Site Sapiens 3.

0 – management platform




Site Sapiens is capable of developing, managing and publishing content to be accessed irrespective of any geographical or language limitations Among the advantages of the platform is that it features a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and an effective AJAXbased user interface. The capacities of the platform’s architecture and interface guarantee supreme quality of internet-projects’ development and further functioning.

Effective Content Management
Interface is critical to content management. That of Site Sapiens 3.0 is capable of performing several operations simultaneously and informing the user on the results. The platform helps to significantly enhance the efficiency of user’s work thanks to new interactive forms, previously accessible only in desktop applications’ user interfaces. Site Sapiens is a desktop which can be adjusted by the user to his/her specific needs and preferences. On each authorization Site Sapiens restores all display forms as they were the moment when the current user last logged off. Apart from the interface, another important factor in content management is represented by the capacities to structure information. Site Sapiens allows you to manage content of an unlimited number of web-resources. Information can be represented hierarchically, through multi-level records and files lists, information pages and data retrieved from external systems. The information classification system comes from popular workflow management applications and as such is familiar to an extensive number of users. This helps to improve effectiveness of everyday work and simplify training of newcomers. The platform features tools for flexible control of user access rights within an information structure, which contributes to the reliability of solutions and makes it possible to take advantage of common access to the content.

Unlimited Development Possibilities
Most content management systems in some way limit web-design possibilities. Site Sapiens is free of such limitations. This is possible thanks to the fact that Site Sapiens generates web-pages using data and design given the functionality described in XML Sapiens language. As distinct from modular systems, Site Sapiens allows you to create sets of content queries of any type, assign web-applications’ business logic “per se”, separating it from data and design. This provides a possibility for repeated use of functionality objects, improves reliability of functional solutions.

Interaction with External Applications
Site Sapiens 3.0 is a web-integration tool. The platform contains server/client SOAP, which provides effective interaction with company business applications. Thus, the platform allows webprojects to access live data (lists of contractors, product range, service list, current prices, products in stock etc), secures control over access to information in the company information system for employees, partners or clients.

› › › › › Ground-breaking user interface: hierarchical trees, interactive records tables, file and user managers, plug-in third-party management interfaces, data transfer without restarting current windows The platform developed using open and universal standards (XML, UML, XML Sapiens, Unicode, SOAP) and promising programming technologies (OOP/AOP, SOA, RIA, TDD, AJAX) Scalability and high efficiency Easy integration: the platform is capable of receiving data and hand it on to external applications Multi-level administration: the platform supports additional administration areas with varying access levels

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