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In compliance with the directive of the Honorable Commission, the

relatives of the detainees together with their lawyers and support organizations in
the health sector had a meeting on March 28, 2010 to discuss the chronology of
their experiences in connection with the subject matter of the instant complaint.

The following narration is the result of the said meeting and plenary


FEB 6 • At around 1:00 pm, the Quick Reaction Team – composed of

Atty. Ephraim Cortes, Olive Bernardo of Karapatan, Dr.
Edelina dela Paz of Health Action for Human Rights (HAHR),
Dr. Genieve Reyes of Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD),
and Roneo Clamor of Karapatan (who is also the husband of
Dr. Merry Mia Clamor) – went to the Public Safety
Management Office, and to the Provincial Headquarters of the
Philippine National Police, 419 Provincial Group, Baras,
Morong. A police official told the team that he has no
knowledge of any operation, and that no one was recently
detained in their headquarters.
• The Team proceeded to Camp Capinpin to search for the 43
health workers. They arrived at the Camp around 2:00 pm,
along with some of the relatives of the victims. Gary Liberal’s
relatives, Atty. Apuhin and his wife, also arrived around 3:00
• The Team noticed that two men in civilian clothing riding a
motorcycle in tandem have been following the Team from
Morong to Camp Capinpin. They were able to confirm that the
two men were members of the AFP when they saw Msgt. Uriel
Gacer (MP) talked to these men when they arrived at the
• The Team and relatives talked to Msgt. Gacer at the main gate
who told them, “Tatanungin namin sa loob. Walang
information.” (We’ll ask inside. We have no information.)

• Between 4:00 and 5:00 pm, a white Mazda vehicle with tinted
windows bearing the plate number WBB 868 exited the camp
at the main gate. The front license plate of the said vehicle
was covered. The Team noticed that a passenger of the
vehicle was taking a video of the team and the relatives when
it passed by the group on its way out of the camp.

• At around 4:00 to 5:00 pm, an ABS-CBN TV news crew

arrived. Col. Lutero went to the main gate and told the
reporter Ms. Cecilia Lardizabal, “Nasa loob sila, under
investigation.” (They are inside because they’re under
• Lardizabal was allowed to enter the Camp and Dr. Reyes
joined her. However, when Dr. Reyes was recognized by the
soldiers as a member of the Team, he was escorted out of the
camp. The Team and the relatives waited until 7:00 p.m. but
the military continued to refuse them to enter the Camp.

FEB 7 • Around 12:30am: Conor and Christian Montes, relatives of Dr.

Alexis Montes, arrived at Camp Capinpin. They talked to the
MP on duty at the gate, (most likely Msgt. Gacer but the
Monteses were not sure) and asked for the Chief of Police so
they could get details of the incident. The MP told the
Monteses that there are no police and detention facilities
inside the camp; this is despite the fact that policemen were
seen entering the camp and there were 2 policemen onboard
a motorcycle standing by at the main gate.
• The Monteses did not disclose to the military that Dr. Montes
was among those illegally arrested and detained for fear that
the MP will continue to deny that they have in their custody
the 43 health workers.

• The MP took the names of the Monteses and the plate number
of the vehicle that they used.

• At around 11:00 am, Dr. Ramon Pedro Paterno (of

COMPASS), Dr. Reyes, Glendyl Malabanan (of KARAPATAN-
Southern Tagalog), and the relatives of Irene Martinez and
Monasterio arrived at the Camp, along with other support
groups from the health sector.

• Dr. Reyes called up Col. Detoyato and demanded to speak

with an official. Detoyato said that he will send out an officer
to speak with the relatives but Maj. Lutera said that “no
visitors are allowed”.

• At around 1:00 pm, Dr. Julie Caguiat, Dr. Delen Dela Paz,
Attys. Amelyn Sato and Francis Anthony Principe and
Karapatan’s Olib Bernardo arrived at the Camp, along with
the other relatives of the victims.

• Attys. Sato and Principe talked with the soldiers at the main
gate to allow them, the relatives and doctors to visit the 43
detainees, but the military denied them access to the
detainees. .
• 2 personnel from the Commission on Human Rights arrived
and asked to be allowed to enter, but they, too were not
• The relatives who were not allowed to enter the Camp were:

FEB 8 • The officials who faced the relatives were: Major Lutera, Lt.
Jovelyn Cabading; MPs (Main gate and at the holding areas)

• Around 10am, Dr. Reyes, along with paramedic Celes Dizon,

(CHD), Dr. Annie Quines, Dr. Eloisa Castillo entered the
Camp, together with the team from the CHR.

• Detoyato attempted to block Dr. Reyes from entering the

camp because according to him the doctor is “a member of
Karapatan,” Through the intercession of Chairperson De
Lima, the doctors were able to enter the Camp and visit the
• While waiting at the holding area, the photographs of the
relatives who were able to enter the camp and videos were
taken by military men who introduced themselves as media
personnel, of while they are waiting at the holding area. All
doctors were likewise photographed while they were at the
officers’ club. The soldiers who were taking photos and
videos introduced themselves as media persons.

• Food, clothing and toiletries for the detainees were not

allowed by the guards to be brought in. Col. Lutera and Maj.
Tabon said that bringing in of food and clothing is prohibited.

• Mrs. Ofelia Balleta told a lady guard to move further away

from her and her daughter, Jane so that they can talk
privately. But the lady guard answered that the guards cannot
leave the detainees. Ofelia was also prohibited to leave the
personal items for Jane, but Jane insisted that she needed
underwear and toiletries.
• The soldiers did not allow the detainees and their relatives to
talk in private like the experience of Ofella Balleta). The
soldiers stood very close to the detainees and could hear the
conversations between the relatives and the detainees. .

• Lt. Cabading did not permit Reynan Gaban and Nenita

Monasterio visit their detained relatives. Cabading said that
Reynan’s relative, Del Obera, as well as Nenita’s daughter
Irene Monasterio are not among the list of detainees.

• 15 relatives were able to visit their detained loved ones. They

were only allowed 5 minutes to talk and see their detained

FEB 9 • The relatives were again only allowed 5 minutes for the visit.
Only two relatives at a time were allowed to enter the
detention area. Each detainee has three (3) military guards
who always stood close to them (about a meter away) even
while having private conversations with their relatives.

• During the period of the visit, the soldiers took photographs

and videos of the relatives.

• Irene Martinez, mother of Pearl Irene Martinez, was given

threatening looks by the soldiers. She said that she felt like
as if the soldiers wanted to “eat her.” When Irene was talking
to her daughter, the guards were just a few feet away. She
said that she could not see the nameplates of the soldiers
because they were often covered by the strap of the soldiers’

• Food and toiletries were prohibited; 2 pieces of briefs were

allowed to one of the male detainees.

• Maj. Tabion told Lucia Javier, mother of Janice Javier, that

the latter is a member of the NPA and was previously arrested
in Batangas. Tabion also told Ernesto Marquez, father of
Emily and Emelia Marquez, that one of his daughters is a
commander of the NPA.

• Photographs and videos of the visiting relatives were again


FEB 10 • Ofelia Beltran asked Tabion if they can bring food to the
detainees to which the latter answered in the negative
because she said “baka lasunin nyo sila.” (You might poison
the detainees).
• They were not allowed to bring in food.

FEB 11 • This is the first time that lawyers were allowed to visit the

• Cabading told Mrs. Montes that it is because Dr. Montes is a

member of the UCCP that is why they are treating the doctor
kindly. Cabading also admitted that he gave the initial info of
the arrest, but he added that he was not present on the 1st day
of detention so he has no personal knowledge of
electrocution done on Dr. Montes or the other detainees.
Cabading however alleged that it was probably the police
who electrocuted some of the detainees because the police
has custody.
• Maj. Tabion told the the parents of Ramon dela Cruz that
there is no detainee under such name, despite the fact that
they were able to visit their son on February 10.

• The soldiers allowed 10 relatives at a time to visit the

detainees. They were given 10 minutes for the visit.

FEB 13 • Elvira Castillo narrated that Samson Castillo’s son, Pilipino

Castillo, was visited at the latter’s home in San Nicolas,
Macalelon, Quezon province. Pilipino was visited by soldiers
and brought to a military camp, also in Macalelon, at around 7
to 8 in the evening and was kept for almost 4 hours. The
soldier asked Pilipino about his father’s whereabouts to
which the latter answered that he doesn’t know. Although
Pilipino said that his mother is in Manila.

• Maj. Tabion approached Mrs. Adoring Paulino (mother of

Valentin Paulino) and said that they wanted to talk to her. But
Mrs. Adoring refused. However, after Nanay Adoring visited
her son, Valentin, the soldiers again approached her as she
was leaving the receiving area and tried to convince her to
just stay in the Camp.
• While the 1st batch of the relatives were near the chapel, Col.
Lutera asked the relatives, “Why didn’t you advice your loved
ones not to do such things?” The chaplain added, “You’re

lucky that your loved ones are still alive.”

• The relatives noticed that there were newly installed CCTV

cameras in the receiving area.

• All detainees were allowed to be visited by their relatives at

the same time, but the female detainees are held separate
from the male detainees. The soldiers allowed the relatives to
bring in food for the detainees. The soldiers even prepared a
packed lunch for the relatives.

• The visit lasted for almost 30 minutes.

FEB 14 • The relatives were allowed to visit for about 20 minutes.

FEBRUARY • Hearing at the CA where the AFP finally brought the 43 to

15 court.

• Before the hearing started, Maj. Tabion followed and

approached Mrs. Adoracion Paulino and asked if he could
talk to her, but Mrs. Adoring refused. Tabion attempted to
talk to Mrs. Adoring again during recess of the hearing.

FEBRUARY • The relatives arrived at Camp Capinpin at around 1pm

16 immediately lined up to log-in at the main gate which was the
usual process that they go through. By 3 pm, the relatives are
not yet allowed to enter. The MPs at the gate delayed the
entry to the relatives saying that there are no officials who
will decide whether or not the relatives will be allowed in.

• By 4pm, the relatives and some supporters staged a moving

picket outside the gate of Camp Capinpin. The 1st batch of
relatives were finally allowed entry at around 4:30pm.

• One of the soldiers even told Elvira Castillo (Samson

Castillo’s wife) that Samson is no longer at the Camp.
However, Elvira, with the help of the other relatives, asserted
that she be allowed to visit her husband and was allowed.

• Maj. Tabion instructed Dr. Alex Montes to tell his family not to
talk to the media.

• This visit lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. .

FEB 18, 19 & • Visit of the ICRC delegation

• The visit lasted only for about 5 to 10 minutes.

FEB 21 • The lawyers also visited the detainees: Attys. Edre Olalia,
Julius Garcia Matibag, Greg Fabros; with their paralegals: Sr.
Pat, Agnes, Glendyl Malabanan, Rhea and Emil (who was not


• Lt. Tolentino did not allow Glendyl to enter because “kilala

siya.” But the lawyers asserted that Glendyl is their paralegal
and they need her services.

• All the 43 detainees executed and signed their respective

sworn statements, including Valentin Paulino.

• Relatives were allowed 30 to 40 minutes visit during Sundays.

FEB 23 • The visit lasted for around 5 to 10 minutes.

FEB 24 • Sen. Jamby Madrigal, along with women lawyers Attys. Usuja,
Foja, and Emmy de Jesus of Gabriela arrived at around
2:00pm. Sen. Loren Legarda and her staff arrived at around
• Emmy de Jesus and doctors from the Gabriela was not
allowed to enter the camp. Dr. Julie and Dr. Castro were
barred from entering the camp because the military said that
they were Gabriela doctors. Only Dr. Soriano and the
senators were allowed entry.
• Sen. Madrigal expressed anger because some of the
members of the visiting party were not allowed. Maj. Tabion
told Madrigal that they are not allowed because they were
members of Gabriela.
• Atty. Foja was told by the detainees that the military were
spreading gossip that Jane Balleta is a prostitute and that the
latter is taken out of her cell at night. Another intrigue that the
military also started is that Jane is already “identified.”

• Even those who have no visiting relatives were allowed to be

visited by the Senators. It is noticeable that when there are
personalities visiting the detainees, the military is more
lenient than usual.

FEB 25 • The relatives were allowed to visit only for about 5 to 10

• Nuns from the OSB also tried to visit. They were held for
some time but was able to visit the detainees.

• One of the soldiers prohibited children from visiting the

FEB 27 • The visitation lasted for 5 to 10 mins.

FEB 28 • A soldier named Galis talked to Rosita Diaz. All of her

belongings were searched, and even emptied the milk in a
bottle that she has and her baby powder.

• Samson Castillo’s wife, Elvira, was initially barred from

visiting by a soldier in plainclothes who did not identify
himself, because he said that children are not allowed inside.
Elvira insisted that she have been visiting her husband for
about a month with their child. The military even said Elvira is

hard-headed and if she doesn’t want to leave the child at

home then she shouldn’t visit. The other relatives asserted
that Elvira and her child be allowed to visit or they will
immediately inform the lawyers. Eventually, the families with
children were allowed in.

• Bishop Garol and Fr. Teody, who was requested by the

Montes family to hold with the detainees, were not allowed to
MARCH 1 • Note: Mrs. Apuhin have been talking to her nephew Gary
Liberal for about 5 mins when a soldier in plainclothes
escorted her out. The soldier said that Mrs. Apuhin is not a
relative, but when she asserted RA7438 the soldier stopped

MARCH 2 • Attys. Cortez and Oliva arrived at the camp but 3 of the
detainees – Ellen Carandang, Chennelyn Tawagon and
Valentin Paulino – were not allowed to see them. .

MARCH 3 • There was a delay before Junie Pizarro was able to visit his
sister Jenilyn Pizzaro, and the visit lasted for only about a

MARCH 5 • The relatives requested that a mass be held that day, but the
military said that there are no orders that a mass will be
• Because his sister Jenylyn was among those isolated from
the other detainees, Junie Pizarro decided to visit with the
last batch of relatives with Jigs Clamor. But when he noticed
Lt. Nilmeda check the log book at the main gate and began
looking for him, Junie decided not to enter the camp, but
instead went back to where their jeeps are parked. Lt.
Nilmeda followed Junie and told him to come inside the camp
because Jenylyn wanted to talk to his brother. Junie said that
he’ll just visit on the next day with the lawyers.

• Col. Detoyato also approached Junie and told him that Col.
Zaragosa wished to have a word with him. Maj. Lutera also
told Junie that he should cooperate if he still wishes to see
MARCH 6 • The food brought by the Doloricon family for Angela
Doloricon was not given to her.

• The 4 children of Ellen Carandang was taken from her in-law’s

house in Quezon. According to the in-laws, the children were
alone in the house. A neighbor saw Ellen’s sister fetch the
children from the in-laws. The sister was heard to say
“pinapasundo sa Maynila.” When a staff of Karapatan called
up Ellen’s in-laws to inquire about the children, they found
out that the children was not brought to Karapatan.

MARCH 7 • The lawyers from the NUPL and PILC visited but 5 of the
detainees were not presented to them.

• The 38 remaining detainees executed supplemental affidavits.

MARCH 8 • Mrs. Oseo: An intelligence agent talked to Miann Oseo and

asked her why she was among those arrested.

MARCH 9 • Allan Nobleza visited the detainees and forced them to sign
and took their fingerprints.

MARCH 13 • Note: Mrs. Montes’ cellphone was blocked. Upon inquiry with
SMART, Mrs. Montes was told that her cellphone was blocked
allegedly by a Cyril Paulino, Nanay Adoring’s neice. But when
they called up Cyril, she said that she didn’t request anyone’s
cellphone number to be blocked.

MARCH 14 • Atty. Apuhin was not allowed entry, he was told that it is
because he is not included in the list of lawyers. Gary
Liberal’s mother said that Atty. Apuhin is Gary’s uncle and
lawyer. Atty. Apuhin was then allowed entry but closely
guarded by a soldier named Asuncion.

MARCH 16 • Nuns and priests tried to visit the detainees, but they were
not allowed inside the camp.

• However, the soldiers told the relatives to make short their

visit because church people will also visit the detainees. But
the nuns and priests were not allowed to visit.

MARCH 19 • Bishop Garol and Fr. Teody held mass inside the camp at
around 2pm. Fr. Jose, Camp chaplain, said that they are
allowing a mass for the detainees together with their
relatives. The relatives were asked to line up to be escorted to
the receiving area. But as soon as the detainees was brought
to the receiving area, the soldiers ordered the mass to begin
even without the relatives. The soldiers said that only 2
priests were allowed for the mass
• Mrs. Oseo was approached by PFC Apil while she was
logging in, and was told that she should encourage her
daughter to join the five who allegedly “returned to the fold of
the law”.
MARCH 20 • Lea de Luna’s sister have been receiving calls from a man
who identified himself as Capt. Lawrence de Jesus.

MARCH 21 • The lawyers again visited the detainees.

• Willy Serrato was held for about 15 minutes before he was

allowed to visit.

• Junie Pizarro’s aunt reported that a soldier went to her house

demanding for Junie’s number.

MARCH 24 • The relatives found out that Maj. Tabion and another soldier
named Contapay approached Pearl Irene Martinez in her cell
on March 23. The 2 soldiers accused Pearl of being a “radio
operator” of their group and have participated in the group’s


MARCH 25 • The camp prohibited entry to relatives who have no IDs. The
soldiers claimed that it is an order from their higher ups. The
relatives negotiated for almost an hour so that they can
accept sedula and baranggay clearances as ID.

MARCH 26 • The relatives found out that the female detainees were taken
from their cells at 4am.

MARCH 27 • The 38 detainees were gathered in the evening and were

made to watch a video of the 5 segregated (“bumaligtad”)
health workers. The video showed present situation and
living conditions of the 5.

MARCH 28 • At around 3pm, the de Luna couple received a text message

from one of their children. The message said that Leah’s
father in-law, Ronie Vital is currently at his home with a
soldier. They were looking for Leah’s eldest child to fetch the

MARCH 29 • Annabelle Quines (Elly Castillo’s sister) recalled that when it

was her turn to visit Elly, she was made to wait for around 15
minutes. When Annabelle inquired about Elly’s whereabouts,
the soldier rudely answered that he doesn’t know Elly and it
is not his responsibility to bring out the detainees.

• Rosita Diaz was approached by soldier in plainclothes,

asking about her children (how many? How many are males?

MARCH 30 • At 1:28pm, Karapatan staff Guy Portajada received a call from

Mean Paulino, Nanay Adoring’s daughter. Mean said that
there is a stranger in Nanay’s house in Bulacan. The stranger
said that Nanay Adoring is missing and is hidden by
Karapatan, which prompted Meann to call Guy to confirm.
The strangers also tried to persuade Meann to come with
them so they can visit Nanay Adoring. They even offered free
transport and food when Meann visists Valentino. The
strangers told Meann to text them whenever she’s ready to
visit, and left a letter supposedly from Valentino. The letter
said that Valentino misses his mother.