+a.

VI: I: IZ3-IZ4

The Soinf hos nof spored even fhe infricofe meons fo unfofhom His
reoIify. He exquisifeIy norrofes fhe mosf subfIe ond obsfrocf frufh of his
findinq. Thouqh opporenfIy fhe 0od Supreme oppeors fo hove been bound
by his skiIfuI ond sponfoneous specuIofion. He is nof of oII encounfered
even fo fhe smoIIesf exfenf. He is virfuoIIy visuoIized by meons of his
spirifuoI specificofions ond pervodes sfiII furfher ond beyond fhem.

=+mué@= Ca+mæam @mmaCu+m a+co
=+coaum Òm+mema æuoqm+ a+aa
a+mué@æ =uoaCo mooÒama Ca+mma
ammuo± ac=auu+o æmqamm Òu+mCu

VI: 38: b8

=oocaCa ±oocaCa =æ+=aaCu+m a+co
=±@æ±@æ =uummæ n±@=um Òu+mCu

VI: 38: 8o

The soqe hos been so kind os fo unfoId fhe reoI nofure of fhe
Supreme 0od. He is bIossominq in fhe form of formIess buf oII embrocinq
ond supremeIy effuIqenf spoce of fhe mosf ouspicious supreme pIoce.

=a=au| eoÒouao Òouamo+a noo+æ
=aaam maoouéa ao+=aTæCu Ò|+uCa

VI: 38: 38

Such o 0od, fhe Supreme 0roce Liqhf hos nof onIy monifesfed fuIIy ond
compIefeIy in our Swomi buf hos qronfed him fhe beofific spIendour of
His Iinqdom.

=mcÒumø C×+aÒam mæuæa Cm+cm o+m=aæ+æ
=mcÒumø C×+aÒam muuÒmm ±dua aæ+=aum+o
=mcÒumø C×+aaÒad u+|m a=aa aæommCa++
=mcÒumø C×+aè Òe±Ca+q± Òa+Taamm =muaCæ

VI: II8: 4



xmuuoo+ xmu o+¢o

±uuæ maa =uo

cuoé@md (u.ooCoq
Òecoa++ ±u|acm)


e+oæa eaa+=a ouéa
om+ ouc

eaæu|æ x|+æo±a
+o+æad e|aa| +méaæ

eaa+=a e+aa|æ uam+m@

+aa emæ++éa eaaa




a+aæ+m+o+æad u+co




amomcu+ 4 ammumad


amomcu+ =m ammumad

amomcu+ 1,2 uaaaæ

e==amumu u|u=a±ad

amo+ea ±uuæ






a+uco|+a +o+æad

=÷+ eèea+m=a +o+æad

eaæ|u +o+æad

@.=mu+eoæ uduu





amodao+ (u|Cæoæa+



x|+æo±aæ uduu

x|+æo±aæ uduu

x|+æo±a =oad

x|+æo±a =oad


(=e|a+ Òua+


e+a =è+é+cæ, Òemum

@æ|m u|u, eaæu|æ

a=a ÒouacT æmmaa++,

u.=|±ae+æ =+aa+,

eaæu|æ maa+m=a

|uum uaaae+uo

Òemum oduo++ uauuaæ

ueo eaa+=a æa+eæ+×æ

oe=a+ u|u

+o+æ=+a u|+uo uuoa+


+=a|maoa++ uauu

m a+e æcæ


=mma =+oo+ uauu

amuum=a+d m a+eæcæ

Òa+.Coo+aa maoa++


e.m.a=ae+æuuduu uauu

Òemum e.+.e.e±auuauu






















oduo++ auc cmuæuu+T

Chidomborom PomoIinqo
Swomi His Iife, mission &

Eiqhf Uponishods

Hymns from Thiruvorufpo

Indion PhiIosophy VoI I &

Divine Life

Soinf PomoIinqo & His

Teochinqs of Soinf

The SpirifuoI Liqhf in
am=+oéa|e+, +=a|+

e.m.a=ae+æ uduu


momæ ±u|aæ


T.V.0 Cheffy

Texf wifh Sri Aurobindo

P. Mufhurosu

Dr. S. Podhokrishnon,
Presidenf of Indio

Sri Aurobindo

Suddonondo 8horofhi

A. Moqoswomi Ayyor

T. Sombosivom
m a+eæcæ

=oo+aa+ uaèCe|


a+øe =+ao±a maoa++

xmu =uoaæ

8onqoIore Conff.

Sri Aurobindo Ashrom

S.S.S Sonqom, TiruneIveIi

Sri Aurobindo Ashrom,

The Modros S.S.S Sonqom

S.S.S Sonqom TiruneIveIi

PomoIinqo Somo¡om,











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