Snow Leopard Power User Keyboard Shortcuts

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⌘ command ⇥ tab ↩ return ⌫ delete Expose F9 F10 F11 ⌘1 ⌘2 ⇥ spacebar Show all windows Show appʼs windows Show desktop Arrange windows by name in Expose Arrange windows by app in Expose Show windows for next app in Expose Enlarge window under cursor in Expose Spaces F8 ⌃ [number] ⌃ [arrow] See all spaces Switch to space [number] Move to another space Switching Applications and Windows ⌘⇥ ⌥⌘D F12 ⌘⎋ ⌘` Advance to next app Hide/Show Dock Show Dashboard Launch Front Row Next window in current app Display Controls ⌥⌘8 ⌥⌘= ⌥⌘⌃⌥⌘8 Toggle zoom feature (turn on to use zoom) Zoom in / out (also ⌃ and mouse scroll) Reverse screen Universal Application Commands ⌘, ⌘H ⌥⌘H ⌘T ⇧⌘C ⇧⌘/ ⇧⌘; App preferences Hide app Hide others Show fonts panel Show colors panel Help Show spelling panel Startup Keys ⌥ ⇧ ⌥⌘PR ⌘S C T Choose boot volume Safe boot Reset PRAM Single user mode boot Boot from optical drive Go into FireWire target disk mode ⏏ eject ⇧ shift ⌃ control ⌥ option ⎋ esc Finder Commands ⌘ space ⌘ ⌥ space ⌘⌫ ⇧⌘⌫ ⇧⌥⌘⌫ ⌘N ⇧⌘N ⌘I ⌥⌘I ⌘ Y or space ⌘E ⌘J ⌘K ⇧⌘A ⇧⌘C ⌘↑ ⌘F ⇧⌘F Spotlight menu Spotlight window Move to trash Empty Trash Force Empty Trash New Finder window New Folder Get Info Show Inspector Quick Look Eject selected volume Show view options Connect to server Open Applications folder Open Computer folder Open enclosing folder Find by content / Find by name Text Editing ⌘← ⌘↑ ⌥← ⌥↑ ⌘→ ⌘↓ ⌥→ ⌥↓ Go to the start/end of the line Go to the start/end of the document Go to the previous/next word Go to the previous/next paragraph


(Add ⇧ with any of the above to select) F5 ⇧⌘Y ⇧⌘L Autocomplete word Make sticky note from selection Web search with selection Power Shortcuts ⌥⌘⏏ ⌃⌘⏏ ⌃⌥⌘⏏ ⇧⌃ ⏏ ⌃⏏ Sleep Restart Shut down Sleep display Power options dialog Screen Capture ⇧⌘3 ⇧⌃⌘3 ⇧⌃⌘4 ⇧⌘4 Screen to file Screen to clipboard Area to file (then space to get window) Area to clipboard (then space to get window)

Note: Keyboard shortcuts can be disabled or customized in the System Preferences. See for more shortcuts and to learn how to create your own."

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