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PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk.


Jakarta Selatan ,ID
Telp:+62 215262112 Fax:+62 215262140

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Plant: 9005 - SUBANG - BANGO


Sloc : 9001 - Bango-RMS

KUNINGAN - JABAR Indonesia 45556

Desa Wantilan RT07/RW.03

Ph: +62-23-2613679, Fax: +62-23-2613699

Jawa Barat Indonesia


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Account Payable Dept.

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk

The Purchase Order is prepared and issued by PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, hereinafter called the "Buyer" and subjected to the TERMS
AND CONDITIONS hereinafter described and printed overleaf, for the purchasing of goods according to the following description :

Delivery terms: DIS - .

Payment terms: Within 60 days Due net

Line Material


Delivery Date

010 62108001



Dispatch Date

Currency: IDR
Order Qty

UOM Price per

Total Amount:

This Purchase Order is system generated. Acknowledgment of receipt by representative of the Supplier shall automatically binds


14,100 /KG



the Supplier on the terms and conditions herein. Unilever shall have the rights to implement further implementing guidelines as
necessary which will be form an integral part to the terms and conditions of this Purchase Order.
Authorized by: David Immanuel Sihombing

The above mentioned quantity are firmed, except for the seller who received Rolling Delivery Schedule from Buyer.
The above quantity is non-binding unless confirmed in writing by Unilever through PO quantity or line scheduling as fixed order.
At any time the Supplier should not assume that the above quantity are firmed. The Supplier hereby releases its rights both hereunder and according to the
prevailing legislation to file any claim, suit or claim for compensation in any forms whatsoever against Unilever with regards to above quantity.
Each Supplier and the Supplier's Parent acknowledges that it has reviewed Unilever's Supplier Code and Code of Business Principles ("Code") and
agrees that all of their activities shall be conducted in accordance with the Code.The Buyer may from time to time carry out an audit or other
checks on Code compliance either performed or any third party and each Supplier shall respond promptly to requests from the Buyer for information
relating to compliance with the Code by it. The Code can be accessed at the internet address:"

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General Terms and Conditions of the Purchase of Goods of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk
1. Definitions
1.1. Buyer PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk as the party which request the goods to the
Seller and issues the Purchase Order.Buyer as stated on the form part of
the Purchase Order sheet heading unless otherwise instructed in the body
of the Purchase Order;
1.2. Seller means the party which provides the requested goods to the Buyer the
Supplier to whom the Purchase Order is addressed.
1.3. Supplier means the supplier as Seller to whom the Purchase Order is
addressed which is stated on the Purchase Order;
1.4. Parties mean the Buyer and the Supplier.
1.5. Purchase Order means a commercial document issued by the Buyer to the
Seller,indicating types, quantities, fitness, description and agreed prices
for products or services the Seller shall provide to the Buyer.
1.6. Order means intention, either spoken or written, to engage in a
commercial transaction for specific products or services.
2. General Conditions Of Purchase
2.1. The following instructions and conditions form part of the Purchase Order
in addition to any other clauses of the Purchase Order and acceptance of
the Purchase Order implies the Parties' agreement to these instructions,
clauses,conditions,indicated prices and delivery terms.
2.2. These terms prevail over any terms of the Supplier and any other previous
2.3. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and the Purchase Order,the
Purchase Order shall prevail.
2.4. If any part of this Purchase Order should be declared invalid for any
reason the remaining portion shall remain in force and effect as if this
if this Purchase Order had been executed without including there in any
such part which may gave been declared invalid.
2.5. The Seller agrees that the appointment of the Seller is made in a
non-dedicated basis so that the Buyer shall have the right to appoint
other seller as considered to be required by the Buyer.
3. Force Majeure
3.1. Neither party shall be liable for any delay in or failure of performance
of any of its obligations hereunder where and to the extent that such
performance has been delayed hindered or prevented by any circumstance
which is not within the reasonable control of that party.
Including(without limiting the generality of the foregoing) strikes,
lockouts, war, civil commotion, act of God, act of Government or civil
authority or any other occurrence whatsoever, whether connected with the
Purchase Order or not, of a like nature or otherwise, not in the reasonable
contemplation of the parties at the date of entering into the Purchase
Order), and which frustrates the purpose of so entering in to the Purchase
3.2. In the event that the circumstances as stated in Clause 3.1. of this Terms
and Conditions causing the said delay or failure of performance is of a
continuing or permanent nature and does continue for more than 90-days,
then either party may at its option cancel the Purchase Order without
further liability, on giving not less than 14 days written notice to the
other party.
4. Governing Law and Settlement of Disputes
The Purchase Order created by this document shall be governed under the Laws of
the Republic of Indonesia, and the parties hereby irrevocably submits any
controversy or claim arising out of or in relation to this Purchase Order (final
and binding) to Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia/the Indonesian National
Arbitration Body (BANI) under the rules of BANI, which rules are deemed to be
incorporated by reference of this clause.
5. Assignments
The Seller shall not be entitled to assign any of its rights and obligations
to either party without the written consent of the Buyer. However the Seller
agrees that the Buyer is entitled to assign its Order to any of its associated
Companies or Companies associated with Unilever N.V. or Unilever Plc at its sole
6. Bankruptcy and Effect of Termination
6.1. The Buyer is entitled to, by notice in writing, cancel the Order at any
stage immediately, if the Seller becomes bankrupt or makes any arrangement
with its creditors, or being a company goes into liquidation, either
voluntary or compulsory, or has a receiver or administrator appointed
of any of its assets, or has a winding up petition served on it, which is
not dismissed within three weeks or suffers anything similar to the above
in any country.
6.2. In case of termination of this Purchase Order for whatever reason:
(a) the parties here to waive the applicability of Article 1266 of the
the Indonesian Civil Code; and
(b) the Seller agree that it shall not be entitled to claim any
compensation whatsoever to the Buyer.
7. Property
7.1. Unless otherwise stated in writing the property and risk in the goods
remains with the Seller until they are delivered in accordance with the
Buying Terms and in conformity with the Buyers instructions. The Buyer
reserves its right to reject the goods in whole or in part if they do
not correspond in quality, fitness or description with the Order, whether
before or after delivery; and all costs for the despatch and returning
the goods shall be borne by the Seller. However, the Buyer may, at its
discretion, require the Seller to replace the goods to be in compliance
with the Buyer's instruction, at the Seller's expenses.
7.2. Packages are free and non-returnable, unless stated differently.

7.3. Pallets, where supplied are free and non-returnable.

8. Payments
Subject to the Seller's compliance with the Buyer's relevant instructions, payment for the goods will be made by
the Buyer in accordance, with the agreed Buying Terms.
9. Non-compliance
The Buyer reserves its right to debit the Seller with expenses for the cost of penalties incurred due to the
defaults in due performance of any of the Sellers undertaking or obligation on its parts under this Purchase
Order, including but not limited to:
(a) Failure by Supplier to comply with forwarding instructions issued by the Buyer or its agents, or
(b) Documentation not being in accordance with the Buyer's requirements.

10. Dangerous Goods

If all or part of the goods to be supplied are hazardous, noxious, inflammable or otherwise dangerous in any
respect the Seller must furnish to the Buyer or to the Buyers order and in time for by Buyer prior to despatch of
the goods or any part thereof the following:
(a) Certicate stating the following:
(1) The correct technical name of the goodsp;
(2) UN Identification Number;
(3) The nature of the hazard or danger;
(4) IMDG Class;
(5) Flashpoint (if applicable); and
(6) That the goods are packed, marked and labelled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations
relating to the shipment or airfreight of such goods.
(b) Hazard data sheet
Declarations made by the Buyer to carriers will be on the basis of the above information, and it is imperative that
it is both accurate and complete, the Seller should refer to the Buyer if in any doubt over the proper completion
of the certificate. The Seller shall be liable for any failure to comply with this condition including liability for all
losses, damages, costs and expenses, including consequential losses caused by that failure. The Seller must
ensure that the instructions that impose conditions or limitations regarding the handling, storage transport or use
of the goods to be supplied are furnished in writing to the Buyer or to the Buyers order and in time for receipt by
the Buyer prior to despatch of the goods or any part thereof, and that appropriate instructions are marked
clearly on the packaging of the goods.
11. Indemnity
The Seller shall indemnify the Buyer against all and any claims for loss or damage, cost and expenses incurred
by the Buyer or for which the Buyer may be liable, caused by any defect in the goods supplied against the
Order, or by the failure of the Seller to supply proper product safety information, instructions or anything similar
(which the Seller warrants it shall do), any of Purchase Order or other act or mission by the Seller and
consequential loss sustained by the Buyer or for which the Buyer may liable as a result of the Sellers failure to
comply with its obligations hereunder.
12. Warranties/Intellectual Property Rights
The Seller warrants that any goods supplied will be of the nature, substance, quality, quantity and description
ordered (and in particular they will not bear any trade mark, trade name, slogan, or symbol of any kind other
than agreed in writing with the Buyer or as applied under the Buyer's written instructions) and that they comply
in all aspects with all relevant statutory requirements and regulations applicable to such goods for sale, for
contact with food, or otherwise, and further that sale or use of the goods by the Buyer will not infringe any
copyright, patent, trade mark, trade name or registered design ( except a trade mark or trade name applied on
the Buyers written instructions ). The Seller shall indemnify the Buyer against any loss, damage, liability, cost or
expense which the Buyer may suffer or incur by reason of any breach of these warranties.
13. Confidentiality
The Seller agrees to keep any information contained in this Purchase Order, including but not limited to all
formulas, specifications, instructions, technical information and advice given to the Seller by the Buyer strictly
confidential and shall not disclose the same to any party without prior written consent from the Buyer, unless as
otherwise required by the prevailing laws and regulations or as required for the Seller for the completion of its
work under this Purchase Order.
14. Further Provisions
(a) Variation
No variation or amendment to these conditions shall be valid unless stated in writing and signed by an
authorised representative of each party.
(b) Headings
Headings used in this Purchase Order are for reference purposes only and shall not be deemed to be or
construed to be part of this Purchase Order.