BT0035-Internet and Multimedia



How do you inset Image source code in HTML? Sol: - In order to insert image in HTML we are use ‘img’ tag. In HTML image is inserted in two ways one is inline that is on a particular place and other is in back ground of page. The syntax for image insertion is ‘ <img src=”image link”>’. To insert inline this syntax is used where image have to insert and in back ground mode this syntax is written in body tag. For example if we have insert an image like flower.gif then we write source code for that < img src=”flower.gif”>. NOTE: - a) we must have to specify the directry where flower.gif is saved like <img src=”C:\Pictures\flower.gif”> and also specify length and width of image by adding tag < img src=”C:\Pictures\flower.gif” length=”100%” width=”100 %”> 1) Explain actual process of FTP applications. Sol:-On internet we can download any file from any web server (web site) but can’t upload a file. To upload a file we need FTP (file transfer protocol). The actual process of FTP is uploading file to web servers. For that a FTP client is needed after connecting and authentication we can upload a file on web servers. By default windows provides us a own FTP client or we can use another application from shareware.

NOTE:- we must have a login name and password to connect to server 3) Write a short note on: a) TIFF b) BMP c) GIF d) WMF Sol:- a) TIFF :- TIFF is tagged image file

format. It has following features that are as 1) this format is common for desktop publishing and almost supported by all software. 2) The main feature of TIFF is compression capability i.e. it can compress any image to reduce file size.
b) BMP: - BMP (bitmap) is an uncompressed format, so its file size is larger but its advantage is it can be chosen for highresolution images. c) GIF: - GIF (graphical interchange format) is also a compressed format that is widely used images on internet. It is developed for CompuServe. d) WMF: - WMF (Windows metafile format) according to name it is associated with Windows. It is a vector format but it can combine both vector and raster images. 4) What is HTML? Explain its tags. Sol:-HTML is a Hypertext markup language which is used for creating HTML documents. It is a method where ordinary text can be converted into hypertext. Actually HTML is not a programming language only it combines instructions within data to tell a display program called browser, how to render the

data that the document contains. It was developed by Tim Berners Lee in 1990 at CERN (Conseil European de la Recherché Nucleaire) in Geneva, Switzerland. Actually HTML is subset of SGEM (Standard Generalized Markup Language) which is originated at IBM in 1960s. HTML tag or tag element:- these are HTML codes that defines the element in an HTML file such as heading, images, paragraph tables line break and lists etc. Tags are of two types that are following:Container tag:- those tags which are contains text or other tags element are called container tag. Actually these are contain two tags , a start tag and an end tag which enclose the text they affect. Empty tag:- according to these are doesn’t contain text or bracket and are standalone. 5) How do you create a links to sections on the same page in HTML? Sol:-In order to create a link to sections on the same page <a href =”#anchor name”>anchortext</a> tag is used where anchorname defines that section which have to linked and anchor text shows text for that link. 6) Briefly explain advance status of Email system. Sol: - Email is postage services between computers. Where data and mails are exchange between them over a local network or wide network (Internet or WAN). E-mail

works on the ‘store and forward’ principle. To understand this let us assume person A (from sends a mail to B (at The yahoo server checks the network for a mail server with the lowest traffic and uploads A’s mail to this server. This server actually holds the mail while checking the network for a mail server with the lowest activity and uploads A’s mail there. This process continues until the mail is uploaded to gmail server into B’s mailbox. The recipient (B) then downloads it from the destination mail server. (In this example-B downloads the mail from gmail server to own computer or mail client). We know that email is an electronic mail service so also it has an address which is known as email address which is given by ISP or email provider. Email address contain two parts one is user name like any of name and other is domain name which is ISP/provider’s name and both are separated by ‘@’ (at the rate of )sign. Now a day email is very popular because it is easy to use and instantaneous and also we can attach data file, photo, etc. In email system sender gets conformation that mail is received and read by recipient. So email system in better.

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